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tv   11 News Today  NBC  May 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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washington. lawmakers are fired up over a big loss by the nation's biggest bank. details coming up. >> after a picture perfect mother's day weekend, looks like a little rain must fall. your forecast as 11 news continues right now. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us if. >> there's a trip to the national zoo today and perhaps? >> the animals will not slip through the bars. >> if you are going on a field trip or doing whatever, take an umbrella. it will not be heavy rain, but light rain showers off and on all the way through this evening. not steady, heavy, but off and on for most of the day today. let's look at the temperatures. low 60's right now. we will make it up to 73 this
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afternoon. with clouds and rainshowers, temperatures will not have a chance to move much. in a few minutes we will take a seven-day forecast. first, let's say good morning to sarah caldwell. >> if you are headed out this monday morning, the ring could impact your ride. looks good for now as far as speeds. 62 miles an hour on 95 if heading down for the fort mchenry and the beltway. if you want to go on the west side, no problems on this portion of the beltway. looking good on interstate 72 or the beltway. eight minutes on southbound 95 895. southbound 95 from the beltway southwest to 32, 10 minutes. 795 of franklin boulevard, coming toward us is southbound traffic building, but his mood right overall down to owings mills and the beltway. 295, going away from us is outbound traffic building.
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from 175 down towards 32, we should see delays shortly. that is the latest on traffic pusle 11 -- traffic pulse 11. >> police found a man shot in southeast baltimore, police responded to a shooting. the 22-year-old victim was shot multiple times in the head. he died at johns hopkins hospital. another deadly shooting, this one in southwest baltimore. a 30-year-old man was shot multiple times at loudon avenue at west franklin street after 4:30. the was rushed to shock trauma but did not survive if. in north is baltimore, gunfire was heard around 3:00 in the 1600 block of chilton street near the alameda. a 55-year-old man was found with multiple gunshot ones to the
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torso and leg and was in stable condition at last check. did your hours earlier at around 1:00, did the stabbing in the was baltimore. this happened in the 2600 block of apartheid's terrorist. the 34-year-old was pronounced dead at sinai hospital. no word on a suspect in any of these cases the. if you have any information in any of the cases, please call baltimore city police. >> state lawmakers will convene in annapolis today for the first day of the special session to work out a state budget. 11 news reporter kim dacey joins us live in the studio with what we can expect. >> state lawmakers could not come to an agreement on the budget during the regular 90-day session if, so they are trying to work out during a special session. this week they are expected to vote on a budget plan that was recently put together by governor o'malley, senate president mike miller, and house speaker michael bush. their plan includes shifting the cost of teacher pensions the local jurisdictions. it also raises income taxes on
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individuals making more than $100,000 a year and a joint filers making more than $150,000. state lawmakers will also discuss reducing some tax exemptions. the overall plan is expected to generate $247 million in revenue. >> the governor should have the votes on this than they should be built to pass something unless a monkey wrench gets the line to the next and then everything could grind to a halt. >> a special session is expected to run three days. stay with 11 news for the latest developments on air and online. reporting live in the studio, kim dacey , wbal-tv 11 news. >> three executives at j.p. morgan chase are expected to lose their jobs in the coming days after the bank's trading group lost $2 billion. the 3 ignited a political -- it has ignited a political battle on capitol hill over how closely to regulate banks. tara mergener joins us live from
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our washington bureau with this story. >> good morning. j.p. morgan chase was thought to being among the safest u.s. banks. now it admits to a terrible mistakes. lawmakers are fighting over industry regulation. an apology from j.p. morgan chase after a $2 billion loss. the ceo says it's the result of sloppy strategy to manage financial risk. >> we made a terrible, a grievous mistake. almost no excuse. >> it is a strategy that experts say is similar to what caused chaos in 2008 and led to the passage of wall street reform lost. -- laws. this reignited a debate over stiffer regulations aimed at restricting proprietary trading by banks. >> tens of billions of dollars went to this bank before and we don't want that to happen again. that's why the regulators have to be strong. >> but critics of the rules say regulators are still gathering
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facts. >> i think we need to give them an opportunity to do that job before we reach any conclusions about moving forward with additional regulations which could make it more difficult for financial institutions to do their jobs. >> the sec is investigating. the ceo says the company's credit to answer questions. >> ipod lawmakers have passed the wall street reform law. is that not mean the trading that led to the big loss is already banned? >> apparently not, because the regulations do not go into effect until july. even then, banks have another two years to comply. plus, the ceo says the beds in question were hedges, there were not for profit. therefore, these rules would not have applied any way. >> thank you. meanwhile, the ceo of guy who has resigned. the board of directors accepted the immediate resignation of scott thompson on sunday. he's accused of listing a computer science degree on his
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estimate that he never received. he took over the troubled company in january. ross levenson has been named interim ceo. it's time for john edwards to present his side of the story as he stands trial for campaign to finance violations, but will take a stand in his own defense? >> bc diet soda and diet ice- cream -- we see diet soda. you've never seen a low-calorie version of this summer retreat, until now. >> live the inner harbor, we are working out this morning. you can work out for free all summer long. details in a few minutes. but i will look at your morning commute and let you know if the rain is impacting it, next.
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>> good morning. we're starting off with a live view from the sky cam. a few clouds in the sky, but it's very mild. 69 degrees right now at the maryland science center. that is right where i am. imat the inner harbor this morning in between the maryland science center and the visitor center as we're doing a workout this morning. this is a great program. waterfront harder to program putting on this on a series throughout the entire summer, starting may 20, running
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sundays throughout the summer all the way through september. it is free of charge. you cannot beat that. we are excited and committed to promoting health and wellness. this is a fantastic way to do so. >> on sunday, starting as a collector in the morning, but we are demonstrating one of the classes they will be doing that morning. there are four different activities running each hour. this one is more of a ballet bar series. >> it combines a little cardio, a lot of core work and some ballet movements by. it's i imagine you are getting the card deal from doing the movement and working out the muscles. what programs will you be offering? yoga at 8:30. blue canyon at 9:30. bar at 10:30. zumba at 11:30. boot camp . .t 9:30
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e-mail beth@waterfront >> you can come to the classes. starts at 8:30 in the morning on sunday, may 20, running all the way through september. the only thing that would stop them if there's bad weather. they will let you know by e-mail about that. sounds like a good activity. you're getting a good workout behind me. back to tony pann in the weather center. i think that the ballet for a workout is a new thing. >> i would try that, but i don't want this button to fall off and hit someone. >> i have a workout tape that i do that's very much like this. it is an incredible workout. it is ballet, but you are really working. in looks easy, but it's really hard, is that what you are trying to say?
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let's i don't think it looks easy. i don't know. it's a good workout. >> we will talk to you in the next half-hour. i think that's pretty neat, working outside, at the inner harbor. good to be around other people to get motivated. we have light rain at the present time around the area is. it will stay that way for most of the day. it will be off and on today. we will be dealing with rain and all the way through this evening. it's not raining get at your house, it will be fairly shortly. there's heavy rain in west virginia right now if. maag that may catch up to us this evening. but during the day i expect light rain in most areas if. the cloud cover is pretty thick. there are few breaks here and there, but if i doubt we will see a lot of sunshine today. that will make it difficult for to buttress to move. low to mid 60's right now. we will probably reach the 70's this afternoon. 64 at the airport. south wins at 3 miles an hour. temperatures a local up north, as is typical.
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59 in the emmitsburg. rain showers often don't today. otherwise cloudy skies. tied to address will range between 70 and 75. not bad as we get into the afternoon. south wind at 10-15 knots on the bay. i don't think you have to worry about lightning today, tomorrow that will be an issue. ringtone last night will stay with us. otherwise cloudy with temperatures in the low 60's. and-day forecast, scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday and wednesday as well, most in the morning on wednesday. clearing up in the afternoon. deborah brazil be in the mid 70's. nice weather understand friday. previous weekend, another system will be stalling on the coast. 30% chance of rain showers on preakness saturday. it does not look like a good chance of rain. at least 30%, high temperature of 74. coming up on 6:15. let's see what's happening on the roads.
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>> enjoying a pretty quiet ride this monday morning. volume is picking up, but not creating much in the with delays. 64 miles an hour on 83 coming down towards hot valley. 795 ticking out ok to or the beltway, 59 degrees on the upside approaching the baltimore national pipe. lockdown 97 thru the glen burnie area, 57 miles an hour at 100. no problems on 295 boards getting heavier port 32 in the southbound direction. the same goes for heading towards the capital beltway. southbound traffic in great shape down towards the construction zones. 95 at white marsh, going away from us is southbound traffic starting to build towards the beltway. chris mcbride overall run the area. that's the latest. traffic running nicely overall >> . defense attorneys present their
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case in john edwards' federal trial in north carolina. a former presidential candidate is accused of violating campaign finance laws by funneling money to his then pregnant mistress. edwards has said he did not know about the money. attorneys and not said if edwards will testify in his own defense. members of the florida a&m framed marching 100 bandsmen today when they will perform again. the school's suspended the ban after the hazing death of drum major robert champion. -- suspended the band. more than 100 band members were not even students went in died last week. three of those non-students are charged in his death. the university's president is expected to discuss the fate of the band at a special meeting, later today. here's the question this morning, did you ignore the flight attendant's warning to turn off your electronic devices during takeoff and landing? if so, you're not alone. according to a watchdog poll published in usa today," a quarter of all people say they
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don't always follow the instructions to stop using electronic devices. the faa says passengers are asked to turn off those devices during takeoff and landing because of a potential signal interference. that brings a strong water cooler question of the day. do you follow the and flight rules and turn off all your electronic devices during takeoff and landing? ,our response on on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail. >> a postal service ban on some kind of batteries could pull the plug on some electronics to the troops. starting wednesday, the u.s. postal service will stop international shipments of electronics with lithium batteries like the ipad or kindle. some cameras and gps device is also used littlithium batteries. it will impact soldiers overseas and some private shipping
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companies will not send these things to military addresses and there will charge more than a post office does. there's a slurpee light that will have 50% fewer calories. the first flavor will be sugarfree mango. 8 ounces is expected to have 20 calories. more women are ready to wine and dine. groupon is looking to rebuild investor confidence. jane king has those stories and more in the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. groupon suffering from one of the most public market debuts. is a fallen 51% since the ipo in november. it is also had problems with the sec over accounting practices. today the web site has quarter results and wall street looking for signs of life. analysts forecast first quarter sales to jump 80% when it reports after the close. looking for a cheap apple mac
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book? there could be used ones for sale. inventories show lists of them and prices like to gigabyte 13 pricesfor $500. .- $459 the bloomberg maryland index is up a little for the day. female wine drinkers, nearly 60% of u.s. wine consumers are women. carryingeters are playin bethenny frankel's and drinks. women buy wine to relax and have fun while men drink for health or to impress their friends. i'm jane king, bloomberg news
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pour wbal-tv 11 news. >> doing things to impress your friends. >> for your health? it is 64 degrees, 6:20. >> a battle for the first place in the caylee's law, the orioles against the tampa bay raise. we will have highlights. >> and a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers --
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>> now, tricycles 11 and install weather plus.
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not bad this monday morning aside from the fact the roads are a little wet in spots. keep in mind as you prepare for your morning commute. continuing to move well toward the west side. 51 miles an hour once you get on to the west side. 58 traveling on southbound 795 coming from franklin into owings mills. 6 miles an hour on southbound 83, a nice start down from the hunt valley region. on 83, the defects at 41st street, going away from us the southbound traffic looks great even towards 29th street at a construction zone. and southbound traffic on 95 moving without delay. from memorialtart bridge all the way down to the fort mchenry. >> good morning, everyone. we will contend with a little rain to start the day today. the doppler picking up those light rain in the western suburbs. light rain around owings mills and westminster if towards thurmont. it will be with us all the way
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through the day. debitors are in the '60s. will sneak into the low 70's this afternoon. rain showers off and on expected all the way to this evening. otherwise cloudy skies. we will preview the preakness saturday forecast in a few minutes. now, keith mills. >> now, 11 sports. >> good morning, everybody. the yankees back in town tonight to open a two game series with the orioles on. are still looking up in the standings. orioles unable to pull off a sweep against the raise, but are still in the first place in the east. a crowd of nearly 30,000 at camden yards on mother's day weekend. nick is the comeback. uptonm cannot hold on. roberts course. j.j. hearties course. mar-- harding. troy was fantastic until his
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third inning. he gives up two home runs. not miss that baby. 9-6, tampa. orioles again showed their resilience. a lot of guys hurt and are still battling, still playing cards, still leading the east. johnson with a home run, 9-7. still 9-7 in the ninth inning. john rodriguez loses its footing and then throws wide. j j harding comes around to score. mark is held at third. a tie run. unable to drive in the run. rodriguez makes the play. 9-8. the yankees are coming to town. ravens wrap up their three-day rookie minicamp on sunday, a chance for eric and john to check out the guys they drafted
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and the free agents they signed. no. 91 is courtney upshaw, top draft pick of the team. john that he made a real good first impression. upshaw says that he's not here to replace terrell suggs, just try to? that he belongs in the starting spot -- just trying to prove that he belongs in the starting spot. the men's finals in the cross, loyola will play denver. maryland and johns hopkins in the other game. joe scored with nine seconds left as they beat lehigh. hopkins defeated stony brook. loyola yesterday, unbelievable women's game. the first round of the tournament very little wearing white. johnson tries it and send it to overtime. in overtime, meredith gives the breaker for the lead. this is not sudden death in the women's, this is just time- based. delaney high-school, is it right there. with three seconds left, sydney
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thomas to hanna smith, that is the game-winner. logan's 10-9 and will put in maryland on saturday. remember the preakness? that is also set for saturday. quite a week coming up. >> thank you. >> alisa clark 27, 64 degrees. good news for those of you at the tunnel. >> a lawmakers ahead to annapolis for a special session on the budget. i'm kim dacey , details coming up. >> attending of the guard for baltimore's catholic community. what the new archbishop exports to about his new assignment >> . tracking a problem on the topside of the beltway. we will update you on that and we will check for w
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. i'm stan stovall. >> i mindy basara. thanks for joining us. tony, i guess the weekend weather could not last forever? >> we have clouds moving in today and a couple rain showers. that's our forecast for today.
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rainshowers off and on. it will not be steady, but you'll get at least a little. we're in the 60's right now and you'll make it up to seven the three this afternoon. we will check the seven-day forecast in a few minutes, going into the weekend. >> the special session starts later this morning. state lawmakers are coming together to pass a budget. >> kim dacey joins us live in the studio with a look at the to do list. >> the special session is scheduled to start a 10:00 this morning and will last about three days. income tax increases and teacher pensions are some of the items up for discussion. state lawmakers are pointing fingers to explain how they got to this point. will have to be for special session. >> the majority of the republicans feel like this is a waste of. taxpayer of most of us are going down there. if we stay, we will stay in our offices. >> i think constituents ought to be very critical of legislators,
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because we could not get this done the way we were supposed to. there are expected to vote on a budget plan this week that was put together recently by governor o'malley, senate president mike miller, and house speaker michael bush. the plan includes shifting the cost of teacher pensions to local jurisdictions and raises income taxes on individuals making more than $100,000 a year and joint filers making more than $150,000. lawmakers will also discuss reducing some tax exemptions. overall plan is expected to generate 20 hundred $47 million in revenue. >> the governor should have the votes on this. and they should be able to pass something unless a monkey wrench gets drawn into the mix and did everything could grind to a halt. " stay with 11 news or the latest developments during the special session both on air and online. according live in the studio, kim dacey , wbal-tv 11 news. it's a woman is recovering after being shot while sitting in her car on northern parkway on the weekend. she told detectives she was
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stopped at a red light in the 3200 block of east northern parkway when an unfamiliar car pulled up beside her and fired several shots. that car fled the scene. no word on the woman's identity. she was taken to an area hospital and is expected to survive. if you have any information, call baltimore city police. >> looks like baltimore county classrooms will be a little more crowded next year after cutting nearly to wonder positions for next year. the baltimore sun reports about a third of all class is at delaney, a towson, and another high-school will have 30 or more students. school officials and not commented specifically on the cuts. the county school superintendent last year produced the teaching staff to save $12 million in the budget. >> one step away from filling vacant city manager position at ocean city. reports indicate the town council expected to approve a contract for the current city manager of fort pierce, florida.
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that will happen tomorrow. this contract will be reviewed annually. currently the ocean city mayor has been serving as interim city manager. >> it will be a big week for the baltimore catholic community. art william lori will become the archbishop. he expressed his goals for the catholic church of baltimore. >> the heart of my life is the priesthood. it is saying mass, bring the gospel -- preaching the gospel, hearing confessions, being with the sick. those are the things i want to promote. >> one of the leading defenders of traditional marriage, the archbishop desmond it will pose a significant challenge to the state's new same-sex marriage
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law. he says he will work with folks in a atmosphere of civility to get that overturned. you can watch the event live beginning at 2:00 p.m. on wednesday on 11.2 over the air. >> good news. things are about to get a lot easier on your commute. officials expect to be ready to reopen all lanes of a heavily traveled highway by the first week of june. one lane in each direction has been closed for the last five weeks if so they can shore up some spots beneath the highway to prevent sinkholes. pulse 11 andfic 11 and instawehater,.h
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>> a disabled vehicle on the outer loop. up to speed on the north side of the outer loop. at the harrisburg expressway, 59 miles an hour. 32 our website outer loop just starting to see delays from security down towards edmundston. 495 through howard county, 64 miles an hour, moving well. 97, speeds around 65 down towards trustee. an update on the jfx, running smoothly. going away from us is southbound traffic. no problems at the moment down towards the construction zone. 95 but the fort mchenry, southbound traffic coming toward us looking good. no delays into the toll plaza and a nice start at the tunnel. looks good at the harbor tunnel as well. ava murray is at the inner harbor working out. a great way to do that on sundays. >> absolutely. good morning. quite a way to wake up.
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zumba, you can do that for free this summer at the inner harbor, part of a waterfront on the series, a program by the waterfront partnership if. they are offering serious fitness class is through the summer starting this summer and running every sunday through september as long as the weather permits. free fitness class -- classes. all you up to do is register ahead of time and then come any time throughout the summer. are free glasses, starting at 8:30 on sunday morning and then the class is run every hour through 12:30. you get to do yoga, the boot camp, the bar, zumba. showers on and off possible today.
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73 degrees for the high temperature. mid 70's tomorrow. the rain could linger into wednesday. we hope for dry conditions by the end of the week. we're keeping an eye on the beacon for the preakness and there could be slight chance of showers. on sunday, there could be a little rain as well. you'll have to register and hopefully we will get that in. i will try out some moves in a minute. >> sounds like a party going on down there. >> looks like fun. you could dance like that all over your house. >> it's the first thing i do when my alarm goes off a 3:00 a.m. gets me right where i need to be. clerk 6:37, 64 degrees. >> you got that concession prices were expensive at camden yards. and you will find out how much it costs for the privilege of eating this hotdog >> . taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. do you follow in flight rules and turn off electronic devices
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during takeoff and landing? share your response on or
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>> children on an island in croatia are sending the world with a call about the environment. the last year the children have been collecting plastic bottle caps. last weekend they arranged
6:41 am
100,000 of those into the shape of a giant clock. they're having an annual celebration of peace and unity celebrated by other european union on may 9. the clock hands were positioned to remind people that it's not to lateo to start protecting the earth. >> that is cool. if you think the price of a hot dog gets the ball park is outrageous already, be glad you did not buy one at a minor- league ball part in little rock, arkansas, over the weekend. is is a look at what could be the world's most expensive hot dog. it was made with premier defense topped with lobster tail and gold flakes. sells for $1,500. that's a world record. the vendor actually sold 4 of these. >> get out of here. >> the money went to a good cause. a nonprofit that supports the homeless. it's a wonder what the gold flakes tastes like. >> i don't know.
6:42 am
i don't know if it is healthy for you. >> 6:41, 64 degrees on tv hill. look at the top stories, still ahead. >> a couple of accidents. on 97 is the latest one. we will have an update next greg. after a beautiful weekend we have a little rain to contend with on this monday morning. we will check the forecast in a few minutes. here's a look outside, a few sprinkles in downtown baltimore, 64 at the airport for. the weather is next. stay tuned. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome back. 6:00 hour 44. in the headlines, it's been a violent and deadly weekend in baltimore.
6:45 am
the most recent shooting happened around 10:00 last night. police found a man shot in the side in the 1600 block of east 32nd street. the victim was rushed to an area hospital, where he later died. another deadly shooting, this one in south west baltimore. a 30-year-old man was shot multiple times at loudoun avenue and west franklin street just after 4:30. was rushed to shock trauma but did not survive. a homicide detective is investigating a deadly stabbing in northwest baltimore. it happened in the 2600 block of park heights terrace. 34-year-old victim was pronounced dead in a hospital. no word on any suspect in any of these cases so far. if you have information, call baltimore city police. " traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell looking at your morning commute. a couple of accidents. one on northbound 97 at 32. is creating delays.
6:46 am
we will let you know when we get more. walkersville road and west walkersville road in mount, there's an accident clearing. on the outer loop ramp to count 83, a disabled vehicle. we hope it will be out of there shortly. you may find delays. the latest on the west side down to 28 miles an hour approaching liberty all the way down to edmundston. six before as you make your southbound on 95 close to the capital beltway -- 64 miles an hour. southbound towards the construction zones, the backup begins past cold spring heading down to 29. coming toward us is southbound traffic around a four mchenry. no delays at the harbor tunnel either. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now, a great workout at the inner harbor. >> good morning if. we are having a grand old time. we will show you another dance
6:47 am
that i will try to join in on and not embarrass myself if. it's part of the waterfront partnership. if you can work out. and there's a workout for children. you have a social event happening this friday. we do. this item will have live music, 15th tow trucks, a beer and wine garden, and a kid's place own a. it's all summer long people can come down between the maryland science center and the visitor center and have a good time. >> you can find the information at the waterfront partnership organization website. let's hear the music and doolittle zomb -- and do a little zumba. ♪ sometimes i get a feeling i get a feeling that i never, never had before i get a feeling, yeah
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sometimes i get a feeling yeah i get a feeling that i never, never had before no, no i get a feeling, yeah ♪ >> i think i was offtrack the whole time. >> let's hear it's for ava. nice job. >> i don't have as much rhythm at 6:00 in the morning. >> we are very impressed. today's national chicken dance day. -- day. >> that is what i was doing. this is great. it runs through decethe summer, starting this sunday. there is yoga if you don't have this kind of rhythm.
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>> it's a great program and its free, go out on sunday mornings with everybody and get in shape. thanks for being a good sport. weather-wise, a little brain to contend with. there's not a lot of rain to contend with, but anything will slow down the drive. give yourself a couple extra minutes. some of the rain will catch up to you eventually if it's not already raining at your house. let's have a live view. showers extend all the way into west virginia and ohio. there's heavy rain coming through the mountains of west virginia. as we head through today, the rain may become heavier especially late this afternoon and into this evening. temperatures will not move much because the clouds are the. we might get a peak of sunshine, but it will not help much. 64 right now the airport. a south wind of 3 miles an hour, dry. a little cooler in the northern suburbs, the upper 50s near the pennsylvania line. 63 degrees in rising sun.
6:50 am
forecast for today, rainshowers off and on. otherwise cloudy skies. high temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees. we will have a chance of showers and a thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. we will have that mostly in the morning on wednesday, and clearing in the afternoon. thursday and friday looks very nice. going into the preakness weekend, another system will be stalling on the east coast. 30% chance of rain for preakness saturday. right now it does not look like a big deal, but we will keep an eye on it. high temperature of 74. >> a look at one of our big stories, maryland lawmakers return to annapolis today to begin a special session to fix the state budget. 11 news reporter kim dacey is live in our newsroom with details. >> good morning. state lawmakers cannot come to agreement on the budget during the regular 90-day session, so they are trying to work it out during a special session. they are expected to vote this
6:51 am
week on a budget plan that was recently put together by governor la malfa, senate president mike miller, and house speaker michael bush if. the plan includes shifting the cost of teacher pensions to local directions and it raises income taxes on individuals making more than $100,000 a year and joint filers making more than $150,000. state lawmakers will also discuss reducing tax exemptions. the overall plan is expected to generate $247 million in revenue. the special session is expected to run three days. stay with us for the latest developments on air and online. kim dacey reporting, wbal. >> any indication with lawmakers are headed on the new budget proposal? analysts say the governor should have the votes needed to pass the proposed budget unless some new issue pops up. >> thank you. >> time for look at what's coming up on the today show next with matt lauer. >> good morning. coming up on a monday on "today"
6:52 am
-- of the fallout over the $2 billion loss at j.p. morgan chase. three top executives losing their jobs as the company's ceo admits he was wrong about the situation. we will talk about all that with jim cramer. and mandatory evacuation ordered in parts of arizona overnight as crews raced to control five separate wildfires. we will have the latest from the scene. a young georgia woman pose a difficult fight against a flesh eating bacteria. it is our cost her one leg and was contracted in a zip-line accident. her parents will join us. and this made williams an overnight star last year. what is the man with the golden voice up to now purity is written a book and will join us in our studio. that and much more head as we get started on a monday morning. >> 6:52 is the time, 64 degrees on tv hill. still to come some of your answers to our water cooler question. >> and a last look at traffic and weather before you head out
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to start your day.
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>> and time for some of your answers from water cooler question of the day. >> defaulted in flight rules and turn off all your electronic devices during takeoff and landing? >> once you're not want to leave their name. "i will put my iphone in my purse, but i don't put it off or put it in airplane mode. not once has the plane had a problem due to electronics been left on." >> brad rights, "i can do without my phone 5 minutes if it
6:56 am
means the plane or the crew can do their job better." >> i would not want to jeopardize the safety of everyone on board just because i did not want to listen to the rules," say tim.">> ryan says that if a cell phone can take down an aircraft, then the airplane was poorly designed. >> remember the old days that you would go through the whole day and would not know if you have any messages? >> it's hard to disconnect now. are some problems we are tracking. 97 northbound near 32, there's an accident in the severna park area. watersville road in mount airy, tracking an accident, some delays on the west side beginning at 795. also showing delays on the jfx southbound. let's show you what it looks like. on the jfx, southbound delays begin just past cold spring and continued towards 29th street where the left lane is closed
6:57 am
for construction. i don't know if we will see a live shot. we have seen the jfx. we will switch over to the west side. there are delays. from security down towards edmundston. >> the weekend was clear and beautiful for the most part, but the wet stuff is moving back into the area. greg it will be off and on rain showers likely all the way through this evening. mid 60's right now and will make it up to 73. chance of rain in the forecast still tomorrow and wednesday before it clears up of the end of the week. preakness saturday, 30% chance of rain. does not look like a big deal right now, but we will keep an eye on it. >> the latest will have on the big hats. >> the men' suits will shrink. >> thanks for joining us. >> a lot updated 7:45.
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