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tv   Today  NBC  May 29, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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♪ when you live life in the shadow only feel like teach me how to be loved ♪ ♪ teach me how to be loved ♪ >> wow, is she good. that is british singing sensation rebecca ferguson. you're going to hear more music from her. on a beautiful yet sticky morning in the northeast. coming up here, your diet questions answered. >> that's right. joy bauer is here and she has a
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question we don't get often. someone asks what do you do if you need to gain weight. she's going to tell us how to add calories in a healthy way. also how to get the right cardio mix, strength training. plus a vegan diet. >> i could do the how to gain weight segment, because i can -- when i'm not taking care of myself, i can do that, boom. >> i made a living out of that. >> i think we all have some -- this is the healthy way to gain weight. >> also the hottest looks for the season and matt one of them is florals. and the question for a lot of them is how do you wear them? can anyone wear them? this morning we've got expert advice. florals, maybe even you. >> all right. and then hello mother, hello father, here i am at camp grenada. the kids will heading to camp very, very soon. so for funky flip-flops to all sorts of cool iphone covers, if your kids camp allows that jill martin will be here with some camp fun finds.
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>> okay. >> for fun. just for fun. you know who sang camp grenada. >> know. >> do you know -- >> have you ever heard the song camp grenada? >> no, i haven't. >> allen sherman. >> he also did westchester, you're breaking me down. >> anyway. >> you want to do the whole list of songs? >> natalie is standing by at the news desk. natalie >> all right, good morning, everyone. in the news, potentially dangerous weather is taking aim at millions of americans from missouri into new england. the remnants of beryl are dumping heavy rain along the florida and georgia coast. as much as ten inches of rain are expected as far as north carolina before beryl starts heading out to sea. an emergency landing in toronto left damage on the ground as debris fell from the air canada 777 airplane shattering car windshields below. just a few minutes into the flight one of the plane's engines shut down, and small pieces of metal fell from the sky. officials in front are not confirming that this debris came from the plane but fortunately
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no one on board the plane or on the ground was injured. a new study from denmark suggests that taking aspirin, ibuprofen or similar pain relievers on a regular basis may lower a person's risk of developing two of the most common forms of skin cancer by almost 15%. that includes the most deadly version malignant melanoma. however the study did not look at sun exposure, the root cause of skin cancer. a man, woman, and their adult daughter are alive this morning after their small plane crashed into the snow on a remote mountain in idaho, thanks to their cell phone and a dedicated group of rescuers. stranded in a wrecked plane on this snowy mountain in idaho, the brown family was suddenly able to get a signal on their cell phone and call 911. >> i'm on an airplane and i crashed, and i'm in the mountains. >> reporter: it was saturday night. california fire captain brian brown's cessna had crashed.
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on board brown's wife and daughter heather. >> where are you at, hon? >> i'm 29 miles east or west of mountain home, idaho. i need you to send a search party please. >> i'll tell you, when the dispatcher answered the phone, and we were able to tell them, you know, we crashed our plane, we need someone to find us, it was the strongest moment of hope, you know, that there was definite hope that we were going to get out of there. >> reporter: fighting whiteout conditions, six foot snow drifts and 60 degree slopes, it took almost 15 hours for rescuers to reach the crash site. the browns had been flying from california to idaho to see their other daughter tabitha when the plane stalled. >> we actually were dressed for the summer and we were out there in the freezing temperatures. we were dealing with that on top of all the other injuries that we had acquired during the accident. >> reporter: eventually a military helicopter was able to hoist the firefighter and his family to safety.
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>> everything he does for everybody, it's good that, you know, he came out okay. you know, being a fireman, he's got his life on the line all the time anyway. >> reporter: the browns were flown to the regional medical center in idaho, where they're now recuperating to the. just lucky to be alive. >> feel like there was definitely some divine intervention with the way the cell phone worked for us. the peace of mind that, you know, my daughter had to even use that option because, you know, that was just out of the question for me. i thought, we're in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. it's not going to work. and it did. >> thank goodness for them the family is safe. the ultimate elvis presley fan has a chance to spend eternity in one of the king's final haunts. the memphis crypt where elvis was temporarily entombed alongside his mother after his death in 1977 will be auctioned next month. the presleys were later reburied at graceland. starting bid, though, $100,000. and if you're feeling a little bit lazy coming off the
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long, holiday weekend. this polar bear knows how you feel. he's having trouble getting out of his bed. this slow moving fur ball was posted on youtube by one world, one ocean. an environmental protection agency dedicated to saving polar bears. hard to move after a long weekend. six minutes past the hour. let's go back out to al with a check of your weather. >> i've actually been up there to see the polar bears. we didn't want to get that close. especially if he does get out of that steamy bed. and he's got an 11-year-old, brand-new 11-year-old. what's your name? >> isabella. >> where you from? >> new jersey. >> thanks for coming. is it fun being 11 now? yeah. all right. very nice. all right let's check your weather. see what we've got for you. again, we are looking at trap cool depression beryl, valdosta, georgia. 30-mile-per-hour winds moving north at 2. it's bringing a ton of rain. we've got flash flood watches and flood watches from northern florida on into the carolinas. we could get up to 7 to 8 inches
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of rain. moves offshore pretty quickly. plus, we've got an area, two areas of severe weather today. wichita falls into wichita, kansas. also montpelier vermont, back into pittsburgh and central ohio. tomorrow even stronger risk of storms from oklahoma, on into kansas, and we are probably going to be seeing some tornadoes there tomorrow. >> another hot and humid day. we're heading for highs in the 90 degrees later this afternoon. partly sunny skies. >> and i like this sign. it's either a warning or some support. run, dad, run. is it support? >> yeah, my dad's running a
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marathon. >> good for him. all right. and now let's go back in to savannah. >> all right, al, thanks. this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., answers to your daily diet dilemmas. joy bauer is here to discuss everything from how to gain weight the right way to staying healthy if you're on a vegan diet. joy, good morning. >> hi, savannah. >> our first question comes from skype. we have not one, but two questioners, darcy and ally in new york. >> cool. >> ladies, what is your question? >> what's the most ideal cardio to weightlifting -- >> i love that you guys are doing this together. so this is sort of like your bikini boot camp protocol for fast, impressive results, what you're going to do is five days of cardio, and the sessions should last 30 to 50 minutes. and you could pick any activity that's just going to get your heart pumping. and then three days a week of strength training. for the strength training you
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want to target your major muscle groups, and you could attach it on to your cardio days. either before or after. whatever feels most comfortable. you skrust want to make sure that you spread out those strength training days because you want to give your muscles a chance to recover and rest in between. and this way what's going to happen is the strength training is going to tone and cut and define your muscles, and the cardio is going to burn that layer of fat right underneath the skin and you are going to look fab by july 4th weekend. you've got to start this week. >> is it a plan? >> you guys in? >> definitely. >> yes. we're there. >> we started. >> okay, excellent. >> it's great to have a partner, two. darcy and ally, you guys are adorable. >> keep each other accountable. >> it is and then you can talk when you work out. makes it go faster. let's get to the phones. mickey is in texas this morning. what's your question for joy? >> good morning. i'm so proud of my 33-year-old daughter. she recently lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise. she's now decided to follow a vegan diet and i worry about her long-term health with a diet as
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limited as this. can you provide some guidance or advice? >> sure. so a vegan diet means absolutely no animal products whatsoever. and although there's a steep learning curve, once you get the hang of it, it becomes very manageable, and it's incredibly healthy. because she's going to be showering her body with nutrient rich plant-based foods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, you name it. there are a few nutrients that could be a little bit tricky that you're going to want to pay close attention to. the first one is protein. really as long as she's incorporating lentils and starchy beans and nuts and seeds, and the nut and seed butters and soy foods into each and every meal, she's set. you also want to pay close attention to getting enough calcium, because most people get it from dairy foods, and she won't be eating dairy. so she's going to be wanting to get drink some calcium fortified soy milk and almond milk. and also a lot of the plant-based foods naturally have calcium. kale is a great source. broccoli is another great
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source. tofu has calcium and so do almonds. lastly vitamin b12 is tricky because it's mainly found in animal foods so she might want to consider a separate supplement or go out of her way to have foods fortified with b12 but don't be nervous because a vegan diet is incredibly healthy. and she's going to have long-term health benefits. >> okay. thanks, mickey. a good mom worrying about her daughter. our next question is over the e-mail from eva in illinois and she writes i'm looking for healthy ways to gain weight. i eat well but i'm very thin and the older i get the more i worry about what will happen if i get sick. what kind of foods do you recommend to add calories without shoving big macs down my throat. i know a lot of people think i wish i had this problem but it's very serious for folks who are very, very thin, it's hard to gain weight. >> it's just as hard for some people to gain weight and she's so smart not wanting to gain weight eating junk. without completely rocking her world, i think there are two strategies that are going to help her increase weight in a
9:12 am
healthy manner. the first thing is with each of her meals instead of drinking water i want her to drink a calorie dense healthy beverage. 100% fruit juice, fruit nectar, low fat milk, any beverages like ensure or boost, or twice a day depending on her schedule she's going to have a high calorie snack. it could be two handfuls of trail mix or nuts with sun flower seeds out of the shell. she could have two handfuls of healthy chips with guacamole or humm hummus. a bowl of granola. even chocolate. dark chocolate is healthy. and she could have two ounces a day. i am actually writing a prescription for tacos. >> these are for the rest of us do gain weight now we know what not to eat. >> or in moderation. >> joy bauer thank you so much. >> thanks, savannah. >> coming up next, how to wear the hottest trend of the season. florals for every age and size. and then later our own jill martin with her fun funds. but first these messages. is gone.
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this morning on "today's style" how to rock the season rock the hottest trends.
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>> all right, and you're executive producing this show? >> yes. >> yes. >> good for you, stacy. >> very exciting. being on what not to wear is amazing and now being able to add lisa and jim to the family is really exciting. i think you're going to see some really great transformations. >> okay. ninth season what not to wear going into tenth. you're shooting now. let's get to our floral fashion show if we can. i think a lot of women don't really know how to pull it off and you're going to show us how. let's go first with the daytime outfit. and we have jessica showing us how to wear florals in daytime. you're layering up the florals. >> one thing that's very big this season you're going to see a lot of mixing of prints and mixing of floral prints. people always ask me if there's a rule or any kind of right, foolproof way to do this. one is stay in the same color palate.
9:18 am
one plays a dominant role an one plays a supporting role. all of these are in colors that are pulled in the outfit. >> jessica wears this very well. i like how you did -- you did keep to that same family grouping there. so you look great. thank you, jessica. let's take a look at floral for plus sizes. a lot of women, i think, fear if they're a little bit heavier if they're not going to look good in florals. here we have your daughter showing us how to pull this off. what's the idea here? >> well -- >> she's wearing the lulu dress which has a high waistline so her tummy looks smaller. we add the cardigan called the frannie. >> the frannie? >> named off my cousin frannie.
9:19 am
she's using it for arm coverage, it's really not -- not going to close it up. we're going to keep it dripping down the sides. >> it's important i think, plus size women understand that they can wear prints and not be afraid of them. so many women feel that prints make them look bigger. this is a really flattering cut. cut is always more important than print. >> here you do see the waist and again the cardigan or the frannie, as you call it, accentuates that, as well. >> and creates nice versatility, too. >> thanks so much, melissa. next let's take a look at floral for the 50 plus crowd. now, again, i think a lot of women who are a little bit older may think, oh, floral may look too daytime too girly, may not look good for me. we see how it looks gorgeous on joan. >> i think joan looks amazing. try texture instead of print. because after 50 florals can start to age you actually or be maybe a little too young. >> right. >> but also check out the accessories here. these shoes from nine west i absolutely adore. >> they're beautiful.
9:20 am
>> a floral print and she can do this with sailored, solid color pieces. check out the bracelets. beautiful floral prints, $8 each. that's a great way to add some punch. >> tie the whole outfit together. she looks absolutely gorgeous. thanks so much, joan. and then finally floral for evening. so you can dress up the look. let's show you how it's done here. we have debbie modeling for us. >> absolutely. >> a couple of things. black and white and metallics all very big with floral. it's from summer into fall. one thing is really important, if you're going to do florals on the bottom half, make sure it's a flattering cut. pencil skirt or a-line. you're going to see skinny jeans and baggy sort of relaxed pants, not a great cut if you carry your weight on the bottom half. go for a skirt. it's more flattering, easy to fit. and look at the floret on the shoe. >> for evening you can do the sequins with the metallic on top so you don't have to worry as much about being too shiny or glittery, right? >> right.
9:21 am
you can always mix your metallics and the shine helps to balance out the prints. >> i love it. ladies you all look great. let's bring them all out for one last look. good job, everyone. absolutely gorgeous. and congratulations again to you, lisa, on your show. and good luck to you with that. a new show stacy london. coming up next, jill martin's fun finds for kids but first these messages. ing to solve the. sensitivity is a chronic condition. if you have worn away that outer layer of the tooth it opens up small little channels, that's what transmits that pain signal... and it requires on-going protection. when it comes to sensitivity, dentists recommend sensodyne. the active ingredient in sensodyne travels to the inside of the tooth where it will block that pain signal. simply brushing with sensodyne twice a day every day is going to give you that long-lasting 24/7 protection against sensitivity. now you can eat and drink the things that you want to. it's delicious... and they love that... ...they can draw on their breakfast. so does he... hi awesome bird, oh hello.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> once again, as you step outside, you can feel the humidity in the air. it will feel hotter in the afternoon. the 90's downtown. hot and humid conditions, which will trigger the storms as the will trigger the storms as the cold front approaches the area guys, i'm home!
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>> all right, first of all for today we are expecting to see a risk of strong storms from new england, into the ohio river valley, also through the mid-plains. sunshine the pacific northwest, beryl still bringing a lot of
9:32 am
rain and rip currents along the southeastern atlantic coast. tomorrow we've got a strong risk, oklahoma into kansas. we are looking at some rough weather there. look for beryl, the remnants of beryl, could become a tropical storm again off the north carolina coast. showers in the pacific northwest. sizzling to hot in texas into the southwest. >> another steamy day on top. near 90 degrees in central maryland. cooler for ocean city, 83. they >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next, social etiquette. we're going to tackle today's dos and don'ts.
9:33 am
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of course, the author of social qs how to survive the quirks -- >> we have some questions -- >> grotto ask for my a-team. >> you ask the questions. >> actually, i don't have the questions. >> oh, boy. >> here we go. >> unbeknownst to my husband and me, our daughter invited practically everyone we know to her high school graduation. when we asked her why, she replied, gifts. we are mortified?
9:37 am
what should we do? >> gosh, it's a question should you talk to your daughter or the question is should you uninvite the guests? >> i think it's a two partner. >> you take the hard part. >> i'm going to say talk to your daughter. >> obviously this is a family confrontation. you definitely have to talk to your daughter. clearly the whole idea of a conversation -- >> but you should have been talking to your daughter. >> obviously they've fallen down. >> they've fallen down -- you can't say no gifts. >> that would hurt people's feelings. make your daughter gift to
9:38 am
charity. >> i was going to say, she needs to do some community service or do some -- >> in order -- >> wow. >> say going to the soup kitchen and donate your time. >> entrepreneurial. >> entrepreneurial. greedy. >> okay. >> let's go to our next question. >> number two. >> father's day coming up, i'd like to invite my dad to dinner on his own. my mom tends to dominate the conversation when we're all together. would this be rude? >> yes! >> you can't. you can't. >> hey, now wait. i think there may be a way to do this. you tell me if i'm wrong. >> okay. >> how about you go, you know, i would really love to spend some one-on-one time with you guys. how about dad i take you to dinner for father's day. mom, i'll take you for lunch next week. >> in europe. >> i mean, i like that idea. >> you think you wouldn't get away with it? >> i don't know that mom will, will, will go for it. >> she'll still be hurt. >> she'll have her feelings hurt. >> but maybe not.
9:39 am
>> i think you have to be a little bit honest with dad and say, you know, time to be -- to share a little in the conversation. >> yeah. >> that's a possibility, too. but -- >> why couldn't you just be honest with your mother and say i want to have time with dad? i just like some one-on-one time with dad. >> you know, depending on the mom, that would -- that could fly. my mom would be totally cool with that. but this lady clearly thinks her mom's feelings would be hurt. >> i think it's having a dinner and not inviting mom, as well, because if you said let's do some one-on-one, i'll take you to lunch, take dad to lunch next week. >> how about a kegger. >> dad would love that. >> or that girl's graduation from the first question. >> i thought this was a family thing. >> all right. next one. my new boyfriend invited me to go camping with him and his family on their annual summer vacation. very sweet. i know. but i'd rather die than go camping. what do i do? >> oh.
9:40 am
>> it's a camping expedition. >> where is the camping? >> what kind of camping? >> sorry, that's what i know. that's what came into "the new york times." what do you think? >> i think you gut it out and you go. >> i say you tough it out. >> i say how much do you like this guy? >> i'm saying to go, too. because new relationships, all about trying something new. you've got a chit in your pocket for when you want your boyfriend to do something. getting off on the right foot with the family. and best of all, we don't have to go camping with them. so it's win, win, win, win, win. >> doesn't feel strongly about camping? >> i'd rather die. >> all right. next one. >> let's move on. we've got one more for you. my wife is turning 60 this year, oh, this is bad. i would like to treat her to an eyelift. my son thinks i'm crazy. what do you think? >> i think you're an idiot! >> what are you crazy? >> i think they raised a very wise son, though. right? >> yeah. >> i like that. >> the son is smarter than the father! >> unless, unless, unless this
9:41 am
is a woman who has talked about it for years and said, i'd love to have it. and she's been daydreaming about it. >> but he would have put that in there. >> unless she's asked for your opinion and said, oh, i'd love it, i'd love it, you've got to stay away from this. >> unless she looks like humphrey bogart all the way over there. stand all the way over there. >> he won't have to worry about next year's gift. >> maybe you'd like to have a frying pan. >> all right. >> that is a good point. >> philip, thank you so much. >> how'd we do? >> you guys are brilliant. i love it. >> you're back. you're coming back. >> any time i want to go on vacation i know who to write my column. go camping. >> jill's fun finds coming up next. you won't want to miss. right after this. [ male announcer ] and now, another newtonism.
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this morning on jill's fun finds she's loving her animation, cool summer camp style from scented ear buds to glow in the dark playing cards, "today" and "us weekly" contributor jill martin has everything your kid will need to survive the great outdoors. this is not about survival. this is about being overly stylish. >> groovy, and it's funny because as i was doing setup, we're like, i like this, too. now all the camp fun finds are for adults, too. >> let's get right to flip-flops. because these are adorable. >> i love these. you buy flap flops, and then you can buy different magnets to go in each one. you buy camper, or you can buy your best friend's name. all different ones personalized. and then -- one pair of flip-flops, all different looks. >> starting at $38. great gift, also. >> okay bracelets. these are like the take on the
9:46 am
friendship bracelets but jazzed up a little bit. >> we used to make these. i can't anymore. oh, my god, i remember those. starting at $20. and you can just layer them. for adults, too. obviously wearing all of these, too. what a great gift. and what a great gift to give your daughter. >> i love that. >> as she goes off to camp. now we've got some great jewelry here. love these starting at $40. one side says sweetie and you turn it around and it says trouble. >> nice. >> so hopefully, as moms out there say, the trouble side won't be out as much. just how much fun is that? starting at $40. >> okay sunglasses. everybody needs to protect their eyes. you found a good way to do it. >> just gap under $10. great for all ages. then these i love, american eagle,, they fold up. so you can just, much easier, they don't break and you can just throw them in your camp bag. love those, guys and girls. >> okay. >> little elastics could be for
9:47 am
your hair or could be -- >> we love these in the office because there's no crease in your hair so we all love that. and then remember this. we were all playing last night. >> i remember that. >> naturally it comes back. so anyway. >> see how far we can do. >> i can't believe how much you remember. oh. >> it comes in all different kits. and you send it to camp and there's a note inside already. so all different crayon rings and the hair bands. >> and we used to spend hours doing that. >> i love that. >> starting at $12. these are scented gummi bears. so love that. and then there's a split so -- >> ear buds that are scented. >> and then there's a split. this heart one, and you and your friends, there's two sets so you can listen to the song to the. so love that. and then graffiti shirts. >> cute. >> luke and josh, your sons. just to write on. they're washable. so -- >> don't worry about it running.
9:48 am
>> decals. my mom used to just write in my name. but this is great. you put it on anything. it's water proof. water resistant. you can wash it. and then you know which is yours because we know in the bunks things get confused. >> they say you have to put stickers on everything. >> this is an easy way to do it. starting at $17. >> great stationery, too. hopefully your kids are writing lots of notes from camp. >> this is a little pricey, starting at $45. a get gift. great to give as a gift to someone if they're going to camp. a great way to write your mom and dad or aunt and uncle. >> who doesn't love hello kitty. a little journal? >> scratch journal. you can write it in and then it comes out, stickers. $12.99. and then you're going to have to trust me on these glow in the dark cards. i locked myself in a dark room last night, and they glow. so when they tell you to go -- when they tell you to go to bed you don't have to. sorry, mom. but that's what happens.
9:49 am
$10. >> oh, my. >> and then -- >> oh, i love these. >> this can go from camp to home. butterscotch blankies dotcom, $56. >> also glows in the dark just about. >> also fun. >> and then i love this, just i wanted bunk beds but you get the idea here. i love camp nights. you have your french fries that says sign me. and this is just a great way to jazz up your bed in an inexpensive way. >> i never went to camp now i want to go to camp. >> i was so much fun. last night i said, i want to go back. >> jill martin thank you. for more fun finds pick up this week's issue of "us weekly." up next, comfort food greek style. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
in "today's kitchen," what's for dinner? how about a classic greek favorite. a pasta dish that's kind of a cross between lasagna and baked
9:52 am
ziti. ellen is the author of "love laughter and lunch." good to see you. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> this is very exciting because kids like a pasta dish. what is this called? >> this is basically, we have -- making a lamb and we're adding -- >> i love lamb. a lot of people aren't crazy about it. could you substitute beef or ground chicken? >> you can. you can mix and match it. this here, i want to talk to you about this dish a little bit because it's a very traditional cypriot dish. we're going to leave this to be juiced up and cooking here. and we have -- >> could you do that for me? >> yes, thank you. thank you. we're going to add all that. and >> let it simmer? >> exactly. >> in the meantime. and then in the meantime we're going to make our bechamel sauce. i want to spend a little more time here because with bechamel sauce in the kitchen, in our kitchen, when you went to be
9:53 am
initiated into the kitchen you had to learn how to make bechamel. >> sure. so butter -- >> this is butter, flour and we're adding a little bit of milk right here. warmed up milk. so, you know, my mother always used to say you have to talk to your food. >> oh. >> so talking to your food now is you're going to be beautiful, and smooth and delicious, and that's how you -- >> it's like talking to plants. >> exactly. exactly. so you stir all this up here. and it so this is the first thing i learnt to make. >> does all that end up in here? >> all end up in here and we get this beautiful, lovely bechamel. >> sometimes you use this for like a mac and cheese? >> exactly. exactly. and now here we have something very special, which is halumi cheese. it's a greek, cypriot cheese. >> it looks a little like mozzarella. >> it's a little like mozzarella. has the consistency. we put a little bit of nutmeg. we put our eggs. in here. and we stir all this up really well. >> on very low heat? >> it's a very low heat.
9:54 am
see how yummy that looks? >> you don't want the eggs cooking. you'll have scrambled eggs. >> exactly. you're a cook, i can tell. >> no, i just like to eat. >> very lovely. so here. this is the first thing i learnt to make, which was very exciting. >> so we've got our sauce. >> yes. >> we're going to come back here. >> we're going to put this over here. >> right. we've got our lamb back here, as well. >> exactly. so here we are, so now we're going to assemble everything. >> you have cooked pasta? >> we have cooked pasta already done. and we're going to put this in here. >> all of it goes in? >> yep. >> okay. perfect. >> nice. >> let's do that. and then, thank you. we add a little bit of our cream in here. >> mm-hmm. >> make it all lovely. >> so unlike the lasagna you don't have to keep layering this. >> exactly. so this so we put this, and then we add the meat on top. >> and then once you do this you're going to put this into the oven. >> correct. >> what does this go in for?
9:55 am
>> 20, 25 to 30 minutes. so you get the idea here so you layer, layer, layer. and then you put more bechamel sauce on top so it looks like this exactly. >> that was this. >> exactly. >> and you brought in -- >> so here we have grape leaves, this is my greek salad. it has mint and olives and tomatoes. >> my favorite salad. >> this is olive bread. what's a cypriot meal without olive bread. and our dessert is hazel nut with orange blossom and syrup. >> helen, thank you so much. it was wonderful. >> nice to have you here. >> it was good having you. >> bye.
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