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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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slam. grand >> there has not been a baseball game like this since 1925. designated first hitter was the winning pitcher. >> could be two. and chris davis is the winning pitcher. >> the orioles are on a world. >> excellent. they're doing righgreat. keep it up, guys. >> maybe we can push some of those red sox fans out of the stadium and the next thing and we will get the yankees fans out of there. we will keep on winning. >> i love it and more power to them. i hope the ball away -- they go all the way. >> with a winning record, sales are going well. >> our sales picked up
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dramatically last week since they took two of three from the yankees and they're going into boston. hopefully, sales start picking up today after that have swept boston. >> down at camden yards, winning games means ticket sales are up and fans are happy. >> nice that they are winning. >> like in the olden days. >> it is nice to have winning baseball back in baltimore. >> it is very good. >> students were on a field trip at the ballpark today. and even they are excited about the nose -- o's. are we going to go all the way this year? >> yea! >> game time is at 7:05 p.m.
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let's keep going. >> now with the birds this hot, can they keep the magic going tonight against the texas rangers? we have a preview of what could be an exciting game and season. the game starts two hours from now. let's check in with tom tasselmyer to look at what the weather will be like for tonight's ball game. >> we are doing all right so far. we're monitoring some showers and thunderstorms. they are hundreds of miles away in the mountains. you can see toward the inner harbor, it is a clean sweep on hd doppler. not looking too bad for the baseball game. if anything happens, it will come in late today. may be a passing sprinkel. let's show you the forecast. orioles and rangers, time at 7
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:05 p.m. cloudy skies and 63 degrees and the southeast breeze continuing. tomorrow may be a different story. the shower should be here by tomorrow. we will check the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> howard county police have charged a columbia teenager with setting last week's fire that shut down the stairs at the columbia mall. the fire at the loading dock was one of several set by 18-year- old richard. he is accused of setting trash cans, and a cargo trailer a blaze. police were able to use surveillance video to track him down. he is being held on $500 bail. three children are recovering. they were trapped when fire broke out near the weekend. barry simms has more.
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>> we are blocks away from where that fire happened. the children remained in serious condition at shock trauma. >> at the front door, not much evidence of what happened here. the devastation is seen on the second and third floor. >> it is crazy, we lost everything. >> she and her family worry about her siblings. nicholas died and shawna was rushed to shock trauma. they read outside to get help. >> she said she woke up to the smoke.
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she -- that is how thick the smoke was. >> the other was located in the third floor room. >> when kids are confronted with a crisis such as this, very intense fire and heavy smoke conditions, it scares the life out of them. we do not know what to do. that is our reason why it is important for everyone to develop and, evacuation plan. >> rashaad found a way out but was determined not to leave the others. >> firefighters are not sure where it started. it is difficult to say exactly. a lot of heavy damage from the fire on the second floor. a lot of touring and smoke and damage. >> the local firefighter's union is voicing concerns about the mayor's plan to close or move three fire companies to save
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money. this faces an uncertain future. the fire department claims as it analyzes coverage levels and distance and time lance, it will work to maintain the services citizens expect. the fire department says that it needs -- meets national standards of responding to an emergency within one minute. the first engines arrived within two minutes. >> the hagerstown community is mourning the loss of two seniors -- high-school seniors killed in a car crash. he was driving her home to change after the dance when he lost control of the car and the vehicle struck a tree. that tree has been struck before. it is after a sharp curve near a straightaway that a lot of people are not aware of. >> the front of the vehicle was
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totally destroyed because of the impact. the engine came back into the driver's portion of the vehicle. and it was very severe. >> family and friends say they found out within hours of the crash because some of the had not responded to over 20 text messages. >> political consultant julius hinton said he had no intention of keeping african american voters at home. testifying in his defense he broke down the call line by line. jane miller joined his at the courthouse with what he had to say. >> governor of malley's political people should have been in the courtroom. highery it may have political aspirations. jurors heard where his record may be open to attack. in a lengthy testimony in his efense, julia's hinson --
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julius hinson said the call was written on the fly. >> the call was meant to get people to vote. robocall.ced this he walked jurors through the strategy to get black voters to reject martin o'malley. the so-called mass arrest policy during his term as mayor, disparaging comments he made about pat jessamy and a lac of diversity -- lack of diversity in key positions. this was intended to illegally suppress the black vote, it was charged. the cult suggested the election
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was over before the polls had closed. he made the decision to explode the authority line. he described to jurors the conversation he said he had. >> i said, you need a tag for this call. he said i do not want a tag. >> testifying in his own defense at his trial in december, he disputed the claim to lead off the line. hinson's defense wants to call paul to testify. that may happen tomorrow. >> after last week's focus on the one-year anniversary of the death of osama bin laden, the race for the white house is back to the economy and new polls show mitt romney and barack obama are running neck and neck. we have the update from washington. >> in the battleground state of ohio, mitt romney accused the
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president of steering the u.s. to the left. actually to the east across the atlantic. he is taking america on a path toward europe. europe is not working. it will not work here. europe is in real trouble. >> two days after president obama's kicked off his campaign. new national polls show the race is virtually tied. romney was up by 1% in the survey. obama ahead by two in a similar poll by usa today and gallup. the president is making his case for reelection. in a rare all positive tv ad to run in nine swing state ballot roads -- battleground. >> our auto industry is back. our greatest enemy brought to justice by our greatest hero. instead of losing jobs, we are creating them. >> mitt romney's campaign put up a video slamming the obama record.
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back to your. france, hollande -- francois hollande was elected president. >> this could affect his reelection. >> especially in a race that is so close now in the polls. a race that is sure to be a referendum on our recovery. >> a close call. too close at bwi marshall airport. >> a man managed to get onto a plan with a loaded gun. >> folks are finding out what they think happened. details when we come back. >> kentucky derby winner i'll have another. i will have
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>> we are following a developing story. sources confirmed the cia has foiled a plot by al qaeda at --
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an al qaeda affiliate in yemen. the bomb was armed with the new design similar to the under birnbaum use on christmas day in 2009. a security scare at the airport is under investigation. tsa officials tell us a man tried to bring a loaded 9 millimeter gun with 10 rounds of ammunition onto a flight to tampa, florida. the officer said one of those guns have dodged bullets had been chambered. the suspect carried additional ammo. he was taken into police custody but not identified. no word on why he tried to bring the gun on the plane. no air for operations were affected. baltimore county officials have identified a man struck by a train. he was walking south on the tracks when a passing train reaching speeds up to 100 miles an hour struck him. police say this appears to be a tragic accident.
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>> migraine sufferers will try just about anything to get rid of their headaches or have fewer of them or make them last not as long. one thing you might consider is thinking of food as chemicals. woman's onight's doctor. >> as we go through our day we'd do not always think of the fact that food may have, our body. a migraine sufferer should. they think of food as chemicals. >> different chemicals can precipitate a migraine. many of the food that we ingest can have individual chemical reactions and trigger a migraine headache. >> their certain foods notorious for being triggers. red wine, strong cheeses, chocolate, or peanuts. that is learned by trial and
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error. >> there are people can drink red wine or beer and have no trouble. others could have a set of red wine and the next day have a habit. >> there are also food chemicals that might help with migraines, reducing them in frequency and severity. enriched eggs, things that contain riboflavin and magnesium have been shown in research to have a positive effect. >> other tips, make sure to get a good night's sleep and do not get too hungry. try eating several small mills throughout the day. few men are diagnosed with breast cancer but it does happen and those who are did not survive as long as women with the disease. a new 10-year study finds women lived two years longer than men. tumors in men were larger and
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more advanced at the time of diagnosis and wrote more likely to have spread to other parts of the body. men ignore the symptoms but they are not aware they can also get breast cancer. >> so far, quiet weather. it should be good for baseball. you can see the clean sweep down that way. no serious threat of rain. temperatures around oriole park at 63. we have been running in the upper 60's to the lower 60's. that is typical. a close temperature track for the normal. showers and thunderstorms to the west. you can see the general motion of these over the past three hours. tracking from south to north. and tracking of pennsylvania toward new york. right now, we're ok.
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these storms will have more of an impact tomorrow and wednesday than the well for this evening. that is good nor -- good news for the orioles and arrangers. still high amounts of tree and grass pollen. temperatures are normal. 70 at the inner harbor. 72 in easton, 70 on the coast. it does not get cooler out west. oakland in the upper 60's to around 70. tonight there may be a passing, brief sprinkle or two. we expect mostly cloudy skies and the main threat of the ohio valley mountain storms comes in tomorrow afternoon. mostly cloudy tonight. mild temperatures. lo 50's in the outlying suburbs. 60 downtown. there's a lot of active weather in the middle of the country. a swirl of clouds there and low pressure drifting out ahead. kicking out showers and have
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become a severe thunderstorms. all this will slowly inching its way east and still bring us a decent chance of rain. the deeper into the day we go, the better the chance of showers will reach us. coastal areas may have to wait until tomorrow but it will be cloudy and a threat of rain tomorrow night. showers again on -- in the afternoon. maybe a sprinkle or two. hi temperatures, 70 to 75. rain chance is increasing by 50%. a small craft advisory on the bay. south wyck -- south wind gusting to 25 knots. the rain hits the mountains in the morning. some scattered showers and cool temperatures wednesday. highs on wednesday in the 50's. some cool air comes in behind
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this front. scattered storms mainly tomorrow afternoon. probably late afternoon. a chance for shower on wednesday. on the lower eastern shore including ocean city, a chance for shower or storm in the late evening. some left over a light rain showers on wednesday. a couple of days of unsettled weather. cooler and brief me thursday and friday. temperatures in the 60's. it dries out as we get to the weekend.rt of the o >> prince william maybe taken but prince harry has yet to tie the knot. he is in our area. >> the first time this year, the playboy prince is in the united states in washington, d.c. why he is making the trip now when we come back. >> it is an alarming trend. >> it is an alarming trend. we have more on a
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>> one of the world's most eligible bachelors was in washington, d.c. today. >> i was looking at his picture. he is so cute. he will be receiving an award for his charitable activities on behalf of what it servicemen. -- wounded servicemen. >> his visit will be short as he accepts this humanitarian award on behalf of himself and his brother, prince william. at the british embassy in washington, wrote watching and waiting for prince harry. >> it is exciting. having a presence here. >> i have met the queen and i have met the did. it will be awesome to me the grandson. >> the most -- most spectators only got a glimpse of his motorcade as he arrived. it was the first stop on his
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tour, greeting wounded veterans from the u.s. and u.k. who competed in a paralympic event called warrior games. the causes personal. -- cause is personal. >> the group is honoring the prince at a glitzy hotel for his foundation work with service members. he charmed well-wishers in the caribbean on his first official tour. award another sign he is coming into his own. >> we're seeing prince harry grew up -- grow up. a helicopter pilot, a philanthropist. i think his mother would be proud of him. >> prince harry is expected to give a short speech when he receives the award. he will use it to pay tribute to british and american veterans'
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areas. >> they were torn down to make way for last year's grand prix. >> the city is trying to replace 200 trees downtown. why your footing the bill, at least for now. >> i will have another look in the barn. the barn. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all the weeds -- guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb.
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> i'll have another wins the kentucky derby. >> the kentucky derby winning cold is wasting no time preparing for preakness. you're looking video as i'll have another four runs for the second leg of the triple crown. he is the earliest derby winner to arrive in more than 10 years. >> two weeks ahead of the preakness. the horse that beat the odds by winning for the first time other, -- time. i'll have another. i just started falling -- following i'll have another on twitter. >> that is pretty impressive. it is good stuff. we showed you the video earlier.
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the way this unfolds it is i'll have another left this afternoon and got into bwi and arrived here after 5:00 p.m. this is the earliest arrivals for a derby winner in quite some time at old hilltop. there is a sort of calm hanging over pimlico. folks were preparing for the derby winner to be the horse -- first hors to arrive for the preakness -- first horse to ride for the preakness. >> we're fixing up the area back here, some flowers and mashing so he can have a comfortable stayed. >> officials were excited as typically there is a week of downtime before the horses arrive. everyone has to be on their a- game earlier. >> we used to have a dead week
5:31 pm
between the derby and preakness. now we will get more excitement and other forces will come in from other states. we will be working this week instead of normally, it would be a quiet week. >> his honors have opted to keep him away from the preakness born out of the limelight. taking the same strategy as they did for the kentucky derby. arriving first and early to get a good feel for the track. >> we will have it ready before he gets here. >> the director of stable says his crew is ready putting the finishing touches on the pathways to the bar, making sure there is plenty of hague -- hay and the mulch around the trees is just right. >> we have been ready. there are things we have had to get for the day. everything will be ready. >> no worries. >> nominal. t all.ot a >> 1500 followers this horse
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has right now. i will tell you about the work out he will possibly go through. that story is at 6:00 p.m. >> we have breaking news in west baltimore. we will send it up to capt. roy taylor and skyteam 11. >> bolten and north, a crash involving one of the scooters. the person operating the scooter was injured. they will transport that individual to a local hospital. investigating and detouring traffic around the scene. >> this is a look at our other top stories. orioles magic in the air tonight. the only thing more exciting epiclast night's 17-inning marathon is the fact that the
5:33 pm
orioles are in first place, having the best record in baseball. also a big boost in ticket sales and merchandise sales. we will cfo's can keep up their winning ways at 7:05 p.m. tonight. three children in serious condition after being trapped at a house fire. it happened in west baltimore during early sunday morning. fire crews responded to the scene around 2:30 a.m. to find the kids trapped in a closet and conscious but somewhat responsive. no word on what sparked the the flames. >> selling a string of arsons that have been plaguing the area since mid-april. investigators say surveillance video from the fire on may 3 helped them track down richard mohica. he has been setting fires in the cardboard trailer and trash
5:34 pm
piles. estimating in $400,000 worth of property loss. this year's aims is aimed at preventing teenage fire setters. >> there is no shortage of videos showing team playing with fire or homemade bombs. the howard county fire marshal's office says it is an alarming trend. >> 50% is -- of set fires are driven not related. they are setting small fires, grass, leaves, dumpsters. de escalade and they tend to set more fires or the fires tend to get out of hand. >> he says commonly, the teens use household products to make
5:35 pm
homemade bombs or spree aerosols' and use a lighter in what is called blowtorching. >> they can set things on fire or themselves. there were two boys that were blowtorching and burned the house to the ground as a result. >> and howard county is one of the areas that have a program. they get referrals from concerned parents or the criminal justice system. >> we talk about the incident and how it was wrong and how it has ramifications, how they could have been injured or others. how they are responsible for their actions at their age. and the legal ramifications as well. >> he hopes through awareness week to connect to get recognized to -- adults to recognize warning signs. before something bad happens. >> our goal is to get the care giver to identify the child's behavior. and get them into our program to educate them. >> for information on how to
5:36 pm
contact the program, you can visit our website, >> a rockville, md. man has a emotional plea for president obama. >> why he says his life is in the president's hands. a list of demands to avoid being killed. killed. que [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. [ sneezes ]
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>> the city is starting to replace 200 trees and cut down last year in a controversy decision to make way for the baltimore grand prix. it looks like taxpayers are footing the bill. the project was supposed to be done months ago but when the development failed to pay the city, things started to fall behind. officials said they are hopeful the organizers of this year's race will reimburse the city for the cost. pleading to is
5:40 pm
have al qaeda members released. he said he will be killed unless president, at -- obama meets demands. the video is less than three minutes long and was released on several islamist websites. >> i would like to talk to president obama and ask him, beg him that he please accept responses. if you accept [inaudible] if you do not accept demands, i will die. >> he was working for consulting firm based in virginia. this new video is the first evidence he is still alive. he has several health issues including heart problems. >> if you have not had to fill
5:41 pm
up your tank today, prices look better. >> what could drive prices back up tonight. comeback as the buzz of baltimore. >> showers and thunderstorms on hd doppler. we will track them and see when they arrive. cloudy skies and mild temperatures, 68 at the airport, 70 downtown. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ >> good afternoon. coming up at 6:00 p.m., three
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children are recovering after being trapped inside a burning home over the weekend. how they managed to survive. stay focused. that is what is expected from the state house speaker as legislators prepare for a special session to rework the budget. it is all about i'll have another. ore coverage of the winner's
5:44 pm
>> you're looking at where hundreds of local design students will be heading to class next fall. construction under way for the permanent site of the baltimore designed school. it will focus on architecture, fashion, and graphic arts. it opened in 2010 and has 125 students. the location used to be a
5:45 pm
clothing factory and is undergoing a major transformation. a $125 million renovation including an outdoor fashion show space as well as clothing and sewing machines kept from when the building was a clothing factory. >> the orioles are back in town holding the best record in baseball. 19-9. they're taking on the texas rangers with a record close to ours, 18 and 10. looking forward to the gain. last night was amazing. >> absolutely. and historic as the orioles went 17 innings in boston. chris davis had to finish at getting the wind on the mound. the o's are coming to the start of this ninth game homestand against the texas rangers. 19 and 9. you have to go back to this date, 200525 they had better start to a season back then. there were 29. rec they could equal with a win
5:46 pm
tonight. the manager knows his history. in 2005, they fell apart after . a great star does not always lead to a great story. he is not satisfied with how they began the season. >> we have a grip on reality, where we have been. we played 28 or something like that. it is six of the season. this is the tour group. you get your nose bloodied a lot. you get a feel for the reality of this competition and how quickly things in a sport that you play every day. i am a proud of the way they have handled some of the attention they're gone. >> as you can imagine, a 17-
5:47 pm
inning game has deflated them. for a slightly more scientific go to toms tasselmyer. >> you will be ok. it looks like you're in the right direction. that is a good scenario there. we have cloudy skies. it is pretty comfortable as far as temperatures go. not hot and steamy and not too cold. 69 under cloudy skies. it does not look like that will change as we get through the early evening hours. you can see drive whether -- dry weather. no immediate threat to our area. happen, itng does to le will be a passing sprinkle. here is the forecast for the
5:48 pm
toes and the rangers. but for skies to be mainly cloudy -- look for skies to be mainly cloudy. in the upper 60's, that is where we will be in the next hour or two. as the game wears on, getting past 10:00 p.m. tonight. 63 under cloudy skies and that southeast breeze will continue. pretty good baseball weather. their highs are normal. 71 degrees, the normal high for may 7. 96 in 1930 and an almost freezing 33 in may of 1970. we had a trace of precipitation, a few sprinkles moved through the measuring station at b w i marshall. oakland clicked over from 70 to 68. the computer models to generate a sprinkle or two.
5:49 pm
just past midnight. other than that, cloudy overnight and temperatures will not call that much. combine a southeast breeze with an overcast sky, the lows will stay in the 50's to around 60. this front that came in did not get a chance to push far south. that is why we had the clouds around. a kind of grind our view of the -- ruined our view of the supermoon. the back end of this front will get here tomorrow night. cloudy and 70's for the highs. later in the day we go, the better chance for rain to arrive. small craft advisory on the bay for gossip to 25 knots and a 3 foot shot. thunderstorms are likely in the mountains tomorrow. some scattered and cool rain showers with highs in the 50's. a later arrival for rain. not until late afternoon. some before tomorrow and off and
5:50 pm
on showers on wednesday. at the coast, the rain may not get there until evening. a 30% chance. showers.d on rain tuesday and wednesday, more clouds and sun and a 50-50 shot of getting rain. a sprinkle on thursday. breezy and cool weather and on friday and cool weather on saturday and around showers on sunday and monday. >> if you still have not booked that summer vacation, be prepared for sky-high air fare. high gasoline prices are driving up the cost of this year's summer vacation. airlines are intentionally cutting back on capacity and flying fewer planes. that makes fewer seats available. there is another factor. airline mergers. leading to less competition on some routes. airfares are up on average 6% to 10% from last year.
5:51 pm
for now, gas prices are down which means you might want to fill up your tank right now. gas prices continue to slide, hovering at $3.60 a gallon for regular unleaded at most stations in the baltimore area. that is down from the peak when we were paying $3.94 4 gallon of regular. prices could shoot back up again this summer depending on whether a major refinery in the philadelphia area is sold or left idle. another industry that we will be keeping an eye on is winery's. increasing slightly this summer. it will cost more to ship their goods to and from businesses. honor sale large component of the cost of the juice is transportation. consumers do not think about those other factors. >> you run out of one component, you come to a stop. we have to be aware of, do we have bottles or corks?
5:52 pm
>> the advice from experts, if you find something you like at the right price, you might want to consider stocking up as your own hedge against price increases. the dog could recall that began last week as -- has infected more than one dozen people with salmonella. diamond pet food has been sold to customers in different states including maryland. it is connected to are rare strain of salmonella and 14 people have fallen ill. five of them hospitalized. the plant was shut down in april. you probably are wondering how people can get sick from that. it turns out you can get salmonella from handling infected dog food and not washing your hands before eating or eating their own food. >> you know house stressful finals can be. students are relieving their stress with the help of some adorable furry friends. it is the first-ever prop deepak -- puppy picnic.
5:53 pm
bringing rescue dogs to the campus to raise awareness and helping relieve student stress during a luncheon. they chowed down on hot dogs and burgers and snacks. it was a lot of fun. this year's special session is supposed to be focused on the budget but it turns out there is a lot of unfinished business that some lawmakers want to tackle. details on that at 6. >> congratulations on -- to the triplets and their parents. >> a triple threat from howard county gets a special shout out at their college graduation. their plans for local business, straight ahead.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
>> there is a different kind of triple crown to tell you about. more like triple gown. they started to gather and finished together. their next move, making big business dreams and reality. we have their story. >> it has been for years since the hancock triplets toward the campus and decided this is where they wanted to earn their degrees. and now, they can officially
5:57 pm
call themselves graduates. >> congratulations to the triplets and our special thanks to their parents. >> like all college students, they had to adjust to college life and there was that one mentor who kept them on track and always striving for more. >> he has kind of been a powerhouse throughout the four years here. he has always been there. we had classes with him almost every semester we have been there. >> it matched perfect with our university and supporting our university during graduation. >> proud of their university and their accomplishments, it was difficult to get them to talk about the past four years because their mind is on the future. >> next is graduate school here. we will be here in august for graduate school, getting our mba. we're excited. >> our goal is to start an auto
5:58 pm
business as we venture off and get our masters degrees. >> they have a family business plan that has been in the works since high school. following in dad's footsteps in making his auto business even bigger. >> i learned the business a little more and create our own family business. >> there is no stopping these three. they have their mind on the auto industry and making their mother and father very proud. >> the triplett graduated with brick -- degrees in automotive marketing and management. their business is americar auto solutions in bel-air. >> three children were rescued from a burning home. the latest in the investigation into what caused that fire. >> a special session on the
5:59 pm
budget starts next week. why some men -- lawmakers feel cheated and what they plan to do about it. another arrives . >> good evening. our big story, i'll have another is in baltimore. he is the first to arrive ahead of the previous period -- others. i'll have another was met with a warm welcome. >> it certainly was. a lot of excitement out here. i'll have another arrived out here at 5:15 p.m. after leaving kentucky at 130 this afternoon and arriving


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