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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  May 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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area cordoned off where they suspect bailed out of the car into some wooded area. police are looking for the suspect. we hope to get that video to you. khyam capt. roy taylor. >> thank you. >> a warning for anyone doing shopping on craigslist. >> robbers would lure them to a meeting spot and hold them up at gunpoint. kim dacey has more on tonight's big story. >> no one has been injured in any of these cases but police say in a couple of them, the suspects made off with $2,000. >> the police are not taking any chances. these are individuals that are armed and they pose a
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significant danger. we want everyone to be aware of what is going on. >> a warning to anyone who uses commerce sites like craigslist. robberies have been related to craig's list. the suspect will put a false ad for jewelry, coins, or dirt bikes. then they invite the buyer to a neighborhood and rob them of cash and take off. >> we know they are linked. this perpetrator is not alone. in some cases, there were two people at the robbery. they suspect is acting with a group of, -- accomplices. >> they had noticed things of the ordinary. >> my concern is foot traffic has picked up. it is people who do not live in the neighborhood. >> no one has been heard yet but they want people to be smart about using sites like
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craigslist. meek the seller in a well populated area. know the name and check up on them online. tell them you are paying with a certified check. >> if they are not legitimate they will not take that money. you're not walking around with large sums of cash. >> police have several good leads on the suspect and hope to make an arrest soon. >> thank you. authorities are investigating another case of police in person nation in al condo county -- anne arundel county. he was trying to perform sobriety tests on people. this happened in the parking lot of the buffalo wild wings restaurant in annapolis. he was claiming to be undercover when he drove up to some vehicles. he is not only in charged with police impersonation but also
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disorderly conduct. >> officials say there is no reason to worry. they are concerned about something else. why baltimore is not attracting business like its competitor. >> the hilton hotel was martin o'malley's when he was mayor. it was a big project that required a tough vote from city council. its critics from -- do the critics from those days have the right to say i told you so? >> the city owned hilton hotel has shown losses each year since it opened in 2008. the top development director said taxpayers do not feel it. >> delton baltimore convention center hotel is making a profit and has not caused the citizens of baltimore one penny. >> financial statements show the hotel lost money.
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the losses are due to items like depreciation and not real losses. >> their book losses. they're not losses that come back to the citizens and say the hotel is running in the red and we have to raise the property tax. quex the revenues were down in 2011 and it was forced to dip into a reserve account. >> we had to do it before and we hope not to do it again. >> the warnings were there. >> delegate mitchell was on the city council when the hotel was approved. not a fan, believing the private sector was better suited for the hotel business. he said the city has no choice but to improve performance. >> we as city residents and taxpayers will be on the hook. we cannot afford that. >> he'business is off more so
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than baltimore and washington. >> brody says the documents they development corporation has put together will show the hotel has operated at a net profit of $350,000 since 2008. i am jayne miller. >> your water rate could be going up by 10% if you live in baltimore city. public works officials are proposing a hearing to recommend an increase in water and sewage rates but for city customers only. the increase is required to meet federal and state mandates. >> i do not think it is any surprise to anybody here. you have been out on some of these devastating water main breaks from all the
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infrastructure. we will be increasing the amount of new mains we installed. >> the average family is paying $1,065 a year. with the increase, it goes into $1,165 a year. officials say low algae from a bloom is killing fish. we understand the sights and smells are tough to take. >> all you have to do is ask someone what it smells like. it will tell you it does not smell good. take a look at this. thousands of dead fish floating in the creek killed from a lack of wateoxygen. >> the thing that is killing
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fish as low aoxygen. >> you can imagine with all these dead fish what this must smell like. >> the stench, you know. it is so bad. >> how many dead fish have you seen? >> hundreds. rock fish, white perch, catfish, shad. must be shed. >> algae grows on nutrients caused by storm water runoff. >> we're talking about extra nutrients. oxygen and phosphorus. -- nitrogen and phosphorus. this is what causes them to take over the water column. >> the critical number is over my finger. that is dissolved oxygen. at the bottom we are measuring
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0.07. it is essentially zero and it needs to be over 5. >> cruise from the department of the environment have been counting fish and checking oxygen levels. it is that lack of oxygen which is the cause of this fishkill. >> when the algae die they decompose and all the oxygen leaves the water. >> when they do not get it, they died. >> that is right. that is what is going on right now. >> how many fish are we talking about? experts tell me about 20,000 they have counted so far. surprised if it is around 100,000 dead fish. >> you can see from the pictures there is some sunshine breaking through the clouds and warming
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things up around the beltway. it has been a dry afternoon. temperatures to near 80 degrees. from elk ridge into baltimore city and white marsh eastbound towards paris point and edgemere. some storms are surrounding the baltimore area. some storms are rumbling around the area. some heavy showers in d.c. and frederick. there will be some isolated storms to dodge early tonight. the temperatures will stay warm. less thunderstorms and higher temperatures is the trend for the weekend. details in the seven-day forecast coming next. >> the baltimore ravens squad hit the field for some off- season training in owings mills. it is a first look at their acquisitions.
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time to go one-on-one. >> i am here with jacoby jones. welcome to baltimore. >> i appreciate you for having me and i am enjoying myself. >> what is the hardest part about coming with a new team? how hard is it to adjust? >> it is not hard. when i came in on my visit, they took me and like i was a teammate. we have been hanging like brothers already. >> what has it been like, what kind of rapport? >> i get into the system, watching the films and i understand the place. i note how joe goes through his progression. >> what was about baltimore when you said this is where want to be? >> i walked in and as soon as i walked in, the guys embraced me. they took me in.
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it is laid back. airlines me of new orleans. >> you are from louisiana. it is a little bit different culture. you have ed reid to help you. >> i can bring that country to the east coast. >> in the playoff games, you had a play here that had some moments that you would like to put behind you. you are wearing a purple instead of the blue. maybe a chance to erase that. >> i am trying to make a play. i will get cheers. >> thank you for time. >> much better to get shares then -- cheers than boos.
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>> the dutch bishops already has one clear goal to accomplish. >> to be part of the diocese. >> we have been getting a number calls about stomachs -- a mysterious explosions in the city. we are on that when we come back. >> the bain
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>> you're looking at video just into the newsroom. a police pursuit that began in northwest baltimore. it progresses to the suspect bailing out of the vehicle. the car is slowing down. we will see the suspect bail out of the vehicle. he runs into a vacant house in southwest baltimore. the vehicle coming to a stop. this is in west baltimore. police have been searching homes on west saratoga street and on north colton. no word on what the person is suspected of but we will update you later. if you live northeast baltimore, there is a lot of rumbling going
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on starting friday. we told you about a sewer line project along argon drive. crews are blasting through bedrock. for anyone who may have heard sounds earlier, officials told us they forgot to notify people beforehand. they say you will hear a warning siren go off first. mitt romney less than 100 delegates from clinching the gop nomination after a set of primary wins in the arkansas and kentucky. the bain backlash continues as the obama takes heat for attack ads on his former company. good evening. >> mitt romney was here to talk about his education policy and for the first time you can hit back -- he hit back hard on those ads.
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mitt romney did not parse words, washing out at the president over free enterprise. >> president obama has decided to attack success. it is no wonder so many of his own supporters are calling on him to stop the war on his own. >> is one of those things that the obama campaign hopes to define mitt romney with. it is one of the things that meant romney is pushing back on. >> he defended his record in "time"magazine. accusing the president of diverting attention from the weak economy. >> we have seen layoffs, cutbacks. >> we are going to put america
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back to work. quex his campaign intended to give it back from the battle. >> with more personal ads, focusing on his work with veterans and medicare. >> several new polls out show the president and mitt romney locked in a dead heat. for now the jury is out over whether this bain issue will have an impact. >> in tonight's medical alert. and is about contraception that may surprise you. research finds that women who are on long-lasting irreversible contraception such as an iud or implant are less look like a -- less likely to get pregnant than women on the pill. tjeor choic
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their choice -- 130 had been on the patch, the pill, or the ring. long-lasting contraception has very low failure rates but they ir high up-front cost deters women from using them. mothers getting a flu vaccine during pregnancy are helping their babies, it was found. researchers used a database and they found vaccinated mothers were less likely to have a baby that was small for its gestational age and these mothers were less likely to have a preterm births. the information needs to be confirmed in future studies. most of you know what sleep apnea is. when a person stops breathing many times during the night and is associated with a loud snoring, martech, and struck. researchers found people with severe sleep apnea are five
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times more likely to die from cancer. obesity can be a cause of sleep apnea, the cancer association was stronger among people who were not obese. experts stress there's no proof that apnea causes cancer. inadequate oxygen increases tumor growth, animal studies found. >> a warm and humid afternoon. a front stalled over the atlantic. we seashores on storms -- see showers and storms. up toward the eastern part of 83. and shower trying to get going and heavier showers over the bay. all this drifting from southeast up to the northwest. kind of rotating from the bay to
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the amounts as low pressure to the south steers the storms as they develop. they're kind of slow moving. if you get underneath one, a heavy downpour could occur. we have seen activity to the west. showers and storms are showing up on the eastern shore and working their way across the bay. a look at precipitation around the area. we see more in parts of frederick and washington counties and some suburbs of d.c. some showers are beginning to appear over the eastern shore. we will have to deal with this tonight and into tomorrow. 82 downtown. marshall. the winds have kicked in over the east. the sea breeze brought some cool air in off the ocean. cool temperatures in the mountains as well. the shower and thunderstorm activity diminishing as we head
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toward morning. expect some fog and clouds to remain after the showers wind down. lows from 60 to 68. this area of unsettled weather that shows up nicely. down into eastern north carolina. all that associated with this from the pushed in year and is beginning to fade away. low pressure is focusing of the stronger storm. -- focusing the stronger storms. more popping up tomorrow. we cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm. on the weekend, it will warm up and the storms will become more isolated. mostly cloudy. a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. highs from 78 to 83. the wind on the bay at 5 knots with waves at 1 foot.
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90-80's friday and around from saturday through monday. >> and 15-year-old suspended from school for trying to raise awareness about bullying. >> i started crying. i could not believe was in trouble for something i was working on. >> we will take a look at her >> we will take a look at her we love gardening...
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>> it is a heartbreaking display of cyber-bling using a facebook account as a backdrop. this is fake. the team created the account and a video to raise awareness about bullying. the message was bullying is preventable. not everyone knew it was fake. she has been suspended from school. jessica barba and her father are asking for the decision to be reversed.
5:27 pm
>> i expect former to be able to go back the -- to school and this can be fixed. >> we should point out the video and the page had disclaimers saying haley bennet was a fictional character. >> he talked to a group of students and tell them about the importance of respect for one's cast mates -- classmates and recognizing bullying. >> at some point, everyone has been part of or seen it happen. you have to let kids know that you want to be -- you want to treat them like you want to be treated. i am trying to tell them about my experiences and help with that.
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>> if you do not know, he is a baltimore county native who played high school basketball at archbishop's spalding high there the draftehe was draftedo nba. >> a growing problem on the nation's airlines. >> they do not make it easier. >> that could translate into more trouble fees for you and your family. the details next. >> making a bit of
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>> live, local, late-breaking.
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this is wbal tv 11 news at five in hd. with stan stovall, donald donna hamilton. >> jacqueline williams is taking the reins as the first african- american female principle. she is no stranger to the campus. she is a graduate, a former teacher, dean of students, and interim director. >> it is official. she is the new head of one of the nation's top high schools. we have that story. >> she told me she has always been an educator and hurt even in grade school. she is writing a new chapter in her career as a baltimore city educator. >> it is just unbelievable that
5:31 pm
i have reached this point in my life to become t leader of, i am going to say, one of the best schools in the nation. >> jacqueline williams is home grown. this is where she got her start as a student and a graduate of the class of 1981. >> i have been through the ranks and i know what poly used to bring about a successful student. i want to take it to where it is the top in the nation. >> she has a lot invested and in upholding the reputation for academic success. >> i love when i see light bulbs, and for my students. miss williams, i got it. they often come back and say, you told me so and that is what i like to see in my kids. >> jacqueline williams knows she is making history as the first african-american female director. that promotion is still sinking
5:32 pm
in. >> i was so elated about being director. i am still on clouds whether or not this is true. i am truly grateful for being given the opportunity. being the first female, african- american female principal is just, or cannot explain it. it is a dream that has come true for me. not knowing that this even exists. >> williams may have a new title but she will tell you she has the same work ethic. which helped her climb the ladder of success. >> i am about structure. not wanting to leave the building until my last assignment has been completed. my days and here at 7:00 p.m. each and every night. >> williams is the mother of two daughters, one is a math teacher and her youngest daughter is a rising senior debt to poly and
5:33 pm
she has a granddaughter who, you guessed it, is making plans to become a teacher. >> wishing her the best of luck. also, more funding for school construction across the state. the state board of public works approved funneling $161 million in un allocated school funding into construction costs. representatives from 19 jurisdictions came before the board to seek portions of the rest of that funding. >> one of our top stories. police continued to search a row homes where they believe the suspect has run into after fleeing with a stolen car. we will take you back to capt. roy taylor. >> they of broken down that search at the homes. we do not know if they have spotted anybody. a stolen bmw is still here. police are getting a tow truck
5:34 pm
to recover it. we hoped to show you some video. the city police helicopter spotted the stolen car going down monroe street near north avenue. they notified ground units and ground units attempted to stop the car. since it was driving so recklessly, there were trying to break off the pursuit. the vehicle was able to elude ground units and go to this location at carrolton and saratoga where they driver build up. the city helicopter watched this sense -- the suspect run into the building. >> a warning from baltimore city police. if you use craigslist to make purchases. they say robbers have been preying on craigslist users who are looking to buy coins,
5:35 pm
jewelry, and dirt bikes. robbers lord would-be buyers to the same spot and stole to $2,700 in cash. police are recommending that people wanting to buy something from craigslist meet the seller in a well lit, well populated area and use a cashier's check. >> a senate hearing on that prostitution scandal in columbia put mark sullivan at the center of intense questioning by senators on capitol hill. the head of the secret service insists the colombian prostitution scandal was an aberration. >> the individuals did some really dumb things and i cannot explain why they would have done what it did. i do not believe they did it because they believed this type of behavior would be tolerated. >> director mark sullivan rejected reports that a rogue parties were so commonplace they
5:36 pm
had a nickname, the secret service. lawmakers are not buying it. >> this misconduct was most certainly not an isolated incident. >> if one of the agents had not argued with one of the women about how much he owed her, the world would never have known this sordid story. >> i believe and i have a lot of faith in our men and women that someone would have reported this misconduct. this goes beyond the pale. >> a survey found 60% of employees would report something unethical if they saw it. "the washington poes" reports what happened -- some employees say what happened in colombia is business as usual. the women posed no danger to president obama's security. >> the women for the most part
5:37 pm
were simply prostitutes. that is a rather strange thing for us to take comfort in in this case. >> the dirty laundry of the secret service, secret no more. senators are calling on the department of homeland security to do a second, independent investigation. >> some angry over an error in the u.s. census. >> the euro somehow -- bureau somehow miscounted millions of minorities. >> details on how you can celebrate this telegraph and morse code straight ahead. morse code straight ahead.
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>> it has been one week since the archbishop's installation. it is his first catholic school
5:41 pm
is that since being installed as archbishop. he says it is the best way to understand how people he serves live and how they learn. when asked about first impressions. >> first impression is of a vital church, a very wonderful area, very happy to be back in maryland were previously served. i have the impression that the catholic faith has very strong roots here and a good foundation on which to build. >> we already know what is on his order of business for tomorrow. he is being recognized at the national religious freedom conference in washington, d.c. for his defense of religious liberty in the increase of hostility. >> the woman who called the u.s. -- caused the u.s. airways to
5:42 pm
divert was not listed on terrorist watch lists or databases. she was on a flight from paris to charlotte, n.c. when she handed a note to a flight attendant which implied she had a surgically implanted device. employees were warned about bombs who could be put inside a human body. the woman had no such device. hundreds of thousands of minority people are missing from the census count. a report found african- americans, hispanics, and native americans were undercounted. officials say they will not make corrections. minority groups are upset because this information is used to determine federal aid. >> the u.s. postal service has been struggling to boost its revenue.
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>> that could translate into >> that could translate into
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[ jared ] uh, michael? you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! >> a warning off from police to the craigslist buyers. why you might want to think twice before meeting someone in person. people are mistaken for others all the time. what if it is a criminal
5:45 pm
>> as crews replaced collapsed
5:46 pm
pipes, closures will be different than planned out earlier. northbound full-length closures will be implemented in the 29th street area through 4:00 a.m. with the tours in effect. on top of that, there will be double left lane closures along the southbound jfx. drivers will be diverted before eventually getting back on the expressway. quex this could be a brutal mosquito season as experts report the numbers are up across the board. we're reminded of the cases of encephalitis and meningitis which killed 47 last year. >> if you develop things like a fever, severe headache, swollen glands, see your health care provider immediately. these could be signs and symptoms of a more serious
5:47 pm
infection. quex in some areas of the country this is the norm. they use aircraft to spray pesticides. >> a big weekend coming up at ocean city. let's check in and see what is happening down there. we have a web camera on the boardwalk. kind of cloudy and foggy. this view from the grand hotel in ocean city. the winds or at of the south. into the 70's and they kicked in from the east as the inland locations warm up. clouds and fog.lout and a quiet, fairly nice day on the beach. more activity on the weekend. it is 66 degrees. a little on the cool side. temperatures in the water around 60. when the wind comes in off the
5:48 pm
ocean, coastal areas are cooler than inland. cambridge of 79. you can see the impact of that sea breeze. an early forecast for the weekend calls for isolated thunderstorms. 20% chance friday. it should dry out and turn warmer with more sunshine saturday and sunday. 76 to 81 degrees before the afternoon sea breeze kicks in and cool things off. you have to be brave to get in the water this time of the year. anywhere from 58 to 62 degrees for the water temperature. winds are blowing up into the mountains. we're seeing showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. a trace of rain at the airport. you can see those scattered showers and storms will be diminishing overnight. some fog will likely develop due to the moisture around. lows tonight, 60 to 68. southeast wind at 5 miles an
5:49 pm
hour. sunset at 8:21 p.m. at area of low pressure closer to this low. storms have been severe. we are on this front. high pressure will build over the region and produce that nice, almost summery like we can. all light southeast breeze with waves averaging 1 foot. the bay water temperatures anywhere from 68 to 72. in the mountains, scattered storms and sunshine and warmer friday into the weekend. temperatures should reach the 80's over deep creek lake. 85 on friday. a slight chance for thunderstorms and that forecast, we mentioned scattered storms. dreier and were into the memorial day weekend. an 80% of the storm.
5:50 pm
it will feel like summertime. >> we began with a late breaking news from hewlett-packard. following a dismal third quarter profit, the company is cutting 27,000 jobs. 8% of its workforce. that is due to slumping demand on printer equipment and services. streetk's debut on wall has stirred up trouble. a falling stock price for an ipo that had a controversial start. >> let's do this. >> last week's facebook frenzy on wall street turned into frustration. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> nasdaq blames a software glitch.
5:51 pm
after an underwhelming showing, the share price of stock has tumbled. >> everybody was on the same page. everyone thought there was tons of demand. we know that was not the case. >> that could be because of reports of investment banks' shared-information about the a look with selected clients before the stock hit the market. >> they decided to stock -- dumped the stock. >> the lead underwriter said its completion -- its procedures complied with government regulation. the senate banking committee is preparing its own review. >> there are so many things that can happen. people's heads could be rolling. >> a group of shareholders has filed a class action lawsuit against morgan stanley and facebook claiming ipo documents concealed-information about revenue growth. >> cannot tell me that there
5:52 pm
is not one person who wanted -- would not have wanted to know that information. >> there is another airline cost you need to look out for. you might have to pay a fee to sit together with your family. some airlines are reserving a growing number of window and aisle seats for frequent fliers are passengers were willing to pay extra. the result may lead to families being split up on their flight. book tickets in advance and log in with the airline five days before departure because that is when elite flyers get upgraded. mail box may start filling up with junk mail.
5:53 pm
a business allows other businesses to send advertising for 14.5 cents for mailing. there may be more juncker in your mailbox. the postal service said you should contact the business and ask to be placed on the do not mail list. >> a nationwide study ranks baltimore in the top when it comes to public parks. baltimore ranks no. 15 out of 40. those rankings are based on accessibility, size, and the investment in public land. 85% of residents live with and at 10-minute walk to our part. one downfall, it does not invest enough in the park system. the number one city for public parks, sandford disco. the head of the secret service finds himself in the hot seat after last month's prostitution
5:54 pm
scandal. >> every modern communication device we have today is owed to this thing, the telegraph. you can celebrate the first telegraph ever sent. details ar
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> 168 years ago tomorrow, the first telegram was sent.
5:57 pm
>> jennifer franciotti tells us about geeks on a train. >> most of us would be lost without our cell phone. we all -- we owe it all to the telegraph. a combination of dots and dashes created by samuel morse would be known as the morse code. it was on may 24 when he first said the telegram. >> that was the first time that two people were able to communicate with one another out of sight of one another. >> there is an exhibit on the telegraph at the piano railroad -- b & o railroad museum.
5:58 pm
>> geeks on a train is that chance for people in the tech industry to meet each other. >> we will spend a whole day around smart people visiting other cities. it all the start from here. >> it is considered a step toward creating a corridor. the can celebrate the start of it all. >> we were making a joke, this is a tweetup. maybe the first week was the samuel morse's telegraph. >> if you want to catch the train, it is the 808 train no. 172. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. here is what is coming up new at 6:00 p.m. >> senators grilled the head of
5:59 pm
the secret service. that is coming up. a series of robberies based on fake craigslist adds. the rest of the story next. >> i am jayne miller. should taxpayers worry? city officials respond to the bottom line about the city- round hilton hotel. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >>[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the head of the secret service faced tough questions about the prostitution scandal involving agents in colombia. >> we are learning their more allegations of misconduct tonight? >> that is right. in addition, the director of the secret service apologized for the bad behavior in colombia. he says it is not an indication of how the secret service runs. >>


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