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tv   Today  NBC  October 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now more of "today" on a tuesday morning, 25th day of october, 2011, just a great day to be in new york city with a perfect blue sky and kind of moderate temperatures in the low 50s, and a good crowd of people. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie, and al roker. ann is taking a little time off but you no he who is in the studio this morning? >> who dat?
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>> "today's professionals" donny, star and nancy are here. >> ready to shake off the shyness every week where they don't want to give their opinions, that's over. we have an interesting topic to discuss, should parents let kids drink at home? there's actually a new study that shows 45% of young people get their alcohol from home, and in many cases it's because parents say all right, i'll let you drink but you got to do it at home. we'll talk about that. another study that shows divorced men are more likely to fail at second marriages. so we'll ask donny, star and nancy why is that may be. ahead, jill martin has got the patented steals and deals for us today. where viewers get exclusive discounts on items like an iphone case, faux leather jacket, skin caroline, a must have for celebrities, some of today's items nearly 80% off. and then, doing my art fern. and then --
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>> a whole group of people have no idea. >> no idea. fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, can too much fiber be too much of a good thing? oh, my! speaking let's do traffic, there's a backup. joy bauer answers nutrition questions in our "diet s.o.s. ". >> tamron hall at the news desk. >> this morning at dawn former libyan leader moammar gadhafi was buried along with his son and top aide. several were present as islamic prayers were read over the bodies. he was captured in his hometown of sirte last thursday. in eastern turkey, thousands of people spent the night outdoors afraid to return to their homes after a massive earthquake and hundreds of aftershocks. rescuers are racing against time to find survivors in the rubble.
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so far they've pulled several people out alive today. more than 370 people have died in the tremor and some 1,300 others were injured. president obama is in california tooled as part of a star-studded campaign swing out best. on monday in foreclosure heavy las vegas the president announced a new proposal to ease homeowners underwater. the plan would allow 1 million additional homeowners to requalify for refinancing. the nba is canceling another two weeks of the upcoming season, more than 100 games through november 28th, the second round of cancellations because of bargaining impasse between players and team owners. net flix shares plunged 28% after the company lost a worse than expected 800,000 subscribers in the third quarter, net flix jolted customers and investors last summer when it raised prices up to 60% and bungled an attempt to
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spin-off its dvd by mail service. the search for the kansas city infant known as baby lisa entered its fourth week. lisa's mother, deborah bradley, says now that police have thoroughly searched her home and yard she hopes they'll comb the nearby woods. the man still legally married to bradley and had a son with her is speaking out for the first time saying she was always a good mom. good news to report, trixie, the homeless disabled dog who can only walk on her front legs has been adopted. we told you about the chihuahua last week and more than a dozen animal lovers nationwide reached out to adopt trixie. in the end animal services decided a florida veterinarian would be a good match with her home and all of the medical care she could possibly need. it is four past the hour. here is matt and al. >> you had a question? >> yes. >> never mind. how about a check of the weather? >> we've got a check of the
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beautiful young ladies. what are your names? whoops. what is her name? >> caroline. >> what's your name? >> caroline. >> caroline and caroline. >> no, this is natalie. >> that's natalie, okay, very nice. you're now natalie's spokesperson. very nice. let's check your weather and see what's going on. we'll show you for today, we've got hurricane rina, 215 miles southwest of grand cayman, 100-mile-per-hour winds, category 2 storm barely moving. we have the path early friday, comes across the yucatan peninsula, made a right turn into cue barks but as we look at some of the other computer models, there's not a lot of agreement on what rina will do, take its own sweet time but take a while before it gets its act together, may come across the yucatan and then curve up on into central florida, we'll keep an eye on that and back in the 48 states we have a winter weather advisory, winter storm watches and warnings for the central rockies, some areas picking up to two feet of snow.
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denver will see anywhere from 8 >> good morning.ore it's it will be a beautiful tuesday. the temperatures will be above average. we expect mostly sunny skies. and that's your ate least weather. savannah? time for "tooled's professionals" where our panel of experts tackles the hottest headlines, surveys and stories making news. star jones is an attorney and author, donny deutsche, chairman of deutsche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman, nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you.
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nice to see you bright and early. let's start with something getting a lot of buzz this morning in the political world, herman cain has a new web ad, rather than describe it, how about we just play it. do we have the ad? >> or not. i could act it out. >> it features the chief of staff of cain's campaign saying why herman cain is the best and the last shot is of him smoking, exhaling and a shot of herman cain. and a lot of people are talking about it, number one because it's weird and number two because he's smoking. >> i'll jump in donny's territory it's a lousy ad and the smoking at the end, it's like are you kidding me? >> i'm told we now have it. i think people should see it. roll it. ♪ ♪ i am america ♪ one voice, united we stand >> i stand by my former synopsis.
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>> are you ready to hire this person for your ad company? >> it's obviously ridiculous. nobody is going to say that's a good ad. what must have happened, let's do a parody of ourselves, run it on youtube to youth. there's no way, there's no way they did that seriously. the problem is, media is no longer isolated so even if you're targeting it to this crazy, you know, young audience that will think it's a nose. it's still going to go up everywhere. having said that, the weird positive is the one thing about cain that's appealing to the constituencies of the world he's so an un-candidate and that's what people are looking for so bizarrely it may work. it's insane. >> the spokesperson told nbc it is a joke. he said i've had a lot of feedback from folks thought it was hysterical. glad to see it's getting so much visibility. >> in fairness we need to say the beginning of the ad talks about why this guy, the chief of
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staff actually there was some substance to it, the lawyer in me says do that because the last thing we need to hear from the republicans is we were not being fair. >> exactly, but the part that's getting the attention is the smoking of the cigarette. let's move on from smoking -- >> could have been worse. could have been weed. >> from smoking to drinking and i think you all have different opinions here. >> uh-huh. >> study more than 40% of young people are getting their alcohol from home, and in many cases it's because parents are giving their teenagers drinks -- >> giving? >> teenagers, they say it's better drinking home an out with your friends and driving home. nancy? >> i think kids should learn to drink responsibly. i've allowed my kids since they were little to have wine at thanksgiving and christmas. i think it's important. i said to my girls i'd rather have you and some kids will experiment at home and not end up in the back seat of someone's car, definitely not driving. i have no problem. you cannot give other children
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alcohol. >> donny's face? >> it's interesting, a lot of my friends struggled with this. let me ask you a question. >> i have three non-drinking non-smoking kids, learned responsibility at home. >> a 17-year-old you know they'll experiment and you say do everything in moderation. i don't need to celebrate it at home. my 17 years old daughter might be having sex with her boyfriend. i'm still not going to say do it in the home in the bedroom and keep it quiet. >> so we're clear on the ages we're discussing, 12 to 14-year-olds continue to have sleepovers, go over for play dates to people's friend's homes. i don't want my 12-year-old going over -- we don't live in europe, nancy. >> but your own children, why not teach a child to drink responsibly with a little bit of wine at the dinner table as part of the food group. >> it's a subtext message that drinking is okay. >> jesus, you guys. are you kidding me? >> it is endangering the welfare
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of a child. >> that's crazy. >> to give a child alcohol. that's what it is, sorry. >> nancy's point if they're going to drink, do it in my home. >> arrest all of france. >> by the way that's not a bad idea. >> excuse me, next topic statistically for males second marriages fail at a higher rate than first marriages because men fail to learn the lessons, they don't go through therapy and journal writing and all that. >> wrong. here's why second marnlgriages harder. two things that tend to keep marriages together first time around even if they're not great, stay together for the kids, and finances. second time around, i don't think either of those issues are as big on the table, so i think the exit door is much easier. i think that's the reason they don't work. >> some theorize because a lot of men don't bother to work through issues and repeat them in the next marriage. >> why is this men and not women? >> because the statistics show
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it. that's society. >> you wouldn't want to marry a guy who basically was on the rebound and just trying to fill a void. this is the thing that they miss, they miss somebody warm next to them, miss somebody taking care of their home. get them a housekeeper and they will feel a lot better. >> nancy, i want to get to the next topic. >> i have nothing to offer on this subject. >> i love that. >> our next topic, fat shaming. childhood obesity ads in atlanta depict overweight children on billboards with phrases like, it's hard to be a little girl if you're not, and fat prevention begins at home. we're looking at some of them, they're tough ads. do you think they cross the line? >> i struggled with this, and i'll share something very personal. i actually had to, with the therapist, get scared straight when it came to obesity. i had to use the really tough words. i realized that i used words like plus size, fluffy, chubby, full-figured, when i was really
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talking about morbid obesity, and once i started to accept the way i was looking and feeling and killing myself, i started to change. >> that suggests you think people are in denial. >> we are. >> i guess an ad campaign i would never. >> i think fat is descriptive and accurate. it's not necessarily pejorative. i do however think the ads are cruel. take a child, talk about abuse. >> yes. >> i think this is taking people who may not necessarily know they're consenting to and put them up in a bull's eye. >> i'm sure they consented, they couldn't do it legally. if we solve obesity we solve the health care problem in this country, period. it's tough love and obviously if i had an overweight kid in the back seat, he looks up at dad, but to star's point we've got to get this on the table. >> another topic, a study carried out by boise state university, 60% of heterosexual
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women were sexually attracted to other women and 50% fantasized about other women. >> duh! duh! >> donny it's not what you fant sized about. >> ladies, i'll give you the floor here. i've almost never met a woman that on some level has not fantasized. i think for a woman it's in her wiring, it's not as natural for a guy to be bi-curious. have you ever -- >> donny is absolutely right. women are comfortable being intimate with other women and women can have sexual relationships with other women and still go back into a heterosexual relationship. >> and not be gay. >> once a straight man crosses that he either won't cross it or if he does he'll never talk about it. >> i've never had a desire to have an intimate relationship with a woman. i can look at a woman and say she's beautiful, like i look at nancy, i look at halle berry, halle berry is bangin', but never had a desire to be with her. >> i wouldn't look at brad pitt and say he's bangin', the fact
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you're comfortable. >> why would you say? because society doesn't like men to do that? >> i can say it's a good looking guy. >> you want to ask me what i think, that's when i tell you donny we are out of time. >> i know the public wants to know, i want to hear your opinion on this topic. >> you're part of the team. >> no, i ask the questions and you answer them. >> no i want your opinion. >> thank you so much. >> i think savannah's hot. >> but i don't want to do you. >> and you know what, star, i appreciate that, too. >> can i get in on that point? >> always donny just takes it that one extra step. donny deutsche, star jones, dr. nancy -- remember the restraining order. coming up, one-of-a-kind finds to secondhand shops the best sites for online shopping. up next, jill martin watch out, you're in the same studio. she'll be with us, "steals and
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♪ check it out, check it out this morning on "steals and deals" everything from must have fall jackets to iphone cases that will keep you fully charged, "today" and "us weekly" contributor jill martin has brought us offers exclusively for "today" viewers. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> you look like a rock star in that jacket. >> this is one of my things, can you say? holidays are coming up, we're starting our holiday shopping now. great items and men have been saying to me we want some things, too, so everyone's here today, 24 hours, only available for 24 hours, go to right now because limited supply but amazing offers today. >> let's get to the first item you have that you're wearing and you have on the mannequins here. >> i'm one of the models. the black rivet faux leather jacket, retail $139, two styles, both available in black and
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fully lined. the first style is zip front with belted modern, sizes extra small to large and the second tile is zipper jacket with a notched collar, sold at retaileretailer s like nordstrom, retail $19, the deal $29. that's 9% off. you could wear it day to night. >> you see the versatility, the mannequin with jeans, you have it on with a great dress and looks perfect with both looks. >> faux leather very in. >> now you have something for the fellows as mentioned and promised. >> and something for women to buy their men because this is a great gift for the holidays. chaps men's shirts, retail $39.50 to $49.50, well-known for classic american styles, offering four tops, the solid v-neck sweater available in 12 colors, sizes small to xxl, the short sleeve polo, 100% cotton, comes in 15 colors, small to xxl and the two long sleeved button down shirts in plaid or checked pattern, our producer mark
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victor will love this. i think he's wearing it, xxl and machine washable, retail $39.50 to $49.50, the deal $12 to $14, up to 6% off and just check the shipping, because depending on the number of shirts you buy, the shipping changes. >> this is a great gift. you can give one to every guy in your life. perfect. >> right. >> moving on to jewelry, another great holiday gift. >> the kenziko zodiac bracelets, great gift to give someone their sign, two color options, blue quartz and gold plated nuggets with clear crystal set stones, available in all 12 signs. retail $100, the deal $25. that's 75% off. you see it comes grouped as three with the sign hanging off. >> they're stretchy so boom, see how easily i fit that on my arm? >> goes right with your outfit. convenient. >> next a little bit of cream for our face? >> our beauty flies and this is a great gift. i love how it's packaged.
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this is the votre vu anti-aging trio. retail $152, the formulas are botanic botanically enhanced. for puffing and dark circles, nighttime beauty balm and wrinkle eraser, they call it fauxtox. $152 retail, $38 with the packaging, 75% off. that is a great box as a gift. >> something everyone has their new iphone or old iphone. >> everyone's into this. the energizer iphone case, the retail $100 for the ultimate gadget guy or girl for the iphone 4 and 4s. silicone rubber case with built in battery. 233 extra hours, the talk time up to five extra hours, extra music, video and internet time so if you have one, this is a great gift, the retail $100, the
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> after the coast guard, it will be a nice afternoon. we expect -- after a cool start, it will be a nice afternoon. temperatures will climb into the upper 50s. clouds will thicken up tomorrow. i still think it will be ok most of wednesday. high-temperature
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look what i found. someone forgot his money. >> you are dangerous. >> ooh, don't mess with puss n'boots. he's got his own movie with stars antonio banderas and selma
9:31 am
hay hayek. my son says daddy, i can't wait to see puss in the boots. >> i can't wait either. >> coming up as well on "diet s.o.s." joy bauer has unique ideas on how to get your kids who are picky eaters to enjoy a healthy breakfast. they say it's the most important meal of the day. you're a parent, it's tough to get kids to enjoy it. joy has great tips. also ahead in "today's consumer" from one-of-a-kind bargains to electronics and garden supplies, the best shopping websites, this could come in handy as the holidays are just about upon us. we're going to show you how to get inspired by your own garden by bringing the outside indoors. james farmer will show you how to use what you've grown to decorate your table at home and we're going to also show you some simple but delicious recipes as well. >> beautiful table.
9:32 am
>> that gets us in the holiday mood. courtney rainville from requesting the biggest loser." how much have you lost so far? >> i lost 39 on the ranch and in total lost 71 pounds. >> congratulations. >> what was the big thing you did to make those changes? >> i think diet is huge. cutting off for me i was cutting out the wheats and the grains and dairies, really taking care of the protein and the vegetables, so really nutrition is huge but also working out, making sure you get the heart rate up. >> i imagine you feel great. when you talk about your weight loss you should spin around, every time someone says how much did you lose. >> you think you have a shot at the $100,000 grand prize? >> i'm in it. i'm a huge competitor. i don't want people to underestimate me. i'm in for the marathon and the home challenge.
9:33 am
>> courtney, thank you so much. we remind everybody requesting the biggest loser: battle of the ages" airs tonight at >> good morning. it will turn out to be a nice day. we expect mostly sunny skies. >> that's your latest weather. it's been three years since his last studio album, rodney atkins back on the country charts thanks to his new cd "take a back road." good to he so you. >> great to he you al. first of all your cd, the title
9:34 am
track is number five on the country charts. in three years, what were you doing in the meantime? does it take that long to get things together and get that cd out? >> it kind of does when you're touring a whole bunch. we got to celebrate the song going number one and releasing the album and having the video out, and out touring and now we're here in the big apple celebrating. >> you're sitting oen a big bridge. did that scare you? >> you know, it kind of was. it got a little dizzy up there i have to say. >> were you tethered in? >> for a while, yes i was. it was a lot of fun. >> i don't have a country hit, a voice anywhere near you but i was on the george washington bridge here in new york, there we go on the bridge, but you notice i'm tethered, i got people with me. >> i saw it. that was wonderful. that was beautiful up there. >> you're taking part in an event to honor our troops. >> an event called the thank you movement, folks it go to the
9:35 am, leave messages for soldiers and we'll send them to men and women at home and abroad, and we're going to launch it today, times square, 11:00, going to play some songs, and they get a free meal on veterans day, november 11th, everybody remember at applebee's. >> we'll link that information on our website >> thank you so much. >> you snuck up on me. wow. >> coming up next, your diet and nutrition questions answered, including al's question, is there such thing as too high a fiber diet? we're going to get into that, right after this. ♪ won't you stand up, stand up, stand up ♪ ♪ won't you stand up, you girls and boys? ♪ [ male announcer ] our heroes. for their service and sacrifice, we will honor them always. this veterans day, all veterans
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>> this morning on "joy's diet s.o.s." filling breakfast options for your kids. "today" nutritionist joy bauer is back to answer your questions. good morning, good to see you.. >> good morning. >> we've got joanna from oklahoma joins us veia skype. >> hi, i've paid attention to labels. what are natural flavors and are they safe? >> natural flavors are flavor compounds that are chemically extracted from a natural source. it could be a plant, a seed, a vegetable, a fruit and a trained flavorist will manipulate the compounds to come up with an ideal taste that gets added to a processed food. scientists say they are completely and entirely safe to consume. then you have artificial flavors, think artificial cherry, lemon lime, mint, we're not talking about dyes or colors or artificial sweeteners, that's
9:41 am
a totally separate category. these artificial flavors are synthetically crafted in a laboratory to mimic the exact same compounds as the natural flavors. so they, too, believe it or not, are safe to consume. so the bottom line really is, if you're looking at a seltzer with natural cherry flavor or candy with cherry flavor it's the same compound and safe. the bigger issue is making sure the overall product is healthy to begin with. >> so thumbs up on it, even though when you say artificial you wince. >> it sounds creepy and scary but we're not talking about the artificial sweeteners or dyes or colors. this is just the flavoring. >> joanna thank you. laren is on the phone. good morning. what is your question? >> caller: good morning. hi, joy. when i travel i like to eat the pre-cut apple slices in a bag. my question is, what keeps them from turning brown and are they as safe and healthy a snack to
9:42 am
eat? >> great question. the packaged apple slices contain calcium ascorbate, a fancy word for vitamin c and cass yum. the two nutrients help to keep the apples fresh and crisp and prevents them from browning after they're sliced. its he aa terrific snack option, perfectly safe. the only caveat is because the apples have been sliced and the barriers are exposed to the environment, they have to be refrigerated. if you pop them in your knapsack or purse eat them within two hours. if you're up and about longer than that, my vote is to put in an uncut whole apple. >> is it better to chop up your own apple? >> it will turn brown quicker because it doesn't have the two nutrients to preserve it. as long as you eat it within two hours, otherwise you want to keep it in the fridge. >> larin thank you very much. we have an e-mail from natalie in illinois, "i typically consume double the amount of fiber recommended because i eat a lot of vegetables and high fiber wraps, cereals and bars,
9:43 am
all know i don't have any symptom ok are gas issues i'm wondering if there's any risk to eating so much fiber." i thought fiber was good for you. >> it is great for you and as long as she doesn't have any problematic stomach issues, the more the merrier. it's great for your heart. it helps to move things along, so to speak so it keeps you regular. you just want to drink a lot of water so that you push it through your body. it tends to get stuck and that's what's going to cause the distension and gasiness and if you're taking supplements, vitamins, minerals or certain medications you don't want to pop the pills together with a super high fiber meal because the fbier can interfe er caer e interfere with absorngs. >> michelle from kentucky writes "my 4-year-old son is not much of a breakfast eater. i want him to have something healthy and filling in the morning. any ideas on non-traditional breakfast foods that my picky eater might like to start the day?" so many parents can relate. >> i love this question.
9:44 am
there are a lot of things. breakfast spaghetti >> what? >> make whole pete penne or macaroni, toss it with march in a rah. make a morning milkshake, it's yogurt, fresh ice kupz and skim milk, press the buttons and have fun, do an english muffin piece a i make banana sugar free ice cream, i'll throw that recipe on twitter or facebook after this, and also you can do chips and humus or salsa, great whole grain tortillas on the markets, and if you dip it with hummus you get protein and fiber. >> that kid will be running out the door happy. >> i hope so. >> joy thank you very much. you're going to put that recipe on twitter. a lot of people will be looking for it. up next, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside to create a beautiful fall table, right after this. (male ancr) jennie-o is hitting the road, traveling all across the country
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fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. now is the perfect time to get inspired by the outdoors, use your garden to create a seasonal and elegant scape. here to show us is james farmer, author of "a time to plant" and contributing editor for "southern living" magazine. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> nice fall vest. >> thank you. >> this is not just about making your garden look nice, this is weaving your garden and outdoor life throughout your indoor life. >> gardens and table is not just food, it's decorating with the garden, making a centerpiece, where you have things like fruit and foliage and the flowers to make a wonderful fall display. >> you can take stuff outside and bring it inside to bring the jute doors in. >> things like dried hydrangea and rosehips and magnolia leaves. you have the green and the fuzzy brown back and fall foliage as well to use. >> you talk about the three fs. >> that's right. >> fruit, flowers and foliage. >> those are the three you need.
9:50 am
if you can think of that formula that's your rhythm for any centerpiece. fall has wonderful fruit, flower and foalage. >> can you use the leaves fallen in your backyard? >> gather some leaves and for a pop of color use some things like leaves to go underneath your charger so as you're sitting there you see the wonderful foul surrounding your plate. >> one of the things a couple weeks ago we went apple picking and probably about 80 pounds of apples we're never going to get through. >> one thing you can do is use apples to make a motive holder. you core the apple and we've used a taper and the taper you use in the apple. when you're through with them you can use them to make apple sauce or apple juice. >> place settings, you've got some interesting ceramic type plates. >> i wanted the plate to resemble the garden so what we've done is i've used a basket weave motif in the plates. you gather your vegetables and flowers from the garden in a
9:51 am
basket and here it is represented again on the table. >> tell me about this. >> these are mixed nuts and one thing i love about rosemary, it is for remembrance. if you can take rosemary as you're grabbing some nuts to crack you smell and have a memorable time. >> that is fantastic. you've got a sweet potato souffle. >> that's right. >> you're using as a container -- >> that's a halved orange. you eat with your eyes first. the combination of sweet potato and candied pecan and infiltrated with the orange zest. >> the orange actually flavors the sweet potato. >> gives it a little touch of the orange which is so perfect, visually as well as to our pala palate. >> what about a time to drink? >> okay. >> because our director got all excited first, this is not necessarily on alcoholic drink. >> it can be with just a splash it can become anything you want. >> what is this? >> an apple ginger sparkler.
9:52 am
i've use some of the freshest apple tarts that you can find, some apple cider, cinnamon and candied ginger. take a sip. a little sparkling wine or if you want a splash of something else, you can make it an adult beverage. >> very nice, james farmer thank you. the book is "a time to plant." still to come, he's been nominated for a grammy 13 times, but he is going to meet his match when he's with kathie lee and hoda, 50 cent is here. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
coming up with hoda and kathie lee, rapper 50 cent stops by. >> he's a pretty good author and smart businessman. >> and it's fitty cent, not fifthy. fifty. >> i only know because al just told us.
9:55 am
plus fall fashion to hide your trouble spots. >> do you know how sad it is for you that i know more about that than you do? >> i know. >> and why are some men good at making money but not good at saving? first your local news and qul.
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