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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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an outstanding spring day. we'll come back and check the forecast for preakness weekend. >> good morning. we have one accident to report along washington boulevard at patapsco avenue. watch for possible delays and lane closures. closures along rogers avenue near northern parkway. that in advance of preakness. everything will reopen on saturday night. 63 in the north side. so far moving well on the west side past 795 towards 70, 65 miles per hour. this is the northwest corner of the beltway. light volume around the area. this is the j.f.x. at north avenue. construction in place but no delays to the construction zone.
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that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a maryland delegate is calling out governor o'malley and the police department. >> he says the number of violent events are out of control. jennifer franciotti joins us from the newsroom with some details. what else is the delegates saying? >> would you have 100 young people at the middle of the street fighting with no police around, there is a problem. he says violent crime is out of control in baltimore city. citing evidence he says he has witnessed an as heard from retired city law enforcement, the violence has been going on for years and the mayor has done nothing to stop it. >> it is my opinion that the mayor is involved in a cover-up to try to downplay this and she has no clue as to how to deal with that.
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>> police are taking offense to the comments, pointing out the city is safer than it has been in quite some time. mcdonough it disagrees. he says the state police should be brought in to help out the city police. we have more coming up live at 5:30. reporting live, jennifer franciotti. >> new details in the i-team investigation of an alleged pill mill. the operators of the pain clinic give out prescriptions and polling and millions of dollars in cash. real treatment for paint was almost non existent. the doctors were hired to write prescriptions for addicted to narcotics. >> we're not going to talk about the case. >> police say more arrests are
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likely in this case. you can read more about the investigation on our website, click on i-team. the governor is investigating the potential impact of expanded gaming on existing facilities. supporting the creation of a gaming commission which will come up with recommendations based on its own research and the findings of price waterhouse cooper. expanded gaming could be used to chip away at the deficit. >> we are looking at sources of revenue other than taxation. >> a date for the session has not been announced. >> president obama will have a busy weekend with the g-8 summit and the nato summit. president obama prepares to talk economy with world leaders.
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the top moneyman visits baltimore. tim geithner spoke about job growth on thursday morning. he addressed concerns the government is spending beyond its means. >> the only part that is growing is medicare, medicaid, and social security. those cost increases are being driven by the fact that more americans are retiring. driven by demography. you cannot repeal the aging of the population. >> he also took time to answer questions about hot-button issues such as the massive jpmorgan chase trading loss. it will be a busy working weekend for president obama beginning today. tara mergener is live in washington with details. >> good morning.
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this weekend includes a pair of high-stakes international summits. one is focus on the troubled world economy and the other on the war in afghanistan. global economic recovery will top the agenda at the g-8 summit at camp david where president obama will address europe's debt prices with world leaders. >> the united states has a significant stake in the outcome of the economic discussions in europe. the european union is the largest trading partner of the united states. >> the possibility greece will exit the 17-nation years then, the president is expected to encourage stimulus measures like the ones he introduced in 2009 in hopes of jump starting the u.s. economy. he will then head to chicago. >> to pursue oil and all these other countries. >> where protesters are
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gathering. afghanistan tops the agenda as the president meets with the heads of states of more than 62 countries. >> the next up towards a responsible and the of this war, towards our achieving our goals in this effort in afghanistan. >> those goals include how to sustain afghan forces. >> if the next steps in the transition project -- their transition to the end of 2014 and beyond. >> u.s. officials say it will cost about $4 billion a year to help support afghanistan. >> these are very important events. while other two such distinct venues for these talks? >> this is a deliberate decision because the president wanted to have a more intimate setting for talks about the economy, so camp david would provide that.
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chicago is already swarm of with protesters. frederick county is making some preparations for possible fallout. >> tara mergener, thank you. 50 degrees on tv hill. jury deliberations expected in the john edwards trial. the defense believes they should find him not guilty. >> new released evidence in the trayvon martin shooting investigation. how that could affect the case. >> this is the j.f.x. and north avenue. more on weather and traffic when we come back.
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>> welcome back. the temperature is 61 degrees. 5:10. we will come back and i'll show you the temperatures outside the city. 61 degrees downtown. take the light jacket with you. upper 40's and low 50's in the northwest suburbs. 43 in frederick. maybe a light jacket. it will turn out to be a beautiful day today. high temperature of 76 degrees and the mostly sunny skies. we will check the four cancer preakness weekend when i come back in just a minute. >> breaking news out of mississippi. a suspect has been arrested in two fatal shootings. officials say james willie is
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charged with two counts of capital murder. the jury in the john edwards trial is expected to begin deliberations later today. s argues thatrney he did not violate campaign finance laws. hundreds of documents and evidence including this security video are now available in the trayvon martin shooting investigation. the video shows trayvon martin moments before he was killed by george zimmerman. the medical examiner says he found the active ingredient in marijuana in his system. >> fans across the country are
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remembering donna summer. she died yesterday in florida after a bout with cancer. she is survived by her husband, three daughters, anne four grandchildren. she was 63 years old. >> and the grandfather of go-go passed away before that. there no privacy settings on wall street. facebook is changing its status to public today. >> how to save money on gas. how you can score some free gas how you can score some free gas i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. -- i was going to say wednesday but it is friday today. let's not do that to everybody. washington boulevard at patapsco avenue is the accident we are tracking and it does involve a motorcycle. normally a busy ride in that area. rogers avenue and northern parkway, we have some closures in effect in advance of preakness and it will remain in effect until 9:00 p.m. on saturday. we have some debris just past the harrisburg expressway on the outer loop topside. this is york road, topside of the beltway leading up to the harrisburg expressway.
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no sign of delays as a result of the tdebris. delays at the harbor tunnels. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now we welcome kurt kronke. happy friday. >> thank you. moving along nicely on the buses. the 13 bus is operate with a delay. brunswick 890 is cancelled. light rail on schedule with shuttle buses between timonium and hun valid because of construction. heading to the preakness, take light rail to the cold spring lane stopped for a connecting shabazz to pimlico. call 410-539-5000 for more information. now back to tony pann. >> sarah thinks it is wednesday. i said the time was 63 degrees.
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it is friday. things will get a little questionable by the time to get towards the tail end of the weekend. we're watching a storm system that is drifting up the coast. high pressure is blocking it from moving north and a think we will have some nice weather today and most of to mars. some of these showers will drift up towards us but i don't think that will reach as until sunday -- and most of tomorrow. we will see generally mostly sunny skies. it is a little chilly. 43 in frederick. 48 in parkton. mostly sunny, pleasant. high temperatures will climb into the mid 70's. it will be an outstanding friday. if you take the boat out, the way fights will be a foot or less. temperatures drop back into the
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40's and the 50's -- the waves will be a foot or less. it should be dry on saturday but the could be some sprinkles tomorrow night. it will be a nice day for preakness with high temperatures in the mid 70's. we have a 30% chance for showers in the forecast on sunday. that is not the kind of rain that makes you cancel any plans. temperatures in the 70's on monday and tuesday. >> you could end up with some free gas during your next hotel stay. many hotels now offer free gas cards. all in certain nights of the week are eligible. it is worth asking when booking your next reservation. if you plan on flying, southwest
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airlines has the best availability of rewards seats. they have the most frequent flier seats on travel dates this year up until october. a sibling who did not save for retirement and shows up in need of financial help. chris clackum explains what you should do. >> we love them like brothers and sisters because they are in fact our brothers and sisters. what do you do when the sibling shows up wanting more on their plate than just a meal because they have stumbled on hard times? >> the might have a job loss. -- they might have a job loss. >> it is happening a lot, especially to families with baby boomers, half of whom are heading into retirement with no
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savings. >> we looked down at thanksgiving and see somebody who might be struggling. >> a struggling sibling who doesn't even have a car. >> you do not say, here are keys to a new car. try to empower them and not enable them. >> loans to a love ones should be documented. >> if you make a loan, make sure it it is on the books. >> when allowing a sibling to move then, agree on a date for them to move out. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> an historic day on wall street as facebook becomes a publicly traded company.
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valued at just over $104 billion. jane kinglet's go to live with the new york stock exchange. last night at the end of the trading day, facebook valued at around $30 a share. is the feedback -- what is the feedback? >> facebook will have more than 420 million shares up for grabs and is expected to start trading this morning on the nasdaq. the company is valued at more billion. it is bigger than walt disney and mcdonald's. >> not all people on wall street are impressed with this move.
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>> last month the company said sales growth is showing and marketing costs more than doubled. they're facing hurdles in advertising. 7% of analysts thought the value was too high. that is why it was valued at only $50 billion. >> this initial offering is for institutional investors, not the individual investor. >> as of today, it will be open to anybody. if you have a brokerage account and you want to get in on this, you can call your broker and buy the shares. after 11:00 a.m., anybody will be able to buy it. >> i do not facebook. what should i think of this as a non-investor?
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>> when mark zuckerburg was on the road show, he was still supporting that signature look -- jeans and a hoodie. that was his way of showing he is not going to change. facebook and its engineers had day hack-a-thon last night writing programming code. maybe some new features. but it will pretty much be the same side. mark zuckerburg now among the richest people in the world. he will be a multi-multi- billionaire once this goes public. hewlett-packard may slash up to 25,000 jobs. >> mindy wears jeans and under
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armour shirt so people don't know she is a millionaire. >> i guess you can dress however you want to. >> thank you. >> we can all a dream. >> are you going to call your broker? 50 degrees on tv hill. preakness weekend is finally here. >> from the alibi breakfast to the crab derby, celebrations are the crab derby, celebrations are in full swing in full swing
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>> almost there. one day left until the preakness stakes. >> plenty of pre-race
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festivities going on. trainers and owners gathered at the annual alibi breakfast on thursday morning. traders give alibi's about why there horses will not win on preakness day. >> that was the only celebration. a crowd gathered at lexington market for the 22nd annual preakness crab derby. who won the top prize? here is right there. they have a bouncing ping-pong ball. >> do you get to eat the crab afterwards? >> blankets that what drape the winners. a group of kids got to try their hand at writing a horse and taking their hand.
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that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what is your favorite part of preakness? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> waking up in the infield when everybody is gone. >> has that happened to you? >> 5:28. >> coming up -- >> a delegate finds himself in a sparring match of words with the governor. >> facebook going public this morning. a $104
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that's for the party size. and hillshire farm sausage is an incredible $2.49. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody.
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welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. it is national bicycle to work day. where is your bicycle? >> does the big wheel count? >> -- in 1965 -- it originated in 1965. >> so people to celebrate these daily things. >> sure. don't you/ >> i forgot my bicycle. >> grilled cheese day? >> i celebrate all of those. >> i'm ready for national bench press today. >> let's talk about the weather. it will be nice.
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50 at the airport. it will be mild this afternoon after the chilly start. will make it up to 76 with plenty of sunshine. i will time out the storm situation in just a few minutes. preakness is going to be just fine. >> you can bench press tony. >> i'm down to 150. these are 34's and they are loose. >> it is friday morning. we will check on a couple of problems. we start at washington boulevard and patapsco avenue. an accident is being cleared. closures in advance of preakness along rogers avenue near northern parkway. that will remain in effect until saturday at 9:00 p.m.
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outer loop plastic harrisburg expressway, watch for debris in the road. 11 minutes in the north and west side zero loops. 10 minutes to travel down to 32. this is 97 at 100. no problems to report. this is traffic on 295. southbound traffic is delay-free at this hour down to 32. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a maryland delegate says violent events in downtown baltimore are out of control. >> he is calling out state and local leaders. jennifer franciotti is live to explain. what is he saying? >> delegate pat mcdonough is not pulling any punches. he claims the mayor is in doing her job. >> when you have 100 youths
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fighting and battling and there's no police at all, you have a problem. >> according to pat mcdonough, falling crime is out of control in baltimore city. citing evidence he says he is witness and heard from retired city law enforcement, the violence has been going on for years and the mayor has done nothing to stop it. >> it is my opinion that the mayor is involved in a cover-up to try to downplay this and she has no clue as to how to deal with that. >> police are taking offense, pointing out the city is safer than it is been in some time. >> we're working very hard to make baltimore a safer city and will continue to prove ourselves. >> the delegate suggest that the state police be brought it to assist baltimore officers. governor o'malley said to go to the inner harbor. >> i was down at the inner
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harbor and my wife and i were 100 feet away from an attack. maybe the governor should go to the inner harbor and we got. >> juvenile crime is down 37% since 2009. delegate mcdonough's stunt is not deserving of a response, said the governor. >> closing arguments are scheduled in the trial of a man in the murder-for-hire of a tennis. this happened back in 2006. a cousin pleading guilty to murdering the doctor in february. prosecutors say that she enlisted him and two other men to kill the doctor for $1,000. she testified against her cousin. >> sources say a corporal in the police department is on
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suspension for improperly accessing a police database. this is the latest fallout in the -- leopold is charged with misusing his police detail and using police to collect information about political opponents. the suspension is related to that part of the investigation. >> facebook is friending wall street and making history. the social network is going public in the third largest public stock offering in public history. there is considerable skepticism about whether facebook can live up to the hype. >> in the movie version of facebook, heat this became a million-dollar idea. is today, facebook's value
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topping $100 billion, shares beginning at $38. facebook and the earliest investors are collecting $16 billion. but investors expect a lot in return. the social network has 900 million users. ipod, an facebook on my laptop or my iphone all day. >> but what about advertising? >> i didn't click on the ads. >> as an advertiser, i couldn't knock down the idea that these people know more about more people than anybody. it has to be worth something. >> facebook rewriting history again. facebook will be getting a $16
5:38 am
billion tax break. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 50 degrees on tv hill. pad octor's prescription ma may soon become a thing of the past. >> we have a problem we are tracking along washington boulevard.
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welcome back. that
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>> welcome back. that is a beautiful shot. let's look the numbers. you might want to take a light jacket. 43 in frederick. 44 in york, pennsylvania. we will see a lot of sunshine. high temperature 76 degrees. we will come back in detail the forecast for preakness saturday. >> a new report finds more than one-third of the country's prescriptions are now electronic. >> doctors can now use computers to write prescriptions sending them to a pharmacy with the push of a button. pharmacists don't have to decipher messy handwriting. patients are 10% more likely to pick up their prescriptions when they are filed electronically. outarned if you're eating tonight. >> there is a 96% chance your
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mail when not meet recommendations for adults and kids. food at the top restaurants exceeded levels for fat and sodium. >> that is why eating out is a treat. 50 degrees on tv hill. the orioles keep on rolling and have the best record in baseball. keith mills will have their latest come-from-behind win. >> it will be a busy weekend at the box office at. >> it is shaping up to be nice and to the work week. tony will have your forecast.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your
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morning commute. we're dealing with some problems. one accident we are tracking along patapsco avenue washington boulevard. a motorcycle is involved in an accident. police are on the scene. we are tracking some closures in advance of preakness on rogers avenue at northern parkway. there are lots of closures throughout the weekend until saturday night. 64 on the north side. problem free on the west side. the rest of the major roadways so far so good. this is 95 at the tydings memorial bridge. problem free at the moment. this is traffic on 795 at franklin boulevard. southbound traffic is building a just a bit heading towards owings mills. things start to build as you get closer to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains.
5:46 am
for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> good morning. we have a delay on the penn lin e. canton trains are runtime -- camden trains are on time. metro subway on schedule. delays on the 13, 57 buses. the mta is your best right to the preakness. call 410-539-5000 for more information. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. we're off to a nice start on this friday. no precipitation. we're watching an area of precipitation that is drifting off to the northeast from the carolinas. we have high pressure in newington blocking it from coming north. that is the battleground as to whether we will get any rain. i think the high pressure is going to win.
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we will watch this as a dress up the coast. there could be some rain showers on saturday night or on sunday. clouds are streaking into southern maryland. it will be a sunny day. after the chilly start, we should make it up to 76 this afternoon. mostly sunny and cool to start an nice this afternoon. maybe a few high, thin clouds. if you take the boat out, it should be quiet with waves a foot or less. a few high, thin clouds tonight. it will be a cool start on preakness saturday but the weather should be fine. a few clouds in the afternoon. could be some sprinkles in the overnight. high temperature in the mid 70's. we have a 30% chance on showers
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on sunday. that would not be the kind of rain to make to cancel any plans. >> thank you. it will be a busy week in baltimore with the running of the preakness stakes. if you're looking for more to do, you can go to the movies. >> something for everyone including a comedy and an action movie about a children's board game. even a movie for expecting mothers. >> the united nations demands you come to york and address them. -- thee going to america man's you come to new york and address them. >> he comes to the united nations to address them. he is left to fend for himself. "the dictator" is rated 5.
5:49 am
the navy catches something is probably should have thrown back in "battleship." the crew must lead the battle to save the earth before billions destroyed in all. "battleship" is rated pg-13. "what to expect when you're expecting." they want to -- he wants to adopt a baby boy she is not too sure. it is rated pg-13. that is the box office preview. >> momma drama? what do they mean? interesting choices.
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5:49. 50 degrees on tv hill. keith mills has a preview of the preakness. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> good morning. we have reached another running of the preakness. the orioles' a lot in first place. up 100 orioles fans and tell them that and it would probably say, have you lost your mind? the orioles have the best record in the american league. second best in all of major league baseball. they beat kansas city. brian matusz had a bad inning. came in the third. adam jones homered. young part does not give chris davis timeout. davis and sub tying the game. wilson betemit.
5:54 am
that scored the tying run. five batters later, j.j. hardy cracks his bat and finds a seeam. that is what you call your bat dying a hero. the bullpen closes in doubt. save number 14 for jim johnson. the orioles win. the birds all alone in first place as they head down to d.c. to open a three-game series with the national spirit the black rights susan stakes today at pimlico. also the return of the pimlico special. post time is at 12:00 noon. 10:30 to mark as the preakness is set for 6:30. he says his horse could not rebound much better from the kentucky derby. he is the first derby winner
5:55 am
since big -- can he be the first derby winner since the brown to win preakness? bodemeister is the early favorite. the favorite to win the tibbetts it would probably be the san antonio spurs. lebron james and the miami heat in indianapolis for game 3 with their series with the pacers. lebron james times the game in the second half. all in the attic in the second half. no big time superstars for indiana. a tough fight for the wayne wade. indiana beats miami 94-75. they lead two games to one. how about pete gilbert winning
5:56 am
the crab derby? >> do you have a favorite part of the preakness? >> the alibi breakfast. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked what is your favorite part of preakness? keep sending us those responses. we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website, >> coming up, captain roy taylor up in the year was skyteam 11 and watching the roads for us. >> a new record for bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> from one record to another. >> it is nice and quiet right now.
5:57 am
we will check the seven forecast in just a few minutes. >> we are tracking an accident along washington boulevard then the city back a few minutes. we will check on the rest of the major roads.
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>> is violence downtown at the inner harbor out of control? one delegate thing cell. >> 8 working weekend for president obama as he prepares for back-to-back summits. i have the latest, coming up. >> it looks like a stone from a hollywood movie but this is all too real for some people too real for some people enjoying


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