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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this morning on "early today," fed up at the pump. president obama defends his energy policy as gas prices rise toward record highs. close call. a brazilian rescue chopper touches down moments before falling apart. and lobster legend. maine's monster 27-pou catch is set free. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning.
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i'm lynn berry. drivers around the country are feeling the pain at the pump with gas prices at record highs for this time of year and still going up. meanwhile, president obama is defending his policies against his republican challengers. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: there was a rude wake-up call for commuters across the country. >> that's ridiculous. that is ridiculous. >> reporter: the price of gas jumped dramatically overnight. >> we are seeing gas prices higher than a month ago. >> reporter: and experts say it's only going to get worse. >> it certainly is not a good hashinrbinger of things to come prices as we head into the spring and summer when we know prices tend to rise. >> reporter: during an energy policy speech in miami where, by the way, the price at the pump has hit the $4 mark, president obama said the ultimate fix is finding alternatives to gas. >> we can't just allow ourselves to be held hostage to the ups and downs of the world oil
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market. we have to keep developing new sources of energy. we have got to develop new technology that helps us use less energy. >> reporter: but until that happens, the only answer for some is to pull to the side of the road. nationwide, gasoline usage is at an 11-year low and the national oil supply is up significantly. so why does the price continue to climb? well, analysts say it's a global issue. >> we are seeing tensions in iran, we are seeing -- we are watching the economic situation in greece. all of these feeding that -- feeding the prices that are going up. >> reporter: and fueling frustrations. >> it is outrageous. i don't know what we can do about it. we can't boycott. we need our cars and we need to get around and it's the necessary evil, i'm afraid. have to prepare for the worst. >> reporter: preparing for the worst, a long summer of high prices at the pump.
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rick santorum appears to be gaining on mitt romney in popularity with republican women. even though santorum opposes contraception and abortion, a new poll from "the washington post" and abc news found that santorum is now seen favorably by 57% of gop women. that's a 13-point gain since january. but santorum still trails romney by four points in the favorability ratings with female republicans. to afghanistan. u.s. soldiers and afghan police are bracing for another day of protests. two american soldiers and eight afghans were killed during protests thursday. the two americans were killed by an afghan soldier as hundreds of protesters tried to take over a u.s. base. the demonstration follow accidental burning of koran by u.s. troops at bagram air force base north of kabul. president obama has apologized to the afghan people for the incident and says the u.s. will
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take steps to avoid any recurrence. here is a look at some of the other stories making news early today in america. some scary moments for customers after a pickup truck smashed right into the front of a convenience store there. the truck came in so fast, anyone inside didn't even have time to run. luckily, that man right in the path of the truck only suffered minor injuries. police say the driver may have suffered some kind of medical condition right before the crash. kansas family is giving new meaning to the term yard sale. look at that! their entire backyard was transformed to resemble a town right out of the old west! pretty cool. and it can be yours. the man who built it is putting as on ebay and craigslist. the asking price? $20,000. the tale of a lobster that isn't just huge. also lucky. no kidding. a 27-pound lobster was accidentally caught by a shrimp fisherman in the gulf of maine.
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they usually weigh in at just over one pound. the fisherman turned over the lobster, nicknamed rocky, to the state aquarium for inspection, but don't get your butter out yet, bill. don't expect to see rocky at your local seafood place. he has been set free and back in the water to live out his days. the end. now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is meteorologist bill karins with a look at the forecast. i love how you're pretending you never east one-pound lobster and 27-pound lobster! >> the heavier they are, the longer they have lived. i don't mind taking the young juvenile. >> okay! you'll get some serious phone calls from peta. >> the older one, set it free. put your crackers and bib down. good morning, everyone. talking snow in the great lakes all the way through new england as we go throughout the morning. we have had a period of snow overnight in areas of iowa put down a couple of inches.
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a little disappointing in the chicago area. yesterday, we were thinking possibly 6 to 8 inches and now the forecast is down probably only looking somewhere 3 to 4 by the time it's all said and done. the moderate snow is in the blue. north of interstate 88 and da n davenport, a band over you. it is going to snow and the roads will get slushy and sloppy throughout the heart of the rush hour so a high impact event. light snow in detroit but not too organized right now. looks like the higher snow totals detroit north wards. i think detroit has a chance of 2 to 4 inches but north of detroit up to six. a burst of snow in areas of connecticut and hudson valley. this wasn't the best predicted so just realized snow out there this morning as you head outside. as far as snow accumulations go, northern new england does the best in the mountainous areas.
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everybody else, only a couple of that's a look at the national forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. areas of new england, massachusetts, too, the mass pike i'm sure too. start off with a wintry mix and change to rain during the day. the morning rush shower messy out there so be careful, especially southern new england. a few messy spots out there but, you know, considering it's middle to late winter, you know, everyone can deal with it. >> all right, bill. thanks so much. oil bubbles over. apple talks dividends. and is the maid of the mist a thing of the past? your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. plus, can tyler perry deliver the goods at the box office in his first attempt to shed his signature role? coming up, a scary moment for danica patrick. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. welcome back. i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning. with the crackdown in syria showing no signs of slowing down, the u.s., arab and european nations are expected to deliver an ultimatum today. at a conference they will demand president assad allow humanitarian aid. former u.n. secretary-general kofi annan has been appointed as the u.n. and arab envoy to deal with the crisis. maryland is set to become the eighth state to legal iize marriage who plans to sign it into law this week. in virginia, a bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions has been pulled from consideration for the year. the move comes a day after governor bob mcdonald dropped
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support for a key provision requiring invasive ultrasounds. emotional reaction in court from an alabama man acquitted after being charged with the murder in the drowning death of his newlywed on their honemoon. gabe watson was accused of killing his fiancee tina. the judge said the evidence was sorely lacking. a rescue helicopter began to shake violently and then fall apart upon landing. four people aboard managed to escape without serious injuries. now here is an "early" look at one of your top health headlines on a new study says bird flu may be more common than previously thought, but not as deadly. the world health organization says the h. 5 n 1 virus killed 51 people who become infected and sick enough to go to the hospital but the new study found
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more people who were infected didn't go to hospitals which would mean a lower death rate. for more information on this and other health stories, check out the health page at now here is an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,984, after adding 46 points. the s&p 500 was up five points. the nasdaq gained 23. taking a look at overseas trading this morning. in tokyo, the nikkei was up 51 points. while in hong kong, the hang seng added 25. the dow made another run at 13,000 on thursday, but came up short before the bell. stocks recovered from an early loss, only to come up shy. failing to close above the milestone once again. the blue chips pierced that key 13,000 level three times tuesday. yesterday's momentum was fueled by news that jobless claims did not rise last week.
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and, instead, held steady at a four-year low. however, the day's gains were capped by weak retail earnings from the likes of kohl's dill ards and target and sears missed earnings estimates but shares soared 20% on news it will spin off unprofitable stores and sell others. soaring 78% after federal regulators recommended approval of its weight loss drug kunaxa. despite uptick in crude inventories last week oil rose nearly $10 a barrel. overseas today after settling up more than $1.50 thursday. bailed out insurer aig weighed in with a big quarterly profit and sending shares 3% higher after the bell. protecter & gamble cost cutting plans that will eliminate more than 4,000 jobs. apple shareholders were encouraged to hear that the cash flush company is, quote,
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thinking very deeply about offering dividends this year. it could be the end of 150-year era at niagara falls. the iconic maid of the mist tour boat company has lost its contract to another operator. the maid has a contract on the american side through 2042, but the boats are stored across the border, leaving the company's fate up in the air. coming up, the knicks can't stand the heat. the thunderstorms the lakers. more punting problems for tiger woods. plus, the darling of daytona takes a big hit. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. the weekend forecast will start chilly but a nice warm-up he end. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, controversy in major league baseball as the tables turn for mvp ryan braun. here is fred roggin with an early look at all of your sports headlines. good morning. baseball season about a month away and the brewers ryan braun already picked up a big win. the national league mvp the first player to challenge a drug suspension and have it overturned. braun tested positive for elevated testosterone in october and suspended 50 games. independent arbitrator
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overturned the ruling because the test sample was mishandled during the proving process. the commissioner disagreed with the ruling. braun report with the brewers with in spring training starting today. easily the worst game of his young career. miami's big three dwyane wade, chris bosh and lebron wade scored 20 or more. the heat brought the knicks back down to the earth. thunder gave the lakers fits and busted it wide open in the third. kevin durant a game high 33. oklahoma city won it 100-85. golf back to the drawing board for tiger woods and hitting the fairways and greens and short game has gone south. missed six putts within ten feet of the hole during the second round of the matchplay championship. he would have extended his match against nick watney. tiger is done.
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what else is new? scare for danica patrick yesterday. she walked away from the accident and avoided serious injury thanks to a collapsible wall in the track. despite the crash she qualified for the daytona 500 this weekend and become the third woman to drive in the great american race. >> that is your early look at sports on "early today." have a great weekend. i'm fred roggin. one movie star gets a warning from the producers of this weekend's academy awards. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, a man with an extraordinary place in one of america's most difficult times finally gets his due. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. a look at your weekend forecast. the worst of the drive could be from chicago over towards davenport and snow developing and picking up in central portions of michigan and snow overnight in the hudson valley and areas of southern new england so be careful there. as we go throughout the weekend as that storm leaves, a new storm in the northwest cold and chilly saturday by sunday, though, start to warm it up in areas of the middle of the country and even the eastern seaboard. if you're watching us on whdh, 7 news, in boston, massachusetts, in nearby fitchburg see agricultural crops and much more at the aerial photography at the fitchburg art mutual. welcome back to "early
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that is your "early today" event of the today. it's expected to take in 18 million. act of valor stars actual navy s.e.a.l.s who discover a terror blot. this should command 17 million. paul rudd and jennifer aniston play hippies in "wonder luck." it's expected to take in $11 million. elsewhere it seems snooki are getting unwelcome in a jersey neighborhood. what may be a surprise is the wine shop next door has posted a sign banning them from entering. finally, a public battle is brewing between borak who banned him from attending a sunday's
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ceremony as his character from the upcoming movie the dictator. the funny man says he will post a response to, quote, the academy of motion picture, arts, and science on his movie site later today making his point. this comes to us from wdam 7 to your side in hattiesburg, mississippi, where in nearby foxworth the man believed to be the last american slave has finally received an honor more than 40 years overdue. a headstone was unveiled thursday for sylvester mcgee. he died at the invebcredible agf 130 years old but not a significant grave marker until now. his daughter didn't live to see the day but his grandchildren and great grandchildren were on hand, along with plenty of other people, for the ceremony. i'm lynn berry. this is "early today," your first stop of the day today on your nbc station.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. it will be an active was a day today. some scattered showers and thunderstorms will likely develop later on today. we have a few sprinklers around baltimore. it will be windy and mild. over 40 could gust miles today. upper 60's and low 70's.
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we will come back and talk about the big change over the weekend. >> thank you. 46 degrees on tv hill. the u.s. postal service announced it will close more than 200 processing centers. >> the same-sex marriage bill passes in the senate. >> michigan is a big state with big consequences. a look at the primaries that are coming up. >> we will let you know if there's anything to watch for as there's anything to watch for as you head
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. happy friday. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> some rain overnight. >> i


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