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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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forward here we just broke the story earlier this evening. we understand that the winner or winners want to remain anonymous, but we will learn more at a press, it's building tomorrow morning at 8:00. we spoke to the attorney of the woman who claimed she had the ticket, who then later told reporters that she lost it. the attorney says he has no knowledge of mirlande wilson being the one to come forward. now to our big story tonight, a compromise was reached in the state house on a balanced spending plan. david collins has been at the state house all night and is live there now was a closer look. >> the budget did pass predict the impact program the dinner hour and looks like it will pass well before the midnight hour -- the budget impasse wrote. they settled a sticking point regarding income tax exemptions. budget negotiators accepted a house plan that no one who makes less than $100,000 will see a
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reduction in income tax exemptions. the decision will be up to the board of public works. surprisingly, republicans made their points that government continues to grow, not shrink. >> overall total spending with the budget. >> it passed along party lines. senate president mike miller says the house plan does not go far enough in adjusting the state's ongoing billion dollar deficit. >> the issue is balancing the budget that the same time dealing with the structural deficit. >> legislators passed a number of bills. they double the flesh tax from $30 to $60 a year to pay for upgrades to waste water treatment plant. the approved a measure that limits septic systems being installed, prohibited employers from asking for user names to
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social networking sites. >> today we haddam -- made a major step forward in implementing and passed -- we will have an amendment at the desperate >> the sadr city delegation got what it wanted in exchange for not blocking the prince george's casino bill. an increase in the bond capacity for school construction and the assurance that the city casino site will be operating before the prince george's county one. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> let's go back over several of those key bills that were passed, one being the same sex marriage bill. also legislation to limit where new residential septic systems can be located, and doubling the flush tax. that money will be used to clean up the chesapeake bay, and the help exchange bill will help
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establish a health insurance marketplace for individuals and small businesses. lastly, legislation that prohibits employers from requiring or requesting employees or job applicants to disclose their user names and passwords for website. a violent weekend of rossi's three more homicides are added to the books. a 37-year-old beckham -- victim died at shock trauma. the second sunday evening on gilmore st. to that victim also died at the hospital. he was 33. the third took place just before 11:00 sunday night in the 1400 block of holt burke street. the zero unidentified victim was found shot inside a vehicle and died at the hospital. there are no suspects or motive in any of the cases. the sketch released of a personal interest in connection with two rob reece, both of them happen on march 26 in java. the first and attempted robbery
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on taylor broke wrote. the other of burglary in the 2800 block of mountain road. it recognized this person or have any information that can help police, please call the harford county sheriff's office. today a judge revoke bail for a 26-year-old baltimore man accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. police say that girl claims andre haney iii drug and raped her. barry simms has details. >> anthony edmondson says after police began asking questions, his stepson, andre haney, turned himself in calling the accusation that he drugged and raped a 40-year-old girl over a span of three days. >> i don't see him holding her against her own, without her free will, although he should have had better judgment.
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>> the 14-year-old claim she met up with 26-year-old andre haney and then walked with him to his house on long view avenue. there she claims he forced a small orange below into her mouth and made her drink water so she would swallow it. she tells investigators to try to stop him but could not. he forced himself on her and raped her. she claims the next morning she woke up with a headache and feeling sleepy. on that day and the next, she said she was again given a pill and rate. >> i am just saying she was in my house, but the allegation as far as giving pills are drinking, i cannot tell you that. >> the girl also tells detectives haney told her he had a gun. she said she never saw, but he had said if i show it to you, i am going to have to kill you. >> she must have been here two days before i knew she was in the house. >> his dead father says that point, the young man's mother
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told a girl she had to leave. she said she escaped out a rear basement door while he was asleep. prosecutors did not charge him with rape. according to charging documents, they consider the circumstances and the alleged victims rate -- alleged victims age. heydey denies anything happen, saying that only watched tv and talk. he denied having any sexual contact. >> testimony continues in the retrial of twin brothers accused of setting a pitbull on fire back in may 2009. today in court, a crime lab technician took the stand along with the baltimore city police sergeant. the jury learned that an indictable substance was found on jeans taken from the home in which the brothers lived. the first trial ended in a mistrial. no grand jury for an indictment against the man who shot and
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killed trayvon martin in florida. that was the announcement made today by the special prosecutor in the case, a surprise for many who have been waiting for a grand jury decision as a sign of progress. >> a handful protesters marched to the center police department today, for a short time closing the office down. as the protest over the trayvon martin shooting continues, the special prosecutor and now she longwood determine if charges would be filed and the controversial case -- she alone would determine if charges would be filed in the controversial case. >> we hope that something will becoming very shortly. >> she said she would not present evidence to a grand jury said to me tomorrow, and that at this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.
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the martin family attorney released a statement after the decision. we are not surprised by this announcement and in fact are hopeful that a decision will be reached very soon to arrest or zimmerman and give trayvon barnes family the simple justice that have been seeking all along. on a day when george zimmerman went on-line with his new official website, his legal team said it could signal an important turning point in the case. >> i think is an encouraging indication she is close to the end of her investigation, an indication that she will make a decision based on law and the evidence. >> so many tied to the controversial case wait to hear much more. >> meanwhile, a prayer vigil for trayvon was held at st. john the baptist church in colombia. it was organized by church officials and the african-
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american coalition of howard county. the county's it is said the incident should have every community in the country looking at their own policies. senator cardin said it underscores the need to pass the end racial profiling at that he introduced last year in the senate. it goes before the judiciary committee later this month. the orioles fell short of a win tonight against the yankees, but they do have two more days to prove themselves. that make six 3-1 after winning weekend against the minnesota twins. kai reed explains why fans are holding out hope for the rest of the season. >> they definitely are, despite tonight's loss. we spoke to a lot of fans before and during the game who are very excited about the team's prospects for this season. the orioles have not had a winning season since 1997.
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a lot of fans feel like this kid maybe be their year. the sounds of baseball in camden yards or so much sweeter during a winning season, although we are only three games in. baseball fans are making big plans. >> my spirits are high. they are a young team, and that is the great thing about baseball. anything can happen. >> i think they look good. i think we have a shot. >> 3-0, keep it going. we hope the pitcher can keep the momentum going and keep up the shutout going through that first seven innings. >> the orioles got off to a great start last year in the first seven games, but then they lost eight in a row, and it was all downhill from there. >> a lot of fans here at the
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stadium, more than 10,000 people here. >> even though the visiting yankees are winless so far, their fans are making a lot of provisions for the rest of the season. >> when you come here and we are in last place, it seems weird, but by december it will be the opposite. then we will see who is talking, but it is a beautiful park. everyone is so friendly, it's great to be here. >> i like the way the orioles are playing. >> it is going to win tonight? -- who is going to win tonight? >> orioles. >> the yankees are in town until wednesday, so the orioles still have some time to make this a winning series. buck showalter is just 12 games away from becoming the 58th manager in history to win 1000
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games. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> lured to a vacant home and then robbed and assaulted. it has happened half a dozen times to delivery drivers in the last month. the sweet and hitch delivery to the baltimore port. why the harbor was the perfect place for crews to unload nearly 100 million pounds of sugar. he set a goal to settle around the world. how close is he to competing it -- to completing it? we will fill you in. >> a little rain tracking reports of the midlantic, and we could use it. it is unseasonably dry out there. there. temperatures are
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x and alert from baltimore city robbery detectives from all food delivery drivers. criminals are setting up drivers for ambush. on march 18, a driver sat out from good fortune restaurant in east baltimore to make a food delivery just a half mile away but the address on pearl avenue was a vacant. the driver was ambushed and robbed. it is a scenario played out repeatedly, often at gunpoint, police say. texted has happened citywide. we feel like with the economy and some other things going on, it may be a growing trend. >> it has happened at least five times in the last month across baltimore city, including here in west baltimore. a pizza driver lured to a wet -- home.o a vacant >> it seems to be something that is slowly but surely catching
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on. before it does, you need to make everybody aware, we don't want people falling prey to ambush, and that is what is happening here >> the problem with some of these homes is that to cannot tell they are vacant. >> this morning from robbery detectives to all food delivery personnel, check the address of your destination against the city's list of vacant properties. >> before they pull up in front of the house, circle the block a couple of times. if you find yourself the victim of an incident like this, just comply. the food you have in the money you have in your pocket is not worth getting hurt over picket the city's list of vacant properties is updated twice every month. there is a link to it on our website, >> to large cranes were hard at work today unloading 95.5 million pounds of sugar. it is the largest -- largest
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sugar ship to visit the inner harbor. we are told it that the baltimore harbor is part of the reason why it was brought here. the raw sugar came all the way from guatemala. >> will process approximately 6.5 million pounds of sugar a day. this inventory will keep us running approximately 14-18 operating days. our job here at the plant is to refine and sugar down to the white sugar that everyone knows. >> it will take about 14-18 days to unload and process all that sugar. an amazing honesty is expected to end on april 21 after 10 months. a 31-year-old by name at rutherford is scheduled to return from his trip around the world. we introduced him to you. his mission is to raise money for chesapeake region accessible boating. as of last week, he had raised $30,000. it cost him about $40,000 and
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supplies. we will continue to keep track of his journey and bring in his homecoming later. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we have seen a few showers track and to the mid atlantic, and just to the west, the doctor is picking up on some lightning strikes. -- the doppler is picking up on some lightning strikes. a few isolated showers have calmed down in the past hour or so but there is some rain associated with those thunderstorms and showers tracking through. we need some right around here. we are running a few inches below normal for the year. the past few weeks have been dry. showers mostly in southern maryland, northern virginia and in amounts to the north and west of us. not a lot of what weather in the immediate area of baltimore. another dry day and a mild one, too. 60 degrees at bwi marshall, where the normal high is only 62.
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70 at the inner harbor. temperatures will come down a little bit in the next couple of days. i think we are going to run at our little below normal for a few days this week as far as temperatures go. winds were gusting 35-45 miles an hour earlier today. that combined with a lack of rain and dry air increases the risk of brush fires. there is a red flag warning in effect tomorrow from allegheny county through baltimore and on to the eastern shore. delaware, northern virginia, and a watch out for fire weather conditions in pennsylvania tomorrow. very dry conditions expected to continue tomorrow. mid to upper 50's in downtown baltimore, but look how chilly it gets to the west of us. freeze warnings are in effect in allegheny county overnight. 30's in the western and northern suburbs by dawn, closer to 47 degrees in downtown baltimore. the northwest breeze continues
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at 10-50 miles an hour. the leading edge of some cooler air, triggering of showers and picking up a few isolated storms tonight. low pressure and eastern canada. 25 degrees at international falls, minnesota. that is where the cool air is coming from. a little weather disturbances embedded in that nw low. the computer model indicate some higher elevations to the west of us could have some snow mixed in with the rain. tarrant county could have a rain-no mix for the next couple of days. -- garrett county could have a rain-snow mixed for the next couple of days. tomorrow, partly cloudy with a 20% chance of an isolated shower and highs and only 53-60. a small craft advisory on the bay, a couple of isolated showers popping up in the afternoon. not a great chance tomorrow, but it goes up again on wednesday.
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it will be chilly out in in garrett county. eastern shore locations could expect a brief shower good on the lower eastern shore, winds gusting over 30 miles an hour tomorrow and did some scattered rain showers on wednesday. the forecast, below normal temperatures for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, then a warmup. into the '70s by sunday. >> matt wieters put up his becks be the best night at the plate in three years. by now how that stacks up against the yankees, next. -- find out how that stacks up against the yankees, next. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $550,000. 36-6-39-16-8-2.
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honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents. >> the yankees come to town all fired up after getting swept by the rays. not a recipe for orioles magic. matt wieters had matt -- had a rather magical night at the park. bottom to, crushed to write, the game is tied at one. the throw out to derek jeter.
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the highlight of the evening, derek jeter in the fourth, off- the-wall. he makes his way around derek jeter with four hits in the game, equaling matt wieters. getting some help from j.j. hardy. he uses every bit of his glove to end the inning. one good inning and one bad inning. there is the bad. andrew jones, it is a five-one game. the second straight pitch in which that location called a strike. he got his money's worth. 13 hits in two runs, they lose for the first time this season. >> i feel a lot better than i
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would have last year. i think you will see better things from him. >> the starters for tuesday, maybe the unknown quality will help. the orioles on deck on wbal radio. the red sox lost their first three games, boston fixed things in game 4 in toronto. that have the lead and it grows. 2-0 toronto. the lindell engine that could. -- the lindell engine that could. -- little engine that could.
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brian sweeney, mcdonnell scores and the red sox win with the final of 5-4. commissioner roger goodell in it out a suspension for head coach john payton. peyton appeal the decision, an appeal heard by goodell. as expected, he fell to change his mind just a week after handing out the suspension. shontay and will miss the 2012 season. -- sean payton. brad williams receive the tavis penalty, an indefinite suspension not to last less than a year. -- greg williams received the toughest penalty. then see already holds the club record for goals in a season.
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-- dempsey already holds the club record. >> the 16th goal of this season. chelsea we saw couple of years ago. >> a great atmosphere. >> stay with us for a look at the seven-day forecast. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive.
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a final look at the weather. >> cooler temperatures and maybe some much-needed rain. the fire threat continues tomorrow. low humidity, dry ground and brisk winds. a better chance for showers on wednesday, then we are back to the dry weather and a warming trend. into the low seven's on sunday. not too bad. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. of the tonight show" with jay leno is next. we will see you back here tomorrow. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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