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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  May 29, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. it is the end of another grueling year at the naval academy, but for the class of 2012, it is only the beginning of their career. >> not even the heat could keep these midshipmen for getting their diplomas.
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defense secretary leon panetta at not only served as the commencement speaker, but he also handed out diplomas. this is a moment four years in the making. but 1100 midshipmen are receiving and the bachelor of science degree. it is an exciting moment for the graduates and especially their loved ones, who filled the stands to watch this moment. we caught -- we talked to a couple of midshipman who could not help but reflect on their experience and reaching this amazing pentacle in their life. >> i look at all my plans, went to civilian school, and there is a separation between us, but it was worth it. >> i wanted to go to the academy for a really long time. i came close to not getting it. it feels great to graduate with my classmates. >> the second lieutenant you just saw is actually from baltimore, so, as you can imagine, this is a special
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moment for him and his family. today launched the 100 and the murder -- today was the 100th anniversary of the hat tosses. these midshipmen are looking forward to keeping up with that tradition. >> congratulations going out to them. the loyola campus is in celebration mode this morning, welcoming back the champion men's lacrosse team. it was an amazing season for the greyhounds. loyola eventually met in-state rival maryland in the title game. they 19-3. the team is holding a press conference -- as we conference they won 9-3. the team is holding a press conference. we will bring you the latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. >> we knew that all this heat and humidity had to boil into
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something it has. been so hot the past couple of days -- it has been so hot the past couple of days. the heat and humidity is only going to ignite thunderstorms. these could contain damaging winds already. that is going to be the threat with any small storms that reaches us today. lee, it is dry. a-6 is the current temperature, and the winds are was at 14 miles per hour. around 94 the high at the airport. scattered thunderstorms are a possibility, especially during the evening hours the big. this thread with that is the damaging winds, with hail in the storm's. >> and 11 news update and to breaking news from late last night. four people are recovering, including a 10-year-old child, after a shooting in baltimore.
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it happened at the 2300 block of east hoffman street, where three adults, aged 29 and 28, and the child were all shot in the leg. the three were taken to hospital with what police are calling on- life-threatening injuries. it forced them also to arrive at a hospital with a non--- a fourth victim also arrived at the hospital with a non-life- threatening injury. >> the 10-year-old was the victim of an accidental shooting, not the intended target. alas, a 10-year-old injured as a result. >> the person that did it, i hope he turns himself in. >> anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call city police. city police are looking for more information into a memorial day stabbing in west baltimore. a man and woman were both stabbed saratoga street around
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3:30 monday afternoon. both were taken to hospital, but the extent of injuries is a noun. a howard county man is dead after being hit by a drunk driver in ocean city. matthew cheswick was trying to cross coastal highway when he was hit early monday morning. investigators say the driver was speeding and did not stop after hitting a cheswick with his suv. cheswick was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> hopefully, his family and friends are comforting at this time, because the loss is difficult to overcome. >> diogo facchini has been charged with homicide by vehicle while intoxicated mayor. all the natural resources police -- maryland natural resources police have found the body of a swimmer who went missing overnight. he dove over the chesapeake bay
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for a swim, but did not resurface. in queen anne's county, a boating crash killed one person and sent two others to the hospital. using high-tech sonar equipment, the dive team from charles county found the body of the man, and two others on the same boat were taken to shock, and at last check were in stable condition. baltimore county police are investigating yet another bottle bomb incident, this time in front of a home in edgemere. they are created by mixing drano and other household ingredients to create plastic -- in plastic bottles. in the most recent case, the homeowner picked up bottle not knowing it was an explosive. >> i reached down with my left hand and as i reached down to feel that, it was warm. as soon as it turned away, it
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exploded. >> the man was not injured. police are asking anyone with information to call them. can see the number on your screen. still to come, the latest on that deadly earthquake in italy. plus, a tragic ending to an overnight standoff in texas. an elderly couple crashes into a restaurant in new york, injuring diners inside. and carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. emailed
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>> several people are hurt after a car slammed into a restaurant in new york state. an elderly couple lost control of their car and slammed into this restaurant in buffalo. couple having dinner inside were injured and had to be taken to hospital. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the couple to lose control of the car. a standoff between a man holed up in a construction crane in southern miss this university in dallas has ended. the man died after falling out of the crane police.
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wanted to talk to him because he was suspected of stealing a car earlier in the evening. crews cut power to the crane to prevent him from moving. the death toll has risen to 15 after an earthquake in northern italy. the quake hit a little after 9:00 a.m. local time. it hit the same area where a 6.0 earthquake hit earlier this month. there are reports of several people buried under the rubble and at least one historic structure collapsed, and several homes were destroyed. still ahead, a reminder for parents as the temperatures heat up. it is more important than ever to remember not to leave children in your car. >> we are feeling the heat this afternoon as a cold front approaches from the west and a tropical system is down to our south. we will talk about it in the
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insta-weather-plus forecast down. town, a beautiful, with clear skies. >> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your plant and gardening questions. email plantquestions
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>> in the "consumer alert," the next time you fly, you might see a new security technology. the department of homeland security put in a request for hand-held scanning devices that can determine if there is a hidden object, weapon, or explosive item on a passenger.
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testing will take at least a year. it looks like facebook could be getting into the smart foun -- smartphone business. the media site hopes to release one by next year. and have hired former engineers for the apple iphone. some bloggers think this is a bad idea because there is no actual need for a facebook phone. every year, dozens of heat- related deaths in vehicles are reported in the united states. parents should look before locking cars. >> rising mercury has parents like this new mother on high alert. >> we are always making sure she is ok. >> temperatures are in the 80's. for this baby, five and half weeks old, 10 minutes in a hot car could be fatal.
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>> i leave the air conditioning running before i put her in the car, or park in the shade. >> local agencies are teaming up with the national traffic kuwait city administration to fight hypothermia, which kills about 40 children every year in the u.s. >> how can you forget your kid? anything can happen, anything. >> it is not just a matter of leaving kids unattended either. >> you keep your car on. 3 or four years old, they are still too little. >> never think it cannot happen to you. >> i get really emotional and now, since i am a new mother. she is my number one thing i think about. >> taking care to make sure little moments like these are
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not cut short. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> the heat is still a danger today, as temperatures are nearing 90 degrees. not as hot as yesterday, but still very warm as we wrap up may. we can see a storm system are purging from the west. could see a stronger thunderstorms from west virginia and western pennsylvania as well. these are likely to develop and band together and produce more in the way of curved out thunderstorms that can produce a very strong winds. is something we will keep in mind for the potential for severe weather as these storms moved our wine. -- move our way. let's take a wider view of the radar and satellite right now. these two storm systems are coming together and it is hard to see the difference between
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the two. this cold front from the west, you know white it is so you might right now. that is what fuels these thunderstorms today. the heat and humidity is making the atmosphere very unstable. this front is only going to act as a trigger. 86 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall, 91 in the downtown area coral. in the ocean and the mountains right now -- cooler in the oceans and the mountains right now. in annapolis, i hope they have their caps held snugly to their heads for the graduation ceremony. craft advisory across the bay. that is in effect throughout the afternoon and evening hours. current weather pattern to show we are mostly clear right now. that is a bad sign, as it continues to allow the
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atmosphere to heat up. those thunderstorms are waiting to pop. we have that slight risk for severe weather that has been extended from western maryland to all the northern counties, including baltimore city damage. in wins, larger help, with these powerful storms -- that threat should taper off as we head through tonight. as we look into the futurecast, best chance for storms in baltimore will be in the evening hours. eventually, this cold front will go towards the eastern shore. this is being fuelled by beryl. all that moisture is going to allow for heavy rain tomorrow morning, before beryl finally moves offshore. 87 degrees tomorrow. 89 as we move into thursday. by friday, another storm system comes our way with thunderstorms by friday night.
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>> carrie engel from valley view farms is here to answer your plant and gardening questions after the long weekend. good to see you. >> this thing handles heat much better than i do. we call it a summer snapdragon. it has a beautiful bright white, and it handles the summer gardens just beautifully. >> good for the hot temperatures. let's get to some questions. >> take a look at the rosebush. if there is a knot down at the bottom, it might be on a different stock. it may not be as strong as when it has been drafted, so take a look at.
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-- at that. >> it depends on the rose bunch. >> take a picture and send it to me. we need to know what the blight is. it could be an insect, in which case you use a spray. it might have some culture conditions that are not quite right for a. it the branch into a garden center or call experts to come out and take a look added. -- at it. one that i have that i like in a fair amount of shade has a small needle, very interesting. there are others that do very well.
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it could be anything from not enough water to too much water, but it also just might need some food. give it a little extra when they are flo and -- flowering. >> if you have a plant or gardening question -- coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing this hou p
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>> two teenage sisters in california were surprised to wake up and find a bear in their pool. they made sure they took a picture from a safe distance inside the house. they say teh bear took his time and did not threaten anybody. tonight at 5:00, another dangerous holiday weekend in baltimore city, and once again,
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a child is caught in the crossfire. what we want to know and what law-enforcement plans to do. and a tour of the state's largest casino before it opens to the public. and the city looks to turn and fire trucks into a different kind of the billboard. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon to you. i am angela jackson from wbal radio. your first number for pick three -- go to and check out the hot games for june. they are selling fast and have a limited inventory. here is drawing official bob
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diamond and here is pick four. let yourself play. >> we had a very warm weekend. is that going to continue? >> a cold front is going to coolest down by thursday, but it could bring a severe weather today. may be thunderstorms this evening with strong winds. cool weather on thursday, and another storm system on friday. >> thank you for joining us. >> watch tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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