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tv   Today  NBC  May 12, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's try day friday. it's may 11th. just a couple of days away from mother's day. >> speaking of mother's day -- >> one of the cutest ones around is right here with us. >> my mom is here. standing at the news desk. she's got on the green. hey, mom, show your -- bobbie wants you to show your fingernails. hold them up.
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>> very, very special. >> hold them um, mom. they're two-tone. orange and red together. >> who is hipper than your mother? >> nobody! >> nobody. my m's not with us today. she's got a lot going on at home so i want to send my mom some mother's day wishes out there. >> we love your mom. >> i love it when the two of them are together. >> we love joanie. let's talk about what moms really want for mother's day. here are some things that you definitely should not do. >> this is a survey from >> what moms actually don't want. they don't want a picnic because they end up getting all the stuff, trying to get everyone out the door, trying to figure out how to organize -- >> and they get to clean up afterward, too. same reason they don't want a party at home. don't give her a party at home because you know you're not going to do the work. she's going to. >> do not give your mother a wake-up call from the kids. let her sleep. >> yeah. but it's also kind of sweet when they come in, happy mother's day, mom.
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their little cards and stuff. i don't know. at the beginning you might be mildly disturbed, then it is just so sweet. they are excited. they do not want expensive "experimental" gifts. the least desired gift -- like wine tastings. flying lessons and cooking lessons. i guess the cooking lessons you could take as a knock. like, ma, you need some cooking lessons. >> we once got our mom a yogurt maker. that was one of those useless gifts that you never use. >> you love yogurt, you're egyptian. >> what? here's what moms do want. they want something thoughtful like a day at the spa. >> they do. they want a little r&r. a massage, a facial, a place to get two-tone nails done. >> nice manicure. >> but i think breakfast in bed is a lovely, lovely idea but just ask her if she -- what time she might like it. >> exactly. >> if you want to go on a trip, this is a good time of year to
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do that, the top five destinations in the world from the most desirable destinations are san francisco's number five, paris -- >> my hometown. i'm not talking paris, texas. i'm talking paris, france. >> rome, italy. number three. >> number two is new york. >> yes. that's our spot. the number one destination in the country is london. >> well, it sure is going to be this summer when the olympics hit. in the continental u.s., it's honolulu, number five. would have thought that's higher up. las vegas is four. number three is chicago. two is san francisco. and new york, number one. >> so because when you went on your vacation -- or on your -- it was really that trip to the holy land. >> yes! that was no vacation. it was life changing but it was -- yeah. >> one of the issues, there were no bathrooms because you were in very remote places. >> can you imagine how rude that
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is not to put potties for people up there? where very few people have ever been in life? you plan for it. you try to take care of whatever you can take care of. but there are times when you can't. >> quilted northern did a survey. let's pretend you are out of the house, you're in the car and you need to go badly. what do you do? >> i'll tell you. 70% hold it until they get home. which is just -- >> how does this even make sense? a fourth of women have just pulled over and used nature as a toilet. they went outside. but if you had 70 -- what was the other one -- 14? i hate -- one-fourth. 25 -- the thing never adds up! wait. but then there's 8% stopped at a stranger's home. >> the stranger could be a serial killer. i think you better take your chance with a bush than
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somebody -- >> i went in someone's house once. i tell you why i did. >> i love it when hoda just tells us something. >> i was running -- i was running one of those -- >> marathon type things? >> thanks. i was dying. i had to go. we were in a neighborhood. i just banged on someone's door. i had the number on so i didn't look crazy. >> did they go, hoda woman! >> i said,ky use your restroom for just two seconds? i ran in, sweaty, stinky, used their bathroom, went out. >> did you send them a thank you note? >> how could i remember? i was passing out. i don't remember where it was. >> perhaps you should have done that. >> that is an awful feeling though. >> it is the worst. let me ask you a technical question. >> oh, no. >> did you plan ahead and go before you started the little race? >> yes. but you drink a lot when you're running and then -- you know. there's nothing you can do. but here's the funny thing is. if you happen to make it to a public restroom, a lot of women have trouble with those, too. for a lot of reasons. number one, some people don't like other people to hear them going to the bathroom. so they make noise, they crinkle
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paper, don't know what they're doing -- have you ever heard like someone's taking off the roll of toilet paper forever? like what is going on in there. just relax. some people don't like the feeling -- >> i know. some things should be private in life. i'll never forget -- one of hugh hefner's girlfriends -- i forget her name. obviously very gorgeous. one of the few brunettes he'd ever lived with for a long, long time -- huh? >> barbie benton. >> yes, barbie benton. >> of course you know, anthony. >> anthony would know that. barbie benton once told me -- this cracked me up -- that hugh hefner was very embarrassed of anybody hear him go to the bathroom. i said hugh hefner has orgies. what is he worried about next door going a little pee pee? i just thought that was funny. >> public rest rooms have gotten so weird now because, you know how you don't touch anything. i still go in the bathrooms with all the automated stuff. before you even sit down it flushes because it thinks you're leaving. do you know all that stuff?
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sometimes you get up and you're done and you're waiting for it so you don't want to walk out and someone thinks you didn't flush. you have to wave your arms around it and dance in front of it, anything to make it go. because it doesn't know you're leaving. >> having been in israel -- you see this a lot in the middle east and also in europe -- i think it is so much smarter. they have toilets that you press one for if you need just a little bit of water to flush, and another one -- you imagine how much water we save -- maybe you're drunk and you've thrown up. just thinking about certain people that have a situation like that. who shall remain nameless. >> not you. >> you know what i'm saying? why waste water. you don't often need that huge flush. >> i agree. we'll make everyone feel not very smart. we apologize. 1 in 3 americans would fail the naturalization civics test. this is a survey from xavier university. of all the questions, only
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one-third could answer five or less questions. >> these are people who were here already -- >> live here. >> were citizens. >> what's the judicial branch of government. more than 75% didn't know what it is. here's what it is. in the judicial branch explains and applies laws and is in charge of the court system. >> which includes -- >> courts. next. >> okay. what is an amendment? over 50% could not define an amendment which is a change made to the written constitution pending motion or bill. now i get the pending motion or bill. but it's a change in what exists. okay. >> exactly. who's the speaker of the house? 50% of the people did not know that it was john boehner. >> they also mispronounce his name a lot, too. >> what do you mean? they do not. >> i've heard it. >> they do? >> yes. >> that is horrible. that is the first i've heard of that.
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>> 97% of immigrants applying for citizenship pass. which is one of my favorite stories when "z" has been my driver for 28 years or something. he's from china. he's the most hard working wonderful, wonderful guy. one day i asked him, our schedules are crazy, i said on wednesday can we eat something? he goes -- i won't use his accent apparently when you use a chinese accent you offend people. i love accents! he said i'm sorry i can't do it on wednesday. i said that's fine but you've never said do you mind if i ask why. he goes wednesday get citizenship. and i started to cry. i started to cry. i was so proud of him. so happy for him. another study says on a first date -- >> this is -- people whether know should you kiss or not on the first date. 85% say it is okay to give a peck on the cheek. >> i would think that would be 100% in today's world. a peck on the cheek is nothing. >> then half say it is all right to make out. half of what?
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we say 85% said it is okay to give a peck. then half, 50% say it is fine to make out. nothing ever makes sense when you add all the numbers. >> you're thinking things through and discovering how difficult that is. >> 7% think that it's okay to have sex on the first date. >> so when to call -- >> anybody here in our -- >> anthony. okay. when to call after the first date. 50% say that women should still wait for the other person to call before you call. >> i think men like to be the chaser. that may sound old-fashioned, but men are hunters. right, jer? yes, oh, yeah. >> remember the chuck nice line? >> i love this. >> men are not going to run for a bus that they're already on. >> hello. >> i love that. ready for kathie lee's friday funny? >> who isn't? what is it? >> do you remember the famous olympic skier picabo street?
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picabo is not just an athlete, she's now a nurse. yeah. and she's currently working at an intensive care unit in a large metropolitan hospital. now she's not permitted at all to answer the hospital telephones anymore because it caused too much confusion when she would answer the phone and say picabo icu! >> so stupid! >> all right. it is now time for -- >> "bobbie's buzz"! >> i'm sorry, but we think you're disappearing in front of our very eyes. >> nothing's happening. >> it's called love and planning a wedding. >> i haven't started. okay. so one of the most common questions i get from women, how to find a certain heel height and a certain width for your shoe. i really love this website, you can customize the heel height, width, everything you want. for $78 you can get the best,
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most comfortable shoe. >> how long does it take to get your shoe? >> i think just a couple weeks. then also a great idea to not have any dropped calls. this is called fly grip. this little attachment can either help your phone stand up like that or if you just pop it out it kind of helps you so you can take pictures, steady, one hand -- >> it's a tripod thing. >> people that have an iphone understand. because they drop a lot of phones. i was surprised to learn 40% of their parents choose to not figure out what the sex of the child will be. this is reversible little onesies. this is such a good idea with little pockets on the back and can you flip it from blue to pink. >> very cute! >> adorable. >> cute, bobbie. thank you. all right. we've got these pink bats here for a reason. >> major league baseball is fighting breast cancer. remember, the nfl did it before? now hundreds of major league baseball players are going to be
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using pink bats on mother's day as part of their honorary bat girl initiative. >> they are by louisville slugger and it is the official bat of major league baseball. if you see pink bats, now you're going to know why. we've got a big show for you coming up. gossip girls chase crawford takes a pregnant pause. >> pregnant nap. >> hello! coming up right after this. attention - americans living with limited mobility. what do you do when you can no longer get around like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost. call now for your free dvd and information kit.
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one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin, designed for many of men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage. chase crawford has something to talk about in the new film. >> especially after butting hides with a rival food truck chef. >> you want to go? let's go. your special against my special. whoever sells the most tonight wins. >> fine. >> fine. all right. if i win you have to have a drink with me. and if you win, you may have three drinks with me. >> that's cute. >> i'll see you on the field. >> doesn't keep me up nights. >> she's terrific and so are you. good to see you. >> good to see you, too.
2:21 am
thanks for having me. >> sounds like a fun premise. >> i like how your character plays out with anna kendrick. starts off as a flirtation -- >> they always do. >> classic story of two food truck workers battling it out. >> so somebody wins and loses that bet and apparently something happens that particular evening that neither of them expect to happen. >> yes, exactly. it was very unexpected thing that happened. he wired it so regardless they were having a beer after work. yeah. that was it. >> then hello. guess what? >> surprise phone call. yeah. weird. >> which i would think would be every man's worst nightmare. has that ever happened to you? >> it has never happened to me. yes. it's never happened to me. there is a very valuable lesson to be learned there, not sure exactly where but it is a lesson to be learned. it has never happened to me. >> there is -- it is a great cast you guys have, by the way.
2:22 am
we were just talking about some of the people. you have j. lo, chris rock, the list goes on and on. we had matt on with us earlier. >> matt, cameron, yeah. >> what was it like? did you get to spend a lot of time with other people or was it basically just you and anna? >> they keep asking us. it was just me an anna for the most part. three weeks out there in atlanta. it was like these little minimovies. we did have a couple of like overlaps where i'd pass by cameron diaz and we didn't know who was who. but it was a lot of fun. i did get to meet chris rock and the comedy troupe guys. >> when you saw the whole movie come together, what was that like? >> i haven't seen it. i see it tomorrow at the new york premiere and next weekend is mother's day, my mom's coming out an we'll watch it on monday in l.a. as well. >> so bring your mom. i'm sure there are some scenes in there. they're a little awkward to watch with your mom. she's seen you on "gossip girls." >> i think she's seen that gauntlet. >> your sister's had a baby. has that changed your life in any way? >> you know, it sound cliche but
2:23 am
it is life changing. in a way, even being one step removed. it's -- i don't have to do any of the dirty work, as the cool uncle goes. >> you can just have fun. >> waiting to feed him sugar. >> this was at the white house correspondents dinner? >> there's the man. >> did you enjoy yourself, by the way, at that dinner? >> i did enjoy myself at that dinner. you always have that moment where you're like i am like 50 yards away from the president. yeah, it was a good time. >> what i love when we go there -- we've only been a couple times -- but you see people who you never think would be a fan of anybody else's. they're acting just as crazy as someone they like -- even if they're from the world of politics. >> i'm like there's harry potter, he was coming over to say hey to tony. i guess he's an american football fan. so it was really cool, surreal to meet him. me and tony are secretly harry potter fans. >> you guys are together a lot, you and tony. >> it's a bromance. >> he's my brother-in-law. the brother i never had.
2:24 am
yeah. i get down to dallas and play a little golf. >> which is such a fun city. i love dallas. >> it's great food, it's where i grew up. >> we wish you good luck with this film. >> thank you. >> i guess it's going to be out next week it opens. >> may 18th. next friday. up next, sara's stepping it up with our fans. >> and they could ask us anything. right after this. [ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] ♪ riding to work, with my best friend pete ♪ ♪ pete, pete, pete ♪ riding to work with my best friend pete ♪ ♪ riding to work with me [ orbit trumpet ] don't let food hang around. clean it up with orbit! ahh. [ orbit glint ] ow...ow...ow. fabulous! for a good clean feeling after any meal. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit!
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it is time for "321 live with sara haines." she's gathered up a crowd across the street. >> what questions have you rounded up today? >> we're going to keep it to moms this week. first up, jennifer from minnesota. >> hello. how are you guys similar to or different from your own mothers? >> i think i'm pretty similar to my mom. my mom, she gets up in a good mood, she likes to exercise,
2:29 am
she -- i sort of feel like i have a lot of her traits. how about you and your mom.? >> i think i'm much more the way my daddy was. but my mom has lots of things about her i wish i had. for her skin. my mom is -- i don't know. i think we're quite different. >> i think you guys are, too. >> next up, jerry from illinois. >> good morning. i was wanting to know how has your mothers played a role in your success? >> my mom is like a huge cheerleader with two pompons and i could do something so small and stupid and she'll be like no one's better than you. i think that kind of encouragement sort of helps you down the road. >> i was very blessed when my daddy was alive and i was a young performer, both my mom and my dad said we love you too much to allow you the privilege of making mistakes, we'll be here when you make them because you're human and you're going to but this is where you can always come home and find a safe place to be. so very grateful for mom that way.
2:30 am
thanks, guys. >> happy mother's day. still ahead, we have baby animals in the house. plus eva mendez tells us about her lesson in motherhood from her new film. and my mom is going to be put to the challenge, after this. cupcakes!
2:31 am
2:32 am
the new coming age comedy called "girl in progress" is about a single mother who's busy juggling work, bills and -- boyfriends. >> hello. eva mendez plays grace, a messed up mom, who was so wrapped up in her own life that she doesn't know how to act her age. take a look. >> sorry, i finished the cereal. and the milk. hey! delicious? >> oh!
2:33 am
>> coming out just in time for mother's day. >> yep. >> so nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you guys. >> big fan of your good work. you've said this was a dream come true to play somebody this bad, this flawed, this sloppy. >> yes, exactly. she's just this mess of a mother. totally the opposite of my mother. and you know, just trying to figure it out, failing miserably. has this beautiful little daughter -- >> whom she loves. >> whom she totally loves but she just can't get it quite right. >> she's a narcissist and just self-focused. >> she's selfish! >> she's selfish but she's just also -- there's a host of reasons but she's beautiful -- in the movie i play mother to sierra ramirez who, you guys, this is a talented young lady. >> was it tough to find her? >> yes, it was. but she sent in her audition tape and i was like, oh, my god, this little girl is incredible. there's also an amazing -- look it up on youtube -- on the
2:34 am
youtube -- she at 10 years old was at the apollo theater on that stage. we know how tough -- i would be so scared to go. she won that crowd over singing a jennifer holliday song, this big, 10 years old. i fell in love. she's incredible. she's be taking all my jobs in about four years. >> enough about the little kid, let's talk about you. >> don't you love for her that? you're giving it all way. >> you're not a spoiled little movie star like we heard. you're really a nice person. >> she's so bad! now your relationship with your mom -- >> in real life -- is terrific. it is a home run. >> yes. we're super, super close. she's an angel of a mother. she decided to go white a few years ago. yeah. >> all natural. >> all naturale. mom is incredible. she worked i don't know how many jobs when i was growing up. >> at the chinese theater. >> yes.
2:35 am
one of her jobs, she took a job at the mann chinese theater in hollywood, the iconic theater. it was during the '80s, she would wear this beautiful geisha gown, she worked at the box office so every weekend i was there. >> but then one of your movies is premiering there and you take your mom and that had to be an amazing moment. >> a moment. that was about four years ago for this film and i picked her up in a car. she gets in the car and she's already crying. i was like don't look at me. i was like -- we were like totally ignoring, she's over here, i'm like -- we finally lock eyes, we're like -- mom, it's all because of you. >> she must be so proud of you. >> you were raised not just your mom but equally raised by your siblings. >> i have two older sisters and an older brother. i'm the baby by quite a few years. they don't like me to disclose the number of years -- nine years old -- so yeah, it felt like i had two sets of parents. i was pretty much raised by
2:36 am
fear. they were always like, if we catch you out there or if my mom let me go to a party which they couldn't go to, they were like mom, you didn't let us go to a party when we were 15. >> see, but then we don't see you without your underwear stumbling out of limousines. personally we're really happy that you're so happy. that's all we'll say. >> good luck with the movie. >> and all the best with the movie. >> thank you. this movie opens today in theaters. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker...
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now it is time for "moms rule today" and a little craft challenge in honor of mother's day. my mom sammy is here. >> since neither my mom or sara's mom could join us together, we're teaming up for the challenge. >> danny, what are we doing? >> we are doing an up-cycled shadow box and using things from a junk drawer to spell "i love you." we'll gift wrap it using
2:41 am
upcycled materials. >> this looks like you had time to think about it. come on, we got 30 seconds here? >> the winner is going to get the upcycle trophy. >> tell us when. >> on your marks, get set -- >> we're not ready -- okay, now we're ready. >> -- go! >> wait. danny, where's the glue? it's not doing anything! >> i'm sorry, but the glue's not working. >> glue guns don't work. just color. just color. do you have any glue coming out of yours? >> no. >> oh, wait, ours is working. >> i'll make a heart.
2:42 am
>> help me here. >> add to it. >> now i don't know what to do. >> careful, it's hot. >> it's not working! danny, it's not working? >> is yours working? >> no. >> oh, ours is working just fine. >> when you have your "i love you," you want to put the lid back on to the shadow box. and we're going to move on to the next station. >> wait! we're not ready! >> we got to smash the tapes! >> put that down. >> rip it open. >> there's nothing we can do
2:43 am
because the glue isn't working. >> well now you're just complaining. >> that's enough. that's enough. hold on. how do you -- this is so -- >> now you're going to choose something to wrap it in. >> this -- mine. wait. mine is excellent. let's go like this. give me another piece of tape. >> faster! >> we need more tape. >> this is an official way of doing this. >> okay. >> we got it. we don't want to cheat. >> i think we're out of time. >> no, we're not -- no, we are not!
2:44 am
now let's judge it. judge it! judge it! judge it! i'm ready! >> sammy wins. >> no wait. look. look. i just want to show you what we did. >> how's yours? >> you are the winner. >> wait. >> that's pretty. i like that. >> liar. >> what does your say? >> "i love you." up next, it's 10 on the "aww" scale. check out the baby animals after this. good morning. we get this weekend started we're going to be tracking storms for some of you, especially here in the mid south
2:45 am
from memphis to little rock toward new orleans. the east coast, immediate east coast looks fine from new york to d.c., towards charleston, south carolina. look out for storms in florida. beautiful day along the west coast with above average temperatures. 10 to 15 degrees above average in places like seattle and portland. phoenix, 100 degrees there. 74 in salt lake city and warming up in new york with a high of 78 degrees. mother's day sunday, showers from the interior northeast toward the south, increasing clouds with showers late in the day for atlanta on your mother's day with temperatures cooling down as a result of the cloud cover and the showers moving in. 73 degrees for your high here. 67 in louisville, as well as in chicago for the white sox at home this weekend. 79 in new york. yankees are playing at home, as well. monday as we head back to work, plan for delays along the east coast from new york to philly, right on down towards atlanta. 75 for your high. in the west, still warm in a lot
2:46 am
of spots and dry, as well. denver on tuesday, reaching a high of 83 degrees. showers returning to the lonestar state around san antonio and austin. and still tracking wet weather tuesday into weekend across the northeast with highs in boston about 65 degrees. d.c. about 76 and drying out in atlanta with your high warming up to 81. a few showers along the immediate east coast. drier air moving in behind that next system. you can always "wake up with al" at 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning eastern time on the weather channel. we love theme parks but with four kids, it can just be too expensive. yeah, so to save money we just made our own. oh no! what could be worse than ninety-foot swells?! typhoon!
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we're back with "today's call of the wild." and those wild little ones. with mother's day a couple
2:49 am
of days away, seaworld and busch gardens ambassador julie brought us babies only a mother could love. >> we were going to start with an aardvark. >> here he comes! an aardvark with an attitude. >> one of our veterinarians at busch gardens which is exactly where this little aardvark was born just six weeks ago. look how big it is already. >> how big will he get? >> about 130 pounds. he's got a brother that's a year old that's already 130 pounds. >> they've got a little pig snout. don't they? >> yes. so many people think that they are related to pigs or related to ant eaters but they're actually in family all of their own. >> oh, my god. that nose is the cutest. do they have many in a litter? >> just one at a time most of the time. very few of them have actually been born at zoos. probably less than 50. so this is a very special little girl -- we're actually thinking
2:50 am
it's a girl. >> behind you, look at this kangaroo. it is really wanting to jump all over. tell us about that. >> we'll give the kangaroo some time. in honor of mother's day of course, we've got all the -- but you might be thinking, wait a minute. this is an adult kangaroo but you know what? she's got one in the pouch right now. >> she does? >> yes. >> really? you can see how full her pouch is. >> look! look, look, look. >> i'm a big aardvark, i can eat big aardvark food. >> did you see her belly? >> she's got a 5-month-old in there. believe it or not, that's already been born. when kangaroos are born they're only the size of a grape. then they grow inside the pouch drinking mom's milk for the next six months or so before they stop hopping in and out. >> wow.
2:51 am
>> the aardvark's playing with the aardvark. >> that's too fun. >> yeah. once she smells it, she really, really wants to drink from that bottle but she kind of needs to know where it's coming from. >> oh, my gosh! >> you've got it, kathie lee. a true mother. >> so what about these -- these are some crazy looking scorpions up on top. >> people have no clue that spiders -- which is the families that these guys are actually in, take care of their young. here's a great mother's day story. the fact that these are scorpions. when the babies are born, they're born live and they crawl up on to their mom's back and mom protects them for the next several months. she also have a gestation period of 7 to 9 months so she'll be carrying her babies for that long and these little guys were born at seaworld in san antonio
2:52 am
so they've got a great colony -- >> the baby is sticking out! there he is! oh, my gosh! >> oh, oh, oh. legs were sticking out! and the head! >> look at that. >> that is crazy! what was just happening! okay. do we have something else? a chick. let's bring out the last one. >> this is -- oh, lord. >> emu chick that was actually also hatched down at busch gardens. they're only five inches tall when they first hatch out. but this guy is ant eight weeks old or a little older than that, and he's already this big and he's going to be six feet tall when he's full grown. >> that's unbelievable. >> wow. happy mother's day to all of our animals. >> i'd like the apple, please. >> julie, thank you.
2:53 am
happy mother's day, darling. up next, the queen of crafty cupcakes is here. but first, what is this, hoda? >> this is "today" on nbc.
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now on "happy mother's day today," if you're short on ideas for this sunday but big on gifts from the heart, you might want to consider using your creative talents in the kitchen. >> here with her unique cupcake creation, "new york times" best selling author karen taft, author of "cupcakes, cookies and pies, oh my." and one of our favorite people of all time on our show. >> you always come with something new and fresh. >> that's right. i try. >> what are we starting with today? >> it's mother's day coming up. i want to spoil my mom. this one you don't even have to turn oven on. use frozen pound cake. you can cut it in flower shapes, leaf shapes. we dip it in melted frosting that we tinted all these colors. >> how cute! >> give mom a little bouquet. if you want to try tasting one? it's just pound cake.
2:57 am
it tastes actually like a glazed doughnut. oh, my god. >> you want to try one? i'll get you one. my niece is off camera salivating. >> she can come on later and eat some. these are brownies. these are paparazzi party. we made some brownie cameras with brownies. a little frosting on top and i made some -- >> look! >> again, it is using the melted frosting, a little ziploc bag to do the piping. >> wow. >> so good! >> shoes. we frosted the top of the cupcake, little sugar to match any of the liners. >> watch how she's doing this. >> for the heel or soul part, this is just a graham cracker. put that on like that. any type of cookie, whether a --
2:58 am
you get these great foil liners, just match them whether you are doing shoes or purses. >> look at the leopard skin purse! >> that's just frosting. >> that's from the kardashian line right there. >> frosting and some sparkly sugar to glam it up. that's just stacking two cupcakes on top of each other. makeup to go with your shoes and purses, not even turning the oven on. >> this is ingenious the way you make these little leaves. >> the cheaper the spoon, the better. you dip it into some melted chocolate any color that you want. put it in the refrigerator in about five minutes.
2:59 am
by having the cheap spoon, you can bend it easily and they pop off like this. >> look how pretty! >> cookies here that we've sandwiched together with a little filling. this is just a refrigerator sugar cookie dough. >> come on, hanna. come on! have a cupcake. come on. >> this is marshmallows, one of our favorite candies. do you like marshmallows? >> yeah, i think so. >> i snipped the marshmallows because they're sticky, i dipped them in some colored sugar and made some pretty little flowers. would you like to try some? >> have your mom come in, too. >> come on in, mom. >> i think that's going to be too delicious. >> down the hatch. >> how was that? karen, you outdo yourself every single time. >> and we came out with a cupcake app! >> what? who's better than you? nobody! >> next week, the one, the only, betty white is with us next week. >> comedian howie mandel and c


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