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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  May 26, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it is getting hot. >> plenty of sun this morning. clouds out there, as well. there is one caveat in the forecast. a cold front of the north. somebody might get some rain out of it. it will be in pennsylvania, i think. here is the radar. nothing is going on locally. we see a swirl of activity down south of the radar off the carolina coast. some tropical storms. i will tell you about that later. it will stay down there. up in the great lakes, we have some storms associated with the weather system to the northwest. that is now giving us any trouble. we do not expect much out of that today. very positive forecast for this holiday weekend. i will bring you details in a minute. >> new this morning, police are investigating a homicide on pitcher street. the victim is a man who comes on the heels of seven shootings
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in 72 hours. >> city police tell us a 47- year-old female has died. she was one of three people shot near shipley street. >> police say they have a strategy to curb the bloodshed. here is 11 news reporter kai reed with more. >> the early evening crowd packing the inner harbor is a hint of what is sure to be a very busy holiday weekend. [sirens] for police officers, especially. police are all hands on deck. extra officers posted throughout the city. >> a very heavy police presence. a lot of foot post. officers detail to what foot assignments in targeted areas. >> the plan for patrols is already in place before the violence that left two people dead and 8 injured in a 72-hour period. a man was shot multiple times on york road. another man was killed on
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creston street. a shooting on west fayette street sent three people to the hospital. investigators say the additional beckham were caught in the crossfire. >> these are targeted incidents. the suspects knew the victims. they were targeted for silly things, to be frank. >> the police department plan for that weekend includes officers on foot patrol at the inner harbor and in the northern, eastern, and southwest police district. administrative duty officers and academy graduates are being called in to increase the numbers. patricia jones lives in the northern district. >> it put some fear in them. they will not be so free to walk the street or sit on the porch. when they see the policemen out there on the street like that. >> he did you see a drug dealer, if they see police, they will move. it will stop. the presence of them being out here on the street, we need it. >> wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> for help from the family of a man shot and killed in east baltimore. donate larkin was shot a year ago in the head. his mother says the family wants closure. >> if somebody said, i may have seen somebody, even if it does not pan out, i just need to know. somebody has to know. the man left behind two children. police are in trouble for what the commissioner saw for his own eyes. the commissioner suspended officers after he spotted them at the cafe. investigators will not reveal what prompted the offenses but the baltimore sun reports officers were drinking alcohol. they had to turn over their guns and badges.
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police say the officers are suspended with pay. internal affairs is investigating. police are asking for your help to find this man -- he took his -- cell phone pictures of a teenage girl underneath a stall and she used a public bathroom at harbor place. that happen in april. this is surveillance video or photos of the suspect. if you recognize him, called a city police at their office. county police are trying to crack a sexual assault case that happened a long rope -- york rd. on thursday morning. not too hard from the campus of the college. investigators will not confirm whether the victim was a student. >> police say they have their craigslist robber in custody. david brown was posting take advertisement on craigslist. he was robbing them of cash and valuables at gunpoint when they showed up. police say when they or -- when
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they arrested him, he was using a public computer. investigators believe he may have been trying to lure another victim when they got him. police are looking whether -- looking into whether he is involved with other incidents. >> the man and his two sons who were found dead in a minute or pit died of asphyxia. -- maure pit died of asphyxia. nolt and his sons were discovered in kent county on thursday morning. the injuries were accidental and caused by heavy farming machinery. authorities have identified the marines found dead yesterday in east barracks at fort meade. into the caruso was on active duty. he had been assigned in fort meade. the cause of death is unclear. we are told the naval criminal investigative service is
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looking into his death. >> ahead of memorial day, 60 members of the national guard are headed to afghanistan. they will be deployed to support ground units. >> at this armory, members of the 126th aviation regiment and their families gather to say goodbye. >> is this your first time? >> yes, sir. it will be hard. >> it is hard, but i am hanging in there. i am going to take it day by day. >> although the unit has been deployed to afghanistan before, for many of the soldiers, this is their first time. >> pretty nervous to be honest with you. i do not know what to expect. i am excited, at the same time. >> i am excited to do it. it is tough with these two little girls. >> good luck.
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>> thank you. >> for the families they leave behind -- >> he is doing something good for our country. i will support him and everybody through it. so, it is hard, but it makes it easier. >> we will miss him. we will miss him. he is on a mission. they have to complete a mission. that is what it is about. >> at a nearby airfield, the helicopters they will be taking with them to afghanistan were being readied. these aircraft and their soldiers will provide support for ground units. >> they will be supporting combat operations. this is a heavy helicopter they will be flying. it will be transporting troops, supplies and anything that requires high altitude. >> the soldiers and their families, it will be a long year. going to miss them, are you not? >> very much so. >> he will be gone for a little
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bit. we will miss and to exceed the soldiers will go from him -- from here to texas. then it is on to afghanistan. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 75 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, the maryland zoo is here with a special visitor. [laughter] >> unofficial start of summer. how are you getting to your memorial day weekend? stay away from my crackers. >> the forecast for this holiday weekend is a pretty good one.
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>> now, your insta-weather plus
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forecast. >> nothing locally going on. there is a friend to the northwest. it will not come in during the day. it will be nearby. right now, the rain associated with the front is up in the great lakes. iowa, back into wisconsin, northern illinois it. also swirling in the lower right of the screen is burrow. the rain from carroll -- is off the carolina coast. an interesting development before the hurricane season starts. the beach is becoming more populated. low tide there. the water looks lower. i would think there would be more people out there. this view is courtesy of the grand hotel and spa. 74 at the airport. inner harbor, 77. let me check the ocean city --
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71. water temperature are around 60. chilly right now. let us look at the current temperatures around the area. ocean city, 71. ausberry, 76. edgewood, 72. westminster, 73. everything is in the 70's. still some patches of green here and there in the mountains. now, we look at -- here is ocean city. all right. nice and clear. no clouds. there are a few scattered clouds over northern maryland right now. here is the front off to the northwest. warm air try to push in to cooler air over the great lakes and that is triggering thunderstorms. this front will sink further south. as things heat up this afternoon, something isolated may crop up. pennsylvania stands a higher chance of picking up some rain from this than we do here in
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maryland. near the maryland line or further south, something isolated could crop up today. this is beryl -- a said tropical storm. movement west southwest at 5 miles per hour. it has come up across the bahamas and now it is just off the carolina coast. some trouble means it is not that will organize. -- sub-tropical means is not that well organized. it makes a u-turn and by next thursday, it will be near cape hatteras. we will watch it carefully. it does not affect our weather locally for awhile. scattered clouds today. at -- 85 to 90. re not that high. you can see the spotty activity up to the north. for the boulders, 5 to 10 knots.
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tomorrow, 89. 91 on sunday and monday. look at that. thunderstorm chances taken tuesday and wednesday. >> memorial day weekend is the traditional start of a summer vacation season. thanks to falling gas prices, more and more of your driving. >> aaa estimates 35 million people are hitting the road this holiday weekend. if you have not left, we have a bias for you. >> it seems like almost everyone is getting out of dodge. >> we live in baltimore. we are going to see our parents. >> i lived in bethesda. >> i live in d.c. >> we are going to ohio. >> more than 720,000 maryland residents are traveling this weekend. that is up 1.4% compared to last year. all that will be driving, almost. we got a bird's eye view of the congestion on 95 in howard county and on the bay bridge. even though the tolls went up from $2.50 to $4 last fall,
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drivers are not too concerned. >> it is another $50. we are still going to go home. we will still go to the beach. -- it is another $1.50. >> this is going down. gas is going down. the tolls is of the to do with. >> gas prices are 15 cents cheaper than they were last memorial day weekend. people heading to the beach may benefit from even cheaper prices exceed the cheapest gas in the state is $3.52 per gallon on the eastern shore. that you are traveling to ocean city, get your guess what you are down there. >> if you are out and about celebrating, you may want to think twice about drinking and driving. you may end up with the lights as you're chaser. >> troupers all the way from -- in the entire state. extra manpower watching for aggressive drivers. drivers under the influence. anything causing an unsafe situation. >> wbal-tv 11 news. >> an announcement from state
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regulators about bge are meters. ratepayers can opt out of having the new technology installed until the panel determined that consumers cannot out entirely and permanently. customers should notify bge if they do not want the meter installed. if they are already in, you can request a not be activated. the pse to the comments from customers who are concerned about the possible health risks from the meters radio frequencies. you may have many questions about the smart meters. we will have our q&a guest tomorrow morning from bge. e-mail your questions to >> lottery drawings as next. >> the man in black are back. will smith and tommy lee jones
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continue their pursuit of enemy aliens. the review is still ahead. >> we are getting your garden ready for summer. find out
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>> you cannot stop making noises. that is actually the toucan from the zoo. he is excited. we will talk to him a little bit later. he is very excited. >> he is relaxed for summertime fun. >> he is excited for the lottery. you tell us about the hot five pcbs tickets are extended plate tickets. -- you will tell us about the
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hot five's. >> tickets are extended play tickets. $3 tickets. $30,000. 20% of the tickets are sold. many of them out there. triple green is the next one. crossword. $5 ticket. $50,000. a 35% of tickets sold. eight top prizes remaining. >> he quieted down. [laughter] benigno is the next one. $40,000 is the top prize. the prices are three. ok. will you talk at all? >> i am listening. [laughter] >> $5 ticket, $100,000. one top prize remaining. >> diamond-. >> there you go. the $10 ticket top prizes $150,000. percentage of ticket sold is 40%. [laughter]
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[bird chirping] >> we do them again. the first one is -- >> food tryst crossword. thibault green cross word -- triple green cross word. being go. -- diamond bingo. power ball is $120 million. -- powerball is $120 million. sam are really quiet. >> the point with this is there are still big prizes out there. sold.s bachave been >> especially the big money bingo. extended play tickets. you'll not scratch them off and
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be done. just sit back and relax. scratch a little bit. let yourself play. >> i love john collins. >> he loves you, too. >> he is so smooth and relax. >> thank you. [laughter] the maryland zoo will let us talk to sam when we come back. first, here are some events going on downtown.
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>> live from television hill in baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news continues. [chirping] >> welcome back. i am with toucan sam. sam is all loud about something. >> he is all about this is this weekend. of course. we will shout over sam. >> this is a fund raiser at the zoo. a two day events saturday and sunday. it is a bruise fest. come to the zoo and go to our ple 50 new beers. sam will be there. >> see always like this? >> pretty much.
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he can be a lot more like this. he is a noisy bird. >> ok. not a great pet? >> not at all. >> all kinds of other activities -- >> , we have our babies that have been born. our warthog babies. a new monkey. >> the kids love to see this. >> limited times on some of the births. and you are coming to grow at the zoo, come at 10:00 a.m. come to the zoo at 10:00 a.m. and berew is p.m. until 7:00 p.m. you can spend the day listening to music. we have three bands every day. there are food vendors. artisans. there is a kid zone. it is a beautiful area. >> a terrific weather for the
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whole event. >> absolutely beautiful today. >> in baltimore. >> today and tomorrow. the prices are $45 for non- members and $35 for members. $25 for designated drivers a and under 21. >> ok. today and tomorrow. >> closed on monday? >> this issue is not closed. -- the zoo is not close. >> thank you for joining us. >> if you come today, sam will be here. >> we have clean up on aisle seven. [laughter] we're back with more coming up in just a minute.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> welcome back. thank you for joining us. john is here with another look outside. >> my ears are ringing. [laughter] >> clean it up? >> well, i -- >> you are referring. [laughter] >> the bird was sitting over there. beautiful bird. toucans are tropical birds. we have some tropical weather.
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humid. warm. we have a tropical or a sub- tropical storm to the south of us that is swirling off the carolina coast. it will not affect our weather in the near term. then, we have this weather that is up. the great lakes. -- up here in the great lakes. that is generated by a cold front, which is off in that direction in pennsylvania and indiana. that may have a bigger impact on our weather. i will talk about that coming up in just a minute. positive picture this weekend. >> thank you. on tuesday, a young man will be graduating from the naval academy. >> a great achievement. when you hear the story of kevin helleri, you'll know why his graduation is special. >> kevin hillary will graduate
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from the naval academy, fulfilling a lifelong dream. >> i always wanted to be in the military and in high school, i was interested in the navy seal career path. >> until a few months ago, he was not sure he would be able to graduate. in april of 2011, he was paralyzed from the waist down in a freak accident. he and his friends were participating in an adventure race in virginia. is storm and what they were backing from a tree fell on him. >> i saw him bleeding out of his mouth and not breathing. he was unconscious. we knew that nobody was coming right away so we did our best to keep him alive. >> kevin credits his friends with saving his life. his back was broken. he spent weeks in intensive care undergoing back surgery. after that, months of physical therapy. through it all and all missing the fall semester of his senior
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year, he had one thought. >> from the beginning, i was hoping i would be able to graduate. starting tomorrow, i have a lot more family coming in. >> just days before his final semester was to begin, kevin howard he was allowed to return to the naval academy. >> i was very happy they see as scheduled, his family will be in the bleachers tuesday watching kevin receive his diploma from the united states naval academy. >> i have not been as proud of devin as i have in the last 12 months. -- of kevin as i have in the last 12 months. when the chips are down and life is tough, you see the two qualities of an individual. >> he will graduate alongside his friends. he will not become a navy seal, but he has new plans to go to law school. >> just having a tolerance and for adversity and uncertainty is helpful in any walk of life.
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i think i will benefit from this experience in some ways. >> can plans to take the test in june. he hopes to eventually work for the government. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 75 degrees on tv hill. could excessive texting be harmful? the problems that can be caused from too much texting. >> ok. this holiday weekend, take some time to get your garden ready for summer. that is
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> we will see a little less
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cloudiness today. still, a lot of timidity in the atmosphere. and, there is some weather going on in the great lakes. satellite combination and radar. there is a front between us and that rain activity. it is more lest auld. as it sinks further south, it will be a bit of pena. something might develop in the vicinity of the front. it might affect parts of maryland. kind of isolated activity. i will have more in just a minute. let us switch our view to the grand hotel and spa overlooking the boardwalk in ocean city. what a beautiful day. no clouds. at low tide right now. the boardwalk is getting more populated. folks are enjoying themselves. down in ocean city, the temperature is 71 degrees.
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in town at b.w.i., 74. 77 at the inner harbor. 76 here. 82% humidity. southwest wind at 5 miles per hour. the areas in yellow on this map are all in the 70's. a little bit of green felt of cambridge where our readings might be in the 60's. so, we are already warming up considerably here. that trend will continue during the day to day. here is our view of the clear skies. we overlook the beaches at ocean city. very few clouds. a few scattered clouds overhead that are moving to the south. here is the front off to the north of us. it will get closer, but stay up in pennsylvania. this is a destabilizing factor. a little boundary tends to do that. boundaries along the bay or what not. something isolated could come up today. further north into pennsylvania,
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a higher chance for that. evidence of that as the storm activity for the great lakes -- of high pressure is giving us some good weather conditions. responsible for keeping beryl away from us. the high pressure keeps beryl to the south. beryl is a sub-tropical storm. not as well organized as a normal tropical storm. elements of the hemisphere, not as warm at the higher altitudes and everything else. it cannot be as well organized. it has some strong winds. 45 miles per hour. it is moving well southwest at 5 miles per hour. it will make a u-turn and be near cape hatteras by thursday with 40 mile an hour winds. watch that all week long. scattered clouds in our forecast. an isolated storm and out of the question. small chance. 85 to 94 the high.
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future cast shows the spotty nature of this in pennsylvania. ocean city, sent all weekend long with high temperatures in the 70's. water temperatures are cold. 60's. we move into sunday, it looks fairly dry. maybe something isolated on monday. the rain chances are very low over this holiday weekend. they do not pick up until tuesday or wednesday. 80's even with the rain in the forecast. >> the smartphone and the ipad are things we cannot live without. people spend a lot of time with them. all that texting and scrolling could be damaging to your joints. kate amara has more. >> it is quick and when you are using your smartphone or ipad, you are probably not thinking about how much time you are spending on it.
9:40 am
mercy medical center doctors say too much texting and scrolling can cause repetitive stress injuries in our hands and fingers. >> we are seeing different types of injuries where you have the blackberry injury where people are texting with their fingers and the iphone issue where people are using their thumb to flip the screen repetitively. that can lead to these stress injuries. >> symptoms of hand injuries can include stiffness or soreness in the fingers, radiating pain from the finger to the palm of the hand, and joint pain. >> the thumb bones, the joint stars to achieve their rate -- joint starts to degenerate. bone on bone grinding can lead to severe pain at the level where the risk is severe. stop texting. give it a rest. take a break. try to avoid doing it for a repetitive prologue time.
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you can take anti- inflammatories. sometimes, you can get over the counter splints to support the hand. >> kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> my daughter would say, duh. good morning, doctor. really? texting. >> absolutely. >> what is the problem? >> with the repetitive motion in , we may beoints raising a generation to develop premature arthritis. >> children as young as 8. >> eight to 18 years-old. the kaiser foundation found that the kids are texting 95 minutes per day. one in three are sending more than 100 texts per day. they're spending seven hours a day on some type of entertainment media.
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>> in st.. amazing. >> as long as they're watching channel 11. >> so, you are finding that it is doing more than just their joint. their posture. >> we are finding it is the repetitive motion and poor posture. that poor posture can cause not just campaign, but also shoulder, neck, upper back pain. >> other than telling them to stop, we are in the age right now that kids are getting their ipads early and they are using this all the time. what do we do? >> i think some common-sense things. limit the text. call them instead. taking frequent breaks. timeout. if you develop pain, stopping immediately. rest. ice. inflammatory. also, good posture. >> go outside and play. put it down.
9:43 am
put it away. go play. thank you. if you have any other questions, call 1-800-mdmercy. >> here is a look at the winning lottery numbers.
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>> i think is a clue. >> this holiday weekend, young love blooms.
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these two meet on an island to make a pact to run away together. parents are launching an all-out search for love struck teenagers. also, a group of young people plan a one-of-a-kind adventure and get more what they ask for. they hire a to regard to take them to the nuclear disaster. there are fighting to get out alive. the two movies opening in theaters this weekend. our movie critic is here with a review of the other movie, a "man in black." film -- "n stem -- chernobyl diaries" not screened for critics.
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why would these kids want to go to chernobyl? that ''" -- ship has sailed. i was skeptical. i think the reason they made this film is because josh proline does the most uncanny tommy lee jones in oppression. they decided to build an entire film around it. he plays the younger version of tommy lee jones. they have travelled back in time. his impression is so great that i actually thought they were doubling tommy lee jones is a voice -- tommy lee jones's voice/\. we did not have a lot of franchisees like this. science-fiction comedy. a live-action cartoon.
9:48 am
only limited by the imagination of the writers and producers. we have so many robotics and special effects. they can have all of these intergalactic creatures in you have two reactors going after them -- great actors going after them. they go to the end of the world. the factory. it is very entertaining and it reminded me of what i liked the film to begin with. it turns out, yes, we need another movie. 3 stars. when you get all of these remakes and all of the cartoons coming to life, it is nice to see something that is original. >> right. i got a little less of a job. >> read all of the reviews online. we have
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>> this is 11 sports. the orioles opened up a set with kansas city. in other quality helping with six innings. the first inning was closed up with it we can -- weekend curve ball. he drives this one off the face of the wall. robber in the know coming to score. three nothing, orioles. adam jones, a man on fire. ran his career high history to 16 in a row.
9:52 am
five nothing, orioles. still more offense. this time it was chris davis bringing in adam jones. davis in with the defense. shifting to the right. a single to right field. five runs. but showalter filled with the atmosphere -- thrilled with the hemisphere >> we have to do the things to make continued. i first got in the dugout was the promotion. the love for the promotion of good baseball. >> it was. adam jones appears to move very closely. he told us before the game he has taken a physical. a mandatory part of the deal. the deal run five years. $80 million. it will make him the highest- paid oriole of all time. he and his agent are satisfied. this could take patience to work
9:53 am
out a deal. >> i am not in its -- i am just trying to field my office. it is pretty cool. it is an exciting thing. a humbling thing. just the thought of it. it is not complete. my phone has been blowing up. it is a humbling feeling. it is exciting. i would rather wait until something happens and then i can have good news for you. >> this afternoon, the men's lacrosse team faces the irish. notre dame in the ncaa semifinals. they have gone through this tournament as the top seed. by now, this team knows how to handle pressure. the key is the ability to also have some fun in the spotlight. something he sees his kids able to pilaf. >> we are having a lot of fun. our kids get to practice today.
9:54 am
they are the last two events on campus. it is why you play the game. for times like this. everyone of us, coaches included, dream about this opportunity. >> loyola and noted a.m. followed by maryland and duke. the championship game on memorial day. the turks lose -- the terps lost the semifinals last night. i hope your holiday weekend is off to a fantastic start. >> it is up to a colorful start here. this is adam stuart. these are the things we will find at home depot. >> good morning. thank you for having us. do not be afraid because it is almost summer. there is heat but there is a lot of great option for this weekend and the rest of the year that you can have to get your garden ready. >> what will we start with?
9:55 am
>> these confetti mixes. the combinations are done for you. this is a six-inch pot. the differing cultures are there. the button yet. that will fill up. you plant your bed and it looks like you have had someone do design work. >> you do not have to think about it. >> perfect for a shade. a shaded patio. this is a finished container. take this and said it on your porch. you do not have to worry anything about it. >> african daisies? >> this is yellow. most are more dense. once they get hot, they collapse. this one loves the heat. >> we will look for something that is a little bit more like memorial day. >> on the finished containers side of things. if you do not want to plant it, there are a lot of options. this one is called bunker hill.
9:56 am
developed for the holidays in honor of our veterans. the red white and blue thing here. the million bells. just great options. a couple of these on your porch let you know you care about the veterans. >> this one is rest. punch. -- this one is razzberry punch. this is a little more expensive, but it is beautiful. we grow this one for 16 weeks. a lot of growth time. this is the end result. >> it looks a little different. >> a little different. it has a stand or comes from a chain if you want to hang it. >> what is this? >> this is a spike. one of the most classic plants. simple petunias. >> all right. what around here.
9:57 am
we want to look at these. what is this? >> it this is this the bubblegum. a great petunia. this is more for hanging baskets. >> this makes a statement. come on in. we are remiss if we do not talk about these beautiful little babies. >> as we talk about key to and the summer, this beautiful rose has been around for a long time. there is nothing better than the knockout rose. >> that is right. >> it is a knockout forecast. some this weekend . warm. humid. maybe storm. nearing 90 for the high. >> thank you. thank you for coming out. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> see you later. >> bye-bye.
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