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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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will try to hook up with the train at camden yards. right now, and has been shut down the last 15, 20 minutes. learning more this evening about a horrible shooting at an l.a. cop city church that left one woman dead, another in critical condition, and the gunman dead -- at an ellicott county church. >> it was at st. peter's episcopal church. lowell melser joins us live from howard county police headquarters with the latest. >> this is a sad and tragic story. the police say a homeless man who had been receiving food aid from the church entered the church, shot whoever got in his way, then turned the gun on himself. it was a chaotic scene and outside of st. peter's episcopal church thursday evening, just before 5:30 swat
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team members bursting in after reports that two women had been shot inside. pronounced dead at the scene was a 59-year-old who work the front desk. the 62-year-old co- director was transported to shock trauma with life-threatening wounds. >> i'm a father, and knowing that could happen in a church -- my wife and i are active in our church. i just cannot imagine something like that happening. >> neighbors were horrified by the shooting. a family and friends gathered at their home, two broken up to speak. as far as a motive, the police say a homeless man, 56 tax year- old -- 56-year-old douglas franklin church, who lived in the woods behind the church, had
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recently become angry with staff members after they would not allow him to come around anymore because of his behavior. >> he was described as argumentative, and it recently asked him not to return. >> the police say he entered the church, confronted the women in the front office, shot them both, then went back to his camp site in the woods and shot and killed himself. the police are not sure how many times the women were shot or where the victims -- or where the weapons came from, but they think the victims were randomly targeting. >> we think he may have been fresh credit with the church as a whole, and these two staff members happen to be there. >> the episcopal diocese of maryland released a statement saying in part it is saddened by the shooting and is praying for the victims and their families. the police say that reverend kohn is in grave condition this
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evening. lowell melser, wbal tv 11 news. morning fog gave way to afternoon sunshine. feeling like a son shot -- feeling like summertime. right now, the temperatures in the upper 70's, low 80's up and down the i-95 corridor on to the eastern shore. the warmer air has triggered some thunderstorms. the strongest bonds are passing south of baltimore, northern virginia, towards p.g. county, northern parts of charles county. to the north, more showers and storms. a lot of lightning strikes. those will have a tendency to drift south, and could impact our region later tonight. we will give you the seven day forecast in a couple of minutes. more breaking news, from northeast baltimore. 11 news has confirmed a pre-
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kindergarten student has brought a gun to a school in northwest baltimore. a teacher discovered the firearm in the student's position and alerted school police. after for their investigation, an adult was arrested in connection with the incident. no word on the adults relationship with the student or whether or not the gun was loaded. now the investigation into a body found on the ground of an elementary middle school in northwest. city police have not released an identity, but we're told they found a man between the ages of 18 and 20 early this morning on the grounds of windsor elementary. when officers went to search the area last night after reports of a gunshot, i think turned out. as far as officers no, no students were involved but they're working at the school on the case. two men are dead it tonight after their car collided with a truck in cockeysville.
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we are told a volkswagen jetted traveling northbound lost control while going around a curb, crossing the center line into the path of a truck carrying milk. the two men in the field or pronounced dead on the scene. the third man was transported to shock trauma with life- threatening injuries. the driver of the truck was taken to sinai hospital with serious injuries. another twist in a murder case. the mother of the 13 natural suspect admitted to accidentally shooting her is being investigated what circumstances surrounding the killing. the young girl was shot and her body disposed of with garbage bags. prosecutors said that his clients dna was found on the girl's bra, which could show that she was involved in moving the body. fred bealefeld said he is stepping down because he wanted
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to go out on top. after five years as the city's top cop, he is retiring effective august 1. he sat down with jayne miller, and she joins us live from police headquarters with what he said. >> we are accustomed to it fred bealefeld using tough language about bad guys. that this afternoon, as he discussed his decision to leave the job after all of these years with the city police, was all a much different side, an emotional side. some of our viewers a what is the real story? >> the real story is i am going to be 50 in august. i know people keep saying, my goodness, you are this young kid, but i have been doing this 31 years. i don't feel like a young kid. it has taken 31 years -- that is a long time to be doing this
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type of work. >> is your decision to leave entirely around? did somebody say it is time to go? >> i was absolutely influenced in this decision, mostly by linda and erica bealefeld. >> wife and daughter? >> yes. there are ready for me to come home, they are ready for me to do something else. my son is a united states marine at the pensacola until april station -- at the pensacola naval air station, and i missed a big part of his life. i am anxious. >> do you to rot because you were not doing this anymore? >> i tear up because i missed that. i did this -- they were along for the ride, but this really was my thing.
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this was my career, my pursuit, my love, 31 years. i asked them to do a lot. >> bealefeld has been with the city police department 31 years. he says today he does not know what he will do next. he says he wants to golf and fish. reporting live from police headquarters, jayne miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> i am sure that job takes a toll. april jobs numbers show a slump for a second straight month. both presidential contenders try to take advantage of that. steve handelsman has tonight's project economy report. >> as the mostly bad news on jobs perot, president obama tried positive spin. >> we create 130,000 private- sector jobs in april. >> 15,000 government jobs were lost. mitt romney focused on the downside. >> only 115,000 new jobs were
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created, well beneath what was expected. >> romney is right on the april jobs number and the problem. the unemployment rate dropped 0.1%, not because more people got tired. more americans gave up looking for jobs. they were not counted. but some of them retired, and some economists see solid job gains ahead. >> it would not be surprising if it was definitively below 8% by the end of the year. >> with that number over 8%, no u.s. president running for reelection has ever won. >> we have to do more. >> this is a time when america wants to have someone who knows what it takes to create jobs and get people working again. >> real unemployment dropped below 8% in june, july, august. >> that has to change over the summer.
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it cannot wait until the fall. >> a close race that could be decided by 0.1% change in the jobs number. and the so-called headline number could have the biggest impact. will it be 8%, like it is today, or something in the 7% range? steve handelsman, wbal tv 11 news. coming up, a better look at the ravens new plans for training camp. >> fans can still come out, but space is limited. how to best secure your spot. >> it has been two years since yeardley love was murdered by fellow uva lacrosse star, and her mother has filed another civil lawsuit. >> your experience with the dolphins at the national aquarium will be changing. coming up, why you will no longer have to pay for the dolphin show. ♪
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the mother of cut cockeysville native yeardley love has filed a civil suit, this time against bee uva lacrosse team coaches, the athletic director, and the state of virginia. the wrongful death lawsuit comes two years after yeardley love's
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murder. george huguely was found guilty of second-degree murder in february. she says the state and athletic department ignored the erratic behavior prior to yeardley's death. a better look tonight at the ravens' plans for trading at camp -- plans for training camp. fans in limited numbers will be able to attend the location. the team can safely host 200 people on the field at their practice complex, but they all have to enter a lottery to get a ticket. if you are picked, you will be able to go to more than two dozen caps sessions. more details on the lottery will be released in mid june. the open camps will be held at the football stadium, the naval academy, and stevenson university. tonight's medical alert, in light of the suicide of former linebacker junior seau, more
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than 100 former football players are filing a suit against the league, climb that has not been enough to protect them and their brain. -- climbing there has not been enough to protect them and their brain. they say the nfl knew how dangerous to our kids and concussions were and hid at intermission. the nfl has repeatedly said player safety is a top priority. seau was found dead wednesday at his oceanside at home. while his death has been ruled a suicide, many believe it might have been related to a janitor of brain disease project to a debtor if at brain disease which comes from repeated blows to the head. the family made the decision thursday to donate his brain for research on repetitive head injuries. they hope the research will help other people and players down the road. an addiction to tanning is something that is getting a lot
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of attention after re weird lee bronzed in new jersey mother was accused of taking her 5-year- old daughter and to a tanning booth. how dangerous is excessive tanning? researchers believe some people have an addiction to uva rays which gives a feeling of euphoria, but the skin damage can be extreme. >> it is the equivalent of smoking for the skin. the effects are cumulative. >> the dangers include skin cancer, skin burns, premature skin aging, and i damage. damage. eye isolated thunderstorms around central maryland today as temperatures warmed into low 80's. still susceptible to storms popping up in the evening. there is a cluster of thunderstorms moving south of baltimore, southern d.c., into parts of southern p.g. county and charles county.
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some lightning strike associated with that. to the north, taking the radar off, just looking at the lightning strikes, the line of storms in north central pennsylvania. not a lot of movement, but a slow drive to the south to be expected through the evening hours. some of the showers will likely come our way, perhaps in the late-night hours. these are lined up along the cool front which will eventually push it over the humidity, but we have to get past the showers dropping south. for the time, it is still warm. it feels kind of like summertime, temperatures in the 80's from westminster to frederick, 86, 84 bwi-marshall, college park, la plata, and leonardtown. the atmosphere is stable. the line of storms and pennsylvania works its way towards the maryland- pennsylvania line at about 10:00, 11:00 tonight, drifting south, getting weaker early morning saturday.
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after it gets to the south, things look good. still a risk of a storm early tonight, low 60's. the wind will shift to the north as the front goes by. there is cooler air here, 40 degrees around maine, 63 degrees caribou, low 60's northern michigan. some of that cool air is coming down on the north brae is beginning tomorrow. the front right now approaching cleveland, approaching chicago. just to the west of kansas city. that will gradually come down. this southwardly flow of air will be cut off and the temperatures will be more comfortable. the upper 70's tomorrow, warmer than normal, but less humid. partly cloudy during the day. sunrise at 6:03. the cooling trend underway tomorrow into sunday morning. the high pressure builds in from the north. should be a very nice sunday afternoon, comfortable temperatures, low humidity. the next threat of rain likely
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to hold off at least until monday or tuesday of next week. on the chesapeake bay, a northeast wind at 5-10 knots, the waves about a foot, the water temperature and low 60's. lingering showers in the mountains, 20% chance, real nice mountain weather on sunday. sunny skies, 71. the eastern shore, the from sagging south, lingering showers to the south of cambridge. nice day on the eastern shore. ocean city, the best chance of light rain, thunderstorms lingering tomorrow morning before it clears out. then partly cloudy skies sunday. at the beach to picture a little chilly air. 80 tomorrow, a little low today, less humid. 73 degrees monday. monday night tuesday, chance of showers, scattered thunderstorms. temperatures back to normal, upper 60's, low 70's through the end of next week. >> somebody just tweeted me and
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said or something on your caller. now they are gone. thank you for that. >> thank you very much. coming up, an honor student had a bright future supposedly but had a secret life on line. >> how she was engaging in a muslim holy war. >> and all flags at half staff >> and all flags at half staff a i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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an ellicott city honor student faces 15 years in prison for trying to help a suspect. he pled guilty in philadelphia. last july, he corresponded with a well-known terror suspect who later admitted plotting to kill a swedish artist who had offended muslims. he started chatting online with jihad jane, offering to raise
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money and recruit terrorists. he was well-known for his strong work ethic and had been offered a full scholarship to johns hopkins. several people will be arraigned at guantanamo bay on terrorism charges that killed nearly 3000 people on 9/11. a military judge is allowing closed circuit television proceedings from fort meade. seating is limited for public viewing. you have to show photo i.d. and vehicle registration. a somber day at delaney valley memorial gardens. >> the 27th annual fall in officer's day, honoring anyone who has died in a line of duty last year. [bagpipes play] organizers say they sure they are honoring the fewest number of fallen officer since the
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ceremony began. one state trooper was killed last may when his car crashed into the back of a tractor trailer during a pursuit on i- 95. during the ceremony, his six children and wife were presented with a replica of the fallen heroes memorial. >> you will take this forward and real life and carry the banner and take that correct that your dad had and carry it with you the rest of your life. that is who you are. that is what he needs you to be. >> governor martin o'malley has issued a proclamation declaring all flags to be flown at half staff at the facilities through the day. tens of thousands of people poured into kentucky for the derby, and even though the most exciting two minutes in sports does not happen until tomorrow, the stands are full today. tracy potts explains why.
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>> derby fans getting an early look at kentucky's first race this weekend, the oaks. up't even bother showing without a lot of "hat-ttitude." it ranges from the court is to the outrageous. this guy is hoping not to step in it, but does not mind wearing it. >> my brother in law may have to demonstrate what he thinks about me. >> david came here without a hat, on purpose. >> i like to where the original derby hats. >> there is art, food, love, and horses. fans bet $165 million last year. >> my grandmother told me the fifth course on the fifth race. and so he did.
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fans who visited the stable got a chance to see some of the horses who are racing tomorrow. at churchill downs, trees teapots, wbal tv 11 news. - tracy potts, wbal tv 11 news. the kentucky derby is exclusively on wbal. be sure to stick around for 11 days following the race at 7:00. homeland security officials say it was their biggest fleet market raid after. >> coming up, an estimate in cash on how much they confiscated in counterfeit goods. >> accused of election fraud, a political correspondent testifies and his own defense. >> the national aquarium in
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baltimore is to win away with its dolphin show, but that will increase your opportunity to see them.
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] right now, taking the stand in his own defense. but political correspondent -- a political consultant was charged with election fraud, and he took the witness stand in his own defense.
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>> he is accused of designing a robo-call that would suppress the african-american vote. barry simms has more. >> he told the jury about his job and why he relied on all of the robo-calls. >> nobody looks forward to go to court, but this day will come and go and it will be ok. >> he is telling the jersey his version. all working for the bob ehrlich campaign, he developed a robo- call, designed to suppress the african-american vote. he described how he was one of the first to use calls like this, your effective and inexpensive. they contact a home, get a recorded message to a voter in under 30 seconds. the cost? less than three cents per call. he said most of his clients were democrats. he was interested in applying a strategic role in the republican
5:31 pm
campaign, but it wanted to "pigeonhole me to african- american outreach." state prosecutors charged him with an election fraud. they contend the calls were placed to 100,000 people in the baltimore and prince george's county, designed to suppress the black vote, and it not have an authority line. as the drought continues, remains confident. >> vindication is a great thing. i just say i am fortified by tens of thousands of people praying all over this country, and we will be victorious. hear more aboutfeel mor this on monday. barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. a look at some of the top stories at this hour -- the
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police have identified the man they believe shot two women inside of of a church. he then turned the gun on himself. it happened at about 5:30 last night at the st. peter's episcopal church. 56-year-old douglas franklin jones, who forgot a visit at the food bank, was angry with staff members after they told him to not come around anymore because of his behavior. he walked into the church, shot one woman to death, shot another, and then turned the gun on himself. fred bealefeld said he is stepping down as the city's top cop to spend more time with his family. an interview with it jane miller, -- in an interview with jayne miller, he said he would like to go out on top. he said the job has taken its toll and it is time to move on. bealefeld said nobody asked him to resign. he said officials asked him to reconsider. friends and colleagues said the announcement was a surprise. two men are dead after their car
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collided with a truck in cockeysville shortly after 6:00 this morning. a volkswagen lost control while going around a curve ball. back across the centerline into the path of a truck. the two men and the volkswagen, both in their 20's, were pronounced dead on their scene. a third man was taken to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries. the driver of the truck was transported to sinai with serious injuries. don't flip out, but starting today, there will be no more dolphin shows at the baltimore aquarium, one of a number of changes. ticket prices are going up today, but as jennifer franciotti tells us, now you'll see the dolphins more. >> you used to have to buy a separate ticket to see the dolphins, but now you could see them any time you want to, for as long as you like, what the
5:34 pm
price of general admission. >> we had at a basic price of admission, which i guess was a less than total experience. everybody gets the total experience now. >> effective now, ticket prices for adults are up $4, up $1 for kids, and often shows are over. officials say is in response to a visitor requests and to reach those who would not buy tickets to see the shows. now as part of the dolphin discovery, you can enter the arena at any time, stand at close to the tank, and see the trainers work with animals every 1 1/2 hours or so. >> they will see the swimming, us doing behind the scenes things, medical exams, doing play sessions. it opens the door to showing them a little bit of our world behind the scenes. >> the dolphins are not the only animals to see more of at the
5:35 pm
national aquarium. >> she knows one word. hello. >> hello. >> margaret is a hyacinth macaw, one of many animals will be out all day, giving visitors a chance to learn and interact. >> we have at least 40 interactions' every day. we will get a lot closer to the animals, see training sessions and feedings. >> we think it will be a lot more fun, and that is better. >> sounds like fun. baltimore is blooming with excitement. >> it is more colorful than ever. a close-up look at some of this year's vendors straight ahead. [ whha[
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the annual flower mart is in full bloom today and tomorrow. more than 130 vendors are
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selling flowers, garden accessories, and unique gifts. there are tons of advanced 3 8:00 tonight, and things get underway tomorrow at 11:00. there is restricted parking in mount vernon. the number of streets are blocked off along charles street, madison, and mount vernon place. covering the nation, a woman whose husband realized -- released dozens of wild creatures last fall before committing suicide has returned to perform with the five animals to survive. two leopard, monkeys, and a brown bear were delivered to the widow. the animals were quoted at the columbus zoo to head to the farm in ohio. a state review board concluded the animals are free of dangerously infectious or contagious diseases.
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they were being held by the the past sixoo months. adam yauch has died tonight. doctors diagnosed him with cancer in 2009. he had undergone surgery and radiation. he was 47. a new poll shows the matchup between president obama and at mitt romney tightening. florida and ohio are tossups. romney leaves the president of 1% in florida, while the president edges him by two points in at ohio. romney trailed by at least six points in both states in march. good news for mr. obama in pennsylvania, where he has expanded his lead up to eight points. at least 67% of voters believe the economy is still in
5:41 pm
recession. a majority believe a recovery is underway. in baltimore county group is working to change what you see on the election ballot in november. officials are intensifying their efforts to overturn the state's new congressional districts. representatives announced a group of -- announced they needed to collect 55,000 signatures on their petition. they're trying to overturn the congressional map. have already been successful in putting one petition on the ballot, a measure that would grant in state college tuition to meet legal immigrants. the future of online shopping got more interesting. and retailers using social media to their advantage. how to play their game in the consumer alert. >> a family mystery that has lasted more than six decades comes to a surprising conclusion that involves a lot, thrift store, and in old tappan at.
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-- conclusion that involved a i
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at 6:00, more details about the shooting that left one woman dead, another in critical condition and the gun man turning the weapon on himself. an update into the investigation of the murder of a 13-year-old girl. who shot while plan with a gun. and a sit down with fred bealefeld a day after announcing his retirement. [ female announcer ] allergy congestion?
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the patapsco flea market pulls and hundreds of shoppers, and it may be pulling in $47 million of counterfeit merchandise. federal authorities say a rate last month is their largest search and seizure ever. they spent 2.5 years investigating the vendors and they seized nearly 220,000 counterfeit items. five people have been charged with selling counterfeit goods. coming to school near you, a common core standard. state standards make sure that every child in the country it's a quality education. they will be implemented in 45 states by this fall, teaching subjects in the international standards. we look at how it works. >> and national curriculum is at the heart of the common core
5:46 pm
standards coming into georgia and most of the rest of the nation this fall. >> we will be missing something because they were taught at a different time, and should not miss that. >> the older students know the standards of the teachers tell them for their lessons. here, they call them essential questions. >> they learn more advanced skills. >> it means more advanced teaching skills for the state cost 200,000 educators, who must teach the common core. >> georgia is very well line to common core. at grades 6-12, parents will see their students' reading more discipline-based tests, not just textbooks and science, but scientific journals. instead of just a social studies textbook, teachers accept more online resources.
5:47 pm
>> critics worry that training that teachers cannot prepare them for such a big change in a short time. how long does it take a teacher to learn enough to be ready for common core? >> they will be ready in august. >> not surprisingly, the students feel they are ready. >> it is for people who want to take the extra mile, not only in life but their education. >> obviously a smart little kid. maryland is one of the states that is one board to formally adopt the standards. this reminds abyss include math, language arts, social studies, and science -- to streamline that subjects include math, language arts, social studies, and science. showers and storms popping up. there are showers and storms moving through southern maryland, missing us to the south.
5:48 pm
another batch south out of pennsylvania. the storms in p.g. county, heading towards northern charles county will cut across calvert county and had to the lower eastern shore. we have to keep an eye out on the activity from pennsylvania approaching northbound, across the maryland-pennsylvania line, slipping into baltimore. we have not had a lot of measurable rain, a trace at bwi- marshall. these are areas in the region where starts have been popping up, scattered. 85 degrees the high today. the normal 71. 14 degrees warmer than normal, the record high in 2001, 90 degrees. it is still warm and humid. mostly in the 80's, upper 70's, 80 harford and cecil county. the storms and parts of it yet indicated here on future-cast, dropping down at midnight. scattered showers and storms, and they will continue heading
5:49 pm
south, along skies to turn partly cloudy tomorrow. the developing along the cool front, not clearing until sometime late tonight, released tomorrow. low 60's tonight. some of the cool air to the north, 50's and 40's parts of new england, 60's towards the lakes. the cool air, some of it is coming down in the mid-atlantic and northeast behind this front. the front will be getting past us, but it may be close enough to give is a slight chance of a thunderstorm around the kentucky derby tomorrow evening. 20% chance, basically a fast, dry track for the derby tomorrow, with temperatures warm, 83-86. in baltimore, partly cloudy, light northeast wind turning humid. a couple degrees cooler tomorrow after a chance of an early morning shower. if we clear the skies enough, a chance to see the super full moon. why is it a super moon?
5:50 pm
it is larger and brighter. this time around, the full moon occurs when the moon is making its closest approach to the. - to the earth. still over 200,000 miles away, but 10,000 miles closer than usual. it should look bigger and brighter. the waves averaging about 1 foot on the bay, water temperatures in the low 60's. tonight, showers, clearing tomorrow, sunny, beautiful sunday, 75. clouds monday, chance of showers or thunderstorms tuesday. tonight's consumer alert, you cannot take classes - you can now take classes with
5:51 pm
harvard and mit online for free. the courses will be available this fall and will be designed by faculty members from both schools. students who pass online courses will receive certificates. you may notice retailers taking drastic action to win your attention, going on-line to dewitt. that is because new research shows consumers more influenced by promotions and reviews on social media than traditional forms of advertising, especially reviews from other people. you will start to see things like this, customers to check in when they are in walgreens now get a sanibel bar code for instant discounts - a scanable bar code for instant discounts. >> we try to make interaction with the customer seamless and quick and provide value. >> you can use it even if you are not checking and. asked to see a manager. show them another price on line and ask if they will match it.
5:52 pm
in many cases, they will. pepsi has announced a deal with the michael jackson the state to use his image for their global marketing push. it will include special edition cans bearing jackson's image, tv ads, and a chance to download remixes of some of his most famous songs. always the last place you look -- you have probably heard that before -- but would you ever look in a thrift store in british columbia? 63 years later, that is what happened to this family. he lost his wallet in 1949 and talked about as a lost cause. a worker at a thrift store but two sold in all the cabinet and found a time capsule. it had a driver's license, union card, paper credit card, and a blood donor's card, but they could still not find a man. itthen - >> my sister called me and said
5:53 pm
that my cousin had been surfing the internet and cam across the story -- and came across the story about the wallet found in a cabinet in a hidden compartment. he read the story, was fascinated by it, and it was y dad.uncle, mt >> they were thrilled we had found this. >> he passed away in 2005, so his family says the discovery is particularly meaningful. two church workers were shot by a man to try to help. now the st. petersburg community is trying to deal with the horrible tragedy. >> i am so ready for baltimore, i cannot even stand it. >> maroon 5 will be one of the hot acts performing at this year's preakness.
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the preakness infield will host its spring party this spring. >> rob roblin introduces us to the lady who puts the party together. >> for many people, there is nothing like the preakness infield, and a woman who makes the party happened. >> i am the infield festival manager. i call myself a coordinator of
5:57 pm
chaos. >> she is the person who makes things happen at the infield on preakness day, and that work has already banned done. >> can you get the keys to the green room? jack daniels on tuesday, and we will get them across the track. >> there are more than 90 vendors on the infield on. the stake, along with musical entertainment and other entertainment. >> there's all kinds of stuff from 8:00 in the morning until about an hour before the preakness. we switch from stage to stage. there is never a down moment in the infield. >> this year there will be mr. green jeans - ♪ >> the darkness - ♪ little big town --
5:58 pm
♪ wiz khalifa - ♪ and maroon 5 -- ♪ >> our opening band plays about three hours, and then the national headliner split about 75-90 minutes apiece. >> it promises to be quite a day at the preakness, and she is here to make sure that happens. >>. much everything to stocking the toilet paper in the green room for the bands. who says it is not glamorous, right? your home foris the preakness stakes. we will carry that live from
5:59 pm
pimlico on may 18, plus live team coverage before and after the big race right here on wbal tv 11 news. >> here's a look at what is coming up at six plot - >> -- here's a look at what is coming up at 6:00 -- damage aliyahs hansen told jurors why he reek lied on robotic calls. >> fred bealefeld on why he is leaving one of the region's most the physical jobs. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] as we learn more about a horrifying shooting at the most unexpected place, a church in ellicott city. >> one woman was killed, one woman is fighting for life, and the gunmen shot himself. lowell melser has more. >>


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