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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and president obama have been successful. >> related to the 2010 election robocalls, that suggested martin o'malley had won the governor's race before the polls actually closed. schurick was the campaign manager for the above early campaign. he authorized the calls, which were missing the so-called authority line. >> this type of behavior has always existed, but it seemed like it has been going on and becoming more and more of our problem. i think and hope that the jury's verdict will send a message. >> they suggest it was a counterintuitive attempt to get the early voters to the polls. >> i think it was ridiculous. i just did not buy it, and i don't think the jury did as well. >> schurick's lawyers vowed to appeal. the case they say is in an uncharted waters because they
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say it was protected political speech. >> repercussions in terms of state elections, national elections across the board. this is a very, very significant constitutional and legal issue that has not been decided. >> schurick is to be sentenced in february, just as his co- defendant, julius henson, is set to go on trial on similar charges. the chair of the state democratic party issued a statement this afternoon after the verdict. "voter suppression has a long and disgraceful history in our country and the dirty tricks with seen in maryland are not new. the right to vote is precious and a critical part of our democracy paul schurick in the early campaign saw to take away that right for some of our fellow citizens." and that is a statement from the chair of the state democratic party. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> former prince george's county executive jack johnson today was sentenced to more than seven years behind bars for what prosecutors are calling one of the most audacious corruption schemes in maryland history. johnson pleaded guilty back in may to collecting up to $1 million in bribes during a seven-year conspiracy with businesses and local government officials. in exchange for bribes like airline tickets, it would help other businesses and companies through land and approval pre johnson is the 15th person convicted in relation to the scheme. his wife leslie has already pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence and should be sentenced later this week. >> breaking news right now from baltimore city, where we are told within the last 50 minutes, a person has been hit by a light rail train. it happen all along the 600 block of west patapsco. we do know police are on the scene investigating, but officials cannot confirm right
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now help it happen or how badly the person was hurt. >> a 14-year-old boy has been charged in connection with the sexual assault incident that happened in high school bathroom. on november 28, of emailed are running high school student reported she was sexually assaulted by a male student inside one of the bathrooms. the victim knew the suspects, and yesterday the 14-rolle boy was charged with attempted second-degree rape and sexual loebsack -- sex offense. he was released to the custody of relatives. detectives are investigating the stabbing in east baltimore. police say they found a man stabbed in the chest on north east avenue just after 12:30 this afternoon. we know that the man had been stabbed in the chest, but authorities are not releasing his name or any details on his condition. >> it is official tonight, stephanie rawlings-blake is now the 49th mayor of baltimore city.
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she announced a new bulk priority. david collins had a front row seat and he joins us now from city hall with more. >> the mayor declared she wants everyone's help to entice 10,000 families to move to baltimore in the next decade. >> i, mayor stephanie rawlings- blake, do swear cross the crowd applauded mayor stephanie rawlings-blake as she used her inaugural address as a call to action. she intends to entice 10,000 families to live in the city in the next decade. >> our number one goal in the next 10 years is to grow baltimore, strengthen our neighborhoods, create new jobs, and attract new people creeks the mayor does not plan to grow the city on her own. to challenge for on administration, the business community, educators, and entire families to buy into growing the city, while at the same time embracing less government. >> this is a new way of thinking for some of us. it will require a leap forward
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in renewed faith and trust. >> she will need the help of some the -- of the dignitaries who shared her state. she wants the general assembly to car baltimore out of shifting teacher pensions. she stood up against the beverage lobby, encouraging city council to increase the bottle tax from 2 cents to 5 cents. the mayor appealed for a sense of urgency, just like during the civil rights movement. leaders did not wait for government to act for them, she says. the word wait almost always meant never. she spoke of a sense of collective sacrifice for greater purpose, that empowered people like her late father and her mother who became a doctor. in the spirit of the do it now philosophy of the late william donald schaefer, she called on citizens to unite in recognition of the nobility of the calls. >> a shrinking city simply
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cannot stand. a growing city is a cut the center of a creative and stronger society. it begins in earnest today. right now, baltimore, we can make it happen. >> our own donna hamilton was the emcee of this historic event, and she did a fantastic job. reporting live from city hall, at david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a difference seen downtown on this day one year ago. a massive fire alarm fire tore through several buildings downtown. tonight a spokesman says they are no closer to finding a suspect. it was classified as incendiary when it was set. that does not mean it was arson. the fire broke out just before 4:00 p.m. and 400 block of east baltimore street, and took hours for firefighters to get under control. anyone with an affirmation on
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the fire is urged to call 888- atf-fire. >> family and friends have said their goodbyes to the beloved president of mount st. joseph high school, brother james kelly. an emotional service was held today. brother james was known for beginning and ending each new day at mount st. joseph's front door. he served as president there for the past 10 years. he was the second longest serving president at sandy xavier high school in kentucky. he lost his battle with prostate cancer over the weekend at the age of 64. >> it does not feel much like december outside right now. temperatures are way above normal again, and precipitation in our area right now is just rain. it is going all the way up into new england and south of us in virginia and into the carolinas. the rain is developing on a cold front that separates temperatures in the '60s here
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and '70s around virginia beach. 40 in cleveland, 36 in detroit, and the colder air will be coming in tomorrow. there is a winter storm watch in allegheny and parts of west virginia. several inches of snow will fall out there once the rain changes over to snow. up in the pennsylvania, be on the lookout for that. some of bedmate sneak into the northwest suburbs of baltimore late tomorrow night and early thursday morning. more on the change in the weather pattern coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> tonight -- today president obama declared the american middle class is facing a make or break moment, and to help deliver his message, he borrowed a page from the history books. >> he went to the same spot where roosevelt gave a speech about economic justice back in 1910. >> in kansas, president obama
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delivered a message aimed at both middle class americans and politicians back in washington. >> i believe that this country succeed when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. >> the president argues he is defending the working class, while republicans are standing with the rich. it is rallying cry for the current tax fight in washington and his reelection campaign guru >> in 1910, teddy roosevelt came here and laid out his vision for what he called a new nationalism. >> the president argued that welfare was more important than -- roosevelt argued that welfare was more important than well. >> we cannot return to this brand of you are on your own economics if we are serious about rebuilding this country. >> republicans and democrats on capitol hill are struggling to
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keep middle-class payroll tax from expiring at the end of the month. democrats are offering to pay for it by raising taxes on the rich. >> this was not a compromise. this was nothing more than another bill designed to fail, so democrats can have another week of fun and games on the senate floor. >> president obama calls for a new nationalism on capitol hill. it is the same old politics. for the record, teddy roosevelt's new nationalism did not go over so well with voters. he lost the 1912 election in a blowout. brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, 100 gallons of gasoline spilled across route 3. >> if you think that sounds like a mess, you should have seen the traffic. an update on a crash that shut down the road for a least 12 hours. >> scientists say they now know why the number of bedbugs keeps
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growing and spreading. new research takes a look at why we cannot control the infestations. >> is saying c average still but -- is a c however still good enough to play high school sports? that is coming up. [ female announcer ] at,
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>> the southbound lanes of route three are back open after a tanker truck hauling gasoline overturned. crews were able to contain most of the spillage. only about 100 gallons actually leaked, but it was an absolute headache this morning. the driver of the tanker truck was taken to hospital suffering minor injuries. >> scientists say inbreeding a month bedbugs is contributing to the growing number of infestations across the world. over the past decade, bedbugs have become a growing problem in apartment buildings and hotels because of their resistance to insecticide. researchers have discovered there is extensive inbreeding among bedbug colonies that allows infestation's to spread. when they tested the genetic makeup of bedbugs from several
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apartment buildings, they found a high level of related bugs and very little genetic diversity in each building. osteoarthritis diminishes the quality of life for many americans. corrine certification reason other treatments often painful and require a long recovery time. researchers in connecticut hope to find a way to use them cells to make the treatment easier and less invasive. they are using human embryonic stem cells to actually make new cartilage. kasay scientists have cracked a so-called instruction list that will basically tell stem cells to become cartilage. >> one of the reasons they are so excited is because they have the potential to form any tissue in the whole body. the trick with bad is tell -- the trick with that is telling the cells exactly what to do. >> the next debt is to test it in an animal model with our osteoarthritis.
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>> they must back up with signs -- scientific evidence that their products help with weight loss. some companies are marketing over-the-counter hcg in the form of world drops and sprays. the fda and ftc have sent warning letters to those companies saying they are violating federal law by selling drugs that have not been approved for weight loss. the fda is considering new warning labels on several contraceptives, including yaz, the most popular birth control pill that in 2008 and 2009. the birth control pill has been promoted as having fewer side effects and can clear up acne, but research suggests it is more likely to cause blood clots than older drugs. blood clots can cause heart attacks which can be fatal.
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the fda will continue to review on thursday. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> here we are in early december and temperatures are still in the '60s in many areas around baltimore. that means the weather system coming through right now is producing some rain. the showers are developing along the cold front which will get through here tomorrow morning, and temperatures will start falling during the day tomorrow. for now, it is almost a springlike rain across the region, and also in places in new england. rained around boston up to portland maine, and it looks like a little bit of snow mixing in in far northern upstate new york and vermont. right now, the snow is way back to our west and parts of the great lakes, midwest, western ohio valley. the cold air beginning to show up just to the south. it is slow transition, but for
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now we are on the warm side of things. the normal is only 48 and is 62 now. 64 at the inner harbor and 0.2 inch of rain in the rain gauge. our record high that today it was 77 degrees. 63 at college park, mid-60's around salisbury, and worn out in western maryland. tonight it stays mild. the rain will continue coming. rose tonight anywhere from four to nine degrees -- lows tonight anywhere from four to nine degrees below average. it was five below zero this morning in denver. subzero readings covered most of the northern plains down into the rockies, and some 30's as close as a state new york and parts of southwestern ohio around cincinnati.
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the colder air is creeping slowly and our direction. the boundary is about to make it into baltimore. tomorrow morning our wins it will shift to the northwest, bringing some of that cold air in. a new area of low pressure will ride up the coast as the cold air is coming in. we will start the day tomorrow with periods of rain, falling into the 40's in the afternoon. tomorrow morning it begins to drop into the upper 30's. parts of baltimore, harvard, carroll county and up into frederick county the storm will be rolling up the coast quick and by dawn on thursday it will be gone. anytime from midnight tomorrow night into the early morning hours of thursday, a quick hit of wet snow could move through the region, and then skies should clear. it will be breezy in chilly for thursday, partly cloudy and below normal temperatures going into friday and saturday.
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tomorrow, temperatures godown. -- temperatures go down. it is going to move through pretty quickly so will not have a lot of chance to accumulate. out in western maryland, it is a winter storm warning in garrett county, a winter storm watch for parts of allegheny county. out derrek it will have several inches of snow by the time it ends thursday morning. just a lighter coating of snow possible in the northwest suburbs early in the morning on thursday before it turns off to sunny skies, breezy and cooler in the afternoon. say goodbye to the mild temperatures and say hello to more normal december conditions. the transition features range this note tomorrow night and thursday morning. sunshine during the day thursday, breezy and cool, great football weather on sunday. sunny skies and high temperatures in the low 40's.
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>> to lead tonight, deck the halls with boughs of holly. you know the rest of the lyrics, right? >> maybe not. there is one word in that song that is causing quite a stir at one school, and one teacher is changing the tune. >> there are all kinds of special deals and special events going on at the inner harbor this month. i am kim dacey with details on the its waterfront life promotion.
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>> a teacher's lyrical change to a popular christmas carol is causing controversy at an elementary school in michigan. >> during the song "deck the halls" the teacher changed the words "gay apparel." >> when teacher decided to take the word gay out of the lyrics.
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>> there were some students who had been snickering at the lyrics and she had attempted to get them back on track quite a few times. she just decided to make a change in the wording. >> the music teacher gave the students a sheet of lyrics with the changed wording. >> i had not heard of the substitution of the word bright before in that song. it caught me by surprise. >> parker wishes the teacher would have used the situation as a teachable moment. the word "gay"in the title means happy or joyful. >> going forward, the teacher will be addressing this is how we are supposed to be reacting, this is the way to be respectful about this. >> parents i spoke with did not want to go on camera, but they think the music teachers decision to change the lyrics is completely inappropriate. now they are taking the time to
5:26 pm
explain to their children that day is not a bad word. -- that "gay"is not a bad word. >> the song has been changed back to its original version. it has been getting a lot of response on facebook. "get over it, people. sometimes lyrics are just lyrics." head to our website and you can sound off. >> for the ravens, it has been quite a season so far. tonight, some of those players are bringing baltimore fans off their feet in more ways than one. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with dan stovall, donna hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30, the state board of education makes a major move to put student athletes on the same academic playing field. the state board voted to put more teeth into a longstanding policy of requiring student athletes to have at least a c average to play sports. >> this will affect students at all 24 local school systems and brings them under the same umbrella. tim tooten is live in the
5:29 pm
newsroom with more. >> the past to apply requirement of at least a c kyrgyzstan cross the nation, but apparently there were a handful of maryland's school system still allowing students to play below that level. it is an attempt to create a level playing field in the classroom. the board of education voted to recommend to state lawmakers revised academic standards for student athlete. >> athletics is a very important part of many youngsters' lives. we have to keep our eye on that goal. >> the changes are familiar and are expected to be adopted by all maryland school systems. students still need at 2.0 grade point average or the equivalent to participate in sporting events. there is more emphasis being placed on curriculum content, and students must earn the required number of credits for graduation.
5:30 pm
>> i think his goal of the decision for students. f this didn't cannot pull a c average, at -- if a student cannot pull a c average, they should look into that. >> the result -- they say is designed to help students become successful beyond their high school playing days. >> we want student athletes that can go to the next level academically and compete at that next level. >> kids who are not doing well are going to flunk out. why does athletics have to have a higher standard, when we run the risk of losing kids who might otherwise stay engaged in school? >> the new requirements go into effect on december 31. a state appointed advisory panel helped draft the new
5:31 pm
proposal. the state board is also close to approving a new school suspension policy. heard from a panel made up of the national teacher of the year and maryland's teacher of the year. they both talked about how students are affected by long- term suspensions, especially when it comes to time lost in the classroom. the board is expected to approve a new policy sometime next month. the firm hired to help maryland select a new state school superintendent is ready to advertise that top job. it will take in permission from a statewide survey and public hearings to help fill the position. the goal is to fill the superintendent's job by july 1. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at some of the other stories of this hour. paul schurick has been found guilty on all four criminal counts related to the 2010 election robocalls. the call suggested martin o'malley had won the governor's race before the polls had actually closed. schurick was a former top aide to former governor bob ehrlich.
5:32 pm
he will be sentenced in february after his co-defendant, julius henson, goes on trial for similar charges. the prince george's county executive jack johnson is headed to prison. a federal judge sentenced him to more than seven years behind bars for what prosecutors are calling one of the most audacious corruption schemes in maryland history. johnson pleaded guilty back in may to collecting up to $1 million in bribes during a seven-year conspiracy with businesses and other local government officials. a baltimore city police officer is still recovering to 9 after he was shot in the arm by friendly fire. anne arundel county says he is part of the maryland state drug task force and was assisting in an arrest in odenton. a city -- the shooting is being investigated as an accident and the officer is expected to make a full recovery. police did make an arrest and
5:33 pm
recovered 27 pounds of marijuana and $900 in cash from that odenton home. >> the inner harbor is all decked out for the holidays, and there is plenty going on there this month to showcase all baltimore has to offer. kim dacey has details. >> holiday decorations complete the sentence place in baltimore's inner harbor and the waterfront partnership is doing more to entice people downtown this month. >> we noticed a tough year for families in the baltimore area and we wanted to create events around the harbor that were free, family friendly, and create reasons for people to come down and have some fun this year. >> the "it's a waterfront life" event, and there are special events on the weekend. this saturday is the rocket event.s -- rock the dock
5:34 pm
>> we will have all but our power plant live at vendor serving food samplings. >> all along the harbor, you can catch a laser light show every night and fireworks on the weekend. >> a light show is truly spectacular. if you have not seen it yet, you must come down. it runs nightly from november 19 all the way through new year's eve. it involves lasers, lights, holiday chemistry and music. >> it is an effort to get people down to the inner harbor and get into the spirit of the season with some great events. >> they are free, family friendly, lots of fun, and also a lot of discounts at some of the shops and restaurants and even hotels this year. they are all good reasons to come down to the harbor this year. >> for more details on the events and promotions, visit our website,
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kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. >> some people in one kentucky town got a terrifying wake up call this morning. >> it was the explosion of their neighbor's house. what caused that house to burst into flames? coming up, when we cover the nation. >> jacksonians -- jack johnson considers his reputation after he'd is sentenced on robbery charges. -- after he is sentenced on brib
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>> some people in this kentucky town had a terrifying wake-up call this morning when their neighbor's house exploded. witnesses say they heard a bang around 7:00, looked out the window, and their neighbor's house was gone. all was left was ignited in flames. the family who lives inside was able to get out just in time. authorities said the homeowners had called a gas company just hours before to tell them the
5:39 pm
reported smelling natural-gas. emergency crews were trying to flush shot nearby sewer drains this afternoon in hopes of removing any leftover gas. they evacuated more than a dozen nearby homes. the honor of west virginia coal mine were 29 men last year died -- the owner has a played -- has agreed to pay $200 million in settlement. the federal government will also release a final report on its investigation. in april 2010, an explosion at the upper big branch mine killed 29 miners. federal investigators have long blamed accommodation of methane gas, coal dust, and broken or malfunctioning equipment. some of the money will go toward restitution of the victims' families and mine safety programs. >> within the past hour, the head of the federal aviation administration has confirmed he is resigning from his position. randy babbitt was arrested over the weekend for driving while
5:40 pm
intoxicated after he was spotted driving on the wrong side of the road. he said he does not want anything to cast a shadow on the work done by his colleagues at the faa, and that is why he is resigning. a bill that would ban legislators and federal employees from trading on insider information is gaining momentum in congress. it is called the stop act. members of the house are hearing testimony on whether congress should be required to disclose within 90 days rather than annually. supporters of the bill say not passing the legislation would negatively impact the public's trust in congress. >> we need to move something, and if you think 9% approval rating is back, don't pass anything on this. dry get out and don't do anything, and watch what happens. >> report earlier this year by four universities found that on average, stock portfolios held by health members of 1985 to
5:41 pm
2001 beat the market average by approximately 6% annually. >> the e-mail from local officials sent to your account from local links claims to have your personal information. >> we are talking about phishing scams. verizon wireless says many of their customers are falling prey. we will tell you what to look out for, ahead. but rain and unseasonably mild in the area, but there are changes as a cold front slides to the area tomorrow. the forecast does include a winter storm watch for parts of maryland. right now, 62 degrees at the airport and 61
5:42 pm
>> coming up tonight at 6:00, the verdict is then in the election a robocalls case. we are live at the courthouse with the reaction. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake officially began
5:43 pm
her first full term today. the inauguration ceremony and her plans moving ahead. we'll have these stories and much more when you join usn
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>> the national weather service is adding another layer to its warning system so you'll know when to add layers. >> it is basically a wind chill warning without the wind. >> it was going to happen at some point. this past weekend, winter markets annual arrival with a lot of snow, and now frigid cold. but what is a few degrees below freezing? it is nothing for guys like luke, who prepared for his run this morning are around lake calhoun.
5:45 pm
>> if your dressed for it, this cannot as inviting as and when the wind is blowing. >> it is a phrase we will no doubt repeat over and over again, it is not the cold, it is the wind. today's 20 degrees felt more like eight with the wind chill. >> it feels very invigorating. >> what will be different this season is what the national weather service says when it gets really cold. forget the wind, blow away those wind chill warnings. anything 30-35 blowout or worse will trigger an extreme cold warning. >> it is 35 or 40 below, it doesn't matter if the wind is blowing. >> if there was no wind and still 35 below, there was no warning. starting now, wind or no wind,
5:46 pm
super cold weather will be considered extreme. so figure out how to stay warm. >> if you are worried about wind chill, stand in an area where it is not windy. >> that makes sense. >> i guess that is extremely cold, even without the wind. >> i think i understand. >> it was cold in parts of the nation this morning. 15 below zero up in international falls, minnesota. five below zero this morning in denver. you can see the eastern seaboard, not feeling very wintry so far. changes are on the way, though. some of the cold air will be pushing into the mid atlantic and east over the course of the next 24 hours.
5:47 pm
56 this morning at b.w.i. marshall. the normal high temperature is 48. our low so far today, eight degrees warmer than the normal high. it is just completely reversed because of the warm, southerly breezes along the eastern seaboard. the boundary between the two air masses is the front, and that is where the rain is being generated. raining and in the 60's and around baltimore and the coast, and even warm in the western maryland towns. tonight we will stay in the 50's with periods of rain. early tomorrow morning, this front is expected to fly through baltimore and then we will be on the colder side of things. the northwest legree's will start dropping the temperature is. -- the northwesterly breeze will start dropping the temperatures. for most of the day tomorrow, it is -- it would just be a rainy day.
5:48 pm
you can see northern baltimore, frederick, and carroll counties getting in on some rain, sleet, and snow mixed together late tomorrow evening, heading toward midnight. quickly the storm moves off the coast. it will only be a few hours that what -- that the wintry mix and precipitation will come our way. falling temperatures to the 30's tomorrow night when the rain mixes with some snow. higher elevations to our wishes, accumulations are possible. 3-6 inches of snow are possible by early thursday. you can see the accumulations taper off as you get east of the mountains. north and west of i-95, may be a light coating of snow. the higher yields up in parts of carroll county and northern frederick county could have a couple of inches of snow early thursday morning. western maryland is going to be cold. good news for the ski resorts out there. the eastern shore, a rainy day tomorrow, ending in wet snow
5:49 pm
early thursday morning. on the coast, temperatures in the 60's again, but then breezy and much colder into the weekend. cool if not chilly, dry weather for friday, saturday, and sunday. >> we have a warning for other verizon customers. the company says cisco very concerned about a recent spite p inhishing scams specifically targeting your e-mail account -- a recent spike in phishing scams. here is the important thing to know. the e-mail is not an official message from verizon wireless. it is a bogus site used to steal your information. you need to keep an eye out for what appeals to be an official
5:50 pm
account, often claiming to alert you to payment or financing problems. it will often sent you 28 malicious site that is set up to steal your information. if you receive this type of e- mail, you should immediately delete it or reported to the company that is being impersonated. something else to keep an eye out for is organizations posing as charities and trying to take advantage of your wallet. liz crenshaw has more in this consumer alert. >> they think i am rich, but i cannot give to all these people. >> nancy considers herself and her husband charitable people, but not rich. >> we did give to six, seven, eight charities or something, and then for the church. >> the problem? charities continued to solicit them throughout the year. multiple mailings often arrive at the same time. >> and this is like in one day.
5:51 pm
being america t,he komen cure, this goes on and on. they keep coming and coming. >> many charity appeals come with gifts. >> we have some grocery lists, we have all the return addresses. >> you had better live here together, -- forever picks i know, what am i going to do with all these things? >> gullett dilks lead to giving. >> there is a lot of competition in your mailbox. how do people in up with so many different appeals? >> little amounts to a lot of different charities. that is how you get on numerous mailing list. >> the better business bureau puts it charities up against its accountability standards. >> we look at 20 different aspects of a charity's
5:52 pm
operations, ranging from government to finance the website disclosures. >> you can check out a charity pose a report on the bbb website. they said 54% of the charities they check out meet its accountability standards. >> a little over half of them meet our standards. we are here to make people -- help people make good giving decisions. >> beware of charities that spring up overnight, often in connection with current events or natural disasters. weisfeld for similar sounding names. only charities will use a name that sounds just like a legitimate one. beware of promises or guaranteed sweepstakes winnings in exchange for a contribution. how do they decide which charity to give to? >> i have had cancer, i give to cancer. richard has had heart, we give
5:53 pm
to heart. we have friends that have diabetes, we give to diabetes. in no, you would like to give to everybody, but you just really cannot. >> you can visit the better business bureau wise giving alliance. we have a link on our website compaq >> hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes. tonight former county executive jack johnson learns his fate. he gets a mouthful from one u.s. attorney. the telestrate from the courtroom, new at 6:00. -- details straight from the courtroom. >> some special visitors come
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>> homeless men in downtown baltimore are getting some help getting back on their feet from people who have the quickest feet in the nfl. ravens players join members of joseph a. bank to hand out business apparel at the mission men shelter downtown. it is part of an effort to reestablish these men in the community by getting them suited up and back to work. a day off for the ravens means getting out into the community. sunday, ray rice ran for over 200 yards in the ravens victory over the browns. today he was celebrating with local kids. rob roblin was there. >> for the students here at immaculate heart of mary school, today is a day they will never forget.
5:57 pm
it was quite a well, the fiber ravens players received when they walked into the gem here -- it was quite a well, the five ravens players received. it was part of a campaign to encourage students to exercise. >> i am really excited that we have all these ravens players here. >> i cannot believe it. it is unbelievable that they are all here today. >> it is nice to play football in a town where the fans, especially at such a young age, are excited about what we are doing. >> they love their team, they are 100% ravens her supporters. >> congratulations to you all for winning the contest. >> the school won $18,000 grant from the nfl for equipment and
5:58 pm
exercise programs at the school. >> we pledge to play 60 minutes every day. we feel that is a really important component of their education, that they understand the importance of fitness. we won $10,000 for that. i am tickled pink. >> for me, this is my first year. i am a rookie. >> for the kids, it was a chance to meet the players and ask questions. >> i was a pretty good basketball player. >> and finally, what place 60 is all about, having kids running and playing and getting exercise. the ravens players are right there shouting encouragement and giving the students quite a day. >> i love being in the community. it is our responsibility to go
5:59 pm
out anytime we can. greg rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> i am jane miller live at the mitchell courthouse. guilty is the jury's verdict in the case of those election day robocalls. defense lawyers say they will appeal. >> stephanie rawlings-blake is officially baltimore's 49th mayor, and wait until you hear about her new priorities. >> a winter storm warning in western maryland. big changes on the way. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. a top aide to former governor bob ehrlich was convicted on all counts today in the case of those 2010 election day robocalls that try to fool thousands of voters. >> prosecutors say the verdict sends a message. paul schurick's lawyer said they will appeal. jayne miller ive


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