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tv   Today  NBC  April 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're back now with more of "today" on a friday. what a week it's been. a friday morning, the 6th day of april, 2012. spectacular pre-easter weather here. we've got 39 degrees, which sounds cold but a beautiful blue sky. it will warm up a little bit this afternoon. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry. al roker, and ms. tamron hall. coming up in this half hour we're going to have more on this story of this 80-year-old woman flying with her husband in a small plane, he collapsed at the
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controls, and then she had to land that plane safely with the help of a friend who was flying in a plane alongside of her. he gave her directions. she survived. her husband did not survive. it's a dramatic story. you'll hear the recordings between the two cockpits coming up. >> pretty sobering. we're also going to be talking about a question that we posed on our facebook page. we asked you which service you pay too much for, and the overwhelming response was cable. and so we're going to give you some advice this morning, jean chatzky is in the house, going to help us out with that. >> all right. april 15th marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the "titanic." isn't that something? and a new documentary endeavors to answer the question once and for all what sunk the unsinkable ship and we'll have some rare artifacts in studio that have been brought back from the wreckage. there are so many theories over the years of james cameron of course we know for beyond the movie. >> you mean beyond the iceberg?
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>> absolutely. >> okay. >> and then barbara corcoran will be along to give you a tour of homes, showing you what you can get for your bucks today. or if you are looking and seeing what's out there. >> al, thanks very much. natalie is spending some time off this week. we've got savannah over at the news desk with all the headlines. hi, savannah. >> good morning. in the news today, the new job numbers out and they are not as good as had been expected. they show an economy that is improving but at a very slow pace. the unemployment rate for march is 8.2%. that's down from 8.3% in february. but the economy added only 120,000 jobs. that's the smallest amount since october and much fewer than analysts had expected. now to that newly released audio tape of former new orleans saints defensive coordinator gregg williams. in the tape recorded by a documentary filmmaker and then posted online, williams can be heard urging his players before a game to use rough tactics on specific opponents to knock them to the sidelines.
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>> we've got a lot of guys up at the top. kill the head and the body will die. kill the head and the body will die. we've got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill frank gore's head. we want him running sideways. we want his head sideways. >> williams has been suspended indefinitely by the nfl. saints coach sean payton was also suspended for the entire season for his role in the bounty program that paid players who injured opponents. one week after being fired from his hosting job at current tv keith olbermann is taking his former employer to court. he's suing the network for more than $50 million in a breach of contract lawsuit, and blasting current tv for what he claims were shoddy production values. current fired back, saying olbermann was let go for missing work, quote, sabotaging the network, and disparaging his bosses. now to the remarkable story of an 80-year-old grandmother
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who found courage under the most difficult of circumstances. her husband died at the controls of their small plane, forcing her to land it safely as it was running out of fuel. we get more now from nbc's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: it was a hard landing, but it was a landing. and the town of sturgeon falls, wisconsin, breathed a sigh of relief. helen and john collins were returning to wisconsin from florida in their cessna when 81-year-old john slumped over the controls and died. leaving helen, who is 80, and not a pilot, alone in the air. >> it's a hell of a place to be. >> reporter: now, a first listen to cockpit voice recordings made as family friend scrambled to fly alongside helen's aircraft and help guide her in to safety. >> somebody better get here in a hurry. >> this is going to be a little bit of a flight lesson but you'll enjoy it. >> reporter: in spite of the grave situation, helen collins rarely raised her voice or gave even a hint of panic.
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in fact, when helen hears roads are being closed, as a safety precaution, she asks -- >> don't you have any faith in me? >> reporter: her main concern, she's out of fuel. >> i got to land pretty quick, my gas gauge shows nothing. >> you're just perfect. looking good. it looks good from the outside here. you're doing fantastic. >> reporter: a first attempt has to be aborted. >> okay, you're too high. go around. power up, power up, power up. power up. get your just a little -- no no don't pull back. power up. keep your wings level. that's it. full power. full power. full power. go up, up, up, pull, pull, pull. >> i felt very comfortable that i had a confident person flying that airplane. >> reporter: then she came in, bounced about 30 feet and skidded to a halt. >> power back. power back. power back. off, off, leave the power off. power off, power off. power off. power off. nose up. okay. you're down. >> great job, helen. great job.
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>> sadly, john was a good buddy. yeah, we're holding it together, and i'm really happy for helen that she survived. because a difficult time but we all have to move on, i suppose. >> that was nbc's kevin tibbles reporting. helen collins is being treated for spinal injuries and a cracked rib. although her family says her condition is improving. her husband john's funeral is to be held on tuesday. a ship that was set adrift one year ago after the tsunami in japan is now at the bottom of the sea, off the alaskan coast. on thursday, the coast guard unleashed a barrage of cannon fire to sink the ship before it could pose a danger to other ships in that busy channel. you may be seeing bunnies on easter sunday but it is doubtful you will see one like this. this little bundle of fur was born without any ears in a small east german town. its owners had given the bunny a german name that roughly translates to without ears. but then they decided to call
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him pinocchio because of his cute, pointy nose. focusing on the positive. it is now 9:07. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by soma intimates. your new bra destinny. >> and as we know you what we've got going on for today, not a bad one throughout much of the country. although, we are -- we do have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of the northeast. i should say for montana, we're talking about anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow. 30-mile-per-hour wind. showers in the pacific northwest. gorgeous day here in the northeast. a little on the cool side. plenty of sunshine through the great lakes. the morning showers alone the southeastern atlantic coast should not cause any problems for the masters. look for plenty of sunshine through texas on into the southwest. >> will -- the pressure will
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dominate the weekend. lots of sunshine today. temperat >> time now for "today's real estate." and what you can get for less than $400,000. "today" real estate contributor barbara corcoran is here to show off some stunning homes. showing us the market right now from california to south carolina. good to see you. >> nice houses today, al. >> let's get started. we're going to start off in leander, texas, an impressive five bedroom, three bath home. >> and this house is on buffalo gap street. a perfect name for a good street in texas. and it's almost 4,000 square feet big and it sure looks
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impressive. it sits on an interior lot with a gated community with golf, pool, a play ground, and lots of tennis courts. the gourmet kitchen has a cook top island, granite counters and fancy tile back flash splash. the formal dining room has white chairs you'd be crazy to let your kids sit on. the living room has eye catching stone fireplace, i like the arched niches and doors and the soaring ceiling and i think that wide stair case is more elegant and usable than a spiral stair case. the big master bath comes with a garden tub and separate shower and the master bedroom is definitely texas style with an entire wall of windows and crown molding and it's big enough for that four poster king size bed that almost looks like a twin bed in that big room. >> wow. >> in texas. >> they make them big in texas. let's head to columbia, south carolina. we've got a nice house here. beautiful classic four bedroom, four bath, and if you like golf, you'll love this place. >> this is a great one right on the 11th fairway in this golf
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community. it's a nice, brick home with black shutters. probably one of the best selling type houses in america. the kitchen has white cabinets, granite counters and a sun filled breakfast area. the dining room has wainscoting, elegant floors and a big picture window. not such a big room but boy does it look big with that nice light coming in. the great room is spectacular with blonde floors and a two story ceiling and cleverly they put that big black rug which makes it look bigger. there are sliding glass doors into a private patio in the master bedroom that overlooks the rolling green golf courses. and the back of the house, a covered patio and a deck, an oversized lot and it's just beautifully landscaped. >> that is gorgeous. fun on the golf course. now we're going to go to glen ellen, illinois, for a four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house. >> if you say you live in glen ellyn in illinois, everybody knows you're absolutely smart
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and have two perfect kids. this house is a funky modern exterior that makes it a status symbol in town. it's cool, inside the open floor plan flows from one room to the next. much like you kind of expect in a new york city loft. i love the sexy, curved accent wall. it would be a great spot for giving kids big time-outs. the super modern kitchen has been renovated with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. the family room has gleaming wood floors, a fireplace, windows that look out on a big backyard. the master bedroom has a ceiling with a dramatic sky light that overlooks the living room below. not much privacy but great effect. the covered patio is completely unconventional but really puts you out in the greenery while you watch your neighbors run in from the rain. the wraparound built-in seating makes the living room a perfect place for hanging out and entertaining. $367,500. >> and now let's head to new mexico, the land of enchantment. a nice tuscan three bedroom, two
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bath home. >> and you might find out that the front yard in this one redefines the land of enchantment. it's not a graveyard out front, it's a backlit rock garden. i wonder what the neighbors think. you'd love to do some cooking to merit this kitchen inside, it's an open kitchen with an industrial size refrigerator, double oven with granite counters, and custom cabinets. the dining room has travertine floors, there are beautiful timber tresses high above the great room that extend way out to the outdoor living space, and is accessible through the sliding glass doors. the outdoor living room is half in, half out, partially enclosed by a vaulted timber ceiling. and out back there's a seating area circling a wood burning pit and with spectacular sunset views over those gorgeous mountains. >> our director joe michaels said we should go there and do our show. >> definitely, why not? >> and then finally, palm springs, california. kind of a pricey address, but not a bad price. >> but this is what you get in
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palm springs. people think you get nothing. but this is what you get for $399,000. a classic modern home with a butterfly roof. both ends are higher than the middle. it's got a detached car port, not a garage and a breezeway all under the same roof line. the island kitchen is not that big but it's efficient with glass cabinets and a posted beam ceiling. the hall interior has an open floor plan, kath he'dial ceilings and dark wood floors. the bedrooms are decorated in post-modern style and the owner is even willing to sell his furnishings at a price. the master bedroom is stark. you'd have to be married to someone really super neat to live here. the sparkling blue pool that has palm trees around it. >> you've been on your best behavior, i think because your daughter is here. >> of course she is. i'm trying to set a good example for a change. >> new policy, barbara. very nice. happy easter.
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rice krispies®. i did it! you did! this morning on "today's consumer," how to save money on your cable bills. if you think you're paying too much to watch those 500 plus channels and use the internet, you are not alone. "today's" financial editor jean chatzky helps three viewers save some big bucks. >> hi, savannah. >> start at the beginning how this segment came about. you asked folks what is the thing you think you pay too much for. >> we got a lot of answers. but this is the most popular, cable bills, internet, the whole bundle package. >> we should mention that our parent company is comcast. a big cable company.
9:18 am
so as we go forward we just wanted to mention that. how much do cable bills typically increase every year? >> they've been going up at about 4% or 5% a year which is more than the rate of inflation and it's no wonder people think they're expensive because it's very easy to keep adding boxes and keep adding services and all of a sudden you're paying hundreds of dollars a month and thinking, how did i get there? >> generally the concept is if you bunding, if you buy more you do get a better rate. is that right? >> generally. but not always. and you have to know what you're paying for each component of your package in order to cut the best deal. >> people feel kind of helpless, that there's nothing you can do, the cable bill is the cable bill. >> i think people understand that when it comes to the cell phone bill they should pick up the phone and ask for a better deal. the same is true of your cable company, and we've got three examples to prove it. >> so let's get to those example. these are real viewers. you actually helped them get a better deal. the first one, it really exemplifies the strategy of negotiate by using competition. >> right. so, ron got in touch with us. he has a bill of $270 a month
9:19 am
for his entire package and he's getting a lot for that. he's got high speed internet, a couple of dvr boxes, he's got people yaum channels. but a satellite company is coming in to his area and offering $70 a month for a lot of those cable channels. so we picked up the phone, we called, we got to the retention department, which is where you want to be. because they're in charge of keeping customers, and they immediately said yes, we understand there's competition in the area, they offered to cut the bill by 35%. so they saved $70 a month, close to $700 a year. >> that begs the question, where and how do you do research to really compare the deals? sometimes it's confusing in the cable world. are you comparing apples to apples. >> first, start to pay attention to the advertisements on television. because they're advertising like crazy when it comes to a market. but also watch your mail. often they'll send you flyers that tell you specifically what they're offering for what. >> all right. let's talk about viewer number
9:20 am
two. real-life viewer, re-evaluate your bill every six months. >> right. so this is ron. and i just want to make sure i got all the details right. we noticed immediately he had the most expensive package going. and so we asked him, are you actually watching all of those channels? and he said, in fact, he wasn't. he could drop down two different packages and save himself a lot of money there. but we didn't start there. because we want the company to negotiate first. and so we just said, what kind of discount can you offer us. they came off $40 a month, which was again, great, but then we said, all right, now we'll go down two different packages. that saved us another $34 a month. the discounts only last for a set amount of time. sometimes it's 12 months, sometimes it's 6 months. you want to call back at the end of that period, and just ask if they'll repeat it. because if the competition is still there, they generally will. but again, saved him a lot of money. >> real quickly the third strategy ask for a one-time
9:21 am
credit. really? this works? >> yes, it worked in two out of the three cases. maureen we got her a one-time credit of $60 which is $5 a month off of her bill. her bill was only $70 a month plus a $10 a month discount. >> ask nicely, right? >> be very nice. these people work hard. >> they do, indeed. we get a lot of calls from grumpy people. jean chatzky, thanks so much. still to come, what really happened the night the "titanic" went down. coming up, the documentary that sheds new light on the disaster nearly 100 years later. plus a look at some fascinating artifacts that were retrieved from the deep. we'll have them right here in our studio. mommy's got a surprise for you. [ rattling ]
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colors are trendy for your home too. how to decorate with a splash of tangerine. >> plus another song from mickey minaj. >> all of that after your local news and weather. ♪ sunlight says get up and go ♪ mountain-grown aroma coming through ♪ ♪ a new challenge waits for you ♪ ♪ ♪ jumpin' into something new ♪ you really see all you can do ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup yeah lunch announcements are primetime. [ male announcer ] lunchables peanut butter and jelly with a crispy rice treat. feed your great ideas. [ feedback ] ♪ it's peanut butter jelly time ♪ ♪ peanut butter jelly time ♪ peanut butter jelly time ♪ peanut butter jelly
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> what a beautiful morning. most of the temperatures the 40's. thirties' in the northwest area. rain has been way south of us. mostly sunny skies,>ç/0/0í8
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the motto around our house, there's always room for one more. and they are such a gift. we are so grateful for each one of them. >> oh, good, one more. those were the duggers. the arkansas family who have their own reality show "19 kids and counting." how do they do it? you'll see firsthand when they have us over for breakfast monday on "today." i'm really looking forward to spending some time with the duggers. >> really cool. >> we'll see how they pull it off logistically. i'm curious. also coming up in this half hour it has been named the color of the year. tangerine tango. >> is that what you're wearing? >> i guess so, yeah. so now i'm going to coordinate it with my house. you can do it, too, if you don't want to really do it in the walls. we can show you how you can add
9:31 am
an accent and brighten up every room of your home. tamron? >> then, next week marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the so-called unsinkable "titanic." for centuries the story of the doomed oceanliner have enthralled audiences and fascinated historians. we'll take a rare look at some items recently recovered from the wreck. >> and speaking of color, her brand-new album named for another bright color "pink friday" and this friday we're going to get one more song from pop star nicki minaj. first let's say hello to jenna wolfe is here with a preview of what's coming up -- >> i had that on this morning at the last minute and changed it. it was too subtle. this morning on "today" we're going to have the latest on the trayvon martin case. protesters in florida plan to camp out at sanford city hall calling for george zimmerman's arrest. his attorney will join us for an interview.
9:32 am
plus, lauren scruggs, she's the model seriously injured when she walked into a plane's spinning propell propeller. her parents are going to talk about how their faith pulled them through that difficult time. and then dennis rodman like you've never seen him before. the basketball legend sets the record straight about allegations that he's not only broke, but very sick. all that and more when we see you this weekend on "today." >> all right, jenna, look forward to that. al is going to get a check of the weather. >> something about dennis rodman, he always has a place to put his keys. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned for saturday. some clouds along the pacific northwest coast. slight risk of strong storms from texas into the mid-mississippi river valley. sunny along the east coast. mild conditions into the southeast. and then easter sunday, sunday, we're going to see snow showers in new england, wet weather along the pacific northwest coast. more hit or miss showers and thunderstorms texas on into oklahoma. sunny and warm through the southwest. nice and mild through the central plains on into the southeast. nice and warm down in florida.
9:33 am
>> rain should stay south of us. high pressure gives as a good day. we will be in the 50's. plenty of sun. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next, taking the fear out of using the hottest color of the year in your home. but first, these messages. mommy's got a surprise for you. [ rattling ]
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this morning on "today's home," we are doing the tangerine tango. it's not a dance. it's the season's hottest color and you may be surprised at how versatile it is if you'd like to give your home a fresh, new pop. sabourino soto, the host of hgtv is here to show us how to do it. you look lovely in your tangerine. >> thank you. >> bright colors are in. we know a mistake is to gout and buy a huge refrigerator or oven that's tangerine. don't do that. but you can paint your walls. >> you can. you can paint all of the walls a very bright color but you want to keep all of the furniture either glass, acrylic or height. that's the rule. >> that's the tip on that. we cannot these not just an accent wall. >> all of the walls. no more accent walls. >> we're beyond that. why is this color so hot, you think? >> i think it's just cheery and fun. and it's very easy to incorporate this into your house. pair it with a warm gray, or a
9:38 am
navy blue. >> let's start off with the kitchen. >> so this is a very small way you can incorporate into your kitchen ap $80 electric kettle is a way to be bold but you can get this, rachael ray for $30. either way this is a low $80, low $30. >> okay but it's still -- >> they both heat water. >> absolutely. >> high-low continues in our kitchen. >> these are two toasters. this has more features it's $100. it has the peek-thru to see the toast if it's browning. if you still want the look this $40 is just as good. >> i actually love the texture on this. and you get the color and a little texture too. >> it's more modern. this is a little bit more vintage. >> very nice moving down the line. both are adorable. but if you don't have the cash to spend. >> right. this is $18 hand made with vegetable dye. this is just screen printed, mass market $9. but again very easy to incorporate into nine kitchen.
9:39 am
>> this is a little brighter. this is a little richer in color. does that matter? >> you'll see a difference in some of the colors because of different manufacturers twist their colors. orange, as long as you're in the orange family. >> and little accent bowls can be versatile. >> yes, you could use them outside barbecuing, inside for a fancy dinner. this set is $27, the low set is $6. the low set is a little bit more of a modern look. this is fiesta ware so it's been around for 75 years. >> i like fiesta. >> the trays can be so versatile. you can use them in your living room, your bedroom. >> absolutely. and i have them everywhere in my house. the high end is jonathan adler, has 12 layers of blacker. >> oh. >> so it's going to last you a lot longer. if you don't want to splurge on that great item this is a lot less expensive only $29. >> and i imagine if you avoid putting it in the dish washer, washing it by hand the color lasts -- >> you'll have to be more careful. >> perfect. moving on to the seating area.
9:40 am
would this be for outdoors or indoors? >> both. outdoor or indoor. if you try to pick this one up you'll see the difference between the two. >> should i try? >> yes. >> really heavy, right? that one's more expensive, $285. that's $169. they're both made in italy the same manufacturer. you can tell this one is sturdier. >> i have to tell you, i love the seat on this one. kind of this nice curve. i like that. >> austin powers. >> okay, moving on to more things in our living room or den we have the versatile item you can use them in a bathroom. >> you can put that in your bathroom? >> oh, absolutely. that one is made out of leather. it's $295. the low is cotton, it's $90. i put that in my sister's new nursery. >> and these rugs? >> the high end is actually the smaller one. that is $295. the bigger one is $90. but this is a cool blend where as the high end is just cotton. >> that makes sense. the size is different. you get the same effect with both of them.
9:41 am
>> right. throws again another versatile accessory. the high end is made out of mohair. it's $295. another jonathan adler item. the low end is just a wool, $169. >> but i love it. it's a different texture but you still get that pop. >> this one say little richer because it's very, very luxurious. >> but this one is equally nice. >> yes. >> and last but not least. >> the lanterns. you would think that either one is more expensive. this one is only $49. the high end is $99. but it's made out of iron. >> where do you put these in your home? >> you could put these outside on a patio, a deck. inside like in an enclosed patio, as well. >> nice stuff. >> sit down. >> these are high end. i'm low end. this one. sabrina. >> what do you think? >> i like it. >> back to back. >> sabrina, thank you so much. up next 100 years later, a look at artifacts recently recovered from the "titanic." right after this. mommy's got a surprise for you.
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next weekend will mark 100 years since the "titanic" sank to the bottom of the north atlantic. more than 1500 passengers died. now a new history channel documentary goes into the deep and provides a look at the ship's remains. and the rare artifacts that were recently recovered from the wreckage. it is a fascinating glimpse at what life was like for those on board. the vice president of collections, and the director of underwater research for rms "titanic" incorporated. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i'll start with you. you have visited the wreckage more than 30 times, as i understand it. what is it like to actually be down there and see this piece of
9:46 am
history? >> well, it is the wreck of the "titanic" is unbelievable. it is the most beautiful wreck i've ever seen in my life. but at the same time, it is full of emotion, and sad because, of course, a big, dramatic maritime disaster, and it is really unbelievable, and you see the big hull of the ship and the big debris field full of artifacts. we never recovered anything from inside the ship. we always recover the artifacts from the debris field. >> astonishing that you can still recover artifacts 100 years later. and that brings me to you, alix. you have some artifacts on the table. i know i am not permitted to touch them so i will keep my distance. tell us what we have here. >> first of all we have a second class dining saloon plate. it was done in a blue and white delph pattern that's still popular today. this insignia here is the white star line banner and flag.
9:47 am
that was placed on most of the dinner service. >> wow. >> and then over here you have some items and you said the key to the fact they were preserved is they were in leather? >> yes, all of these art facts were found in leather. most of this hand leather. this little wallet has some business cards, and money in it. and the leather had the effects of preserving paper, books, textiles, clothing. all these things without much damage whatsoever. >> and you say it has a story to tell? >> it does. the item here this paper document is the birth certificate -- sorry the marriage certificate of marian rose parents. it gives a key looking into her life. her father john henry ogden married ann who was a widow. witnessed by their parents. it's a great story. this one here is a wonderful story. we've only recently associated this pipe with first officer william murdoch who was on the bridge when the ship hit the
9:48 am
iceberg, and then proceeded for the rest of the evening to load the lifeboats. he did not survive but we found his kit with this pipe in it. >> it's amazing to think something made of paper could still be with us. tell us about this book. >> this belonged to edgar samuel andrew, a 17-year-old student, but his family lived in argentina. so this is a book of castlian grammar. and if i open it up you can see that the print is still there, although the pages are damaged, stained, it's in great condition considering where it's been for the last 80 years. >> before we go any further, i should say how difficult it is to extract these artifacts from these wreckage. >> sometimes, of course when we want to recover something we don't want damage, and when we saw something that on -- we recovered one artifact. >> i don't even want to think about how you were able to see these things in that dark ocean. tell us, alix, if you would, about this coat? >> this is a custom made prince of wales chest coat, double
9:49 am
breasted as you see. it was' covered in a suit case with three other suits and pajamas. unfortunately no name. but it was custom made for a sizable imagine. i would imagine it would be first class. but the prince of wales, king edward actually selected this check and so it's known today as the prince of wales check. >> 100 years after that terrible accident, these items still hold our fascination. i know for you two, but for all of us. so thank you for sharing them. >> my pleasure. >> and a reminder you can watch "titanic at 100, mystery solved" april 18th on the history channel. coming up next, one more song from hitmaker nicki minaj. first this is "today" on nbc.
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