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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. manhunt. authorities in afghanistan search for one of their own policemen in connection with the killing of two senior american officers. nato commanders say the attack will not go unanswered. we're live in kabul with the latest. one tape. two stories. douglas kennedy's accused of having a violent confrontation th nurses at a hospital. he says they were the aggressors. the nurses blame it on him. we'll talk to their attorney. it's hollywood's main event, the academy awards. all eyes will be on tonight's red carpet. we'll see the stars and what they're wearing from the fashion to the oscar predictions.
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we've got it all covered "today," sunday, february 26th, we've got it all covered "today," sunday, february 26th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning, i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe. how you doing? >> i'm great. super. >> oh, gosh, how did you know? it's crazy. >> because you gave us that look that please mention it. >> i wait 365 days to give you that look. >> happy birthday. >> you're so quiet. >> i didn't mention a word this month at all. having a fantastic day. >> a little surprise for you. can you wait? >> only one surprise? >> two surprises. >> for the amount of advertising i've been doing i expect at least 1 1/2. >> this is your day. we'll get to it all. >> let me guess you're going to start. >> i'll start. >> it's really his day. >> we have a lot of news to get to. ear following violence in
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afghanistan. authorities there searching for an afghan police officer tied to saturday's deadly shooting of two american nato officers. we're going to get a live report from kabul in just a moment. the race to the white house is getting down to the wire for gop candidates. with two days to go until the crucial michigan primary, mitt romney and rick santorum are hitting hard and challenging the others' conservative record. we will have analysis of both. >> then an update on nelson mandela. the former south african president is out of the hospital after having a procedure to determine the cause of a stomach problem. we're going to get the latest from south africa and tell you how the 93-year-old is doing this morning. and the oscars are finally here. billy crystal is back after a seven-year hiatus. his song and dance routines are always fun to watch. does he have any new tricks up his sleeve this we're? i assume the answer is yes. >> he'll be doing a tribute to you, in fact, for your birthday. >> as well they should. >> and will sacha baron cohen, aka the dictator, be the scene stealer? he threatened to show up in this character. question is, are they going to
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let him? >> that's been an ongoing story all week. then i had some fun learning to be a flight attendant. i know you're really in to aviation. wait until i'm the one back there. from dealing with passengers to preparing for emergencies, they undergo very serious training, dot dot dot, except on the day that i stopped by. i worked a flight on the way back from dallas to new york. and let's just say everybody wanted a refund. >> everybody wanted to go down the slide. >> yes, absolutely. >> a little bit later on. >> we're going to start on a much more serious note. we're going to begin in afghanistan. authorities there are searching for an afghan intelligence official suspected of killing two american officers on saturday. nbc's atia abawi is in kabul. good morning. >> good morning, jenna. the afghan defense minister called the u.s. counterpart leon panetta last night offering his condolences, and apologizing for the deaths of two u.s. army officers, as anti-american protests continued.
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police and demonstrators clashing again yesterday in northern afghanistan. the protesters attacked shops, government buildings and a united nations compound. they shouted "death to america," a scene that's been repeated here for the past five days. and for the second time this week, a deadly attack on u.s. service members. in kabul, two american advisers to the afghan interior ministry, an army's colonel and a major, were shot and killed by a gunman inside their offices. the building had some of the heaviest security in the country. in a statement after the attack, the pentagon said the u.s. condemns it in the strongest possible terms, and said defense secretary leon panetta urged the afghan government to take decisive action to protect coalition forces. the taliban claimed responsibility, saying it was in response to the burning of the koran by u.s. soldiers earlier this week. on thursday, an afghan soldier
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killed two other u.s. service members during a protest outside a base in eastern afghanistan. that night, general john allen, the commander of nato forces in the country, visited the base, consoling the soldiers and telling them, the afghan people still need them. >> now is the time to look deep inside your souls, remember your mission, remember your discipline. remember who you are. and come through this together as a unit. >> but after yesterday's killing, general allen recalled all nato advisers and staff working at afghan ministries in and around kabul for what he called force protection reasons. he said that today's attacks will not go unanswered. throughout afghanistan, the anti-american protests continue, despite a series of apologies by u.s. and nato. >> i offer my sincere apology. >> we apologize to the afghan people. >> our sincerest apologies for what happened. >> but many here want more. this man says we don't accept when they say we apologize.
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we don't want americans here at all. afghan officials have told us that they are looking for a man named abul saboor. he was a high-ranking intelligence official who worked inside the ministry and went missing shortly after the shooting. the taliban did claim it was saboor who killed the americans for them. jenna? >> atia abawi in kabul. thank you very much. now here's lester. >> all right, jenna, thanks. now to politics. it's down to the wire for michigan's primary. and it's shaping up to be a two-man race with mitt romney and rick santorum neck and neck. both candidates are stepping up their game. with us now is david gregory, moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you. we've seen, especially in the last couple of days, these two santorum and romney really going after each other. we've talked about the huge risk if romney can't carry his home state. what about the risk to santorum? how big a risk is this for him? >> it's certainly important. santorum has this momentum and he's in the spotlight because of the contests that he won, because he's made michigan such
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a close contest now with mitt romney. but he's pledging to stay in the fight, and there's every reason that he will. he will go on to super tuesday, can go on beyond that rom romney's telling supporters, fund-raisers and others that they've got to brace themselves for a fight that goes well into may because of the rules for how that quire delegates in this race. i think for both of them this is a high stakes tuesday. >> santorum not only going after romney, he went after what president obama on what some might find an unusual tack, talking about education. let me play it and get your thoughts. >> sure. >> president obama said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. oh, i understand why he wants you to go to college. he wants to remake you in his image. >> and david, i've been wondering if santorum is tipping off his own class warfare here. >> yes, in a way he is, i think. he's made the point about a lack of intellectual diversity on
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campuses. i think in some ways this tries to tie in to an economic message, which will underline the importance of vocational skills for people. to go on and work in this economy. it's an interesting area. i mean one of the things we know about this economy, of high unemployment, is that if you're college educated you're much better off. i think it will be interesting to discuss with senator santorum, and i will on the program, whether he thinks college education is in the end better for americans in a transforming economy than work. >> and it seems like nothing about this republican race has gone the way that many had predicted it. what are the chances this thing goes past, in terms of a competitive race, goes past super tuesday? >> oh, i think there's no question that it will. because it becomes a delegate fight at that point. and depending upon how romney does here on tuesday, he's still not going to have an overwhelming number of delegates. there are a lot of delegates at stake in super tuesday. there's still filing deadlines that are open for candidates who
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may want to jump in. though i think that possibility is remote. so i still think this is a long contest. and i think you've heard from gingrich and santorum that they pledge to stay in. and you know, a lot of the political pros i talk to say there's no compelling reason for them to get out as long as they can raise enough money to keep going. >> you mentioned santorum is going to join you. who else is on the show? >> john brewer from arizona and jerry brown. we're going to look whether governor brewer is going to endorse in the race. her primary in arizona on tuesday. >> thanks. lester, thank you. we're going to switch gears and talk about nelson mandela. he's out of the hospital after undergoing procedures saturday to treat abdominal pain. nbc's ron allen is in pretoria, south africa. he joins us now. ron, good morning. >> good morning, jenna. there's a big sigh of relief here in south africa because, as reported, nelson mandela son his way home. it's been some 36 hours or so since he was admitted to the hospital behind me. military hospital so there's a lot of secrecy and privacy.
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the government has only issued a few statements along the way which has heightened the concern in this community and around the world about mandela's condition. he is 39 years old. any time he's in the hospital there's a lot of concern about how badly or how well he is going to do. and the procedure, as we understand it, it was called a laparoscopy, which essentially involves looking inside your stomach with a video camera to determine what kind of procedures will follow. he was released, the government says, because nothing serious was found. so he's going to be treated further. as to his overall health, we don't know exactly what condition he is in. we do know all this happened a year ago when he was rushed to a private hospital because of a respiratory problem, stayed there for about a week or so. and again, a 93-year-old man, a lot of concerns, but right now, he's left the hospital, home recovering after what doctors say was a very quiet night here, relaxing with family. jenna? >> ron allen, thank you very much. we want to get more of this morning's headlines from msnbc's alex witt over at the news desk.
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alex, good morning. >> a very good morning to you both. thank you so much. good morning, everyone. syrians are voting today on a new draft constitution, as rebels report more clashes and shellings around the country. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is on the border between syria and turkey. richard, good morning. >> good morning, alex. this referendum is effectively a yes/no vote on new clauses and amendments to the syrian constitution, which, in principle, sound very good. it sets term limits for the syrian president. president bashar al assad would have to step down in 2014. it allows for multiparty democracy, and removes the syrian bath party from its central role in politics. the syrian government is presenting this as the centerpiece of its reform process. i reform process the syrian opposition has been calling for. the problem is there are many good clauses in the old syrian
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constitution which are not being respected and the opposition has no confidence that any changes to the constitution would be respected either. so they are calling for a boycott amid this climate of ongoing violence. the opposition says at least 25 people were killed today. alex? >> all right. we'll see what this day brings there. thank you so much. pakistan is tearing down the compound where osama bin laden was killed last may by navy s.e.a.l.s. under powerful floodlights, heavy machiry began saturday night to demolish the three-story compound in northwest pakistan where bin laden lived for years. the process is about halfway done. the land will be turned into a tranquil park. thousands of people gathered in central moscow today, the latest protest against russian prime minister vladimir putin. he is expected to easily win a third term in the march 4th presidential election. a position he held from 2000 to 2008. but the unprecedented wave of protests undermined his image as a strong leader who rules with broad public support.
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three people are confirmed dead in a 40-plus vehicle pileup on interstate 80 in pennsylvania. close to 100 others were hurt. some had to be treated in local hospitals. there was heavy snowfall and whiteout conditions at the time of the crash saturday afternoon. danica patrick is looking to make a strong showing today when she takes part in the greatest challenge of her storied racing career. the 29-year-old makes her debut this afternoon in nascar's biggest race, the 54th daytona 500. well, pain at the pump is becoming increasingly painful as gas prices rose saturday for the 18th day in a row. aaa says the average price of unleaded gasoline is now $3.67 a gallon. which is almost 30 cents higher than a month ago. cnbc will report monday on what's become a pressing problem for consumers, as well as the obama administration. we're seeing pictures of one of the most famous newlyweds in the world taking the most famous cocker spaniel puppy in the world for a walk in london. you know who we're talking about. these pictures show kate
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middleton and 4-year-old lupo strolling through kensington gardens last week accompanied by her scotland yard protection officer. he appears to be keeping kate from being lonely while prince william is away on military duty in the falklands. a long 8,000 miles away. i'm glad she's got company there. that's the news. now back to the birthday girl and lester and janice, as well. >> and i'm here, too. so that works out well. >> the birthday girl. >> i don't know where that joke went, but it went nowhere. thank you very much, alex. >> hi, good morning. i like kate's hat. you need one of those for your birthday. >> the dog was actually the subject of that clip. >> i don't care. the dog was cute, too. all right, so maybe you're wearing your hat this morning, as a matter of fact, you probably are over the northern plains. winter has returned to your area. with winter storm warnings, watches, and advisories from the dakotas down into parts of minnesota, back into eastern sections of montana. you're going to see anywhere from 6 to 9 inches of snow in some spots.
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especially from duluth over towards fargo. generally speaking, three to four inches expected for today. winter travel will be hazardous in your area. >> and good morning. we are starting off today with mostly sunny skies. a little chilly out there. warming in the upper 40's by the >> now here's lester. >> janice, thanks up. next on "today," tailor swift tries to make today a fairy tale for a fan. how she's turning one teenager's dream into reality. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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8:19 am
>> taylor is a great girl. positive role model. >> reporter: this coming from another role model. you see, kevin beat leukemia when he was 13, but now with high school graduation just months away, his cancer has returned. >> this time around i wasn't expecting it at all. i was living my high school life. ♪ >> reporter: a life that included varsity football, kevin's favorite song is swift's "we belong with you" a song about an outsider. in the video they go to prom together. ♪ you belong with me which got him thinking -- >> i thought of someone who is strong and confident, someone who will make me actually feel like i belong there that night. someone who is beautiful, gorgeous. >> reporter: someone like taylor swift. kevin's sister victoria soon started the taylor swift take kevin mcguire to prom facebook
8:20 am
page. last year justin timberlake attended a military ball with a marine and justin bieber married a 6-year-old girl fighting cancer on valentine's day. >> hoping that when she does see what's going on she'll let me know if she can or if she can't. ♪ >> reporter: over 100,000 facebook likes later taylor did say yes, kevin, i'm so sorry but i won't be able to make it to your prom. but i'm wondering, the acm awards are coming up, would you be my date? love, taylor. an invitation to the academy of country music awards which kevin says is ten times better than prom. and one sister who is forever thankful. >> definitely something to fight for. something to make his recovery a little bit. something definitely to look forward to. >> reporter: for "today," lilia luciano, nbc news, atlanta. >> absolutely love those kind of stories. >> it's a great story. >> it's so heartwarming, it really is when stars take time out to really do something like
8:21 am
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. it morning everyone. this is 8:26. here are some of our top stories. two firefighters remained in critical condition this morning. officials say a strong winds may make the house fire difficult to distinguish. seven firefighters were injured while trying to escape. four were treated with minor burns. one firefighter suffered second and third degree burns on his body. >> serious burns.
8:27 am
third degree burns are much worse. first-degree is almost like a sunburn. and third degree is almost a full, thickness of bern. >> despite the severity, firefighters are still conscious and alert. >> you can see outside and deftly here for your insight. in boston, the winds and knocked over a tree and power lines on route 165. there were able to restore power to residents in that area. maryland governor, martin o'malley, is expected to sign a bill legalizing same-sex marriage next thursday. this will make in the eighth state in the nation to legalize same-sex union. to do so, the ability to collect more than 55,000 signatures. up next summit
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>> good morning. as lisa mentioned, some strong winds. unfortunately, they are coming down. they are down to about 8 miles per hour. south and east of baltimore, the winds are a little bit stronger. here is a look at the forecast for today. sunshine all across the area. in the mid to upper 40's. the mountains, up to 40 degrees. the winds are calming down. it will not feel as bad.
8:30 am
59 for tomorrow afternoon. showers come in by the afternoon. the coldest day, wednesday, rain and a high of 45. >> the news continues in 25 minutes. we are back on a sunday morning, february 26th. i just like the sound of it. just saying february 26th, for whatever reason, 2012, our thanks to a wonderful group of people who have come out to spend part of their sunday morning with us. there are about 20 people in this crowd celebrang birthdays today. myself not included, there are other people having wonderful days. right, today a great day? >> you didn't bring a sign. >> i didn't bring a sign. >> that's a sign of the barrier. >> alongside lester holt i'm jenna wolfe outside here on the
8:31 am
plaza. >> we're covering a lot of big stories this half hour. including the harassment and child endangerment case involving douglas kennedy. robert kennedy's youngest son faces misdemeanor charges for allegedly clashing with nurses who tried to stop him from taking his newborn son out of a new york hospital. we're going to hear from the attorney representing the nurses who were involved. >> then we're going to preview the golden globes -- the golden globes already happened. so let's preview the oscars instead. we're going to do that. >> you know who won the golden globes. >> what to expect on the red carpet to the night's potential big winners. and he's got his ticket but will sashcha baron cohen, aka the dictator, be allowed in tonight's ceremony. he threatened to dress up as the dictator. the oscars said, don't come. now they're saying okay, fine, come. >> today's "life illustrated" we received thousands of photos from you showing special life moments. this morning we'll show some of your favorites. yes, it is your birthday. >> yeah, it is. >> you know what i got you? what i was trying to get you today was a very special little tweet, video tweet in
8:32 am
>> a tweet or a treat? >> i have been spending all morning long trying to do this, i think i finally got it tweeted out and i accidentally deleted it. i think we have it. do we have it? ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday dear jenna happy birthday to you ♪ >> oh! >> what was that? >> i think that was jim said something about we try to get barry manilow. >> oh. i'll settle for you guys. >> do you know how much effort i put into trying to tweet that today. >> i know. >> it might or might not still be @lesterholtnbc. >> did you at least put me on it? >> no. you're my tweet adviser. >> what is this? >> and we have cup cakes and fruit. >> i'm sure i don't get the cupcakes. >> we do cup cakes, you do fruit. >> is it okay to hug you on the air? >> sure. >> who can i hug -- oh, come here. >> happy birthday. >> you're the best work on-air husband i've ever had. also the only one. >> only one she's ever had. >> it's a little cold out here. too much hugging going on.
8:33 am
we're going to send it over to janice huff for another check of the weather. >> i'll need a hug, too, pretty soon. i'll bring one to you since it's your birthday. what's your name? >> reeny. >> it is your birthday? >> it is my birthday. >> she's wearing a princess hat. all the way from philadelphia. you guys are celebrating. we'll stay on the birthday theme as we talk about the weather, all right. let's check and see what's happening around the country. rain in florida. quite a bit of heavy rain over north florida this morning. we've got some snow over the northern plains. the southwest is pretty clear. but it's much cooler than it has been. you're looking at windy conditions over central plains, into the southwest. at least 61 in albuquerque today. highs in the 50s from san diego to san francisco, so reno. only 50. thunderstorms in south florida. tomorrow, chilly weather remains across the northeast, new england, and back into the midwest. mild weather for the southeast. some thunderstorms over texas and oklahoma. and snow over the intermountain west. now i love this. you're 18 with 42 years experience? >> absolutely. >> i think that's the best thing ever.
8:34 am
what about you? you're 10. how many years of experience do you have? >> probably ten. >> i agree. you're good. very smart. >> and good morning. we are starting off today with mostly sunny skies. a little chilly out there. warming in the upper 40's by the and now here's jenna. >> all right, janice, thanks. camelot? maybe not in this case. the charges and fingerpointing continue after this week's arrest of a kennedy family member over a dispute caught on tape involving his newborn baby. nbc's jonathan diest joins us with the latest. >> good morning.
8:35 am
new documents and new accusations could shed more light on the kennedy versus baby nurses dustup at a suburban new york hospital. it's a 3-day-old boy in the middle of it all. this is the mug shot of douglas kennedy. and this is the video that investigators say shows douglas kennedy's crimes. two nurses claim kennedy attacked them. even kicking one to the ground. all while allegedly trying to break hospital rules by trying again and again to take his newborn baby out of the maternity ward for a walk outside. nbc news has obtained copies of sworn statements by the nurses involved. the nurse in charge, anna margaret lane, said she asked kennedy repeatedly to return to room 328 or to place the infant in a bassinet and that he needed to calm down. when the nurses tried to stop him from going out and down a stairwell, this tape shows nurse luciano getting knocked to the floor. in a sworn statement, luciano says kennedy kicked me in the
8:36 am
left side. nurse lane says an angry kennedy twisted my arm, causing pain, and that she watched as he kicked nurse luciano in her midsection. holding the baby, kennedy then fell and lane said the infant's head bounced up and back, as kennedy made a district impact with the floor. kennedy and his wife molly, who is still hospitalized from having a c-section, blame the nurses. blaming the nurses lunged at him and the baby, causing him to fall. they had no right to attempt to grab our child out of his father's arms. kennedy is a reporter at fox news, and is the tenth of eleven children born to robert and ethel kennedy. douglas and molly kennedy say they're angry and upset over the child endangerment and other misdemeanor charges. they say it's wrong in making a crime out of a father protecting his baby. >> he's not the aggressor. these nurses, they are the ones who are guilty of endangering the welfare of a child.
8:37 am
>> reporter: kennedy's lawyer showed nbc news this letter from the nurse's attorney that suggests a lawsuit is likely. >> you should contact your insurance company. what's this case really all about? money. >> reporter: important to note the baby was not injured. as for kennedy, this week he pleaded not guilty to the charges, one misdemeanor and two violations, which if convicted carry a maximum one year term in jail. back to you. >> all right, jonathan, thank you very much. elliot is the attorney representing the two nurses in this case. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> we should mention we did invite doug and molly kennedy as well as the kennedy's attorney. they both declined to come on. they did release a statement, they said, quote, the nurse had no right to attempt to grab our child out of his father's arms. and i, douglas, was shocked and appalled when she did so. did your clients try to remove the baby physically from mr. kennedy? what do they say happened? >> you need the whole scenario
8:38 am
set forth. these nurses have worked the day shift for a 12-hour shift. about 7:20 p.m. on january 7th of this year, while they were in the process of leaving their shift, all of a sudden mr. kennedy appeared and he had a child, a newborn in his arms. they told him that you couldn't have a newborn in that position in the hospital. had to be in the nurse ki, bassinet, or back to his mother. he ignored them, he went to the elevator. it's all shown on tape. the tape speaks for itself. they went toward the elevator to prevent him from leaving the unit. on tape it shows one pushing the button and the other one blocking the door. mr. kennedy then turned around, went for a staircase, and in doing so, one of the nurses put her hands on the handle, he twisted her arm, the other nurse was kicked by mr. kennedy. she attempted to hold the baby's head, which was wobbling back and forth. there was never an attempt by any one of the nurses in any way
8:39 am
to touch mr. kennedy. >> but is it hospital procedure for the nurses to intervene, to physically handle the baby or try to stop mr. kennedy or anyone, or was it more procedure for them to wait for security to get involved? >> the procedure is when you find someone who you believe is going to take a newborn off the unit, to call a code pink. they also saw disruptive behavior, they called a code purple. that's a combination of a baby about to taken from the unit, on top of that, disruptive behavior. the person sitting at the nurse's unit immediately called for security. but before they could get there, that nurses had to do something to stand in the way. there was no touching whatsoever with respect to mr. kennedy. >> this incident happened on january 7th. the big issue for you is the amount of time that it took for mr. kennedy to be arraigned. why was that such a problem for you? >> right. and that's a mystery here. because on january 7th, following the incident, both of
8:40 am
my clients presented themselves to the police force in westchester county, somewhat north of the city. at that particular time they gave full detailed statements. no lawyer, including myself, was present. there was no attempt to arrest this man. i contacted the ceo of the hospital, who gave me lip service, who apparently did nothing. it took about six weeks before the assistant district attorney got around to the point of either looking at the video and making a decision as to whether criminal charges should be brought. >> well, we appreciate, mr. todd, you coming on and speaking on behalf of the nurses. again, we should mention we did invite the kennedys and their lawyer to come on and they declined. we thank you very much for your time this morning. and we'll be right back right after this. tylenol:nyquil. what are you doing?
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♪ tonight is the biggest night in hollywood. the 84th annual academy awards. not only a major night for film, but also for fashion. >> and while movie fans will watch to see if their pick, fashionistas will tune in to see what and who their favorite stars are wearing. we take a look. >> it's one of hollywood's biggest nights. the glitz. the glamour. and, of course, the a-list celebrities. and while much of the attention may be on who will walk away with the shiny, gold statue,
8:43 am
chances are this year's academy awards you're as likely to hear -- >> who are you wearing? >> as you are, and the oscar goes to -- after all, finding that perfect red carpet look is one of the most important things an actress can do. step out looking stunning and it can catapult your career. >> it can propel you from mrs. average, into mrs. fabulous. >> reporter: get it wrong, and you're sure to land on that dreaded worst dressed list. >> there are legions of critics across the world that are just waiting to pounce. >> reporter: but finding that perfect gown involves much more than slipping into something off the rack. many designers even keep lists of actresses who fit their brand profile. another factor in getting the most gorgeous gown, star power. this year expect high profile nominees like viola davis, as well as michelle williams to compete for the best look. >> designers want to dress those
8:44 am
girls, because they're the names of the moment, the eyes of the world are upon them. >> reporter: so far this award season we've seen everything from neutral to blush tones to the black and white trend walk down the carpet. but will the oscars follow suit? >> we'll be seeing splashes of red, lots of metallic columns, beautiful, gorgeous, ball gowns, and some somber, dark looks. >> reporter: so come sunday night, who will be the risk takers, the fashion forwards, and the best dressed award winners? >> i think we're going to get surprised sunday night. you can't please everyone all the time. but really we just want our movie stars to look gorgeous. >> reporter: for "today," new york. >> let's talk about who might bring home an oscar and who might leave empty handed. >> here to walk us through his oscar predictions is the senior writer for "newsweek" and the daily beast. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us. so let's start first not so much with the nominees, but with someone who's been making
8:45 am
headlines this week, sacha baron cohen. he threatened earlier this week that he was going to show up for the oscars dressed as the dictator from his new film "the dictator." the invitation was revoked but then the producers said you know what? we want you anyway. >> there's a little bit of a scuffle. what happened was kind of a compromise. sacha baron cohen is going to be the dictator on the red carpet tonight, and then he's going to appear as himself during the telecast. so we don't know -- it's going to help the movie a lot. it comes out this summer. >> i want to talk about billy crystal. everyone's delighted billy crystal is back. they keep trying new things and in the end they come back to a classic. >> i know because he works the best. he hasn't hosted since 2004. this is his ninth time hosting. he's always great. i love how he embeds himself into the movies and sings about each movie. >> is he going to do that this year? >> i think so. he hasn't really talked about his plans. but it seems like that's going to happen again. >> people love that. so let's start with best picture and the first one up is "the
8:46 am
artist." it has ten nominations. everyone says it's the best movie that few people have actually seen. >> just under $30 million. it's a great movie. it's absolutely going to win. it won the golden globes, won the director's guild, the produc producer's gild. it should take home the oscar. >> let's talk about best actor. two-man race, george clooney and jean dujardin. >> clooney has the momentum early but i think jean dujardin is going to end up winning. >> now we have meryl streep, best actress. this is her 17th monomination. she hasn't won since 1982. >> people think it's what was going to be her year but i do think viola davis is going to win, and when she wins, if she wins, she'll be the second african-american actress ever to win best actress after halle berry. >> you surprised michelle williams isn't getting more buzz? >> i am a little bit. she won the independent spirit award last night. gave a great speech.
8:47 am
and she's really good in the movies. >> supporting actress christopher plummer might be his name? >> at 82 this will be his first oscar for playing a gay father in beginners and i think he's going to win. >> what about for supporting actress, my pick was melissa mccarthy. the popular pick is octavia spencer. why are you laughing? >> i love that film, too. >> octavia spencer is probably going to win that award, too. yeah. >> and best director, martin scorsese won a few years ago. too soon to win again? >> i think so. he won for "the departed" a few years ago. it's probably going to go to the guy from "the artist." his name is impossible to pronounce. whoever is getting that award tonight should practice. >> okay last question. will this awards ceremony be over or under six hours? >> i think it will be just over -- just under. probably 3 1/2 or so.
8:48 am
>> not super bowl night. >> raymond, thanks so much. good to have you here. just ahead, today's "life illustrated" and the photos you sent us of life's precious moments. and jenna as a flight attendant? you have to see it to believe it. ♪ [ kareem ] i was fascinated by balsa wood airplanes since i was a kid. [ mike ] i always wondered how did an airplane get in the air. at ge aviation, we build jet engines. we lift people up off the ground to 35 thousand feet. these engines are built by hand with very precise assembly techniques. [ mike ] it's going to fly people around the world. safely and better than it's ever done before. it would be a real treat to hear this monster fire up. [ jaronda ] i think a lot of people, when they look at a jet engine, they see a big hunk of metal. but when i look at it, i see seth, mark, tom, and people like that who work on engines every day. [ tom ] i would love to see this thing fly. [ kareem ] it's a dream, honestly. there it is. oh, wow.
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that's so cool! yeah, that was awesome! [ cheering ] [ tom ] i wanna see that again. ♪
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here's the deal. we've all traveled. we all know air travel can be stressful. but despite delays, pat-downs, and the sweaty man sitting next to you, there's always someone on that plane looking to make you feel better -- the flight attendant. as a frequent flyer i recently turned the tables on myself and found out what it's like to fly a few hundred miles in their shoes. once upon a time, the friendly skies were just a little
8:51 am
friendlier. ♪ there's only one river there is only one sea ♪ >> reporter: these days, flight attendants have a lot more on their plates once airborne. skill and knowledge, yes, but also some thick skin. >> many times the customer will get mad or upset with us. one thing to remember, it's like water rolling off the back of a duck. >> reporter: here at american airlines training center in dallas, future flight attendants go through an intensive 6 1/2 week program, covering everything from emergencies to the tiniest of details. >> we always lay the napkin down with the logo facing the passenger. >> i dropped in for a day-long crash course which has a very literal meaning here at flight attendant school. >> some of my friends that aren't flight attendants after an accident or something happens on the news, they're like, oh, that's what you do. we have less than 90 seconds to get the passengers offer the
8:52 am
plane and this is the fastest way to do that. whoo! that was smooth like butter! then there's the unlikely event of a water landing. whoa. whoa maughomma cita. which they train for in some realistically frigid water. no, no, too cold. quick, let's go. meanwhile, back in one of the facilities' ten mock cabins they work on more common necessities like patience. >> i'd like a triple drink of apple juice, diet coke, diet sierra mist. cranberry juice. these are all three the wrong ones. i want three new ones. let's start over. >> okay.
8:53 am
>> how is that saying about payback go again? >> i'm sorry we're just getting ready to take off. >> i'll be ready -- zwr wrap it up. >> sir, i'm going to have to call someone in a higher position than myself. >> it's off. it's off. >> and if you could just -- i need the power to be off as well, sir. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> did you hear what i said? give me that phone. give me the phone! give me the phone! phone! give me the phone! >> let's talk about some things that you didn't do so well. you don't take the phone away from the passenger. that's their phone. we don't wrestle them to the ground. that's kind of a big no. >> despite this, unfortunate incident, american let me pitch in on the flight home with actual people. you need any help with that? you notice how much help i'm providing. accomplished. the more flexible you guys are
8:54 am
with your orders the faster you all get your drink. i've made a disaster. i've spilled two bottles of water, ruined about 90 napkins. you need a vodka? i do. the verdict from the paying public. >> she was very -- >> i thought she was amazing. quick learner. >> no, i didn't make them say that. that said, this is harder work than it looks. so the next time a real flight attendant asks you to put your seat backs and your tray tables up, listen. and just remember, it could be a lot worse. >> excuse me, sir. that needs to get shut off right now. >> i've been on a few flights where i think they are going to come to blows. >> it's so interesting to see everything from their perspective. i will sit, i will fasten my seat belt, i will shut my personal device as instructed from here on out. >> hard job, huh? >> we're going to take a break. we're back after this with today's "life illustrated."
8:55 am
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finally this morning we close with our "today's life illustrated." each week we've been getting a privileged peek at your family photo albums. last sunday we asked you to send in photos of brothers and sisters, and you delivered. >> sorry, i had some cupcake. just days and days of sibling rivalry, there's some good camaraderie. the photos we received documented both unmistakable moods. we thank you so much for sharing how you torment and treasure each and every one of the members of your family. ♪ may your wishes all come true may you always do for others ♪ ♪ let others do for you
8:58 am
may you build a ladder to the stars ♪ ♪ and climb on every rung and may you stay forever young ♪ ♪ may you stay forever young ♪ ♪ ♪ may you grow up to be true may you always seem courageous stand upright and be strong ♪ may you stay forever young ♪ ♪ may you stay forever young ♪ ♪ may your hands always be busy may your feet always be swift ♪
8:59 am
♪ may you heart always be joyful and may you stay forever young ♪ ♪ may you stay >> up next on 11 news, how to get your finances in order. and a look at toys. >> wind still a little breezy out there. coming down. we will take a look a


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