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tv   Today  NBC  May 3, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> hello, everybody. it's the middle of the week which means it's winesday wednesday. another reason to celebrate this gift of life we have. >> yes. >> may 2nd. we're still here. thought it was going to be a little prettier day. hope springs eternal. hopefully it'll clear up a little bit. >> hopefully it will. you guys, we have such a good show for you tomorrow. >> for you. >> you're going to love tomorrow's show so much.
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if you're going to be out doing things you're going to want to set your tivo. tomorrow on your program it is an entire hour of plastic surgery procedures. and some of them we're doing live. >> they're not actually -- they're noninvasive, hoda. we're not going under the knife. >> you're getting a lift of some sort. >> i'm getting a bit of a lift. not there. what are you doing? >> i'm going to do some -- i don't want -- we won't reveal it. >> it's going to be painful. >> it's going to be painful. we're also going to have somebody -- we've been talking about cellulase to get the cellulite out of your stomach or wherever you have it. somebody's going to be doing that procedure live on the air. we'll be checking in with her. she's going to be awake while it's happening. >> it's happening through the whole hour of the show. what if we're in agony and we have to ask the lady? >> you know, some of these procedures you hear about, even stuff like botox you wonder how does it work. how does it go in -- >> really well. really, really well.
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>> we'll tell you the prices. we're going to talk about celebs. i'm excited about tomorrow's show. >> really? >> i'm doing something. i know it's painful. but i'm doing it anyway. because i can take it like you can take it. >> like a woman. >> yeah, yeah. all righty. we got to talk about this woman with the tanning bed. come on. this is such a -- it seems funny. >> in a tragic kind of way. >> we're not going to show you her yet. there is a woman from new jersey who enjoys going to the tanning beds. she's 44 years old. she's accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter inside the tanning booth with her. let's see if you can point out who likes to go to the tanning bed. take a look. >> this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. she's my little girl. i'm not going to bring my little daughter into a 90 degree bed? i mean, that's not normal. >> exactly what we thought. right?
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>> she claims that her daughter was there, but not actually in the bed. tanning bed. what happened was the kindergartner was at school. she had apparently some sunburns. she was telling a friend of hers she went with her mother to the tanning bed. the tanning bed people denied she was there. the cops got called into the whole thing. apparently this woman is taken to jail. they took a mug shot of her. she doesn't look as dark in her mug shot. >> can we see the mug shot? >> we may not have it. >> maybe it's just bronzer. she's wearing a lot of bronzer. i don't know. i don't want to make fun of a potentially dangerous situation. it just always surprises me that people get these procedures and they think they look good. i'm not trying to be unkind. everybody goes -- that's not a good thing. am i wrong? sometimes you see somebody that just went and got fish lips. they act like nothing happened!
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they've got a flounder on their face. you're supposed to act like there's nothing going on there. you can't take your eyes off it. >> we're doing a whole show on cosmetic surgery. >> remember cat woman? remember? she's actually a very, very, very nice lady. >> sure. >> but she's had so many procedures. she came to my house one time for -- for some fundraising thing or something. cassidy was little. you know, i -- cass was good. i mean, she was. but she was like -- you just can't believe -- kids are honest. >> i know. i think people do a little. and then a little more. and a little more. and a little more. pretty soon before you know it you've already gone over to the dark side. i did that when i started coloring my hair lighter. one day it was practically blond and i didn't know what happened. >> right. it's like little lies. they just grow and grow until you're a big fat liar. i remember very well. one time we were having a christmas party in colorado. cass was little.
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we hired a piano player to come and play all the great christmas songs and everything. cass was -- the man was quite heavy. quite heavy. cass, she's like 3. goes over to him and she goes, you had too many hot dogs. right? >> oh. >> one of our friends heard her. she said, kathie, cassidy said something unkind. i took her aside. cassidy, that is unkind. you go back to that gentleman right now and you tell him you're sorry. she goes over to the man, she goes, i sorry you had too many hot dogs. kids are literal. >> they say exactly what they think. all right. congrats to this new a little baby that jessica simpson had. a baby girl. >> she was pregnant for four years. >> she gave birth to a little girl named maxwell drew johnson. >> which is, i think, a perfectly lovely name. it's her first child.
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seems like she literally -- they're engaged. so glad the baby is finally here so that they can actually get married. yeah. >> the baby is 9 pounds, 13 ounces, by the way. >> that's a huge baby. >> but not that tall. >> it's 21 3/4. which was what cody was, i think, a pound lighter. >> you know, it's -- >> cody was big. >> he was a big baby. >> he was almost a nine pound baby. i feel for her. we wish them all the best in the world. interesting interview matt had this morning. >> a couple good ones lately. >> interesting week. with bobby brown. i've only seen the manic side of the bobby brown. this was a very different -- >> it was a really revealing side. a lot of people knew him either as whitney's husband or that crazy reality show "being bobby brown." this was much more -- well, why don't you watch the interview with matt. >> why do you think you got the blame? i was reading some blogs after her death.
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one said bobby brown killed whitney. not in a literal way but in a figurative way. another said bobby brown is responsible for getting her hooked on drugs. >> no. >> everyone seems to point the finger at you. >> no. >> and they say whitney was more of an innocent victim in this. >> no, that's not true. i didn't get high before i met whitney. >> on narcotics. >> on narcotics, no. no. i -- i smoked weed. i drank beer. but, no. i wasn't the one that got whitney on drugs. >> so this was a part of her life before -- >> way before, yes. >> -- you and she got together. >> way before. >> did you talk about it? did you worry about it? >> i worried about it when, you know, we first got together. until i tried it. and when i tried it, for some reason i have an addictive personality. unexplainable. but, no, i wasn't the one that,
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you know, got her addicted to drugs or i'm not the reason she's gone. >> that's the question a lot of people have. >> you know what, this is a bobby we've never seen. he says he's been sober for quite a while. truth is we'll never know the truth, probably. >> right. >> nobody knows. lots of times -- i don't know. i don't know. i'm glad for his sobriety. i wish that whitney's situation had turned out differently. >> absolutely. matt's going to have more with bobby tomorrow. okay. so if you were home last night and you were watching "the voice" it was the big elimination round. if you didn't see it, you're going to play along with us. if you did you already know what happened. okay. team adam had a sing-off between two people. let's watch the two again. ♪ how you like me now, how you like me now, how you like me now, how you like me now ♪ ♪ strumming my pain with my
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fingers, singing my life ♪ >> we both said tony would have been eliminated. i think we were wrong. >> we were wrong, right? >> that's rude. >> tony stayed. katrina got eliminated. >> see, it's very difficult when you only hear ten minutes of it. i mean, ten seconds. >> i probably still would have picked her. >> yeah. they're both talented. it comes down to what you like, you know? >> next up, team cee lo. let's watch these two. ♪ if you don't know me by now ♪ you will never, ever know me ♪ >> now, we both said juliette should get cut. but we were wrong. they cut jamar. >> really?
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>> so far this show is not doing very well. okay. let's do our next group. christina's two. lindsay and chris. ♪ [ singing opera ] ♪ ♪ and now all your love is wasted ♪ >> we were -- we were separated on this one. you and i did not agree. you said chris should get cut. i thought lindsay should get cut. and i was right. >> were you? >> yeah. chris the opera singer held on. >> really? >> yep. >> there's hope for good music in this world, then. >> lastly, this is team blake. ♪ ♪ now i come to you with open
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arms, nothing to hide ♪ >> wow. we both thought the clarity of that last gentleman was fantastic. >> he was great. we said erin should get cut. she was great too, but they ended up cutting her. now it's down to those final four. we'll see what happens. >> i did not see literally one episode. but i got to play the game. it's working out just fine. old people go to bed early. >> but they stay up long enough to watch "off their rockers." >> that's on at 8:00. that show is adorable. we love our betty white. >> we do. let's see a clip. >> you want to sit here? >> no. >> right in the sun. >> that looks really good. >> thank you. >> oh! >> is that red leaf?
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mmm. >> i paid for it. >> thanks anyway. you guys are great. >> oh, my gosh. what would you do if somebody did that? >> i would say, have another bite. >> you probably would. >> i would. i mean, an older guy puts his fork in your meal, are you going to say i paid for that? >> was he using his own fork or was he using yours? we've got a big show today. >> we certainly do. lisa rinna is in the house. >> she's going to tell us about sex. and then kelly osbourne is going to tell us about -- there she is. >> fashion. >> about fashion. and we're going to have a fashion challenge with her. all that coming up right after this. , i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby.
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join the finish revolution. ♪ ♪ it says gifford. go ahead.
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>> now on "today's style," a fashion face-off courtesy of -- >> kelly osbourne. >> co-host of "fashion police." she's here to find out if left to our own device we really know what we're doing when it comes to fashion. >> i watch your show. one of the only shows i tivo. i wish i would have been on yesterday, booze day tuesday. so i could have seen you guys. that's my favorite. >> you not only have that sense of fashion but a television personalities, as well. >> you work closely with joan rivers on the "fashion police." what is that like? >> i will say this -- that picture. she is, outside of my family, the most amazing person i've ever worked with. >> she really is. she has this image of being such a tough bird. and she is. >> if there was a guy telling the jokes -- >> she is a die hard friend. loyal. >> so loyal. >> what does she think of your lavender hair?
2:21 am
>> she really, really likes. everyone tweets, tell kelly to get rid of that hair. in honor of me, she keeps putting that clip on. we've had blue, pink and yellow so far. >> not all at once. >> no. >> you would probably do something like that on a fun day. >> yeah. >> why do you keep changing your hair color? what is that for? >> fun. who wants to have the same hair every day? you only live once. and most people don't like it. so i'm like, yeah. >> you like to stir it up a little bit. >> that's the thing. you've got to know who you are and what you like. nobody else's opinion really matters. >> exactly. that's something about our show, it's just our opinion. it's amazing to me how offended some people get. not actually the people who we're talking about, but the fans. really it's just a comedy show. why do you have to keep putting that picture of me up, it's awful! >> you don't always hit it out
2:22 am
of the park. >> no. there was something i came up with for the show. you know, we don't -- we don't critique ourselves enough for our fashion faux pas. if we're going to go out there and talk about everyone else, we should be talking about ourselves and the mistakes that we've made. >> that's fair. >> that was the point in the video i wanted to get across. i spoke to joan about it. she loved it. we put it on the show. but that picture -- >> it'll live on. >> what we're going to do here, we're going to have a little fashion face-off. >> you ready? >> we only have about a minute or so. >> i have two models here. you each get one model. and you have one minute -- >> that's the timer. this stuff from kohl's. we're ready, kelly. >> go! >> what is this? >> i like purple, hoda.
2:23 am
>> oh, come on! >> who did this? ♪ >> blue jeans. >> i'm looking. the trouble is she's over there, i'm over here. can you do that, honey? >> good. what about this? no? what about jewelry? okay. wait. do we have shoes? oh, yeah, here. i need a purse. which one? wait. okay. jewelry! jewelry! wait a second! wait a second! >> this is a long minute. >> has it been a minute?
2:24 am
>> you look so cute. >> go, done. >> okay. >> wait. i forgot the necklace. i wasn't finished all the way. okay, go. go. >> this is almost the exact same outfit that i picked. >> what? >> and i hate it with all my heart. >> i'm going to go for hoda. sorry. >> i get to wear it? i thought you were getting it. the crown doesn't fit. >> i don't want to mess up your hair. >> thanks very much, kelly. >> and thanks to kohl's for providing all their great stuff here. >> they are so nice. catch "fashion police" on friday nights at 10:00/9:00 central. thank you, ladies. i don't care what they say. you look adorable. coming up next, those funny off the wall things that make you say "what the what?" right after this. [ male announcer ] cookies
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it's time to take a look at all those photos that make you say "what the what?" >> sara spent countless hours going through your submissions searching for her favorites. i'm sure you have a few. >> our first award goes to holly from austin, texas. she sent us this photo. i think it pretty much speaks for itself. >> how adorable! >> this is her son charlie. the two men were best friends. they were introducing their sons. it may not be a match made in heaven. i don't know if they're going to be best friends, too, or not. our next photo is from pam vila from reno, nevada. check out that sign. wondering. 15 minute limit for restroom use or you will be towed. who's sitting out there timing that? >> i don't know. >> are they going to tow the person in the wheelchair? >> that's what it seems like. they have it rough enough. speaking of toilets, sissy from abilene, texas, submitted this photo.
2:30 am
the more the merrier? i would imagine there's no time limit on these. her husband and her were at starbucks. they looked across the street. that's what was in the yard. that's four toilets. >> are those planters? >> toilets around a planter. an interesting modern art form. >> a metaphor for life. >> i guess when you go to the bathroom with your girlfriend you can all kind of do that. >> it's like fashion. to some people that's art. >> we're going to keep the potty humor going. a photo from sherry from oak brook, illinois. this sign should stand somewhere near those four toilets. plumber parking. that was on a public street. the whole street is just for the plumber. >> violators will be flushed. you have been warned, people. >> moving on to a photo from ruth ann from ft. worth, texas. if that's not a good deal, i don't know what is. with purchase of $20 or more a gallon for only $150. finally, karen from grovetown,
2:31 am
georgia, submitted this photo. what's for dinner? is it beef? or chicken. chicken. then certified angus beef. >> or is it tuna? we'll be right back.
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2:33 am
we are back on this winesday, wednesday, with more of "today" ready to play our weekly trivia game we call "who knew?" this saturday marks the 138th running of the kentucky derby. we're going to test our knowledge of all things derby. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to those who get the questions right. to those who don't, hey, they get kathie lee's cd. how lucky are they? here to help me out is contributor lilliana vazquez. hello. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> lovely lady from atlanta, georgia. why was the kentucky derby dubbed the run for the roses?
2:34 am
the winner is awarded a blanket of roses. each competing horse has roses wrapped into their harnesses. the infield is filled with roses. or all of the above. >> i definitely know "a." i kind of want to say all of the above. >> oh. it's got a happy ending. and this is it. >> she was actually right. her first instinct. >> she should have gone with it. people should always go with their instincts. the answer is "a." the winner is always awarded a blanket of roses. >> back across. >> from concord, new hampshire. true or false. the average cost of a kentucky derby hat is $100. >> false. >> smart girl. just try to find one. >> that did sound like -- that sounded a little lowball. >> she was right. you know, women spend up to thousands of dollars on these one of a kind hats. but we have some great tips on
2:35 am for diy'ing your hat in case you're going to the derby or maybe you're having a derby party. >> interesting. back across to kath. >> nice gentleman from virginia. how many liters of bourbon are used to prepare mint juleps on the day of the kentucky derby? >> i'm going with "d." >> smart man. >> yes, indeed. >> that's right. it is. >> 7,800 liters? >> that's a lot of mint juleps. they say they serve 120,000 mint juleps in the two-day celebration that is the kentucky derby. do you like mint juleps? >> no. i hate to say that because we tried them yesterday. not my favorite. >> a lot of people say that. not their favorite drink. it's a once a year thing. >> this lady is from boston. which of the following celebrity participated in the kentucky derby as the owner of a competing horse. george clooney, jack nicholson, steven spielberg or kevin
2:36 am
connolly. >> jack nicholson. >> he's not even on the list, is he? >> yeah, he was. nice try. >> once in a while i make a mistake. >> very occasionally. the correct answer is, "c," steven spielberg. >> that's right. his horse actually placed fourth in 2003. getting close. not quite to the top. >> back across to kath. >> where you from, sir? >> jacksonville, florida. >> all righty. why were the horseshoes on the kentucky derby trophy turned up right in 1999? because of superstition? fan complaints? they kept falling off or all of the above. >> superstition. >> you said that with a lot of confidence. i like that in a man. >> superstition. what was the deal? >> they were scared if the horses were turned this way all the luck would run out. you know you need luck to win the triple crown. >> back across to kath. >> from california. true or false. the kentucky derby restricts jockeys to a maximum weight of 126 pounds including their gear.
2:37 am
>> true. >> a lot of smart folks. >> wow. i weighed 126 in sixth grade. the answer is true. >> that includes the equipment. most of those jockeys weighed less than 120 pounds. can you believe that? >> that's unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> time for one more. >> from maryland, how long is the racetrack for the kentucky derby? one mile, one and a quarter miles, one and a half or two miles. >> one and a quarter. >> you know your horse races. >> one and a quarter miles. >> i heard an accent there. it used to be a mile and a half. they shortened it to a mile and a quarter. >> not a good day for kathie lee's cd. thank you. the 138th running of the kentucky derby airs live this saturday afternoon beginning at 4:00 p.m. eastern time on nbc. coming up, lisa rinna helps you put the spark back in your love life after this. ♪ so every year my family throws this great reunion in austin.
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let's face it, when it comes to your marriage sex matters. that can be difficult to remember are when your day and night are filled with so many things you have to get done. >> tv personality lisa rinna and sex counselor ian kerner are hoping to help you with their new book. "the big fun sexy sex book." the ins and outs of keeping the spark alive. >> i wonder what it's about? >> we figured we'd come right out with it. >> when i saw this i thought, i can see lisa writing about it. it's not the first time. i can see ian writing about it because that's what he does. you're not donny and marie. you don't automatically put the together of you together. >> no, and neither do we. when we met and we talked it seemed like the natural progression to have an expert and then to just come from my own. >> uh-huh. a real expert. not your first time at the rodeo. >> a lot of people are watching this, lisa, and they have lost the mojo in their marriage. and they do want it back.
2:43 am
they always hope maybe a book will help me or something. are they going to really be able to get something from this book that's going to help their marriage? >> i think so. i lost my mojo. i really did. hard to believe that. i did right after my first child. >> you had post partum depression. >> terrible post partum. lost my mojo. i found ways to get it back. it took me a while. after meeting eon -- ian. >> eons ago. >> after getting an expert who really knows, he deals with people that are in sex ruts every day, right? >> 40 million americans, you know, have lost their mojo. >> that's a lot. >> really the number one issue facing this country in terms of sexuality is sex drive. low libido. >> is it that they've lost their mojo physically or that they've lost their mojo for their partner and would get that mojo back pretty quick if it was a different person. >> i think it can be both. i really do want to say, you know, there are so many people
2:44 am
who are in loving relationships and they just -- they can't remember the last time they had sex. i'll sit down and a wife will be like, oh, it was definitely last week. the husband will be like, that was a month ago. a month. >> our lives are just too busy. >> i think it has a lot to do with the stress, the anxiety and the pressure. >> and you really have to make an effort. you have to create it. what i love about the book, you can turn it to any page and you can find different things that maybe you're afraid to try. maybe you've wanted to. >> you've been reading "50 shades of gray." >> i have been. i feel like this is a "50 shades of gray" handbook. workbook. take it home and use it. >> we say make date night happen all over again. we've said that thing 1,000 times here. i don't know what really works. there really are takeaways? >> there are a lot of tips, techniques, things about toys. of course, in the end, the brain really is the biggest sex organ. it really does begin with what's
2:45 am
in your imagination. but we are all about translating fantasy into action. >> you know what? in our culture, though, one thing i think is a huge problem, we call sex and making love the same thing. >> yeah. >> and they aren't. in my mind, they aren't. so a lot of people cannot have sex for different reasons. but they make love to one another. and isn't that ultimately the more important thing? the bond of intimacy instead of the act of intimacy? >> yes. because that's what keeps a relationship together. that's what makes a marriage last. that created intimacy. >> he's going where the heck did you get that? >> listen, i'm all for comfort sex. i'm all for love making. >> and thrill seeking sex. >> but it is a little like, you know, there's all these different food groups. there's the food pyramid. there are different types of sex. you've got to really try it from every group. >> and different types of making love. we give you everything. >> i'm just saying, we need to keep the distinction. >> good point.
2:46 am
>> all right, kids. good luck with the book. >> maybe my sex book will come out next year. >> okay, fine. coming up next -- >> we'll do a threesome. leave hoda out. >> i'm not interested in your little sleazy book, all right? up next, anne geddes and her wonderful photos that capture childbirth, next. greetings from the windy city of chicago.
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pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful and emotional times in a woman's life. >> photographer anne geddes has captured some of those moments along with inspiring stories of pregnancy and childbirth in the very first edition of her new magazine called "my pregnancy." so happy you're here with us. we're huge fans of your photographic work. often sex does end up in a pregnancy, thank god. >> exactly right. >> what a beautiful magazine. can we start with this?
2:51 am
it's almost like a piece of art. you take gorgeous pictures. there are wonderful stories attacked. >> we call it a bookazine. i photographed all these pregnant women in their final month of pregnancy. they were telling such amazing stories. it was just going to be a photographic book to start with. all of these amazing stories started happening. i got them to bring their babies back after they gave birth and talk about all this. one of the most popular stories in there is of identical 27-year-old triplets who were naturally conceived themselves. there's a 1 in 30,000 chance. who all fell pregnant at the same time. they swore to me that it wasn't, you know, planned. then they all gave birth to boys. two of them on the same day. >> that is outrageous. >> they were across the corridor in the labor ward from each other. >> can you imagine? that's the three lay days when they were pregnant. >> yes. >> you have such unique ways of
2:52 am
photographing. >> they're all themed to elements of nature. you know, like the cover of the magazine, the beautiful natural ballet dancer, she's a pansy. you know, nature is so inspiring. >> pansies are not wimpy. i don't know how you get -- she's a pansy. i have pansies that live all year round in this climate. >> fantastic. we joked with every woman who came in. you've got to get up there on point. like natalie was on the cover. there are also issues with women having babies they never get to talk about. beautiful olivia you're looking at there, she had problems when she came home with breast-feeding. and this huge pressure. if you're at home now with a newborn and you're having trouble breast-feeding, that's just normal, you know. there's so much pressure to breast-feed and if you can't, you're a bad mother. >> just because it's natural doesn't mean it's always easy. >> we get women talking about these issues. >> a very inspiring story of a woman with breast cancer who'd been trying to get pregnant, didn't realize she had breast cancer. >> yep. she found out that she had
2:53 am
breast cancer four days after her pregnancy was confirmed. they said to her, you must terminate. this is gina here. she's a cocoon, by the way. you must terminate. she refused. she had chemo in the second trimester. one of the side effects is low birth weight. she had little blaze who weighed over 10 pounds. >> take that! >> how gorgeous. >> where is this magazine available, anne? >> destination maternity. motherhood and pea in the pod stores. we're in partnership with them. in also the u.s. and canada and by their websites. >> wonderful. pleasure to meet you. enjoy your work. when i just had my children, her first book came out. i feel bonded to you. >> fantastic. >> thank you so much. up next, martin yan. i hope i said it right. is in the kitchen. first this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
now in "today's kitchen" what is cooking? we're stir frying with the one and only martin yan. >> he said i got his name right. martin. he gets ready to open his new restaurant later this year. he's serving up a recipe that's going to feed our entire crew. even our crew. they're animals, martin, i'm telling you. >> bring the kitchen into the dining rooms. tiny bit of oil. olive oil. very healthy. it's very healthy. look at all the beautiful vegetables. >> what are we making, first of all? >> all we're going to do is
2:57 am
garden fresh produce. >> i love it. >> any season. with tofu. >> okay. >> first, let's do it all together. i know that you have -- all together. put it in. garlic and ginger. garlic and chili. then vegetable. beautiful. all this wonderful. put it right here. this is -- toss, toss, toss! oh, look at this! make a lot of noise! this is how you do it, okay? >> this is so easy. >> then tofu, healthy. >> dump it? >> just dump it in. oh, and then mix the sauce. okay. black bean sauce with a -- >> what? what are you doing? >> sugar. black beans. >> we don't understand him. i'm just watching what he does. >> soy sauce. sesame seed oil. >> all dumped in here? >> all of it. >> what's the milk? throw the milk in?
2:58 am
>> put it in. >> dump it? >> dump the sauce right in. >> i'm into this, martin. >> corn starch. right here. put it in. yeah! you know, the whole dish. it's done. >> what? no it isn't! >> it is? >> just done. >> what about the scallions? >> put a scallion right over here. then we plate it. we plate. look how beautiful. >> i can't believe we each had our own pan. this was genius. >> hoda, that's the first time you really cooked. >> this is the first time how everybody cooks. beautiful. then dump it. just dump it. you know, the best thing about the restaurant. it's an open kitchen. you put everything. everybody can see it. >> that was great. >> it's very healthy. it's very easy. we do all kind of thing right in front of you. >> martin, this is excellent. can we really eat this? i don't think mine's cooked that
2:59 am
well. >> sesame seed, toasted. >> the corn starch is thickening it up. >> yes. you know what? welcome, all of you. you both graduated. and you are hired. you are hired -- >> thank you very much. >> martin, this is great. >> let's all take chop stick taste. >> i'm exhausted. >> you know what? in order to make it really look nice, like in china, we garnish a little bit. garnish a little bit. then when you come, you know what, both of you can be the executive chef. you're hired. >> mine's burning. it's burning up. sorry. >> hoda, you burned the whole pan! >> i did. i know. tomorrow -- tomorrow is a big, big show. we're calling it needles, knives or nothing. >> oh, definitely. >> getting work done on our show. >> cosmetic procedures. >> ny china.


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