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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  April 15, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news. >> hello and welcome. i am jennifer franciotti. >> i am lisa robinson. first, let us look outside with ava marie. >> it is arty in the 60's. that is how we are starting the day. if a bit warmer as we head
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towards the afternoon. fairly cloudy. gray skies, overcast. temperature, 62 a b.w.i. winds are calm. it feels really pleasant out there. as we head towards the afternoon, we are expecting quds to clear out. there will be more of a partly cloudy day. temperatures will be very warm. upper 70's. looks like the warm trend continues at least for one day. details on the cool down coming up. >> more big story comes out of the midwest where there have been more than 60 reports of tornadoes. >> unbelievable. residents still are not out of the woods. the storms will continue through today. in oklahoma, five people died. check out these twin tornadoes caught on tape. there is word that a possible tornado hit a hospital in creston, iowa. >> that is a funnel cloud. look at the spin. >> as promised -- >> getting very intense not -- >> the storms began popping this
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evening. multiple tornadoes on the ground and oklahoma. >> big debris cloud. this is going through the field. >> more storms ripping across kansas. early on, more than 60 twisters reported across at least four states. it is only the beginning of what could be very dangerous knight . to exceed the atmosphere and the way to set up, we are expecting widespread outbreaks of staff of the -- severe storms and a large hail and damaging tornadoes. >> the national weather service issued a high risk courting for the central and southern plains. time to conditions in place for what they call strong to violent tornadoes. the early twisters were wide and moving quickly. >> multiple cortex. >> leaving a path of twisted metal and a growing fear that more on the way. many possibly striking after nightfall. >> that is really what we are concerned about. if we get into these long trek tornadoes during the nighttime hours.
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>> the concern is what so many may find in the morning. as the violent system continues to cut across the midwest. j. gray, wbal tv 11 news. >> storms damaged a hospital in iowa. so far, nobody was hurt. the staff is working to move patients. creston is 75 miles southwest of des moines. >> it is raining like crazy. everything was spinning around. reining in the bathroom. all over, pretty much. >> the transformer blew and the wind was flying. flying straight across. i put my back against my car. >> no injuries, but much of the town of thurmond dock, -- semin is destroyed. 75% is damaged. no one in the town of 250 has
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been injured. residents took refuge in city hall because that was the only building that still in power. more severe weather this time in nebraska. it is not a tornado, but check out this site. a large amount of hail fell. accumulating up to 1 inch. the hail fell on top of a couple of inches of rain. that caused slick driving conditions. >> to the closing of two best buy stores in the baltimore area. >> 11 news captured in place walking out of the hunt valley best buy store on saturday after being notified the store in the interim harbor store location will be closing for good. may 12. >> inside it is convenient right here. it is a shame they are closing. >> unfortunately, it has been like this for a while here in baltimore. >> the stores are amongst 50 stores best buy plans to close nationwide this year.
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15 additional baltimore area retail store locations will remain open for business. the company says the closures are part of its transformation strategy and that it was not an easy decision to make. >> certain things you expect to close, but not as by people -- best buy. >> the company has been dealing with the number of challenges including the recent resignation of their ceo amid reports of an inappropriate relationship with a female worker and poor corporate earnings. >> this has been an unsettling time for retail and general. a large aspect of the change has been the way the internet altered our behavior. the way we shop. >> economists say what people losing their jobs may be impacted by the closures, it should not have an impact on the baltimore economy as a whole. >> the baltimore regional economy is improving and so these people find themselves looking for work in an economy
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that is somewhat improved. certainly over the last two or three years. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> best buy says they will help those employees find other positions within the company or offer a severance package. >> million dollars is the bond for a man charged in connection with the video attack that when viral. investigators say here in parson was the one who threw the punch that level a guy on march the 19th. the victim was beaten, robbed, and stripped of his clothes. >> hopefully this will lead to the identity of other suspects we are looking for. they will be debriefed and we will follow the evidence. >> parson faces robbery and other charges. please return to track down the suspects in connection with that attack. investigators were able to freeze a portion of the videotape and zoom in to these three people wanted in the case. if you know who or where they are, call 410-396-2411.
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>> 62 degrees on tv hill. scholarships to more than 4000 students, still ahead, then carson. >> with the tax deadline for two is a way, we are here to help last-minute taxpayers. >> the threat continues in the plains, but it is moving east. how could that affect our forecast? @ @
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>> we have seen some moisture. that helped produce showers over night. the showers have basically disappeared and are moving
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offshore. we have clouds left over. we're expecting clouds to break apart as we head towards the afternoon. we may see sunshine out there. for sunday, the east coast has very quiet weather. especially when compared to what is happening in the plains. major severe weather continues. this brought hundreds reports of tornadoes yesterday from oklahoma and to iowa. those storms are pressing needs to oklahoma city, east of kansas city. they continue to shift east and north. we of all the ingredients we need to get this major outbreak. winning the clashing of the air masses and that happens along the cold front. cold air to the west. clashing along the boundary. that helps produce the storms in the first place. we need some extra ingredients for the storms to turn severe. we have the winds changing direction with tight. out of the south and lower levels -- south and west.
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it is the turning with tight that allows you to get the storms to rotate. that can spawn those tornadoes. that is what we have right now. the entire risk in the shade of yellow from texas all the way to lower michigan, while the biggest risk, that is for you have a moderate risk for severe weather. des moines, iowa. wisconsin. have the greatest chance to see it tornado today. this entire thread will shift east as the storm moves east, as well. the energy will fall apart. we will just the slight risk rather than the higher risk out in pennsylvania and west virginia tomorrow. it stays west of baltimore tomorrow. as it passes by tomorrow night, it falls apart. temperatures in the low 80's today. adjusting case -- the same case in the mountains. you should see center and as we head later in the day. we are still warm tomorrow. high 84. up front passes by tomorrow night and temperatures are in
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the 70's on tuesday. cooler on wednesday, 68. thunderstorms in our area by next weekend. >> billions of dollars in lost treasure were waiting for the owners to claim it. >> warm temperatures make for favorable conditions. unfortunately, -- we have experts to tick-proof your yard. >> events going on around town.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. 62 degrees on tv hill. >> status two o -- two days away. good morning. >> good morning. great to be here. >> any last minute device? >> get it in by tuesday. it is an extra two base this year because today is tax day. it is a sunday. tuesday is tax day. even if you do not think you owe money, you should file a tax return. stay in place because there are lots of policies that help folks
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that are not making enough money and are hit by the recession. there are a lot of government programs that you become eligible for by filing taxes so do not procrastinate. sign it in a. a lot of people sign it in pencil. e-file if you can. almost three-quarters of marylanders our e-filing. that is a big improvement. >> -- >> if you of something, we will bend over backwards to make it easy for you. we are not interested in her dressing marylanders who have been hammered by the bad economy. if you show was good faith, $5 a week, we will work with you. >> we will not accuse you of wanting people to get money because this week, you also want to give it away. give it back. >> i am holding almost $1 billion for 1 million marylanders. go on my website at merrill
9:18 am it is a huge amount of money. -- you do not have to buy a lottery ticket. it is free. >> that is a lot of money -- where is it coming from? >> this month under statute is the big financial institution. they did i get to put it in their pocket. after a certain number of years, they have to give it to the state of maryland. we hold it in perpetuity for people. it is a great deal. i tell -- i tell people you have a chance of getting unclaimed property for the controller and that is a better chance than winning the lottery. >> you just discovered -- >> your employees indicated that she found she was our -- she
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wa0 $200. we interview broadcasters to say that you're holding money for me. we are faced with the issue of the meltdown in annapolis of the budget. >> you are not happy. >> is very unfortunate because it makes the state looks like it doesn't have its act together. it is a real broken window for the state of maryland right now because the one thing they are supposed to pass down there is the budget. and a field. >> $1 billion over what we were last year. >> we have some significant budget problems. the point is that that budget is very important for kids and health care and education, it set iraq to have the gambling interests hijacked the budget and hold it hostage is really unacceptable. i hope the governor says, we need a special session. i will veto any gambling expansion because it is a
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distraction. let us get the budget passed and fix the broken window. >> all right. tax deadline is tuesday. >> tuesday the 17th. the there or be square. whatever they say. make sure you get your taxes in because the worst thing is when you do not file because that triggers a lot of enforcement. >> it sure does. >> we will work with anybody. >> one more time, give us the property information. >> >> phone numbers are on your screen. thank you for joining us. great to see you. please stay with us, coming up next, john and carry in the sunday gardener. >> this morning, we talk about pests. there are big ones and -- >> like this beetle. >> he is beautiful. that you have to squint because their little ones.
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they are not a good thing. we will spot -- we will talk to a specialist on looking for these guys. coming up ons.
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>> good morning. welcome to your sunday gardener. we talk about drawing up the red flags on bugs. >> this is stand, he has an entomologist. he helps us out in our greenhouse and nursery is. he is here to help us take care
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of insects. >> would people think of bugs, they have been talking about it as the state budget. we talk about that and then the red flags. >> it is down. compared to 2011. the stink bug's population is down from 2011. they are around with the warm weather. they're getting very active. they are going to be heading out and laying their eggs outside. watch for those. there are fact sheets out there at extension websites you can download and tell you what you can do. >> ok. they are still there. i mention a red flag. you guys are looking for something. what? >> the asian longhorn beetle. it is an interesting field. very large. the females are larger than the males. these things will be active during the summer. watch for these in june, july, august, september. if you see something like these
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beetles, they are black with white spots, -- get a sample. double bag it. get it to an extension office. there is damage done in april -- a maple tree and it will kill them. >> no harm to humans? >> they will not hurt you. we want to stand up of this. we do not have this in maryland. it is in other states. they sounded as close as new jersey and other years. we want to listeners to be alert on these things and get it to an office. >> if they get established, an old neighborhood's worth of trees can disappear. >> they will take out sugar maples, red maples, all of those. 25 other species of trees. this is a nasty past. >> we are looking for them. we are looking for them. we go to the other scope. these are little naps. -- gnats. >> these are spotted wearing the
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bugs. you are familiar with the fruit flies. this one is from china. as nasty. -- it is nasty. it will go into fruit and when you go to harvest, you can have little maggots in there. if you see that in fruit, get it to an extension office. we found it in maryland in october. we want to see how widespread this is in the state. >> on this, the sticky traps we used in greenhouses, will they show up? >> no. we have a fact sheet about how to build a trap that involves fruit vinegar and a little container. they go in after that and a fall in their into the solution. >> is that what you try to do to figure out if they are around? >> yes. that is an easy way. or someone in their garden, if they found a fruit with a maggot, get that to an office. >> will it be one maggot? >> a lot. >> ew.
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>> will grow some people out. >> is there a preventative? >> we are trying to figure out how to establish how many there are. >> he is pretty small. >> he is very small. we are afraid it will transfer quickly. we want to see how widespread it is before we look at sandra oh auctions. >> i have 30 or 40 seconds. we have another bug. it looks like a sliver. >> that is a little be killed. -- a little below. watch this in the chesapeake bay. we are in a quarantine for this test. this deal will attack-trees and kill them. -- beetle will attach ash trees and kil them. >> do not plant ash. >> do not move them around. >> do not transported around. >> use your firewood in place. >> plan to another species of
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trees. >> how can we in touch the -- get in touch with the extension service? >> you can call them or you can reach them on the web that >> keep your eyes open. these are pretty, but they are deadly. we will be back next sunday with more on your sunday gardener. see you then. >> if you have a gardening question, send us an e-mail. >> 62 degrees on tv hill. minutes away from send a's q&a. -- send a's q&a. we have an expert to give us ti ps about mosquito. >> summer like today and tomorrow. details coming up next on the insta-weather plus.
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that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. pop in. stand out. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news. >> of the back. 11 news is starting again at 9:30. we're looking outside. >> we just keep warming out there. we started off in the 50's. now in the 60's.
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temperatures near 80's. 62 at b.w.i. the winds are mostly calm. we have clouds in the sky. we are expecting them to clear out by the afternoon. expect a little bit of sunshine. very mild day. highest in the low 80's later this afternoon. the warming trend continues this afternoon, but then we have some changes which include a cool down. stay tuned for details coming up. >> time for our sunday morning q&a. joining us is a best-selling author and renowned neurosurgeon. good morning. thank you for coming. >> good morning. >> one of the things he wanted to talk about is your commitment to education and you are about to celebrate the 16th year for the scholars award banquet. >> we started 16 years ago. we gave 25 scholarships. one in each county in maryland. it has continued to spread.
9:32 am
this year, for the first time, we are in all 50 states. and the program just continues to expand enormously and have great influence. it has won the simon award, which is only given to one or institution. it also won the ronald mcdonald house award. the key is that many educators have told us that when we put a scholar in their classroom, the gpa of the whole class can go up significantly. instead of focusing on the quarterback and the rustler, they're focusing on the smart kid who is responsible for this trophy that is out there with all the other sports trophies. the kid gets to wear a medal and me incredible people. he gets local press attention. we get to celebrate academic achievement, which is so important if our nation is to remain a pinnacle nation. >> that is one of the things you said when you started this organization. you saw that the athlete had
9:33 am
this eutrophy. the smart kid did not. >> i have nothing against athletes. there are some states like pennsylvania, indiana, where their professional football team is the biggest sponsor of our scholars. we have to get the ravens involved one of these days. it is something that is not, you know, and the medical. sports entertainment, academic achievement, they should work together. we have a mission. the creators of our nation said that we have to have a very educated populace in order to take advantage of the kind of democracy that we have. we need to emphasize that. the other thing is the reading rooms. we need to focus on title one schools because a lot of those kids come from homes with no books. they go to school with no library. they will not leave readers. those are the people who drop out.
9:34 am
we have to concentrate on that. that is what is all about. we're having our big banquet in two weeks. we have three banquets next week. michigan, alan i., and pennsylvania. the week after that, we have our big one here. there are still tickets available at $85. it is always sold out to get in there quickly. it is one of the inspirational things. >> before you go, we will remind them again. i want to talk about "america the beautiful." you authored that with your wife. >> your wife is quick to mention is the only book that we have ever written together that got on the new york times best- seller. [laughter] i was very concerned about what was happening with our nation. it seemed like we were going from a can-do nation to a what can you do for me nation? . i want to remind people of their roots. the inspirational thing -- here in baltimore, we look at fort
9:35 am
mchenry and we have no idea that it was dumbarton of the british a fort mchenry that we would -- and we withstood that. our soldiers stood there all night holding the flag. that was the turning point of the war of 1812. we want to remind people of the kind of tenacity and the bravery and a can-do spirit that created the most powerful nation in the world. >> he would say there are some many things distracting people today. they are not paying attention to the most important thing. >> unfortunately, we are not. we are so easily distracted. you know, i hate to say it, but you got there on the street and you will find people who know a lot more about the kardashians than about current events and our history, things that are important. there is a time when everybody knew that you do not buy a house that cost more than 2.5 times annual income. when did that information get lost?
9:36 am
people are easily fooled into buying houses and we are in the credit default swap and all of this crazy stuff that can easily be eradicated. >> you also talk about making sure that we care about our -- those who do not have as much as we may have. we are seeing more and more haves and have-nots. the president wants congress to embrace people who have more money give more back. what do you think about that? >> one of the things i talked about in the book was texas. i said, i am all for fear taxes. let us look at -- fair taxes. let us look to the most fair person. that is god. he said, i want a tie. he did not say if you have come and give me trouble. he did not say if your crops fail, you do not know me anything. there is something fair about
9:37 am
proportionality. $10 billion, pay $1 million. $1 -- $10, pay $1. people say it does not hurt the guy who paid $1 billion. that is the kind of thinking that has resulted in 602 banks in the cayman islands. we need to be fair to everybody and everything will work. >> everybody needs to be fair. thank you for coming in. we want to remind everybody, and " america the beautiful." if you have a question, you can send it in to sundayquestions here is nbc with what is coming up on "meet the press."
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>> good morning. coming up, the fight for women voters take center stage after a democratic strategist took on a ann romney. any debate over working mothers. we talk about the broader issues surrounding the gender gap and the economy with kirsten gillibrand and michele bachmann. i go one-on-one with timothy geithner on the key issues of this election year, jobs, taxes, and eco
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. -- now, your insta-weather plus forcast with ava marie. >> the heat continues in the second part of the weekend. looking at the current
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temperatures, it is pretty mild. 62 it b.w.i.. 63 downtown at the inner harbor with low 60's down on the eastern shore including 66 cents ausberry. 63 in westminster. it will only get warmer as we head towards the afternoon. we are starting off today with quite a bit of clouds. there were a couple of showers over night. does the ball cleared out and it will take a while for the skies to clear, as well. expect partly cloudy skies throughout the sunday. high temperatures in the lower 80's in central maryland. the same case along the eastern shore. in the 70. mountains in the 70's, as well. the skies are clearing out in the southern part of the state. south of baltimore, near dc. if the showers are just turning to leave cecil county. those are what are left over from last night. most of the clouds are sick over western maryland. these will pass over the state and then we start to see the sky start to break apart a little bit. quiet conditions along the eastern seaboard from for all
9:42 am
the way into new england as high pressure exits the coast. what is happening in the plains? once -- the outbreak. the storms are just turning to press east into the -- missouri and arkansas. the entire band of thunderstorms will expand east and move north throughout the day. that is where we still have the major threat for severe weather. yesterday, over 100 reports of tornadoes here today, the same year we have all the ingredients we need to get the severe weather outbreak. the warm air to the east, cool to the west. the clashing of the air masses forms this thunderstorm. the extra ingredient is the wind changing with tight hear the wind changes direction with tight and that is what we call wind shear. that forms the tornadoes. here is the main risk for tornadoes today. des moines, iowa to wisconsin. a strong risk. moderate right now where we will have many areas seeing strong tornadoes. a slight risk extending from upper michigan all the way down into texas.
9:43 am
this will shift to the east as we head into tomorrow. western pennsylvania and west virginia by tomorrow night. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. the cold front passes by maryland but we will see a drop in temperatures. 75 on tuesday and 60 degrees on wednesday. >> is definitely here. mosquito come awfully, taxis and. joining us this morning to help is someone from the mosquito squad. earlier than usual. >> the mosquito population is expected to be much a larger than in recent years due to the mild winter we had this past winter. there are many things we can do in our own yards to try to prevent them from coming in. >> let us talk about mosquitos. what are some prevention tips? >> we have come up with a fivep's. the first is to take out. each one of these rings can hold enough water for a mosquito to
9:44 am
lay eggs. you are going to want to tip this out. to about anything in your yard that can hold water. the second thing is to toss. toss in the shrubs in your yard that are laying in your yard. those are all places where mosquitos can hide and harbor. >> tree branches? >> that is where they hide. they do not like the sun. anywhere they can find shade is good for them to stay. >> i had no idea. clean up your yard. >> exactly. if you are going to want to turn over. children's toys are notorious. the water can pull in their. the water can produce up to 100 mosquitos. you want to turn them over and make sure they cannot collect water. >> tiptoes over. >> anything in the yard. >> the next one is tarp. if you have a tarp over a wood pile, make sure it is tot.
9:45 am
as long as it is taught, they will not breed there. >> treat. we cannot three weeks and we lay barriers on the property which takes care of mesquita centex. >> let us say they are not want to call the miskitos what -- miskitos god, what products can we use? >> most of the products you can find at the store. >> call us. >> the take-proofing your yard. -- tick-proofing your yard. >> back on bushes, things you do not need. clean it out. get off your property. spring cleaning. did not give them any place to live or stay. the next one would be to choose plants that deer do not like. certain plants der do not like. the more deer you have not in your yard, the less takes you will have. >> call the professionals' picks
9:46 am
he called the professionals. we come out and we do that treatments and we kill adult ticks on contact as well as utilize it take to this for the wind and ticks. >> get rid of lyme disease. >> every year, 30,000 americans contract lyme disease and is horrible. we can do a couple of things around our property to reduce that risk. >> thank you for joining us from the miskitos what. you can go online to don't go away. here is a look at lottery numbers from last night.
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>> welcome back. sunday brunch, turning as it is executive chef from the bno american brasserie. you teach us how to make -- >> most tom khaksar field for a of searing scallops. -- most home cooks are fearful of steering scallops. >> my problem is buying the rights gallops. >> the key is you want them firm. you do not want injected scallops. you want fries gallops. they inject them with brian and you cannot get a good -- brine
9:50 am
and you cannget a good sear. with whitehite fish pepper. dark fish with dark pepper. white pepper. get a hot pan. this is regular vegetable oil. that is hot. >> stand back. >> let it sear. >> hot pan. really hot. >> if you do not get it have, you will not caramelized sugar is. >> how did you not burn? >> open the door. [laughter] make sure that you are searing it on one side. do not put them in the oven. sear and then butter is with garlic. >> how do you know when it is
9:51 am
done? >> it is all about the -- they throw them in the oven and burn them or they think they have to cook longer. same thing with shrimp or seafood. less is better. undercooked is not good. >> do you know? -- how do you know? >> you know. you see the colors. today, we are serving it with smoked potato puree and snap peas with a roasted pepper puree. we are getting knives cartelization on them. -- nice cartelization on them. these potatoes are pureed. we added a little bit of with cream to a to lighten it up. >> not enough to do a mashed potato. >> scallops are there.
9:52 am
>> turn those over. if you want a copy of the recipe, log on to our website, ." -- there you have it. you have the butter in there. look at that. that is the finished product. do you have to clean scallops a certain way? >> pulled the membrane off. >> i do not even know what that looks like. we take a break and we will look at some more of your scallops. at some more of your scallops. we will
9:53 am
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buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of new bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? new bounty. the clean picker upper. >> your back with a quick look at for seven-day forecast.
9:55 am
81 today. 84 tomorrow with partly sunny skies. cooler tuesday and wednesday. 70's to 60's. thunderstorms next friday. >> looks delicious. he made artichoke chips. >> take artichokes' and then lightly fried them. >> delicious. >> no force for us. this looks amazing. >> it looks great. thank you for coming in. >> definitely. thank you for joining us. "meet the press" is next. have a great day. >> follow breaking news and weather any time at connected with us on facebook and twitter.
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>> this is a wbal editorial. >> there is no confetti or joy as the maryland general assembly came to a close with little fanfare. rightfully so. instead, this year's session did not accomplish its most important goal. a balanced budget. political jockeying continued until the last minute by legislators failed to reach a compromise on a balance spending plan by the midnight deadline. as a result, marylanders now and up with a so-called doomsday budget. $500 million in cuts, no one really wants that. this budget eliminates 500 state jobs and requires employers to pay higher health insurance premium and not the cost of living increases. there is an 8% cut in agency
9:57 am
spending and local law- enforcement grants would be eliminated. higher education and college funding would be reduced by 10%. what did get done in annapolis? the legislature passed a bill doubling the flesh tax from $30 to $60 a year to pay for upgrades for waste water treatment plants. they approved for a more for the health-insurance marketplace so individuals and small businesses can purchase coverage. maryland became the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage. as for the budget, it will take a special session to rework the plan. aides to the governor insists he wants an agreement before calling the legislature back to work. we agreed. it will cost taxpayers $21,000 a day to bring the same 180 legislators back who cannot get the job done in 90 days. this not reduce the deficit. there is proven washington. marylanders need to other lawmakers will get the job done. for more of this general assembly session, we invite you to log on to and
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click on local news. click on local news.
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