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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  October 26, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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day one. tell us what happened. >> the jury deliberated for about four hours before finding walter bishop jr. guilty of first-degree murder, guilty of conspiracy to commit first- degree murder, and guilty of a handgun violation. both the prosecution and defense asked the jury to tears they consider his taped confession. >> the prosecution and defense focused closing arguments on walter bishop jr.'s videotaped confession. while talking to detectives, he admitted to being at the gas station and shooting the owner several times in the head. the assisted this attorney argued that faltered maybe decision -- that walter bishop made the decision that a man's life was only worth $9,000. he only received $500. video showed him going to a
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store to buy a pair of gloves before committing the crime. >> [unintelligible] how many times did you squeeze the trigger? >> 3. >> the defense claimed that the ship was not aware that he is being videotapes. police did not tell him that his statement could possibly lead to the death penalty. the victim's wife. bishop under relentless pressure, calling it a tragic case and a dysfunctional situation and carla porter felt the need to kill her husband. her own daughter testified that her father was abusive to her mother. the defense attorney told jurors that we recognize and own up to the responsibility that walter bishop killed mr. porter. bishop feared that carla porter was in imminent harm.
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the prosecution argued that even if porter had abused carla porter, no one had the right to walk in and execute him. bish admitted his guilt in the crime, but felt he was protecting carla porter. >> he was not a very good man. he would beat on her. >> the sentencing phase begins tomorrow. the same jury could sentence him to death, like in prison, or life in prison without parole. >> one week, two rapes, tonight, the search is on for the person who raped a 14-year-old girl in west baltimore. >> the victim in the second case, a 13-year-old girl. we do not know if the cases are connected, but police are releasing a description of the
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man in the most recent case. >> please do not think these two attacks are connected, but in this latest one, police are trying to figure out who would assault a 13-year-old girl -- 14-year-old girl in a van. police said the girl was walking around and asking for directions because she wears loss. a man pulled up and offered to give her -- because she was lost. a man pulled up and offered to give her a ride. >> she entered the van and realize there were multiple people in there. they implied they had a handgun and sexually assaulted the victim. we are hopefully going to bring these individuals to justice. >> police are asking you to be on the lookout for a conversion ban similar to this picture. the one that was used in the assault was described as brown and tan with a white swirl on
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the side and there were curtains covering the site and back of the van. if you have any information on this most recent assault or the one last week, call metra crimestoppers. -- metro crimestoppers at 1- -lockup. >> here is a picture of meaghan similar to the make and model of the one a man was driving when he tried to lure a young boy into his car. the boy was apparently approached by the man as he was walking to the bus stop on the corner of sinkler drive and benefit court around 6:30 a.m. monday morning. anyone with information is to urge to call the harford county crime solvers at 1-888-540-8477.
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>> the trial is under way against the woman accused of murdering her co-worker at a bethesda cuyahoga shop. the judge limited the use of -- yoga shop. the judge limited the use of graphic photos in the case. norwood is accused of killing jane murray after she confronted her for stealing from the store. the accused created a story that they were attacked by armed men. >> a suspicious pattern found -- powder found at this location. >> we are at the 6800 block of hillandale in baltimore county. some type of suspicious package that had white powder. they are not exactly sure what the powder is, but they are treating this as a hazardous
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materials incident. once we get more information, we will update you. i'm captain roy taylor. >> thank you. in other news, and it looks like baltimore city officials are set to upset the protesters. >> only two people will be allowed to stay overnight and to those in the tent city will have to leave. but will they? lowell melzer joins us live from the square with more. >> that is the big question, whether these protesters will follow city law. i have conflicting reports about where this mandate came from. i talked to protestors and they said the city told them after midnight only two people would be allowed here. i just talked to city officials and they said no such mandate was ever made. the bottom line is that public areas like this one here simply do not allow camping. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is hoping this can be solved
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without violence or arrests. >> how can respect the rights of other people if you do not respect the rights of your own? >> occupied baltimore played video games on a big screen television while homeless advocates formed food lines along pratt street. protestors claimed a city permit said only two people will be allowed to stay in the park after midnight on wednesday and it is a mixed bag as to whether everyone will leave. >> i can only speak for myself. i am not going anywhere. >> the people here are law abiding citizens and if the mayor believes there should be a curfew, letter issued a curfew. >> i support the right to free speech, but we also have rules. >> mayor stephany rawlings-blake says her office is hoping for a peaceful resolution to the
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problem, hoping to avoid scenes of violence and arrests like those that come out of oakland and atlanta. however, arrests could happen if there is no other choice, they said. >> if any action is taken, it will happen at our discretion, even though they did not file any permits or follow protocol. we will continue to be willing to work with them, but in order to have cooperation it has to be a two-way street. >> the protestors we spoke with do not want it to come down to violence and arrests either. >> the police have not been aggressive so far. they have been very nice and accommodating. it would be a very different change of policy if they came in here with that level of brutality. >> the protesters here tell me they will have a general assembly meeting at 8:00 p.m. where they will get together and
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discuss this issue. they are hoping someone from the city will be here to clarify all of this. it is unknown at this time whether a city individual will show up. we will have another update for you at 6:00 p.m. >> protestors in oakland are vowing to return to their site at 6:00 p.m. this evening the streets were cleared with teargas. but a twitter feed from the occupied oakland movement continued to tell them as traitors to continue with the protests in about an hour. when protesters marched to city hall, there were met with teargas. nearly 50 protesters had been camped out in a park as part of the occupied movement in atlanta appeared overnight, police moved into the park and removed the protesters. the crowd had been in the park for the past several weeks.
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police ordered them to leave, claiming they were creating a dangerous situation. you can see pictures from the demonstrations here in baltimore and across the country and share your own. go to and click on ulocal. >> a glen burnie and his aunt -- behind bars after police say he attacked and robbed a 70-year- old woman. he told her he had a weapon, threw her to the ground and took her purse. it happened around 3:00 p.m. wednesday afternoon at the box and save in glen burnie. that is at the 7900 block of baltimore boulevard. the good news, police were able to find her purse and everything inside it. the suspect is facing a long list of charges. >> cloudy skies and a few scattered showers. across the region today. mostly light precipitation, but it helped to keep the temperatures in check just a bit.
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temperatures up around or into the low 70's. much colder in baltimore with temperatures mostly in the 50's and 60's. more shary whether overnight. -- more showery weather overnight. temperatures to cool off quite a bit tomorrow. once this patch of reagan's tenure, it might drive in some cold air that could result in some wet snow friday night and into saturday. more details coming our way. >> president obama today ordered changes in the federal student loan programs that could benefit more than 1.5 million americans. >> it is another move to make popular changes without congressional approval. steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> through today's wintry weather in denver, president obama went to the university of
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colorado for a campaign-style speech. >> even when it is snowing outside, and fired up. >> again, he urged his backers to contact their representatives in washington. >> tweak them. they are tweaking all over the place. tweak them back. >> one issue is college costs. a full credit load is over $8,000. that is part of the occupied wall street protests. student loans are weighing down graduates in a tough economy. >> i need to be able to make enough money to pay the loans back. >> i feel like i will be paying my loans back until i die. >> starting in january, maximum loan payments dropped to 10% from 15% of discretionary income. remaining debt is forgiven after
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20 years, down from 25 and loans can be consolidated. >> it will help more people figure out how to afford college. it could put more money in your pocket once you graduate. and it will remind college students who voted heavily for barack obama in 2008 that he is running again. >> it will mean more debt for students and more red ink for the government's, some say. it is time to break out the old hand sanitizer. >> a new report shows germs' looking in places where you may not yet be on high alert. >> but first, big macs under attack in prince george's county. a car crash right in the middle of mcdonald's. right in the middle of breakfast. >> and the countdown is on to
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the closing of baltimore schools. how many and wh
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>> a car introduced itself to a mcdonald's in greenbelt. it happened around 8:30 a.m. in the 6200 block of greenbelt road.
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no one inside was injured in the crash and a woman driving the car was taken to a nearby hospital, but we are told her injuries are minor and she should be fine. she is undergoing a medical evaluation. no word on what caused the crash. >> in tonight's medical alert, as we enter cold and flu season, a new report reminds us germs can lurk in some very commonplaces. 60% of mailboxes were contaminated with germs. these firms were also found on 41% of atm buttons, escalator rails and a vending machines. as always, the best way to avoid illness this winter, wash her hands and use plenty of antibacterial lotion. some drugs used to treat certain
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illnesses -- to treat asthma could be harmful to your child. if children use the inhalers in combination with an asthma control drug, their risks when down. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a lot of cloudiness, just a little bashar activity -- shower activity, not much in the way of downpour reports. sprinkles are cutting their way across the eastern shore. it looks like a break in the action in the baltimore area for now. the potential is there for more wet weather overnight tonight. temperatures across the region in response to clouds and showers have been held down a little bit, especially around baltimore and in the mountains.
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54/73 degrees, relatively mild for october in allegheny county. 73 right now in st. mary's county at the naval air station. cloudy skies and dry weather for the next couple of hours. another batch of rain is coming in and then by tomorrow morning, more showers likely in the area. maybe a wet thursday morning rush-hour. a light, southwesterly breeze. it probably will not cool down much tonight. the blanket of cloudiness will keep the lows steady at 5055. -- at 50-55. we are on the mild side of the weather pattern. what's this fraud comes through tomorrow evening going into the -- once this front comes through tomorrow evening going into friday morning, cold air will come in. we will catch a taste of the
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chilly air out west beginning friday into saturday. tomorrow, about normal, 60-65. but the winds shift to the northwest during the afternoon and that means the cool air is not far away. look how late the sun is coming up now. 10 to 15 knots on the bay. stern maryland, a couple of scattered showers and may be a few more tamara as this front is fighting through. -- tomorrow as this front is sliding through. only in the 40's in western maryland on friday. the potential for snow coming up on the weekend. scattered showers and 63 on the eastern shore tomorrow. then it starts to clear out in the afternoon. friday on the coast, scattered showers and a mild 73. 15-degree temperature dropped as the fraud goes by on friday. only around 58 degrees.
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hurricane irina is sitting down here in the yucatan. it is a threat to mexico. it has not shown the strengthening that the hurricane center thought it would today, but it is still a threat to cancun. it could make its way to the keys or west of cuba. here we are watching a broad slide in with some showers -- a front slide in with some showers tomorrow. partly cloudy during the day with a high of only 54. temperatures will stay in the 40's on saturday with a chilly rain. maybe even some wet snow in the morning toward western maryland or southern pennsylvania. beautiful football weather on sunday. the ravens are in town, said these guys, and a high of 55. >> it carnegie-mellon prof. is
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giving final advice to students upon being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> and at the trial of michael jackson's former doctor, passionate testimony today brings tears to the courtroom, and even decades. -- even a kiss. >> former governor bob ehrlich is called to testify in the trial of senator ulysses currie.
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>> patients who saw dr. conrad murray before he became michael jackson's position took the stand today. >> they testified to his character. here's a look at the testimony. >> it is day 18 in the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray and today, the defense tried to appeal to the jury's sympathy by calling to the stand former patients who vigorously defended their doctor's character. >> that dr. right there is the best doctor i've ever seen. >> i have never had a more
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caring doctor, never. >> if this man had been agreed the -- had been greedy, he never would have come to an area, or a community of homes where 75% of them are poor, on welfare and social security, where he was making less than where he was in vegas. >> do you have an opinion about whether dr. murray has the type of character to abandon patients? >> bever, he would never do that. >> their passionate loyalty caused dr. murray to cry several times and one of the patients even kissed dr. murray as he left the stand. nurse practitioners cheryl linley said jackson rejected her a chance to prescribed herbal remedies for his insomnia and
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asked instead for a brand name of propofol. trex he said heat -- >> he said he was safe and just needed to be monitored. >> the defense claims that michael jackson gave himself the fatal dose of propofol. >> next up are two medical experts, a renowned expert on propofol, and benedictioan addin specialist. the jury -- the case could wrap up as soon as tomorrow. >> students living on a cruise ship, coming up. >> and in the process, vacating two dormitories. we'll tell you about it just ahead. >> this telescope is much more powerful than the hubble telescope and you can't learn all about it at the site -- you can learn all about it at the
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science center. >> if you are convicted of drunk driving in the state of driving in the state of maryland, you may have to ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> live, local, late breaking, you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> baltimore city has some of the oldest school buildings in the state. before long, more of them will be shut down. the question tonight is when. the school ceo said again today that some schools will be forced
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to close, but not right away. >> he said he needs time to talk to politicians and community groups. >> here are the lists -- is the list of numbers. baltimore has lost one and 40,000 students in the past number of years. it is no surprise there will be some schools closing. >> this elementary school in southeast baltimore is starting to show its age. the school was built in 1955, but is in line for a major facelift. that will not be the case for other old an unused buildings. >> it is about giving kids the programs they deserve. i want every kid to have our teachers, science lessons, after-school sports and programs. >> so far, there's no public list of schools that could shut down, but as the ceo makes his case, buthere is a cause for
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concern among city officials about the timing. >> there is no rush here. we need full involvement. we need to understand the rationale and go very slowly and carefully. i am assured by him that we will. >> it needs to be done in a way that is incredibly respectful of people and their needs and it needs to be done right, which is why i said this is not happening now. this is happening after a lot of thinking and conversation. >> some groups like the aclu are urging people to take their case to places like city hall. >> we have to build political will. we ought to lead our elected officials know that parents and teachers and students will not put up with this anymore. >> but now, something that is hard to overlook is how the system will renovate the buildings not targeted to close. >> the school is studying building needs. a preliminary report is due in
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november. a short list of schools could be made public by the first of the year. >> hundreds of students at st. mary's college in maryland have been forced out of their dorms and offshore. jane has uncovered that is all because of a serious mold problem that could date back to a hurricane irene. >> it is a dorm cleaning like no other. two residence halls on the st. mary's campus are now virtual ghost towns. students were forced to move out on friday after a series mold issue was discovered. >> one of the students had to go to the hospital because of the mold. >> these residence halls were built in the 1970's and are the only dorms with built-in air conditioning. mold was discovered about the drop ceilings. now the investigation begins. >> we have pipe insulation above
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the ceilings. we know that has mold on it and the piping insulation failed. why? we do not know yet. that is part of the evaluation. >> experts say there is no question that hurricane irene and all that followed was a heavy factor. about 200 students are now living in area hotels. >> in addition, the college is also providing a free shuttle bus to and from campus. >> a lot of people feel it is inconvenient because the shuttle ride is about an hour back and forth. but is a hotel. it is a luxury. >> something does go president says he is happy to hear, but -- >> we want to make sure they maintain their studies, maintain their focus. we do not want that to worry about housing and food and so they can concentrate on their studies. >> the college has hit upon an innovative solution. all students living in hotels will be moved to this cruise
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ship, the sea voyager. the so-called floating dorma will be docked at the pier, putting students back on campus while the old mold removal continues. >> many of you remember randy pausch, a professor at carnegie- mellon university, who became an internet sensation after giving his last lecture when being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. he grew up in columbia, md., and today, his daughter and wife were back in the area to move some of his original works of art to be put on display. every wall was that it -- decorated with pictures and sayings, drawn by pausch. but you can read the book -- >> you can read the book and see what he put his hands on. crux the cutouts from his
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childhood bedroom will go on display -- >> the cutouts from his childhood bedroom will go on display at carnegie-mellon university. >> take a good look at this van. it is wanted in connection with a break in west baltimore. -- a rate in west baltimore. investigators tell us the occupants pulled up to a 14- year-old girl and raped her. if you know anything, you are asked to call metra crimestoppers. the jury has found walter bishop jr. guilty of all counts. bishop admitted to being at the station and shooting william porter. while delivering this afternoon, the jury asked to view the confession one more time. protesters in occupied baltimore have been told to get out or the city may have to bring out the hand kappes.
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they have -- the handicaps. many of them said they are not going anywhere. city officials hope it can end peacefully, but they say they may have to start making arrests if they do not follow the rules. protesters in oakland, calif. were met with tear gas overnight and police have started making arrests in atlanta. >> you can see terrified shoppers in the small in turkey running for cover when the ground begins to violently shake below them. the 7.2 magnitude quake hit on sunday. the death toll has risen to 461 with more than 1300 others hurts. crews are still digging through mountains of rubble, searching for survivors. and there is ain't -- an amazing story of survival, this teenager was stuck for 16 hours under the rubble and was pulled out.
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they need tents and prefabricated housing for those rescued once the search and rescue is complete. >> they fed her once a week. she bathed once a week. >> the mother of one of the people allegedly held captive in a dungeon-like basement in philadelphia is shedding light on what may have happened. >> and while city officials here in baltimore -- will city officials here in baltimore make the occupied baltimore protesters leave after dark?
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>> we are hearing more detail about mentally handicapped adults kept chained in a basement. >> one woman says her teenager
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ran away from her in her west palm beach home last year. she suspected that her daughter was one -- at one of the suspects florida homes because they were friends with her daughter. when she referred -- returned to months later, there were obvious signs of abuse. >> they fed her once a week. she bathed once a week. she was 98 pounds when she came back. she had cigarette burns everywhere. i was trying to get information out of her. she was scared. >> investigations are ongoing. so far, four people are facing charges for locking people in a 6 foot by 6 ft. room with only a bucket for a toilet. >> and activists are claiming that steve world is violating the 13th amendment of the caught -- sea world is violating the 13th amendment of the constitution because of how eight treat the animals.
5:42 pm
see world calls the suit baseless. >> a new car is giving rentals a run for their money. you could find out how you can make $600 a month for letting someone else your car. >> there could be snow in the forecast, and this is more than doejust a dusting. >> rain showers moving to the mid-atlantic. details of the weather coming out. 58 at the airport, 63 downtown
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>> studies show that 55% of people with suspended licenses for drinking and driving still drive. the ignition interlock program is designed to keep them off the road. >> this year, it is being expanded after being started in .989 >> it is called ignition interlock and you have to blow
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into it like this and if you have been drinking, you will not be able to start your car. it is a way to let people still drives and control from driving at the same time -- drugged driving at the same time. it is a way to curb drunk driving. >> individuals who were convicted of drunk driving who agreed to have this device installed in their vehicle will still be able to drive for employment purposes. it is to get drunk drivers off the road. >> there was a press conference to announce the expansion of the program. >> this new law will hold people accountable for their actions. it will reduce the opportunities for drunk drivers to offend again. it will increase safety on a maryland roads. >> bobbi johnson was required to use the interlock system in her
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car and thinks it made a difference in her life. >> the first time, i was an active alcoholic, so i was trying to beat the system. the second time, it was a help for me to stay sober. >> and what is the cost? >> it averages that about $1,000 per year. not that much when you're talking about saving lives. break it down in today's, i mean, you are talking about -- in two days, i mean, you're talking about less than half a pack of cigarettes. >> rob roblin, wbal tv 11 news. >> the first big winter storm of the season is moving through colorado. record-high temperatures earlier this week. they have given way to falling snow. more than 6 inches fell in parts of central colorado. but it is not sticking around long. it was 80 degrees there just a few days ago, so the round is
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not frozen and the snow is quickly melting. but it is colorado. >> they average about 6 inches of snow in october, so this is normal for them. they actually average two inches of snow in september, so the snow is a bit late. >> wow. >> hunh. >> the system is moving our direction and we will feel any impact from it. maybe not the wintry precipitation. you can see that snow is winding down in the denver area to colorado springs. this has been causing a bit of problems for baseball because they are supposed to be playing the world series in st. louis. the rainshowers have postponed game 6 of the world series in st. louis. they will still try to get that
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under way tomorrow. light shower activity here. some of the ohio valley rain will work our direction overnight. 63 degrees for the official high in at b.w.i. marshall. it was a typical day as far as temperatures in the afternoon, although the morning was quite mild with the lows in the 50's and we're supposed to be dropping back into the 40's. 70's on the lower eastern shore. expect mild temperatures tonight with a light breeze and cloud cover. cool, hit and miss showers and overnight lows in the 50's. this front the trails from the ohio valley does get in here tomorrow night into friday and it will be a lot colder. there could be some laden freeze conditions friday morning.
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west winds, 10 to 15 during the afternoon tomorrow. it will produce a 10 to 15 not top on the waters. -- attend a 15 foot drop on the waters. the hurricane irina was supposed to strengthen today. it is a threat to cancun and florida. it is expected to drift in that direction tonight and tomorrow and maybe impact the yucatan peninsula area with 80 mile per hour winds sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening. then it will weaken to a tropical storm category and had to cuba. flooding rains are possible in cuba and heavy surf in south florida.
5:51 pm
then it goes back toward the caribbean and becomes a tropical depression early next week. the hurricane season does not end until early november. 63 and showers tomorrow. a freezing, frosty early morning friday. cloudy and 54 in the afternoon. 48 with a chilly rain saturday. that may mix with snow west of here. especially in western maryland and southern pennsylvania. and it clears out just in time for football on sunday with a high of 55. consumer alert, about 80% of undergraduate students attend public colleges or universities and the fees at the schools rose more than 8% this year alone. a report shows students pay 8.3% more at four-year universities this year and 8.7. -- 8.7% more at two-year
5:52 pm
schools. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is celebrating the installation of electric vehicle chargers in baltimore city car garages. they announce the installation of charging stations. the city has now installed chargers in nine city-owned garages with 18 parking spaces dedicated to the chargers. say you own a car and do not use it very much, why not rented out sometimes and use a company to broker the whole deal? it is called car sharing. while not exactly a new concept, a new player is hoping to expand choices in this growing market. >> in san francisco, the new face of cars sharing is taking shape. pure to appear -- the business
5:53 pm
model could spell trouble for zipcar down the road. they set their own schedule and price, starting as low as $5 an hour. the key car let's renters access it only after they have made reservations online. conners get 65% of what the car rents for. -- the owners get 65% of what the car rents for. customers like it because they do not have to deal with the hassle of owning a car. businesses like it because they do not have to deal with a fleet of vehicles. why are they not afraid of copycats? >> it took a year-and-a-half to get an insurance policy. >> relay rights does face competition. there are plenty of cars sharing companies out there and even hertz is offering something similar to the zipcar.
5:54 pm
even though peer to peer cars sharing has seen some recent success, not everyone in -- on wall street is convinced it's a real threat to thatcar. >> we are seeing it -- a real threat to zip car. we are seeing its -- >> we are seeing its and many places. >> who covers the insurance? we have a link on our website if you want to learn more. you can just go to and click on "consumer alert." >> after a rough weekend, the ravens are back at it. and the president announces an executive action tonight to help students pay off their loans by consolidating or lowering -- by
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>> it is bigger and more powerful than the hubble telescope and it will give scientists pictures of the universe we have never seen before. >> a new exhibit at the maryland science center was unveiled today. >> a life-size replica of the james west space telescope sits outside the maryland science center. it has been there for the past couple of weeks to promote a new exhibit inside on the telescope. >> it is much stronger and bigger than the hubble telescope, which has just opened
5:58 pm
our eyes to what the universe is all about. this will be able to reach out so that, ultimately, we will get an understanding of how the universe was formed. >> it was officially unveiled wednesday. it features a scale model telescope, an hd demonstration, and graphic panels. >> this will help us to peer out into the universe and help us find galaxies, planets, other stars. >> it was sent back images of 2 1 million miles away using infrared technology. -- up to 1 million miles away using infrared technology. >> this is our time to study time. this is our place, here and now, to take as to the next place in science and astronomy. >> there is $5 million in the
5:59 pm
federal budget to fully fund the telescope project, senator barbara mikulski said. that is good news for maryland. >> it will be operated by the space telescope science institute, which is headquartered at johns hopkins. >> the replica will be leading the like -- the science center, but the sites exhibit is here to stay. the real james west telescope will be launching in 2013. >> here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> former governor bob ehrlich is called as a defense witness in the political corruption trial of senator ulysses currie. you do not want to miss what he had to say. >> the jury makes a decision in the walter bishop jr. murder for hire trial. >> and the search continues for the van involved


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