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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> good evening, everyone here and we begin with breaking news tonight. a three-alarm warehouse fire in baltimore and nearby residents have been evacuated. what is the very latest from there? >> the fire is still going on right now. the warehouse is collapsible because of all of the water. but the plans are still going in the building. i want to show you video of the unruly flames shooting through the roof of this warehouse.
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around 80 5:00 p.m., firefighters responded -- around 8:35 p.m., firefighters responded. it is very hard to describe the smell out here. it is very thick and pungent and you can smell some of the chemicals burning in that building. firefighters say that there are 50-gallon containers of an unknown chemical in the building. no injuries have been reported so far. this is still a very active scene. >> basically, at this time, we have a hazardous materials team on the scene as well. we have evacuated some of the homes due to the wind direction. heavy smoke was going into possible homes. >> one quick traffic note, several blocks around this fire have been blocked off, including over here where we're standing on dawson street and ehles
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street. -- and bailiff street. you may want to allow for some road closures. of those people that have been evacuated, they have been saying with friends or waiting in nearby trucks. the scene is still going and the fire is under investigation. if you have taken any pictures or video of this fire, we would love to see it. you can go to >> thank you for that report. traffic was at a standstill on southbound 95 when a tractor- trailer overturned. this picture was provided to us by the baltimore city fire union. it happened about 3:00 p.m. and to cruise hours to clean up. after more than two years of investing in, agents raided a popular free-market in southwest baltimore and confiscated all
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types of merchandise believed to be counterfeit. it was the potassic go -- the ptasco flea market. counterfeit goods are a big concern. >> it is a multi-million dollar industry. it impacts the united states in many way. it is harmful to our economy. it takes away american jobs. it steals american ingenuity. >> in addition to homeland security agents, the fda also participated in the raid. no arrests have been made. but agents say that it is an ongoing investigation. longtime maryland civil rights leader has been charged with marijuana position on friday after the vehicle he was then was pulled over for a broken taillight.
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his attorney said that it was a minor amount of marijuana. there was another person in the car and we are confident that he will be found not guilty appeared snowden is -- not guilty. snowden is the director of the baltimore so rights committee. -- baltimore civil rights committee. two brothers accused of beating a black teenager are getting ready to go on trial tomorrow. they are accused of beating a 15-year-old boy who was walking to a baltimore neighborhood in november 2010. the brothers are claiming self defense saying that the boy was holding a nail-studded board.
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11 military members are involved in the scandal and of the pool secret service members being investigated, only one has been cleared so far. there are also questions over whether any white house personnel were involved. >> the white house ought to be conducting its own internal investigation of white house personnel that were in cartagena and just to make sure that none of them were involved in this inappropriate behavior. >> the white house says that it has no such evidence. they are standing behind the secret service director mark sullivan. we will get our first check the forecast. >> it has been raining all day. about nonstop all along. interesting statistic -- we have only had five occasions since the first of the year ride until the time this storm started that we have had a quarter inch or
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more of rain. that kind of explains the drug situation. so five times is the number we are dealing with this time around. today makes no. 6. the storm as it stands right now, the latest radar, we're almost at the end of the big rain. it still covers the northern heard of the peninsula. that is moving north. but there is a second part to this. there is snow and i will talk about that coming. >> the days of remembrance concluded tonight. the baltimore jewish council held its annual holocaust commemoration for the survivors of war and the 6 million pairs. -- 6 million who perished. >> with so many names read, it was hard to distinguish all the lives lost.
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but one name they did not hear was george course at -- george korzech who recalls the presence of faith in the darkest of places. praying in corners where they could not be seen, asking for god's help, asking why. >> his mother and siblings did not survive. at this year's holocaust commemoration at beth el synagogue, governor martin o'malley acknowledged the humanity of survivors as a dwindling group. >> we should shift responsibility to prevent genocide in our own time and we
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should take action by the creed of "never again." >> there were a number of young people who attended. >> i love america. america gave me a new life, a new home. >> the telling of the story is new for him. silent about it for years, he plans to share it as long as his health allows. he has just written a book called "from thorns to stars and stripes, memoirs of a penis holocaust survivor." -- memoirs of a teenage holocaust survivor." nearly a year ago, a tornado tore apart a joplin high school. tore apart a joplin high school.
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>> preliminary results have been closed for the french presidential election. so far, francois hollande has pledged to reduce france's in debt. the u.s. and afghanistan have finally reached an agreement about the u.s. commitment to the country after its planned troop withdrawal day. the u.s. will not abandon afghanistan militarily or financially after 2014. afghan officials say the plan includes a strong development for the nation.
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the chief of police in tucson, ariz. says that investigators have no new clues in the disappearance of a 6-year-old girl appeared more than 150 law enforcement officers have so far come up empty. isabel was last seen friday night as her parents put her to bed. they discovered her missing the next morning. >> we have used just about every resource that we could find to try to help locate isabelle. this included k9 and greyhounds and we also even have help from the fbi who specialize in this kind of case. >> police have conducted interviews with sex offenders in the area and ask them to account for their whereabouts during the time of her disappearance. investigators search for clues
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in the 1979 disappearance of a 6-year-old boy there. fbi officials are looking for any traces of etan patz. the famed -- the work in the basement will resume tomorrow. it has almost one year since one of the worst tornadoes on record destroyed much of the town of joplin, missouri and killed more than 150 people. this weekend, after a year of rebuilding, some high-school students retreated -- were treated to a very special night. >> it has been a couple busy days for these high school seniors. >> we have been getting ready for prom, giving shoes and hearings, the dress, all that. >> like most girls their age, morgan and kelly are looking forward to the big night. >> it is like a big coro. >> all of the school's previous decorations were destroyed in the twister.
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but there was never any doubt that there would be a problem. only most were not expecting one " like this, something resembling a hollywood awards show could a red carpet, news cameras, and plenty of screaming fans. all of this would not have been possible had it not been for the dream team, a team of special events planners. >> we worked until the very end. ♪ >> the final result was something all the kids seemed to enjoy a. >> it is something that hopefully new bills will have to go through. but to bring it through to the end of the school year is amazing feared >> this thing this team is "once upon a time." >> more than 50 sponsors donated
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money to help with the expenses, including pop star kb. . -- including katy perry. >> a lot of rain, it is still raining out there. now we have cold air coming in. here is what the reader looks like right now. as you can see, the northern counties are still dealing with rain. but when you get to baltimore, the rain has more less ended. the on the eastern shore westward, in northern third of the state is still getting brain. the southern two-thirds of the state are starting to dry out. we will talk about that in just a minute. let's see what happened so far today around the area. 57 degrees with the high. that was at midnight. once we hit the rain, at 6:00 a.m., we hit 40 degrees.
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more likener harbor, aroun the present temperatures. 1.1 inches so for -- 1.01 inches so far. 67 degrees is the typical high this time of year. we might have threatened the record rain, but i do not think we will make it. we only have about 45 minutes left to catch up to that. i do not think we will do that. here is the cloud patterns. the low pressure center is near the chesapeake bay and it is creeping northward very slowly. the bulk of the rain is to our north. we are on the southern age of the rainfall. a little bit of snow is beginning to develop in the mountains, out in far western maryland. the temperatures are starting to
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come in behind the storm system itself. the low pressure center is moving up north, right up the bay into new york state. be stored, you can see the snow developing in the mountains -- eastward, you can see the snow developing in the mountains. we are not really done with the threat of rain, although the bulk of it is done. it will taper off tonight. it will be breezy following this storm. spotty showers tomorrow and a few snowflakes could make st. nw of us in carroll county, nor the baltimore county, and frederick friday. it will not stick to the ground, but it will be mixed in. 40 degrees to 54 degrees will be the high tomorrow. some of the gusts could be a little stronger. talking about the snow, how much in western maryland? the darkest blue shade would
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come out in excess of 6 inches of snow. that would be along the ridge tops. lesser amounts at lower elevations. so there is a winter storm warning in effect in the purple- shaded areas. that will be in effect tonight and tomorrow. then a whether winter advisor close to hagerstown. -- then a winter weather advisory close to hagerstown. the bulk of the storm is lifting. here's the snow out west of us. that is at 11:00 a.m. there will be summit chelation -- some accumulation. a lot of clouds during the day tomorrow before we finally dry. 50 degrees tomorrow, 57 degrees on tuesday, a little breezy both days. the rain chances back off by tuesday. when still looks good and we
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bounced back into the 60's. then maybe a thunderstorm by thursday. >> pead is here with the very latest on the orioles. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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>> and the tail end of a 10-game road trip, six errors in two games. an offense incapable of stringing his together. but they avoided the sweep and earned a winning road trip and did it in extra innings with good baseball. his best start as an oriole, we will have that in a moment. nick markakis as well. but showalter had enough.
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he was ejected. in the top aide, markakis finally comes through. then the orioles were up 2-1 pin holding leads has been an issue of late. the bottom of the eighth was no different. how we kendrick left that one up there. so we go into extras. markakis, the 1-2 pitch, cannot be stopped. the orioles take a 3-2 lead. markakis hit in all three runs today. on the plane ride back to baltimore, it is a whole mess happier. >> we had a successful road trip. we would have liked to win all 10 of them.
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we're looking toward to getting back to some friendly faces in baltimore. we kept moving around, roberts and die. we were changing chairs. -- roberts and bi. we were changing chairs. >> once again, a three-day affair that began on thursday. 7:30 p.m., i half-hour, a show that will have a sit-down interview with torrey smith. the wide receiver from maryland plowed through the draft, trying to keep his friends and family, as he puts it, from freaking out. >> i am thankful for the guys to get drafted. they want the best and expect the best and you have to be prepared for the worse. not everything will happen.
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for me, even though it was stressful, i went to the place that i wanted to be all along. i am thankful for it. >> good advice indeed. the first five games of the chicago series, incredible drama. while the camps and the bruins have not ventured into ot the whole time -- game 6 today, the caps could have eliminated the defending champs. nicholas baxter, a perfect feed. tied at 2 and going into the third. five minutes to go and the forgotten superstars which home the shot. over time. three minutes and come up baxter gave them one way at center ice. racing to the net. the bruins even the series.
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the game 7 is wednesday in boston. sullivan turns it over. that one gets ripped home purifiers take a 1-0 lead. in the second, fires on the rush. his shot just kind of hangs around the neck and it is poked home. the 5-1 win, flyers win the series, 4-2. spring cup in the heartland today for the s t p 400. he had the best car for more stood the day. 45 laps in on pit road, a.j. had the lead, but the pickup allowed him to take the lead. with 31 to go, denny hamlin gets
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by going low. hamlin held on for his second win of the season. true >> without a win in dover. please stay with us for a check of the forecast coming up right after this.
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