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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  May 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. >> we are tracking the case of a possible home invasion. one person was shot, another stabbed. sheldon dutes is live with more. >> the last officer has just left the scene. we want to pass on an update about the victims conditions. one is in critical condition. another person is being treated
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for non-life-threatening injuries. it all happened at this home in dundock. it happened a few hours ago. police are investigating as a possible home invasion robbery. the cases under investigation. there are unanswered questions. both victims are still getting medical treatment. the adult male had critical injuries after he was shot. a woman was stabbed. police say her injuries are non- like setting. people who live nearby say situations like this are rare in the neighborhood. >> i am very familiar with the area. my sister lives on this street. it is unfortunate. you do have to watch, but the kids love to come out and play. the neighborhood love to get along. it is tough when something like this happens. with baltimore county police do not have information on the suspect. they're asking anyone with
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information to give them a call. >> police are looking for three men who walked away from the halfway house in west baltimore. these are the individuals on your screen. we're told securities -- security guards heard an alarm. when they did a head count, the men were missing. all three were serving sentences for drug distribution. anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call police. a woman in northeast baltimore was rushed to the hospital after her boyfriend hit her in the head with a gun. it happened on thin with avenue. police are not sure if the woman was hit by a bullet or just begun. it happened on fenwick avenue. police tell us just minutes ago, the suspect turned the gun on himself. there is no word on his condition. rescue crews are trying to find a missing voter on the chesapeake bay region boater --
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rescue crews are trying to find a missing boater on the chesapeake bay. we're told he is 21 years old wearing a black swimsuit. a live look from our downtown sky camera. a cloudy night but pretty in baltimore. john collins has a look ahead to the monday holiday forecast. >> it is a beautiful evening. clear skies right now. look at the radar. there's a lot of storm activity in pennsylvania and in the west virginia mountains. the mountain range are giving up the ghost. west virginia rains are at their peak right now. they will probably dissipate by the time it gets down here. there are some thunder storm watches in pennsylvania for the evening. we will tell you more about the forecast tonight and tomorrow in
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a minute. >> the orioles lockup a cornerstone for the future. it is a six-year contract extension worth a lot of money. it is a big story for a lot of reasons. >> $85.5 million is a lot of reasons. it is the largest contract in team history. jones signed a deal last night. he knew for a while he wanted to get this done to stay in baltimore. he arrived at a press conference greeted by kids. he gave us all the reasons why he wanted to stay in baltimore. the $85 million helps, but also o jumpstart the orioles' glorious history. >> i will be in baltimore. it is a great baseball city. it is coming back. we have to prove to the fans we are for real. we're slowly doing it. i think this is a big step in
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the right direction. >> we're telling orioles fans with committed to this. -- player and team. we are committed to providing hope to rebuilding our fan base. >> the contract is the largest foreign oriel by more than $16 million. -- the contract is the largest for an oriole by more than $16 million. >> it seems like the orioles fans are happy with the decision to sign adam jones. we stopped by to hear their thoughts. they're welcoming him with open arms. >> he is the heart and soul of the team. he is doing everything he can to get them motivated and win games. >> he has been killing the ball and taking place on the field. he is doing awesome. >> we are hearing mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has donated her office box. at least 27 nonprofit groups have used the group -- box this
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year. the mayor's office says the box is 34 groups to use for fund- raising purposes. at least one watch dog group says the mayor needs to develop a formal policy for how it is used. the governor made another appearance on nbc. he appeared with newt gingrich. the hot topic was mitt romney versus president obama in november. >> obama picking a fight over the economy is probably the worst strategy for his campaign. >> i would like to disagree. we've driven unemployment down to three-year lows. home foreclosures are lower now than when he took office. we have put together the american people with effective leadership. 26 months in a row of private sector job growth. >> you can watch the full debate on line. go to and click politics. we're told train service has been suspended temporarily
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because of broken overhead wires north of baltimore. people traveling between new york and you see can expect significant delays. -- new york and d.c. can expect significant delays. we're taking time to remember the reason for the holiday. some veterans are finally getting a chance to view the monument in their honor. the latest on this investigation,
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>> free food and a celebration for heroes. the restaurant held a feast for 22 world war ii veterans and their guests. they range in age from one -- 85
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to 101. they have been touring the country together from california. >> everybody has a story. you try to tell the mall, -- them all, you would not have enough hours in the day. but everybody is happy now. glad to be here. >> whittle the veteran spent the memorial day weekend touring washington d.c. and seeing the memorial's -- we are told the veterans and the memorial day weekend touring washington thand seeing the memorials. residents near a privately owned ghost town are evacuating as the blaze in the national forests continues to burn. the fire has already burned more than 100,000 acres and continues to grow. cities across the state are under a health alert because of smoke from the fire. investigators in wisconsin are looking into the cause of a home
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explosion. seven people were hurt when a house exploded and caught fire in a suburban milwaukee neighborhood. two houses caught fire. other houses were damaged. investigators are focusing on the basement as a possible source of the explosion. they are waiting for several feet of water to drain before they can determine the exact cause. still ahead, more on the big contract for adam jones and the orioles. >> this became more organized. we're talking about a holiday weekend weather coming up. more on the foreca
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>> now your insta-weather plus forecast with john collins. >> it is clear as a bell over us. we will see of the storms survive the trip down before they dissipate. when it is close to the maryland line, it dries up. this may be the case or in may reached down with a few lingering showers before it dies down later this evening. we will keep an eye on it. today was about the same as yesterday. 89 was the high at the airport. 77 was the typical morning low. we're averaging around 70 degrees. 84 at the airport, 87 downtown. all of the orange is in the 80's.
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76 along the coast with the sea breeze. it is in the 70's in the mountains. it is raining in west virginia. temperatures in the green are only in the 60's. this is the map for this evening. the front drifted further north. the highest rain chances will be in pennsylvania. high-pressure giving us some good weather. here is the satellite image to show you what is going on. there is the disturbance in the great lakes moving to the east. this activity is on the tail end of it. a high-pressure is keeping everything nice. beryl has gotten stronger. more on that in a minute. well over the 90's and the mississippi valley. cooler along the coast line. in montana, is only in the 30's right now. beryl is up to a tropical storm now. it is approaching jacksonville.
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winds are 65 miles an hour. it is moving west. it will moving to florida and georgia and then go back out over the coast. it will be a tropical depression for a while. by wednesday afternoon, it will be about 40 miles an hour. then it moves away from us. it does not look like a big deal. for us, a warm night tonight. evening thunderstorms to the north and west. 67 to 63. a high tomorrow will be about the same as today. today was breezy, relatively comfortable. an isolated storms may pop up from the north. south the southwest wind at 7 to 12 miles an hour. 5 to 10 knots with a 1 ft. chop on the open waters of the day. the futurecast shows the storm activity dissipating as it reaches us. something might be left over. somebody to the north may pick up a shower this evening. tomorrow, more activity.
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mostly in the mountains if it occurs at all. there is a possibility around baltimore. a nice evening this evening. more clouds on monday but it should be dry with highs in the 70's. the 7-day forecast increases the rain chances by tuesday and wednesday. temperatures start to drop a bit. by the time the storm passes tuesday and wednesday, we will be in the 80's and 70's. period comingy on friday. >> what kind of signing bonus? >> 8 $2 million check for adam jones. they have done that before. adam wanted to be here. that is a significant part. we will hear more from mr. jones
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>> from the susquehanna bay sports center. this is 11 sports. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> the dude rang the cash register every time he hit a home run. >> that probably helped expedite negotiations. 14 home runs so far for jones. more than that, a commitment to play baseball the way that walter once. alan jones convinced him he was worth the investment. jones hopes to reward that confidence. >> i fit in this city and on this team. i do not see myself wearing another uniform that does not have orioles across the chest. you have to put that in the perspective. if we win, this is our championship.
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i am not part of some one else's championship. >> the way to build a team is through organizational approach where you sign and developing players. you keep the best players on your team like we're doing today. >> that is helping them get to first place so far this season. more than 33,000 on hand for the season finale. the orioles rise in the standings. the offense has gone quiet. a tremendous atmosphere for those who made the ultimate sacrifice on memorial day. in the bottom of the first, ends with a single to center. all the way around. he comes in to score. the game is tied at one apiece. in the bottom of the fourth, he gets the job done with two out. with runners in scoring position, the orioles went 0 for
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9. the game is not tied anymore. he allowed just three earned through. a quality start. the bottom of the nigh -- ninth, no more frustrating to in the game than that. the orioles have lost four out of six. they're tied with tampa for first place. across continues. the division 3 championship game. the combined records are 43 and over. assault. coach had a heart attack in march. he had a huge day. one of his six goals to walk the game up -- lock the game up. three goals thus far. that ties the game at seven apiece. on to the fourth quarter. the sea gulls are trying to pull away. lance carter, look at the moves
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he has. sols. defends its national title 14- 10. it solves. -- salsbury defends its national title 14-10. the first men's lacrosse match up between the school since 1998. a memorial day tradition, the indy 500. he loses control and slammed into him. one car on top of the other. everybody walked away. they touched tires. franchitii maintains control and earned his third title. thee's a tribute for champion killed last year in los angeles. he enjoys the traditional
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celebration. we're checking on the forecast after this.
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>> it is all about you right now. >> an excellent day. tomorrows to be similar. may be an isolated storms. i am going to barbecue tomorrow. about 94 high. the rain comes in tuesday into wednesday morning. -- about 90 for the high. the rain comes in tuesday and
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wednesday morning. another round of storms is likely on friday and saturday morning. >> are you making your famous turkey burgers tomorrow? i did not get -- [laughter] >> fortune. >> that is it for 11 news at 6 smart grid we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today! this is an editorial from president and general manager
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dan jorres. only the i.t. was there when he walked out of jail after posting bail. it is not far from the allegis pill to zero million is accused of running. it was lucrative but shut down by the police. after months of investigation, the i-team exposed for what it was, a place where a attics sought drugs. deborah weiner and your photographer staked out a clinic for months. even clients admitted finding out where to get the drugs was an evening repeat easy internet search. it brought in up to 80 patients a day. maryland's drug monitoring program is not up and running. people from across the east coast found themselves in our backyard with cash in hand. this is not the first time a pill mill has popped up in our
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committee. in 2011, the dea investigated another one. until we have better monitoring, our state is right for this kind of a legal business. more people are losing the battle of addiction.
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