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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  October 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses
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have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make >> good morning. welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. lisa has the weekend off.
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>> and i'm kerry cavanaugh. we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. first let's go to our meteorologist, ava marie. >> it was a chilly start to the morning. maybe some of you got your first frost this morning. at least we have the sunshine out. that is helping temperatures to warm back up. the humidity at 90%. there have been areas of fog. that's something we have been watching out for early this morning. as we head throughout the day, we expect full sunshine in place. that's really our high temperature. sunshine throughout the early part of the day. we will start to see clouds pushing in throughout the afternoon and into tonight. we'll talk about our next chance for rain coming up in the insta-weather plus forecast. >> the transition of libya's government takes a big step today as new leaders declare the country is liberated. >> crowds of men, women, and
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children continue to view muammar gaddafi's body. gaddafi died of bullet wounds to the head and stomach. so far no autopsy has been scheduled. his family is demanding his body be returned to his hometown for a quick burial. >> matthew van dyke went to libya to report on events there accident ended up in prison -- report on events there, ended up in prison, and then helped fight with the rebels. >> it is good he will soon be home. >> not long after muammar gaddafi was killed by rebel forces, sharon was on the phone with her son. >> i could hear gunfire.
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they were shooting into the air. a lot of fireworks. it was a different noise. it was a noise of joy. matthew was very upbeat himself. very excited and talking. >> matthew endured challenging obstacles along the way. in march he was captured by gaddafi forces and imprisoned for five months. >> he was never physically tortured. he was psychologically tortured. they gave him nothing to read, no one talked to him. they just said you will never see america again. >> he escaped in august but did not come home. he stayed in libya to help his friends. he joined the rebel fight. his loyalty most likely stemmed from sharon's lessons on commitment. >> when i was instilling that value in him, i was referring to maybe playing a sport for one season, and you don't finish in the middle of the season.
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i did not have in mind fighting a war in another country. >> despite months of scary uncertainty, she said she is proud of her son. >> the libyans have appreciated what they have done. there is supposed to be a celebration to thank matthew for coming and staying as long as he did and going through what he went through. >> van dyke plans to spend time in benghazi before coming home to baltimore. before he comes back, his mother says they have a lot of people to thank. >> meanwhile, in baltimore county it is unclear what caused a murder-suicide. an 5 yorlede couple -- 85-year-old john si depfment mund and his wife margie, 84, were found in their home.
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>> i didn't think that could happen. it is a strange thing to talk about. there is probably a lot more to it. >> detectives said they found a note at the scene but did not elaborate on contents. >> police have charged a patient at the clifton t. perkins hospital with murder. vitaly davidov is accused of killing david rico-noyola in the maximum security wing. he was sent to perkins after beating his psychiatrist to death five years agood. no motive has been established. >> big move this morning on the presidential primary calendar. nevada republicans ended their push for an early start date and moved caucus date back to february 4 as planned. with that move they avoid penalties for threatening new hampshire's first in the nation primary status.
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most believe they will eliminate the possibility of a december vote. >> new this morning, scientists are trying to determine where falling pieces of german satellite will land. scientists say about 30 pieces may survive re-entry and crash into the earth at 80 miles per hour. scientists are able to communicate with the dead satellite. although the point of re-entry is unclear, it is unlikely anyone will be hurt. a satellite crashed into the southern pacific ocean last month causing no damage. >> it is 9:07. coming up, baltimore's infant mortality rate dropped 40% last year. the city health commissioner is here to talk about that encouraging trent when we come back. >> and a fitting tribute to the larger-than-life figure. the statue honoring brooks
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robinson is pretty beautiful. that coming up. >> we have the sunshine now. a few clouds may arrive by the night. we'll talk about that in the insta-weather plus forecast after the break.
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>> good morning. we're looking at the sky cam right now. it looks hazy. the winds are calm. high pressure in control. this is what's going to bring us quite a bit of sunshine as we go throughout the day. i mentioned that fog. be careful if you are traveling through low-lying areas.
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temperatures cool down. frost this morning. not out of the question. could have seen a little frost this morning. there were also freeze warnings out across the western tier of the state. frostburg at 49. amazing what the sunshine can do. a patchy area of clouds moving in across the western tier of the area. we expect sunshine throughout the area. then we have a cool system back in the dakotas. bouncing off showers there. it is going to be headed east as we look into tomorrow. it will increase clouds tonight. by tomorrow, we may have a little rabe rain with that storm system. we'll get to that in just a minute. spectacular out there. although, a little chilly. grab jackets as you head
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outdoors. around 64 degrees for ocean city today. for the bay the winds will be light ut -- out of the southwest. the futurecast shows we have sunny skies throughout the entire day. by tonight, a few clouds start to approach. as the storm system heads our way, more clouds in place, and a chance for showers throughout the second half. we warm up into the upper 50's. a series of storms head our way. wednesday night into friday, we have rain chances. >> thanks, ava. >> brooks robinson joins the list of great athletes.
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incredible persistence of brooks' friend henry rosenburg culminated in a landmark. pete gilbert has the story. >> it sounded like game day. >> get your programs here! >> an old-time feel. perfect as baltimore honors maybe the greatest orioles of all times. >> 3-2-1! there it is. >> the nine-foot statue on russell avenue that captures the spirit of brooks robinson perfectly. >> the shoe strings, cleats, and everything is just real life. >> dignitaries and friends took the stage to pay tribute to the 16-straight gold glove player at third base and thank brooks in the best way possible.
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>> like every baseball fan in baltimore, this man has a special place in my heart. brooks is an immortal figure in baseball history. my memories of him are in his time as a player, announcer, and the humble man we have come to respect. >> right back at you, says the greatest third baseman of all times. >> i have never considered you fans, i have always considered you my friends. more than anything else. and i thank you so much. for the way you treated me for so many years. >> the only question is, what took so long? >> it is great to be here. >> it is overdue. >> it is overdue. >> maybe overdue, but not too late. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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>> orioles plan to honor six players this year as part of a celebration for camden yards. >> it is amazing how he says thank you, but it is thank you, brooks, for everything you gave to the fans for so long. >> it will be exciting to see that statue in person. >> yes. >> there is still plenty of news ahead on "11 news sunday morning." >> including uninsured and under insured coverage. do you need it? first, a look at events going on around town this weekend.
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>> welcome back. it is 9:18. we're here with stephen silverman. we want to talk about uninsured motorist protection. i guess the big question is, what is this? >> well, the issue is, most people tend to think about car insurance defensively. what they need to think about it as offensely as well. when i say doifsly, most of us -- defensively, most of us get insurance when our parents add us to their policy. we go out on our own, and if we're lucky, our insurance
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adjuster adds more coverage over the years. the issue is not -- if you hit someone, it's if someone hits you and causes serious injury and they don't have insurance or no insurance. >> you could say i have insurance, you are covered, right? >> right, but we have a case in our file currently where an elderly gentleman was hit by a drunk 17-year-old, and the kid doesn't have any insurance, he has no financial assets, and this poor gentleman, the victim is lying in a rehabilitation center with an russous coming out his hips and they are telling him his insurance isn't paying anymore, and they haven't even pulled the hardware out of his body. >> let alone the reefer and rehabilitation. >> exactly. if he didn't have insurance on
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his own, called under-insured motorist coverage to pay some of the bills, he would be on the street. >> how much does that cover? is that something add to your insurance policy? >> no, that's something that's just part of your insurance policy. the state minimum in maryland is $30,000 in coverage, and that covers you if you were sued or cause injury to somebody else. also, if someone without insurance hits you and breaks your arm, that will help pay the costs of the medical bills. >> it will bridge the gap. >> exactly. and the higher you go, the more protection you have. for example, you can get up to $1 million or more in uninsured motorist coverage. >> how much is it going to add to your insurance? are we talking about maybe an extra $10 a month or more?
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>> we are talking less than $10 a month to go from the state minimal to a $250,000 policy. it is negligent lidgible -- negligentible how much difference it could make. >> but it could make all the difference in the world. >> yes. >> coming up next, john and kerry with your sunday gardener. >> let's say we do italian tonight. >> we have to add some herbs though, right? >> and you can grow this yourself. coming up on your "sunday gard
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>> good morning. welcome to your "sunday gardener." >> hello. >> gust because the gardening season is ending and you will no longer be able to pick peas or whatever it is to cook, you can still have plants through the winter that will contribute to your evening dinner. >> you can. and what we chose here are herbs. some herbs might be doing ok outside, but i would start them inside. we have some longer days before they get going strong. >> do they need a lot of sun? >> en generally they do. i grow the herbs right under the counter. >> you can do that. or a bright window
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>> we'll you -- show you first a couple. >> pan sifment es are edible, so you can -- pansies are edible. we can plant a few things up top, too. >> this is mint. we are going to put them on a saucer. we don't want to mess up the wind owesill with excess water. we will have just enough time to push them into the soil and then plant them. all set, ready to go. i like to keep the varieties here because if i have a favorite variety of thime -- thyme, i can remember it. >> yes. >> over 100 varieties. they delivered to us this morning just to get us ready for all of this.
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take some of that off. i have some chifes here. >> rosemary. >> we're not -- >> now you have a nice grouping. the house gets dry in the wintertime. you can put water down here. this is shallow. >> i would not put water in there, i would put stopes in there, and i would keep them moist. >> you don't want water touching the water of the pot. >> yes. >> for humidity, stones and water, and it will keep these humid. and sunlight. you will have success. >> that's right. they will keep on going. >> and i the most important thing is use them. if you are going to take the
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time to grow these, adds some of this to your tea, add some rosemary to your turkey. >> it will control the growth. keep it dense. >> all right. we're approaching the end of our segment. about a minute left. there's still work to do. >> i notice in my own yard, i have grab -- crab grass spots. i might try to get crab grass up and sew some tall fescues. >> i don't want to do too much after we have several frosts. >> don't plan on it. >> after that, we want to be careful. >> getting close. >> i would not add mulch until it does get cold.
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let's wait until we get a couple good frofts. >> and keep the leaves off the lawn. keep them clean. >> don't rake. go ahead and mow it a couple times. >> don't let them sit all winter. >> we'll have more next sunday about your garden inside and outside. it will be on your "sunday gardener." thank you, carrie for joining us here. >> if you have question send it to 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211 or you can visit our web site at it's 9:28. 45 degrees. still here on tv hill. pretty crisp. coming up which sit down with baltimore's health commissioner. >> that's for our "q & a" segment. >> which smart phone is right for you? expert tips ahead. >> the seven-day forecast could
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change a bit. the sunny skies coming up in your insta-weather plus forecast.
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>> welcome back to "11 news sunday morning." thank you for joining us. ava, it was probably our chillyest morning so far today. >> if you did have frost, you can go to our facebook page and tell us that you had it there. i want to mention the leafs this time of year. mid october we are starting to get in the peak for that. if you are heading into the leaf keeping, lots of sunshine across the area, 64 degrees. the complete forecast coming up. >> it's time for "sunday morning q & a." joining us is dr. oxiris barbo, commissioner of baltimore's health department. >> thank you for having me.
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>> if you could, tell us what are some of your goals for the healthy baltimore 2015 initiative? >> it is our health policy agenda for the city. we have joun outlined the 10 priority areas that -- we have outlined the 10 priorities that account for the greatest disease, disability, and death. part of this is pulling together what the health department is doing. it also gives a framework for partners to contribute to health outcomes in baltimore city. >> i would imagine that smoking is probably on that list, smoking prevention? >> yes. >> in that vain, i une the city has a new ad campaign invoffing smoking and kids and pregnant women. >> it is part of our be more for healthy babies campaign. the second half of that campaign is not smoking with pregnant women around or with infants. especially for women who are pregnant not to smoke. it is the just hold off campaign. >> just hold off.
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>> and speaking of babies and smoking prevention, we had a pretty dramatic reduction in the infant mortality rate from 2009 to 2010. what do you think is driving that? >> that was great news for the city. after two years of going up, the infant mortality rate decreased by 19% overall. it decreased by 22% for the african-american community. then when we looked specifically for the sleep-related deaths, those went down by 40%. we are very optimistic that it was due to the efforts of our safe sleep campaign. so the a, b, c's of safe sleep, alone on your back in a crib. >> before we started, there was one part of the population that had the safest sleeping habits. what is that? >> we recently released the latino health reports. their infant mortality rates are lower than the rest of the
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baltimore population. so one of the reasons why we released this report is because the latino population is the fastest growing segment of the population in baltimore city. we wanted to make sure that we understood the health status. both the health challenges and the health strengths. one of the issues that came out is the low infant mortality rate. >> would you -- did you find any surprises? >> the main surprise was that the third leading cause of death is due to accidents. so the first two are very similar to the rest of baltimore city -- cancer and cardiovascular disease -- but accidents being number three for the rest of the population in baltimore is actually five times higher. so for latinos, it is the third cause of death. for the rest of baltimore city, it is 10th. so we don't understand that. we want to do more in-depth data
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analysis to find out why this is. >> we have been reminding people to get their flu shots. can you reiterate why it is important for families to do that sooner rather than later? >> it is critical to get your flu shots. flu is one of the greatest reasons why kids miss school, ad ults miss work, and it also is one of the leading causes of death for both the elderly population as well as for infants. so we recommend that everybody get their flu shots. what individuals can do is call 311 to see where their nearest clinic is so they can get the flu shot for free. >> what about people that say, i got the flu shot last year and i got sicker or i still got sick. is that a milingt? >> it is a myth. every year the virus changes. that's why we need the flu shot every year. >> some people say i got a little sick from the shot.
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it is nothing to do with getting the shot. >> this year, it is a compings of h1n1 and regular flu inflensia? -- influenza. >> yes, it is a combination. >> so you can knock out both at once. >> yes. >> dr. oxiris barbo, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> next week, if you would like to send in a question, our guest would be county executive david craig. if you would like to ask a question you can e-mail us at don't go away. first here's david greg which with a -- gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> president obama announced the withdrawal of the remaining troops in iraq by the end of the
9:37 am
year. in libya, gaddafi is dead. what next for the remaining states in the region? joining me hillary clinton. >> then texas congressman ron paul. this week he unveiled his plan for the economy. the energized voters break into the top tier. that's all ahead this morning on she notices when my skin's rough. (announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works.
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>> good morning. here's a live look outdoors. it has been a bit hazy out there with areas of fog. 45 degrees at the airport. the winds mostly calm. we are under high pressure right now. that's what's leading the mostly clear skies as we head throughout the day, except for those areas of fog. that's something you may have to
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watch out for. look how chilly the temperatures are. 47 now in frederick. 41 in hagerstown. it is at 41 in frostburg. temperatures across the western half of the state did start off at 40 degrees. between 33 to 40. that was for posting the morning temperature. it is cold enough there was frost out. if you did get frost this morning, you may want to post it on our facebook page. can you go to the maryland insta -weather update page or the main page. 60 degrees at 1:00 p.m. sunshine with a high of 62. an area of showers moving through wisconsin. cold front in the dakotas now.
9:41 am
that will play into our next forecast for rain. overnight, the second area of clouds moving throughout the second day tomorrow and we may see showers as the cold front moves to our north. that leads us into our seven-day forecast. drop down to 40 degrees. up to 67. can't rule out a stray shower. we head into tuesday, high temperature at 68. another storm system heads our way. rain chances wednesday night into friday. a scapt cooldown as we head into the next weekend. we look out into the future. the national weather service has released their stall winter outlook. as far as precipitation goes, we're way in the normal range. it looks like the heaviest of the snow may be west of us.
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looks like they are calling for big storms in the ohio valley. temperature wise, well near normal. i don't know if that's better or not. jennifer says better. ice storm worse than snow. we'll see. >> maybe we'll post that question on facebook. well, anyone hoping to get top dollar for their used iphone is likely out of luck. the trade-in fell dramatically after the new launch. before the launch the price on ebay would have fetched more than $400. now a used one isn't getting much more than $257. >> samsung has unveiled the first droid operating system. it combines software using tablets and smart phones.
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experts say it could attract more application and developers to the droid camp which has fewer applications than apple. as competition escalates, they will have more next month. here to break it down is charles from best buy. thank you for coming in. you brought us multiple exam pleds of the -- examples of the hottest trends for next season. >> yes. we have the blackberry from verizon. it is known for having good battery life, being reliable hardware. have you a brilliant display screen at the top. good materials. great for service. the iphone, app driven, sleek and thin. brilliant display screen. tons and tons -- great for music
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and all types of things like that. >> you were telling me if you don't have the -- apple provides the updated software? >> yes for the 3-gs and iphone 4. you can get some of the newer features. this is the at&t one and the sprint one which is called the epic touch. those are droid phones. large display screen on there. the thickness of a pencil. great if you want to put it in a pocket or suit. those are customizeable. you can set up the rop rating system to -- you can set up the operating system to be what you want. >> it depends on what you like and what you are used to. >> that's why there are choices for everybody. west buy says see which is the best fit for you. is any one better than another?
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>> really good for streaming, downloading music content. can you do some of those things in much less time. that's kind of the way the technology is headed. let's talk -- >> let's talk about what is going to be big for the black friday day this year. >> some operating systems are moving into the tabloid arena. kind of a help device for your phone. bigger display screens. kind of replacing the laptop. >> the blackberry, they are trying to stick in there. they are making changes. >> they are tough to beat for security. super reliable hardware. they are not going anywhere soon. >> thank you for joining us. >> lots of good information to look for. i know you can't give me any really good hints for black friday. you have surprises and good things planned, right? >> you bet.
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>> don't go away. up next, we're in the kitchen for "11 news sunday morning." it smells so go in here, you would not believe. first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome bax. it is time -- welcome back. it is "sunday brunch". >> we are making a mack rone -- maccaroni and cheese. we get a block, and we shred it and mix it in with maccaroni. it is not your typical craft in a box. >> looks rich. >> don't eat a lot of it, but it is tasty. >> we want to hear about the casa event you are sponsoring. >> the casa, court-appointed special advocate are a group of folks brought in to be the go-between the foster kids and the system. my mother-in-law works for casa. this is one of the dishes we're
9:50 am
doing. >> your mother-in-law has been connected with the system. what do the kids get out of this advocacy program? >> what they get is more of a checks and balances, i think, with what's going on. where a child might not get the care they need through the foster parents or they might not follow through with the system. so they are the go between. they make sure that happens and there is communication on both ends. not enough of them, so they need more. the fund raiser is to raise money and bring more folks to awareness of what's going on. >> as you are serving up the mac & cheese, tell us about the fund raiser coming up. >> it is thursday night. there are tickets available. i think it is 60 bucks and you get a full dinner, if i lay
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mignon. >> we took a little time in doing it. we braysed it a few hours. of course the key is the truffl oil. >> where do you get truffl oil? -- druffle oil? >> the cabin. we'll be there today for fall fest. >> this looks terrific. meanwhile, if you want a copy of the recipe, go to our web site at and click on "food" or send us a self-addressed envelope to 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore, maryland 21211. or go to while the mac & cheese cools, we'll be right back, and when we come back,
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>> tell us again, what are the main ingredients in this dish? >> macaroni, milk, and delaware cheese. >> if you don't have that, where can you get it? >> you can get that.
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you just want to have a good quality cheese vs. something, like i said, out of the mac & cheese box. >> this is good for cool weather. >> a shower tomorrow afternoon, as we get into the later half of the week, the warmest day wednesday, and then we cool down gradually from there. more comfort foods. >> the truffle oil. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day. >> nbc's "meet the press" is
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next. have a great day. captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> an -- annapolis was once again cloaked in political bickering as democrats argued the new map reflects changing demographics in state suburbs. while republicans insisted redrawing voting districts is nothing but party politics. race is being pulled into the debate as state g.o.p.ers and several minority groups remain dissatisfied with the lack of minority groups. regardless of how the lines get drawn, members say redistricting is a process afforded the majority. the voters agenda should not be locked in any debate. it is our state capital, and in our nation's capital, the appearance of party politics has
9:58 am
most constituents convinced they have been left out of the equation. be it the voter districts or the federal jobs bill, right now we need elected leaders focused on the issues impacting our daily lives. we applaud effort by our governor and legislator to make the voting process a more accurate reflection of the voting communities but never at the expense of getting what the voters need done. for more on maryland's redistricting plan, we invite you to log on to and click on "commitment 201
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