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tv   Mad Money  NBC  April 21, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> he's going out of business and he's nuts, they are nuts. they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. welcome to cramerica. i'm just trying to save you money. my job is t just to entertain, but to educate here, so call me. after a topsy-turvy week, here in the united states of america ♪ >> and fears that europe could be back sliding, the earnings went out today. each day was different. the s&p 500 climbing, but the
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nasdaq, whoa, the apple-laden nasdaq, down 2.4%. we're now heading into the absolute height of earnings season. so it's time for me to give you the miranda warning. keep your gun holstered, your finger far away from the trigger in most cases. the today cough knee of earnings reports creates a level of confusion that's off the shoots so ask questions first and shoot later. if you take the quick-draw approach, you will make mistakes. this is the single worst week of the year to make a bet. but i still need to fill you in. i still need to give you a game plan of what's going to happen. monday morning we hear from conoco phillips. conoco is splitting. that's the good news. bad news is it's a used natural gas claim. when the breakup happens i like its oil and gas business, i don't want to be in refining. netflix reports. talk about a quarter that's going to steal the show that
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day. will it return to growth? can it regain its luster. my take, netflix did at one time have an advantage but everyone has caught up with them and it isn't special, yet it sells at a special 25 times earnings and that makes it too expensive for this guy. we get results from texas instruments. the symbol is txn. apple reports the very next day. texas instruments is a big apple supplier and nokia supplier. people are going to try to extract the nokia biz, and see what apple may report. given what we heard about shortages from qualcomm, boy did that knock apple down. today too much supply from san disk, flash, we need this input as well as input from arm holdings and they report tuesday morning. so those who insist against my wishes on trading apple every minute, rather than investing in it, as i prefer, you will intel -- get some intel from those two companies.
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tuesday, yes, it is indeed apple day. they report after the close. that's all anyone is going to focus on, particularly after apple's devastating declines from its highs this week. we need to hear that ipad and iphone demand is holding up. most important because of hype, apple has to beat not just the consensus numbers, but the highest estimates out there. so jot these down if you want to. 11.80 of earnings per share and $41 billion in revenues. they must beat that. i think the near-term considerations should not control your thinking, because apple is an investment, not a trade. that's my rule, okay? >> awesome tuesday, in the morning, we hear from one of my favorite big cat names. and that is 3m. given the new products it has, i expect this company will do quite well, like so many other old-line industrials we heard from this week. if you stock gets hit, don't forget, 3m is a dividend aristocrat. one of the best records for
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boosting payouts. they raised the dividend every year for 54 consecutive years, which is probably why i have a predilection in its favor. i think at&t doesn't have the growth of verizon right know. i expect expenses could be trending up. i suspect they're losing some share because verizon's iphone sales. that said, listen, this stock gets hit, because the down side is pretty minimal. nice yield. in addition to apple tuesday, we hear from panera bread. i'm comfortable with the numbers, but i have questions now with the turnover in management, so we can't be as confident as we would like to be. wednesday, monster day again. boeing and caterpillar will control the action. we know from honeywell and alcoa, two key boeing suppliers, the aerospace is red-hot. boeing hasn't done well, it's lagged the others. if boeing even whispers a
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slippage, that stock will indeed hurt the trust, for certain. go down below 70. but if all is well, i say the stock going into $76 pretty quickly, maybe even higher. as for caterpillar, they report in the morning. we had ppg on the show yesterday, and the ceo talked about how construction is coming back in this country. china on the other hand seems weaker. the situation is not as robust as i would like. while the stock has come down, i don't want to take a swig. i would rather just listen. if this stock were up where it was, believe me i would tell you to sell it. we get results from wyndham worldwide. there's a lot of companies that i didn't include in this, because of the space, but this is the kind of thing i have to talk about. this is a sleeper stock that keeps blowing away the numbers. one of the best performers of our era. will this time be different in i don't think so. after the close, we have a huge dividend boost, and we've seen time and time again that's a tip-off for an upside surprise.
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yet there's so many bears in the name because it's involved in coal, i'm getting this could be a terrific trade going into the number if it is down ahead of the number. thursday morning we hear from celgene. this one tends to go down in the quarter and rally when people figure out that the ceo is naturally conservative. this biotech has an incredible pipeline and we'll learn a ton about the pipeline during the call. i want you in that stock if it gets hit. in it, exxon mobil also reports on thursday, who cares? they're the biggest, but not the best. still exxon will tell us the state of the state. if it says natural gas has no real future beyond utilities, look for that fuel to take another leg down. after the close we hear from amazon. all i can say is ouch. i think jeff bezos is spinning like a drunken sailor. i fear a shortfall.
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this is probably one of the most asked-about stocks, so has it come down enough to buy? too many people want to know this. that makes me nervous. i'm also nervous that ugg has peaked. so has the stock. it's become a total show-me story. speaking of show me, omg pop. how about this zynga. no earnings, but i know why? is anyone clicking on the ads? scramble with friends, i've done everything i can to avoid for an ad on scramble with friends. i don't think i'm alone. friday brings international paper. i bet that ip shows us something about that acquisition. how much more synergies there are. channel for trust owns this one. i suspect it will work maybe big. procter & gamble reports too. is the restructuring working? i think the top line is not so hot but the earnings could be better. i think it will be similar to kimberly clark.
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coal gate will report the day before and i think colgate will have better numbers. last but nos least, vf corp. it's been a great time. vf corporate is a fabulous apparel maker. it's going strong. the company as well as pvh, they are terrific. but vf gets hit on the conference call quite a bit because eric wisen, the ceo, is so cautious. you've got a 140 stock, when that gets hit on the conference call, it goes down to 130. i say wait to the down draft. in the tidal wave of earnings, there are some terrific opportunities. just remember that you have to listen to the conference calls and not take your cue from the headlines. that is a sure-fire way to get it wrong and lose money. i'll have something about that later on in the show, when you ask questions first and shoot later, you're much more likely to come out ahead.
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let's go to pt in colorado to start the calls. pt? >> caller: hey, jim, a big mesa verde national park boo-yah to you. >> and i've been there. it's gorgeous. what's on your mind? >> caller: i'm shopping for some alcoa. i watched your fantastic interview last night. >> thank you. >> caller: and he's one of the best. the problem is i've already got some boeing and it seems like they're pretty tight at the hip. so my question is this, jim. can i have my aluminum and fly it, too? will i be diversified enough? >> look, there's obviously overlapping, because they make the fasteners for the planes, alum numb skin for the 737, but that said, they're into many different things. i would own them both. lots of earnings coming up next week, everybody, so you have to do your homework. we're mostly listening. hey, listen, we're waiting for big breaks. if vf conservative, or maybe someone says wyndham is not any good or clip. we're going to listen for the breaks, and then listen to the
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calls, and then take action. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, disaster recovery. investors slam it like a hammer on one fixer upper stock after reporting, but this knee-jerk reaction costs them mad money. cramer is arming you with the tools to turn their loss into your gain. and later, turn up the thermostat. honeywell sweetened up portfolios today after reporting a strong strong beat and raise. could green jet fuel soon propel this stock higher? the earnings exclusive with the company ceo is just ahead. all coming up on "mad money."
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as i said many times, buying a stock during the height of earnings season is like crossing the street during rush hour traffic. you need to stop, look and listen before you can make your
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move. if you take your cue from the headlines and jump to a conclusion without listening to the conference call, the odds are you will make a mistake. ask people about google, and then next day it fell 50 points. that's why i'm saying you can't afford for shoot first and ask questions later. this is very much a shoot-first market. one where all kinds of stocks get gunned down after their report. even when the quarters are actually pretty darned good. i talked about this last night. those were merely cases that were merely misleading. people saw the stocks get hammered at the quarter so they got confused and assumed the results must have been disappointing. the stocks had run up, and i think ibm comes back next week. even more confusing is when the market is just plain mistaken. so far this season there's been no bigger mistake than the reaction to stanley black & decker, swk. which reported wednesday night,
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actually and sold off viciously yesterday. falling about 7%. this was a totally needless sell-off. caused by a bunch of quick draw mcgraw traders. who couldn't bother to wait for the conference ball. but the poor judgment i think that is created a terrific opportunity for you to buy the stock at a discount, which is why tonight i want to explain what went wrong. so you can see what's happens here. more important so you, first, full disclosure i've been a big fan for ages, and last year my charitable trust bought it, and you can follow along, as a play on the housing bottom and improvement in manufacturing activity. it's been a big winner. it became the largest tool company on earth. it's like everything is made by the same company.
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the sales from the -- split between industrial and fast-growing security division, magnificent. this is a pretty good business to be in right now. we now that swk gets about from home depot and lowe's, two stocks that have practically established permanent residence on the high list. because of the potential for the housing recovery. plus i also like that stanley has a fabulous management team with massive merger expertise as well as a pretty darn cheap stock. so what went wrong yesterday then? for starters it had run up too much and the expectations had gotten out of control. just like when saw when ibm and yum sold off. stanley black & decker was a similar situation. maybe the trust should have taken bigger profits before haenld. well, anyone the stock had run up 31 straight points or 66% from the lows of last october. everybody and their mother expected stanley to delivered a fabulous beat and raise.
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the estimates for home depot and lowe's were going up. you know that's my favorite of the group. consumer confidence was on the mend, and the weather was warmer than usual, resulting in very strong retail sales. so when you company not only failed to beat and raise, but it did miss numbers. earnings were just three cents shy, the stock just got crushed, creamed, pulverized. granted, two of those on higher tax rates. and the guidance while kbrif -- impressive, 10 to 15% growth, wasn't enough. was it enough stanley black & decker, much like most -- didn't hold its conference call that night. to make matters worse, no, much worse, they didn't hold their conference call that night. they waited until the next day, 10:00 a.m. the following day, all sorts of speculation about
3:18 am
what really happened? i mean, any information, the company's injudicious policy, and not even before the opening next day made it much easier for people to shoot first and ask questions later. even though the conference call is where you get all the important data and the real analysis. i have to say i'm pretty furious that the policy is to wait until 10:00 a.m. the next day and should be changed immediately so that the same thing doesn't happen the next quarter or the one after that. if i was on the board on monday morning, i would say i watched "mad money," we're changing that policy and put it right to the ceo. i always say wait for the conference call, but yesterday we had to make an exception for the charitable trust. we bought some more before we heard from management. the market's reaction seemed too darn extreme. the trust research director and i talked about it. we talked about violating the
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rules, and we want -- there was plenty to like in the quarter from the release. the swk did deliver 12% revenue growth, 3% organic growth, gross margin was high despite heavy inflation pressure. free cash flow, and we liked the earnings guidance, so we did take action. sure enough, management did a terrific job explaining the results. if they had only held the call wednesday night, i don't think the stock would have pulled back nearly so hard. maybe down 2, 2 1/2, 3. at one point it was like down 5, it was crazy. the company explained they were seeing a housing recovery, told you the point of sale was strong at its top 12 customers from just 1% in the fourth quarter, because sales in the channel lagged sales out of it. these numbers imply business will pick up in the second quarter, and i think pick up big. as for the margin declines, that was part seasonality we learned, but also because they required a company call -- and they didn't
3:20 am
realize all synergy, but management said we see the full benefits over the rest of the year. the results were stellar, courtesy of improved demand. management also expects recall costs to peak. hey, listen, it's plastic, plastic is going down in price. putting it all together, full-year earnings guidance, seemed way too conservative. i also got a feel that things are so good, a special dividend could be on its way on top of stanley's also solid 2.1% yield. that means the stock is just way too -- this is 11 times earnings. that is a big discount, average historical multiple, but the story wasn't told right, and it wasn't told in time, and that got people down. here's the bottom line. when you combine great expectations with a disappointing headline number and a conference call that didn't happen until late in the morning after the market opened, you can get hideous, unnecessary declines, like the one we saw at stanley black & decker yesterday.
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digging through the details and more important listening to the conference call, it's clear the fundamentals are much better, than that big sell-off would lead you to believe, which is why i believe swk is worth buying here until the market comes to its senses and the stock goes back up. out of quick-draw hedge funds and a management that doesn't understand the market, comes a true opportunity that you need to pass on. stay with cramer. coming up, turn up the thermostat? honeywell sweetened up portfolios today. could green jet fuel soon help propel this stock higher? cramer's earnings exclusive with the company's ceo is just ahead. , and i got no plans to retire. [ female announcer ] aging may slow a dog down, but iams helps keep dogs playing year after year with our age-specific nutrition. and now, even for dogs 11 and older
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we have reached the end of green week. i want to highlight a great american manufacturer that's quietly but surely helping to fight climate change and make the environment a cleaner place. i'm talking about honeywell. the diversified industrial company that makes everything from aerospace components to automation and climate control equipment to security gear, auto parts. when you think green, your mind normally goes to solar companies, but these often uneconomic solutions don't amount to much energy at all. especially when you take away
3:25 am
the government subsidies that makes them viable. but you know what makes a real difference and actually turns a profit? energy efficiency. 40% of all the electricity used in the united states is controlled by honeywell's building automation technology. plus they make turbo chargers to improve your car's gas mileage by 35%. just two days ago the company announced they're flight testing a new green jet fuel. a biofuel based on an oilseed feedstock. one of the best-run companies i know. no surprise when they reported a terrific quarter. it was driven in part by the phenomenal strength of their aerospace business. i'm thrilled to have dave cody who just celebrated his 10th anniversary.
3:26 am
welcome back to "mad money" >> what a wonderful intro. >> well, look, it's -- i take my cue from you. this was the most bullish i've heard. you started with the word terrific. >> i feel pretty confident about our ability to outperform so, yes, i probably am. >> and this aerospace. you didn't break out exactly how many planes but it sounds like this is not something that's done in a year or two. >> no. and it's not just number of planes for us. we just got a $2.8 billion order. >> so i can stream my videos on an airplane. >> that's exactly right. the cool thing was this was a $500 million deal that we did eight months ago and now we just landed a $2.8 billion order. >> i like the honeywells.
3:27 am
i never know where the money is coming from next. >> we felt pretty good about that one. >> so if aerospace does good, is this performance materials business doing well. people don't know what performance material are. describe the big orders that you go the that drove that terrific number. >> i would say it was three segments. the biggest one is the uop where we are the leading designer of process technologies for refineries throughout the entire world. >> you refine even oilsands oil. >> not just oilsands, but when you think about even household detergent, the stuff you use, it usually refined using our stuff. it is unbelievable what our guys are able to do. >> now, i mentioned that the turbo engines, and now that is a business where i did not see great growth. you really ascribed a lot of that -- you're talking about the united states maybe being
3:28 am
strong, but europe -- it's tough, right? >> auto sales in europe are down about 10%. >> that's big. >> you say okay, they're down 10%, but we were down only 1%. the big driver is we're winning so many platforms and so many new things. when the auto industry comes back a bit, that business will perform really well. those guys are executing extremely well for us. >> and you're also doing well despite the fact you still are not getting the building construction that you thought you'd get. >> correct. you think about automation and controls solutions, there is an impact to housing, and that is been pretty much flat for a while. but we're performing this well and that hasn't even started to take off yet. i feel pretty good about where things could go here. >> when i look at this aerospace, what i don't think everybody realizes, you're in everybody's plane. you're agnostic. >> generally. >> if i had to look at the division that did worry me the most, defense in space, is that
3:29 am
just going away? >> i don't know that it's going to go away, but i would say -- i've been predicting defense industry downturn for six years, so i might finally be right. we've been kind of planning for this for a long time, saying this is unsustainable, it can't keep going this way. so i think this year we're right. >> it finally happens. >> it finally happens, but i don't think it will be precipitous. we have a first half/second half difference. we'll see more impact in the second half, but then it only declines 1% or 2% a year after that. >> not a killer. china was weird for you guys. a lot of people wouldn't think that china would get stronger during a quarter. it started slow. >> we ended up with 20% growth in china this quarter, which is -- you know, if that's what bad is, great. we'll take more of it. but a big chunk of that was driven by long cycle stuff. aerospace, oil and gas, that kind of stuff. a short cycle, we did see the
3:30 am
rate of orders growth decline a bit. but starting to pick up. personally i think as you start to get into the second half with the leadership transition, more financial flexibility in the country will help to boost the new president coming in. nobody wants the new president to come in and have a bad economy right away. >> it is earth week. i think you guys have done more than almost any other company to come up with economic solutions, not pie in the sky solutions, but solutions that don't need government subsidies. i know you're acutely conscious of government deficits. you don't want those. why don't you show us some of the things that you're coming up with. you seem to make money on what you do, but you also seem to help. >> well, we've always thought that was the way you had to do it. it's got to be a good product, it's got to accomplish a good end, but it's got to be easy to use and it has to make sense. if it doesn't make economic sense, it's not going to last. this one is really simple. it's just a prestige they remember mat. -- thermostat. now, you wouldn't believe the
3:31 am
amount of complexity that is behind the simplicity that's in this. it's a terrific quote i think that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, in steve jobs' book, goes back to leonardo da vinci, but that's what our guys have done with this thermostat. it can connect to the internet. it knows when you're in, when you're out. starts to learn your lifestyle. something like this, when you consider that half of your energy use is your heating and cooling system, and all of that can be controlled through this thermostat, you can cut by 30% without affecting your comfort. nobody wants to save energy and be warmer in the summer, colder in the winter or have a car that doesn't go like the last one did. so you've got to find a way to do that and this thermostat does it. our guys have done a tremendous job. it connects with the internet, which is important, because that leads to this, what we call the total connect system. this is a more sophisticated version. we call it tuxedo. what it allows you to do.
3:32 am
i don't know if you can see this, but you can tie in your security system, your automation system, your energy system and you can even get multimedia. what this means is now with a single button, you can actually control your whole house. you can save energy, reduce -- turn on the fans, bring the window shades down, everything. get the temperature outside, you can see your video, your -- you can be at work, hone in on the camera at home, see that your child arrived safely at home. there was nobody with your child when they walked in the door. >> that's a holy grail. >> pretty neat stuff. >> is that 100 percent agave? >> that's dragonas, and it -- >> that's the most expensive tequila. that's $40 a bottle. >> it should. this stuff is tremendous. it says honeywell green jet fuel. that's exactly what this is. when you read about jet planes being flown back and forth across the atlantic, how we flew
3:33 am
our own plane for the paris air show, it was using this stuff. this is made from camolina, a weed. and this will actually fly a plane. >> and the military is buying into this? >> a million gallons so far. how can you become more energy independent, this is one of the fuels that has to -- this is one of the capabilities that has to get developed. >> you're also involved with natural gas turbines. >> i like all fuels. >> that's important. >> i think it's important to have -- we were talking about this earlier. you need a portfolio of opportunity here. just because something looks great now doesn't mean it will ten years from now. you need all of this stuff everywhere. >> what else you got cooking? >> the turbo charger. if you look at this gray piece right here, this is really a small version of a jet engine. this is derived from jet engine technology. the fact that we have a jet engine business make us particularly good. this one goes on the chevy cruze. it allows a four cylinder engine
3:34 am
to perform likes a six cylinder. >> this is what we've always needed. we need to feel like we're getting the same power. guys i know simply won't adopt, because they say there is not the power. americans need power, right? they want more power. >> this gets back to the point nobody wants to be warmer in the summer, colder in the winter or have a car that doesn't go. that's all our stuff tries to do that. this, by the way, gets 40 miles to a gallon. >> that's it. that's what we need. >> you'll see this more and more in the u.s. >> that's how we're going to save money. now some videos? >> we have a really cool one here. >> you really brought it today, dave. you brought it. >> this is just a small sampling. i you wouldn't everything we have. this is an example of something we call 3-d weather radar. if you look at most radar, all you get is a 2-d look at it. the display is 2-d but actually only looking at it 2-d also. you have no idea of the depth of
3:35 am
a cell, how difficult it is. does it have lightning, does it have hail? those are the important things that you need to know. this is what you'd like to be able to see. what our guys have been ail to do is take this and transform it to a 2-d image so that you can actually as a pilot know where the hail is. know where the lightning is without seeing it outside your window. >> that's what they're doing with that, they're just looking? >> they look and have a sense for the cell. >> i don't want a sense of the cell, i want the deal. >> and they don't always know the way around it. they'll start to go where they think is around it, but there's lightning and hail, and hail destroys a plane. it's not a safe thing to fly in. it saves a lot of energy, because 40% of all flight delays are caused by weather. >> this is why i like honeywell, why i like the stock. it's also a fun company but it makes a lot of money and it boosts the dividend and you've done a remarkable job.
3:36 am
thank you for coming on "mad money." >> always a pleasure. >> that's dave cody. you can go through the presentation, it's all there, quite exciting, and it can make you some money. stay tuned as we crank up the volume. cramer goes all out. the calls keep coming in. try to keep up on a high impact lightning round. and later, cramer's taking your questions on the air, so tweet them at jim cramer, hash tag mad tweets, and stay tuned for al all-new edition of "mad tweets."
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3:39 am
it is time -- it's time for the lightning round. which you hear this sound, then the lightning round is over. are you ready skee-daddy? why don't we start with reese in alabama. >> caller: roll tide, cramer? >> roll crimson. walgreens. >> it makes a deal with express scripts. i think it is a don't buy -- don't buy. sorry. matt in new york? >> caller: a tgif boo-yah. >> no kidding. i cannot wait to get out to boston. what's up?
3:40 am
>> caller: jnpr. june fer. -- juniper. once again they're going to be downbeat. let's go dan in new york. dan? >> caller: yes, i'm calling you -- boo-yah, by the way. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling about beacon roofing? >> beacon roofing, that is in the sweet spot. that's what people are doing. tractor supply, being an roofing. hey, listen, don't forget stanley works, take advantage of it and buy. steve in connecticut. >> caller: boo-yah from connecticut. >> right near my producer. >> caller: i want your input on metro pcs. the stock has fallen more than 50% over the last year. >> no, i don't want to touch it. i'm not even sure about it -- i'm not even sure kyle is a producer, i think he's a stage manager. let's go to richard in iowa. richard? >> caller: jim, this is rick from iowa, and i've been watching your show, i get a lot out of it. can you tell me, is walmart pretty good? >> ike walmart is fine. i like the dollar stores more, particularly dollar tree, and
3:41 am
costco and and carl is doing an unbelievable documentary that everyone says is the best we have ever done. jack in texas. jack? >> caller: big boo-yah, jim bo. this is jack. >> jack, what's up? >> caller: what's your take -- on what's been happening with constellation brand? >> that was a really -- that was a very discouraging -- goldman discouraged me, too. now i'm going to job in california? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> how's it going? >> caller: how's it going? my stock symbol is fun. >> i'm having fun -- holy cow, it's at $31. i've got to tell you, there i'm do cha-ching, cha-ching. i'm not overstaying my welcome. do not overstay your welcome. take some profits.
3:42 am
that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. pin the tail on the federal reserve. >> oh. >> it's up more than 100, it must be -- ♪ [ mooing ] >> if it's down more than 100, it's definitely ben. i know what's bogus, unhelpful nonsense. risk on, risk off. the real lingo. >> hi, jim, a big east boo-yah to you. >> man, i'm totally a love from way back. >> caller: where can weight watchers be headed. >> tim walden, i've got to tell him to put a little weight on. he's killing me with that wtw. i can't even see him, he's like the invisible man. he looks fabulous and fitter
3:43 am
than ever. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> can i feel like a habitat for bro manity and say he looks good? ♪ don't you remember you told me you loved me baby ♪ >> do you want me to change? ♪ >> i've said it before and i'll say it again, this is a stock picker's market. ♪ >> this is my duck hunt call. ♪ >> i haven't seen a turkey. in a stock picker's market -- shoot, man, they're going to shot me now. ♪ in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight ♪ >> don't go duck hunting with a penknife. ♪ [ rooster crowing ]
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before we answer a few tweets, we have some housekeeping to take care of back on april 9th, barbara from oregon asked about ticker uan. boy, this is a complicated story. it was a growth oriented limited partnership. engaged in the march of nitrogen fertilizer. i'm concerned with this level of uncertainty. we like the yield, but i recommend moving to the sidelines to get a clearer
3:48 am
picture of what lies ahead. listen, you want some ag play? i want you to go buy dupont. 3% yield is much better. on april 11th joe asked about cost plus, cpwm. given the excitement in retail, i had to take a closer look. it's a specialty retailer of casual home furnishings and entertainment products in the united states. it's an exciting story, it's just not growing fast enough. my focus is pier one. that's a better alternative. on april 12th, chuck asked about irobot, irbt. the company's home care robots consist of those vacuum cleaners, plus the government industrial robots perform tests, baffled reconnaissance, bomb disposal, multi purpose tests for local police and fire responders, first responders. exciting story. but the guidance last quarter was terrible, disappointing. it's led us to believe it's got government budget exposure that
3:49 am
i think will crimp the earnings. because of all these budget deficits. we welcome them to enlighten us more about the business. we really want to hear from you. right now we think your stock is too expensive. on tuesday, scott in california asked us about 3 d systems corp. ticker symbol ddd. it's an equipment manufacturer that allows companies the ability to rapidly design prototypes and produce functional parts and products. the company has grown organically and through acquisitions, but 27 times, 2013 estimates, 14% growth rate, fully valued. ring the register, wait for a pull back. let's take some tweets. okay. this is from@b sailer 3181. zag, look, i've not liked zagg. it's been 10, 11, 10, 11. to me, it wasn't a blowup or --
3:50 am
blowout, it just sits there. i don't want you to own the stock. notice you were fired up. just take care of yourself. schlumberger did so well. schlumberger had an amazing quarter and told a fantastic story. it's a little less rocky. lease levered to oil price, go with slob as we call it on the trading desk because the symbol is slob. boo-yah skee-daddy, this is an kmas card from my wife this year for getting back to even. she knows i'm a fan. what can i say? shakespeare has nothing on that guy. anyway, here's fluke tooter 2. looking at my qcomm my way of playing apple. the way is apple, everybody, don't forget, you invest in apple.
3:51 am
i think qualcomm got hit unnecessarily, because i think the next quarter will be fine at $63. i pull the trigger. qcon. "mad money" is back after the break. but some have had a hard time understanding my accent. so to make sure people get every word of the geico savings message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan. switching to geico could save you hundreds of dollars on car insurance... da bears. haha... you people sure do talk funny. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. and got this one free. wow! [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub? [ tires screech ] ...and get another one free? before 9am. all april long. [ male announcer ] subway, eat fresh.
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someone said it, you can manufacture product here in the good old united states than in china. last time he came on the show and made it clear with energy costs over here, much less expensive, courtesy ultra-low prices, one third of the cost over there.
3:54 am
he can make his coatings and his paints in america, the real cost advantage. this is the beginning of the industrial renaissance. it's happening right now, being brought about by the incredibly cheap cost of natural gas. eight times as low as some of the rest of the country -- around the rest of the world. we know the renaissance has arrived, with dow chemical siting it's plants over here. owens illinois where they make glass with natural gas, but i think we're in the early stages of the story. we're going to see a lot more of this sort of thing and it will indeed drive new construction in this country. if it can drive construction, you'll see a much better tone for the broader economy, including finance, as the banks have complained endlessly about the a lack of construction activity. we many industries in the south and midwest that are gas prone but they don't have the infrastructure to carry the gas to the plant. ppc does, because it's located at the heart of the marcellus shale. new corp has it in louisiana
3:55 am
where it's not using nat gas, not coal. alcoa gets a tin of business because it makes turbines that use natural gas, bringing energy costs down. they are trying to turn natural gas into liquid form so it can be exported. near energy, hiring 3 to 4,000 workers so they can take advantage of sub$2 natural gas and allow the customers to save money. all of this activity is going to lead to an infrastructure construction boom in this country that is unasalable and cannot be stopped. we're only in the first innings as we're discovering more and more gas, put to more and more uses, particularly as we transition from a coal based system to a natural gas one. i think this is the theme for the revitalization of the u.s. economy, and the idea that it's cheaper to build here in china,
3:56 am
i never thought i would hear it, yet i think you'll be hearing about it a lot the next few years. the competitive advantage, which we lost so many years ago is back, thanks to the super low cost of natural gas. it's just that nobody is talking about it, because the theme frankly is too new, so new this is literally the first quarter we have heard about it. it certainly won't be the last. stick with cramer. this is lois. the day starts with arthritis pain... a load of new listings... and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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everyone wants to trade apple. i am not an apple trader. i want you to invest in apple. that's how you're going to make the big money, not trading in and out. that's not the way to play. i'm jim cramer, i'll see you


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