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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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-- conspiring to keep african-american voters,. the state's witness showed that as a result of the robocall, and motivated people to go out and vote. >> bob ehrlich campaign to be a political consultant. he scribbled day robocall message on a mcdonald's napkin. cols one out to voters in baltimore city and prince george's county implying the race was over even though the polls were still open. he maintains he did not run the show, he was an adviser. >> i told them to correct -- i told them the correct thing to do. they refuse to do it. >> the jury said because he knew better, he should have done the right thing anyway. >> you have to follow the election laws. he must follow them to the letter. >> prosecutors declare they are
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pleased by the verdict. >> we thought it was the right thing to bring the case. >> coming up, what he believes he deserves a retrial. >> an investigation is under way into what sparked the house fire late this morning. we were over the scene just after 10:30 along the 900 block of chester en route. police had to climb up on the roof -- chester road. police had to climb up on the roof of the building. it took them about 45 minutes to get everything under control. >> baltimore county police are looking for two suspects in connection with two kidnapping and robbing -- robberies. the suspects reportedly forced
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him to go to a nearby atm. in another case three months ago, the suspects reportedly used to handgun. police said they only have a description of the suspects. a warning tonight for president of southwest baltimore. in a pair of men are posing as plain clothes police officers. an elderly man says two men posing as officers convinced him to let them in to look for cash. police are now looking for to african-american suspects. -- two african-american suspects. every police officer carries a badge to identify themselves. >> some anne arundel county parents are putting a lot of pressure on local politicians to building new elementary school. they told us they are not planning on backing down.
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our education reporter joins us from the news room. >> the concern is coming from parents at the edgewood elementary school. the building is old and unhealthy. parents say it needs to be torn down. parents took their protest to the public, they're hoping to force the hand of the county council. they have the last word on what to do with edge water elementary. >> we are here to let the county council know that we deserve to be put in the 2013 budget. >> the school is almost 60 years old and showing its age. it is making students and staff sick. experts tend to agree. what is the holdup? >> it seems like nothing is being done. the political agenda is not amenable to anybody's suggestions. it needs a lot of improvements.
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>> of the are 60 years old. >> our kids deserve a new school of. we will keep doing this until they do. >> school officials have been patching up the elementary. their hands are tied as to how much money they get from the county to deal with a backlog of schools in need of repair. >> the answer is not to skip them around each other, but to fund the schools ahead of them. >> parents say they will keep up their protest until something is done. that will continue on monday. the county council -- that will continue on monday at the county council meeting. >> mitt romney in president obama to debris focused on the economy. they had both been drawn into a
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high-profile fight on same-sex marriage. we have tonight 2012 update. >> in north carolina, mitt romney tried to change the subject back to jobs. >> we are on the verge of a manufacturing resurgence in this country. jobs will come back with the right policies. >> north carolinian is voted tuesday to ban same-sex marriage. president obama backed it on wednesday. >> same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> mitt romney allegedly bullied a boy thought to be gay. he claimed he does not remember. >> i did some stupid things when i was in high school. if i hurt anyone by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it. >> barack obama cashed in on backing demerits. at an event hosted by george colony -- george clooney, the
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president was applauded when he bragged he made news. his campaign took in $15 million. today the president went to nevada, he took credit for a program that is saving the keller family $240 a month. demanded republicans agree to expand it. >> i'm calling on congress to give every responsible homeowner the chance to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing a mortgage refinancing their mortgages. >> back to dollars and since issues. more voters trust mitt romney then president obama to handle the economy. >> it turned out to be a pretty
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nice friday. it was a little chilly this morning. a nice breeze coming out of the northwest, 14 miles per i were. 26% relative humidity at the airport. it will turn chilly again tonight, low 40's. it will warm up nicely heading towards mother's day. >> with the orioles will be flying high playing really well, a handful of fans are taking things too extreme. orioles officials are stepping of their security measures and hopes of stopping these types of situations. >> as you know, in our business, we deal with similar situations. when folks tend to jump around in the back of our live shot and
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look like fools. from time to time, someone will run down -- run into the field like an idiot, and management is now saying, enough is enough. everybody loves a clown. last year, situations like this, fans running on the field, probably more entertaining than the game itself given the orioles record at the time. >> he puts it in the air to left-center field. goodbye. >> cut to this year, the orioles are winning, and fans are still daring enough to run onto the field. as was the case on opening day when mark harvey donned a cape and batman and underwear. >> it may seem like a harmless stunt, but it is a security risk. >> the director of ballpark operations is not amused. >> the players are working. this is their work place.
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anybody that would be a disruption is not welcome. >> in response to the on field fiascoes this year, the orioles have hired a private security company to assist police. if someone does run onto the field, they will be able to surround the person and police can catch them. >> we will not go into great detail if and when somebody decides to go on to the field. we will do our best to minimize their time on the field. give a very prompt response. " once a fan is caught, the orioles have now taken a stance with the state's attorney's office that violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> it is a crime. it is a disruption. it is a security risk. some of the steps we are taking a bit less in line with what is the industry standard.
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>> of running out onto the field will cost you. usually, folks are charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. a maximum of almost a year in jail and $2,000 in fines. >> remember way back when it? mike curtis? remember the fan ran onto the field and the cam out? >> i thought -- and took him out? but i thought the umpire did a wonderful job. >> it is hard to imagine one image generating so much reaction. >> when they can walk and talk, they concluded the refrigerator. that is just gross. >> the mom behind the latest "time" magazine cover. >> it serves up a great italian cuisine for 30 years. details, just ahead.
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>> a 78-year-old retired police officer fights back and wins the case against a mortgage broker.
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>> it was known as one of the best and most elegant restaurants in baltimore. but it has sat empty for nearly three years. it is opening up again under a new name. the property will not be open in a few weeks as the museum. the brass elephant serve doug italian fare. it was put on the auction block back in 2010. it will be primarily a seafood and brunch establishment, the night the night -- but not the nightclub that was originally planned. the mother who appeared on the cover of "time" magazine breast- feeding her son is speaking out about the controversy. she appeared on the today show this morning to defend the cover. some say the photo goes too far, she says it hopes -- she hopes it shows people that breast-
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feeding is biologically normal. >> my relationship with my husband is very important to me. it is my children a strong bond, too. >> her son is now self leaning and she is hoping this will be the last year she breast feeds him. >> no comment. the country is now one step closer to the first new prescription weight-loss drug in a decade. advisers to the fda recommended approval. the pill has been shown to lead to the loss of 8% of a person's body weight when combined with exercise and a healthy diet. they are not required to follow the advice of the advisory panel. a final decision is expected by the end of june. a new app for electronic medical records is helping doctors cut back on ct scans.
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it balks doctors to a series of questions to determine if the scan is necessary. it keeps track of how many a patient has had. tim -- despite years of warning about the hazards, about one- third of women are using indoor tanning equipment. a new study is the first major federal assessment of indoor tanning use in march and a decade. caucasian women ages 18 to 21 have the highest rate of indoor tanning with 32% said they have done it once in the last 12 months. 30% of women ages 22 to 25 said they also use indoor tanning devices. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast --
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>> it turned out to be a beautiful day today. we started off in the 40's and ended up in the 70's this afternoon. the average high is 73, and we made it up to 72. nothing going on in the eastern half of the country, a big area of high pressure control the weather. things may change a little bit by sending night. a couple storm systems we are watching, one at stalled across the southern plains. a week of -- a weaker part of it across the northern plains. there is really not a whole lot to talk about. skies are clear with the high pressure are around. the closer we get to sunset, but clouds will be dissipating. the three things you need for good cooling at night, clear skies, c.e.o. m. winds, and dry
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air. we should get all of us tonight -- calm at winds, and dry air. we should get all of us tonight. 26% humidity. the winds are still kicking up a little bit. those should settle down once we get past sunset. most places away from the city and the water will drop into the 40's overnight tonight. there will be a few spots in the upper 30's, near the pennsylvania line. mostly clear, chilly, temperatures will drop back between 39 and 48. during the day tomorrow, an outstanding start to the weekend. and bought of sunshine, a beautiful day. -- a lot of sunshine, a beautiful day. it will feel like summer in the afternoon. it will be a wonderful day to
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take the boat out. let's take a look at futurecast, sunday, this is another state. 7:00 in the morning, you start to notice some of the clouds. by the time we get into the late afternoon hours on sunday, this computer model is producing some precipitation of to our west. maybe in the evening, there will be a light rain shower. most of the day will be just fine. our forecast for sunday, a mix of sun and clouds. maybe a rain shower in the evening. sunday night, there could be some rain. the high temperature, upper 70's to around 80 degrees. the whole weekend is going to be great. monday, tuesday, and wednesday, it gets a little bit unsettled. the best chance for rain will be on tuesday.
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it gets a little cooler as well. high temperatures dropping into the upper 60's. >> more people could face charges in connection with the kidnapping of a tennessee mom and three daughters. >> this after a manhunt to find a person at the center of the investigation. it took a dramatic twist when he took his own life. >> a grand jury says it has enough evidence in the 1991 disappearance. >> we are seeing something we have not seen in a long time, fans waiting to buy orioles tickets. it has been an exciting season so far.
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>> a jury has indicted a man accused in the 1991 murder of his wife. robert jarrett was indicted this week. he is facing a first-degree murder charge and is being held without bail at the howard county detention center.
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he reported his wife christine jarrett missing, that she had walked away from their home after an argument. the fbi and others are still sorting through the bizarre kidnapping and murder case that unfolded in tennessee and mississippi over the last few weeks. >> this ended last night when the fugitive kidnapper-killer took his own life. his last victims were rescued. >> authorities in mississippi state adam mayes may have had help hiding from lawmen the last two weeks. he kidnapped a tennessee mother and daughters. >> i can assure you if there is probable cause to believe that anyone assisted in this crime whatsoever, this team will make an arrest. >> following a nationwide
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manhunt, he killed himself thursday after being cornered by police behind this church near his home in alpine, mississippi. >> we ordered him to drop the weapon numerous times. he never pressed the gone towards any of us or the children. -- brandished a gun at towards any of us or the children. and then he took his own life. before his suicide, he was already charged with killing the mother and older sister and burying their bodies near his time. his wife also faces charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping, although her mother says theresa was forced to take part. >> i know that she was coerced and manipulated and forced to do the things that she did. >> authorities do not know what motivated mayes to do this to a family he once considered close.
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>> we also learned that his mother has been charged with two counts of kidnapping for her role in the crime. >> a nine-year-old girl found hanged in front of her home in alabama. >> police are calling it a homicide. >> a 78-year-old retired police officer is losing his song. -- losing his home. a jury has awarded him hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> the orioles and rays share first place.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. 11 news at 5 continues now. >> a four-year battle is over. a jury sided with a police officer who killed -- who sued and annapolis mortgage broker. >> the case involved to mortgage loans that he received within a six-month period. we have the details. >> the jury rejected the mortgage brokers claims and decided the owner of this house never should have received those two lines. >> i cannot even explain it.
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>> a realty sign beckons interested buyers. this retired police officer is having to leave the place where he has lived for nearly 50 years. it is in foreclosure. he went in court -- he went to court. >> i was kind of nervous. >> his lawyer says he was seeking security in retirement and was enticed into taking out one loan in october and then another 15 months later. >> this is about a licensed maryland mortgage broker arranged to loans that the jury in anne arundel county found to be unfair and deceptive. they were not appropriate, not suitable for his circumstances. >> his client could afford the original mortgage, but agreed to 2 payment options. >> he now has a mortgage of
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$460,000. >> a reverse mortgage would have been better, but it was never offered. a jury agreed that the broker violated verlaine's consumer protection -- md.'s consumer protection laws. >> we contacted the mortgage broker at the company where he now works. he told us that on the advice of his attorney, he declined to comment. >> we want to people -- we want people to trust, but verify. >> robinson does not think that the appeal -- the case will be reversed on appeal. we are reporting from annapolis. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. political consultant julius henson says he is elated with the jury decision in the election day robocall trial.
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he did violate an election law. he has been released pending sentencing. some anne arundel county parents are putting pressure on local politicians to build them and you elementary school. they are not backing down. the concern is coming from parents at edgewater elementary school. they said the building is old and unhealthy. parents will continue their protest on monday at the county council meeting. orioles officials are stepping up security measures for the rest of the season in hopes of stopping a rowdy fans from running onto the field. situations like on opening day have ball park operators worried about security. the team has now hired a private security company to assist police.
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>> the orioles are about to -- are taking on the tampa bay rays. two teams, identical records. >> both 20 and 12. we are a third of the way through may and these are the teams that share first place in the american league east. it will be a perfect night for baseball. it is a reunion. look scott come up for years he spent with the birds, and now with -- luke scott, four years he spent with the birds. now he is playing with the rays. he always spoke his mind. that was fine. as far as the orioles getting a chance, matt has an idea for his
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staff. >> it will be fun, to sit the least. he was a great teammate when he was here. we know what he can do. >> i talked with this got a couple of minutes ago and i asked him if there was anybody that he looks forward to facing. he said, i did faced jim johnson a couple of times and spring training. i hope we get a chance to see that tonight. coming up at 6:00, a conversation with a very special person here. ed reed playing center field. we will take a look at that video. >> idec he was pretty good. -- idec he was pretty good. >> -- i bet he was pretty good.
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>> a new trend in primate care could have been communicating em with your ipad. >> there is a hero often overlooked. when we come back.
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>> it was a somber day in baltimore county as the police department remembered eight officers who died in a line of duty. some were killed responding to robberies, others were shot in the line of duty. a major part of today's services was dedicated to the family members of the fallen. >> it was you who gave a smile and whispered a silent prayer that you would see them return in the evening. some evening stretch into an endless night, and sometimes the
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morning never comes. >> the memorial was part of the national police week. it was begun back in 1962 by president john f. kennedy. dozens of law enforcement officials are honoring fallen colleagues by biking to the nation's capital. this was the scene around noon today. the police unity to our making its way through baltimore and on to d.c.. it began in 1997. it has grown every year. it is the first year the tour is making its way through howard county. the tour has raised more than $1.3 million for the national law enforcement officers memorial fund. >> the judge in the john edwards case has refused to drop charges against the former democratic presidential candidate.
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the prosecutors had failed to prove that edwards intentionally violated campaign finance laws. the judge ruled the government has provided enough evidence and they will lead the jury decide. the trial resumes monday with the defense presenting its case. >> of the story out of alabama, investigators said a nine-year- old girl was found hanging from a tree at her home. authorities are calling it a homicide and arrested her 14- year-old half-brother. police say she was found last night by her foster mother after she never returned home from her bicycle ride. the boy apparently admitted to killing his half-sister late last night. >> one for a high school has an interesting problem. 25 valedictorians who while at perfect dba is, so who gives the graduation speech? s, so gives the
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graduation speech? the students will each write a speech and submitted to a committee. -- submitted to a committee. >> all the kids in this program want to be the best they can be. that is what these 25 kids have been striving for. >> the school has so many candidates because of the way it measures grades. it is drawing a lot of criticism. the district uses gpas instead of actual american scores upper- class. >> that is a problem in lot of schools would like to have. >> there is a new trend and identity theft that you need to know about. >> the odds go up astronomical because the rest of your identity is now public.
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>> more than 2 million people have their identities stolen after they die. >> talk about not wasting any time, these are the actual cleats that davis was taking when he took the mound against the boston red sox. this is part of the history that you will find in the sports legend museum. >> we have some beautiful weather on tap going into mother's day weekend. here is a look outside. that is a great shot of downtown. the weather is next. att'
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>> a verdict in the robocall
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trial. a rally of angry anne arundel county parents. they are upset about the poor conditions of an elementary school. the city hadst -- adds extra
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> a section of the washington national cathedral now includes a rosa parks memorial. the new carving was installed last night with the ceremony filled with songs and some of her family members. it is located in the part of the episcopal cathedral devoted to human rights. the cathedral chose parks
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because of her struggle to bring equality to all people. >> the season is still young, but the orioles are making some history. memorabilia from this season is now displayed at the sports legends museum downtown. >> the baltimore orioles are on a roll and it shows as fans wait for the ticket office to open friday morning. >> i am pretty excited, they are doing well. >> he is convinced that the orioles are doing well because for the first time ever, he ignored them during spring training. >> all of a sudden, there are doing great. i really think it is because i did not pay attention to them. >> the team is making history. something you can relive at the sports legends museum. stop by the new frank robinson exhibit. inning 9 is dedicated to the new
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team. it is when he became the first position player in history to record eight pitching -- a pitching in. >> we work with the orioles to try to get artifacts. >> chris davis want to give us his cleats. >> you can see lineup cards from that game. this middle school band group from florida was at thursday's game when the orioles history was made again as the first three batters hit home runs. >> it was really exciting. the crowd was really into it. >> are these historic events a good omen for the season? maybe it has to do with another artifact. babe's bat.
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>> davis was one of the handful of players that is a did the museum early in the season. >> we have the players pass it around. maybe there was a little something to that as well. >> whatever works, go o's. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> it turned out to be a beautiful day today. it was a little chilly this morning. temperature started off in the 40's. 72, the official high at the airport. inner harbor hit 75. records for the day, 94, 1976. 32 back in 1966. we have -- this is the latest day that we have ever had measurable snowfall in baltimore. may 11, 1951. it can happen.
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pollen count this afternoon, if you are sneezing, that is because everything went up from yesterday. if you are having little trouble this afternoon, that is why. high pressure control the weather on the east coast. not a whole lot to talk about. shower and a thunderstorm activities in the southern plains. heavy rain around dallas. those two systems will visit us during the beginning of next week. in the short term, not a whole lot will change. some fair weather clouds out there, but those will dissipate. the wins will diminish as well, and the air is dry. that is always a good combination to get the temperatures to drop off quickly. 72 at the airport, a relative humidity is only 26%. 71 in columbia. does about everybody will settle
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back into the 40's early to -- just about everybody will settle back into the 40's early tomorrow morning. beautiful day coming up tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. we will make it up to 78 in the afternoon. that is about as nice as it gets. mother's day, the clouds will thicken up a little bit on sunday. during the day, it will be fine, but there will be a chance of rain tomorrow night greensand a night. -- sunday night. >> we have some breaking news. >> [no audio]
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>> obviously, a verdict in the jenna for hudson family murder case. -- jennifer had sent family murder case. more on that coming up at 6:00. we begin tonight with some major news from jpmorgan chase. the company says it has lost $2 billion in trading over the past six weeks. jamie dimon called the strategy flawed and said the company would fix it and move on. he spoke to analysts and investors during a conference call yesterday after the stock market closed. the trading portfolio proved more volatile than expected. jpmorgan chase shares plunged 7% after the closing bell. that dragged other financial shares lower as well. people are showing way too much -- sharing way too much information online. 90% of american adults said people are sharing too much information about themselves. half of them feel overwhelmed by
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the amount of information shared. it turns out the odds of being hit by eight-the thieves after you pass away go up astronomically. your social security and the rest of your identity is now public. this is an on-line database made up of the social security numbers of those who've died. >> first thing they can do is pick up in newspaper and see who has passed away. they can go to the library and look up their social security number. >> to avoid being the victim, and make sure you let social security and credit-card companies know when a loved one has died. do not put personal information in the obituary.
5:52 pm
there is an iphone app for looking of social security numbers for people who have passed away. >> we would like to elaborate on that breaking news in the murder trial of jennifer hudson's family members. a chicago jury has convicted her brother in law. the jury convicted him on three counts of first-degree murder after three days of deliberations. he faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. these days, it seems like everybody wants an ipad. two have been communicating with their care giver to sign language. now they are a little bit more high-tech.
5:53 pm
they can use their fingers to draw on the ipad, even asked for food. the goal is to build their vocabulary. >> where are the coconuts? they look over the different pictures. the public could ask them questions. show me where your buckets are and they could show on the screen. >> double island has been using it with aids for it -- jungle island has been using them with the apes for the last year. the maryland suit is debuting its latest additions. four warthog piglets and two zebras. they are ready for their closeups. havely, were todd's only three piglets at a time. -- wharthogs only have three
5:54 pm
piglets at a time. just in time for mother's day, the state is honoring dozens of women you go above and be all the call of duty -- and beyond the call of duty. we will have the details and a special shot at coming up new at 6:00. >> he is the man in charge of the preakness. that story is coming out.
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>> the preakness is their super bowl. there is one man in charge of making sure that everything is a go. >> this is your event. this is you pulling it all together. our success rests on you. >> he is the man in charge. he is the president and ceo for the maryland jockey club. pimlico race track is his baby. with that, comes the preakness. >> i am only as good as the staff to have. you of maintenance crews, attract cruise, marketing people, all of those people are key -- track crews, all those people are key.
5:58 pm
in 2009, my picture was on the post office as the guy who ruined the preakness. the core we are today. -- look where we are today. it is a better audience. >> one of his jobs is to keep the horse trainers and owners happy while they are here at pimlico. bobbitt walking, we ran into -- while we were walking, we ran into the trainer of the kentucky derby winner. >> we had a great morning this morning. >> he was nice enough to let us take a look at his winning horse. >> he is so reserved. he lays down a lot. on the track, he is very energetic. he gives 110%.
5:59 pm
>> preakness is the tracks big moment. >> the facility is a faded, as you know, and we are limited on certain things. i want to make it as positive as possible. >> with just eight days, he is hoping this will be the biggest and best preakness' ever. hope next saturday is just as beautiful. that is all for us at 5:00. >> a jury finds julius henson guilty of one of four counts in the notorious robocall case. >> a protest for a new school. my parents say it is way overdue. >> washington, the top of the campaign trail shifts back to the economy. you'll hear from the president and mitt romney.


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