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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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there is word that joe paterno is battling lung cancer. that is our big story this credit. good evening. i am rod daniels. all of this comes in the wake of the child abuse scandal involving one of his former coaches. an assistant basketball coach at syracuse university is on administrative leave accused of sexually assaulting a minor. >> here he is. >> the last time slot embattled coach joe paterno he was leaving a doctor's office. the legendary coach is battling what he calls a treatable form of lung cancer. that news as the n.c.a.a. announced it has opened a formal investigation into the athletic program in the wake of a child sex abuse scandal. nbc news has learned that federal agents and prosecutors are left looking into allegations that jerry sandusky
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abused young boys while traveling across state lines to many clients of all games. she may have used the internet to seduce young clients. >> there is comfort in numbers. i know they think -- i think they understand that are not a lot. >> my client was sexually assaulted by mr. sandusky in the early 1990's. he was sexually assault on the grounds of princeton university. >> as the event continue to unfold, there are due allegations of abuse, this time it is syracuse university. he has been placed on administrative leave as the university and local police investigates stepbrothers for more than one ticket. head coaches called the allegations whys and has said his assistant has his full support.
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support is something many are looking for right now. two major athletic programs on two campuses and in two struggling communities. >> he was taken into custody. he had been on the run since november 9. police say they have solved a three county armed robbery spree. michael is charged with holding up six different stores across baltimore, crawford, and cecil -- cecil counties. he robbed and exxon gas station last wednesday on aberdeen. he then hit five more locations including a shell-station in aberdeen and a rural farms and carry bill. he also robbed the 711 on
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bellaire road. baltimore city police said they have arrested a man who has been impersonating a police officer. we are told walter oliver was caught with police equipment. i read is live at police headquarters. she has more on the story. --kai reed has more on the story . >> police theoliver took his desire to become an officer with too far. 18-year-old walter oliver first under suspicion on november 2. he was working as a private security guard in west baltimore what he was caught on surveillance video pulling a gun out of a holster. >> they have video evidence of the suspect identifying himself as a baltimore police cadet. he was seen with a weapon. he was seen with a batch. he was even working as a private security officer with all of this equipment. >> oliver was not a police officer.
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he had been kicked out in october because he was suspected of stealing police equipment from the southeast district police headquarters. the explorer program is designed to foster relationships between police officers and youngsters between the ages of 14 and 17 years old. they found baltimore police uniforms, a bulletproof vest, hack, a badge, guns, and bullets per >> he admitted to the wrongdoing that he did. he admitted to stealing things out of a police officer's locker. there was an officer on light duty and he admitted to stealing this officer's badge out of her purse admitted into going to back and taking pollsters and equipment. >> no one can to the door friday night at his baltimore county home. he is charged with theft, police impersonation, and had done the milesians. >> these charges are very serious. this individual will never be a police officer here or anywhere
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in the country. >> at this point there is no evidence connecting oliver to recent police officer home invasions in the county. they do not know where the guns came from police said they have a person of interest after two reports of this bus -- suspicious the hickel and anne arundel county. two man approached the boy and as one. the men were inside the pickup truck and asked if he wanted a ride. he left for another bus stop and reported what happened to school officials. 15 minutes later police received a report of the second suspicious vehicle. so far, no charges have been filed. two women have been inspired by their sisters disappearance to petition for new federal persons -- missing persons lot.
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she had been living near tampa, florida as a police cadet. she banished and march. >> her sisters think the case could have had a different outcome and she had been added to a federal database of missing people. >> it has been eight months since their sister had disappeared and they are losing hope. >> this may sound pessimistic but i have never had the hopes that she is a live anywhere because she was not the kind of person to pick up and go. >> she was originally from the baltimore area and had been living in florida as a police cadet. her sister said she was going to break up with her boyfriendwithdavid perry. david ran off to new york and was a rustin on unrelated charges media reports are he is a suspect in the disappearance. >> day-by-day.
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you know, step by step. >> the sisters are petitioning for a new federal law that would require police officers to add missing adults to a fbi database within 12 hours of their missing -- disappearance. he left within 24 hours of the disappearance. the case could have had a different outcome under the proposed law. >> that made it hard for investigators in florida to do their job. we feel within 12 hours something may have changed. he could have stopped that from happening. >> the competition has been set up. the help to help other families in similar situations. >> we all have that faith that things take time. it will all come together when it is supposed to. >> if you would like to stop -- signed a petition for the law, and to our website at
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>> jury selection is underway for monday in the retrial of twin brothers accused of sending a pit bull on fire. the first trial back in february ended in a hong the jury preacher from that trial told us it was only one person here repeatedly voted against convicting the twins of animal rabies. members of the task force think the past the jury pay attention and worked hard to reach a decision. they believe the same will happen within the next a jury. >> we hope there is a good verdict in the case. either way, this case has brought enormous attention to animal abuse here in the city. >> the twins are a key support -- portraying, mutilating, and setting the people on fire. she was so badly injured she had to be put down. about one week ago 50 protesters were to occupy in the highway. they are right now in the middle of a 240 mile walk to
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washington, d.c. from new york city. lowell muscle caught up with the group in hartford county today. he has more on the mission to hurt >> they are making their way along rte. 40 south of aberdeen. they are starting in new york and. >> we have been making our times and the destinations. we have been doing what we set out to be cured >> a long journey for these 50 or so occupied wall street protesters. some having a tough time with the walk. others telling us they know how to handle it. >> i was in the army. i was more experienced. the people who started it have never done that before were trained. it's very hard to start marching 30 miles a day but we are very dedicated to the movement. >> it is still hd to knock out the message of the group, one thing that is clear is that want to show the movement up close to
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rural communities that could only see it on tv. >> we are touching base with people along the route and people across the country as much as it is getting to washington. >> the goal of the occupiers is to make it to d.c. before the super committee decides whether to keep president obama is the extension of the bush era tax cuts. in the occupied movement feels they are unfair. the walk symbolizes the struggle of the 99%. >> there is nothing wrong with being the 1%. maybe you should think about it more playing field -- a level playing field and doing your part to better the world. >> these protesters say they will stop in baltimore for a couple of days ending their trips and d.c. on the 23rd. just south of aberdeen, i am low wall muscles. >> we are now hearing from the man charged with trying to
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assassinate president obama. he taped a 45 minute interview trying to be a guest on the oprah winfrey show. here is a portion of the tape. >> you see, oprah. there is still so much more that got beat me to express to the world. it is not just a coincidence i look like jesus. i and the modern day jesus christ of that you all have been waiting for. >> he allegedly fired a semiautomatic at the white house. the first family was not home. if convicted, he spends life in prison without parole. herman cain said detail for sequoyah service began last night. threats with the growing popularity led to the request. the gop candidates denied asking for protection to keep the media at bay. >> it was not being pressed by media, trust me.
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we are not scared of you. come on. it has nothing to do with it. we went through an analysis and evaluation of a lot of factors. we made the request. it could have turned us down, but they did not. that is all we are going to say about that. >> circuits service protection is generally given to a major nominee but it can be given earlier approved by the department of homeland security. still ahead, she died at the height of her career. but was the death of natalie wood really an accident? see what investigators have opened the case. >> why has the show state on the road silk -- air so long? they watch it because it makes them feel better. >> we just felt burned signing off. we were sure the last moments -- regis phillburn signing off. ♪
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♪ >> thank you very much for these years together. god bless you all and i hope to see you again real soon. >> it is said all good things must come to an end. after 28 years,regis philburn had his farewell. he announced his retirement last february saying there comes a time when everything must end. his next move will be his new book and the title "how i got this way." the details of what might have happened to natalie wood in her last hours.
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los angeles officials have reopened investigations into her death. she apparently drowned, was it an accident? more on the hollywood mystery. >> her final hours have been shrouded in mystery. the death was ruled an accidental drowning. now authorities are taking another look. but we have several sources to have come forward with additional information. as we said, we found a credible enough to take another look at the case. >> it would not say what the new information is kurt >> will follow up on the leads we have. we will be we interviewing some new people and talking to people and evaluating the evidence. >> let's hear the truth about natalie wood and who she was and how she was and how she passed. >> in november of 1981, she disappeared from the coach was on with her husband -- he spoke she was on with her husband. her body was found the next
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morning. wagner explain what he thought happened. >> we can to the conclusion she had slipped and hit her head and rolled into the water parade a tragic night at. >> this morning, the captain of the got offered a different opinion planning wagner. >> was he responsible for the death? >> yes, i would say so. >> he says the truth is in a book he co-wrote. >> there was a fight the night natalie died. a terrible argument. that was never related to the original investigators prove >> authorities estate wagner is not a suspect. >> a statement from his published -- publicist says they support the sheriff's investigation.
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>> in the morning hours, the first part of the weekend will be cold. after that you should see a warm-up get under way. temperatures are falling fast in this evening. the 29 degree low is the current temperature at the airport. we are setting new lows as we get to the last few minutes of the day. a colder than normal 18th day of november this friday. much different than the workweek started. highs are in the upper 70's. we are finishing out the work week with below normal temperatures. if the cloud cover its here over night, it will stop the temperature to -- temperature drop. overall it is looking like a quiet start to the week. temperatures are in the '30's out west. you can see a little bit of mild air coming into the western maryland islands. we see some colder stuff at
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ocean city than in oakland at this hour. that is a good sign the chilly areas are retreating to the east of us. it will still be a cold saturday morning. , once. sunrise at 6: 54. there is some mild air out here. it temperatures are warmer and the upper midwest. some of that we will sneak into the mid-atlantic. it is very cold and snowy. we will not feel any of that for the weekend. it is bitterly cold from montana up to western canada. record lows in the interior sections of alaska. 41 below zero. right now it is 29 below zero up there. the arctic air is building up in western canada and parts of the rockies. we will see a milder weather pattern here for the first part
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of the weekend. the boundary with the colder air in the midwest is a band of showers. is approaching sunday evening but will not get here until monday. then it will linger into tuesday and wednesday of next week. timing looks good for next weekend. unlike south wind closer to normal trade winds on the bay gusting to 20 knots with waves of up to two feet. western maryland senate clouds mixing humor and a chance for rain on sunday. east of the mountains we are expecting dry conditions through the weekend. fifties' tomorrow and 60 on sunday. ocean city looks like a sunny day tomorrow. temperatures getting back into the '60s. for the reagans came on sunday afternoon, it is looking pretty good. game time temperatures on sunday should be up in the '60s. a chance for a shower on monday and tuesday.
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they travel day with showers in the morning parade that will be going up to new england. another good day for football on thursday. sunshine at 53. >> you would expect the highest level of play in the postseason. we have it. news on ray lewis coming up and sports. >> it is friday, november 18. the jackpot is an estimated $40 million. 55, 33, 4, 13, 39. mega ball is 3.
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>> it is the season for turkeys. leading the way in the community. ray lewis also held out holiday meals but also with a limp. he may miss his first game because of turf toe. he looked ok walking around the team facility. he did not quash an end -- he did not practice and is questionable. no decision has been made whether he will play on sunday. >> his shoulders have been dislocated and he has done 35 pushups to prove he can go. he has had hamstrings torn off the ball because he wanted when he was not ready to go. that is ray lewis. it is not a serious injury or a career threatening report --
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injury. i think it is something he could play with obviously but we are confident and our linebackers. >> that brings us to our reagan's tax question of the day. we ask you if the monteux would have an impact. so far 54% said it will have an impact. i concur. transition at maryland. it is the theme for first-year coach mark turgeon was disastrous on thursday tonight against middle of the road colorado it was a much better showing. we go first half and he is running the floor. nick fouls hopping up with a three. look at this place. carmen brown takes the contact and finishes. colorado up 9.
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another great 25 second-half points. the terps win. championship night. st. francis won the sea conference. a rematch from a thriller. it first half is all cardinals. goodness gracious, three defenders and a single bound. fires 17 yards per it 7-0. second quarter, stuart working the legs a little bet. he resist to the enzyme. fourth and a 10, still work to see j williams.
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-- c. j. williams. is tied at 20 with 28 seconds left in the game. first quarter, singletary 7-0. he takes the plunge and gets back up. darren milbourne gets free inside. it is a 7-6 game. it race to the pylons. they move on to the 4 a semifinals and ends the season of poly. college football saturday, towson a visiting rhode island. the most remarkable season for towson since joining the cia. they win saturday and the tigers win the caa and the automatic
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bid to the playoffs. they are a little giddy about the journey. >> looking at our fan base grow in large portions and seeing the student body going from apathetic to prideful lot. you can feel this is something that will stick. as an alarm, it is pretty awesome. >> you should smile, coach. is going awfully well.
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>> leading up to thanksgiving. >> is crucial to because travelers on the wednesday before, biggest travel day of the season usually. 55 about normal for this time of year. iran on sunday but not until after the river and sky. -- rain on sunday but not until after. showers into monday and tuesday ending early. the storm on wednesday will head up to new england. the rest of the country looks nice including here in baltimore. great looking thanksgiving. happy forepeak because he will be outside all day. >> that is a look at the news.
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