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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  April 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with judge westergren to the defense request to allow zimmerman to leave the seminole county jail. you'll spend least one more night behind bars by the details are worked out. he will be required to wear a monitor and will be under curfew. tracy martin had tears in his eyes. it was devastating but he got to give is self-serving apology. "they were reserved for his defense team.
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>> this is a high-profile case and there are a lot of high emotions at stake. i just do not want that to spill over on to the family of my client. >> and these emotions have been on edge since the night of the deadly shooting. decide're trying to between a handful of secret locations to live after his release. wbal-tv 11 news. >> breaking news in northeast baltimore. let's go live to capt. roy taylor. >> we are just south of edison high way where at about 4:40 p.m. there was a shooting at this location. an adult male was shot twice in front of his residence. they do have a description of the suspect responsible and they are canvassing the area.
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live from sky team 11, capt. roy taylor. that part ofchools the economic lockdown as they search for suspected gunman. we're over an active seen in westminster. this is about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. they say this is where one man shot another this morning. they were placed on lockdown as a precaution as they search for a man was wearing a green shirt, brown pants and we're told the shooter and a victim of each other and you will be taken to shock trauma with what is agreed to be non-life threatening injuries. >> we're learning more about the howard county man accused of killing and burying his wife in the backyard. he is now facing first and second degree murder charges. lowell melser third joins us now where he sits behind bars with
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no bail. >> robert jarrett the night to bail and records show a very troubled past with his ex-wife and it may have a lot to do with them breaking the case wide open. it was more than 20 years ago when robert reported his wife christine missing. according to charging documents he said in the late evening hours january 3rd, 1991, they had an argument over money and she left on foot with very little on her person. later on in the week she was reported missing by her family. detectives noticed there was tension in their relationship. police at the time thought you was a suspect but lacked a probable cause to inspect his property. court documents reveal in the late 1997 he was able to legally
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declare her dead. among those notified were two life insurance companies and the social security administration. he remarried a woman named cheryl in the two lived in the same home where he lived with his first wife in oak ridge. then, in early 2007, it seemed the two began having their own marital problems taking out restraining orders on each other. she failed to appear for her hearing in the two eventually split. court filings indicate it filed for divorce lost year. he moved out of the house and documents indicate he was staying in calvert county and records show it was registered to a woman named robyn bizell. he later received probation before judgment, but the split was the break in case they have been waiting for for 21 years.
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police paid a visit and ask that they could search the property. she said yes and that is when they made the gruesome discovery. located in a shed behind the home, under the floorboard, covered with concrete, the remains of christine. he was arrested in jersey with her murder. we tried to speak at both of his sons, one in baltimore county, the other in howard county, but we were unsuccessful. >> get off the property. get off the property. >> so far, he does not have an attorney and a preliminary date so far has not been set. he is being held tonight without bond. live at the howard county department of corrections in jesup, lowell melser or, wbal-tv 11 news. >> this is all that is left of the 11-apartment units in
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baltimore county. 50 firefighters were called out around to o'clock p.m. there were told there were people stuck inside and they were able to contain the flames to the middle grouping of the units. two people were taken in for medical attention. >> police want to know who recently damaged this speed cameras. it was set on fire after the fire overnight. they say they have no suspect at this time. county police announced they would be installing new cameras and county officials expect to restore the camera in the near future, but until them cameras will rotate between the two. >> baltimore city employees are about to get a case of what is going on all over the country -- being told they will have to pay
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more. they're going over the changes with union leaders. jayne miller has more on the changes and joins us live from the newsroom with more. convexity employees enjoy benefits, but now they will cost more. as it stands, they pay 20% of their premium for health insurance, no deductible, and they are charged no co-pay. these benefits are almost unheard of. they've got to start paying an annual deductible of $250.10% of the medical bill. even with generous benefits, a city employee health as well below average. city officials want to encourage employees to focus on
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prevention. the rising cost of benefits is increasingly crowning out other city services. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> at lillian all lowry will start as the state's new top educator replacing ongoing superintended nancy grass snake. her resonate goes back long before that. you can look at her credentials on our web site, find out what education officials say our greatest strength. >> sunny skies and dry weather.
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things will change, but right now right across the area but it's a couple i would be around the 60's. running around 70 degrees. you do start to see the changes coming with showers stretching from detroit to indianapolis and further south. this will eventually become an area of low pressure expected to move up the eastern seaboard with the possibility of some very much needed rain. parts of the deep south in the eastern united states. no details on the fall forecast coming up in a few. >> two hours from now, remembering a young mother killed this week, struck as police were trying to stop a suspect.
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at 7:00, she will be remembered where she was killed in west baltimore. there will be a candlelight vigil. it happened 11:30 p.m. monday night as police were pursuing a suspect that crashed into her vehicle. also in the car, her baby, now in stable condition. police were able to apprehend the suspect. >> most of us know bill cosby for his comedy, but he is one of the largest donors in the 184- year history of one of the city's catholic schools. >> they are in town tonight receiving a major honor. >> campus officials say hundreds did this wrong in last summer's earthquake. >> planting 2000 square feet of wetlands in the inner harbor and what this will mean to the inner harbor could impact our future
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>> more than 500 students and faculty spent the afternoon on stretchers as they enacted a mock tragedy.
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many were unaware of standard survival protocol and fled outside. that is the wrong thing to do. also participating, members of the national response team and emergency management officials. it is meant to provide emergency preparedness training 4000 students. -- for towson. johns hopkins is hosting the annual spring fair that kicked off on charles street. the festivities go until 8:00 p.m. and include vendors, a local musician, and extensive the food court and even a beer garden. the admission is absolutely free.
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>> the world health organization is monitoring effects of a serious killer illness in vietnam. 171 people have been inspected by a strained scanned disease affecting mostly children and young people. so far, 19 have died. it begins with a loss of appetite and a rash covering the hands and feet. the world health organization cannot investigate without an official request by the vietnamese government. a trip to the dentist can literally save your life. every dentist that comes out of dental school will be trained to perform for wrote oral cancer exams. the risk factors are tobacco use and alcohol, and especially when those two are combined. most patients are very uninformed about cancer and their risks even though there will be 40,000 cases this year.
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>> we want to inform the community about oral cancer and their risk factors. we want to get people who were not likely to get to the dentist to know the importance of having such an exam and how this could save their life. >> the signs include a storm -- a store that does not heal, a patch, or it sickening in the neck. they're offering free dental screenings for pregnant women and babies. they are located on the dundalk he campus. they will offer assessment and treatment under the supervision of licensed faculty. these include oral examinations and fluoride treatments. pregnant women interested should contact the dental hygiene clinic at this number -- 443-
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880-4395. >> 211 insta-weather + forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> this is what a nice spring day it looks like from the composite vantage point. a beautiful day with still a few hours to enjoy it. these will stay there for the next few hours. this will continue for the next several hours. temperatures are relatively mild for this time of year. 55 on the coast in ocean city with a significant seabury is moving in and a lot of low clouds and fog with cool air off the ocean. they are socked in of chilly weather on the folks -- on the coast. cleveland, 76 degrees. mild weather coming in ahead of
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this weekend weather disturbance. temperatures will stay quite a bit above normal. it a breeze in annapolis. 55 in ocean city. 71 in hagerstown. tonight, partly cloudy skies, 50's 4 a low. the sunset is at 7:49 p.m. the complex weekend system that will first arrived as a plain cold front. this line of storms is still far to the north, the main threat of rain will hold off until the afternoon and evening, but it will bring some showers. expect to see an area of low pressure developing. it will dip up along the coast saturday night into sunday. two parts to the same system. some some mixing, so you have outdoor plans, the first part of tomorrow looks like your best bet. scattered showers and storms
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will start to pop up. the showers will move through saturday night. that is when the storm to the sap begins to develop and you can see this moving up the coast pushing that up and to central and western maryland. but showers tomorrow where afternoon, rain tomorrow night, and maybe more showers wrapping around the backside of that storm on sunday. watch what happens with the colder air. that is a snow being forecast up and down the apple action. -- up and down the appalachian. that is a late spring season those of snow sunday night into monday. not expecting snow here, but we are expecting decent rain, this area shaded in blue, projected half an inch of rain. the purple shades could get up to two inches on the eastern shore and southern maryland. we have missed out on some very
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beneficial rain. was the cloudy, afternoon shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. mild up to 80. south wind up 5-10 knots with waves averaging one to two feet. half a chance for showers and storms tomorrow. the% chance, but much cooler on sunday. any chance for some showers in western maryland. rain arrives with a shower and storms then it right to be heavy at times with gusting wind. and looks like the heaviest may fall around ocean city. heavy rain, gusting wind, and temperatures on the cooler side. temperatures, mild, 80 degrees before the product gets here. rain on sunday to the east. a high of just 72 on tuesday. corrected him as a johnson i for residents of baltimore county.
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-- a message tonight for residents of johnson baltimore county. >> who is behind this campaign? the details may surprise you. >> and natural way to clean the water and help the environment, man made floating what land. man made floating what land. inby when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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♪ >> he will be seeing a lot of these messages popping up in tv. officials are teaming up with high school students to cut back on littering. this is part of the do drop it campaign and the goal is to highlight the danger is that littering poses on the environment. >> we believe that it is a community groups all across the county that engage in simple 15- minute trash pickups that we can make a real difference. if we all work together, 15
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minutes at a time, we can preserve our environment and give our children the kind of clean, green county that they deserve. >> and like they said, just do not drop it. it will start airing very soon. >> my community is doing a clean at this weekend. a great solution for water pollution and the largest permit ever free-floating what land has been granted. you can watch it at the inner harbor. >> jennifer franciotti has the story. >> the water and the condition of the water is a reflection of the region. >> spring gardening happy and our harbor amphitheater at students of the living school. >> what -- wetlands flow into the water and it makes it better. >> you get to help the community and the water so it will be better for the aquatics life.
5:26 pm
>> 2000 square feet uploading what land will be released and pulled over to the world trade center where it will stay for the next five years. >> our goal is to make the harbor swimmable and fishable. it is possible. >> they're working witstudents and volunteers from t. rowe price to fill these four by eight floating a flat created by this ecological engineer. >> there is no soil. we have pond media that has a very high surface areas so you get a biological community. >> back in 2010, they did a smaller but similar release and the findings were so positive in conjunction with the aquarium that they decided to expand. >> it was very successful as a habitat for fish and marine life. it was too small an area to really show any water quality
5:27 pm
improvement. >> this is a big volume of water. we will not solve the whole problem with a small cluster of floating what land, but it is a way for people to come together, act as a team, and educate. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> market -- start small and worked up. bill cosby has donated to st. francis and tonight the school is paying him back in a lovely way. >> the secret service diskette ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪
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♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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>> to are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with standstill bob, donna hamilton, your hd forecast with tom tasselmyer. -- with stan stovall, donna hamilton. >> an icon that comedian and his wife received a special contribution today. they hosted the a ceremony naming their community center after bill cosby. >> we were there for the ceremony and nadia joins us with the latest. >> the ceremony wrapped up just over one hour ago. with bill cosby involved, there's never a dull moment. they made generous donations to st. francis over the years and now the school wants to pay them back. on a beautiful sunny afternoon, a joyous moment for historical
5:30 pm
catholic schools and community centers on bail. [applause] sig prances academy dedicated their community center in honor of dr. bill and camille cosby on friday. the most generous donors in its 184-year history. they had donated $2 million to support scholarships for students through the years. >> through your generosity, the establishment of the doctor's bill and camille cosby community center became real. >> it is located in east baltimore and opened its doors 10 years ago. it offers many things including an after-school program and free probe -- free health care. it is also for the community. >> we are very much a part of a community and this new building manifest that. >> there were plenty of inspirational moments, but there was also some comic relief. >> i am not impressed with my
5:31 pm
name on a building because i have no money. i will bring little children here. protestant ones so they can see with the catholics did to me. now give me 50 cents. >> is the first and last school run by this process ends. -- this providence. she attended a fellow school in washington. they have been on the forefront of the importance of education for years. they say to be abolished for their part to provide education for all is an honor. >> contributed to the indication of human beings is always a special, special gift. >> at a gala is scheduled tonight at 7:00 to honor the crosbies. -- cosby's. nadia, wbal-tv 11 news. >> four carroll county schools
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spent a portion of the afternoon on lockdown. we roll along the scene in westminster around 1:00 p.m. around 11:00 a.m., one man shot another and the schools went on lockdown as a precaution while they searched for a suspect. it appeared the victim and the shooter to reach other. dental records have confirmed the remains found buried under asia are those of the christy in jarrett. her former husband, robert, is now being held on first and second degree murder charges with no bail. she disappeared without a trace back in 1991 after an argument. a tip 21 years later and they discovered her body buried under concrete behind the house. it florida judge has granted george zimmerman a $150,000 bond during his hearing in sanford florida. he is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of
5:33 pm
17-year-old trayvon martin. he was shot in figure. but claimed self-defense. zimmerman took the stand and apologized to his family for the loss of their son. prosecutors called his apology self-serving. >> the secret service sex scandal appears to be widening. in columbia, they're trying to track down the prostitutes who reportedly spent a while light party in with members of a presidential advance team. we're hearing more about the members of the secret service and military now being held accountable for their alleged it antics. brian mooar has the story. >> the secret service sex scandal got even bigger today as the pentagon reveals that 11 military members were involved in the search is on for the prostitutes who partied with 22 americans who were supposed to be serving their president. >> right now, they're trying to locate the 11 women. have the names, faces, and
5:34 pm
addresses. >> it has spun into a scandal that has the bear is these secret service. the white house says it is too early to see the culture and leadership are to blame. >> we do not want to get ahead of the conclusions of the investigation to make broader judgments while the investigation is still under way. >> nbc news has learned that two of high-level secret service managers are stepping aside. cheney guarded bp candid it palin and wrote he was "really checking her out." >> check this out, you're fired. i hope his wife sends him to the dog house. >> a lawyer representing them says they are leaving voluntarily and that he will vigorously defend himself in the administrative process
5:35 pm
available. the lawyer also points out that anyone who leaked their names probably broke the law. one lingering question, whether any u.s. laws were broken. in washington, brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> is spokesman for the u.s. naval academy's as the sexual assault program is among the strongest in the nation, but in a lawsuit filed in new york they are asking them to force the academy and the u.s. military academy to approve their response. the lawsuit is on behalf of two women who said they were raped at the training ground for military leaders sang both of them systematically and repeatedly ignored rampant sexual harassment and failed to punish students to sexually assaulting their peers. >> times square will be showered with members of the late dick clark. >> you can pay tribute to the larger-than-life persona. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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>> it was no laughing matter that caused sheila dixon to take the deal forcing around of office, but last night it really was a laughing matter that put her back in the hot seat. baltimore's first african- american female mayor was the guest of honor at power plant live. it was the sex scandal that was the butt of many of the jokes. >> sheila dixon, once again. >> this has nothing to do with politics. >> part of the proceeds from last night will go to the agave house. >> you can now submit your message to the late dick clark to be part of the confetti showered on times square next new year's eve.
5:40 pm
the times square alliance is excepting can -- contributions. you can share your memories on square inch pieces of confetti that will be displayed at the confetti wishing wall. then the ball will be scattered and they say he was instrumental in making new year's eve what it is today. he passed away on wednesday. new numbers show presidential candidate mitt romney is that a competitive disadvantage when it comes to money. the romney campaign confirms they raised $12.60 million as they progress toward the general election compared to the $53 million that the obama campaign in the democratic party have raised. they expect a huge amount of cash to flow in from a major republican super committee and romney has distorted collecting for the general election. >> there appear to be no survivors in the pakistan team
5:41 pm
airline crash. 127 people were on board. they were scouring the area for anyone who may have survived. it crashed early this morning in a muddy wheat field trying to land in a violent thunderstorm. it was traveling to islamabad. this is the second major air disaster in less than two years. >> what we told you you automatically qualify for a $100 discount off of your next bge bill? >> coming up, what you need to do to get it. >> i'm rob roblin. she makes the races at pimlico happen. that story coming out. >> rain on the hd doppler moving in this direction. the insta-weather plus details straight ahead. in b a
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what's a political science expert says there is trouble at the top in annapolis preventing the budget from being balanced. more details emerge from an investigation into a 21-year-old cold case. are in town and the
5:44 pm
>> when cal ripken, jr., broke
5:45 pm
the streak, but his son was wondrously taking in the experience wondering why everyone was yelling. >> he will return to camden yards. >> at more than 200 pounds, the attention to detail brings out his dad. carving out his own niche in baseball is no small task for ryan ripken. he plays at the same passion like his dad. >> we're off to a great start right now. we need to keep growing and hopefully we can reach our goal. >> hoping to include a scholarship to the university of carolina. but bearing in a name akin to
5:46 pm
royalty? >> it is not this or that because of my last name. the does matter is how you handle yourself and know that you are 18. we have each other's backs. could the former oriole played six seasons with cal in baltimore. >> it is the same thing i said when i stepped on the field and said he is so far ahead. that's where ryan is. he has dubbed in begin to me. >> they will play mount st. joe's in the president's club j bishop at camden yards.
5:47 pm
and where was his dad? in coaster rica. working as a volunteer assistant. more qualified than most. >> cooler temperatures give way to milder readings. the high at bwi marshall 7 degrees warmer than usual. it was almost a 30-degree turnaround. a trace of snow flurries and snow showers on the 20th of april. there is some wet weather for the weekend. satellite radar composites
5:48 pm
showing temperatures in the 60's and 70's of to the panhandle. a cool 55 on the boardwalk in ocean city. but the 1-58 around town tonight. abridging toledo and northwestern ohio, showers behind the front. then we should be tomorrow-- fine after the front tomorrow. the storm is expected to roll up the coast. showers in the deep south and some snow on the back side in
5:49 pm
michigan. this is the most important part as it picks up speed, significant rain is likely to fall. tomorrow, 2:00-4:00, scattered showers. sunday, the storm on the coast and up the seaboard. the heaviest rain for the easter n seaboard. it turns colder sunday night into monday, some snow showers break out in the panhandle and near the pennsylvania border. we ar e still 4-5 inches below normal. this purple shade in calvert, 1.5-2.5 inches of rain expected. some decent pours, needed rain.
5:50 pm
mostly cloudy. 75-80 tomorrow. wind out of the soutyh at 5-10 knots. in western maryland, showers tomorrow and a 50% chance on sunday. the further west you go, the better weather on sudnay. periods of rain sunday and it could be heavy at ocean city. 7-day forecast -- 20 degrees cooler sunday. drying out towards the end of next week. >> a big consumer news coming out of dallas. u.s. airways is close to a possible merger with american airlines. if they have struck a deal with
5:51 pm
union and americans for their support. that is a huge meeting the union represents five -- 55,000 workders at the largest airline. under bankruptcy protection they cut jobs and labor costs. they say the merger is the best way to fix the bankrupt airline. bge customers -- listen up. the $100 credit is a result of the merger between exxon and constellation approved back in march. it will automatically be applied to your bill by the end of may. if your bills less than $100, the unused portion will carry over to the future bill. for more intermission, and marlyand is poised to ban employers from demanding log in information for sites like
5:52 pm
facebook. right now, we are waiting to see if o'malley will sign it into law. it's a he has not made a final decision. it would require students to disclose account information but it passed in the house but saw no movement in date delegates. they say it is bad for business and request for log-in information would be rare. a reminder tonight that it is time for the annual shred day event. 8:00-12:00, you can drop off three boxes of documents to have them shredded for free. behind the amc loew's theater and other locations listed online.
5:53 pm
this is a live look from the boardwalk camera in ocean city. confirm that they are finishing between inlet and somerset. we are told they are two weeks ahead of schedule. some political analysts are questioning maryland's leaders. could the budget stalemate take malley out of the running of a possible candidate for president in 2016? details coming up 6:00. what she is the lady behind racing at pimlico. that story coming out.
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5:56 pm
>> looked at pimlico. here is a live look. in one month, that will be filled with people for the running of the preakness stakes. but the woman who puts those races together has quite a job. >> many referred to her as the first lady of racing, and
5:57 pm
georgia and -- georgia ann hale. >> i think i have 8 on preakness day. >> malcolm will be here. >> 12 years, she organizes the races here meaning she decided what race, what horse, and what distance. >> fillies, boys, long, short, maiden, so quite a few. >> she has been in the racing business all her life. they want races where the trainers think they have a chacne to win. you have to set up a race where everybody with a horse in the
5:58 pm
race thinks they can win. >> exactly. they have to think they have a shot. they will not run a horse at they think they have no shot at winning. >> she says it preaknesses usually the easiest race for her to put together. >> right after the derby. i can only have 14 horses in the preakness. it goes by graded earnings, which is a whole nother category, so the preakness sets its own stage. [screaming] >> ms. hale, the first lady of racing in maryland. do you like your title? [laughter] >> i guess it's ok, yes. it could be worse. [laughter] >> rob roblin, wbal like in tv 11 news. >> she is very unassuming.
5:59 pm
that is it grows at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming up next at 6:00. >> the current budget impasse exposes in a leadership void in the maryland democratic party. >> new information concerning a cold case that caught fire yesterday. i'm all melser with a live report. >> i'm sally kidd in washington and learning more about the scandal involving secret service agents and prostitutes at a colombian hotel. an update just ahead. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> the big story tonight, the impasse over the budget debacle expose in a real vote -- void in the democratic leadership. >> governor o'malley will not speak about is special session.


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