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tv   Today  NBC  October 31, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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looks like the girls are late again. >> we have a long history of insanity. >> hello! hello! >> ahh! my hat. >> back with more of "today" on our halloween monday morning,
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october 31st, 2011. that was just a short time ago as we got the royal treatment, revealing our halloween costumes. i'm al roker along with natalie morales, savannah guthrie, the prince and catherine, we last saw them headed toward the lincoln tunnel but they didn't have their e-z pass so we're not quite sure where they are. >> they got their passports. >> matt's enjoying that astin martin. probably like off, bye-bye. >> he's boosting that thing. >> exactly, with he dressed up. what if you still don't have your costume picked out? not to worry. just ahead some last-minute outfits that you can make before the first trick-or-treater arriv arrives guaranteed. >> we don't want to leave out furry friends, fun costumes for your pooch as well. >> you don't want to scare the neighbors unless your house is decorated.
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last-minute halloween crafts to keep the kids occupied and the leftover candy. >> really? not in my house. >> well, we have some really great ideas, incorporated into some desserts so we'll get into some of those recipes as well. >> fantastic. first a check of the top news stories of the morning, for that we turn to tamron hall for natalie at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. more than 1 million people along the northeast remain without power this morning after a record-breaking snowstorm. officials say it could take most of the week to completely restore power to those in the dark and states of emergency were declared in jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and parts of new york. 12 deaths at least have been blamed on this storm. ruth madoff, the wife of convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff never expected in a million years her husband was involved in such a fraud and she knew absolutely nothing about it, if their first live interview this morning, matt asked her and her son, andrew,
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about the guilt they still feel. >> there's not a day that goes by that, well, of course, with mark, it's just unbearable, but the victims go on and on, and my life is, you know, just always full of shame, walking down the street, anything i do is difficult. >> there's no way to explain what he did, the damage that he's caused to so many people, so many lives that he's destroyed, what possible explanation could there be? the few things that i've read about him from his interviews and the audio interview that he gave, i'm not hearing sincerity and remorse in there, and you know, i try to find it in my heart to be able to forgive him but i'm not there yet. >> ruth madoff went on to say she'll never get over the suicide of her son, mark, and that she blames her husband. libya's prime minister confirms there are chemical weapons in the country and that foreign inspectors will arrive
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this week to deal with the unwanted weapons. meantime, this is the last day of nato's seven-month bombing campaign that helped libyan rebels overthrow moammar gadhafi's regime. starting today the nation's biggest peanut butter producers are raising their prices as much as 40%, big brands like jif, skippy and peter pan say a hot and dry summer devastated this year's peanut crop. "puss in boots" was the cat's meow at the box office raking in an estimate $34 million. "paranormal activity 3" came in second followed by "the thriller in time." a zoo in indonesia is proudly showing off its latest newborn, a baby orangutan named demi, which means peace. the primates are threatened by illegal logging, forest fires and poachers. four past the hour. back to matt, ann and the rest of the crew. you look amazing.
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>> you're so sweet. >> people thought you were just getting married. >> new york city is like no other city. you could be dressed like this in a fancy car driving around, people actually -- >> looking like royalty. >> people would be on the phone going -- la, la -- la, la, la. >> they paid no attention to us. >> some people said congratulations like we had just gotten married. >> what the heck? >> there you go. >> mr. roker, how is it going to be for the trick-or-treaters tonight? >> not too bad. snowfall wise from last -- from this past weekend, anywhere from 14 to 9 to 16 inches of snow, 21 inches in millbrook, new york, and here in the city almost three. over five in newark. 2.7 in portland, concord 13 inches of snow. the good news is, for today, no big problems, a few showers along the mid-atlantic states. we've got a shower or two down in southern florida around ghost cove, plenty of sunshine in the
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midwest, showers in the northern plains, sunny and cool in >> good morning and happy halloween. temperatures will stay below normal. mid 40's in the mouains. >> and that's your latest weather. >> announcer: "happy halloween today" is brought to you by hershey's bar pure delight. what makes a hershey's bar good? pure hershey's chocolate. now do-it-yourself costume,
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it's the last minute. if you still need a costume have no fear. >> elizabeth mayhue is here from "woman's day" magazine you say you can pull costumes together with a few items from the store. >> go to your hardware and grocery store and pull some things from your closet, and you're good to go. >> you're jackie o. >> jackie o. inspired. this is not from the grocery store, it's from a designer named lee anderson but that being said you can certainly do this all at home. >> let's get started, first of all, we've got a little crab, little leanna dressed up as a crab. >> leanna the crab. >> oh! >> as you can see we basically just started with a red hoodie sweatshirt, red sweatpants and took mittens, felt for claws and buttons for eyes for pipe cleaners. >> and she's warm. >> which is great. good job, liana.
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>> thank you. come on over this way. >> come here. come on >> she wants to you come there. >> there you go. >> michael is dressed up as an astronaut. >> yeah. >> tell us about this costume. >> now we used oven mitts in silver, the steel wool around his belt so you're just going to the hardware store, spray painted his rain boots and turn around a little bit, he's got an aluminum foil, we spray painted a water bottle and his bicycle helmet. he's warm and safe and if you turn around, just the tape is electrical tape and the little dots are the little peds you put underneath chairs. a lot of stuff from the hardware store. >> he can check for cookies in the oven. >> thanks, michael. >> next we have gab riella is a cupcake. >> this costume starts with a
9:09 am
laundry basket we accordion filed. >> not so easy to walk in. >> you can lift it up a little. the icing is just done with white stockings like adult stockings, we twirld around and the sprinkles are cut up pieces of straw. and the hat a cherry on top. thanks, beganriella. >> if you want a parent/kid, we've got, this is great. baby connor and dad pat, as the empire state building and king kong. >> yes. now if i had some warning i would have done 30 rock instead of the empire state building but this starts with the hoodie, fake fur we cut and glued onto his front, a bar key doll from the toy closet and spray paint boxes, that's a plunger spray painted silver. >> the nose is sticking out
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perfectly. thanks, pat. looks good. >> finally twins amel and cairo with their parents shaun and is it toni? >> roni, they're cheffed and two devilled eggs. these are just white onesies and we took a ball we cut with a serrated knife, colored them yellow and devilled ears. >> come on out you guys, everybody come on out. >> she's back, we got the crab back. >> so again, this is just really easy stuff, glue gun and scissors, pretty much all you need. >> lots of creativity. elizabeth mayhew thank you for your great ideas. trick-or-treat bags to spider webbs, last-minute halloween crafts the whole family can enjoy, plus creative costumes for your family pet. first these messages.
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welcome to our special halloween edition of "today." we're dressed up, if you couldn't tell, in the spirit with homemade halloween crafts, joining us is jody. >> we have easy do-it yourself projects. jody levine is the kids craft expert for martha stewart. you have an easy way to make bags. >> today is halloween and the last thing i always make kids
9:15 am
costumes, spend so much time on the costume, you don't have a cute trick-or-treat bag. here is an easy way. we need a circle cutout because we'll make a moon. this is our circle cutter, makes it so easy. you stick this in and press hard and swivel around. you don't need this. >> like a spirograph. >> you see how easy it makes a greatsirkle? >> i like that thing. that's our background. >> our moon. i'll have you tape it down with the double stick tape. we made a cute bat. you can find clip art, just have your kid draw whatever, we sprinkled glitter on it, and then i'm going to use the phone dots to put it on the moon. it gives it a little bit of dimension. you can use glue or tape. what i like is whatever bag you have with a store logo on it, use what you have around the
9:16 am
house, that will cover up the store logo. you don't need to go buy any special material. >> any brown bag will do. >> exactly, here you can see. >> like that. >> three-dimensional. speaking of cool stuff, tell us about the decorations you're wearing. >> speaking of last-minute costumes, these are made out of coffee filters. what do you have around the house? look in your cub boards and get inspired, make easy flowers. >> you put tint on the end? >> i hot glued it to the ribbon. the glue gun was going yesterday. >> candy creatures. >> maybe you have friends over, want a fun activity. any soft, sticky candy is a great craft material. let me show you how. can you craft with the gloves on? >> i think so. >> first we'll make the heads for a little creature. if your kids are doing it, you have to use a plastic knife, cut off the bottom, of course it's a little cold. >> frozen. >> just frozen, no problem.
9:17 am
take a lollipop and it sticks on, you don't need glue or anything. you can make a hat for him by cutting off the top of that. it's cold. so i'm going to use the scissors because we're working with cold gumdrops. >> that worked better. >> so now he's got a little hat. >> love it, cute. this is easy, like i said, stuff you have around the house and common candies, gum drops you can get at the drugstore. put the eyes in, poke, poke and expose that stickiness. they stick to themselves. now my toothpick is kind of sticky and i should be able to pick up a sprinkle, just use a dark sprinkle, and then pop it right in to the hole you made with your toothpick. >> don't attack it. >> you have a lot of patience. >> this keeps the kids busy and not eating the candy. i'd rather have them crafting. eat one, craft with one.
9:18 am
so then i have the eye and you could take a red sprinkle here. i'll show you how to do a nose. nerds make great kind of noses. >> kind of like sarah in a, savannah? >> look at the cute ones you made. i like the caterpillar. >> makes a great centerpiece if you're having a party or use them to decorate cupcakes. so let's move on >> these are glow-in-the-dark balloons. kids love anything glow-in-the-dark. >> maybe you haven't carved a mill pumpkins and house is not fully decorated. no problem, the glow sticks at the party store, crack them to activate the glow. it looks very cool in the dark, and pop it in, you can even put two in, and then maybe you guys can blow it up. once you have it, i have some already inside here, you can
9:19 am
blow those up, take a permanent marker, and just draw on a scary ghost face. this is a good thing to keep the kids busy if you're getting ready for a halloween party and you can line your steps with these, they really glow in the dark at night or hang them in a doorway, a great decoration. >> where do you get the glow sticks? >> any party store. >> the glow stick store. >> no problem. >> halloween, they're out. >> really cute. you draw on them. make a scary face. this is something the kids will get into doing. and then you can see we even made jack oh l-o'-lanterjack-o' inexpensive and a lot of bang for your buck. [ balloon pops ] >> oh! >> you have cheese puffs in your house, but if not you can get it at the supermarket. hold that up, how easy it is to make cobwebs, cutting into
9:20 am
cheese cloth and stretching and tearing. there's no rules. it looks spooky, hang it in a doorway and mantle. we hung it on the front of a table. the plastic spiders you have around at this time of year you can stick them in. >> easy ways to get into the spirit. jodie, thank you so much. >> very nice. >> we've got a lot more halloween to come. [ balloon pops ] >> oh! >> what do you do with the leftover halloween candy? easy recipes coming up, but first these messages. [ male announcer ] scrubbologists have made a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning.
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we always have a tradition here, not only do we get dressed up but our staff bring their children and they get dressed up as well, and this year, no exception. we've got of course our model astronaut over here. what's your name, young man? >> michael. >> michelle, our fabulous person of the year. who is this little chick? >> this is leo. >> and who have you got there, saravann savannah? >> what is your name? >> this is aidan. >> we have beatrice, what are you dressed as? >> the black swan. we lorz o we lost our tiara. >> and sbaebastian o and rosema,
9:25 am
little lamb and over here? >> zoe enjoying a cookie and my husband, the man with the yellow hat. >> thanks for showing up this morning. zus ahead last-minute costumes for your pets, plus kathie lee and hoda already dressed up, more halloween craziness. first your local news and weather. 's new stuffed rigatonis, hearty pasta stuffed with a blend of five italian cheeses. for just $11.95 try the rigatoni with grilled chicken in a roasted garlic alfredo. or for just $9.95 try the rigatoni with sausage in tomato alfredo. both served with our unlimited fresh salad or homemade soup and warm breadsticks. so grab a table tonight at olive garden. when you're here you're family. hershe y's bliss. one square inch of incredibly smooth rich chocolate. one square inch of joy... fun... indulgence...
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> we are definitely off to a chilly start, with many temperatures below the freezing mark. as we head into the afternoon, we get into the mid-fifties. we will see increasing clouds, and we have a chance of rain late tonight, mostly after trick-or-treaters are
9:29 am
9:30 am
oh, my hat fell off! oh my god! >> hi! >> i love you. >> i can't believe what my life has been reduced to. >> welcome back to more of "today" on this spooktacular halloween monday morning. we had so much fun with our royal theme this year.
9:31 am
we outdid ourselves but our crowd did as well. we've had everything from popcorn machines to zombies and mr. potato head costumes, legoman my son would love. >> the oral-b toothbrush, that was her idea and we got into the royal theme, i'm getting into my man side. >> this is hazing. >> this is such a new girl thing, to be a man. >> you get to be a man this time. >> man up, guthrie. >> i'm trying. >> that's right, so does this mean chuck todd is going as a woman? >> if i had facial hair that would have completed the picture. >> what is your pet going as? we're going to have some ideas for you, for some great costumes for the furry members of your family. >> how cute. now from the leftovers to the stuff your kids bring home, halloween is a big sugar fest as you all know. this year instead of eating all of that candy one pieces at a time, why not turn it into a special treat? how it's done with adam richmond. >> frankly, i don't give a darn.
9:32 am
>> rhett butler, i thought so. how about the trick-or-treat forecast? >> let's show you what's happening today. week ahead below normal temperatures along the eastern seaboard, much below normal out west, above normal in the mid section of the country. we get to the midweek period, above normal temperatures new england, rain around the great lakes and mid mississippi river valley, mountain snows in the pacific northwest and the latter part of the week looking really chilly from the gulf coast all the way to the pacific northwest, with more wet weather, mid section of the country looking a little on the damp side. that's what's going on in the country. here's w >> it is a chilly start for the day. we're expecting increasing clouds. a chance for showers this evening.
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. trick-or-treat for unicef marking its 61st year. carol stern is the president and ceo of the u.s. fund for unicef. you're looking very fairy-like today. >> well, thank you, thank you. >> this year the traditional orange box, goes a little high-tech this year. >> we sure did, high-tech in a couple of ways. the most exciting on the side of the box we have a microsoft tag this year, so if you don't have change when the kids ring the bell, you can take your smart phone, swipe it, make a donation on your phone bill. >> that's cool. i can't imagine there's anybody who doesn't know but tell us about trick-or-treat for unicef. >> it's the opportunity for your kids to do more than just collect candy. it is the orange kids helping kids program, we're 61 years old.
9:34 am
as you said, raised a lot of money, and it doesn't take a lot of money to save a life, really $1 buys enough water for a child for 40 days. >> we should give out these boxes, fill these boxes up. >> absolutely. >> carol stern, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> ladies -- i should say lady and sir? coming up, creative uses for the leftover candy, right after this. part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin.
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♪ we did the mash ♪ we did the monster mash making the most of your leftover halloween candy. >> if you're not in my house you'll probably with leftover candy. >> adam richmond from the travel channel's "man versus food" is talking to us. you've already been sampling. >> yes these are hess pis for halloweens gone with the wind. you can make these from frozen junior mints or york peppermint patt patties, you can freeze a batch ahead of time. >> york peppermint patties my favorite candy. >> these are good if you work with kids. i know a lot of white gloves here so i might have to do it. you basically just get cookies, favorite ice cream and you have right here, you want to do a
9:39 am
little smashing? >> i do. >> royal smashing. >> smashing. ooh, smashing. >> this feels so good. >> it's cathartic. very good. >> just the fact that everybody wants to you step down from the throne. >> exactly like our lovely pippa is doing, roll it, we have butter finger and i love it with plain m&m's or put it on the cutting board. >> i bet the kids love this part. >> it's fun. i don't have any kids but from what i understand. >> you've heard tell. >> mom richmond is not so pleased with that one. these are smores cups. that's way more trick than treat for me on this one. so this is philo dough. >> she can't see this. >> trust me she's not happy the only ring is on the end of my watch chain. it's not connected to my anatomy or anything. >> hey! >> hello. this is philo dough, layer of cinnamon, layer after layer with
9:40 am
butter, cinnamon in between each layer, marcshmallow and chocolae and you have the almost 'smores tarts and you can serve them hot so they're runny or cold. >> it's a smo'smores muffin. you can put it on top and i would suggest 325, and you just keep checking it until it's golden brown for about 15, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, fending upon how your often runs. >> do you brush it with butter? >> a little bit of butter for color on top and if you want to do the runny 'smores thing but without the cracker, crumble and the mess. >> could you throw a little graham cracker if you want? >> you could but there's graham cracker in between each layer of the phyllo do. you can do bread crumbs and
9:41 am
garlic powder, fill it with mushroom and cheese so it's a great thing. this is one of my favorites. >> the butterfinger caramel seesaw cheesecake. >> exactly right. i froze the kit kat, combine it with graham cracker crumbs to make the crust. >> i'll try it. >> by all means i have a cup of pieces here for the royal family. whoops. and also into the cheesecake we combined actually ground up butterfinger and then store bought caramel, throw them in a pyrex container with water and nuke it. >> you're going to do that later for me, aren't you, pippa? >> a little sea salt on top and a little bit of sweet, a little bit of salty and crunch and creamy. what do you think, pippa? >> mmm. a royal winner. >> you know harry's wrong for you, right? just saying. >> he is royalty though. >> adam, you also had a savory,
9:42 am
give us a description of the savory? >> i like molee, the combination of chillies and chocolates. you can do oil, garlic, chili powder, cumin, oregano and cinnamon and put in frozen mr. goodbar and goobers and you can make a molee or in the pan, uncooked chicken breast and poach in the liquid and it's chilies, chocolate and garlic and a whole bunch of wonderfulness. >> thank you so much, adam. >> you can get creative with your lunches. >> think outside the box. >> or the bag, whatever the case may be. >> making the recipes i was so happy halloween was coming up. >> a little caramel there. >> has a lot of calories but frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. >> well, enough about you and your mom. >> i love you, mom. >> great halloween costumes are
9:43 am
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♪ he did the mash today's pets" is brought to you by, where you'll find games, photos and funny videos. >> this morning on "tooled's pets" creative costumes for your furry friends. wendy dowman is the pet lifestyle expert for >> good to see you al. >> you're done as the peacock. >> this is the one i got online. what you see is amazing outfits people created themselves, but this one i bought online and i was able to get the feathers. no peacock was harmed. >> that's right. the peacock looks very proud. >> a fun group costume, a couple of dogs at home. this is great. come on out.
9:48 am
>> you guys ever played angry birds? >> angry birds, angry birds, and listen, this is adorable, they created this themselves, they went to home depot and created this. what is amazing, you don't want to have angry dogs. do not feed your dogs chocolate or any candy for halloween. dog treats are the best if you're walking with your dog. >> and they don't have to walk. >> thank you, guys. oh! >> isn't that the bomb? >> that's the bomb. we have millie? >> yes. >> this is frankenstein and this is frankenstein and the bride, and look at how adorable. >> that's a look and first of all they're shivering because it's cold and little boots for
9:49 am
the dogs like herman muenster boots and they light up. if you're taking your dogs out, make sure they're lit up and make sure they have microchips and i.d.s on them in case they get loose. thank you, frankenstein. this say classic. there's always a witch during halloween, right? this is a pumpkin made out of silk, handmade, absolutely adorable. now also with dogs, make sure -- not every dog wants to get dressed up and make sure they're able to move around. thank you. >> thank you to all of you. >> humane society of new york that's where all of the costumes came from. >> eli the chicago ch withtaco chihuahua. not the taco bell chihuahua. >> very cute and how.
9:50 am
>> next up, look at this outfit. if you're a flight attendant wouldn't you want this outfit? this is the critter glitter pet club. >> nice outfit. >> she has a had to go with the dog but the hat fell off. >> looks like she's on pan am. a beauty pan am. >> you should also leave the pets in a safe room upstairs, as the trick-or-treaters come. this is fisher. look how adorable this is. this is like an outfit you can use on your dog, also another t-shirt. >> bring everybody out. >> well done. >> fantastic, wendy. that's a great witch's laugh right there. [ snorts ] >> oh, and a snort, too!
9:51 am
very nice. >> nice job. >> of course we've got much more halloween excitement on the plaza, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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9:53 am
as always we had a lot of fun on this halloween morning. we want to thank everyone who joined us on the plaza, except for you, mr. grim reaper. bye-bye. >> the best part everybody is ready to go trick-or-treating later today. fantastic. >> before we go we have a look back at our fun royal spectacular here. >> did you have fun on your first one? >> i did. i think it was a little bit of hazing but that's all right. natalie is happy she doesn't have to be a boy. >> yes. >> the baton has been passed. >> are you going to take the nose and ears off? >> oh no, never part with the
9:54 am
nose and the ears. >> let's have a look back. ♪ >> looks like the girls are late again. ♪ >> who's your dady. >> nice to see you. where's camilla? >> she's right here. >> we have no excuse actually except the british royal family has a long history of insanity! ♪ >> jolly good. >> the queen has decided to -- >> the queen? >> hello! hello! hello, darling. oh, my hat. oh my god. look at my boobs. they're so royal.
9:55 am
>> you look like elton john. >> that's me, rocket man. >> a second kiss. >> wow! >> yeah! >> there you go. >> that's better. >> good-bye. >> hey, i'm drivin' here! [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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