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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news tonight carry it >> -- tonight. >> a baltimore teenager was sexually assaulted, becoming the second victim in a week. that is our big story tonight. police say the latest victim, a 14-year-old girl was just looking for directions. she was attacked on sunday in west baltimore. we are live at police headquarters. >> the victim was sexually assaulted in the back of a van in a residential neighborhood in west baltimore. the search continues for the girls attackers. the 14-year-old girl was walking around 4:30 sunday afternoon trying to get directions. that is when a conversion van
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pulled up to the curb. police say the driver offered to give the girl a ride to destination. >> should realize there were multiple people in the van. they drove a short distance away and sexually assaulted the victim. >> i was in this window right here. >> he says he heard a commotion and a door slam. all this allegedly happening less than a stone's throw away from the school. >> i remember it clearly. three boys, one boy walked the girl to this corner. the other two were laughing. but aside from the driver, police have not released how many people were inside. according to police, the victim
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did not know her attackers. >> we are asking people to be aware. we are not blaming the victim, but you do have to be cautious in engaging in conversation. >> police only had a vague description of the driver of the van. they're working to develop a composite sketch. if you have any information, you were asked to call metro crimestoppers. >> a man is behind bars after police say he attacked and robbed a 70-year-old woman. it took police 15 minutes to pick him up after the woman says he told her he had a weapon and took her purse. it happened around 3:00 on wednesday afternoon. police were able to find the woman's purse. he is now facing a long list of
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charges. it took jurors only a few hours to find a man who confessed to murder guilty on all counts. walter bishop was convicted in the plot to kill a gas station owner. >> he just turned his head. >> the prosecution and defense focused closing arguments on walter bishops a videotaped confession. while talking to detectives, he admitted to being at the gas station and shooting the owner several times in the head. walter bishop made the decision that a man's life was worth the promise of $9,000. prosecutors told jurors bishop intended to kill and had time to weigh his options.
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they showed pictures of them buying a pair of gloves before committing the crime. >> i closed my eyes. i squeezed the trigger. >> how many times did you squeeze the trigger? >> the defense has claimed that he was not aware he was being videotaped. the defense also claims the victim's wife put bishop under relentless pressure. her own daughter had testified that william porter was abusive to our mother. defense attorney told jurors, we recognize and we all not to the responsibility that walter bishop killed mr. porter. bishop feared that carl porter was an imminent harm. -- carla porter was in imminent
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harm. the defense as the jury to look at the convention again and see where bishop tried to get out of the crime. >> [unintelligible] he was not a very good demand. >> -- a good man. >> he got caught up in something that he should not have been caught up in. >> tomorrow, the same jury could sentence bishop to death, life in prison, or like in prison without parole. >>, former governor bob ehrlich took the stand today in defense of state senator ulysses currie.
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he is accused of taking bribes from shoppers were house. = = warehouse. anthony brown also testified in his defense. protesters would be occupied baltimore movement are still camped out. demonstrators said they are fed up with the status quo for many different reasons. we caught a very heated exchange between the occupiers and a man who was frustrated with their presence. >> you guys have been here for a month. >> if you do not yell at us. >> you guys are communists. >> we are not communists. we believe we should have a job.
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>> this situation ended with a man walking away. we are now just waiting to see if the city will enforce a permit that only allows two people in the park after dark. quite a different scene in oakland, california. despite the class, demonstrators about to reclaim their side. 97 people were arrested and several demonstrators were hurt. among the injured, a 24-year-old marine veteran who served two tours in iraq. he suffered a fractured skull and is said to be in critical condition. more tonightg about president obama's plan to ease the burden of college loan debts. a maximum 10% of barrault's of british borrowers discretionary
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income would go to payments, not -- a maximum 10% sign of a borrower's of discretionary income would go to payments, not 15%. >> it will save you money. it will help more young people how to figure out how to afford college. it can put more money in your pocket once you graduate. >> the plan is set to take effect in january. this is the latest executive order since the president launched his we can wait for republican slogan. what is next for baltimore city's recreation centers? we were at that advisory board meeting. >> the restructuring plan would shift funding and operation of the city's recreation centers and it could mean at some recreation centers being taken over by private parties. dozens of community members of fear the changes will have a
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negative impact. >> if you close the rec, you are killing my child. leave it open. do not do that. >> tensions ran extremely high. parent and various members of the committee demanded answers about the future of the city's recreation centers. >> they need these recreation centers. >> a restructuring plan commissioned by the mayor includes plans to build some new community centers, expand and enhance others, and closed a number of facilities deemed obsolete. he says the mayor has gone back on her promise to keep 55 recreation centers open. >> she is talking about only auctioning off 16. you are talking about at least
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five closing. >> the mayor spokesperson sent this statement to us. the work was invaluable, but now was not the time to retreat from tough choices that will improve opportunities for kids over the long run and pretend that the status quo is getting the job done. that is why the proposed plan invest in building four new committees centers, expand 10 existing centers, and adds new staff and hours to 16 centers. >> the public comment portion of the advisory board meeting ended with of such committee members of walking out prematurely. -- the community members walking out prematurely. >> the best that i can do is to say that we heard the message. we want to carry that message to the mayor. it is when occur purview to
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handle it from there. >> -- it is within her purview to handle the from there. >> the centers that do not receive bids are in danger of closing. the deadline for bids is december 31. >> a black firefighters group is claiming discrimination. they want the justice department to investigate. they accuse the department of discrimination in hiring, discipline, and recruitment. they have vast u.s. senator then pardoned for help. -- ask ben cardin for help. >> the product that is now being pulled off shelves. catch the bus? see how a state program to keep drunk drivers off the road is expanding. >> telling the enemy what you are going to do. that is not how you fight a war.
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stocks on then's troops leaving iraq. >> some more rain is on the way. your forecast is straight ahead. in baltimore, it is 55 degrees at the airport.
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>> days after president joe candidate rick perry announced his new plan, his gop rival mitt romney's signaled a move in the same direction. mitt romney praised his own plan. >> i like i'd tax plan better
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and i think -- i like my tax plan better. i think any proposal has to simplify the tax code. >> he says his plan focuses on benefiting medellin, americans. -- middle income americans. herman cain continues to criticize president obama's decisions to withdraw troops from iraq. he accused the commander-in- chief of not listening to his commanders on the ground. he also claimed the administration is too timid in dealing with iran. >> it is going to leave a huge power vacuum for iran to go and and disrupt everything and then do everything that we have been trying to help them do for the last several years.
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the secretary of state, bless her heart, wave surfing burk add iran and says, do not -- waves her finger over at iran. as if they are going to listen to us. >> he said to get the government's attention, you have to use economic pressure and military might. when herman cain is matched with president obama, he is behind 8 percentage points. >> i think people make a big mistake underestimating herman cain. i also think they make a big mistake of underestimating the will of the people were willing to put up somebody who they think would give barack obama a run for his money. i think they think he was.
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i can guarantee you, if i put the two of them in a debate, president obama wins every time. >> we posted a link to the full interview on our website. you can also follow the candidates and who is gaining ground, just go to our website,." -- >> the food market is recalling pine nuts. maryland is among the states at risk. the recall only applies to turkish pine nuts sold between july 1 and october 18. the cdc has initiated an outbreak investigation. an initiative to keep convicted drunk drivers off the road is expanding. the program began in 1989.
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you will still find more people without a device in their cars. peoplell soon find more with bad device in their cars. >> if you have been drinking, you will not be able to start your car. it is a way to let people still drives and control drunk driving at the same time. it is all part of an expanded stayed drunk driving program that will require more dui- convicted drivers to install the devices in their automobiles. >> they will continue to be allowed to drive for employment purposes. to date drunk drivers off the road. >> official told a press conference to announce the expansion of the program. >> this new law will help people -- colt -- will help hold people accountable for their actions.
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it will help us increase safety on maryland roads. >> he was required to use the system in her car. she thinks it made a difference in her life. >> the first time, i was an active alcoholic. the second time it was a help for me to stay sober. >> what is the cost? >> the average is about $1,000 a year. >> not that much when you are talking about saving lives. >> you are talking about less than half a pack of cigarettes. >> there are over 9000 drivers participating in this program. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> showers have been tracking for the area off and on throughout the day.
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the clouds actually thinned out of bed, but showers are showing up on radar -- out a bit, but showers are showing up on their radar. the eastern shore have been the driest in the state so far. there is more to come out over the ohio valley. so far, the rainfall totals and baltimore oriole little light. 0.06 at the airport. the high temperature today was at 63 degrees. the inner harbor hit 67 degrees. the record high for the day was 81. the record low was 27. we're holding in the 50's and 60's right now. that keeps the camp -- that keeps the temperatures from dropping. temperatures are in the 50's tonight. we stay that way all the way
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until morning. 50's in the morning. we are on the warm side of this weather system right now. the south side of an area of low pressure. this will continue through the night and tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, the slide will -- the front will slide through. some of that cold will come sliding and the mid-atlantic for friday and saturday. not quite that cold, but below normal temperatures expected. we're back into partly cloudy skies on friday and the temperatures will be much cooler. saturday, we will have to keep an eye to the south. some of the colder areas to our north and west, it could produce some wet snow. the coastal storms have got to
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be watched. tomorrow, shabazz, a 60 to 65 -- tomorrow, showers, 60 to 65. in western maryland, it is going to get little chilly there. tomorrow night, going into friday morning, some of that rain could change to a little wet snow. it depends on the position of that coastal storm. for the eastern shore, some showers tomorrow, draw on friday. 70's tomorrow. turning 15 degrees cooler on friday. hurricane- rena still looks like a threat to the yucatan peninsula. the winds are at 85 miles per hour. it looks like it is going to get close to their tomorrow afternoon as a category one hurricane. from there, it gets into the gulf and heads towards western cuba.
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it could be a problem for the cancun area tomorrow afternoon. rain living for the area on saturday. highs will only be in the 40's. beautiful football weather on sunday. >> next in sports. >> it is power ball. a good wednesday night, america. 173.9 million dollars.
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39, 21, 1, 18, 55. time now for your power ball. that number is 6. once again, here are your winning numbers.
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>> it will not take long to get a clearer idea of how well the ravens can bounce back from their loss in jacksonville. they will find themselves facing arizona. this game has must-win all over it. after arizona comes a road trip to pittsburgh. how a team handled adversity in october has a lot to co -- has a lot to say about how far they will go in january. >> you start practicing and you are having fun. you are just playing football.
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you are not thinking about it. to be honest, it is tough not to think about it a little bit all week. >> baseball season has gone this far. 209 days. it will stretch for at least one more day, thanks to the weather. texas is leading st. louis three games to tow. -- two. >> this time of year, i do not think it adds anything to our competitive chances, nor theirs. it gives them another day to rest. it is not going to affect us one way or another. we still have to go out and play good baseball. >> it turns out maybe you do not
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what your teenager to stop texting at the dinner table after all. it now has a national championship. it is a competition. a wisconsin teenager one d championship in new york city. he said he text from the time he wakes up until it goes to bed. he want $50,000. -- he won $30,000. we will take a look at your we will take a look at your seven-day forecast right after
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> i cannot stand that what rain. >> that what train is a real hassle. -- wet rain is a real hassle. >> that leads to a cold start to the weekend. it clears out just in time for kickoff on sunday. >> that is a look at our news. thank you very much for joining
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us. good night, everybody.
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