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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a church heavily damaged by a three alarm fire. the church is located along north point boulevard, where kai reed joins us live with the latest. >> crews were called out here to pleasant zion baptist church here around 7:30 this evening because of heavy fire, first spotted in a shed behind the church. the fire quickly spread to the church building and got into the roof, causing the roof to collapse. flames were shooting out of the roof. someone called 911. 20 engines were called out. firefighters had to fight from a defensive position at one point because the flames were so strong and the weather conditions made the process even more difficult. >> a red flag warning today, with the drive humidity. the fire spread even more rapidly.
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>> they call me and said the church was on fire. it is just one of those things, you know. it doesn't bother me. i have faith in the almighty and i know the lord did this for a reason. everything will be taken care of. >> you are looking at live pictures. members of the church said that have been inside looking around to see what the extent of the damages. it is congregation of 300 people and a lot of them were standing here in front of the church when i got here. it struck me because you can tell this is a very strong, close organization in they were extremely concerned about what was going on inside. the church was established in 1899 and rebuilt in this location in 1999. they tell me that tomorrow night that actually have a bible study at the exact same time that this fire broke out, so they are obviously very grateful
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and pleased that no one was injured. no one was inside the church at any time and we are told that at least one firefighter was taken to hospital for some minor medical issue, but at this point there are no reports of anyone else being injured. they will still be figuring out the extent of the damage but we know is a lot of damage and they will try to figure out exactly if they will be able to go back inside at any time from this point on. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the shooting investigation now involving the baltimore city police officer. authorities said they responded to a call concerning a person with mental illness armed with that weapon this morning. the suspect reportedly suffered a graze wound to the stomach and we are told the suspect was armed, but not with a gun. a man accused of attempting to
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sexually assaulting boys at a middle school bathroom back in 2010 will be sentenced tomorrow. the trial of sean thomas schleigh was supposed to begin today, but instead he took an alford plea. prosecutors say he went into a middle school in dundalk, forced a 12-year-old boy into the bathroom and tried to assault him. the incident was broken up and some and heard the voice screaming. schleigh is charged with attempted first-degree sex assault. charges are dropped -- dropped against a college administrator. prosecutors say there was lack of sufficient evidence. 36-year-old ryan marcus coleman was charged with a sex offense in july 2010 for reportedly touchiness didn't inappropriately on multiple occasions. a warrant is out -- for reportedly touching a student inappropriately.
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a case has drawn extra attention because of questions about the role of a police officer connected to the suspect's family. jayne miller has details. >> 13-year-old monae turnage suffered a fatal gunshot on march 3 when the gun police say two teenage boys were playing with went off inside the home of one of them in east baltimore. the boys are charged as juveniles with involuntary manslaughter. a police officer identified as john ward has been suspended and is under investigation because the gun that was used was found in his car. we learn police are seeking 21- year-old martinez armstrong, distinctive because of a tattoo on his neck that says a "kill or be killed." he lived in the home where the shooting happened. a warrant was issued for him today when he failed to appear in court on a drug case. prosecutors won him picked up
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and held without bail. as the consequence, his lawyer said, because prosecutors believe the gun used in the shooting ducks monae turnage was his. -- the gun used in the shooting of monae turnage was his. >> one thing i know is, they did not manufacture that weapon. they didn't have a steel mill in the basement. they did not manufacture the bullets to put into the gun. it was not teleport in their from space. >> the gun was found in the officer's car the day after the shooting. the girl's body was found in an alley, covered with trash bags. the investigation is now in its fifth week. police and prosecutors want a solid case. >> we will make sure we told everybody accountable that
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played a role in this young lady's death. >> martinez armstrong has a violent background. in 2009, he was convicted for trying to shoot a woman. he failed only because the gun jammed. this year in february, just two blocks from his home, he was shot and critically wounded. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the retrial of twin brothers accused of setting a pitbull on fire back in may 2009 and closing arguments are expected to take place tomorrow morning. a crime lab technician took the stand on monday along with the baltimore city police sergeant in charge of the case against travers and tremayne johnson. the first case ended in a mistrial. big news on the political front today. republican rick santorum quit the presidential campaign two weeks before the next primary in his home state of pennsylvania.
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>> that is why i am announcing today that i am running for president. kedric santorum went farther than anyone expected, including himself. from his campaign across iowa, sweater vests and pickup trucks, he won the hearts and votes of many conservatives. >> merkel after merkel. this " race wasn't as improbable -- miracle after miracle, this race was as improbable as any presidential race has ever been. >> rick santorum bowed out of the presidential campaign on tuesday. >> this race for us is over, and we will suspend our campaign effective today. we are not done fighting. >> in the end, it was all about the numbers. mitt romney dominating in money, endorsements, and delegates. he is now on track to win the necessary 1144 needed by early
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june. >> i think it probably provides a modicum of closure for governor romney. >> by suspending his campaign, santorum can continue to raise money and maintain a voice in his party's platform as he paves the way for romney to clinch the gop nomination. >> for the republicans, this does provide consolidation and the ability for governor romney to mobilize the troops and turn his message towards november, rather than battling it out with republican adversaries. >> courthouse speaker newt gingrich and texas congressman ron paul are still in the race but are not considered factors at this point. secretary of state hillary clinton paid a visit to maryland tonight. she addressed hundreds of midshipman at the u.s. naval academy. kerry cavanaugh was there and joins us live with more. >> the secretary of state folk with her remarks tonight on the importance of maintaining good
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u.s. relations with the asia- pacific region, and also dressed what she called the greatest threat facing future military officers today. a brass band heralded the secretary of state's arrival at the u.s. naval academy. the former per se lady addressed hundreds of midshipmen and guest at the academy's annual foreign affairs conference. she encouraged the future officers to the public service as part of military leadership. >> the challenges of the 21st century are blurring the lines between the fence, diplomacy, and development. the three d's a foreign policy. she told the audience that china is good for america as well. >> reaching further into the expanding consumer base and
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middle class. the shape of the global economy, the advance of democracy and human rights, and our hope for a 21st century less bloody than the 20th century all hinge to a large degree on what happens in the asia-pacific. >> she also addressed what she calls an imminent threat. >> as we meet here tonight, north korea is readying a long- range missile loss that will violate u.n. security council resolutions and its neighbors and region at risk. >> the midshipmen lined up to ask the secretary of state foreign-policy questions ranging from war crimes in the condo to the capture of osama bin laden. >> i think that took away from her how important diplomacy as the process is and how it is an ongoing thing. >> the irony behind the jogging suit is that you may not jog in it, but you may wear it.
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on behalf of the naval academy, thank you again. >> the secretary of state certainly demonstrated diplomacy when she got that jogging suit. the secretary of state granted the midshipmen a night off. some raced out of the auditorium because they were so excited to take advantage of a few hours free time. >> it looks like that the doomsday budget is in the books after the maryland general assembly failed to pass a budget compromise. this budget called for $500 million in cuts that go into effect july 1. the budget eliminates 500 state positions, state employees would pay higher health-insurance premiums and not receive cost- of-living increases. it calls for 8% across-the-board cuts in agency spending and eliminates local law-enforcement grants. the governor could call a special session to rework the
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budget. it's official, starting july 1, baltimore county schools will have a new superintendent. all 11 school board members unanimously approved a 30-year- old dr. dallas dance as the next superintendent. officials tell us he was selected by two different headhunting firms for jobs in baltimore and howard county, which proves he is a worthy candidate for the position. >> we need to make sure that our lowest performing schools are provided resources they need. >> he is replacing dr. joe harris and whose last day is june 30. officials from the teacher genus tillis doctored dance will be teaching at elementary, middle, and high schools. protecting yourself on any information. coming up, the new public- private partnership designed to shut off the and fight a surge in smart phone that.
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>> much cooler air, cold enough for some snow up in the mountains. mountains. we will check
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discover the authentic taste of dunkin's new artisan bagels. america runs on dunkin'. the nation's biggest wireless carriers and law enforcement are working together to fight a sudden surge in smart bomb that. the new plan would render it smart phones and tablets useless if stolen. officials say the nation's five biggest carriers are on board, adding that it could take 18 months to get the program up to speed. experts say you should create a password to lock your phone. it will protect the phone as well as information from deeds. with construction projects popping up around town,
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officials say drivers need to be patient and pay attention. at a press conference today, officials highlighted some major road construction projects coming this summer and how it will affect drive time. >> just recently we have had several accidents in our work zones. drivers' driving through our work zones. the majority of crashes in work zones, it is important for people to pay attention, stay alert. >> would and 700 people are killed each year in works on related crashes. amazing news for three local educators as they have come forward with maryland's winning in megamillion lottery ticket. all they choose to remain anonymous, we know a little bit about what the plan to do with all that money. kim dacey has the details on the jackpot when. >> maryland lottery officials
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said the winners of the mega millions jackpot were modest and in the came in with the winning ticket. obama in her 20s, a man in his 40's, and a woman in her fifties were the three anonymous winners who will each get nearly $35 million from the jackpot. an elementary schoolteacher, a special-education teacher, and an administrative support worker in the maryland public school systems. all three of them worked multiple jobs to support their families. >> if it cannot be you, these are precisely the people you would want to see when the lottery. >> they said this is their first time pulling their money to buy tickets. they each put in $20 and bought 60 tickets in three different locations. there was more than a week of rumors and false claims from people who said they had the ticket. >> they all did, and that they had been watching the news and privately laughing among themselves and texting back and
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forth that other people were claiming to have the ticket, when in fact they knew where the ticket was. >> they realized they had the winning ticket the night of the drawing. they contacted a financial planner and attorney before coming forward and have already thought about how to spend some of their winnings. >> one hopes to take a backpacking trip through europe with their brother. another winner wants to pay for his daughter's college education and by his sister a new house. another winner would like to go and for italy's wine country. >> martino says of three winners will continue working at their jobs in the public-school system. kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> another drive day in the baltimore area, adding to the
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risk of brush fires in the region. the red flag warning for the baltimore area has expired but continues just to the south. in western maryland there are some rain and snow showers mixed. it looks like the showers are skirting around garrett county right now, but up in pennsylvania on the turnpike scotia hours are moving in, it's been all the way up to lake erie and northeastern ohio. you can see if you lightning strikes their off the east coast of virginia beach, out in the atlantic some thunder is popping up. when you check the temperatures, is already below freezing at oakland. 30 degrees right now. it feels like wintertime in western maryland here in early april. 51 degrees in downtown baltimore, but a chilly 43 in westminster. what we see out west will sweep into central and eastern part of the state as we head into morning.
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higher amounts of pollen in the atmosphere. the total pollen count is 423, in the high range. no precipitation here in baltimore but back in 1894, 3 inches of snow came down on april 10. tomorrow should be slightly cooler than normal with the west winds gusting at 23-24 miles an hour. they are coming out of the north where there is a lot of chilly air. for red flag warning has diminished in baltimore but in prince george's county and around d.c. they are still in the warning area, even late tonight. that shows you how dry it is. all that leads to the enhanced threat of brush fires. from frederick and carroll county westbound, cold beer maker to some freezing conditions the next couple of
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nights, especially thursday and friday morning in frederick and carroll county. -- the cold made give way to some freezing conditions. the oyster of the great lakes drives into the east, producing the scattered rain and snow showers and keeps the cool air coming -- moisture on the great lakes. tomorrow we actually have a decent chance of seeing a few showers on the radar screen around baltimore. another 30% chance in the mounds with some wet snow. more dry weather for thursday and friday. tomorrow looks like the coolest of the next seven days. it will feel chilly with the gusts to 35 miles an hour. a small craft advisory on the day. rain and snow showers in the mountains tomorrow than high pressure comes in with sunshine, and a warming trend boost to the temperature by 10 degrees but
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thursday afternoon. maybe a brief shower tomorrow on the eastern shore. lots of sunshine for thursday. a slight chance for a shower tomorrow and then all-out sunshine thursday and friday. in the baltimore area, mid- figure does the tomorrow, a little warmer but still breezy on thursday. back in the 60's on friday, up for 60's saturday and temperatures could push toward near 80 degrees by sunday afternoon. >> a good buy before the game at oriole park tonight. the most popular man in baltimore throws out the first pitch. that story's coming up next in sports. >> it is mega millions. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated a new ties to $31 million. you must match these five white balls plus the gold megaball.
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48-31-6-2-12. tonight's megaball number is 25. if no one that is all six numbers, friday's jackpot will be worked $42 million. be worked $42 million.
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>> game of the year to 9 at camden yards. the orioles got towed to toe with the yankees. the chinese high paid lefty makes his debut and was greeted by derek jeter. first that of the year, derek jeter unloads. he will have no more runs in the first. j.j. hardy getting it right back. a solo shot over freddie garcia,
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his second of the year. he struck out six. garcia, one of his five wild pitches of the game. the orioles up 4-1. the game is tied at 4. this one is going to extra innings. right now at the top of the 12, the court -- the game remains tied at four apiece. the decision in greyhound's history. rolling out the first pitch at camden yards, inside corner strike. a chat with buck showalter.
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>> that was really exciting, meeting buck showalter is great. he knows what he is doing to get this thing turned around. everyone around here talks about what a great guy he is. >> the arkansas football coach suffered a feed rarely delivered in college football, he was fired on the heels of a motorcycle accident in which he lied to his boss and the media, saying he was a long period -- saying he was alone. he had given her $20,000 cash. >> i am committed to writing them with the leadership of our mission to develop student athletes to their fullest
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potential to intercollegiate athletics. our employees can be no less than what we expect from our students. no single individual is bigger than the team. >> one more check of the forecast coming up right after forecast coming up right after oh dear... oh dear! ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night.
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>> a chilly night out there, and windy, too. it feels a lot colder than the
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40's in 50's. a couple of scattered charles will go through tomorrow. lots of sunshine, but thursday and friday morning temperatures close to freezing, before the warm up gets underway over the weekend. by sunday, highs in the upper 70's. it looks like it will warm up over the weekend. >> the yankees are taking the lead in the top of the 12th. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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