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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the program. >> state attorney general outlined the $950 million that maryland will get in a multistate mortgage settlement. >> almost one trillion dollars to people who are either on the brink of being foreclosed on or are under water. there is another pool of money that go to money that have already been foreclosed on. >> it is the largest of its kind in maryland history. the biggest part of the money will go to homeowner relief programs. wells fargo, bank of america, citibank, j.p. morgan chase and others have agreed to the settlement in response to the nationwide investigation into the mortgage servicing practices. >> there will be fewer houses in the pool and the economy can start to turn around.
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>> if you would like to follow clan, the process is pretty easy. all you have to do is call the state attorney general's office. 410-576-6300. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> after nearly a week of deliberations, the jury has done the inmate lee edward stevens guilty of first-degree murder. he was convicted in the stabbing death of corbeil david guion. he could become the first person sentenced to death under guidelines.first -- bu -- the stabbing death of corporal david guinn a homicide in northwest baltimore happened shortly before 11:00 on however
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for road. police said that out an adult male suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the victim has not been identified and there is no possible word of motive or suspects. >> mayor stephanie rawlings lake is defending the way she has used the city's skybox at m&t bank stadium after request reif -- after a request forced the guest list to become public. the city's docks which is owed by taxpayers -- the mayor demanded jack young give back his tickets. now the guest list for the box and the whole season is public, following a request we made it even before the flak over young's ticket. all are able to use the skybox,
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and it parking at no charge. in an interview, the mayor said she sees no problem, and even scoffed at the mention of the word perks. >> the city use of that box is something for you personally or for the good of the city. >> is something for the good of the city and i personally on my team choose to attend. >> will have much more of that interview at 6:00 at all code -- also details about who used to the box. plus, another group says the mayor is making a poor choice and needs to make a change. >> of." police have identified the woman killed in a head-on crash wednesday afternoon in perry hall. it was breaking news yesterday. police say she was driving south on bellaire road when her car
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sideswiped an suv before crashing into another car. she was pronounced dead on the scene and the driver of the other vehicle was taken to shock trauma. >> police are searching for one man they believe was behind two daylight burglaries. they believe he it stole property and sold it at pawnshops in baltimore county and baltimore city. police believe he has been driving a black lincoln similar to the one in this photograph. 1al2707 is the license number. anyone with information on this should call metro crimestoppers. >> we have not had a chance to look at these kind of pictures all winter long. you can see those are not
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allowed -- those are not clouds, that is no cover. north and west of baltimore, anywhere from 1/2 inch up to 2 inches especially in the higher terrain of frederick and carroll counties. there was a little bit of winter weather around here. temperatures rebounded with lots of sunshine. temperatures in the western maryland towns are still below freezing. maybe a little more snow coming this way this weekend. details in the forecast, coming up. >> more than a date -- more than a decade after president bush signed the note trollop behind tax, president obama recognize an opt out by 10 states. j. gray has the latest. >> there is a new lesson plan for a handful of states when it comes to the controversial requirement of the no child left behind law. >> what is happening to them?
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>> this afternoon, president obama granted a waiver to 10 states, releasing them from the strict requirements of the current law, but still forcing them to show viable plan for improving education. >> if you are willing to set higher, more on a standards than the ones set by no child left behind, we are going to give you the flexibility to meet those standards. >> critics call it unrealistic deadlines, but 29 other states are considering waiver request. many lawmakers and educators say it is the only way to meet everyone's goals of smarter students and a stronger schools. >> it lets us get to where we need to be without the unrealistic requirements of notes todd left behind and the stigma of what have of our schools consider failing schools.
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>> the united states is no work close to the original intent of no doubt left behind -- no child left behind. >> this is not a one-year project. this is not a to-your project. this will take some time, but we can get it done -- this is not a two-year project. >> some say the nation's great when it comes to education is still an incomplete. >> meanwhile, maryland state school officials said they will apply this month for a waiver of some portion of the no child left behind act. >> under current state law, some cancer patients are forced to pay out of pocket for oral medications used to treat their illnesses. tonight patients and doctors in annapolis are demanding change. >> a new list of health guidelines kicks off today.
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more on that in tonight's medical alert. >> the morning after pill in a vending machine? one university is considering it. we will tell you which one in a live report.
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x a controversial move that towson university. the morning after pill may be coming to campus vending machines. >> it is not a done deal yet, but the bottom line, the goal is to prevent pregnancy and protect privacy. towson university health officials are looking into getting to the morning after pill is and what you would get a candy bar or even a bottle of soda. >> it is kind of weird to think about having it in a vending machine. >> the university is looking into installing a vending machine which would dispense the emergency contraceptive pill plan be during business hours. it comes on the heels of another university where
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officials have made the pill available to students threat on campus vending machine at the campus center. >> now that it is over the counter, people can go to a pharmacy, but that is not convenient to a lot of students who live on campus and don't have transportation. so a vending machine could solve that issue. >> health officials say plan b can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy is taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex and is available over the counter without prescription for women over the age of 17. currently, towson university students who are in need of the pill will have to make an appointment with campus health officials and discussed the use of the plan. with the vending machine, it would make the process less of a hassle and also protect privacy. >> you don't even need to tell anybody.
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>> university officials anticipate some backlash from the community about the vending machine, but at the end of the day, they just want to promote safe sex and prevent unwanted pregnancy on campus. >> this is one of the reasons the name of it is plan b period if plan a doesn't work, there is another plan to prevent pregnancy. >> the vending machine cost anywhere from 1200 to $2,500. that also have to consider how it would be funded and how profitable it would be for the university overall. >> now to the trial of a former lacrosse player accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. testimony from the first police responders described a chaotic and bloody scene. the jury got a firsthand look at some of that evidence. lowell melser has some of the latest from charlottesville. >> another day of tough
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testimony for yeardley love's family and the jury, as jury members get their first view of some very graphic photos from the crime scene. this as a summer romance from yeardley love of the past takes the stand. portis timonium for her family and friends as a number of police officers and emergency personnel -- it was the first time jury members got a close look at some of the more graphic pictures of yeardley love and her injuries. the lead e. mt to arrive at her home the night she was found dead told the court about 25 minutes had passed before he was instructed by uva medical officials to stop resuscitation. this as pictures of shown -- were shown of himself and others working on her as her lifeless and body lay on the floor. more rapid voters were shown as a detective described it -- --
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more graphic photos were shown as a detective described the scene. the detective also recalled one of the mt's tell him that the toilet seat was up in her bathroom, indicating that a male might have been in her room before she was found dead. it was said that they hoped up from time to time, apparently while glove was seeing in george huguely. he testified that he heard yelling for help from huguely's apartment. he said when he opened the door, he found huguely with his arm wrapped around love's neck, choking her. huguely then let her go and she ran out of the room crying. others testified that huguely was drunk less than 24 hours before her death, after attending a father-son golf
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tournament. >> by his senior year, they said huguely was getting drunk four times a week and was only getting worse. they were also thinking about an intervention. the day after this thought, love was found dead and huguely was arrested. >> one maryland lawmaker says teenager should be denied access to indoor tanning beds. this afternoon, the senator presented the bill which would create -- prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from using an electric tanning bed. he points to his own battle with colon cancer and says teenagers do not have the wherewithal to truly consider the risks associated with ultraviolet light emitted by the devices. right now in maryland, minors can tan if they have parental permission. new york's fashion week kicks off tonight with the renewed
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focus on the help of runway models, in particular, eating disorders. the council of fashion designers of america came up with a new initiative, with guidelines suggesting that models get professional help and be asked to stop modeling. the guidelines a model should be at least 16 years old to participate. new evidence suggests that cesarean section deliveries of very small babies may not be the best thing for them, and actually increase the risk of greek -- of bleeding problems. experts now say c-section babies have a 30% higher risk of respiratory distress syndrome. doctors say there is something about the contractions of labor and going through the birth canal that allows extra fluid in the baby's lungs to be squeezed out. >> when they are borne by see section, they don't have that time, and many times the lungs or does not quite ready.
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>> while they are medically necessary in some cases, maternal feel medicine specialists said the new research may change the way doctors to the delivery of tiny babies. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. mix gotrday's wintry out and sunshine return across the area today. temperatures warmed up pretty nicely and the satellite imagery continues to show clear skies for now. these are not precipitation producing clouds, but high clouds that will likely spread over our region as we head for the evening. it will be a clear to partly cloudy night. it has been more of a normal day to day as far as temperatures go. 45 at the airport. 44 is normal. we are already in that slow climb out of the deep cold of winter. seven below zero on this date
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in february in 1934. across the region this evening, temperatures are steadily back to the low and mid-40's. chellie out west, around baltimore clear early evening and then partly cloudy. loads ranging from 23-30. this is the first son of an approaching storm, a two-part system that will come through -- the first sign of an approaching storm. we will watch this area of low pressure coming out of the southern rockies and pushing toward the texas panhandle. this will come by our south early friday, then a blast of cold air coming out of canada. part of that is beginning to comes out. you can see that just about ticket across the canadian border and some of that arctic air will come rushing south and east on saturday. the arctic front will arrive on saturday. that will make the weekend feel kind of entry.
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tomorrow, cloudy to partly cloudy, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. maybe our rain or snow shower in the evening. that gets off the coast saturday morning with some rain or snow clearing. additional snow showers into saturday evening. temperatures will fall sharply in cult -- sunday will be a cold day around here. the western maryland mountains, good news for the ski resorts. the snow and cold are coming back. increasing cloudiness around baltimore tomorrow morning. rain and snow showers in the evening. no weather problems anticipated with any snow showers that develop during the day tomorrow. the bay water temperature is starting to inch up again, 42-43 degrees. flurries and snow showers tomorrow evening in the mountains, snow showers accumulating a few inches on saturday with a high of only about 19 in the mountains on saturday. prepare for cold weather if you
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are going up into the mounds to do some skiing. flurries on saturday with a high around 40. 45 on saturday, rain and snow showers on saturday. the windy, cold day with 30's for the high at the beaches on sunday. we go from mild weather tomorrow to colder temperatures on saturday and chilly on sunday. the high on sunday only in the 30's. we will stay in the low 40's on monday. >> some people actually dread the jury duty process, but it is about to become easier to deal with in baltimore city. >> court officials are changing the way they deal with prospective jurors. >> after 32 years of marriage, and has been still finds a way to surprise his wife. >> a top-level u.s. education official made the rounds of the
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carroll county high school.
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dax a kerlikowske high tech career program is turning heads in washington and could be used -- a carrolltowne tea high tech career program could be used as a national model. -- a carroll county high tech career program. >> the program has helped to train thousands of high school students and has gotten a makeover. students at the carroll county career and technology center gave top federal education officials a crash course in manufacturing and machine technology. >> you draw a program on the computer, then take the card and put it in here and i will make
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it. >> you have to spray painted, but you cannot do that in there. you clean it out, sand it. >> a top u.s. education official had a tour of the school and was impressed by what she learned. >> we have to make sure that those working with industry are very responsive to the needs of industry. you have to have the same equipment in schools that they will find in the workplace. >> the program has gotten high marks as the first high school to receive accreditation from the national institute of metalworking skills. >> the programs are nationally certified. students are learning regarding those national credentials. credits aren't college at the high-school level. -- they are earning college credits. >> they can take a raw piece of metal and make a finished park
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that meets specifications. >> they are also landing top manufacturing jobs after graduation. >> i have been working for over a year now, and i love what i do. >> that is what school officials have in mind from the time they first show up for class. >> it is really where we want to be in public education across maryland. it is what we are doing here in carol county creek >> careers that start out in learning centers like this one. today's cantor is one in this is series of nationwide visits to lookdax model education programs -- today's tour is one in a series. >> baltimore city jury selection process is about to undergo some changes. it is all designed to make things easier for you. starting monday, prospective jurors can go on line to fill out the questionnaires, rather than mail them back into the
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courthouse. circuit court officials say they want to make jury duty as easy as possible. >> a very well-known face in anne arundel county will soon be laid to rest. >> we are learning how annapolis plans to say goodbye to former mayor who dennis callahan. >> the case of law catching up with a medical breakthrough, and what it could m
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>> live, local, late-breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 with dan stovall, donna
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hamilton, your forecast with tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 continues now. >> supporting a measure that increases access to current trent -- cancer treatment medications. it requires insurance companies to cover oral anti-cancer medication. >> the sometimes costly medications are considered a standard for a number of cancer treatments, but many insurance companies force patients to pay for it themselves. david collins joins us live from annapolis with more. i know it can get very expensive. >> we heard one figure of about $14,000 a month out of your own pocket. supporters say what are they waiting for? in the words of one lawmaker, this is the case of legislation catching up with madison. cancer patients, doctors, nurses, advocates unite for
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calls to save lives and enhance the quality of life for the terminally ill. >> the act is named after the late wife of senator james mathias. they are paying out-of-pocket costs for oral cancer therapy drugs. >> it does not cover the pill form. some policies cover it under a prescription drug plan, but not all. oral chemotherapy treatment is 6 -- expensive, costing as much as $12,000 a month, putting families in financial turmoil. >> it was just survival. we were going to do anything to get my wife the treatment, to get her what she needed. >> it requires carriers to cover oral anti-cancer jobs -- and drugs without imposing co-
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payments. >> this is simply truth in advertising. people sign up for their health insurance and will cover cancer care. >> doctor said they are finding that pills were better than chemo injection's and patients notice of better quality of life. >> it might only take half a dose each month. i take to capsules every morning before breakfast. the limitation is i cannot have food for an hour after i take my medication. you compare that against the chemotherapy, the injection process, the stress and the whole works. >> i don't want to die today. i have a whole lot of things to do. >> they respectfully need the benefits of these drugs now. >> when you think about what support you can give, just remember my face. we are the people who need it. >> 12 states including the
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district of columbia passed bills requiring similar coverage. a similar bill was introduced here but was withdrawn before a vote could be taken. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> family, friends, and colleagues are preparing to state it is to say goodbye to the well loved former mayor of annapolis. dennis callahan died wednesday morning of a heart attack in his suburban home. visitation is scheduled for 2 clot-5:00 p.m. -- chilcot-i've got. a memorial service is scheduled for monday morning at 10:00 a.m. mr. callahan was 70 years old. -- to clot-bought a plot. >> george huguely was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love, from cockeysville. police officer said they responded to what they thought was an alcohol over dos --
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overdose when they found her body next to her bed with a bloody and bruised face. they said they concluded she was a victim of an act of violence. officials at towson university are considering installing a vending machine for the morning after pill on campus. the university in pennsylvania added the machine on their campus. university officials tell us they do anticipate some backlash, but they are committed to promoting safe sex and preventing unwanted pregnancies. maryland will soon receive $960 million as part of a landmark deal between the federal government and mortgage lenders. the nation's five largest banks will now pay their share in the housing crisis. it will provide immediate relief to homeowners in need of assistance. the large size of the maryland
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share illustrates the many instances of foreclosure in the state. >> the pentagon has relaxed rules and will now allow women in the military to get even closer to combat. women only serve in non-combat roles. it also paves the way for more changes in the future. >> of the nation's 1.5 million active-duty military personnel, 217,000 are women. now, they could be a site closer to combat than ever before. >> they have an expanding number of roles on and off the battlefield. these changes will allow them to accomplish even more. >> the pentagon is recommending women be allowed to serve in job closer to the front lines. >> these positions will now expand to all qualified people,
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regardless of gender. greg some say this is just the pentagon kept it up with reality, that after a decade of war in iraq and afghanistan, women have paid the ultimate price, too. >> in the regular kind of warfare we have been engaged in in the last 10 years, there is no frontline. everybody any place, even driving to the airport, is in danger. >> more than 140 women have lost their lives to serving in the two wars. another 860 have been wounded. defense officials say the new rules will still mean " women car barred from serving in infantry and special operations units, which critics do not understand. -- would still mean women are barred from serving in interested. still on the table for future review, whether women should serve in combat positions.
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>> coming up, a sailboat carrying two men and a child thinks miles off the coast of hawaii. that tale of survival, up next. >> 10 states no longer have to comply with no child left behind. find out why they received waivers and other state
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x as fighting continues in syria, the death toll is said to be in the hundreds from a six- day assault in one city. basic supplies of food and medicine are in very low quantities and government forces try to crush pockets of violent resistance. european countries want to tighten sanctions but they have been warned not to interfere. cairo says it will hold a session to explore other diplomatic initiatives that can bring an end to the conflict
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without further military intervention. the biggest leak in classified information in history, private first class bradley man faces a general court-martial on nearly two dozen counts, including aiding the enemy. he could be a key -- he could be imprisoned for of life. the rain is now planned for february 23. >> canadian family is really lucky to be alive after their sailboats engine overheated off the coast of hawaii. high waves caused to the vessels to collide. all passengers were thrown into the pacific ocean. an hour-and-a-half later, rescuers were able to reach the overboard passengers and drag them to the ship's ladder. >> those single cup coffee brewers may be convenient, but tonight there is an -- a recall
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if you want to know about. >> we will tell you what the problem is. >> plus, your heating bill will be significantly smaller this year, and not just because of the mild winter. >> maybe some snow coming our way. the forecast is straight ahead.e
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>> hundreds of millions of dollars are heading to maryland. how victims of the foreclosure crisis will benefit from a landmark settlement reached by officials. " first responders and what they encountered when they arrive at the apartment of yeardley love and the graphic images shown
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x the powerball top price soars above $300 million. lottery officials say five players in five states came close to matching five of the six numbers. none of the tickets were bought in maryland, but a number of people are trying their luck. a $128 million ticket was sold back in december. here is a look at the winning numbers. the powerball was 33. the jackpot times to $331 million for saturday night's drawing. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer.
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>> a little bit of snow on the ground, a fresh coating in some spots north of here. cold temperatures around the mid atlantic and northeast this morning. suggs 0 readings in the adirondacks and parts of new england. 15 below zero in caribou, maine. 22 in boston. we were just below the freezing point officially at bwi marshall. lots of sunshine throughout the day has produced a pretty normal afternoon temperatures for february 9. temperatures will clock tonight into the 20's and low 30's in most areas -- will cool off tonight. in central maryland, temperatures are dropping in to the upper 30's and lower 40's. the same thing down toward ocean city. we will pick up some high clouds as the night wears on. overnight lows ranging from 23- 30 degrees. the sun went down at 5:36.
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the leading edge of a storm is racing across the southern part of the plains states. this will be moving south of us tomorrow night and bring the chance of rain and snow showers tomorrow night. an arctic front from canada will sweep through here saturday night. a blast of cold and more snow showers over the weekend. the system in the texas panhandle is pushing precipitation for northwest arkansas. it will be here pretty quickly over the course of the next 24 hours or so. the futurecast shows a sunny sark -- sunday start to our friday. rain and snow showers will develop by early evening. it will be mild during the day so we do not anticipate any rush-hour problems tomorrow. light rain and snow showers may bring a coating of rain in early saturday morning and more
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substantial snow showers saturday evening. we could pick up a couple of inches of snow in the colder areas on brassier surfaces. we will see some sunshine and snow continues in the mountains on sunday. it will be the coldest we have seen in a while. developing in the nighttime hours at low pressure system passes to the south. a good weekend for skiing, but a cold one. the high in the mountains saturday only 19. by evening, the chance for rain showers, and later friday night a snow shower. down around ocean city, cloudy tomorrow but a mild day before scattered rain and snow showers move across the beach on saturday. the forecast, only getting to 40 with snow showers on saturday. when being called on sunday with a high of 36.
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-- windy and cold on sunday. >> pepsico will be laying off 8700 people over the next two years. the announcement came down this morning. the plan will spread through 30 countries and less than 2000 of the lost jobs will be here in the united states. a recent report said the economy gained jobs, knocking down the unemployment rate to 8.3%. the drop in heating costs is attributed to warmer weather and falling commodity prices for natural gas and electricity. from november to march, the typical residential gas customers will be paying just over $480 in heating costs, down from $580 last year.
5:50 pm
delmarva power reports 10% decrease in electricity use in the month of december. if he is the single cup coffee makers, you want to listen to this portrai. there is a recall after 140 reports of incidents where they sprayed, the grounds and tea leaves onto users. another single cup coffee maker is making headlines tonight. keurig is being criticized
5:51 pm
because the council cannot be recycled. -- the capsules cannot be recycled. >> these single use coffeemakers are very popular around the office or for people on the go, but the cups cannot be recycled. tons of paper, glass, and plastic run along this conveyor belt every hour, but they don't want any of those coffee capsules. >> all it does is create more and more waste. >> it has to be sent to the landfill and not in the recycling bin. what is the problem? the plastic cups themselves could be recycled, but there is more to these capsules than meets the eye. a plastic cup is lined with a heat sealed paper filter and
5:52 pm
topped with lined aluminum foil. when they are fused together, they create a problem for the sorting facility. everything in the cups is recyclable, but you put them all together in one item, it is real problem. >> in this configuration, it is does not an easy thing to do. it is not impossible, but it is impractical to try to recycle those things. >> keurig is aware of the problem and says it is looking for greener alternatives. >> very interesting. the company that invented the digital camera back in 1975 is leaving the digital camera business. eastman kodak is stopping production of digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital
5:53 pm
frames. the company filed for bankruptcy protection last month and is now focusing on more profitable lines of business instead. >> tickets to ravens games are hard to come by this season, but perhaps not if you are friends with the mayor. our investigation uncovered some ethical questions about use of the mayor's skybox. first, a valentine's day gift for a local woman who gets a personal preview of this weekend's concert at the symphony hall. that story's coming up.
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x a special weekend up performances friday with the baltimore symphony orchestra. one lucky lady got a special sneak peek. could she got a private concert thanks to the valentine's competition. jennifer franciotti explains. >> it is a huge surprise for bobby, who instead of going into a staff meeting, got a serenade. sweet, funny valentine, you make me smile >> a special performance in catonsville. he is the prize from an essay contest for the baltimore symphony orchestra, won by
5:57 pm
bobbie's husband dan. >> i did not expect this kind of response from it. >> he wanted to do something special for his wife, a mental- health professional cui credits with helping of their beautiful family. he said she always put the others before herself. it is a mix of classic and contemporary, even some originals. this year's event is a first. >> i have done a lot of things, but this does it -- this is a first, for sure. the performances this weekend is part of the valentine celebration. bobbie says this is dan's best
5:58 pm
surprise. >> after 42 years, we are just fine. >> that is so sweet. she looks like she was kind of embarrassed. >> that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> emotional testimony here at the george huguely murder trial as a summary of romance from yeardley love's pass takes the stand. i will have that story coming up. >> the landmark settlement that could help thousands of homeowners. the details, straight ahead. >> hear what the mayor says about questions about how she used the city skybox at football games. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00.
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>> there are no governing rules, so i make it available to people as suggested by my senior team could >> baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said she is doing nothing wrong and how she uses the city skybox at m&t bank stadium. that is our big story tonight. a request from us forced the skybox the guest list to become public. >> jayne miller is live in the newsroom with more on the story. >> taxpayers on the skybox the city gets to use at m&t bank stadium, but the guest list this past season is loaded with the mayor's family, friends, and even our political operatives. the mayor's response? ravens games are a tough ticket ravens games are a tough ticket for


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