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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we have some thunderstorms that are moving to the east. they will move into the baltimore area around 5:15 and then there will move into the northern part of baltimore county. there'll be some heavy rain the next 30 minutes or 45 minutes. then another round of thunderstorms may come in late this afternoon or this evening with a high temperature of 76. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. here is sarah. >> already some accidents we are tracking in harford county. this is stony brook road. there is an accident. not sure which direction on 152. we have an accident at the conowingo dam on route one. these are just coming into us. 11 on the outer loop northeast
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side. 10 minutes to travel south on 95 from the beltway down towards 32. this is the north side of the beltway at york road. outer loop traffic running smoothly over towards the west side. this is traffic at the conowingo dam. traffic is flowing but it does appear there's an accident there. watch for the delays on the conowingo dam. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> president obama is on its way home after a trip to afghanistan. >> this is the one-year anniversary of the osama bin laden killing. nikole killion has more on the visit. >> good morning. president obama was on the ground for about six hours in afghanistan, outlining his plan
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to end the war. >> we traveled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. yet here, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon. >> president obama delivering an address to the nation after making a secret overnight visit to afghanistan. >> the goal that i set to defeat al qaeda and denied a chance to rebuild is within our reach. still, there will be difficult days ahead. >> the president whiny down the war after signing an agreement with hyundai cars side -- hamid karzai. >> we will not build permanent bases in this country. that will be the job of the afghan people. >> u.s. forces could remain in the country for least a decade,
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focusing on training afghan troops. >> i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is required for our national security picric but we must finish the job was started in afghanistan and end this war responsibly. >> president said u.s. troops will be coming home soon with about 23,000 service members to leave afghanistan by the end of this summer. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. later tonight, brian williams has an exclusive look at the situation room on the night osama bin laden was killed. you can see that at 9:00 p.m. tonight right here. >> police are busy investigating three late-night shootings. the latest happened around 11:30 on a frederick avenue.
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police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. there is no word on his condition. one suspect is in custody. police responded to piedmont avenue and found a man shot multiple times. police say they're still looking for possible suspects in that shooting. a third shooting around 10:00 p.m. last night. a man was shot near south hanover street in the brooklyn neighborhood. call baltimore city police if you have any information. a woman was stabbed by her son. this happened during some time of day domestic dispute. the mother was flown to shock trauma. >> doug gansler calls it a critical piece in solving
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violent crimes -- dna collection. jennifer franciotti has more on this. >> police have stopped collecting dna from suspects who have been arrested and charged with certain crimes. doug gansler does not believe the procedure is in violation of the fourth amendment rights. the court of appeals based its decision on the case of alonso king jr. a dna sample matched a rape and it led to his conviction in that rape. >> the invasion of privacy was one the defense it broken to this woman's house and raped her at gunpoint. that was the invasion of privacy. >> in the appeal, the attorney
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general says if the court of appeals does not review this case, they intend to take it to the u.s. supreme court. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the trial against julius henson continues later this morning. opening statements on tuesday. prosecutors said they will prove julius henson was trying to suppress voter turnout. he contends he was only an adviser to the ehrlich campaign. the trial of eli and avi werdesheim could soon go to the jury. they are accused of beating an african american teenager. daniel harris testified he believes eli werdesheim acted in self-defense. 63 degrees on tv hill.
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and unspeaking role is being put to the test. >> the republican race to the white house will soon be down to just two. newt gingrich still says he has work to do. >> this is the beltway at 295.
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>> welcome back. 5:10. it is dry in baltimore city. temperatures in the low 60's.
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there is a strong thunderstorm with some heavy rain coming across the west side of the beltway right where 795 and the beltway intersect. be prepared for that in about 20 minutes. pikesville will get that heavy rain over that time period. you can see the batch of rain will go through this morning that we will get a break during the middle of the day. showers and thunderstorms to start early this morning. during lunch time, i think it will be pretty nice with temperatures in the 70's. another round of storms possible late today. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> another republican presidential candidate is pulling the plug on his campaign. newt gingrich is expected to
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announce an end for his ride to the white house. that leaves the field down to mitt romney and ron paul. newt gingrich says he will keep working to defeat president obama in november. yesterday was may day. members of occupy wall street marched through the streets of new york. there were rallying against corporate america. >> is one woman's trash and other persons treasure? a woman threw away her lottery ticket. another woman took the ticket from the trash and cashing it in for $1 million. the judge ruled the first woman is entitled to the prize. the woman who took the ticket
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out of the prize never met the burden of proof. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. does someone losing the ownership of an item once they throw it away? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to interesting question. >> how do they know the first woman was the rightful owner/ >> i do not know. i am sorry. >> 5:12. 63 degrees on tv hill. the best and worst airports in the country. >> you might not have to look too far to bring in a few extra dollars. >> we are getting more information about the accidents we are tracking in harford we are tracking in harford county
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. kind of busy in harford county. the conowingo dam is shut down in both directions because of an accident. if you're heading out, you'll want to avoid route 1 this morning to and from cecil county. route 152 it is closed in both ways at stony brook road because of an overturned vehicle. the north side, a 58 miles per
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hour. 58 on the west side from 795 down towards edmondson. a nice start on the j.f.x. southbound. a bit of a delay northbound through the construction zone. building volume in the outer loop. route one at the conowingo dam. we have nothing getting by. it is shut down in both directions. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> moving along nicely on the rails with no delays on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. light rail and metro subway on schedule. 22, 59 buses operating with delays. light rail service will be disrupted for necessary real improvements may 5 through june 30. shuttle buses will be in place.
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>> we are starting out with some rain like we did yesterday. there is some heavy rain and going through the area, stretching from the west side of the beltway into baltimore county and crossing over 83. from 83 over towards the west side, you'll run into heavy rain to start the day and maybe some lightning. this is moving to the eastern shore. this is a wider view. there is one that's still go through early this morning and another behind it. we should get a break between them. the first one will clear up in the middle of the day. another batch is coming across around chicago that the visit us late this afternoon and into this evening. with either one of these, there
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is a slight chance we could see some severe weather including large hail and wind gusts. if it does happen, i think it will be with the second batch of storms. 63 at the airport. 58 in parkton. it will be a mild day. temperatures will be in the 70's. a chance for thunderstorms early this morning and then again late this afternoon or early this evening. 83 tomorrow with an isolated thunderstorm possible. a front will go through on friday night. it will feel like summer. high temperature into the mid 80's on friday. it will cool off over the weekend. right now it looks dry on saturday and sunday with temperatures in the low 70's. >> the best and worst airports
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in the country. a poll asked air travel is to weigh in. laguardia airport in new york was the worst. the record marshall airport ranked sixth -- thurgood marshall airport. spring cleaning could bring in some extra cash. >> plenty of garages look just like this one. box is surrounded by the wall. it could be a closet or drawer. chances are you have something you need to get rid of. >> the more clutter you have, we tell people to bring it in it and we will evaluate what you
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have. >> he and his brother say spring cleaning is a great time to sell what you do not use. >> we will put an offer on it. >> what are they looking for? jewelry is always big. so is a gold. >> if it is not gold, it doesn't make a difference. timex or casios. get rid of those. >> tools are big sellers. so our televisions and artwork. >> we do some self phones -- cell phones. >> you have so many options. you have craigslist, ebay, or
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your neighborhood pawnshop. >> we go up to $50,000. >> cameras that are no longer used. the keys to clear out your junk. >> that was bob hansen reporting. i have so much stuff hanging around. >> what do you do with the bicycle with one wilwheel? a long overdue pay out for some workers? jane king has the bloomberg business report. hi, jane. >> hi, stan. walmart employers may be getting an extra paycheck. they agreed to pay nearly $5
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million in back pay to thousands of workers nationwide. walmart rolley ms. classified those workers. wow to the dow. the dow is at the highest level in four years. a slightly positive start to things today. under armour discussing new products in the pipeline. footwork is a huge opportunity for the brand. they discussed new products including new products which reflect u.v. rays. you can check out the new steve jobs exhibit at the smithsonian. there will be displaying his patents in a new display opening this month. we have heard of companies cutting back on perks.
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many are returning with the exception of tuition reimbursement. fewer employers are reimbursing staff for continuing education. 5% say their companies offered full reimbursement in 2012. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> the company behind the black bear is not going down without a fight. they are releasing a new hand sset. >> so else have been losing steam from blackberry -- sales have been losing steam. more details coming up in the next hour. more americans are turning to dark chicken meat lightly. -- lately. >> 5:23.
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>> some upcoming changes could add to the traffic
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>> get ready for some more traffic troubles on the j.f.x. >> starting on thursday night, all northbound lanes will close from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. there will be a detour, people back on the j.f.x. the single lane closures will continue on monday. >> drivers on the b-w parkway could see some delays. a ddi will go when on the maryland 295 to help with the
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casino construction. there will be south connection starting later this month and should be completed later this summer. you can visit our website for more information on the project. >> 5:27. 63 degrees on tv hill. >> attacks in afghanistan at just after president obama leaves. >> the attorney general will be appealing a major decision involving the way police do
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. it is national purple day.
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>> wow. >> i will have to have a chat with mike. if you can bring enough for the whole class. we have some rain that will slow down the drive time. we have some rain going to the downtown area and some lightning strikes. be careful this morning and for the next 30 or 45 minutes. a batch of heavy rain with some thunderstorms going across the north side around towson, hunt valley. that will have over to harford county. you'll have a bit of a problem to start the day if you live in those areas. the first batch of rain will be gone by 8:00 or 9:00. a high of 76. >> a little confusing. >> i am confused.
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you'll like the seven-day forecast. >> mike is taking a lot of heat. today it is for not bringing truffles. we're dealing with some rain in spots. at route 1 at the conowingo dam, it is shutdown in both directions because of a crash. in fallston, 152 it is closed both ways at stony brook road because of an overturned vehicle. up to speed on the north side, a 59 over towards towson. 58 on the west side. problem free on 70. we do expect some early delays with the rain. this is route 1 at 152. we have a bit of a delay. route 1 at the conowingo dam. there is a closure there remains
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in effect. both ways of the conowingo dam shut down because of an accident. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> explosions, gunfire in afghanistan hours after president obama makes a surprise visit. >> he addressed the nation on the one-year anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. tracie potts has more. >> this time of war began in afghanistan and this is where it will end. >> president obama signed a partnership agreement some promising support after the war ends in 2014. >> we have a clear path to fill our mission while delivering justice to al qaeda at. >> the agreement does not say how many troops will stay. >> 20,000 troops spread out over the country without much combat
5:33 am
capabilities would be too much. >> the thing that will take this country down is not al qaeda. it is spending money we didn't have on things we do not need and creating the debt deal shackle our children. >> during the visit on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden, president obama landed at barker airbase. a car bomb exploded in kabul. then more explosions and gunfire appeared the taliban said it was in response to the president's visit. mitt romney backed off early criticism to go after osama bin laden. >> i would've made the same president tha decision that thet made and that was to remove them. >> the president is expected
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back this afternoon. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tonight, and exclusive look. let's go to brian was in new york for a preview. >> we're preparing for tonight's "rock center." we have a very special hour this week. this will mark the one-year anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. we constructed that iconic photo of that night in the situation room at the white house. we talked to the people in the picture about the mission, the stress, and the atmosphere from the president on down. something else you want to watch for -- the situation room itself. tv cameras have not been allowed there until we were permitted to enter with our cameras. that's tonight's special "rock
5:35 am
center." i hope you can join us. a very important hour of programming tonight at 9:00, eight central. back to you in the studio. >> attorney general doug gansler said he will appeal a ruling. jennifer franciotti has details. >> how desalt old cases if you cannot collect dna samples from suspects charged. >> we live in the 21st century. we have dna available to us. >> doug gansler is appealing the ruling by maryland's highest court. taking a swap from inside the mouth file is the fourth amendment right. the procedure is minimally invasive. >> you put a q-tip in somebody's
5:36 am
cheek and that you're able to compare that sample of dna with all known samples that were left at crime scenes. everybody has a unique dna so you can find a person who committed the crime and the people who did not commit the crime. >> the court of appeals based its decision on the case of alonso king jr. a dna sample matched a 2003 rape. it led to his indictment and conviction in the rape. >> the only invasion of privacy was when the defendant broke into this woman's house and raped her at gunpoint. that was the invasion of privacy. >> that was a jennifer franciotti reporting. the attorney general believes there is a good chance the supreme court will take the case. >> night the i-team searches for answers after a company took their company and disappeared. here's barry simms.
5:37 am
>> the homeowners admit they were desperate in trying to save their home from foreclosure. they paid the company up-front fees. fees that are illegal in many states. james is still trying to save his soul more than a year after signing an agreement. a company that offered to help him get a loan modification. he paid nearly $2,000 for the service but says he got nothing. >> i was looking for them to help me out because i was having problems. >> he was told the lawyer would represent him. the lawyer's name is on this contractor that lawyer claimed he did not represent anyone and he's a victim in all this, too. with no idea that people were telling homeowners that you would be their attorney? >> i had no idea at. >> that is not the end of the story.
5:38 am
former employee was worried about going to jail and therefore it hot water with the state. >> 5:37. 63 degrees on tv hill. a new report says maryland is not keeping up to standards clean.eeping the airplan >> we are still tracking some closures along 152 and along the conowingo dam.
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>> welcome back. 65 degrees downtown. we have some heavy showers and
5:41 am
thunderstorms moving across some areas. eastern parts of baltimore county are getting hit pretty hard. there is a line of strong thunderstorms coming out of baltimore county and heading into a harford county. around bel air, you guys will see some showers and thunderstorms probably for the next 30 or 45 minutes. elsewhere, there is not a lot going on. around fallston and bel air, you guys will see some pretty heavy rain. showers and thunderstorms early this morning. then we get a break during the middle of the day. high temperature of 76. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> when it comes to keeping the air clean, a new report says maryland is not meeting the federal ozone standards.
5:42 am
>> there are signs for improvement. the problem is that this will not meet tougher ozone standards because 7% of maryland's air pollution blows in from other states. the ability to speak two languages helps somebody's hearing. >> they studied activity and half spoke spanish and english. the other half spoke english. those who spoke two languages help to enhance their attention and working memory. it is not clear if learning a language later in life will add the same affect. 5:42. wino's look for the first against the yankees this season.
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keith mills will have highlights. >> the full forecast and traffic or does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola,
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whatever you want to do... droid does.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. the roads are wet once again so we're dealing with some accidents. there is a crash on o'donnell street. 152 is shut down at stony brook road because of an overturned vehicle. along route 1 along cecil county, it is shut down at the conowingo dam because of an accident. on the north side, 54 miles per hour. 61 traveling south on 83 from shawan road. an update at old court road.
5:46 am
you can see the roads are wet. keep that in mind. you may need some extra time. this is the closure at the conowingo dam. all lanes closed in both directions along route 1. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. >> the five, 10, 27, 35 buses operating with delays. light rail and metro subway on schedule. there is a delight on brunswick 890. light rail service will be disrupted for a necessary real improvement through june of 38. shuttle buses will be in place from timonium to hunt valley during this time. >> good morning. we have a lot to talk about today. we have rain is going through this morning.
5:47 am
first we say good morning to ava marie. she's in baltimore at the warehouse. >> good morning. we're starting our day with some reading. you are with baltimore reed's book bread. books for kids day on saturday. you encourage people to go through their books and donate them to a good cause. >> we will turn around every book. teachers and organizations can get the books for free. any books in the house, for children or adults, any book you have is helpful. >> this is where you gather up the books. this is where people can come to get the books.
5:48 am
you are also collecting adult books because you sell those to fund the organization. yera an this about an hou ago.d a half the average number of age or program books in the city for children is zero for two. >> i can imagine with schools having the budget cuts, there are 01 books. >> over 370 schools cayman this year. -- over three under checks the scho370 schools came in this ye. >> i challenge all of you to donate at least one book. it starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends
5:49 am
at 2:00 p.m. and it is rain or shine. the weather is looking okay for the weekend. back to tony. this guy got up early to read with us. >> he is starting his day a little early. we appreciate it, reading a book on tv. that is a wonderful program. thank you. we have some heavy rain and some strong thunderstorms in going through the eastern suburbs into a harford county. bel air, kingston, jarrettsville. the storms could be producing 40, 50 miles pers hour. this is moving east. it will be in cecil county and southport into parts of the eastern shore, kent county
5:50 am
within the next 30 or 45 minutes. the eastern part of the viewing area will get hit pretty hard early this morning. this first batch of thunderstorms will fizzle out after 8:00 a.m. this morning. another batch may visit us late this afternoon. a strong line of thunderstorms. in between, we should have some decent weather during the middle of the day. there is a slight chance we could get some severe weather including large hail and wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. 63 at the airport. 59 with rain in jarrettsville. a mixture of sun and clouds. a chance for showers and thunderstorms this warrant then again late this afternoon. it gets warm. it will feel like summer thursday and friday.
5:51 am
84 on friday with a chance for some thunderstorms late in the afternoon. then i think it will clear up and turn cooler but still nice on saturday and sunday. >> 5:51. 63 degrees on tv hill. some recent comments on john harbaugh are the hot topic in the nfl. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. the orioles beat the yankees for the first time this year but they beat them up pretty good and they gave buck showalter career win number 1,000. 7-1, the orioles beat the yankees. tough start for brian matusz. this is a major league home run from curtis granderson. 1-0 yankees. chris davis hit a home run.
5:55 am
four.ardy, numberf brian matusz pitched into the seventh. back-to-back strong outings for brian matusz. first hit of the year for nick johnson. at scores chris davis -- that scores chris davis. 7-1. jake arrieta will start tonight . john harbaugh join the show on tv hill. he said if the spivey situation helped new england when the means there's an
5:56 am
asterisk for ever and the chance it is stained. the comment went viral. he said there was some distortion to what he said. was the perception because of the league action. wink-wink. blown out of proportion. it will die down today. the kentucky derby is saturday. this is a horse you will not have any problem finding. he is the white horse. >> he is like a rock star. but come up to us and say, the hanset me meat >> hall bought said what he
5:57 am
said -- john harbaugh said what he said. he is right. >> thank you. how often do you see a cart changing lanes without a turn signal? that causes more accidents than distracted driving. >> the next time you watch the oscars it will not be at the kodak theater. the reason for the name change. >> i'm trying to think of something that will go viral and not get me fired. we have some rain to talk about. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> a few problems we are tracking in harford county. we will update you, coming up.
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