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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  February 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i think we have until 9:00 before the rain starts to move n -- the rain will catch up to us. temperature of 48. we will come back and check the seven-day forecast going into the weekend. >> good morning. not bad out there. a smooth ride on the north side around providence. 58 towards the harrisburg expressway. 60 on the west side. we have a bit of a delay on the northbound side. 63 as you make your way south on 83 through the cockeysville region. a nice start at the fort mchenry toll plaza. this is 95 south of mountain road in harford county. problem free at the moment with light volume. this is 795 at franklin
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boulevard. no sign of delays. southbound traffic looking good down to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it is a clean sweep for mitt romney but it was closed. >> tracie potts has the results from last night's primaries. >> a big victory for mitt romney in arizona. he beat rick santorum by three points in michigan. >> we did not win by a lot of wheat one by enough and that is what counts. >> rick santorum conceded before networks called the race. >> everyone said we had a chance here and the people of michigan looked into the hearts of the candidates and i have to say, i love you back.
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>> where did rick santorum bargo wrong? newt gingrich came in last in michigan. >> new being rich has to find a place to get a foothold. georgia is one place on super tuesday where he will be favored. >> ron paul got half of in arizonasupport and said those are not the numbers that count. >> we're still winning a lot of delegates and that is what counts. >> next up is super tuesday with more than 400 delegates up for grabs. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. developingllowing a story out of alabama where one crewmember is dead after a helicopter crash. this happened during a training
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mission last night. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. police are investigating a late- night shooting in west baltimore. a man was shot and was taken to a local hospital. detectives were looking for any possible evidence. there is no word on a suspect or possible motive. police are investigating the death of a girl as a homicide. they do have a person of interest in custody. police received a call in northwest baltimore. the young girl was taken to a hospital where she later died. an autopsy was performed. a man will spend 25 years in prison for beating his taller to death. he pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death.
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he told investigators he found her unresponsive on the bathroom floor. >> gas prices are on the rise and they might get worse. one gas station owner is pushing back. jennifer franciotti has his efforts. good morning. >> it is not just him. hundreds of gas station owners are circulating a petition. such a move of increasing the gas tax would create thousands of jobs and make improvements to roads and transit possible. not everybody agrees. he is out of howard county and has been asking for folks to sign a petition. he has told hundred signatures so far and another 1000 at a station in towson. he said the increase would hurt his business and his customers.
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>> they portray this as a jobs bill, that this will increase jobs in the state where the people that will need jobs are the people that are driving their cars because they have to pay all these extra fees and taxes. >> hundreds of gas station owners are circulating similar petitions. they have over 20,000 signatures. what they plan to do with those signatures coming up at 5:30. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> too much of a hassle -- that is the reason for not wanting to make new veterans license plates. should design the plate which says "maryland supports veterans." in a letter to the house committee, the plates were
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called and operational burden and say there's not enough storage space for them. >> they say there's no room to store these plates. i sit empty a closet or clean off a shelf -- i say and a closet or clean off a shelf. >> 40 degrees on tv hill. the death toll rises in the ohio high school shooting. >> it is one thing to walk by the white house by being invited for dinner? who is stopping by pennsylvania avenue tonight? >> this is 95 north of the beltway. it is moving fine. more on weather and t
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>> welcome back. 44 degrees downtown. things are pretty quiet at the present time. we should get through most of the drive time without any significant precipitation. 35 in parkton. 39 in westminster. we start out by saying cloudy skies early and maybe a couple of sprinkles and then a steady rain will develop by the middle of the day with a high temperature around 48 degrees. we will come back and check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> two more students in the aftermath of the shooting inside
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an ohio high school. the suspect appeared in court on tuesday. he was ordered to remain bars for 15 days. prosecutors said the suspect chose his victims randomly. three died and two are hospitalized. crew is liners are docking today. -- cruise liners. there will be a hearing about cruise ship safety. this comes after the tragic accident off the coast of italy. >> president obama and the first lady will show an expression of gratitude when it welcome members of the armed forces to the white house for dinner. they have been invited for dinner tonight in the east room. men and women in uniform from all ranks will be honored along
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with the families who supported them. what an honor. >> 40 degrees on tv hill. banks still lost a number of customers in the past year. >> trying different approaches to save some money on gas. >> we will check the area roads. we will check the major roads for the delays or incidents. the droid razr by motorola,
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now with amazing tools like the hd station. share your pictures,
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stream hd videos and movies. all on your tv. or connect your 4g lte droid razr to the lapdock and unleash its massive computing power. even seamlessly video chat. all powered by the 4g lte droid razr. droid razr by motorola, just $199.99. and back for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning.
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sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. of ourpdate you on some speed sensors. 60 on the north side. a nice start over towards telson. a far so good on the 83's -- nice start over towards towson. everything running smoothly on the harrisburg expressway. nine minutes on 895 down to the harbor tunnel tolls. 10 minutes to travel on 95 south from the beltway down towards 32. we start with the j.f.x. at ruxton road. southbound traffic looks very light and that pace continues into town. this is white marsh. southbound traffic, no sign of any brake lights. everything is running smoothly towards the fort mchenry. a nice start at the harbor
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tunnel tolls. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> we're moving along nicely on light rail and metro subway. more trains also on time on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. the 15 and 33 buses operating with delays. i am kurt kronke. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. so far so good. we do not have any rain out there yet. the beginning of the commute will be ok. 36 at the airport. 35 degrees in rock hall. a little on the chilly side to start the morning. the temperatures will not move much. the clouds will be thickening up and that will continue. the rain will eventually catch up to us. some rain is approaching western
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maryland. this will move to the baltimore area around 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. after that, the rain will be with us through the evening commute. it will be eight rain even here. on the topside of the storm, -- it will be a rain event here. some snow into northern pennsylvania. it is cold enough to produce some snow on the topside. rain showers are likely and then it will be with us off and on through tonight. high temperature between 45 and 50. rain showers likely tonight. temperatures into the 30's and 40's. tomorrow, that storm will be pulling away to the northeast. it will be ill but breezy but most of the day will be dry -- it will be a little bit breezy.
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upper 50's on thursday. the next storm muezzin quickly behind that on friday. scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday to start the weekend with a high of 62. it could be cold enough for a mix of rain and snow showers late sunday and into monday morning. >> federal regulators want rearview cameras in all passenger vehicles by the year 2014. about two children die each year in accidents when somebody backs over them. ray lahood said more time is needed to study before issuing regulations. the cameras will cost the auto industry about $200 per vehicle or about $2.7 billion a year.
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with the higher gas prices, you might be looking for ways to save at the pump. we separate money fact from fiction. >> first, the myths. >> is would direct energy from the fourth dimension. >> there is tough to test things like this. gadgets you attach to your car simply do not work. >> we have not found a device that works the way it is purported to work. >> fuel temperatures will not affect your mpg is whether it is day or night. turning off your air conditioner has an effect on fuel consumption. cleaning your air filter will
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squeeze extra miles out of the gallon of gas. wrong. modern engines readjust automatically. that lead foot off the pedal. >> you do not want to be punching it like this. >> have a qualified mechanic check your engine. stop buying more expensive higher octane fuel rated 89 or 91. >> most cars can run very well on 87 octane. >> go down a couple of blocks if you can and it will probably see cheaper gas. >> interesting tips. there was an increase in the number of customers who switch banks.
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9.6% of customers switched banks. a third of those customers say fees caused them to make the change. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. have increased bank fees caused you to either change your bank, or the way you bank? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> thank you. at the pentagon is withholding payments to lockheed martin. for those stories, let's join jane king in the bloomberg business report this morning. >> employment among younger americans near a 64-year low. president obama may have problems with that group that
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voted for him. just 54% of that demographic held a job at the end of last year. futures indicating a slightly positive start. we'll hear from ben bernanke as he delivers his semiannual testimony. that is one thing we will be watching today. the dow closed above 13,000 mark. we have some strong numbers on consumer confidence. a setback for lockheed martin. payments of about $1 million a month will be withheld from their aeronautics division. this puts pressure on them to correct deficiencies and accounting. the money will be paid once the deficiencies are fixed. we have for about apple's ipad 3.
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apple will be holding a product unveiling in san francisco on march 7. features a picture of a ipad screen and it will have late faster processor. we will have to wait and see. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> the owner of the holiday inn chain is launching a new brand that is designed to help keep physically fit when you're away from home. >> it is a competitive market. they are launching a new chain for the health-conscious. we will have all the details on the new chain coming up in the next hour. >> thank you. >> 40 degrees on tv hill. and >> investigation into health
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profiles paints a different picture. details when we continue.
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i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself and so, college was a dream, when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was going to do it, but i knew i was going to get that opportunity one day. and that's what happened with the university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky is the limit
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with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is naphtali bryant and i am a phoenix. >> your health and life expectancy in baltimore city depend on where you lived. >> lisa robinson lifted some health profiles and said the differences are stark. >> the health department has been collecting data on a 55 city neighborhoods to create profiles. there are some neighborhoods in baltimore city where the life expectancy is on par with third world countries. well with the help support to three classes of neighborhood, all within a three-mile radius. the differences in life expectancy are dramatic.
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this neighborhood has a life expectancy of about 81 years. 3 miles away, life expectancy goes down to 67 years. but we found is that in 25% of the neighborhoods, over 50% of the deaths were affordable. >> coming up at 5:00, i will take you to those three baltimore neighborhoods and tell you what the profiles say about life expectancy. lisa robinson for the i-team. >> 40 degrees on tv hill. here is what is coming up. >> not happy about the proposed gas tax increase? grab your pen the next time you fill up. >> it is a primary sweep for mitt romney. >> we do have some rain in the
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forecast and will check the seven-day forecast. >> 95 in howard county, a new problem and we will update you on
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us this morning. when is the rain heading in? >> we have a couple of hours. maybe after a o'clock or 9:00. it is out in the mountains right now -- maybe after 8:00 or 9:00. 36 at the airport with cloudy skies. will not move a lot with the temperatures. maybe into the mid or upper 40's. it will be a relatively chilly day compared to what it has been like. the rain will stick around once
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a gets here. >> we are tracking a problem on southbound 95 in howard county. word of some fire activity. a vehicle leasing some fuel. just past 32 in howard county. speeds around 59 on the west side and continuing to move well on the south side. 64 on the north side. up to speed over towards the west side. a nice start on the 83's. this is near 32. we may start to see a delay as a volume picks up in the area of the fire department activity. southbound just past the exit for 32. you may want to consider 29 or 295. this is the white marsh area. 95 looking good. so far so good down towards the fort mchenry. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11.
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stan and mindy, back to you. >> mitt romney scores two republican victories on tuesday night. a hard-fought battle in michigan against rick santorum. >> tara mergener has the report this morning. good morning. >> good morning. michigan and arizona were crucial primaries for mitt romney whose campaign not get some momentum. a relieved mitt romney squeaks' out 8 win in michigan. >> we did not win by a lot but we won by enough. >> mitt romney needed victories in both states to boost his campaign. >8 rick santorum wind would have raised more questions about its ability to attract the conservative vote.
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rick santorum said to keep the faith. >> a month ago they did not know who we are but they do now. we came into the backyard of one of my opponents in a race that everybody said, just ignore and you have no chance. >> thank you very much. >> newt gingrich and ron paul are focused on super tuesday. >> the primaries next tuesday really matter. >> they keep asking about one in particular states in this campaign but guess what -- we're still winning a lot of delegates and that is what counts. >> the next contest is saturday in washington state where 40 delegates are up for grabs. >> what tipped the scale in michigan? >> according to the exit polls, mitt romney did best with people who are most concerned about the economy. most voters are concerned about
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this. he did the best among moderates. rick santorum did the best with conservatives and people whose religious beliefs or tied to their political beliefs. a big relief for mitt romney today. >> tara mergener, thank you. >> a senate panel that helps guide state spending will talk about a big budget balancing measure later today. the committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the budget reconciliation and financing measure. the bill helps balance the budget by increasing taxes and fees at eliminating several tax credits and exemptions. you have heard us talk about the high gas taxes but they may go even higher if the proposed gas tax increase goes through in annapolis. one gas station owner wants to
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use your signature to fight back. jennifer franciotti has more on this effort. >> no doubt gas prices are high. at the exxon station, $3.73. a lot of gas station owners are offering petitions for customers to sign in hopes of influencing lawmakers to take a stand against those proposed gas tax increases. >> we are trying to give our customers a voice. >> he is doing more than selling gas. he is taking petition signatures from customers against a proposed gas tax increase. >> people do not buy anything. >> he has got 1200 at the elkridge location and another 1000 at his station at towson. he said the proposed gas tax increase will hurt his business and its customers.
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>> they portray this as a jobs bill, that this is going to increase jobs in the state where really, the people that are going to need jobs are the people that are driving their cars, because they got to pay all these extra fees and taxes. >> governor martin o'malley and gas tax supporters say the bill would lead to 75 verdict hundred 00 new jobs and road improvements. >> i think it is a horrible. >> hundreds of other maryland gas station owners also collecting signatures. they have collected at least 20,000 signatures so far appeared they plan to deliver the signatures in annapolis. >> this gives them an opportunity to express how they feel. we're taking their names and addresses to the legislatures and there will be boxes and boxes of these. >> there is no word when the first hearing will be held in annapolis but we will let you know. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> a hospital security guard remains behind bars accused of assaulting a female patient. 47-year-old kevin porter faces attempted rape and false imprisonment charges. the victim was a patient at a hospital clinic when she was attacked in the stairwell. a family is looking for a new place to live after fire tears to their home. this happened on tuesday afternoon on biddle street. it took 50 firefighters to put out that blaze. >> there was an increase in the number of customers who switched banks. 9.6% of customers changed banks, up from 8.7% the year before. debitbanks announced tha
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card fees. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. have increased bank fees caused you to either change your bank, or the way you bank? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to 5:37. 40 degrees on tv hill. some safety concerns about drugs. >> what you can do for back pain. which is more effective for treating lower back pain? >> a problem at the harbor tunnel if you travel on tunnel if you travel on no
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>> welcome back. it is in the 30's in the suburbs. right now it is dry. i think we'll get through most of the morning commute ok. away from the city, it is much cooler. 36 at the airport. 36 in york, pennsylvania. cloudy skies and maybe a few sprinkles this morning. a steady rain will catch up to us later this afternoon. we will come back and check the seven-day forecast going into the weekend. >> the of day announces certain drugs will get new labels to alert the public to save the concerns. >> statins now come with a warning that they could cause memory loss.
5:41 am
some of the products that allow these labels include lipitor. nearly 32 americans are on stantins. most of us experience some back pain at some time. >> patients with non muscular back pay are often told to stay active but that doesn't always help the pain. researchers compared to those who stayed active to those who wrested two hours a day and they found no difference in pain or general health between the groups. there was no difference in the progression of the disease. massage always helps. >> 40 degrees on tv hill. the nfl makes a change of plans for the season opener. keith mills will join us live in the studio on that decision.
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>> ava marie live at harbor east talking about an event where you can be introduced to a couple of restaurants and bars in the area. >> tony says there is some rain hitting our way. no big deal. no big deal. that the university of phoenix has we have a very progressive online learning environment. we have something called phoenix connect that allows students to have a social network. you can post discussion questions. we have more than twenty thousand faculty members, chances are one of them is online when you need some assistance. i'm ron gdovic, i'm committed to providing my students with a twenty-first-century education and i am a phoenix.
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hi, i'm stan stovall ...breaking
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. we are tracking an accident on 895 at the harbor tunnel. speeds around 18 miles per hour. this is shut down in both directions. we will keep you posted. we have a live view from skyteam 11. what date mess. -- what a mess. this is impacting traffic in both directions as you make your approach to the harbor tunnel.
5:45 am
take the fort mchenry as your alternate appeared a big backup in both directions on 895. we will keep you posted. we are tracking a problem southbound 95 just past 32. a vehicle is leaking some fuel spots.ating some slow spick 22 minutes between 95 and down to 95 on the south side. this is causing a pretty big backup. we will be monitoring that. outer loop north side, about 11 minutes. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side. this is 95 at 32. southbound traffic is a little heavy because of that vehicle leaking fuel. this is traffic on 895. you can see nothing getting by on either direction.
5:46 am
that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> good morning. we're moving along nicely on the mta systems. no delays on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. light rail and metro subway on schedule. the one bus diverting at fort and lawrence. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. so far so good. eventually the rain will catch up to us. we look at the seven-day forecast. first we say good morning to ava marie. where have you landed this morning? >> we're live at harbor east. this is one of the restaurants participating in a big event happening next wednesday. this sounds like a great event. this is happening next wednesday. this is a chance to introduce
5:47 am
yourself to some of the restaurants and bars at harbor east. tell us about the event. >> this is the first time with attempted to do this. we will have people sign up in groups or by themselves and they have a chance to stroll through harbor east and visit the bars and restaurants down here. the cost is $45 and you can go online and register. tickets are limited. once you get to each location, you will have a chance to have an appetizer and a drink and have a good time with your friends or their group that you're with. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. you can try out multiple restaurants and get a drink and try some appetizers and introduce you to the scene. some of the restaurants participating -- >> the waterfront marriott.
5:48 am
taco fiesta. >> can you be placed in a group? >> you can bring a group or you can sign up by yourself. this is a good chance to meet people that you have never met before and have a chance to socialize with them. or you can bring your co-workers or your friends and have a good night out. >> you encourage people to register online because tickets are limited. this is gaining a lot of popularity. you can sign up for this on next wednesday. a chance to check out restaurants and bars. let's check the forecast. we're showing a few green spots. more rain is on the way from the west. we'll go back to tony. it is like a bar crawl but more
5:49 am
elegant. this is a restaurant and bar a stroll. >> that sounds like a lot of fun. all those restaurants are fantastic. good advice. we'll get more details in the next half hour. we have some rain moving in. it will take its time moving in. i think we'll get to the beginning of the morning commute ok. then it will be a rainy day. 35 in jarrettsville. a chilly start. clouds habit thickening up. it was clear last night. the temperatures drop into the clouds or thickening up. the rain is pretty heavy on the radar coming across was reading and into western pennsylvania. that will sweep across the baltimore area later today.
5:50 am
take an umbrella today. this will be 8 rain even for us -- this will be a rain event for us. snow back into the great lakes if you travel north of baltimore. rain showers are likely once we get past 9:00 a.m. this morning. cloudy skies and cool temperatures. tonight, rain showers will stay with us and temperatures will drop back into the upper 30's and low 40's. the storm will pull away to the northeast tomorrow. it will clear up in the afternoon and become a breezy day. it will be nice on thursday. maybe some rain early in the morning and clearing up in the afternoon tomorrow with a high near 57. the clout thicken up on friday with temperatures in the mid 50's. scattered showers and
5:51 am
thunderstorms on saturday. upper 30's and low 40's on sunday and monday. we could see a mix of light rain and snow. we will keep an eye on that. we will try to make it snow will more time. >> 40 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> time to get to one of your answers to our watercooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- have increased bank fees caused you to either change your bank, or the way you bank? >> keep sending us those responses. we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website, >> good morning. alfredo simon and brian matusz will start with the orioles open
5:55 am
the exhibition series. brian matusz will pitch the marquee game monday night against the pirates. nick markakis getting ready for this seventh season. he is coming back from abdominal season. he is expected to be ready for opening day. he is one of the orioles' best players and looking to add more home-run power and leadership to the lineup. >> i expect myself to be a leader. i might not verbally be as loud as other guys on the team but you can do -- you can lead by example and other ways. go about your business and work hard and play the game the right way and hopefully people look at you that way. >> rock-solid even though he hit 15 home runs last year. ozzie newsome and is staffed back home from the nfl combine. meetings with the ravens went
5:56 am
well. they will look at all the options. that may not be good news for the ravens who still wanted re- signed their talented left guard. the nfl season will begin on it wednesday night. the giants will play the game on wednesday september 5 because thursday it would conflict with president obama's scheduled speech to the democratic national convention in charlotte. the ravens to play the giants at home. what is more important, nfl or the president? >> that is a loaded question. thank you. coming up in our next hour -- a moderate republican is calling it quits. why she is leaving. >> the idea of a rent to own store might be intriguing but they can leave customers spending more than they need to.
5:57 am
bill would help protect those customers. >> the chronic kid better make way for the crotty -- the karate kid better make way for the karate >> we will check the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> an accident still clearing on 895. have captain roy and skyteam 11 taking a look at traffic. he will be with us all morning.
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>> the next time you fill at the pump, you might be able to voice your opinion about how you feel about the proposed gas tax increase. >> it


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