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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  April 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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friday because of the circumstances. she had had an argument with her dad and her age, 15, she was considered a run away. her dad is the detective bureau did he is now charged with misusing city resources to track down his daughter. among the allegations coming use police powers to force his way into a north east baltimore apartment sunday night, believing that was where his daughter's boyfriend was the yang. -- staying. the flier it sold as part of the investigation. it was sent to the media as a favor, not as routine procedure. the director of public affairs called the distribution inappropriate. the widening investigation focuses on the unauthorized
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trade and the use of the technology department to track down the boyfriends' cell phone. >> sources say investigators are looking at the actions of several other officers who helped nicholson in the unauthorized rate, and the big question, who in the chain of command may have signed off on what he was doing? >> in november, the detective was charged with beating his daughter by having her pulled down her pants and beating her with a cable. the family entered an alternative program and was not charged. the daughter has been located after being reported missing on friday. social services is now involved in that case. reporting live from northeast baltimore, jane miller, wba ltv 11 news. -- wbal tv 11 news.
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." the latest reduction from the white house on the secret service kindle. -- scandal. >> the white house says the president is angry over the secret service scandals, and homeland security secretary did not hold back either. >> janet of peloton no wasted no time telling a senate panel what she thought of the ongoing secret service scandal. >> the allegations are inexcusable, and we take them very seriously. let me be clear, we will not allow the actions of a few to tarnish the proud legacy of the secret service. >> it was not enough to stop lawmakers from grilling the secretary over the prostitution probe. >> there was nothing in the
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record to suggest this behavior what happened. >> she said the secret service had not received complaints of similar wrongdoing in the past 2.5 years, but some congressional members called for deeper review into the culture. >> we were lucky to have found out about this. if there had not been an argument between an agent and prostitute about money, we probably would have never known about this. >> the hearing was the first since the columbia of controversy earlier this month. >> all 12 secret service personnel identified at either paste -- faced personal action or have been cleared of personal misconduct. >> she claimed the president was not at risk. reporting live from the white house, nicole killian. take a baltimore county police continue to search for two men they believe are involved in a
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shooting at a barbershop. it happened just after 2:00 this yn ernoon along south marli avenue. nearby schools were placed on alert as a precaution. no word on the condition of the victim. kenesaha thomas is facing eight charges after she stabbed her eight-month-old daughter many times of the supervised social services visit yesterday. several workers showed -- a rush to help during the attack. they restrained her until police arrived. police say thomas underwent psychiatric evaluation and was charged. >> i think we can all tell the suspect has some issues, but it is truly a disturbing crime that
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took place yesterday. we're fortunate we are able -- first of all that the infant will be ok and we're able to identify the suspect. >> baby is listed in fair condition at john hopkins children's hospital. >> four arrest in the st. patrick's day robbery case. one of the suspects that was seen in the video that went by row. police credit the video for helping to find the people responsible for beating up tourist this past march. three others in custody in connection with the assault. police are hoping to make even more arrests. a big roadblock in the trial of two brothers accused of beating a teenager. there were on duty as neighborhood watch volunteers at the time of the incident. >> today the victim took the stand but refuse to testify. we're live at the courthouse with more on this story. >> this was a major blow for the
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prosecution's case as the key witness, the alleged victim, refused to testify, even going so far as to ask the judge to drop the charges. this was one of several dramatic events that unfolded in court today. >> after a brief opening statements and testimony by the first responding officer to the scene, the 16-year-old victim took the stand. there were problems. the victim, for the most part of the morning testimony was inaudible. the judge constantly have to tell him to raise his voice and speak into the microphone, but would only about 0 way and mumble. the defense attorney expressed frustration over this to the judge. >> we cannot do what we do our job and this we have the ability to hear what the witness does it
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accurately cross-examine. >> there was also our problem with the victims grandfather who was making signals and coaching the victim. the judge asked him to leave. on his way out of court, he went up to the victim and whispered to him to speak up. the judge was furious over this. he later said he could come back into the courtroom, but would have to sit in the back. this left the defense frustrated. >> it is important to preserve the reliability of the testimony. the people not give signals to witnesses or communicate with them during their testimony. >> more drama and afternoon testimony as the victim is called back to the stand and refuses to testify. judge white ordered him to testify, and finally spoke up saying i do not want to go through this. in my heart, i do not want to
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testify, just want to drop the charges. >> the judge ended up excusing the victim in this case. we understand there is question as to whether the little testimony he did give will be admitted into court. there will be arguments about that tomorrow morning as the case continues. >> baltimore officials have a plan if the state's doomsday budget sticks. under the plan, 92 positions would be eliminated from the baltimore city police budget. this is the back of plan that is in place, and would make up for $3 million lost. >> we need more public/private partners. we need more assistance. we are dealing with the new
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normal, which means you cannot fund everything we did when we were having a year of surplus. instead of stating the obvious we would like to have more money, we have to figure out how we will get there. >> those eliminations would include city prosecutor positions funded by state money. >> the school principal has said it has been a huge success so far, so why not continue the trend? >> the issue is school funding and how much the district said it is being shortchanged. an update just ahead. >> the ravens general manager has a lot to say about tomorrow night's draft. >> rain across the ohio valley and all sliding towards the mid- atlantic. wet weather in our forecast.
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>> baltimore city schools are going to single stream of recycling. the announcement was made by the school ceo and the mature in front of high wind town elementary. the school has been recycling for about a year now in the program teaches students the importance of recycling. >> beginning on february 13 this year, there was a 65 gallon recycling bin with weekly pickups from every school in the
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district. listen to this. in the first two weeks the department of public works collected 9 tons of recyclables from our schools. [applause] ." principle,g to the the recycling program has been a huge success. >> could it be another case of the check is in the mail? a state of education ruling says that legally the county owns the school district $12 million. >> the state board made the ruling a little bit more than 24 hours ago. it comes on the heels of an ongoing battle. is the county willing to pay up? >> the state law on the books is called maintenance of effort. school officials said the county
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executive in ignore that long and short-change the district by $12 million or $162 per student. they are hoping this new ruling will solve the problem once and for all. to go he has continued tuesday is ok doing it, and has gone all around the county to the state legislature essentially selling a bill of goods to people saying he is doing the right thing when in fact he is breaking the law. >> as part of the state board ruling, the county executive maintains this is all but the school system setting certain priorities. >> when the budget left here last year, the county council have equity in school board employees should not get pay raises. >> we do not have a great relationship with the county executive. the county executive is more interested in trying to run the
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system from afar to control what we can and cannot do and limit our ability to make the decisions based on the best interest of children. >> what about the $12 million? both men agreed the book stops with the county council, which may be forced to pay up this year. take of this is not worked out. there is a chance the state comptroller could step in and fix the matter. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmire. >> temperatures today pretty close to normal. we beat afternoon high by one degree. 69 at b.w.i. marshall. and it did hit 71 in downtown baltimore. the outlying areas kind of chili. the normal low is only 46 degrees.
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you might have even seen a little bit of cross around. pollen count continues to slowly move up. 166 today for tree pollen. a total count of 202. the highest we have had so far this year. almost down to 0 on monday. comfortable 70 at in our car right now. 66 degrees in edgewood. most of the states still have a nice, spring weather. very nice on the eastern shore. a little bit cooler in the mountains. clouds will come in tonight. as we head towards early on thursday morning, rain will start to approach from the west. you can see the rain cutting into parts of ohio and virginia. for the time being, we are locked into a nice weather pattern, but that loss -- but
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that will not last very long. 58 in cleveland. 68 in chicago. 92 degrees in kansas city. a 32 degree temperatures spread between chicago and kansas city. the low pressure systems love to develop on the temperature contrast. that area of low pressure will be dropping south and east in bringing the unsettled weather into the mid-atlantic. the heaviest of the rain is aimed right now at northern virginia and southern maryland. lighter rain showers from baltimore, north. there could be thunderstorms late afternoon and early evening tomorrow. we will get sunshine back, but a breezy, cold day on friday. it will not last long. another system rolls in from the west on saturday. this will be a chilly rain to start the weekend, maybe even cold enough for a wintry mix.
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it rain tomorrow. thunderstorms south of baltimore. probably will not get out of the '50s in the northern suburbs. close to 70 south of baltimore. small craft advisory. winds shifting tomorrow. waves averaging about a foot. thunderstorms likely tomorrow. that sets the stage for the cold rain on saturday. sunny and breezy on friday. lower eastern shore, scattered showers and storms. a couple of inches of rain tomorrow. the seven-day forecast features the windy, cool friday. rain on saturday keeping temperatures in the fifties. i think it will end the morning sunday. we might be able to sneak in outdoor activities over the weekend. partly cloudy skies on monda >>
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this is a live in sports. -- 11 sports. jim johnson remains hospitalized with the flu symptoms. neck spasms continue ryan out of the lineup. the solo home run tied the game in the second. he missed his chance to rob matt in the fourth. got his glove on the ball, but cannot hold onto it. knocked it into the seats for home run that put those in front tuesday. in front for the rest of the game. trying to pick up the third wind. the son of former national league cy on winner gets to
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start for toronto. game time is 7:00 05. tomorrow the nfl draft gets under way. the ravens told the 29th pick overall. no one has to worry about the ravens general manager tweedy. he's a social media of the evolution of technology have impacted the draft. do not look for him on your twitter feed any time soon. >> i do not necessarily have to be in my office to watch tape. if i am not home on a sunday afternoon watching the masters, i can watch tape and still be able to get my job done. i think the social media and the different type of media things we have have enhanced our ability to do our jobs away from office. >> i have noticed you are not on twitter. >> i am not going to get on
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twitter. that is not for me. >> you can hear much more from him tomorrow night. that airs marmite at 7:00. hope you will join us for draft day 12 tomorrow night. the caps play either the season extender or endure. a season showdown against the boston bruins. an overnight loss at home on sunday. now to keep his season alive, they have to take on the additional burden of raising them in boston. feeling the pressure. >> [inaudible] i think [inaudible] if we lose, we go home. caps and bruins.
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>> a toddler was stabbed during a social services is it in baltimore city. how did this happen inside a building that is supposed to be secure? we will take a closer look for you. technology used in the war on their work overseas could be headed to the united states. headed to the united states. th
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da bears. haha... you people sure do talk funny. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> the seven-day forecast, a beautiful spring rain. kohl temperatures tomorrow. should be a gorgeous day. a lot of sunshine -- >> beautiful rain. >> there you go. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us.
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