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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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out, but there was still a class. they -- their was a lock down and they did allow the students to leave. from what we understand, they are still searching for the suspect. the investigation is ongoing. >> our big story tonight, jury selection in the murder trial of university of virginia lacrosse player george huguely continues today in charlottesville. >> huguely pleaded not guilty to the crime yesterday. lowell melser has been counting down on twitter today as the court tries to build a jury. >> is now de two of this trial and we are still in the jury selection. we are closer than farther, only a couple of potential jurors to go. hopes are that opening statements will be sometime tomorrow morning, although the judge could extend court hours as he did last night and we could hear those opening statements later this evening.
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a half-hour early start this morning in the george huguely murder trial as the commonwealth and the defense gather with jurors at 9:00 a.m. after a long night monday that ended at 8:00 p.m. instead of 5:00 p.m. huguely, who has lost a noticeable amount weight since being arrested, sat by his lawyers once again in a suit, his legs weighed down by heavy weights on his ankles as question in started. only eight more jurors were needed for the pool of 27. there will be a jury of 12 with three alternates. a little less than 40 jurors were told in the morning session, and by lunchtime, 22 of 27 jurors were in place. questions were exactly the same as monday, as both sides are trying to find jurors who can completely block anything and know about the case from their minds and come up with an honest verdict. one potential juror emphatically told the court she thought huguely was he guilty. another was moved into tears
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because she said she had a daughter yeardley love's age to play sports. both were dismissed. some who made the cut, a woman who only listens to public radio and doesn't own a tv, and a foster care social worker. in addition to yeardley love's mother and sister testifying, george huguely's father and mother as well as and an uncle had been added to the witness list. that does not necessarily mean that will testify, but they can. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a baltimore judge has dropped one count against the men on trial for those robocalls. brown denied a motion to dismiss the case against henson on the grounds that the statute violated the first amendment. the robocalls told democratic supporters to relax because they
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had already won the election. the brazen stabbing in broad daylight has police on alert in downtown baltimore right now. it happened around 1:15 this afternoon in the 400 block of west baltimore street. the man who was stabbed has been taken to a local hospital. two men behind bars tonight, arrested in connection with a deadly shooting latest be too late last month. joseph butler marcus lennon are charged with the murder of 19- year-old shayvon booker. it happen on general 29. booker died of a gunshot wound to the head after treatment at shock trauma. -- in happened on january 29. a dundalk high-school student is recovering to 9 after being struck by a car in front of the campus about 7:30 this morning. please tell us the victim is a 17-year-old girl. we are told her injuries are not life-threatening. there is no word whether charges
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will be filed. >> sunny skies and temperatures in the fifth deposit. we are not really thinking snow on the way, but it could change for quickly -- temperatures in the 50's. for now is fairly pleasant, if you have early evening plans, no weather problems. 54 in downtown baltimore. only 38 in pittsburg, 19 in marquette in northern michigan, and the winds are going to turn to the north, tapping into some of that. all that wet weather out near st. louis and southern illinois, parts of the ohio valley, that all moves in our direction. the possibility is a light coating of snow here tomorrow. computer models are generating anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow. we will show you which rush-hour we can expect the most problems with. the forecast is coming up in a
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little bit. >> raising the gas tax would be a crushing blow to families and small businesses. that is the opinion of state comptroller peter franchot. >> he hosted a roundtable discussion today on the potential impact of an increase. david collins had a seat at that table and joins us live from annapolis with more on the story. >> one thing we heard today is that applying the state sales tax to gas may cost more than a it is worth. the state's top tax collector believes raising the gas tax is an awful idea, and applying the state sales tax would come as a crushing blow to families and businesses. >> it is hard to imagine a worst time to raise any tax, but particularly one that will immediately bite into family income, raise prices on consumer goods, and destroy the profit margins for so many of the state's employees. >> peter franchot hosted a roundtable discussion on the issue. experts predicted it would be an
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administrative nightmare, costing millions to recalculate pumps. >> when you work out the math on it, there are 160 different tax rates depending upon product formulation. >> the governor still has not submitted a bill detailing how he plans to apply the state sales tax to gasoline. another expert believes that under the governor's plan, maryland's gas prices would average 26 cents a gallon more than in virginia. he said polls show that people would drive 10 miles just to save a nickel. >> gasoline is an emotional purchase. it is a purchase that is not an option. people needed to go to work, to take their kids to soccer. it is an important issue to them. >> the governor wants to use the money generated to pay for roads, bridges, and other transportation projects. lockbox project lock box bills are under consideration of both
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the house and senate, but the comptroller called the red herring. he says the reality, they are a fantasy. >> i have been in this town for 26 years and there are two unicorns i am still waiting to see. a lockbox that works and a sunset. they have not come out of the forest. >> the controller, who many believe is positioning himself to run for governor, says a better approach would be public-private partnerships. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the fallout continues tonight following last week's controversy with the susan g. komen foundation and planned parenthood. a top executive has resigned. she made the announcement today. the breast cancer for a -- breast cancer advocacy group has been under fire for its decision to not review apart -- renew a partnership with planned parenthood. a day later, after much controversy, it reversed the decision.
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in a statement, the founder of susan g. komen said it has made mistakes and take accountability for them. the national firestorm on providing birth control has spread to the archdiocese. we have obtained a strongly worded letter read during last sunday's mount -- mass. obama said the -- o'brien said the obama administration has cast aside. >> colorado, minnesota, and missouri have called the obama decision an attack on religion. steve handelsman has tonight's update. >> rick santorum figures this to be the start of a comeback. [unintelligible] for two weeks, the former senator has spoken in colorado
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and minnesota. in missouri, where today's primary voting is already under way. santorum won iowa, and now he had the perfect issue. the new rule requiring employees like catholic colleges and hospitals next year to pay for birth control as part of health care coverage. the gop front runner mitt romney jumped in. but this kind of assault on religion will endophyte president of the united states. >> newt gingrich accused his rival -- >> governor romney insisted that catholic hospitals -- >> team obama kicked on damage control. >> as we implement a policy that provides this coverage to women across the country. >> back on the trail, gingrich
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struggled, hammered by $16 million in negative ads by the romney super pak. he urged democrats to pump cash into his. as ron paul, santorum, gingrich and romney compete to take the president on. this could be a late night nail biter as the caucus results come in from colorado and minnesota. steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a major decision tonight by the appeals court in california on the state's controversial marriage ban. has it been shot down -- same sex marriage ban. >> if you noses running, your eyes et more than usual, stick around. the role this mild winter is playing on early onset allergies. >> and tim to live in the 11
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news room. how the district is going about how the district is going about finding a
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[ male announcer ] for a better-looking tomorrow. vicks nyquil cold & flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. [ deep breath ] ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4 ♪ [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪ >> tonight the california same sex marriage ban has been declared unconstitutional,
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paving the way for a showdown on what is known as proposition 8. the measure passed with 52% of the vote back in 2008, outlawing same-sex unions just five months after they became legal in california. couples sued to overturn the ban and said they would appeal to the supreme court if they did not receive a favorable ruling from the ninth circuit court. brown the same time the decision came down, governor martin o'malley took his stance on gay unions. he said his bill mirrors those of other states of selling fake based groups and religious institutions from having to perform same-sex weddings. he said it would also give the house holds rights only offer to same sex -- to heterosexual couples. >> is not right that the children of gay couples should have less rights than other families in this state.
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>> why religious groups would have the right to withhold services from gay couples, other groups and businesses would still have to abide by existing anti-discrimination laws. >> while many of us are enjoying this mild winter weather, it may be triggering something usually reserved for the springtime, allergies. the warm weather has many trees budding early. that midwinter cold you think you have may actually be a result of the pollen in the air. it comes as no surprise that americans have to much salt in their diet, but now experts at the cdc are releasing information on the top spot tin salts offenders. on that list are roles, cheese, soup, and pizza.
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chris clackum has more. >> the cdc says most of the sodium we eat comes not from the shaker but from processed and restaurant foods. its latest report on sodium narrows the list of salt the culprits to 10 types of food light luncheon meat, pizza, snacks, fresh and processed poultry, six, cheeseburgers, cheese, pasta, and or meat dishes. something that is consumed in most every meal, bread. >> not as high as some other foods, but because these foods make up such a large portion of our total intake, they contribute to the majority of our sodium intake. >> the average person consumes about 3,300 milligrams of sodium per day, more than twice the recommended amount. too much of it coming when we eat out. >> it is just a given that if you go out to eat, your meal contains 1,000 milligrams of sodium or more, in most cases.
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>> the suggestions to reduce the sodium, bls, eat fresh more, and schaub what is called the perimeter of the grocery store. >> along the perimeter we have the produce section, low-fat dairy products, frozen vegetables. >> at the cdc is calling on manufacturers to produce food with less sodium. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> keep in mind, having a diet high in sodium is a known risk factor for high blood pressure, and that increases your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. >> keeping sodium levels to 1,200 milligrams or less would save billions in health care cost per year. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this storm coming through tomorrow might double our seasons snowfall totals.
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if we get another 1.5 inches, we double the total. the potential is there. it did not feel like it today. the normal is 43 and we had mid- 60's for heights. the temperatures running 10-15 degrees above normal. no record highs, but still way above normal. the records know for this day was in 1967. we do not have any weather problems for tonight. it should be fairly pleasant, although during chillier as the night wears on. you can just began to sense the cooler air invading the north. temperatures still running in the low 50's across much of southern maryland. winds will shift to the north and northeast and there will be chilly stuff coming out of eastern canada through new england and into the mid atlantic tonight. a pretty good drop from mid-50's in afternoon. we will see increasing
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cloudiness late tonight as that brought slides through and the storm approaches. it will ride right along this front and be just south of baltimore in this area of low pressure in northwest arkansas will ride along the front and bring all the messy whether that is in the middle of the country. that is why we are talking potential wintry weather. right now it is mostly producing rain from st. louis into parts of western tennessee, western kentucky. a little like so tricking toward -- streaking toward chicago. this will be mainly a rainmaker to the south and a narrow band of snow on the northern edge of it. you can see it developing as begin to the midday hours tomorrow. anytime after 11:00 in the morning into early afternoon. temperatures will be above freezing when it begins. the initial snow will probably melt on contact. as we get toward sunset and beyond tomorrow, during the
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evening rush hour, that is when sunlight accumulations may occur. we could see some rain mixing in with the system is out of baltimore. it lingers into the evening hours. tomorrow's rush hour may be impacted by this. it will taper off late tomorrow night and by thursday the skies are clearing. sunshine back in your for thursday and friday. tomorrow evening is when we could see anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow. the main target is the northern suburbs, about an inch or so around baltimore and south of the bay, generally speaking in the baltimore area anywhere from 1-3 inches. most of it will be toward sunset tomorrow evening as the temperatures begin to cool and the ground begins to cool. rains out of town, northeast winds at 5, and temperatures in the 30's throughout the day. only about 30 in the towns where they should get close to that 3
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inch amount out in far western maryland. eastern shore locations, the northern sections could have some light snow, a kent county, cecil county, and maybe parts of san county. -- parts of st. anne's county. the seven-day forecast, we will see some winter to mark, especially in afternoon and evening, and sunny skies for thursday in active 50 degrees on friday. cold air coming in over the weekend and possible flurries on saturday and sunday. >> after 11 seasons with the nfl, it is time to hang up the jersey for a baltimore ravens. >> ricky williams announces his retirement. his plans for the future, straight ahead. >> an update on the plan to toughen maryland's distracted driving laws. >> and sally kidd in washington. in your report shows federal agencies are wasting your tax dollars on mistakes that could
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be avoided.
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lex breaking news at the top of the hour. police have been searching for a suspect to ran inside a school building. we are told all the students are save after brief lockdown before eventually being dismissed. we will continue to monitor the search for any more development. jury selection is almost complete in the trial of george huguely. he is accused of killing his girlfriend, cockeysville native yeardley love. we will take you to charlottesville for the latest on the trial, coming at new at 6:00. >> the former pastor of a montgomery county church has pleaded guilty to sex crimes. his victim a 10-year-old girl. jo ivey retired as senior pastor of the barnes bill back to church. that is when u.s. charged with having sexual contact with the girl over two years, starting in
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january 2009. prosecutors are recommending he serve four years in prison as part of a plea deal. charges of second-degree assault and charges of abuse with a minor were dropped. >> a new report shows the federal government is wasting billions of dollars of taxpayer funds every year. >> sally kidd has more on the story. >> when it comes to paying the bills, the federal government just cannot get it right, according to the government accountability office. >> the biggest challenge is trying to categorize the different types of improper payments and identify the root causes. >> the amounts are staggering. 2011, federal agencies made more than $115 billion worth of improper payments. year after year the government continues to make expensive mistakes, overpaying,
5:33 pm
underpaying, sending money to the rahm recipients, including prison inmates, delinquent contractors, even dead people. >> the government is a mess. >> this is just another example of why people feel so disconnected from washington, d.c it in other is a problem, why don't you fix it? >> the obama administration says is working hard to fix it and says agencies reduce the amount of proper payments by $5 billion last year. >> the trend was for a few years ago -- in a row of increasingly proper payments. improper payments are on the decline. >> the administration acknowledges it is not enough, more needs to be done. a bill working its way through the senate would maintain certain steps including the creation of a do not pay a list that would like ineligible
5:34 pm
recipients. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> there is a compacted search going on tonight for survivors after yesterday's deadly earthquake in the philippines -- a complicated search. >> they are running out of coffins. >> to make teachers at los angeles could have been erected -- have been arrested for sexual assault. agree on them changing all the teachers. >> that is ahead as we are covered in the nation. -- covering the nation.
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geico. ah... fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent oh dear... or more on car insurance. >> tonight the search continues for victims after 6.7 magnitude earthquake rocked the philippines yesterday, killing dozens of people. rescuers digging for survivors have only found bodies, with the deaths told standing at 22. the mayor of one town said the town may run out of coffins.
5:38 pm
to the aidy's coming of rescue workers so medicine and food can be flown into the worst hit villages. tensions mounting between egyptian officials and lumec -- u.s. lawmakers. the u.s. has threatened to cut off more than $1.30 billion in annual aid to egypt because of a crackdown on egyptian and for non-profit groups promoting democracy and human rights. the military chooses groups of using foreign funding to stir up unrest. the crisis escalated on sunday when egyptian authorities referred employees to trial, among them the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. >> to managers were arrested on allegations of sex abuse with student -- two teachers were arrested. it stems from accusations that the educators, who have worked with the school system for
5:39 pm
decades each, have been committing a lewd acts with their students. school officials say removing the entire staff is necessary. >> i think it is very important that the actions that we are taking not be seen as a condemnation of an entire staff. au contraire. the actions that we are taking our try -- quite contrary. we are trying to determine if there are individuals who have done something wrong. >> classes were canceled today and wednesday. a new staff will report on thursday. a new school is under construction that does not have any students. estimates are in and it looks like up to a million people attended the parade for the new york giants' super bowl win. new york mayor michael bloomberg gave the giants the key to the city. sanitation crews with hand-held
5:40 pm
vacuums ready to suck up the piles of confetti that rained down on broadway, adding up to about 40 tons of paper. the giants beat the new england patriots on sunday, and returning home yesterday, they were greeted by a very enthusiastic fans at new york airport. don't the new york giants already have keys to the city? >> a familiar aroma will soon be going through the air at the inner harbor. >> along with that familiar smell we will see some big names and celebrities. we'll have details in consumer alert. >> it is a reunion two years in the making. i am kim dacey and i will tell you about the circumstances that brought all these people together. >> a cold front pushing south of baltimore this evening and a storm tracking along that front eagle the chance for some wintry weather. the forecast coming up. 52 right now at the airport, 64
5:41 pm
downtown. downtown.
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>> i am rod daniels live in the 11 newsroom. a new twist in that robocalls case against political consultant julius henson. why another robocalls case is now the center of debate. plus the debate over increase in the state gas tax. what state comptroller peter franchot has to say about the governor's proposal. these stories and more when you [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant
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x. i don't know if you are a member two years ago, we were all digging out from snowmageddon. getting to the hospital was quite a challenge. we caught up with all the people who played a role in bringing it may be ilan -- baby milan into the world. >> it is a reunion two years in the making for the cut or family of columbia. >> we are thankful and grateful to them. >> tiffany was pregnant with their daughter and her water broke early in the morning on february 6, 2010, as the infamous snowmageddon blizzard was dumping several feet of snow across the state. they set out for the hospital in their four-wheel-drive truck but got stuck. >> i was watching the digital clock in the truck and counting my contractions.
5:45 pm
the timing between the contractions. >> they called an ambulance, but that got stuck in this note -- that got stuck in the snow, too. >> i had the medical equipment with me and we were not sure if she was an active labor or not, so i was trying to get there as fast as i could. as you can imagine, 2 feet of snow is difficult anywhere. >> nobody believes the story when you tell them. >> the dad realized he had to do something to get his wife to the hospital. he trudged through the snow, looking for help when he came across a columbia snowplow crew. >> when he ran all the way up from the street, you know it is pretty serious when someone runs three-quarters of a mile in 2-foot snow. we got in the truck and off we went. >> the they plowed their way to the colors and that night, milan was born.
5:46 pm
she just celebrated her second birthday and the colors are happy to say thank-you to those who helped bring her into the world -- the cutler's are happy to say thank you. >> they are real heroes. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> today she is about as tall as that snow was in deep, so it is starting to even out. we may have a little snow here tomorrow. nothing like that when two years ago. the temperatures now do not feel like snow is on the way. around 50 degrees in baltimore, 49 in parkville, 54 downtown right now. martin state airport checking in at 52. to the north of us it is considerably colder, 18 upper ground marquette, michigan, 38 as close as pittsburg. -- 18 up around marquette,
5:47 pm
michigan. the front will continue to push farther south into virginia tonight, allowing the cold to the north to settle in. the west winds have already turned to the north and northeast. the sun went down at 5:34. the front has come out of pennsylvania and slid south of us into northern virginia. this area of low pressure tracks along that front, producing wintry conditions. while it has not been cold enough for snow, it slides in just-in-time. on hd doppler we see green on the radar screen indicating rain with a little bit of snow on the parts of northern illinois. a mixed bag of precipitation starting to develop on the border between illinois and indiana. that is all aimed deal easton will be arriving here around midday tomorrow. but the evening rush hour, we
5:48 pm
expect to have some snow in the northern suburbs. it looks like the evening rush hour tomorrow will be the tricky one. we are not estimating any problems for the morning rush- hour at all. it will linger until 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow night. thursday morning should be all right. thursday we expect a lot of sunshine and the same thing friday. right now the best chance for snowfall accumulation, nw into harford county, northern baltimore, carol, and frederick county. they could have a 1-3 inch snowfall. as it gets out down toward annapolis and points out, some rain will be mixed and so snowfall accumulations are not expected to be significant down there. even though you won't see the sun through the clouds, the sun's rays get through, and it will probably melt the snow on contact before it starts to stick as the sun gets lower in the sky toward evening.
5:49 pm
ways of 1-to feed on the bay tomorrow. -- waves of 1-2 feet. we are back to 50 by friday. it will turn sharply colder on the weekend. the chance of snow flurries of saturday and sunday. -- both saturday and sunday. >> and new business returning to the inner harbor and bringing a familiar aroma. mccormick and company will launch its first retail company called of the world of flavors. the new location will be steps away from the side of the former mccormack plant and headquarters that closed in late 1989. they are planning a retail outlet with cooking demonstrations and celebrity chefs. there will be interactive educational displays to allow visitors to determine a personal flavor profile. tire and auto centers around the state are recruiting for new
5:50 pm
positions tonight. the national tire and battery association is hosting a two-day job fair in towson. it will last through tomorrow in conjunction with merchants tire and auto along york road. positions include store managers, service managers, auto technicians, sales associates throughout the baltimore and dc metro areas. h.r. managers will be on-site conducting interviews. good luck to you. another big designer is joining forces with a target. jason wu is launching a and it is already selling out online. we take a closer look in tonight's consumer alert. >> the man who sparked a fashion frenzy after michelle obama were one of his downs to the inaugural ball in 2009 is now taking his high in the brand to
5:51 pm
target. >> his pieces are sophisticated and unique and we wanted to bring that designed to our guest at a great price. >> it is 850-piece collection labeled jason wu for target. -the big price tag. >> this is the entry price point, $19.95. >> it will run between $20.60 dollars with tote bag selling for $40, and an entire outfit like this one under $100. >> target will only offer the collection through march 6, telling their customers that if they like something, they better get it while it is hot. the target collection is already creating quite a buzz, even among shoppers who are not familiar with the face on the label. >> are really do like them, and i did not know who notwu was
5:52 pm
before the -- guide did not know who jason -- i did not know who jason wu was before the commercial. >> the last time target brought in a high-end designer, it caused its website to crash. >> we have teams working around- the-clock to ensure our guests have a great shopping experience, but in the store and online. >> they want customers to remember that you can look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. >> target is not the first discount store to partner with celebrity and luxury designers. h &m has record teamed up with designers as well. the maryland mva is allowing residents to opt out of paper notices.
5:53 pm
if only half of the notices are sent by e-mail, it could pay -- could save more than $450,000 a year. for more information, go to our website, >> 10 people from the greater baltimore area are getting a year's worth of free coffee and donuts for the important role they play in the community. it is part of the dunkin donuts thanks to you program which awards local community heroes. among those nominated were community volunteers, teachers, members of the military, and police heroes. the 10 local heroes also received a check for $250. as we prepare for a second trial into the 2010 robocalls controversy, questions are being raised about the prosecution's motive.
5:54 pm
details coming up, new at 6:00. >> a special ship comes to baltimore. baltimore. that story, comi
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> a special shipping as visiting baltimore right now. the greenpeace rainbow warrior is a sailing ship like no other. >> it is the newest ship in the greenpeace fleet. the 190-foot sailing ship rainbow warrior was designed and built in germany and is one of the greenest ships in the world. >> in terms of how modern this
5:57 pm
is, it is one of the few sailing ships that has a heliport, which we are standing on right here. it will have four sales win it is up and running. it is incredibly efficient. most of the time we are just using wind power. getting ready to reset a sale that was in the shop for some repairs. >> greenpeace's an organization that is devoted to protecting the world's environment. >> the mission of the ship is to protect the world's environment. we work to protect whales, forests, and we work to fight climate change. the ship will be used throughout the world. >> the crew comes from all over the world. >> i was a teacher in finland and i thought i want to do more. if i knew the best way to save the planet, i would be there, but i think this is the best thing i can think of right now. >> the captain, peter wilcox, has been with greenpeace since
5:58 pm
1981. >> it is the first time we have had the chance to build and bought -- designed a boat from the ground up. in the past we have taken existing boats and try to make them meet our needs. this time we started from scratch. >> while we were on board, the .rew was busy putting up a salsl >> he will lash it into position. then we will roll it up. >> how high is it? >> the mass or about 180 ft. this is the tallest boats that have ever taken under the bay bridge here in annapolis. >> it will go to north carolina, then to four, then on to the amazon. >> a very impressive ship. here is a look at what is coming of new at 6:00. >> gop presidential candidates face another round of contests, but will it make a difference?
5:59 pm
we will take a closer look. >> political consultant julius henson ask, why pick on me and not a different robocalls and a different race? >> the state's top tax collector takes aim at the gas tax. he condemns it. details, straight ahead. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. the big story tonight, the debate over the state's gas tax is raging on. >> state comptroller peter franchot says raising the gas tax is a bad idea and he held a roundtable discussion today on that issue. david collins was there and joins us live from annapolis with the latest. >> not only does the state comptroller consider raising the gas tax a bad idea, but he considers efforts to protect the transportation trust fund pure fantasy. the state's top tax collector the state's top tax collector believes


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