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tv   Today  NBC  May 8, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning. it's the 8th day of may, 2012. we've got an enthusiastic crowd sticking around with us here in rockefeller mrs. today, despite a forecast, i don't know about that forecast, because -- >> it's coming for you. >> the rain is expected? all right ann curry here alongside al roker, the aforementioned and savannah guthrie. matt had to leave a little bit early this morning on assignment. but we want to also tell you that coming up this morning on your diet s.o.s. we're going to be getting you answers to your diet and nutrition questions including this morning one that a lot of people are struggling with and that is yo-yo dieting. how to avoid gaining all of that weight that you lost.
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plus the truth about lactose intolerance. did you know that you could actually develop it in mid-life. >> oh. >> there you are. >> and jill martin is here. she's got her "steals & deals" with a mother's day theme. she's got everything from flowers and cookies, diamond and pearl necklaces. all at up to 80% off exclusively for our "today" show viewers. don't eat the cookies. >> they're a little cheaper if they've already been eaten. >> preeaten cookies. >> they're going to catch up with the latest "american idol" contestant who got the boot. we're going to talk to 18-year-old skylar. >> first let's say hello to gymnast shawn johnson. she's joining us now. she won four medals at the last olympics in beijing. a gold on the balance beam and three silvers. now she's hoping to make the u.s. olympic team from london. shawn, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you guys. >> you were just 16 years old in beijing. does that feel like a lifetime ago? or does that feel like yesterday? >> it feels like yesterday. to feel like or to think that it's already been four years. the next olympics are in a
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couple months. i can't believe it. i feel like i was just there on the beam and finishing and i don't know. people still think i'm 16, too. >> it's okay to be forever thought of as 16. >> you've had an exciting few years since beijing. you won your season of "dancing with the stars." i know you had a skiing accident. how hard has it been to get back into olympic fighting shape? >> it's been incredibly hard. overcoming the injuries was the hardest thing i think i've ever had to go through right now. but then i retour a second time. six months later, starting over, coming off of a two-year break, it was a very humbling experience. but nothing makes me feel better than knowing i've made it back. >> u.s. olympic trials, gymnastics trials coming up the end of june. san jose. how is the training going? >> training is going good. trying to take it one day at a time. there's a lot of hurdles that i have to overcome alone the way, but just taking it slow and trying to inch my way there.
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>> beam is still your event? >> beam is still my event. >> is gold within reach in london? >> i'm not trying to set any expectations or goals. but that's what we work for, of course. >> that's what we're cheering you for. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> hope you don't strain your neck looking up at savannah. >> i'm probably too tall. >> no you're not. >> we want to go inside -- >> no, no, no. >> -- let's go inside to natalie morales. >> all right. thank you guys very much. in the news this morning the fbi is analyzing an upgraded underwear bomb seized as part of a foiled al qaeda plot to bring down a passenger jet bound for the u.s. officials say a cia operation in yemen uncovered the plan about a month ago and followed it closely before shutting it down. intelligence officials say the bomb had no metal parts to get past security screening. they say it was likely made by the same al qaeda expert who designed the failed 2009 underwear bomb along with
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devices hidden inside printer cartridges two years ago. author maurice sendak who wrote and illustrated the children's classic "where the wild things are" has died. sendak took generations of children on a wild ruckus along with max, a little boy sent to his room without supper. maurice sendak was 83 everys old. a new ally for gop presidential hopeful mitt romney in the race for the white house. one-time rival rick santorum is now giving his endorsement to romney. in an e-mail overnight santorum asked his supporters to join in the fight to keep president obama from winning a second term. former john edwards speech writer wendy button takes the stand today at edwards' corruption trial. he supportedly told button that he knew nearly $1 million from wealthy donors was used to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. edwards now claims he did not know about the money. and legal proceedings are now under way in the deadly boating accident that killed two tourists on a sight seeing duck
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boat in philadelphia back in 2010. a 250 foot barge drove right over the small tourist boat, sinking it. the operators of both ships want a judge to rule that they're not responsible. the victims' families are arguing that they should be held accountable for the loss of their young loved ones. the producer of finely textured beef commonly known as pink slime is closing processing plants in three states this month, in the wake of the backlash against the ammonia treated product. beef products inc. says the criticism against the filler is unfounded as it meets federal food safety standards and has been in use for years. supermodel linda evangelista settled her child support case monday with french billionaire francois-henri pinault. the amount was not disclosed but evangelista had estimated the cost of caring for their 5-year-old son at $46,000 a month. pinault is currently married to actress salma hayek. and the event known as the oscars of the east coast lit up
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the metropolitan museum of art in new york city last night. fashion stars and a-list celebrities did their best to impress on the red carpet at the met's costume institute gala. beyonce was one of the evening's most stunning head turners in her givenchy couture gown which was oh, so revealing. let's go back outside to al for a check of your weather. >> i came upstairs. but that's okay, natalie. all right, let's see what we've got for you for today. we're talking about wet weather moving in to the northeast slowly but surely, step by step. we've got a risk of some showers and thunderstorms, generally talking from pennsylvania into new england anywhere from one to two inches of rain. then as we move down to the south, texas going to get a good soaking. they need it. it has been oh, so dry there. looking at rain fall amounts there anywhere from three to five inches of rain, especially >> good morni.del rio, texas. we're watching a system, the mountains that will increase the
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chance of rain for baltimore. a better chance for showers thi it's time now for "joy's diet s.o.s." answers to your diet dilemmas. "today" nutritionist and the author of "the joy fit club" joy bauer is here to discuss everything from how to keep the weight off once you've lost it to the truth about lactose intolerance. >> the truth! >> there's a lot of falsehoods out there about lactose intolerance. >> that's right. >> let's get started. our first question, carol in troy, michigan, joining us live via skype. good morning, joy. what's -- i mean, carol, and what's your question? >> hi, joy. my biggest problem, i've been
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trying to lose weight for 20 years. i can't seem to keep it off. i've got almost four grand kids now and i want to be healthier, and i don't have any health issues, but i don't want to wait until i have them to lose weight. i can't seem to keep it off, and the constant failures keep me from wanting to try again. what can i do to get motivated and serious again? >> a lot of people have this problem. >> it's great that you have your grandkids as the ultimate motivat motivator. there's a few things you could do. the first is probably going to sound crazy coming from a nutritionist. but i think that you should actually plan for one splurge food each week. so maybe it's a great, deck can't meal at a restaurant or dessert with your grandkids when you're baby-sitting. because i think looking forward to that it's probably very helpful to keep you on track the remainder of the week. another thing that you could do as you're losing weight is to pick out a few flattering, slimming, fabulous clothes that you love the way that you look in. try them on a few times each week right in front of the
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mirror. there is nothing more powerful than that visual reinforcement. and i also love the idea of constantly having some sort of fitness event upcoming on your calendar. so you can do a 5k every other month, or a 10k and just walk it and maybe look for each of them with one grandkid. it's a win-win. you have quality bonding time and you're keeping yourself on track. those three things together can really make the difference. >> okay. i'll give it a try. >> good luck, carol. >> way to go. >> thanks so much. let's now about to christine. she's coming in on the phonefrom columbus, ohio. good morning, christine. >> good morning. hi, joy. i travel a lot internationally for work and many of the hotels i stay in don't have access to a fitness center and due to an old injury i can't run or do power walking, so i need some tips to help me stay in shape when i'm traveling. >> al and i can both really relate to the traveling and the
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working out. i think the easiest thing you can do is pick up an exercise dvd that doesn't require a lot of heavy equipment or a lot of space. this way you're traveling with your laptop, you could pop it right into the laptop, position it on the desk in the hotel room and you could do it whenever you travel. another great thing to do is invest in one session with a personal trainer. and ask them to design for you on all-over body workout that gets your cardiovascular system going that doesn't require heavy weights or a lot of space, and the bands are very easy to travel with. >> those resistance bands. >> and they're great. and they go right in your suit case. you could do that when you travel, as well. and don't discount walking, even a casual walk if it's eight a great touristy spot or recreational place, it plays double duty. because you get to see the sights and you work out. >> all right, christine, thank you so much. last one, viewer e-mail, this from steve in seabrook, texas i'm a 41-year-old mail. i don't think i've ever had any digestion problems until lately.
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seem to have symptoms normally associated with lactose intolerance. >> it's interesting because a lot of people can develop a lactose intolerance as we age. because, as we age our body produces less of the enzyme lactaid. which helps to digest and break down lactose and milk products. so the easiest thing to do is personally, investigate. lay off of all things that have milk. milk, ice cream, yogurt, soft cheeses, the hard cheeses are generally okay, because very, very low in lactose like cheddar and swiss. and if his symptoms resolve, he does, indeed, now have a lactose intolerance. >> all right, joy, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, we've got "steals & deals," savings of up to 80% on some great items from jewelry to flowers. and later, we've got some easy fictions for your home that you can do yourself. [ yoshioka ] a quick fix isn't going to solve the problem... sensitivity is a chronic condition. if you have worn away that outer layer of the tooth it opens up small little channels, that's what transmits that pain signal... and it requires on-going protection.
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back now with another edition of "jill's steals & deals." this morning we have another group of great items at deeply discounted prices exclusively for you, our "today" viewers. and some may be perfect for mother's day. jill martin is here to walk us through the offers. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> you poor thing, you lost your voice because you were at the met gala last night. >> right. i was covering the met gala. this isn't my sexy voice. >> it is kind of sexy. i'm not trying. this is my dorky, i lost my voice voice. >> it's working. >> maybe i'll get a date out of this segment. >> there you go. i'm sure you've got many takers. first is this tanning system. great option for that summer glow. you don't have to worry about being in a tanning bed or coming out looking like a new jersey tan mom. >> you don't want to look like the tan mom. this is actually natural and
9:16 am
healthy. this is the lume iness spray tanning. you can go light, medium and dark tan. lasts up to 14 days and it takes less than 30 minutes. this is really easy to use. and great in the summer. because you don't want to go out on the beach looking light and pale. you want to go out fresh and glowy. so this retails $1993.95. the deal $68.50. that's 65% off. >> that's like an airbrush system. >> exactly. and really easy to use. >> okay. i believe you. next, the gorgeous organic cotton scarves from ya living and they're hand dyed. i guess they have five different color options. >> right. $89, as you said, hand dyed. soft organic scarf. this is great for the summer if you're a scarf person. carried at boutiques like planet blue. celeb fans include uma thurman. retail $89.
9:17 am
the deal $25.99. >> always great to travel to have something to throw over your shoulders. >> and a great gift. >> speaking of gifts here's a great one for moms. this one will get to you in time for mother's day. three options from 1-800-flowers. all of them make for great last-minute gifts. you have a cookie option. your usual flower options, as well. >> so fast. this is fabulous. the retail $46.99 to $119.99. now there's three options. and the deals will range from $19.99 to $51.99. and that's up to 58% off. let's go through the first one which i have along. cheryl's mother's day cookies. this is $36 total and comes in this box. you see all the different cookies and those lady bugs and butterflies. these are beautiful and delicious. so this is $46.99. now it's $19.99. >> that's good. >> that's for those. then the red hot momma bouquet which i love that. the retail $61.99. these are $25.99.
9:18 am
24 red roses. and it comes with this beautiful red vase. so that's a great deal. and they're shipped overnight. one of their best-sellers. so 24 red roses. >> be sure to call in now. okay and over here. >> this is so beautiful. look at this box. this is the fashionista mom bouquet. and it comes with the votives and the chocolates. so look at this. comes in this box and then it comes with the chocolates. >> and the little slipper. >> $119.9. for $51.99. up to 58% off. make sure you click on the right one because there are three options. >> now over here, for jewelry lovers we have the black diamond and pearl necklaces from omerta. and they spell your zodiac in morse code if you could figure out morse code. >> you know it says it. the retail is $295. this is so pretty i've been wearing this and i think -- it's a combination of black diamonds and white pearls. spell different words or phrases in morals code.
9:19 am
we're offering all 12 zodiac signs. one to two full carats of genuine diamonds and pearls. >> i'm trying to read yours. >> air res. all of them made in the usa. comes with a quick guide. retails $295. the deal $59. that's 80% off. >> that's great. >> this is really a beautiful gift. you just have to find out the sign and then they'll figure out the code for you. >> that's really delicate. you can layer that up and you always do that so well. very nice. last but not least this semiprecious home collection. comes with hand soaps, kansasals, a room diffuser. >> how beautiful is this? this is good to stock up if you're constantly going to people's homes, a housewarming gift, so pretty. the retail, $118.04. the set includes hand soaps, soy wrapped candles, 50 hours of burn time, and then the diffuser bottle. all made in the u.s., the retail $118. the deal, $35.40. that's 70% off. this is a beautiful set comes in this beautiful box.
9:20 am
and i made it the whole way. >> you did. your voice held out. good for you, girl. you get some rest. jill martin thanks as always again. to review, the tanning system, the scarfing, the three options from 1-800-flowers to necklaces from omerta and the semiprecious home collection set. remember to head to our website to get the exclusive coupon codes for all of these products and to submit any questions you have about "steals & deals." and coming up, two of the hottest chefs around curtis stone and cat cora will give us a sneak peek at their newest cooking competition around the world in 80 plates. ♪ [thor] who dare cross the avengers? [iron man] it's loki! [captain america] wait! i forgot my shield. i think my mom has it. [mom] i'm over here. [captain america kid] come on, guys. hey, mom. we're looking for loki. [mom] did you look over there?
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♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia. we want to take a minute now to say hello to skylar lane the latest contestant to be eliminated from "american idol." good morning to you. the competition is so tough in these final days so you've got to be proud of what you accomplished. >> i'm very proud and i think my family's proud, and country music hopefully i made proud. i'm just really excited to hopefully start a career. you know. it's really fun looking down the road. >> a female -- i'm sorry. a feel male hasn't won american idle since jordin sparks in
9:24 am
2007. you've got two remaining females, jessica and holly. you think they've got a shot? >> definitely. all four of them are amazing. and i really could not pinpoint one person that's going to win. i don't know. it's seriously crazy. i can't -- i don't want to think about it. >> good thing you don't have to. following your elimination you told reporters that you were a little disappointed by jennifer lopez's lack of, i guess, a farewell to you? >> no. i wasn't disappointed. she just kind of -- she hugged me and said bye baby. probably because i'm going to be back in just a week and a half or something. i don't think it has anything personal or anything. probably had somewhere to go. she probably did. you know, she's really -- she's business is. she's a busy person. they're all busy. if you saw all the security guards in there, there would be 24/7 and everything. >> you're going to be busy we
9:25 am
know it. skylar, good luck. the winner and runner-up from "american idol" will perform may 31st.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> so far the weather has been quiet. that will change once we get into the late afternoon and evening hours. rain will catch up to us in western maryland. chance for showers and maybe a thunderstorm late in the day. high temperature of 74 degrees. cooler and dry on thursday and frid
9:29 am
9:30 am
rockabye -- >> that's just about enough. >> that's matt and the rest of us, flying through the air. not so much with the greatest of ease. >> ow. >> we look like bad marionettes. recently took our shot at performance art here inion town manhattan. think cirque du soliel meets slip and slide. that's just the first chapter in our adventure. later in the week we'll bring rowing with the princeton rowing team as "today" takes on, which starts tomorrow on "today." wow. >> nobody got hurt. >> well, not -- except for us. >> some areas hurt more than others. >> anyway. >> ow. >> we need a soothing balm. >> well, we will look forward to
9:31 am
that. and all the stories behind it too. coming up, do it yourself. who needs a boyfriend or a handy man? that sounds a little personal. we'll tell you how to fix everything from scratches on your food floors to clogged drains. >> anything you want to talk about? >> all by yourself. you don't have to make sure you have the right tools or a man in the house to do it. >> okay. >> enough about my life. moving on. just kidding. >> she is kidding. in "today's kitchen," superstars curtis stone and cat cora are teaming up to host a new show on bravo called around the world in 80 plates. they're going to show us a few of their dishes. >> a mackdown. >> it is. >> and time for another meeting of al's book club for kids. a good reminder to keep the reading going as we approach summer. today our kids get to talk to the authors of peter and the star catchers. a prequel to peter pan and now a broadway show. >> cool. >> nine tony nominations. i just bought tickets.
9:32 am
anyway. >> the weather al. >> i know i'm so excited to see it. you've got a check of the weather for us. >> let's see what we've got for today. we are looking at rain moving into the northeast, mid-atlantic states, a few clouds in the pacific northwest. slight risk of strong storms down through southern texas. then for tomorrow, we're looking at that rain moving out up into new england, with a heavier amount, slight risk of strong storms from the delmarva peninsula down to the panhandle of florida. look for showers alone the southern texas coastline, and more rain moves into the pacific northwest. >> good morning. we will start out with dry conditions. the chance for rain increases as we move through the day.
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> you should have seen what happens during those little breaks. anyway, who needs a handyman? >> exactly. >> for problems around the house, you can do this all by yourself. you know what, this looks just like the tree house i built with my dad. (girl) really? yeah. there you go. okay, i'm gonna work on the roof. dad, i'll be right back! (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. you made that for me? well you're making this for me. (announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif. i'm here with carol, flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change. and then there's you...
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tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. dove challenged women to go the day without looking at themselves in the mirror after styling with new dove style plus care in the morning. we covered every reflection they could look in. ♪ style is long lasting when hair is nourished. ♪ that's why new dove style plus care with nutri-style complex nourishes and conditions so your style can go the distance. new dove style plus care. better style through better care. ♪ all by myself >> i guess we have a theme here
9:37 am
this morning on "today's home." why call for help when you can fix it all by yourself? jason cameron is the host of "man caves and desperate landscapes" on the diy network and he's here with a few quick tips and tricks for us loners who don't have a man around the house to help us fix things. >> you don't need one. >> no! we have a pink pool kit. >> we do have a pink cool kit. i thought that was kind of funny when i first walked up here. but hey to each their own. i think everybody needs a kit. and the great thing about a kit is you're going to save more money because it's more economical to buy a kit than piecemeal and then you have a place to put them. >> you can always supplement if you get really handy. >> exactly. everything you need is here to tackle all those jobs. and it comes in pink. >> pretty cute. >> our first test here you say if you've got wood floors and they get scratched up there's a simple way to fix. >> who knew walnuts, right? but it's one of those things, people with hardwood floors and it's a constant battle with scratches. take one of those. >> we're going to scratch up the
9:38 am
floors. >> not real deep just a little bit of a scratch. this is pretty common. you've got to find one with a sharp edge and take a walnut and start ribbing that into the scratch. >> okay. >> what's going to happen is the walnut's going to disintegrate and you start to get some of the oils from the walnut. it's the oils that camouflage this. so what you do is you rub that in. >> oh, yeah. >> now if you take this microrag we've already done it and just wipe this up. >> okay. >> so right here. >> oh, i see. but i didn't get my walnut over there. >> that's already dried. what you do is you let it dry and then come back and do that. it doesn't get rid of the scratch but it camouflages the scratch. >> and hit it with some pledge? >> hit it with a little pledge. >> and then you've got some snacks for after. you worked up an appetite. >> this is what do you call this? the pea pipe problem? >> if you kneel down here i'll show you. obviously we need a bucket to do this.
9:39 am
this is one of those things a lot of women might not want to tackle because they're unfamiliar. this is a "p" trap. you loosen this by hand. >> if something gets stuck down there? >> this serves two purposes. number one you need it by code but number two what it does -- are you missing anything by the way? >> oh! how lovely. >> there you go. >> an earring. >> yeah, some earrings. it wasn't a ring. i was getting real excited. >> that's the reason. if something gets caught you have a way to get it. >> now this is crazy. if a bulb shatters what do you recommend? >> put these on, safety glasses because we are working with glass. this is one of those things where we have the double menu thing going. we have potatoes. i'm going to put some gloves on, because i'm dealing with glass and we're going to use a potato to take this out. because you don't want to channel it -- >> you shattered this bulb when you were trying to take it out. >> take this off and use some needle nose players and you get rid of that. you want to get rid of this stuff. and you take the potato, and
9:40 am
just put it right on here. >> and it just picking up the shards? >> yeah. >> oh, that's clever. >> whatever shard is on there. >> would other vegetables work? >> actually, a tennis ball will work. and this one, of course, is giving me trouble. >> okay. >> but the idea is the shards get in there and you can lift them out? >> exactly, the shards get in. this one, and then you can actually take that out. >> you can prevent that by putting vaseline on it. >> you put a little on the threads, put it in, it'll never have that problem. >> and if you want to clean your vacuum which is no fun at all. >> obviously you got to vacuum your vacuum. it's all about maintenance. emptying the bin is really important. cheaping this clean. taking parts out like this part of the suction system. you put it in some soapy water. the main thing is working on this, though. it's important that maybe once a month, or every few weeks, this
9:41 am
just slide out. this particular one this model slides out and you take the skis ors. >> that's a good idea. >> and just cut off the threads. and while you're doing that, check the belt and make sure the belt is okay. really simple maintenance. >> if you never use your vacuum it doesn't get that dirty. just a thought. >> depends on how much you use it. >> thank you so much. great tips. and coming up next we've got al's book club. .
9:42 am
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♪ i'll never forget the day i read a book ♪ ♪ it was contagious 70 pages ♪ ♪ there were pictures here and there ♪
9:45 am
♪ so it wasn't hard to bear the day i read a book ♪ ♪ it's a shame i don't recall the name of the book ♪ >> my mike is not working. okay. do you hear me? you hear me now. get out of here. okay. thank you very much. get out of here, brian. okay. we're celebrating the children's book week with peter and the star catchers. it's the fast-paced prequel to the beloved children's classic peter pan. it zwruss readers to an adventure on the high seas. we meet a boy named peter, his new friend molly and evil black stash for the first time. the authors of "peter and the star catcher," and we want to welcome back our al's book club kids kids, jeff townsend, sydney robes, and joining us live special guests jordan from louisiana. and good morning to everybody. >> good morning. >> hi, al. >> first of all let me start with some sad news. maurice sendak, celebrated children's author, of course, "where the wild things are" died at the age of 83.
9:46 am
your thoughts? >> brilliant guy. not just a children's author but my favorite thing that he ever said was that of all the things he'd done, writing for children was the most fun for him. because they are the most intense critics. >> which we found, too. they're just the most fun to write for. >> is it really? the most, in a sense, satisfying? >> they like a story and they are deadly honest. >> well, they -- >> they'll let you know in a hurry. our book club kids actually got a real treat. they got to -- they got to go to the broadway show based on your book. nominated for nine tony awards. they got a special backstage tour from celia bolger who plays molly. so have you guys seen the show and do you like it? >> we auditioned for tinkerbell. it's phenomenal. we were on an adventure story for kids and they turned it into -- rick ellis is genius. >> made a hilarious broadway show out of it. >> terrific. let's find out what our kids --
9:47 am
first of all did you guys like the play? >> it was really unique. >> jack, what's your thought? >> it's great to meet both of you. i thought the idea of star stuff coming from foreign stars was neat. how do you compare the power of star stuff to pixie dust? >> we were looking for a way to sort of explain something you can't really explain which is the magic of peter pan. we come up with the idea of balls from the sky that has this power to change people. which would be sort of like the pixie dust that dan berry talks about. >> wow, that's pretty neat. now we've got sydney, what's your question? >> hi, good morning. the choice of the main characters, peter pan and black staff more commonly known as captain hook are very well known and loved by many people. how, if at all, did this influence your writing of the book or make it more challenging? >> we sort of stayed away from
9:48 am
trying to pretend we were following in berry's footsteps and just wanted to create really fun characters. there was some stuff already laid out for us. >> that's nice. samara, you've got a great question. >> good morning. many people decide to write books on their own. what made you decide that working in a pair would work better. >> hmm? >> well, we play in a rock band together called the rock bottom remanders. >> it's terrible. >> we play hard listening music. that's how we met. we became friends, and really his daughter had the idea for this book. >> she asked me one day how peter pan met captain hook? i was playing one of these shows a week later and sang with dave and i mentioned it and his eyes met wide. and we thought with his crazy humor and my crazy suspense maybe we could make a fun book to the. >> a great idea. and now let's go to louisiana, we've got jordan joining us via skype. what's your question? >> hi.
9:49 am
my question was, why did you make mr. quinn a huge crocodile? >> we wanted to explain that the crocodile in j.m. berry's peter pan he ticks and tocks and we thought it would be fun if we had a gigantic crocodile on our island that gets changed by the star dust. >> and he's able to float and flop. >> all right. you guys must have had a good time in that band. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> that's right. let's find out how our kids rated this book on a scale of one to five stars. peter and the star catchers. whoa! yes. five stars. thank you. very nice. dave, riddy, kids, thank you so much. if you have a child between the ages of 9 and 12 would like a chance to be on our "today's" kids. our next book, "when you reach me" by rebecca stead. that's going to be our next book.
9:50 am
guys, thank you so much. gentlemen, thank you all. >> thanks for having us here. >> coming up next, famed chefs curtis stone and cat cora take on the world in the kitchen.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," ethnic needs as easy as 1-2-3. celebrity chefs cat cora and curtis stone are the host of bravo's newest cooking competition "around the world in 80 plates." twelve contestants travel around the world in 40 days to put their culinary skills to the challenge hoping to win $150,000. cat cora, curtis stone, great to have you guys here. >> good morning. >> this sounds like just a fun show. tell me how it works. >> well, i mean, literally we take 12 contestants from the u.s., and we drop them in -- >> wherever. >> wherever they are and they start off, and cook their way out of these countries. >> like amazing race, survivor,
9:53 am
top chef, all in one? >> they end up on this culinary race across the city that they're in. they have to learn as much as they can about the local cuisine, then they take over a local restaurant and have to cook for the locals. you can imagine how tough that is. >> and the judges and you, too. >> that's right. cat and i go along for the ride and taste all this incredible food. you know, sort of point them in the right direction. but the locals end up making the final decision on which is better and the chefs have to self-eliminate. >> i imagine you guys have to sample a lot of great cuisine. let's start with one of your favorites thai chicken. >> what i have. this is from i one of my favorite countries, thailand. that was the country that spoke to me the most. i really, really love this thai chicken. it's so light, so healthy. we had a lot of fun in thailand. way too much fun. we can't talk about that right now. so this is a little rice vinegar i have in here. a little sesame oil goes in. a little bit of peanut sauce in here.
9:54 am
very simple. very easy. and then stir that in. a little bit of olive oil goes in for the vinaigrette. cabbage, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots. you've got to have a little scallion in that. a little bit of sesame seed, black sesame seed for color. i used to use the black sesame seed as a little bit of differentness to it. a little bit of crunch, too. >> exactly. >> and then you can just pour in your vinaigrette. right here. you can even saute it, that's totally fine. >> or grilling. >> or grilling. >> you can even get a rotisserie chicken 23 you're strapped for time, pull it off the bone. >> leftover chicken. >> curtis is going to slice some chicken up there. >> helping you out. >> and you can even toss it in or put it right on top. i'm going to put it right on the plate there. definitely -- >> there you go. >> kids love it. >> great. >> easy. >> let's move on. curtis is going to dress this up when we move back here.
9:55 am
>> we kick off the show tomorrow night in london. i lived in london for eight years and i had some of the best fish and chips in the world. some sugar, pour in a little bit of flour. >> you get your beer. >> any beer or dark beer? >> i use a dark beer just to give it a bit more body. but you can use something lighter if you like. >> this is like your show. we have like 30 seconds. fast, fast, fast. >> that goes in to your flour and then into here and you pull this out and just drop it in. >> right in. >> right in with the chips. and you get this delicious -- let that rise for just a bit. you mush the peas. >> mash the peas. >> who's going to win this competition? curtis stone or cat cora? >> the series premiere is tomorrow night on bravo, 10:00,
9:56 am
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