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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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jfx. atta and jones makes it official. how he made history today. >> live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening, everyone. police promised it would be all hands on deck this memorial day after a violent start to the holiday weekend. sheldon is at the inner harbor with a look at how would is working out. >> it has been a quiet night so far. there is a decent sized crowd on the promise not. -- promendade. had it has been deadly in other parts of the city. five people are dead and several others injured after shootings across the city. the most recent happened around 1:30 saturday morning.
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that is where police pulled a man over for driving the wrong way. he opened the door and told police he had been shot by a stranger. he died at the hospital. minutes later, a man was shot and collapsing nearby. in the past holiday weekend, there have been big groups of young people who cause trouble and commit assaults like these in downtown baltimore. she enjoys visiting but only does the so during certain times of the day. >> i do not stay here late at night. i have a tendency to pack it up and go home. >> police are all hands on deck. there will be more officers on duty. >> you will be seeing a lot of officers he told to walk and target the areas. cracks are already more officers on patrol. >> we see them walking, in
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various capacities we see them. >> i feel that the police presence will help people to come out. they can see them visually, they feel safe because they know nothing is going to happen. >> most people felt safe during the day but stephanie has thoughts on crime. >> wherever you are, you need to be aware of your surroundings. you should be aware of your surroundings and be cautious. >> we saw crowds of people all over different parts of downtown but there have not been reports of violence so far as far as downtown crowds are concerned. >> violence spiked earlier this weekend and some residents took time to remember young victim. sean johnson was shot to get
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what sitting on his front porch when years ago today. friends and family of the 12- year-old gathered together for a vigil in his honor. family members shared memories. >> when i went to his football games and i saw him smiling when they want. -- won. >> three men have been arrested and have arraignment dates scheduled for july. the ocean city fire department rushed into a hotel tonight around 9:00 p.m. there was a report of smoke and an elevator. officials say it was due to a malfunction. the building was evacuated for a short time after the scene was secured and everybody was led back in. a guest at the hilton hotel had quite a scare when a power outage left multiple people trapped in elevators. crews responded to the scene.
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they were able to get everybody out safely. no reports on any injuries or what led to the outage. it has been a hot day. a good start for the unofficial kickoff of summer. >> it is unusual to be this warm and humid. there was a little thunderstorm activity today. it was up to our north in pennsylvania. they lined up along a cold front and install the out there. as the storms moved south, they dissipated. at least in town, it stayed dry. closer to pennsylvania, a sum of folks got some showers. dc then dropping out and of operating as they came down into our region. tomorrow that boundary is going to be up there. we will see if any rain develops. we will talk about it with the as to whether plus forecast in a few minutes.
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>> correction officials are looking for an inmate to walk away from his work assignment. he left the detention facility yesterday morning and did not report to his work-release job at a checkers restaurants. he was nearing the end of a prison sentence for second- degree murder. the driver who crashed into the back of a car who had been officer and center plunging has been convicted of three traffic offenses. robertson baltimore got three points on his license, a fine, and was ordered to perform 2350 hours of concern -- 250 hours of community service. her attorney says she will be forced to retire a medical disability. great news for anybody who drives through baltimore. the road work and road closures are finished.
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they and goodness. they had been completed weeks ahead of schedule and now all lanes are open. portions of the highway had been closed since mid april so they could repair collapsed drainage pipes. a big day for adam jones. agreed to i gigantic contracts. >> record-breaking. pete is here tell us more. >> $5 million, and $91.5 million. far and away the largest contract in team history and it comes at a time when the rtc a bright future. it is a landmark day for the orioles. he had shown a talent from day one. he is shown leadership on and off the field. combined with a presence in the
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community. the commitment from jones, he could have gotten the same money somewhere else but he wants to build a winner in baltimore. >> look at the players eat i have around me. 25, 26, i am 26 myself. it is a company you can build into we are in our 30 because of. that would be a good thing. >> the orioles will make the deal official sunday morning with a press conference. coming up, how they did against the royals today on the field. >> thank you, pete. coming up, the vice president says america's days out or are numbered. the rest of his message. a year in the making. tebig sister's huge surprise.
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>> memorial day traditions are in full swing.
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a crowd -- crowd gathered today to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. in orlando, and 25 veterans arrive at the airport with a police escort for an honor flight to washington, d.c. 8 town in ohio is celebrating what it calls a field of heroes, 2500 american flag standing 8 feet tall. the event is a way for people to honor their own personal history -- heroes. joe biden spoke to the cadets at west point today telling them that united states is able to focus on new global challenges after a decade of war. he addressed to the 972 cadets today, praising them who are -- were just kids on 9/11 for making the commitment to join the military. >> the class of 2012, this is
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your destiny. to leave your country. you are the leaders of your generation. the 9/11 generation, which i predict will go down in history as the finest generation this nation has ever produced. >> that commencement ended with the traditional hat toss. a soldier who has been serving for almost a year made a surprise trip home to see her the sister graduate from high school. she arrived halfway through the ceremony and hidden behind the stage waiting for her little sister's name to be called. [applause] >> i was very surprised. i was kind of out of bed. -- of it. oh my, that's my sister.
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>> she did not tell one member of her family she was coming home. that is nice to see it. you know what is nice to see, a hot weekend for the unofficial start of summer. >> maybe we have a trend going. look deadg to take a a few thunderstorms that to develop the north of us. -- at a few thunderstorms that developed north of us here in '78 downtown.
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>> the annual outdoor party at the zoo is taking place this weekend. officials say tickets are going fast. guests can listen to music can taste 50 types of beer and wine. ambassadors take you on tours and helps you see your favorite exhibits. while this sounds like it is just for party animals, this event is family friendly. >> we see families come out. little kids get up and dance. the parents sample bir.
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>> it -- if it sounds like your interested, tickets are available for tomorrow. you can purchase them by going to the zoo's forecast. -- website. >> it looks a little threatening this evening, those storms in pennsylvania. they drifted south. you can see the clouds but no rain issuing up right now. they are headed south and they are dissipating. we will probably see the brakes. let's take a look at what happened to date. 89 was the high at the airport. it clouded up this afternoon. it gave as a layer of clouds and probably help the temperatures down a few degrees. we are way above the normal for this time of year. temperatures right now or in
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the 70's. a couple of places are there warm. -- are wwarm. -- warm a couple of places are beginning to dip into the 60's. it will not cool off all that much during the evening hours. the remnants of those storms overhead, not producing any rain at this stage in the game. the front to stall to the north, not expected to drift south. during the day tomorrow it will start to go north again. as long as it is in the neighborhood, nearby it will probably causes some more thunderstorm activity to develop. pennsylvania is the best target for this. we will see what happens. we have this chance of rain north of us during the day tomorrow. we will wait and see what happens. i pressure is really what is giving us our hot weather right now and keeping this front away
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and also keeping hours of tropical storm to the south away from us as well. we put the satellite picture in motion just to show you how impressive these storms were. it was quite explosive for a few hours and they had some severe weather. it is a sub tropical storm, winds at 45 m.p.h.. it will take a u-turn and come back along the coast. it does not look very serious. a lot of rain and by wednesday it won't move on to the northeast. winds are expected to be up to 50 miles an hour. that is a respectable storm but not too serious. humid weather tonight. it skies will become partly cloudy. 66-71.
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tomorrow, and a hot, humid day. and isolated thunderstorms to our north. closer to that trenton pennsylvania would not be out of the question. this storm activity along our front, again, here in the baltimore area, our rain chances are minimal. ocean city should be minimal. high temperatures tomorrow and monday in the 70's. here is a look at our forecast. the real chance is kicking tuesday and wednesday with a cold front. scattered showers and thunderstorms. instead of 90, it will take the temperatures into the 80's and eventually the 70's by the end of next week. >> adam jones and lacrosse. >> check in on this.
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>> i think i would love to be in the middle of it. >> he will be in the middle of of for the next six years.
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jones will sign an $85.5 million contract extensions sunday morning. maybe things have finally turned the corner for baltimore. a great start. ing it two.mak they got a quality start to the however chen he did give of the shot. what a shot. into the royals' bullpen. the quick hands. a great play to end the game. did across final had the potential for an all state of maryland championship game for the first time since 1979. we start with the second
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consecutive year. drew -- did that a lot today. four goals for him. the blue devils hanging around. a nice shot from behind the net. makes it a 10-7 game. part of a hat trick. on to the championship game, a 16-10. their season turned around with renewed commitment. >> i think everybody has read dedicated themselves. everybody has stepped up. everybody gave more focused, more effort. i think our followers did a better job of following. we had one of those moments where we knew if we did not do that, it would be done. >> toyota began the season not ranked. now they are the ones -- no. 1 seed. facing notre dame.
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the offense was impressive. he missed of 2011 with a torn acl. loyoula up -- loyola up 201. mike, 6-3. a final game -- goal of the game, and he also had an assist. 15 saves. keeping the irish at bay. 7-5. charlie, the goalie for the last team could hardly contain his pride. >> somebody else steps up every week. the whole team is so excited. it is a special moment. he is such a leader in the locker room. he deserves the success he has.
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he has gone through so much. we are proud of him. >> how much fun are you having? >> it is emotional. they are a special group. >> good times. the first all-american -- all americans island since 1979. they will play monday at 1:00. that is a look at sports. stay with us for a check on the weather after this.
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you ready buddy? you're probably not getting called up to the majors. but your fence? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains.
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cabot...that's pro. >> summertime, and summertime.
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'90 and '91. range chances are minimal. there might be a thundershower north of us tomorrow and then the higher chance on tuesday and wednesday. by the end of the week we are down into the 70's. which is normal. >> last year, the lacrosse championship and it was about 100 degrees. it was a very hot summer. >> find a friend with a pool or a beach house for the rest of the weekend. thank you for watching us. we will be back here tomorrow. "snl" is next. have a great night. rick santorum, it's good to see you. >> it's good to see you, mitt. >> thanks for meeting me here, okay? now that you're out of the race, i wanted to tell you in person that you ran a great campaign. >> thanks, mitt. and congratulations on the nomination. it was hard fought. >> what can i get you two? >> well, we're celebrating so my friend, so i'll have a chocolate milk. >> mmm.


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