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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 18, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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untangle a deadly web of violence. more than one dozen people charged in the case that had more than 52 -- stabbings and a shooting. they call a rose -- a road map on how revenge lead to much of this violence. jayne miller is live at city headquarters downtown. >> this case has the feel of both "the sopranos" and "the wire." retaliation, drugs, violence. one victim was even shot twice. immemorial still stands on this street, ground zero of the murder case announced today by the city state's attorney in the u.s. attorney who called this case a textbook example of baltimore's violence. >> a shooting over here spawns another over here and one victim was even allegedly shot twice as a part of this cycle of retaliation. >> it started last april when he was stabbed to death in northeastern baltimore.
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>> we know that the three masked men came in and stabbed him. we know that the violence afterward, beginning with the murphy -- the murder of this man was a retaliation. klutz and then three people were shot, one wounded, one killed. they believed he was responsible for his killing and the retaliation was on. his murder was april 27th. the two were other -- others were shot on the 28th. on the 16th, his yougner brother. on january 7th, one man shot in april was show and wounded again. >> all 14 are violent repeat offenders. we have heard of two, three,
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five, seven, but this is all 14. >> in the past, these may have been handled by federal prosecutors of a handle stiffer process -- stiffer sentences. >> they are capable, competent, and sophisticated enough to build these kinds of cases in a way that we will achieve convictions. >> federal prosecutors are handling the cases of three people charged with selling cocaine driven to baltimore from resource in los angeles. reporting live, jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> leaders from the most powerful industrial nations are rolling up their sleeves to start the g-8 summit to focus on the european debt crisis among other things. crowns are expecting an influx of protesters. sally kidd has the story.
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>> president obama had move the location of the g-8 summit from chicago to camp david saying they wanted a more intimate setting for the talks. that has not stopped protesters. the leaders of the eight largest economies arrived for a weekend at camp david. on the top of the agenda? the european debt crisis. >> we're looking forward to a fruitful discussion tomorrow evening and with the other g- eight leaders. >> the summit is taking place a few miles of the road where the flags of the summit are flying from the main square. >> we are expecting more protesters. >> some of them have set up shop. >> we're looking at this bailout process and it has to stop. you cannot keep bailing out speculative death.
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>> business owners have posted american lives to welcome the world leaders, but he says his second-hand shop is empty for a friday afternoon. >> they are staying home. they do not want to get involved in the mix of things. i have had several customers come in today and they just say they want to go before things start happening in town. >> there worry most about the economy and their concern that the troubles in europe could make things worse year. >> i do not know what you do about it. i guess that's why they are meeting. they are the smart ones. i do not have a clue. >> the u.s. and other non- european nations are expected to seek assurances that european leaders will be able to contain the damage of the meltdown in greece. live in washington, sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> casual friday took on a new
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meeting. many employees were lifejackets to work. >> they came up with the idea to increase boating safety awareness. david collins has the story. >> according to the maryland natural resources police, 75% of boating deaths are due to drowning. they say wearing a life vest is just as necessary as putting on a seat belt or a motorcycle helmet. 24 people died in boating accidents last year alone. it is nearly double the 10-year average. authorities say the reluctance to wear a life jacket increases victim's chances of drowning. >> the afternoon. jack martin and associates. >> they're making a fashion statement. >> save the is another form of
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insurance. >> they're taking part in where your life jacket to work today to encourage responsible voting including wearing a personal growth -- personal flotation device. >> things happen. it's very important to be prepared. >> wearing a life jacket in an office setting is a great conversation starter. those on the boats using skype. >> why this one? >> it's pretty, soft, and funky. >> they understand the balance and recognize from personal experience that wearing a life jacket is the best way to prevent deaths. >> at any time, you can get knocked over. you can get pitched over the side. when the kids are in the boat, they may be water skiing and you turn around quickly and someone can go over the side. >> we did not see anyone
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navigating the creek in a life jacket. they all -- they documented 184 boating accidents including 24 deaths. this message is more than a public awareness campaign. the national resources police have been offering free boat safety inspections. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> tough news for commuters on the eve jfx. they are continuing the overnight closures in the vicinity of 29th. they will be repairing collapsed drainage pipes along the expressway and it will be completely close in both directions from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. a double-left lane closures will be in effect on northbound 83 from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and you can expect significant
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delays during peak hours. >> picture perfect downside today. it will last over the weekend for the preakness. here is the tom tasselmyer with a look. >> it was beautiful out here and it does look like it will continue heading into the preakness weekend. temperatures in the low 70's currently. hi, thin cloudiness, but overall the beautiful weather pattern and you can see the hint of a little bit of some high, thin clouds. they are associated with a storm way south. showers and big storms ease devotions city out over the atlantic but nothing coming our way and high pressure will hold strong today and tomorrow producing beautiful weather for preakness saturday. rob roblin has been monitoring conditions here inside.
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they have to be relieved to know that weather is not going to be a problem. >> exactly right. that's something they cannot control and it's always a real indicator as to how big a crowd, the weather. and the weather today has been outstanding. you're putting on the last minute touches this morning. pimlico management calls this their super bowl. they were making sure that everything is just right. >> this is a list of all the tables and chairs that are supposed to be out here so i'm driving around to make sure everything is set up as a how would supposed to be and looting in the remaining vendors not here yet. it is a lot of set up today. >> they were busy at work preparing the food for tomorrow. feeding 7000 people requires a lot of food. >> we have 800 pounds of salmon. 1,000 pounds of crab meat. 3,000 pounds of chicken breasts.
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>> corporate sponsors have become a big part of preakness. this is the underarm or tent. -- underarmor tent. >> sponsors and othesr involved in underarmor. >> there will be a special guest here tomorrow in this two-story chateau. >> there will be about 8-10 for the sheick and prince, vivip. air conditioning and amentitite. >> do you recognize this guy > he is the budweiser dalmatian part of the clydesdale team.
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>> there are 10 horses here this week. this is where he gets his exercise in the infield. >> he is the only dog here in. >> he was having a ball and he will have one tomorrow. it should be a great day. i will see you out here. rob roblin, wbal light and tv 11 news. >> is or press pass for the preakness to see behind the scenes video exclusive video. just click on "preakness." >> a ruling on same-sex marriage and the decision made by the highest courts concerning divorce. >> another decision on the future of dna samples. >> i'm gerry sandusky. a hall of fame jockey gets removed from his ride tomorrow.
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>> the highest court ruled today that same-sex couples can divorce even though maryland does not permit same-sex marriages. this of course should withhold recognition of a valid for a marriage only if it is repugnant to state public policy coming on the heels of a case involving two women married in california and then denied by maryland judge who said their merger was not valid. maryland has no ban on recognizing same-sex marriages in other jurisdictions.
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>> the court of appeals will not reconsider a move to use dna from other violent crimes. the court says it violates the 4th amendment. >> your insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it warmed up nicely this afternoon, but this morning temperatures were on the chilly side. 47 down at bwi marshall. many areas in western maryland were in the low 40's. 27 of the north in the adirondacks in northern upstate new york. 27 degrees to start this morning.
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75 at the airport. 74 is normal. 97 of the record high. very comfortable around the metro area now on to the eastern shore. old held top checking in. -- old hilltop checking in. this will hold on tomorrow, maybe a few degrees warmer. cool on the coast. around baltimore, 40's in the suburbs. sunset at just about 8:15. the high whether stretches down into the ohio river valley. unsettled weather on the carolina coast, but everyone else has a pretty nice weather pattern. starting to heat up. may feel some of that getting here towards the middle or end
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of next week. the high-pressure system carving out nice clear skies will remain for the preakness at just after 6:00. clear skies, maybe some high, thin cirrus clouds, but a fair weather pattern. the weather pattern will hold to the south of us and start pushing north and west into our area into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. the timing is perfect for the preakness. warmer than normal. 76-81. but humidity will be down to come east wind up 6-12. northeast wind on the bay. a water temperature is right around 70. high tide at fort mchenry at 6:35 a.m. again at 6:38 p.m. a gorgeous day tomorrow and on
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sunday. lows in the 40's. patchy fog tomorrow morning. picture-perfect weather. beautiful on the eastern shore. almost 80 degrees on saturday and sunday with senate a partly cloudy skies. factor in the eastern nebraska wind. low pressure down on the outer banks producing a strong wind. this will keep the temperatures in the 60's. only a 30% chance for showers and primarily sunday night going into monday. the bulk of the weekend booking really nice. 79 tomorrow. 78 sunday. shower chances began to move in late sunday night into monday. it will begin to taper off wednesday. once that moves out. 80 on thursday. mid 80's by next friday. >> from the susquehanna bank's
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board center. this is 11 sports. >> on the eve of the 137th running of the preakness stakes. the all-star jockey will not have a ride as he filled a breathalyzer test today at belmont in new york scheduled to ride tiger walk. him wither has replaced ramon at dominguez. you can see him over my shoulder, he is putting in his final work this morning. he finished second in the kentucky derby and he will try to interrupt the to the crown -- the triple crown hopes of i'll have another. the first thing he thought about was his son. imagine what he feels every time he saddles of this force.
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>> i respect the derby winner. hopefully i can turn the tables this time and get it done. i do not really get charged up when we walk over there. that is when it becomes the preakness. >> that will happen tomorrow. watching the horses run today in the black eyed susan. charging on the outside and taking the lead. disposable pleasure with a big charge to the out side. in lingerie with the wind and
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disposable pleasure finishes second. the heavy favorite fishing for today. a happy birthday to brooks robinson, 75 years old. he has been dealing with health issues. here's hoping it brings better luck to the best third baseman in orioles history. a short road trip to hathe nats. the o's in first place in the al east. the nats are 1 game out in the nl. we will see that unfold tonight. jackson goes tonight. game time 7:05. in help the weather is like this tomorrow. tom
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>> he says he will pay the residents' bills that takes off with their money. the scam artists police are trying to track down. >> preakness eve. racing enthusiasts flocking to baltimore and pimlico.
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>> thank you, mother nature, for a picture perfect weekend. >> nice today. >> and it is still lies out there. >> and double the rise again tomorrow, monday gumma tuesday, wednesday. it will be comfortable in the upper 70's. mid 70's with the showers moving through and may be hot and humid next week. >> summer will march on. >> thank you for joining us. >> "nbc nightly news" with brian williams is next.
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