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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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christine on the day she went missing. he said she walked away from the home and was never seen or heard from again. >> police say they have received tips and often on for 20 years. a tip led them back to the home yesterday to search the property. jared's current wife lives there now, but they are separated -- jarrett's wife. officers ended up arresting -- arresting him during a traffic stop. they say he did not offer any comment or show any emotion during the rest. >> it does not make sense that this young mother would walk away from her two children. the husband reported her missing, but he was a suspect from early on. this reason information and discovery has led our detectives to be able to make the rest. that is certainly satisfying for them after all this time. >> police are waiting for
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reports from the medical examiner to identify the body and determine the cause of death. they say items down near the body indicate that it is christine e. jarrett. >> another unusual death investigation in and around a county. police say 41-year-old patrick taney lost consciousness while under restraint in the back of a police car. he had been picked up last friday after officers say he was behaving erratically while his suv was stopped on the side of the road. police say a struggle began and he eventually kicked out the windows of a patrol vehicle. he lost control it is lost consciousness on the way to the hospital. he ended up dying yester day, five days later. an autopsy is being performed tonight. >> word about drastic increases in tuition, hundreds protested in college park tonight. they are urging governor martin o'malley to call for a special session to balance the state
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budget. lowell melser has more on the story. >> a couple hundred students showed up for this rally today here at the university of maryland college park. many of them upset about the so- called doomsday budget. many of them are already having a tough time making ends meet, paying their own tuition, and do not know how they could take possible hikes. about 200 students gathered on the steps of the library on the campus of the university of maryland thursday to voice their frustrations over the so-called doomsday budget and how it will affect their education. organizers say the budget was raised in-state tuition by $800 and out of state by $2,600. >> in times of economic uncertainty, this could mean them not buying a textbook or not getting computer programs for the classes. this is going to hurt students and erode the quality of
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education. >> for this of war who recently lost her father to pancreatic cancer, there will be a mental toll as well -- for this student. >> an additional $800 is one less book, one less class that i can attend. >> according to published reports, if they do not come up with the new budget, more than $60 million will be cut from state colleges and universities, which students can say critics say can literally change the way they approach their education -- which students they can literally change the way they approach their education. >> it will be more expensive to be here in general. >> we have to say no to the forces in annapolis. >> estate represented says he is optimistic about a special session. many ideas are starting to pile
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on the table. >> a tax increase might translate to $100 a family. in-state tuition rates would be $800 a semester. >> there is still no word out of annapolis this evening or from governor o'malley's office whether there will or will not be a special session. we are live at the university of maryland college park, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> keep your promise is the message from parents to mayor stephanie rawlings lake. she had committed to doubling the number of after-school programs available. shelton dutes is live outside city hall with more. >> that meeting is wrapping up right now, but a resolution that would double fanning to -- double funding to after-school programs did pass, and committee members are hearing final
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testimony in council chambers right now. earlier this afternoon, the laughter of children could be heard on the front lawn of city hall. the kids, their parents and teachers came out to demand increased funding to after- school programs and summer programs, which could suffer because of the city's budget woes. two resolutions were introduced this afternoon. one with double money to these after-school and summer programs. that resolution was introduced by a group of kids in the safe and sound program here in baltimore. attendees of the meeting were told that the board of estimate really has the power. >> i just encourage you all to use our power, and if it is not in the budget, vote against the budget and make sure this is in it. this is positive change. >> we will have an update on this story later tonight at
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11:00. shelton dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 3 secret service employees are already out, but will others also be shown the door? >> that is the question tonight as the investigation continues into that colombian prostitution scandal. nikole killion has more in washington. >> several members of congress believe moorehead should roll from the secret service, but the white house is reserving judgment until the investigation is complete. up to three secret service employees were fired in connection with a prostitution scandal in colombia. war could soon be dismissed. >> it would not surprise the if more were to leave. >> maryland congressman elijah cummings sits on the house oversight committee. he sent a letter to the director of the secret service and talk to him for over an hour this week, demanding answers. >> the thought that a secret service agent, several of them would be spending the night with
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these ladies really causes of some concern. >> at least 11 secret service employees and 10 military member for allegedly involved with as many as 20 women before the president's trip to a summit last weekend to the city of cartagena. >> you go to colombia and have a fight with a prostitute over how much she should be paid? a total lack of common sense. >> is especially disgusting. >> the white house says the president continues to have confidence in the agency, even though he has not spoken directly to its chief. >> the president has not spoken with director sullivan in recent days, but i would not read anything into that. >> congressional hearings on the incident are scheduled for next week. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> of the three employees who have been let go by the secret service, two were supervisors in the uniformed division, one retired, and the other was fired. of another employee resigned. their security clearances have been suspended. >> and the project is for an energy efficiency program. >> what you have for us, david collins? >> the day's biggest moneymaker is rebounding. >> another nail biter, down to the final out for the orioles this afternoon. we will show you more, later in sports. >> the orioles are getting out there just as the rain is starting to move into chicago. the forecast is up next.
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>> and new project to cut back on energy consumption for the next 20 years at the airport. the airport says the project will produce more than 600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year. it is part of a broad energy efficiency program that the airport launched in 2010 with other measures that include comprehensive water conservation measures and solar panels. the baltimore city college choir sang and mrs. shirley dicks and was one of the first
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residence to throw out the first pitch. it is a new concept for an assisted living. it is located where the zero memorial stadium used to sit. it is a different kind of calm. -- where the old memorial stadium used to sit. >> the number of chesapeake bay crabs is at a record high this year. two-thirds more than last year. it is mystery of why there are fewer adult female crabs around. david collins runs us live from the city dock. >> while it is great news that the number of cravath has increased by 66% from last year, here is the real question. does that mean crab prices will go down? this regional icon is making a strong comeback, according to an annual survey of the chesapeake bay blue crab. >> it is good news for the bay, for jobs, and for our economic recovery. >> while the number of juvenile
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crabs nearly tripled, the stock of spawning females dropped. >> with the water being warmer, they may have stayed more in the shallows, which would have made fewer of them. -- make your of them accessible to the survey. >> four years ago -- made fewer of them accessible. >> we are seeing a rebound because we are using science based management systems. >> experts warn despite the number of crabs, their survival depends on water quality. there is concern that it tends to weaken the federal clean water act will undermine progress. state officials plan to continue with a catch restriction. last year's harvest was down from 80 million pounds caught in 2010. watermen are pleased by the state's approach to conservation.
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>> it is important that science and the watermen listen to each other. i think we have accomplished a lot. >> the state is launching a new crab marketing program. participating restaurants will have a true blue rating. >> of the governor credits part of the rebound to catch restrictions put in place back in 2008, both in the state of maryland and in virginia. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> beautiful spring weather today. temperatures rebounded nicely once the rain from yesterday moved off the coast. we needed that rain, but did not get a whole lot. great spring weather.
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april 19, we are one month away from the preakness. 70 degrees at the airport, 72 at the inner harbor. normal is 66. the record high in 1990 -- record high was 93. a trace of precipitation from yesterday's rainfall. you can see it moving off the coast in the early morning. a little bit of cloud cover left behind with some patchy clouds -- patchy fog that burned off. the storm system is moving farther out into the atlantic. the past couple of days, the pollen count has been between 1600 and 2400. today the total count was just 313. it will probably bounce back tomorrow after another dry day. 70 degrees in gaithersburg, 65
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it richly. look at the sea breeze on the beach at ocean city -- 65 at dgely. expect some patchy fog to try to reform, especially near the bay. another vehicle friday afternoon. you better get outside and enjoy it because the weekend might turn a little different. son of friday morning at 6:22. -- sun up friday morning at 6:22. bay water temperatures within a degree or so of 60. a beautiful day in announced tomorrow, but look at what is coming our way. showers and thunderstorms likely in western maryland on saturday. it looks like the mount might clear up in time to salvage the second half of the weekend. a sunni friday and in a wet
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saturday in the afternoon. inland the beach, 7's and showers and storms up arriving in the afternoon and evening at ocean city on friday. a weekend system is still organizing to the west of us. it looks like some rain is pushing into chicago now. this front will be dropping south and east and we expect an area of low pressure to develop on that front and perhaps move up the coast as a nor'easter. then the southern end of the front it's energized and a further ease to go, the more likely it will be a west -- more likely it will be a wet day on sunday. baltimore is sitting on pins between those two weather patterns. -- sitting on the fence.
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monday ande 50's on tuesday. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is 11 sports. >> an obvious improvement in the orioles' record. they not only one 5-3 today, but they stood up under the pressure and the kind of game that would have blown last year. adam jones first inning hit. he has a hit in every game but one this season. the white -- white sox, to the rights of the infield precaution in the fifth, time for adam jones again. texas swing, and just watch it go. fifth home run of the year for adam jones.
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jim johnson is looking to end the game. the orioles beat chicago 5-3, to take three of four from the white sox. a week from tonight, the nfl draft begins. this year the ravens had a long shopping list of needs. over the next week, we will share in sides with you leading up to the draft. we start with an overview of this year's draft class. >> i think quarterbacks are strong. running back is an area where people can probably every round. then i think pass road -- pass rushers. those are areas where it seems
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like you could get a player in each round. >> the ravens -- pager started eight games last season for the colts. >> pat summitt had a chance to say goodbye in person today the she spent 38 seasons in charge of the lady vols program. your ago, she learned she had early onset alzheimer's. she said she wanted to the best thing for the program. that was the focus of her decision. 1098 wins against only 208 losses. 18 trips to the final four. one amazing lady. >> there is never the time.
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you have to find the time that you think is the right time, and that is now. >> very powerful to here in her final season. everybody knew what she was going through. >> she had her assistant coach's helping her. a true champion, she was able to do something in a very public way that helps a lot of people fighting a similar battle. >> she is still going to be out there with the girls. >> she will be doing what she can do. it is hard to have a legend around and allow the next coach to run the program. >> they with us for the seven- day forecast. -- stay with us.
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>> we will continue to look into the 21-year-old cold case that has been revived with an arrest for murder. we'll fill you in on why it took a party so long to make their case. this little boy is a hero after alerting his family to a fire inside the home. it is not his choice he is concerned about losing, it is concerned about losing, it is this
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>> a major difference in that pollen count. >> it will go back up tomorrow. showers coming through saturday and sunday, needed rain again. some women become a chilly weather for you next week. -- summerlin de, chilly weather for you next week -- some windy, chilly
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