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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> a day of jubilation as leaders in libya now face the
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task of building a new society after 42 years of gaddafi's rule. libya's liberation net is one of two big stories tonight. good evening, everyone, i'm deborah weiner. but we begin tonight with destruction in turkey after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked that country sparking widespread panic, nearly 1,000 are dead and hundreds are injured. we get the latest from london. >> the earthquake hit in the far east province and the magnitude was about 7.2, which is pretty strong. turkey does have a history of earthquakes and they have engineers who are highly qualified and specialized in designing buildings to resist earthquakes, but it's never really sure quite how close the guidelines are followed. looking at the pictures, you can see there is a high degree of destruction. there are estimates at 40 or 50 buildings are down in this city and there are people trapped beneath the rubble. people are digging through the rubble with their bear bare hands.
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officials in the area have said there is so much destruction and so many dead, but as yet impossible to put a precise figure on how many have lost their lives. information is still coming in. it is difficult to get accurate figures because the communications, normal challenges of communications have been damaged by this quake. the official call is for blankets, for tents, and rescue teams to come and help in this effort. of course, turkey is crisscrossed with fault lines and is very accustomed to dealing with these kind of disasters, but this has hit in such a remote part of the country, in the far east up against the border with iran and it will be difficult to mobilize teams to these remote areas. as far as we know, the authorities there are calling for an international response to this disaster. >> and now to libya where interim rulers declared the country liberated after an eight-month civil war.
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today's declaration launches the oil rich nation on a two-year transition to democracy. we have a report from misrata. >> today is a big day. celebrations all across the country, but especially in benghazi which is where the uprising in libya first began. the national transitional council which is the interim government here announcing the formal liberation of libya. meanwhile here in misrata, it's been a little bit quiet, still concerns about what the next step is for gaddafi's body. the coroner's report initially found that gaddafi did die from a stray bullet wound, but the details still remain a little bit murky about when that actually happened. we have spoke to some of the fighters from the unit that actually found gaddafi in that drain pipe on thursday in his hometown of sirte and they said he was already wounded when they caught him. they subsequently said that the crowds took over and they don't know exactly what happened next. for many of these men, what was important was not so much how
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he died or when he died, but the fact that he had been captured, that they saw him with their very own eyes. that means the end of a chapter for them. back to you. >> secretary of state hillary clinton today spoke about a new libya on nbc's "meet the press." >> i think it's important that this new government, this effort to have a democratic libya start with the rule of law, start with accountability, stand for unity and reconciliation and make it absolutely clear that everyone who stood with the old regime, as long as they don't have blood on their hands, should be safe and included in a new libya. >> mrs. clinton also says she supports an investigation into the circumstances surrounding gaddafi's death. well, it really turned out to be a beautiful fall day. we start off with a few clouds. then we got plenty of sunshine
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and that at least helped the temperatures to warm up neither normal. 64 at b.w.i. and the normal is 65 for this time of year. we're at 60 degrees at the airport with the winds out of the southeast very light in nature. that's really going to be the course as we head into the night dropping down to the mid 50's by 9:00 pming and we do get into the 40's overnight. it is going to be another chilly one, but this time with more clouds. the clouds are going to signify, something, a chance for a little bit of rain. we'll be talking about that in the insta-weather forecast as well as a chance for our temperatures to go up and down. back to you. >> a 9-year-old is recovering tonight after she was hit by a vehicle in baltimore county. it happened just before noon today. we're told the girl was conscious and breathing when medics arrived. she was taken to hopkins children's center. there is no word now on her condition. it's unclear at this hour who was at fault. in the meantime, police investigating a shooting in east baltimore.
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detectives say the 19-year-old victim told police he was walking along the 800 block of abbott court around 9:30 last night when he was shot from behind. we're told he flagged down a motorist who drove him to a hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds to the arm and leg. there is no word on his condition and the gunman remains at large. president obama says u.s. troops will be out of iraq by the holidays and the political criticism from g.o.p. presidential hopefuls over the pullout is just getting started. brian mooar is in washington with that story. >> the g.o.p. presidential candidates may not agree on much, but they are joining in their criticism of president obama's decision to pull american forces out of iraq. >> the last thing that you want to do is put those men and women's lives in peril. i think that is what the president has done. >> this decision seems to me that it was more politically based than military-based.
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>> we're leaving behind a situation where iran has dramatically grown in influence in that country. >> he expects to have a close relationship with iraq. >> i don't think there is going to be any change. we have a special relationship with iraq. >> while u.s. troops are expected to be out by the holidays, secretary of state clinton says the united states is not leaving iraq on its own. >> i hope that iran and no one else miscalculates that. >> she says political criticism of the pullout is a little bit late. >> they should have raised those issues when president bush agreed to the agreement to withdraw troops by the end of this year. >> the fight over how to end the iraq war, a debate as old as the war itself. >> secretary of state clinton says the united states will maintain a strong presence in the gulf region, even after u.s. boots have left the ground in iraq. in washington, i'm brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an occupied protest in
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upstate new york gets physical. authorities say it all started when someone passing by the occupied albany demonstration got involved in a very heated exchange with protesters last night. punches were thrown followed by pushing and profanity. one suffered a bloody knows. when officers arrived, the man ran away. he was taken away in hand cuffs but not arrested. in london, st. paul's cathedral was closed as protesters camped outside. protesters are ready to spend months camped outside the historic building. they started it camping after the police blocked the opportunity to protest elsewhere. they set up in solidarity with the occupy wall street movement. straight ahead, thousands lace up to help fight breast cancer. we'll take you to this year's susan g. komen's race for the cure. cure. and a search for a 10-month-old
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>> new billboards now line the streets of kansas city as the seven for baby lisa irwin enters a third week. a billboard company donated the signs hoping someone would recognize her. a trained f.b.i. cadaver dog picked up the scent consistent with a human body on the floor of her parents' bedroom. >> when decomposition forms, there is a code that is formed. that is impacted on the air, weather conditions, how hot it is, if the body has been moved, but, again, it's going to be within minutes that a dog should be able to find that scent if it actually existed. >> officials say the parents
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have not fully cooperative, something attorneys for the couple deny. thousands of fans, friends, and entertainers came out to pay tribute at dan wheldon at a public memorial in indianapolis. speakers at the service remembered the 33-year-old as a great competitor and better person. the two-time indianapolis 500 winner was killed in a fiery 15-car crash last sunday at las vegas motor speedway. wheldon is survived by his wife and two young sons. hundreds of families took to the streets today to help find a cure for breast cancer. ahead, the 19th annual komen race for the cure. >> we had sunshine across the area today, but i'll tell you why clouds are starting to build back in from the west. that is coming up in the insta-weather forecast. first check out the polar bear at our polar watch at the maryland zoo. he is chilling out and enjoying the last bit of sunshine. it is 60 degrees at the airporte
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>> a sea of pink took to the
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streets of baltimore county today. breast cancer survivors and their families gathered for the 19th annual susan g. komen race for the cure. the 5 k race and walk benefited breast cancer research. love ones express what the event mean to them and family members who survived the disease. >> very important just to bring awareness to our families. this is our first year participating. >> governor martin o'malley and another were the honor chairs at the race. october is national breast cancer awareness month. >> and as you noticed, everyone at that race was bundled up. we started off the day in the 40's, a few areas in the upper 30's. we're sitting at 60 degrees at the airport, 62 at inner harbor. 59 at hagersertown and 57 at hancock. although we did see quite a bit of sunshine across the area today, the clouds are rolling back in from the west.
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this is with our next approaching storm system, not going to pack a lot of moisture, but it does have a chance to at least bring a couple of showers. right now we have high pressure in control. you can see the round of showers heading in back across the midwest. another area of showers in kentucky and the cold front will move in from the plains. it's heading our way through tomorrow. it's not only going to bring more clouds but a slight channing for rain. still that area of high pressure. the clouds build in overnight. as far as showers go, i think they're a better bet into the later half of tomorrow, not only in the western mountains, but also for baltimore as well. there is not a lot of moisture associated with this, so any showers that we do see will be pretty scattered. we'll be talking about the next storm system, the second half of next week. it will be bringing rain to us. this is the first significant snowstorm forecasted out in the plains. everyone denver, colorado, could see a half foot of snow by wednesday. we're not talking snow just yet
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here in baltimore fortunately or the rest of the state. increasing clouds throughout the area tonight. chilly conditions and winds light out of the southwest. temperatures down into the 30's in western counties. and in the mid to upper 40's in downtown areas. tomorrow, temperatures are a little bit cooler in the mountains. we're talking about 57 out towards the western counties with a chance for showers more likely in fact in the western mountains. tuesday is pleasant, 62 degrees. we'll take you towards the bay as we look into monday, 67 with partly sunny skies, a slight chance for that shower and sunshine as we head into tuesday warming up to 68. as for the eastern shore, 64 monday, bright and sunny into tuesday with a high temperature at 65. now the ravens will be out of town even for the game tomorrow, "monday night football," we're calling for great weather in jacksonville, 64 to 67, which doesn't sound too bad. for florida, that's a little bit chilly for this time of year. let's go into the seven-day forecast, back to baltimore on monday, a stray shower is possible, especially into the
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afternoon. we'll be into the upper 660's for the high temperatures, in the upper 60's on tuesday, plenty of sunshine. that looks to be the best day of the week. although we're warm on wednesday, we have a chance for showers late in the day and then we will see a better chance for showers as we get into the end of the week. look at those temperatures, they will be dropping down as well. >> ava, thank you. the ravens have landed safely, you tell me? >> they're in jacksonville, florida. in florida, something else is going on today, a little tim tebow action. >> tim getting the start and it looked awful for a while, but then it was tebow in florida. what else could happen? that story next in sports.
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>> i'm pete gilbert. joe flacco's career arc in
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terms of development trends upward but with a small little drop. so much of that depends on the chemistry with young receivers, chemistry that looks fast track. they are critical components of the passing game and beginning to live up to all of the publicity when they were drafted. it doesn't immediately translate from college . >> when you're first learning one, you can kind of go out there and run the route. there are specific ways to run routes versus coverages that help you get open a little bit better. that's what we're trying to work towards. >> no patience from the fans of tim tebow. they have wanted him to start from day one in denver. the most highly acclaimed/crit conversationed quarterback earned the nod today in his home state of florida against the winless dolphins. trailing 15-0 in the fourth, it's now 15-7. his college coach on hand to mentor a little bit, urban meyer. tebow, the throwback screen to
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the tight end, it's perfect. a three-yard touchdown. a 15--13 miami lead. the two-point conversion late in the fourth quarter. the seas part in miami. goodness, gracious. the packers defense in super bowl xxxii and let terrell davis walk in. tied at 15-15. dolphins quarterback matt moore sacked by d.j. williams spinning him just right, fumble, too. denver recovers, sets up a kick from 52 yards, good from, i don't know, 75, he clutched it through the uprights. the broncos win 18-15. tebow inspired the comeback against one of the very worst teams in football. cam newton, like tebow, a better pro and athlete, look at him go. 16-yard touchdown run. panthers take a 16-6 lead. he is cool. john beck earned his first start in four years. scrambling for the touchdown, a
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good decision. mixed results on the game, though, 16-13 your score there. fourth quarter, newton and the shotgun, a strike making it 30-13. newton threw for 256 yards, ran for 59, two total touchdowns, no turnovers. beck, they didn't match that effort. hit by chris gamble. carolina knocks off washington 33-20. hightower ran well for the redskins, left with a knee injury. santana moss with a broken hand. bad day for. let's look at this pregame with norv turner. first quarter, mark sanchez, complete to keller who did not enjoy those pair of hits, fumbled. donald butler going the other way walks in for a 50-yard touchdown, 7-0, san diego. third quarter in the red zone, sanchez to plaxico burress, for the second time today, they connected three times in the
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end zone, all for touchdowns. last seconds, 27-21 new york. phillip rivers on fourth down. he threw it away. forgot it was fourth down? or was that an elite sort of play. the jets get a victory. world series last night, albert pujols joined a rather exclusive club that includes babe ruth and reggie jackson, the only ones with three home runs in one world series game. it's game three in texas. we expected more offense with a designated hitter, but, wow, pugh, about to become a free agent. he will get paid like no other, home runs at 431 feet, 424 feet and 420 feet. also tied world series records with five hits and six runs driven in, all part of a 16-7 victory for the cards and st. louis took a 2-1 series lead. game four is tonight. also, ravens wrap-up, despite the fact the ravens don't play today, we'll have more of a ravens prewrap.
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that is after sunday night football. please stay with us. e'll check the forecast
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>> nice weekend we had. great for everything this weekend. >> you can come anytime on a sunday. >> i'll take credit for this weather. it's beautiful but chilly. we have increasing clouds into the tonight. we dropped down into the 40's in the city, 30's in the outer suburbs. that's at least cold enough, there is a chance at frost. i don't think it will be widespread. the next couple of days of a warm-up, but a chance for rain.
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stray shower tomorrow, better chance for rain wednesday into friday and then the temperatures drop down again as it is fall. >> thank you. that's it for 11 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us. nightsly news is next. see you back here tonight after the game. >> 11 years ago, 6,000 runners ran the first baltimore marathon and the organizer drept it will grow from there. this year, more than 25,000 runners ran in the baltimore running festival which is now one of the top 10 races in the country. runners from 50 states and 24 different countries pounded the pavement even winding through the maryland zoo.
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it was an especially proud moment for david, the science teacher who was the leader of the pack for the first 11 miles. amidst the cheers of his family and students, the cross-country coach who had olympic aspirations made baltimore proud. the first place winners got a $prize, the economic impact to the city was $30 million for the weekend and $1 million for charity. the positive impact on the image of our city and state is priceless. for a look at the excitement, go to and click on
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