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tv   Today  NBC  May 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back now with more of "today" on this monday morning. the 21st day of may, 2012. it was actually a spectacular weekend a few days ago here in the big apple. but not so much this morning. it's a very big day. everybody's outside still waving and happy saying hi to their family and friends back home. meantime we're all inside. >> and you're dewey fresh. >> i'm dripping because we were just doing that barbecue segment and i just got -- let's put it this way it's going to be a bad hair day for the rest of the day. i'm ann curry along with lester holt who is in for matt. we've got al roker and tamron hall has joined us. nice to have you here, tamron.
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coming up in this hour, talking about the answers to your diet questions. >> that's right. one of the biggest problems for anyone who's ever tried to lose weight is hitting that plateau. what do you do to break it? joy bauer talks about that. you lose a lot fast and then you hit that mark. you don't know what to do next. >> all right. so once you get your diet in shape now you want to get your finances in shape. and to do that we need to look at everything from buying gas to grocery shopping. we're going to tell you where you're spending too much money, and how you can save. >> then, a "today" exclusive, the new jersey mom accused of taking her young daughter to a tanning salon opens up about her headline making case and takes on her critics directly. ear going to hear from her coming up. >> also you may remember that last week we showed you this picture of natalie and al and savannah. and we asked you to tweet us your best caption. the results are in and our winning caption comes from @karenehowell who tweeted, and your thoughts of fifty shades of grey.
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anyway, i -- i don't know why you're reacting that way, al, to fifty shades of grey, but that -- we won't even go there. >> i'm very much in touch with my feminine side. >> we want to thank everybody who decided to send us their captions and to see some of the other great entries you can go to >> what she said. >> i thought that was a good one, as well. >> meantime natalie is on assignment but savannah guthrie is here to tell us the news. >> good morning to all of you. the final day of the nato summit in chicago today has police bracing for more demonstrations. nato leaders are recommitting to ending the war in afghanistan in 2014. even though some nato countries want to end their combat roles even sooner. afghan forces have set to take the lead in combat missions next year. meantime, one pair of newlyweds got caught in the middle of all the demonstrations. leading to some, shall we say, rather unique and unplanned wedding pictures. robin gibb has died after a long battle with cancer. together with his brothers gibb
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founded the singing group the bee gees, cranking out hit after hit, including "stayin' alive" and "night fever." gibb was 62 years old. a rare annular solar eclipse had millions of people from asia to the western u.s. looking up at the sky. the so-called ring of fire eclipse was last seen here in the u.s. back in 1994. and don't worry if you missed it, there will be another one in 11 years. amazing images from rural kansas about 50 miles from wichita where storm chasers caught this tornado on tape. 17 tornadoes were reported in the area on saturday damaging several homes. thankfully no injuries reported. a major status update for mark zuckerberg. the facebook co-founder married his college sweetheart priscilla chan in their california home. he even ditched the trade mark hoodie for a suit. for the third straight week "the avengers" conquered the
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weekend box office taking in $55.1 million. "battleship" debuted in second place with $25.4 million. and "the dictator" opened in third place. the billboard music awards happened over the weekend with highlights that included bobbi kristina brown accepting the millennium award on behalf of her mother, whitney houston. >> i'm just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman's life. there will never be another one. ever. >> and i thank you. all of you. fans, everyone. thank you. >> this is bobbi kristina's first major public appearance since her mother's sudden passing in february. and longtime "saturday night live" cast member kristen wiig seemed to be fighting back tears when she got a musical send-off this weekend from host mick jagger and her fellow cast members during the season finale of "snl."
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♪ ♪ when you change every new day i'm gonna miss you ♪ >> wiig has been withson for seven years. it is now 9:05. let's go back to al with a check of the weather. >> thanks so much, savannah. take a look, show you what we've got going on. besides the rain here in the northeast we do have tropical storm alberto. doesn't look like it's going to be much of a problem. it's got 40-mile-per-hour winds, moving southbound. it will be scooting off the southeastern atlantic coast. biggest problem will be rip currents alon the southeastern atlantic coast. otherwise, so long alberto. >> good morning. we will settle in with some clouds and rain showers. off and on showers is the forecast.
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>> and that's your latest weather. tamron? >> hey, al, thank you very much. this morning on "joy's diet s.o.s." answers to your daily diet dilemmas. "today" contributor and nutritionest joy bauer is here with answers on everything from hitting that weight plateau to vitamin deficiency. joy is the best selling author of "the joy fit club." good morning. >> good morning. >> all right, let's get to the questions. i know that you've got great answers. we're starting off with lisa in georgetown, delaware. lisa, good morning. >> good morning. >> so what's your question? >> well, i've lost over 40 pounds, and i seemed to reach a plateau. and it's like i lose a few pounds during the week and then i gain it back on the weekends,
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and with special events, tempting desserts, it's really hard to stick to my plan. so my question is, like how do i, you know -- how do i notify gate the weekend without undoing a week's worth of work. >> i'm going to give you a hey man, sister. i think a lot of people can relate to that. >> this is a very, very typical scenario. it's usually because on the weekends we're way less structured than we are during the week. and also like you mentioned there are temptations everywhere. so this is what you're going to do starting this week. first, when it's wednesday or thursday, i want you to look ahead to your weekend, and make a plan. make it formalized and structured. i even want you to formalize and structure the down time. because it's going to make it much easier for you to stick to a healthy eating plan. and exercise on saturday and sunday, and preferably in the earlier part of the day, because exercise will automatically up your food resolve. and secondly, i want you to look at your weekend plan and pick one fun, delicious splurge that you're going to look forward to
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and don't use it up on friday night. save it for saturday late afternoon or evening or maybe a spectacular sunday brunch. and then it's only one thing. it's not going to derail all the work that you put in during the week. you're going to wake up on monday morning feeling light, energized and ready to conquer. those few pounds that you lost the week before will still be off. i'm positive. >> wow. lisa, thank you. i got a quick question though staying on track you say make the weekend more structured. does that set you up for failure if you fall off the plan? >> no, no. but it gives you a road map and you're much more likely to stick with it. again the structure just means knowing what your weekend plans are. >> let's get to brenda in los alamos, new mexico. good morning, what's your question? >> good morning, joy. my question is, i'm wondering how to approach my weight loss plan so that my skin isn't left draping once the weight is gone. does neoprene wrapping -- does wrapping with ace bandages or neoprene wraps or other methods promote skin tightening when a person is dropping pounds?
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>> unfortunately, no. and there's nothing you can really do to control your skin's response when you lose a significant amount of weight. now, some people are genetically blessed with a lot of elastin and they snap right back into shape. but the vast majority of people are not that lucky. none of those methods that you mention will really work too well. you just have to really focus on all of the positives. don't get stuck on this one negative. think about all the whole host of health conditions that you might be able to reverse. you're going to feel terrific. you're going to get better night's sleep. you're going to look fabulous and there's always surgery if it bothers you a lot. it's a little involved. it can be costly. or there's fabulous undergarments like yummy tummy and spanx that tuck and hide and will really make you feel terrific. >> all right, brenda. good luck and congratulations on having lost the weight to have that issue. you have to lose it first. >> it's a great issue to have. it really is. people have to remember that. >> congratulations, brenda. now we have a viewer immaim.
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catherine in new york city rights, i get a latte every morning when i get to work. i get to my desk, have a few sips then don't get a chance to finish it. is it okay to reheat it and continue to drink it after lunch? that's a long time. >> it's a long time. and she's got to toss the latte. here's why. when it sits it's going to settle into a temperature range between 40 and 140 degrees fahrenheit and that's that range that bacteria can just thrive. and a lot of the bacteria will not be spried when you heat it. even though she's popping it in the microwave she's still going to be at a risk for getting a foodborne illness. trash it and just buy another one later on in the afternoon. >> another e-mail. this is juanita in new jersey. she writes, joy, the doctor just told my husband that his b-12 is low. can you tell us what foods have b-12? >> so b-12, vitamin b-12 is abundant in fish and dairy and eggs and meats and poultry and also fortified in some vegetarian foods like breakfast cereals and soy items.
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most people that have a deficiency in b-12, it's not because they're not eating enough from foods, most of the time because of two common conditions. he needs to speak with his physician. it could be pernicious anemia or atroughic gastritis. in that case our body can't absorb the natural b-12 in foods and he's going to need a supplement to bring him back up to baseline. it's really important to speak with your physician and find out why -- >> it's not as simple as grabbing a vitamin. >> no. but there are a lot of foods. he should maybe take the supplement and eat the foods and when his levels are back up to normal. just foods alone. >> good stuff. thank you joy. coming up, excess spending. how to stop and save thousands of dollars. and later hot style as your summer heats up. but first these messages. you know, we're a little early for this thing... want to hop in the back and get weird? no. family vacation... vegas. ♪ no. no. give it a big yank! really? yeah!
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"today's money" is brought to you by bank of america. >> this morning on "today's money," making money mistakes. a lot of us are spending too much but with some smart financial moves you can start saving literally thousands of dollars. farnoosh torabi is the host of financially fit on yahoo! finance. great to see you. >> so great to see you. >> tough times yet we still are in little and not so little ways waste money. >> it's human nature. we don't have the time sometimes to really think through a purchase, to plan ahead. we fall prey to marketing tactics. i think in some cases there are misc m misconexceptions about what products and services are worth their value. >> one we have to use, food. >> exactly. we are leaking money. food is probably number one.
9:16 am
according to the book american wasteland we waste about 25% of our food every year. that amounts to about $2200 on average a year. >> wow. >> researchers at harvard have done the research and said we do overspend on groceries, particularly at the warehouse clubs. >> hmm. >> when we buy perishables. >> we think we're getting a deal. >> there are ways to be a savvy bulk buyer but it can get really tricker. to save a couple things. take inventory of what you have in your cabinets and fridge before you go to the grocery store so you're not overbuying. and invest in a freezer. a second freezer. some of the most frugal families in america, this is their thing. they stock up on meats and cheeses when they go on sale and they freeze them and they have them for the rest of the year. >> and have a list. >> have a list and stick to it. >> okay. next, buying gasoline. >> there is an octane myth, al, out there, aaa and consumer reports caution us to avoid this octane myth. this concept that you drive up to pump gas, you see, you know,
9:17 am
regular, mid level, and premium, and you assume it's a good, better, best scenario. not true. most cars just need regular. the 87 level of octane. a lot of drivers kind of, again, mrs. a misconception the higher the octane the gbetter it is fo my car. that's false. the difference can be 50 cents per gallon, over $300 a year. check your manual. >> i was going to say. >> definitely check your manual. >> atm fees. >> every year atm fees just keep soaring. last year they hit a record, including not only your bank's fee but charging you for going out of network and also the atm's own surcharge. so, a couple of things you can do to avoid this up to $4 to $5 slap every time you go to the atm. use your bank's atm. i know that's sometimes easier said than done but these days with technology, al, you can just download your bank's mobile app it will tell you where is the closest bank. or your zip code. if you can't do that, another
9:18 am
option, another app is called the my mobile all points app. it's free. it will tell you what atms are around you that have no surcharge. so while your bank may charge you a fee you may not get the surcharge. so you can save 50%. >> a lot of online banks. >> ally, ing direct, a lot of banks will either reimburse you for fees or give you freebies. >> gym membership. >> so huge. >> they count on it. >> totally. we're all sort of guilty of this. researchers at stanford business school said 80% of gym members who hold an unlimited gym membership overestimate how often they're going to hit the treadmill. so a couple ways to save here. one is work out with a buddy. we've done stories on the "today" show, if you work out with a buddy you're going to not only enjoy the workout more, you're going to hit that treadmill. there's an app. i'm very app happy today. called gym pact p-a-c-t by harvard students. you make a bet whether you're going to go to the gym or not.
9:19 am
when you do, you get paid. when you don't you pay it. 90% of users stick to their promise. >> extended warranties. >> usually you don't want to go for these. it's a marketing tactic. most don't require an extended warranty except for probably pcs and laptops, consumer reports found that 30% of pcs tend to break down by their fourth year. at which point the basic warranty is finished. >> by then you'll want pay new one anyway. >> if you're al roker for sure. >> i think everybody wants the newest thing. anyway then you're spending money. farnoosh torabi. still ahead the top ten cities for college grads looking for jobs. i love cash back. with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries. 3% on gas. automatically. no hoops to jump through. no annual fee. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagna. 3% back on [ friends ] road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!
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♪ life is amazing with the love that i've ♪ ♪ found well, with diploma in hand a new batch of college graduates is entering the workforce and looking for jobs. >> over the past five years, careerbuilder found the best cities. >> here from,
9:23 am
chris, good morning. >> good morning. >> glad to have you up. number ten is baltimore. nine philadelphia, eight houston, seven chicago, number six, atlanta. >> tell us what the criteria for is. >> we looked at four primary factors, npt number of entry level jobs in the market. the average based salary for those jobs. we looked at the average one-bedroom rents, since most recent college grads are going to be renting rather than buying. and we looked at the unemployment rate in those markets and came up with our list. >> at number five, keep in the heart of -- >> dallas. >> tamron is from dallas. >> yes, where i lived right out of college and struggled. >> dallas, texas, below average rents and good opportunities in telecom, technology and manufacturing. >> okay. number four, minneapolis. >> minneapolis, a little bit higher than the average rent which is about $940. they're about $975. but great opportunities, and low unemployment. >> bring a big coat >> yes, a little bit cool there.
9:24 am
>> a little bit. >> boston. >> so boston you know, great college town obviously. great buy for recent college grads. those universities also provide opportunities, expensive though, $1800 a month for a one bedroom. >> speaking of expensive, number two the big apple. i can't imagine being straight out of college and moving to new york city. >> will they be able to afford it? >> it is among the most expensive but has the highest based salary and there's a lot of opportunities primarily in banking and financial services. >> number one, our nation's capital, washington. >> absolutely. so washington, d.c., tops the list based on primarily very low unemployment, 5.5%. well below the national average. and opportunities in government, public policy, education, and of course the election, lots of jobs available as well. >> turnover almost every four years. >> exactly. guaranteed. >> chris brown. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we're in unison today. coming up affordable summer styles.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> we of clouds and rainshowers to start the work week. it will be off and on through the evening and into tonight as well. i don't think it will be a steady rain out. slight chance we could see a thunderstorm this afternoon. chance for a shower or
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> i want to challenge you to a game of bubble soccer. >> give it up for lester holt! >> put your hands together for david "stretch" gregory! >> oh, my gosh! >> wow. and you know now why we didn't get to see it. you never know what kind of trouble jimmy fallon is going to get into. lester holt and david gregory getting into a match of bubble soccer. stephen colbert also joining. >> no way, jimmy. >> oh, jimmy fallon is coming in here for a visit tomorrow on "today." cannot wait. >> he wears the blue spandex
9:31 am
leggings. >> if you're watching jimmy -- >> meanwhile just ahead an exclusive interslew with that new jersey woman known as the tan mom. she's accused of taking her little girl into a tanning booth. but now she wants to set the record straight, saying that she's a good mom and that she shouldn't be judged. we'll hear from her. >> all right we'll also -- >> we are on tv right now. all right we're going to switch gears to fashions, okay and light and easy is the key to sultry, summer style from flowy dresses to swimsuit cover-ups and old accessories we're going to show you the newest looks for summer. >> and the flavors of mexico in "today's kitchen" with a traditional casserole using layered tortillas. it is super easy to put together, and it has got a lot of flavor. >> hmm. looks good. >> we want to get the check of the weather. >> let's see what we've got for you as we look ahead for today. a lot of wet weather in the northeast, mid-atlantic states. the pacific northwest it's going
9:32 am
to be windy. tropical storm alberto off the coast. showers in the mississippi river valley. tomorrow sunny and warm along the eastern seaboard, interior new york, new england, will see rain, heavy rain, down in southern florida, sizzling from texas into the southwest. and more rain continues in the pacific northwest, with a risk of some strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley. >> good morning. it will be eight rainy start for us. off and on rain shares. breezy and kind of cool. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up nexted so-called tan
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we're back with our exclusive interview with the new jersey mom accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning booth. mara schiavocampo talked to her. >> good morning. patricia krentcil, also known as the tan mom, said she decided to speak because she wanted to set the record straight and let people know that she is a good mother. while she has come to be known as the tan mom, patricia krentcil wants people to understand what her life is really all about. that of a busy housewife and mother of five kids. >> i'm up at 3:00 in the morning making sure all the wash is done, my husband goes to work at 4:30. works on wall street, and then i
9:37 am
make pancakes, pack their bags, and they're all off and gone, and then i work all day inside and outside of this house. >> reporter: in her backyard on a sunny day, we speak to krentcil exclusively, about the attention surrounding her devotion to tanning, and the allegations that she brought her then-5-year-old daughter inside a tanning bed, a claim she denies. >> she never went in. she never went in. >> reporter: prosecutors say krentcil's daughter anna, now 6, turned up at her elementary school with a sunburn last month, prompting a school nurse to contact police. although krentcil admits her daughter was burned, she says it was caused by the sun, and not artificial rays from a tanning bed. >> it was beautiful out. and they went in the kiddie pool. she's a redhead. she got sunburnt. >> reporter: but essex county prosecutors allege anna's burns were caused by a trip to city tropics, a tanning salon krentcil visited up to 20 times a month.
9:38 am
she's been charged with second degree child endangerment. >> i'm innocent. >> reporter: earlier this month krentcil pled not guilty in court. she continues to proclaim her innocence. >> we're fighting these charges because i'm not guilty. every allegation was completely wrong, and i just want people to leave us alone. >> reporter: but, like it or not, krentcil has remained in the spotlight. >> leave me alone! >> reporter: her overly bronzed appearance making headlines and punch lines. >> is she tanning or did she fall down a chimney? she looks like wile e. coyote after the dynamite stick blows up. >> reporter: she's inspired an action figure. and even a skit on "snl." >> piece of bread. >> yep. >> put it between my thighs. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: krentcil says she's taking it all in stride. but her kids have not. >> they're mad. they're mad, they're picking on mommy again.
9:39 am
>> reporter: several new jersey tanning salons krentcil never even visited have now banned her. a move she calls pathetic. >> i didn't do anything wrong. if there's something wrong about getting your nails done, or somebody who smokes too much, or somebody who overeats, if this is such a problem, why wouldn't this have said years ago. >> reporter: krentcil says what upsets her most is how her tanned complexion brought on negative comments about her parenting. now she has a message for those who judge her. >> look in the mirror and look at yourself. instead of looking at me. i'm sorry i'm tan. i like to be tan. it just feels good. but, i really think that these moms or dads need to step off and step away. >> now krentcil says she is looking forward to her next court appearance scheduled for
9:40 am
june 4th because, in her words, she is innocent. i should add she also said she has not been to a tanning salon since all this happened. >> wow. >> she still looks pretty tan. >> well. the depth of the tanning. >> there's always the sun. >> the old-fashioned way. >> exactly. >> well, mara, thank you. >> up next, -- >> jinx. >> sexy styles for every occasion, with or without a tan. right after this. [ man on radio ] it's a scorcher out there folks...
9:41 am
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this morning on "today's style," outfits for every summer occasion, whether a pool party pore a backyard barbecue. isabel gonzalez whitaker is here with some sizzling fashions. good morning. >> good morning. thank you so much. >> before we bring out our models, what, to you, is the key for a good summer look? >> well, you want comfort, obviously, but you want to look great, as well. so loose silhouettes, lightweight fabrics. even colors that reflect light, so lighter, bright colors. and then look for details, whether it's in the design or the accessories that really elevate the look. >> so we've got four different summer events. let's bring out carmella. she is going to a pool party. we will check out her very summery outfit. >> she is wearing a summery outfit in that beautiful yellow and we picked a dress. if you're going to be getting in and out of the pool, separates can be cumbersome. a great dress with a loose silhouette that you can also belt is really an effective and
9:45 am
functional look. and look for something with a little bit of drama like this asymmetrical hem. all our looks are under $100. this is $84 from top shop and we've sort of dressed it up with a great fedora, keep you safe in the shade, and then some colorful sandals. >> and cute tote, as well. >> a straw tote you can't go wrong because if it gets wet it doesn't get damaged. >> she can take off the belt and use the dress as a cover-up. >> totally. >> looks good carmella. thank you so much. our next occasion is a summer barbecue. this is brigitte showing off her look. >> that's right. brigitte is wearing a wonderful and very convenient, we love a peasant top. both because of the construction, the structure, the fabric, it's airy, it's breezy. oftentimes it's a very sheer fabric. really, you know, it allows for movement of air. you're going to be really cool. this is by lucky brand from lord & taylor. we've paired it with classic denim shorts which is such an all-american barbecue kind of look. now instead of cutoff shorts we've decided a more polished
9:46 am
look with a trouser cut and a darker wash. because the shirt is a bit bohemian we've played it up with global accessories like a raffia straw bag, sandals and some great global necklaces. >> i know she's got her latest issue of "in style". >> if case there's quiet time at the barbecue. >> and her hair is loose and flowy, too. >> exactly. >> thank you so much, bridget. our next item we have a cocktail party and here's alex coming up. >> we picked a maxi dress for the cocktail party. the idea being a relaxed silhouette isn't too fussy. nobody is going to mistake this as an evening gown. the color makes an impact. the great gold belt. what we really like, too, is it's got these great slits so it's very feminine. again, airy and breezy, and some wonderful stacked heels by franco sarto. function as a heel but you're not going to sing into the grass.
9:47 am
>> the colors are so pretty. they look like a cocktail. like the sea breeze or something. >> a good margarita. blood orange margarita. >> we're ready. >> okay, thank you so much. you look great. and our final event that we will have for the summer is of course the summer concert. >> the summer concert. the idea here is that you might be dancing, you might be standing, you might be sitting down. you could be at a music festival. you want to wear something you're going to be come for theable for many hours. look for a loose silhouetted tank style dress or halter style dress. this one has lace so it elevates the look. what's really key so this look, we paired it with motorcycle boots which is so on trend right now for the season. it's a bit of an investment. these are by frye a little bit over $200. motorcycle boots you can wear year-round. >> some people thought oh, that's too heavy. >> but it's not. first of all it keeps your toes protected from the crowd. and second of all, it's a comfortable, super comfortable look, and right now, this edge of masculine versus feminine,
9:48 am
super popular. >> let's bring all our models out one last time so we can have a look. you're ready for four different events. summer is upon us. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> isabel gonzalez whitaker from "in style." up next, mexican food made easy. first this is "today" on nbc. #ff
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9:50 am
this morning in "today's kitchen" we're spicing things up with a mexican-style lasagna. instead of pasta, we're using tortillas. marcella is the host of food network's mexican made easy. it's a traditional dish with authentic flavors, and even better, it's delicious and it's easy. marcella, good to see you. >> good to see you. how are you? >> good. this is very exciting. i never heard of this kind of a lasagna. >> it's called a pasta azteca. an aztec cake.
9:51 am
instead of using pasta sheets we're going to use these. >> how do we get started? >> we have to fry the tortillas just a tiny bit. same way you would do with enchiladas. >> are these flour or corn? >> these are corn. you fry them because we're making a wonderful sauce and you want to make sure it stands up to the sauce and doesn't get all soggy. it's going to make it fine -- >> it's a gluten free recipe. >> exactly. it sure is. just a couple seconds, you don't want to make a tosta. you want them to be pliable. like a lasagna you need various fillings. we're going to make a saw tao with garlic and onion and then i've got some tomato puree. you've always got the option of making it from scratch, which i always choose to do. but you can absolutely just buy the puree from the supermarket and use that and make your life a whole lot easier. >> could you use crushed tomatoes? >> absolutely. what you want to do is just achieve a nice, smooth sauce so
9:52 am
when you're layering you get most of the texture from what we're doing right here. >> the other great thing about this is, you know, in a sense you're adding a lot of vegetables. you're hiding vegetables from the kids. >> oh, absolutely. i have a young son, he's around here somewhere. >> actually he's a gorgeous young man, got long hair. i said oh, is that your daughter outside? >> oh, yeah. >> i didn't say it to him. i said it to you. you don't have to repeat that. >> he's watching you right now. so it's too late. but you know what -- >> back to this. >> back to this. this is really good because he's going to get tomatoes, onions, garlic, zucchini that i'm going to saute. a little bit of corn and we're going to get nice, smoky flavor and not too much heat from some poblanos. these beautiful ones right here. we peeled them and cut them into stripped. >> is this a store bought version or do you have to do this? >> there's no comparison in using the fresh. it only takes a couple minutes and it makes your house smell amazing. just char them directly over a
9:53 am
gas burner so they're all blackened and then peel them and slice and that's it. and the flavor is just, you can't compare. >> how long would you saute? >> for about a good -- and then we're going to add some water. what we're going to do. we want everything to steam up and get really, really soft. we're looking at eight minutes. everything softens up and it's nice and yummy. and then, lasagna layering time. >> okay. >> this is basically what we're doing. we want to grab the tortillas. and exactly as you would a lasagna, you're going to take some of that tomato sauce from the bottom. on the bottom. and then we're going to layer with some of the zucchini, with the corn, the fresh corn and the poblano. and then we're going to layer with a couple of those tortillas. >> right here? >> just over the top, yes. just doing half so you get a good idea. then a little bit of the tomato. so you basically repeat. >> make a layer. >> exactly. >> and then, we're just going to add a little bit of sour cream or mexican, whatever you have
9:54 am
available. a little bit of the cheese. you're going to fill up the whole dish. you can use any white melting cheese. monterey jack cheese, oaxaca cheese would be great. and then you come back here. >> put this in the oven? >> put this in the oven. >> oh, my gosh! >> who can mistake this for a girl. >> oh! >> the cutest boy in the world. >> and he's got missing the teeth there. >> okay. and then some fresca with the strawberries, apricot, a little bit of sugar. >> what's your name again, young man? >> fausto. >> fausto. >> very nice, fausto. very good. >> thank you. >> coming up, kathie lee and hoda, affordable beach vacations. bring this drink. >> first your local news and weather. ♪ jimmy bond
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