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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 24, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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walking to a bus stop in abington and said a man in a large black work van threatened to hurt him if he did not get in. he turned and ran home. since that time, the have canvassed the area but have not been able to find a man matching that description. [no audio] minya that investigators are the thing for a commercial work van, black, tinted front windows. we understand there are no back windows or driver's side rear windows. no suspect description. if you have any informational have seen it in in the area, they are asking you called the harford county sheriff's office.
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reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the trial is about to get underway for the does the man accused of killing a co-worker and trying to cover it up. she is accused of attackinga coworker inside this lululemon store. baltimore county police investigating two are robberies. they think one man is behind both of them. authorities want to know if you recognize this man. he passed a note to the teller last week saying he had a weapon and demanding money. five days later, she had a location on york road and did the same thing. -- he hit another locatino on
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york. if you know anything, contact metro crime stoppers at 866-7- lockup. >> police are asking for your help in a cold case. on march 25th, 1974, anne arundel county police responded to severn in response to this murder. this case has never been solved but the victim's father has since come forward with an additional $10,000 reward. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers. the weekend traffic accident on the runway at bwi marshall between a plane and a truck loaded with fuel. an incident like this is rather and no one was hurt, but still. lowell melser has the latest from bwi marshall airport. >> officials here are calling
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the incident "very rare." and involve the southwest aircraft and a fuel truck. the minor collision scared some that were on board. >> we had slowed down and there was a loud thunk. [no audio] it felt like the front wheel had fallen. >> we apologize for the technical difficulties. [no audio] we will try again later. the death toll continues to climb in the 7.2 magnitude requite from turkey. >> emergency responders think more than 1000 people are still buried underneath the rubble. one toddler was rescued alive from the rubble of this building. they heard the cries of the baby and more than 1200 rescue
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workers are working within the region. the military is taking part in the relief efforts. >> we are getting a closer look at when the quake hit. panic people are rushing into the streets. we are told that rescuers were affected by power outages as well which is why it blankets and tents are being distributed. more than 200 aftershocks have affected the area. more than five people have been pulled from the rubble and officials expect the death toll to continue to rise. more pictures and video can be found on under "news." >> announced to the economy.
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making another move to keep americans in their homes. a refinance option for those trapped in mortgages in stopping an additional 1 million that could be helped with the program. we have tonight project economy update.
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>> president obama is making another move to keep americans in their homes. they are opening their refinance program and another 1 million homeowners could qualify. we have tonight project economy update. >> president obama heading to nevada to unveil his mortgage program for those in the pay their mortgage every month but still owe more than it is worth so they cannot refinance. now, at their mortgage is with fannie mae or freddie mac, they can refinance. >> it will help somewhere between 800,001 million, most of which were not able to -- [no
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audio] >> that is several hundred dollars a month that can now be used to buy goods and services, improve their home, [no audio] >> 6 million homeowners have fallen behind in their payments. she is a stock with a 7% note and upside-down. >> according to the tax records it is worth 150 tons and seven -- $157,000. >> the president has spent $2.40 billion of the $50 billion he pledged on housing. his housing secretary said today the problem is worse than it thought. now, he is running for reelection and still looking for ways to fix the mortgage mess.
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some key swing states like nevada and florida is america the crisis is worse. from washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> for a good part of maryland, dry weather, late day sunshine. showers from hagerstown back into the mountains with a cloudy skies. for the next few hours, the possibility of some sprinkles coming adrift. clearing out over ohio and then a stronger cold front coming our way later in the week. more on that with the seven-day forecast coming up in a few. >> we wi
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>> a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine with the leaves outside turning colors. most areas continued that weather, but some showers of former west coming in. east of baltimore down to the
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coast with high, thin clouds. this line of showers is approaching and fast-moving with a narrow band of showers. the skies of already cleared out in this central ohio. temperatures have warmed fairly nicely in 73 in roanoke. 58 in hagerstown 64 annapolis come up for 60's in the upper eastern shore. that will bring in some of that cooler air and maybe a shower or two.
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early-morning cover we should have maybe a passing shower or two then a clearing. there is a cool front coming through. the rest of this will move into the rocky mountain states. we will have to talk about possibility of someone settled weather.
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hud began to increase as the front moves back into the region. maybe some clouds later and then rainshowers becoming more likely. out to the north of us, some snow in northern pennsylvania. color this weekend and we could see a day or two is dug in the 40's. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. this front will be off the coast. northwest wind highs around 64- 69. sunset tomorrow evening at 6:14 p.m. small craft advisory on debate tomorrow. wind averaging 10 knots. a two foot shop on the open waters of the bay. showers likely tonight then clearing out. another batch of rain moving in.
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56 on wednesday and it will get cooler with the possibility of some snow. you may want to factor that in only if you have plans next weekend. sunshine on the bay and the eastern shore tomorrow. scattered showers with a high of 69. temperatures in the mid to upper 60's and showers tonight and tomorrow. insta-weather + seven-day, breezy, 67, almost 70, then showers in the evening. showers likely thursday, then friday only a 54. a high of only 49 degrees but it should clear up for a ravens home game. ravens on the road tonight, but sunshine with a brisk 56 next monday. >> we
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>> it is time for the defense to present their case in the trial of dr. murray. they have a lot of damage control ahead of them. >> they will have to counter three weeks of expert testimony. we have the latest from los angeles. >> the people are prepared and would ask to rest at this time. >> the prosecution wraps after four weeks of testimony. they have called their first testimony, and evidence examination of. >> that is when they picked up the 911 call. >> the defense attempted to poke
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holes in his testimony that he gave michael jackson more than 40 times the propofol he claimed. he also says he administered through iintravenously. >> the defense says he took eight pills a q hours before he died without telling him and that he injected himself when he left the room in a desperate attempt to sleep. sources close to the case say his lawyers have developed a new time line and will lay it out for the jury. >> they just have to kick up enough sand and hopefully something sticks to create reasonable doubt. >> the doctor will come in and
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point out mistakes in his testimony, that he did not know the drug, know the literature, and making assumptions just to have an opinion. >> the defense is expected to call 80 witnesses. after touring for three weeks, janet jackson has canceled her upcoming shows in australia to be here to support her family. in downtown los angeles, wbal-tv 11 news. >> when it comes to a tumor detection in the pancreas, the sooner they are found a better the chances. a screening device that can find smaller tumors than an mri or a cat scan. debra enjoyed good health until last year when something frightening happened after she went to sleep.
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>> i did not wake up. that was my first symptom. >> her blood sugar was extremely low, but she was not diabetic and your dangerous symptoms continued without warning. >> i was dizzy. why would pass out. i would get hallucinations. >> this mercy medical doctor used in endoscopic ultrasound to get an image of her pancreas. it is clearer than a cat scan or mri. >> is specially designed and it is an ultrasound probe that allows us to do an ultrasound from inside the body. in addition, we can direct a needle that will come out of a channel here and allow us to take a biopsy under guidance.
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>> it revealed a small benign tumor. >> this right here is the tumor located in the tale of the pancreas. >> her type of tumor is a rare, less than 0.25 binge. >> this is a tumor of those hormone-producing cells. in this case, a tumor that produces insulin. >> she is grateful they found a tumor that threatened her life and best of all, once it was removed -- >> i did not have any more symptoms. they were all gone. i was amazed. >> although her tumor was benign, they also talked about
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the pancreas. did you have a family member who has had it, you should definitely be screened. and look
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>> pope john paul said that the catholic church "is a love that seeks out," which is why we are committed to bringing god's love and understanding to our neighbors who are blind, deaf, and those with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities. from masses in sign language to a residential camp for adults with disabilities, we seek to remind all god bless the people that our doors and our hearts are always open.
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>> time to synchronize our watches because in a few hours, the ravens will be enjoying the monday night spotlight. >> john harbaugh would love a few more monday nights here at home. >> he would. tonight is the fifth straight month in a night game away in from baltimore, the longest streak in the nfl. granted, we have had other prime-time games, but he tries not to get worked up about this. ravens on the road, twice in 2010 there reveled in the monday night spotlight. under john harbaugh, the ravens
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are 3-2 on monday nights. monday night the ball still means a lot of players. his peers get to sit back at home and watched so your credibility comes from playing well on monday night. coming up later in the show, we will hear from gerry sandusky in jacksonville to call the game tonight. it does appear that jimmy smith, the first round draft pick injured on the first play of the season, will be ready to go tonight. we will see what he can do. >> 30 practiced all week. >> he had a high ankle sprain, one of those things you do not know when it will be better.
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grubs is a lot younger and he will eventually recover from this, but when you are a big man and your toe is going out and you have 320 pounds on it? >> he talked about it. not only are you have the, but locking someone as heavy as you are so twice that rate. >> and you are on your toes a lot in that spot. >> the toes are the same that i have. >> can we see them? maybe not right now. >> in the new have to deal with the that despite the way 100- something more pounds more than me. >> 1-5 and you still have to be record. >> this is their chance. there had coached fighting for his job. they will try everything tonight.
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this one could really take it down hill. >> grab yourself on because this brings us to the text question for the day. -- grabbed your cell phone. do you think the ravens will win by more than 10 points? yes or no? 88509. we will reveal the results of our text poll tonight on 11 news at 6:00. airport officials say an incident like this is really rare and no one was hurt. lowell melser has the latest from bwi marshall airport. >> officials here are calling the incident a very rare. it involved a southwest aircraft and a fuel truck. a minor collision, and it kind of scared some of those on board.
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>> we had slowed down headed into the gate, and it felt like the front wheel had popped a front wheel or something. >> he was more than 100 passengers on board a southwest flight that had just landed at bwi marshall around it 30. that loud noise was the left wing is scraping along a fuel truck similar to this one. >> there was a fuel truck still attached to do this side of the wing. >> it. b-10 in the southwest terminal and it appeared fuel truck may have been outside of its o designated vehicle service lane. >> it can be a very busy place. aircraft moves around the taxiways all the time. >> after the incident, some
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people became anxious because they did not know what was going that happen or what to do. >> we were wondering if there was anything that was going to happen. >> while there were no injuries, it was still a very frightening experience. bwi says they cannot remember a similar incident ever happening. >> we were all taking their breath as we landed and then this was just an additional scare, but everyone was fine. >> the faa is investigating who exactly was up all the. it is not known if whether the driver of the truck or the airplane will be reprimanded for the incident. los melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> more news ahead coming up. >> the videotaped confession.
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could walter bishop, jr., know exactly what he was
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>> controversial piece of evidence. in a videotaped interview, he confessed to killing the man come on but did they know he was recording his statement? >> barry simms is live in bellaire with more. >> today, the prosecution has rested after presenting key evidence. they will try to show that walter bishop gave a statement thinking he was only going to jail. baltimore county officials interviewed ball -- bishop in this murder case.
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[inaudible] wife is accused of setting up the scheme. as defense lawyers claim he was never told by police that they were recording and and it could set him up for the death penalty. william reporter were shot three times in the head. at first, they considered it a possible robbery, but then porter and bishop became suspects. >> he be on her.
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he was not a very good man. >> karla had been telling several family members that her husband was abusive. >> i walked into the store. i prompted open this much. >> it describes how carlos stood by as he walked in and pull the trigger. >> i walked in, pull the trigger, closed my eyes. >> they're trying to show that he had no idea he was making himself eligible for the death penalty. "at any time did you tell him he was being videotaped it? did you tell him to think long
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and hard before giving a state that because he may subject themselves to the death penalty? and that both times they answered no. the plan to call carl according to the stand as well as four others. reporting live from bel-air, and barry simms. >> one morning to night about an email that looks like an official notice from the government but can cause all kinds of problems. it is under investigation by the feds. how you can avoid becoming the next victim. >> as head of her own pr company, she spends most of the day on her computer. she recently got an e-mail that looked like it was from the internal revenue service with the subject line about recalculating her taxes. >> i was concerned that it was
5:42 pm
legitimate. >> your computer was infected with a virus. the costar $300 to fix the problem. the screen says it, "windows has detected a hard disk problem." all that is a program run by the virus. with the computer crimes unit of the new york state police -- whether they doing? >> money. it lets the user know that they have been infected with a virus. in order to get rid of the virus, you have to pay money to purchase a stake virus removal
5:43 pm
program. it is really quite damaging. it is very hard to remove the program without making a purchase. >> they asked that payment be sent in new york. the spelling of the town is missing the "h." new york state police is working to trace the email. they say they may be coming from eastern europe. the irs is warning to stay on the lookout. >> the irs never contacted taxpayer via e-mail. if you received such a communication, chances are it is a scam. >> your 11 insta-weather +
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forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> dry weather continuing, but things are about to change. around the beltway, things are dry, but some showers on the radar. some sprinklers try to get going north of hampstead. western maryland has been dealing with the wet weather through the afternoon. they extend west to cumberland and oakland does well. it will not be around for a great deal of time. that should usher in some decent fall weather for the week. so far today, nothing officially on the rain gauge. 67 at the airport, normal being 64. the record high, the enormous it
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has ever been is not that warm. 82 degrees is the record. the record low, a cold 25. mostly in the 60's right now. columbia at 65. same kind of numbers on the eastern shore. the cold front passing a throw and now down to 45 degrees. a batch of showers on insta- weather + futurecast coming through tonight. by tomorrow morning, it should be clear again. 50 downtown, wind northwest of with the passage of that. the same front sliding through tonight and tomorrow morning in the western end will arrive
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later in the week. there should be a little bubble of high pressure that will produce some high pressure showing up on the insta-weather + futurecast. breezy but comfortable. clouds increasing during the day and a few light showers could develop with a better chance for rain moving in wednesday, thursday, and friday. northwest wind at 8-15 and a high just above normal. sunrise at 7:26. wind occasionally gusting to 20 knots. northwest breeze producing a two foot shop. in nice sunny day tomorrow before the second round of showers, highs in the mid to
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upper 50's. there could even be some snow around. in the eastern shore, 65 tomorrow. showers late in the day. friday, signed in the morning and a chilly 48. a cooler rain on sunday, cooling out in time for ravens football on sunday with a high of 56. >> stay with
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>> the slogan is it's time to get real america. thousands of events nationwide. here in the baltimore the focus was on certain communities in need. lisa robinson explains. food dayal today's -- and had to bring fresh, help the produce in. stephanie rawlings blake visiting to bring route -- word to city residents. >> having access to help the food not only helps to keep people healthy but it helps to reduce obesity, diabetes city, and other ailments and really have a nutritional components of them. >> they live in the reservoir
5:50 pm
hill committee. without it, she would have to walk several blocks to a supermarket. >> there is a far more open and they sell produce. it is a means of a community coming together. it helps with camaraderie. >> this neighborhood has been identified as a food desert by the city of baltimore. we want to help encourage healthy produce in this neighborhood. >> they are also making a big impact. it is grown on 6 acres in the area of clifton park. >> they can live a healthier lifestyle and live within their
5:51 pm
means. >> the howard park community will receive $769,000 to bring a much-needed grocery store. >> the hunt is on for the shark that killed an american diver. thomas wainwright was visiting from texas to work in ocean engineering. this is the third fatal attack in the same area of australia this year. >> there will be a helicopter in the air tomorrow which will be a temporary arrangement until the other helicopter rides. >> it is likely there is more than one shark responsible. >> with the bicentennial of the war of 1812, the state is planning quite a number of
5:52 pm
events. they will house some very important artifacts from the war. >> next year is the bicentennial of the war of 1812. it brought glory and fame to our new nation. >> i did not know there were so many people interested. >> member is toward the bicentennial museum. dr. harmon is the director of the museum and describes some of the items on display here. >> and someone on board the constitution decided to use a sea anchor. this spliced together a mile long length of line. they would then pull the ship
5:53 pm
up. it was everything but the rum, you can be assured. >> for those visiting, the war of 1812 holmes a special significance. >> john adams considered it our victory to being absolutely crucial to the history of the united states because it was the first war after the constitution was adopted. was the constitution going to be strong enough to hold the country together during wartime? the answer was yes? >> it gives us a chance to see pieces of history that normally we would not get to see. >> if you are interested in the history, the naval academy museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. >> for the navy, it was a sense
5:54 pm
of professionalism, and it gave permanency to the american navy which it did not have before hand. >> breaking news. the police in baltimore city investigating a homicide in this. just after 5:00. we will have the latest coming up at 11 news at 6. up at 11 news at 6.
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>> 24 hours left in the shop-a- paw-looza. >> it all supports the spca. >> this is one of the kittens up for adoption. he and all the other animals will benefit from the online auction. >> it gets better and bigger every year. we have more people bidding. it started seven years ago with probably a quarter of the items. >> this year, 400 to choose from and adding new things every day. all of them donated by local businesses and they have items big enough to spark a bidding war. >> we have tickets for sporting events, restaurant give
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certificates, one packages, vacation getaways. tickets to ravens games, autographed memorabilia, etc. >> it works like ebay were you bid on line and a person with wins.ggest kebid >> all the money raised goes to the spca. every bit you make goes to help the animals, so the thousands of animals that need veterinarian care, and spake, neuter, enrichment, love, all of those things. >> if you want to place a bid, you have to act quick. find a link on our website. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> i will go and bid for my dog. >> here is what is coming up new at 6:00. >> anthony brown defending u.s. history in federal court. -- it defending ulysses currie. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> anthony brown took the stand in defense of ulysses currie come on stand for corruption charges. >> he is a man of strong integrity, conviction, and beliefs. >> david collins joins us now from federal court with the latest. >> several defense witnesses took the stand to refute the extent to which he was allegedly extent to which he was allegedly involved in


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