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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 10, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> president barack obama changes course declaring his support for same-sex marriage. that is our big story. good afternoon, everyone. president obama's mou has --
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move has started a debate about this controversial shift. >> president obama is the first sitting president to openly support same-sex marriage, a controversial move that may impact the elections. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> that announcement wednesday during an interview with abc news. the endorsement is a reversal for president obama, who in the past, supported civil unions but said marriage was between a man and woman. >> i have been going through any dilution on this issue. i have always been adamant that gay and lesbian americans be treated fairly and equally. >> the change of heart is good news to gay-rights advocates but it is not clear how it will play out with other voters. half of americans support same- sex marriage while 40%, including the presumptive gop
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nominee do not. >> i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender and i do not prefer civil unions, if they are are identical to marriage is bought by name. >> this could heard obama in southern states, including north carolina, who just passed a ban on same-sex marriage. >> obviously, with that in mind, you do not want to be on the wrong side of a high-profile issue like this. >> the white house says the shift will have no impact on current policies and that marriage is an issue best decided by the states. >> the president's new position on gay marriage comes as marylanders continue to sort out their own feelings on the issue. opponents of the recently passed same-sex marriage bill gathered signatures for a possible referendum.
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>> marylanders are person that think for themselves and react on their own, not because of somebody saying something, no matter how unpopular they might be. >> ultimately, the voters always have their prerogative and have to make their decision. in our state, whenever given an opportunity to move forward. >> the opposition has gathered 30,000 signatures, which is half the amount needed for a referendum. >> yesterday and today, night and day. yesterday, 2/3 an inch of rain. today, it is just sunshine outside. the rain pulling away from us. then we have these little poke about clouds coming to us --
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polka dot clouds coming to us from pennsylvania. today will be a little bit breezy. this should hold together over the weekend. getting out of the weekend will be different. we will talk about that. >> a massive marijuana bust in howard county. police arrested manoj unni after discovering 170 pounds of marijuana inside his home. we were told he had sophisticated growing equipment, including high-intensity lights, dehumidifier, and air filters. he was released on $25,000 bond. meanwhile, city prosecutors dropped half of the charges brought on four people following a video that was posted online. officials dropped 13 of 24 charges against the suspects. each are still charged with first-degree assault in the st. patrick's day attacks were a tourist was beaten, stripped,
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and rob on camera. deliberations are under way in the robocalls trial of julius hansen. he is accused of trying to suppress the african-american vote in the 2010 gubernatorial elections by issuing a rule book called saying that the democrats had already won before a winner was declared. he says he is being punished for running against the grain of maryland politics. >> if you want to be in a club, i do not want to be in a club. i just want to help people get elected. >> he ain't -- blamed his top aide for the call. he has been convicted of conspiracy and fraud. the man convicted of shooting and killing an off-duty state trooper will spend the rest of his life behind bars without parole plus 25 years. cyril cornelius williams was sentenced for the june shooting of trooper wesley brown.
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brown was working at a part time -- as a part-time security officer at an apple these -- applebee's. a pedestrian is struck and killed in baltimore last night. it happened in southwest baltimore. the victim was found at the scene and responsive. no word on who was at fault for the accident. public safety comes to the forefront of the bay between city council members and the city's fire chief. the budget proposal includes the closures of three fire companies for good. the fire chief says that this is a -- simply a reallocation of sources that will increase stability in the department and would not have an negative impact on response times, but some city council members disagree. >> we have to identify where in the city we can cover the best, identify a company and taken out
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of the system and quick rotating closures. >> it is not that much money. we cut the taxes. we can pay to protect the houses that we just lowered the taxes for. >> closures are slated to go into effect july 1. an act of forgiveness from a church rocked by violence towards the man responsible for the deaths of two of its workers. not only has the episcopal diocese offer forgiveness for the man who shot a priest and another member, it has also offered burial services. he was a victim of poverty and societal attitudes toward gun ownership and modeled their offer after the amish community who gave the man that fatally shot five schoolgirls back in 2006. coming up, a man on the run. we will tell you about the newest addition to the fbi's most wanted list. and occupy chicago has a new plan in place, and it concerns
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the upcoming nato meeting. dr. kim hammond from falls road animal hospital is here to answer your pet questions.
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>> and accused kidnapper charged
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with murder has made it to the fbi's most wanted list. authorities continue to look for adam mayes who killed a mother and her daughter. he may have altered his appearance and that of the two girls who they believe are still with him. occupy chicago will announce its plan of action today for the upcoming nato meeting in the city. the coalition of groups will join together against nato for the week. today's press conference will offer a preview of protests. one participant says nato policies trickle down to her people in every community in chicago. a private funeral will be held today for nfl star junior seau. today's service will be for family and friends only. he was found dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. he is best known for leading the san diego chargers to the super bowl in 1994. a public memorial is planned for
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friday night. still to come, we will be speaking with how we mandel after this season -- howie mandel after this season of "america's got talent." >> sunshine before the next dorms come in. sunshine and blue skies out there right now. winds gusting near 30.
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>> check out that radar/satellite combination.
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the departing storm is now over new england, even pulling away from there. a few scattered clouds. the air is unstable over pennsylvania. colder air coming over the great lakes generating a few clouds. cooler here on the ground, too. a few of these cuts may generate a sprinkle this afternoon. not likely, but possible. other than that, it is a really nice day, but it is breezy out there. let's take a look at the pollen count. pollen getting blown around today after the rain yesterday. today may be a little aggravated with all this wind blowing things around. temperatures, you can see two shades of green, one blue-cream.
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upper 50's in the darker shade. then they get to the emerald color, around 50, even in the 40's. oakland was down to 41 this morning. definitely some chillier air coming in. satellite image showing these spotty clouds and some green in pennsylvania. that is where the clouds are generating enough instability to produce a few showers. northwest air coming in behind this low pressure system. the change in the rising pressure centered around chicago is helping to intensify these wins just a little bit. that will continue throughout the day today. tomorrow and saturday, the high pressure center line will be over the mid-atlantic region. that will make for some nice,
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dry conditions. the next storm system is way out to the west. we had two or three good days before the next system comes in. you can see the chilly air coming out of canada. that is the invasion of that's not the cooler air. eventually, warming up again once the high pressure moves to the east. partly cloudy today. 69 for a high. northwest wind at 15-20 miles per hour. small craft advisory on the day. when gust at 25 on the bay. the orioles did not make it to the game yesterday, so we have a doubleheader today. that should end around 10:00. temperatures will then start dropping into the 50's. high pressure overhead for a few days. the next weather system coming
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in does not look too strong but we will start to get some clouds on sunday. 67 today, and dry tomorrow. 75 on saturday. on sunday, some clouds moved in her late in the day but a higher chance on monday for some rain. >> the biggest talent show on earth, "america's got talent" returns next week. howie mandel is with us from burbank, california with a preview. >> how are you? >> so great to have you back. what is your reaction to the howard stern reaction -- announcement? >> wow. it is great. the fact that howard is joining our show is such a lift for what is already the no. 1 show. it will put us in the stratosphere. he is honest, compassionate,
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people will see a side of him that they will not expect. he is surprising. between sharon osborn, myself, and him, we have a mutual respect for each other. over 100 years in the industry combined. not only are we honest, we are constructive and we have something to offer the contestants. speaking of contestants, every year, people keep surprising us and raising the bar. going above and beyond what has happened in the past. it is more insane, electric, crazy. the beauty of this show is it is not just dance or music. it is everything, every age. we have everything from incredibly talented children to contortionists, people throwing themselves out of cannons, great music, bands. it is the last bastion of variety television. >> it is clear why the viewers coming back, but why did you
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decide to come back for another season? >> well, i absolutely love it. i would be watching if i was not judging. the reason i came back for another season is because nobody asked me to leave. i will even stay on this interview until you say goodbye. i have a tendency to stay. within minutes, i have a feeling you are going to leave me. >> i think we have to. >> but you realize, i will still be here. that is not true. you are not the boss. are you leaving now? >> i have to go, but we will talk later. >> there we go. have it your way. > "america's got talent" returns on monday night. coming up next, your maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. and another check on the forecast. forecast. first, a look atat when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. think bond. gold bond. ♪ this stuff works >> dr. kim hammond is here with levi to answer your pet questions. how are you? >> fantastic. levi is a pekingese and a cocker
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spaniel. we found this interesting, if you are looking for a new dog. this dog was found by a young lady on craigslist. >> what a find. >> a new way to look for doggies. >> how about some questions. >> first of all, you can start the name now. there are a lot of different ways to train dogs. get a good book or find a training please close to you and follow that particular way. there are so many different ways. dioxins are fun to train. amy dawson, those are tiny. it is so hard for them. you have to -- there is a way to house train them.
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if you call 539-3904, you can call him and i would do it that way. >> here is another question from john. >> i would be very concerned, too. that is not an easy diagnosis. i would go to your veterinarian. make sure there are no liver problems. barring -- if you find a normal exam, in town there is a great visionary neurologist in catonsville. but i would not delay. >> that sounds pretty scary. >> thank you, dr. kim hammond. if you have a pet question -- and now, your maryland lottery
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midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> good afternoon, maryland. let's get your pick 3 numbers. 3. 3. 5. your pick 3 numbers for today our three five -- are 3, 3, 5. let's get your pick 4 numbers. 1. 0. 6. 9. pick 4 -- 1, 0, 6, 9.
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>> one last check on the forecast. >> just a couple of scattered clouds. in the 60's today, back in the 70's friday and saturday. by sunday evening, we may pick up the chance for some rain. that will be the more marginal day because of clouds moving in. 76 is the high. for the most part, mother's day looks like it will be okay. monday, another system moves in. >> on my -- unlike howie mandel, we are leaving. >> be sure to tune in at 5:00.
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