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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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downtown baltimore. an arrest in the case. kai reed has more. >> the suspect's name is aaron parsons. his attorney escorted him to the police station. >> no. all that stuff will come out at the appropriate time. >> parsons is from rosedale. police say he is in the video that has gone viral on the internet, showing a tourist being robbed, beaten, and stripped naked of its close on st. patrick's day night. this video was posted on several websites after the different -- after the incident. parsons is the one seen throwing the punch in the video. an arrest warrant was issued yesterday after an anonymous phone call was received. >> what we are doing is saving
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the police man hours by turning him in. he does not intend to flee. we are good to go. all right? there will not be any statements, though. >> hopefully this will lead to the identity of other suspects. >> the victim told police he was not drunk -- he was dropped and did not remember anything. he returned to his hotel room. police went looking for parsons when he did not turn himself in as scheduled by this afternoon. instead, he was granting a local tv station an interview. he is a chart with several counts of robbery, assault, and reckless endangerment. >> these are pictures of the other suspect police are looking for. investigators were able to freeze a portion of the assault and zoom in to these three people. anybody with information is
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asked to call. two men were reportedly attacked early this morning. police say they have thick suspect in mind. two have already been arrested and face second-degree assault charges. the incident happened on york road while the victims were ordering pizza. an altercation led up to the attack. after the incident, they caught up with glen staley and jamar patterson. if you have any information, you are asked to call baltimore county police. a shooting investigation in anne arundel county reportedly involve a police officer. sky team 11 was over the scene before 7:00 tonight police say an unidentified man was shot by an officer as they were responding to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance.
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>> the first officer arrived on the scene and he ended up in the rear of the residence with the mail. a struggle ensued. the male is shot at least one time by the responding officer. >> no word on the beckum's condition. you developments in the deadly shooting a 13-year-old monae turnage she was playing with a rifle with two young boys when it went off inside her home. the charges have been filed against 21-year-old martinez armstrong, the half-brother of one of those boys. investigators did not believe armstrong was there at the time of the shooting, but forensic evidence links him to the shooting. he was convicted of felony assault in 2009, making it illegal for him to possess a firearm. county -- carroll county residents are on edge tonight. homes have been burglarized.
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>> one of those incidents happened here at westminster and the other six happened near the baltimore county line. police think the case may be connected. residents are concerned because they say this type of thing really does not happen out here. it is not something people in carroll county are used to dealing with. >> mostly people getting stopped for speeding. you you -- you do not worry about your house getting broken into. >> she is rethinking her safety after a series of burglaries near her neighborhood. >> someone is invading your home and your privacy. that would concern me. >> deputies say seven bones of been burglarized in eastern carroll county alone. what happened in westminster and the other six happened under the baltimore county line. all of the incidents happened during the day. officials say the suspect got through unlocked doors or
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windows. >> they have removed over $40,000 or but if -- electronics, jewelry, cash, and other valuables, including some firearms. >> leave all of us alone. we are all families with little kids. that is the last thing we need. >> officials to think the pieces may be late. the carroll county sheriff's office is urging people to secure their homes and watch out for suspicious activity. paul lott says she is taking steps to keep our home say. >> i make sure windows and doors are locked. when my neighbors are out of town, i keep an eye on their house and stuff like that. "investigators do not have a description of the suspect, but they are asking anyone with information to call the carroll county sheriff's office. >> meanwhile, a man has been charged with robbery after baltimore and harper county police tracked him down. david hayes walked into the pnc
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bank on what spring road and demanded cash. 11 news broke the news yesterday during the 5:00 hour. an aviation unit track ped hayes' vehicle. authorities apprehended him less than 30 minutes later. new charges have been filed against a city police executive accused of using her daughter to get a big break on our grocery bill. mr. been a theft and conspiracy charges were filed against darlene early. she was allegedly caught by a security guard paying $100 for a bill that should have been $400. her daughter, a clerk in the store, is also charged. in anne arundel county teacher is facing 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to having sexual relations with students on and off campus. jeffrey sears excepted and alford plea this afternoon. he was teaching english when he had numeral and counters with
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the three students, two during and after school hours. on two occasions, he drove to a student body home. not guilty -- that verdict from the jury today in the hit and run trial of rubin dunn. prosecutors claimed last june he was behind the wheel of a car that hit and killed 70-year-old emerald smith and 16-year-old courtney angeles. jurors told 11 news there was not enough evidence to convict. it was an emotional day for the victim's families. >> i would never let somebody lay there and die. never. all he had to do is stop. he was found not guilty and that is fine, too. >> dunn's ex-girlfriend originally said she was the driver. she testified against him in exchange for a suspended its
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tenants. it was a strange day for a royal farms store after an suv crashed into the store window and broke into the store. the driver thought he was putting his foot on the break when he actually hit the gas. repair crews told us you'd be surprised how often this actually happens. >> it happens a lot more than you would think probably. this one is a big one. >> yes, i'd think so. i have not seen something like this in a couple of years. the first one i did was a big one. >> he was all the way in there. >> yes. all the way. we some have seen one where they hit the counters all the way at the chicken friars. >> no one inside the store was injured. that royal forms never closed. right now, the lane closures and we've been warning you about are finally in effect. one lane in each direction is shut down between 29th street
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and northern part way. construction is expected to last two months. crews are making emergency repairs to crushed drainpipes. officials say the work is crucial to avoid a sinkhole. sarah caldwell says there are some alternative routes to avoid the backup. >> liberty road comes in toward the city. park heights, i mentioned as well. york road, charles -- all of them run alongside the jfx. >> mta officials recommend public transportation. some other roadwork on tap right there on your screen. 795, the beltway, i95, and the jfx between the city and county line. more fallout the night of the state budget. the "doomsday budget" is
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apparently not balanced. >> in a letter to gov. o'malley, is but the secretary states "the general assembly's actions please next year's budget with a $70 made it all in it." but the secretary rejected by the secretary advises the governor from holding off signing any bills under the budget is balanced. she also writes "of efforts to resolve the budget shortfall to a special session are unsuccessful, the governor will have to cut one under $50 million out of a spending plan -- spending plan for public works. >> more politics for you. mitt romney and newt gingrich addressing national rifle association's annual convention today in st. louis. gingrich said the un should adopt a treaty that gives everyone on the planet the right to bear arms. mitt romney's wife took the stage today after the controversy over comments made
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stating she never worked a day in her life. >> let me give a shout out to all moms that are working. and, by the way, all dads that are working. we love all of you. >> mitt romney said he believes all moms are working moms. a developing story tonight out of columbia. the associated press is reporting 12 secret service agents accompanying the president to the summit of americas have been leaked -- relieved of their duty and sent home. allegations of personal misconduct involving prostitutes at the sight of that meeting a spokesman for the secret service would not confirm or deny the reports, but did say the security plan for the president has not been affected. instead of borrowing, it is time to buy at the library. why what you take on this weekend could lead to some
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lasting changes. plus, of the more than 22 per hundred people aboard the titanic, only 700 survive. one of their ascendance -- descendants is from harford county. >> to temperatures heading this way. a little wet weather moving in this direction as well right now, 46 at the airport. 56 downtown
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>> the tyson library books sell at the plates to be this weekend. it is their biggest fund raiser. it helped to make improvements to the facility. in its 18th year, volunteers say
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you can find anything from kid'' books to classic favorite to best sellers. >> we price the books to move. we are not trying to get the absolute best price for the books. that is ridiculous. >> you can stop the sale saturday from 9:00-5:00 and sunday from 1:00-4:00. this weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the sinki of the titanic. it set sail april 10, 1912, heading towards a new york carrying 2000 two hundred 23 passengers and crew. it wasn't -- 2223 acids and crew. it was supposed to be unsinkable. more than 1500 people died. more than 700 people survived, including a man -- a man named albert taylor, an early pioneer of the paper cup and the milk carton. his story lives on in harford
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county. >> the name, of course, the titanic. >> there is a piece of titanic history tucked away in aberdeen, md.. a journal, a firsthand account of titanic survival edward. now in the hands of his great cousin. >> at that time, this was the latest and greatest in early 20th century technology. he was able to interpret it all in preserved at all for what it was. >> mr. taylor was an inventor and engineer, a first-class passenger along with wife julia business partner f. fletcher lambert williams. >> he estimated the ship was going 27 miles -- 27 knots just based on the rotations of the propellers that he could hear. >> of the night of the 15th,
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taborites "an impact woke me up there "he went on date -- he went on deck. >> i walked over and saw nothing peculiar except crushed ice under my feet. i went to my cabin and told my wife we struck an iceberg and went to williams' cabin. these -- i told him we struck an iceberg. >> clearly unfazed and content of the titanic was unsinkable, taylor and his wife only got into a lifeboat when ordered to. half a mile out, it hit him. >> this prevailed. a real tragedy. 1500 or more people were plunged into the ocean, all calling for help. >> taylor lived with that date
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for the rest of his life. >> it was said that he never recovered. it was the horror of what he experienced. >> at the time of the titanic disaster, elmer carol -- elmer taylor with a seasoned traveler. he had already crossed the atlantic 60 times. carroll and his wife -- elmer and his wife survived. the business partner did not. >> now, your first alert forcast with meterologist tom tasselmyer. >> a beautiful day across the mid-atlantic, no. these cannot even parts of the south enjoying some low humidity. mid 60's around baltimore. 60 in southern michigan and across the ohio valley. 70 degrees in charlotte, north carolina. in baltimore, the official low was 66 and the official low 37. the average temperature 52 degrees. the normal is 53. one degree below normal for the
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average temperature. that is three straight days the average diverter and below normal. you have to roll back to early february to find the same -- to find that. a beautiful spring day. tree and gas pollen crank it out into the atmosphere. one of the 87 the total count. that is in the high range. the allergy season continues. garrett county. stages tomorrow. quite sunday through the early morning hours. cloud cover will arrive and, eventually, a chance of rain for tomorrow evening. we could actually use the rain. hopefully we will get a few showers tomorrow night. the cloud cover will keep the temperature is up in the western maryland mountains. especially on the lower eastern shore, a rapid temperature dropped. 41 at cambridge for some of the outlying areas, especially the
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interior areas of the eastern shore, opera 30's at the sun rises on saturday morning. closer to 50 degrees in downtown baltimore. the cloud cover is associated with an active storm system in the middle of the country. severe thunderstorms breaking out. it will move into our region tomorrow night and lift our temperatures. the cold front will make its way slowly to the central part of the country. with a strong jet stream riding over the front, heavy thunderstorms are likely tonight and during the day tomorrow. storms developing in north texas, heading to western misery. -- missouri. a tornado watch out tonight for much of oklahoma. the severe weather risk is in the height range. you can expect some really nasty weather. tornado alley look like it will get hit hard with those thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. hear, scattered light rain
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showers arriving in the evening, cutting across the area tomorrow night. partly cloudy skies on sunday. on the one side of that front sunday and monday. temperatures expected to climb up into the 80's. the transition is tomorrow. sun giving way to clouds. highs in the 70's. a small craft advisory. storms are likely tomorrow. a nice looking day in the mountains on sunday. eastern shore, a 30% chance of the eastern -- of a shower. down at the coast, a sea breeze. at the beach, temperatures a little cooler. inland locations near 80 degrees by sunday. 74 tomorrow. 84 on sunday. maybe some much-needed rain arriving tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> in 1991, cal ripken jr. won the home-run derby. more home run derby tonight in
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toronto. how the birds faired coming up next in sports. >> tonight's mega millions jackpot is an estimated $42 million. you must match these five white balls plus that gold medal ball. let see we can make you a millionaire tonight. the first number is 9, 17, 42, 36, and 14. now for the mega ball. 33. if no one matches all six numbers, tuesday's jackpot could be worth $53 million.
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>> not i whole lot leaning toward the orioles paper. they were just swept by the
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yankees. the goal for them was starting pitching. the orioles just about matched -- masked the days. robert andino deep to center. tommy hunter. escobar. 4-3 toronto. top of the state, adam jones. he had a big night. three-three, including this -- his second home run of the season. solo shot. the derby continues. edwin incarnacion. 5-4 lead. take a
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wilson betemit drives in two. 7 =5 winners tonight. high school lacrosse. a gorgeous day on the campus of loyola writ conner dolphin. 1 =0 -- 1-0. second quarter. a nice spin move. and of the quarter. top-ranked virginia. should have picked a different opponent for senior night. jay tripuka.
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11-3, blue devils in front. great effort there. this might not want to remember. nhl playoff tonight. the penguin and which continues support its per. 3-0. a gorgeous gold from sydney crosby. jarmir jager. the hat trick. the eight spot on the preferred fliers. succored by your opponent.
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the mets had two sacrifice bunts. the convention the umpire the bot was filed. i will go back to first while the ball remains in play. nailed at first. that is a tough lot of shame. the mets beat the phillies, 5- 2. i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's.
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>> we need another look at the weather to see exactly what to wear on the golf course. >> thundershowers tomorrow evening. 74 degrees. summerlike weather on sunday and monday. up into the 80's. board humidity. a chance for a few showers tomorrow evening. a better chance on tuesday and showers are lingering into wednesday when temperatures cool back into the 60's. a pretty nice looking weekend. >> thank you. that is all for 11 news tonight.
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