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tv   Today  NBC  May 30, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody! it's booze day tuesday. it is may 29th. we hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend. my brother's 62nd birthday today. >> what? >> i can't believe it. my older brother, my brother dave. happy birthday to him. we were celebrating a lot over the week. >> let's talk about cass first. >> it's graduation time, all over, all over the place.
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so she graduated from high school. seems like she should have -- there she is with three of her best girlfriends. emily and tara and olivia. they're drinking their cider. >> they all wear white dresses. >> they do. look how kuj cody is. that's wrong. her dress, you can't tell the detail in that. it was lace. it was sweet. it was moving. tom brokaw was the speaker. >> he was? >> he was fantastic! he talked -- so many times these things are not very inspirational. i think the best thing he was talking about was the fact that all that's happening in the world technologically is wonderful. just remember an ipad can never give you a hug and a this can never do that. and there is never substitution for humanity. he was just great. then the whole fam-damily was there.
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my mom knows how to prepare for a big weekend. there she was. in the car on the way. my sister couldn't -- >> she's got a manicure, your sister. >> that's enough. there she is when she's all refreshed with my brother's wife sandy and the pups. >> the dogs are always front row center. >> yes. mark is marrying into this family and i wouldn't wish it on anybody. honestly. he put up with so much. first i don't think he said two words. it's impossible. my sister speaks more than i do. so when we're around -- and my mother -- well, you all know my mother. >> yes. >> it was great. so you went down to -- >> i was in nashville which was such a great time. i stayed at the hermitage hotel. all i wanted to do was listen to
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music. jay came. we were with some friends, jane and her boyfriend, jim. we went to the grand ole opry. if you haven't been, it is such a cool thing. you are in this big cavernous hall except for they're like pews. different acts get up and sing one or two songs. rascal flatts sang. this is like the view from the seats. everyone just comes in jeans and t-shirts. they get up there and sing a couple of songs and it is a radio show. that's the rascal flatts crowd. i love, love those guys. i love the grand ole opry so much. we went to this place we talked about called the bluebird cafe. >> you hear a lot of new talent there. >> they want to get discovered. a lot of great people get discovered there. they have like four singers in the round and they each sing for -- it goes for like two hours. you don't talk at your tables.
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you can get shushed if you talk too much. this guy named paul sykes -- >> hey! this is not thursday. >> but it's so good. he sang a song. it is about a tree and it's called "the seed." you're going to like. just listen to this guy. ♪ ♪ >> this particular guy, we were listening to him. i was sitting next to jay and we both had tears in our eyes. this song is called "the seed" and if you can look it up and find it on youtube or something, he was a home run. i was so excited to hear him. sometimes you listen to somebody and you think, i can't believe
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this guy hasn't been discovered. >> well that is the place to be discovered. if you know the place to get proposed to -- let's talk about that. everybody's talking about this. >> every now and then a proposal -- here's the funny thing. we've seen some proposal videos, you start to think, here's another one. this may be the ultimate proposal. >> it is going to be very hard to top this one. >> this great couple, isaac wanted to propose to his girlfriend, they've been dating for quite a while. he heard this song by bruno mars called "marry you." then had he an idea. let's watch the tape. >> here it goes. ♪
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♪ say i do ♪ tell me right now baby ♪ baby ♪ oh ♪ it is a beautiful night ♪ we're looking for something good to do ♪ ♪ hey baby ♪ i think i want to marry you >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> canner >> can i tell you -- if you can watch this entire video, i encourage to you go online and do so. i did it right before the show. you know how many hits on this video? >> 750,000. they had 400,000. wait! 5.4 million. what?
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wait. i looked to see another version. someone must have used the version somewhere else. you're kidding me! well, there they are. >> we got the real deal. >> hi, guys. congratulations, you guys. >> very creative, huh, isaac? >> how long did it take to you put the whole thing together? >> i asked her parents about six months ago at christmas. so the idea has been brewing for that long but we only rehearsed or spread it out for about three weeks. took about three weeks to put the whole thing together. we had one group rehearsal before the day. >> amy, you look like you were totally -- you were clapping when you were watching it. i loved it. >> i was completely floored. it was amazing. >> where's the ring, by the way? is it on there? >> oh, yeah, yeah! >> let's see. >> it is a vintage ring, circa 1940. it belonged to a military wife, apparently. >> that's so great. have you set a date in all that? >> we're going to wait -- she's about to start nursing school tomorrow morning so -- >> oh, put that on hold.
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>> you got us just in time. >> you guys, congratulations. we wish you so much happiness. >> thank you guys so much for having us. ♪ everyone has a story that's so great. speaking of videos, here's another one. this with a terrifying. >> this was an 80-year-old who on her bucket listing decided she wanted to jump out of a plane. her name was laverne everett. it is a little scary when you watch this. laverne was about to go on the plane in tandem. she gets scared. look how he pushes her out. look, she doesn't want to go. >> i don't blame her. >> look. and then she goes. and then the harness gets all tangled up. you'll be able to see it soon. >> oh, good grief. >> the instructor's hanging on to her. her shirt's coming off. >> she's fine is why we can --
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you can watch this -- the photographer was literally reaching out trying to pull them back in the plane. can you see his hand? but he couldn't catch them. then they just continued to fall down. he was telling her hang on to me, hang on to me. when he pulled the chute, it jerk her back up again. anyway, bottom line is she landed, she had a couple of bruises and she's fine. >> now she's got her own reality series. that's what happens these days. i don't know. that's the last thing in the world i would ever put on my bucket list. last thing! >> she wants to get in a race car now. >> maybe she won't now. >> no, she said she did. she said that today. >> would you ever do that? >> never. i wouldn't because the rush of the falling through the sky doesn't -- it doesn't thrill me. just terrifies me. doesn't seem fun. it is scary. >> you're almost scared for justin bieber the other day had a little altercation that i guess got bigger as it went on
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with one of the paparazzi. now the paparazzi is claiming justin shoved him and hurt him. >> these two were coming out of the mall, justin bieber and his girlfriend. they got in their car and were trying to leave according to him. this member of the paparazzi was standing in front of the car. that's what justin bieber says. he got out and the guy wouldn't move. >> wouldn't let him leave. >> they'll get to the bottom of it. but having been in situations like that, it's so frustrating because many times you have no place to go and you're at their mercy. some of them are really, really nice. i know some of them by name. joe, how you doing? they're really sweet and really respectful. but more and more the stakes are higher because if they can get a picture of you angry and throwing something they get a lot more money for that. >> do you remember when bernie madoff was walking and that one photographer pushed him in the chest? i think he was waiting for that
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push-back or something to show. >> you do feel like it is a feeding frenzy though. it can be terrifying. >> halle berry was in front of her child's school -- >> where there should be no -- >> right. there is a video of her pointing and screaming and getting upset. >> there's one thing when they're doing it to you because we picked this business to be in. >> julia roberts did the same. >> you don't mess with a grizzly bear, not a mama bear. we have a big show -- oh. it's booze day. what is this thing? you know what it is? mango lime -- >> yes. it's from -- how do you pronounce that hotel? ganzabor hotel in the meat packing district. it is a mango -- >> it's got lime juice -- >> a lot of healthy things in it. we have got a big show for you. we have a question for you.
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why aren't we married? >> that's not a question for me. >> i know. >> this is really a fascinating book. another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy.
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her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lois... who chose two aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. you know the girl -- she's smart, she's beautiful and remarkably not married. but she wants to be. so what's the problem? >> tracy mcmillan has the list. married three times, tracy's been writing her whole career. most recently for "mad men." and her new book, "why you're not married yet." how to get the straight talk out of the relationship you deserve. >> you're a famed psychiatrist. you have had worldly experience. >> i have. i'm just your best friend that's been through all kinds of
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relationships and i'm here to tell you the real truth about maybe why you're not in that relationship. >> women who do want to get married, this is for them. what would you say the number one reason is? >> the number one reason is you're lying to yourself. a lot of times that's because like there's a guy, he's cute, you like him, but he says, you know what, i'm really not ready to be in a relationship. you say to yourself, well, i'll treat this like a temp job. if i really wow on the job he'll hire me full time. it's like, no, if he's telling you he doesn't want to be in a relationship, he doesn't want to be in a relationship. >> some guys change and grow -- >> i suppose they do. >> but that's wasted time. >> if you talk to guys, they'll say i knew right away. that guy in the proposal video, she did not have to make it easy for him to date her, i promise. >> you had a really tough start in your life. really tough. you could have -- you talk about the fact you could have said look at me the victim, your
2:21 am
mom -- is it all right if we say? your mom was a prostitute. your father was a criminal. he was jailed. >> he's in prison right now. >> you went to foster homes and all that. >> that's right. >> you finally ended up in a lutheran minister's home. and you talk a lot about the spiritual aspect of this, too. find something you believe in that's bigger than you are. it's so important. people leave that component out of relationships. >> i think it's the key. it is what takes a relationship from being like a list of things that you want to like a spiritual assignment between two people who are in love and are working on becoming better people together. >> that's a personal responsibility. you talk about some of the women that are not married yet because they're a b-i-t-c-h. >> they might not know it. maybe they think they're like tough or strong. but really it is about being angry or having been hurt and
2:22 am
maybe defensive. and you really have to be soft and vulnerable in order to form a relationship. >> you have to be somebody that people are happy to be around. >> yeah! >> if you're constantly complaining and moaning -- >> one of the others on your list is you're shallow. most of those women don't know that either. >> that's when you're more interested in what's going on on the outside of a person and what's going on on the inside. it is like ultimately, after the big muscles are gone, it's really -- and the money can go away, it is really about character and it is like that's the bottom line in forming a relationship. like who am i? >> she told a wonderful story about learning to put makeup on at macy's and how all these people would come. you'd do their faces. they all have such unique beauty to them. >> that's right. every person has something beautiful. i think if you really like shift your eyes into looking like at the spiritual aspect of a person, you start to see the
2:23 am
parts that's going to last you for 20 or 30 or 50 years. >> don't be so surfacey. >> it is a great read, by the way! >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> she might get married for the fourth time now. we just wish her all the best. >> thank you! >> up next, sara makes a splash with the summer's latest water sport up next after this. attention - americans living with limited mobility. what do you do when you can no longer get around like you used to? when you fear losing your independence? who do you call? call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for america's premier power chair. hi, i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. now you can do more, see more, enjoy life more. here's why hoveround makes it easier than any other power chair. hoveround is more maneuverable to get you through the tightest doors and hallways. more reliable. hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your chair, and will service your chair for as long as you own your chair. and most importantly, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no cost.
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time for "sara breaks out of the city." this week she headed down to destin, florida. >> so gorgeous there. she doesn't stop. you took your workout to the water. >> as the summer heats up, a girl has to cool off. i packed up my board shorts and sunscreen and found out where everyone is paddling about. from hawaii to malibu, celebrities like kate hudson and jennifer aniston have been
2:28 am
spotted gliding on water with boards in their hands. or as we call it up in order -- paddle boarding. down south, forever, in the sunshine state they have their own name for the sport. what is yoloing? >> yoloing is another name for stand-up paddling. >> i just love to tell people. that's right, it's yoloing, not yodeling. it is a great way to get in shape while having fun in the sun. it is part paddle board, part surfboard and part kayak working your arms, legs and core all at the same time. can you show us your abs? jeff, come on. >> he promised after one day i'd have those abs. >> fun lovers everywhere seem to be hopping on-board with this trend bringing along family, friends and even pets. how hard could it be? first i had to learn the basics. >> with a perfect sweeping technique --
2:29 am
>> look at me moving the sand like it's water. >> i was ready to ride the waves. >> this is me hitting the water -- oh, my gosh, have you seen those boys? focus. >> let me know when you're ready. >> i'm ready. >> paddle in the water. paddle in the water. just move it like a bicycle. >> you're going to need to move. mama's getting shaky. seriously, if a 5-year-old can do it? >> on the water, i caught up with jessica, a water sport enthusiast who's been yoloing with her family for years. you find this challenges is comparable to some of these other sports you do? >> it does. the challenges, what will the day bring? will it be windy? what's the surf conditions. if you're out for an easy paddle, it is so much better than being in the gym on a treadmill.
2:30 am
>> by the end of the day i was sore all over but i had a new appreciation for the yolo workout. >> i'm kicking butt on this board. but the best part was the yolo cooldown waiting for me on the beach. >> you can actually do it on any body of water. boards vary from about 500 to $1,000 but you can rent them for much less. i was saying, it is like a nature walk on water. you see manatees, you see dolphins. >> and shark -- >> for people who have never been to destin, it is so worth the trip. it is like pensacola, the beaches there are like sugar, just white and sugar. >> and the water? >> great. thanks, sara. still ahead, fun stuff that will keep your kids entertained at your next block party. plus it was a busy holiday weekend in the world of entertainment. we'll have the latest buzz.
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we're back on this booze day tuesday with "today's buzz." while you were out enjoying your holiday weekend, hollywood was still making headlines this weekend. >> with the brawl with the beads to beyonce's booty shaking, we're about to get all the scoop we can. hey, ladies. good morning. justin bieber made some headlines. we saw a lot of that. tell us what you know. >> he certainly did. what happened is he and selena went to see "men in black 3" which justin has a cameo in. he's an alien. but when he came out, his car was blocked by paparazzi and apparently allegedly he got into a scuffle and the paparazzi went to the police and now the police want to question him. what we learned is that selena was really great. she intervened, she calmed things down. she helped him get his shoe on, his hat on which had come off. >> the two left the scene very
2:34 am
quickly but the photographer who tried to take the picture asked for medical help. he said he was in pain. so they sent the fire department out there. they carted him off to the hospital, treated and released. >> wasn't this after some lawyer suggested he might have a case? >> yes. he might get a lot of money apparently, he told him. >> we've seen justin bieber on the plaza. he gets swarmed wherever he goes. >> we can't believe he was able to go to the movies without body guards and everything else. >> he may have just pushed the wrong button. we've heard a lot -- selena talked about it in an interview it is very important to them to do normal things. they love going to the movies. they've done it many times without any incident. i think this is a really unfortunate situation and he's -- justin's under so much pressure. he left already on a tour. he's gone to norway, he's going to be touring europe. his new single just came out today, "die in your arms." >> okay all rightee. >> beyonce -- >> these chairs are more
2:35 am
challenging than you can imagine. >> beyonce really took off a lot of weight. looked great. >> she said she lost 60 pounds, she told the audience at her performance in atlantic city. four nights there. four nights working out like that, you lose a little more weight. she says she was eating lettuce, working on the treadmill. then she was going to go out and o.d. on chocolate. >> she's got to get some protein to get through some of those rehearsals. >> she did an homage to whitney houston, too, with "i will always love you." and mishlg obama was in attendance with her girls. >> michelle has been a big fan of beyonce's. she just said last week if she could live another life she would be beyonce. then the girls also went to see "one direction" the next day. i want to be those girls. she wants to be michelle obama, i want to be malia and sasha.
2:36 am
>> quite a big concert for malia. >> there was a wedding this weekend. cynthia nixon got married to her long-time girlfriend. >> isn't that lovely? they got married after eight years. they always said they wanted to wait until gay marriage was here in new york state. so they did it. they are parents of a baby boy who was born about a year ago. >> cynthia had two children from a previous marriage. what's interesting is she proposed during a same-sex rally here a few years ago. >> who proposed -- i think cynthia proposed -- >> okay. >> to christina. >> engagement party. big bash in california with their friends. catering by wolfgang puck. she wore a leopard print dress. about 100 people there. >> they're very down to earth. very comfortable with each other. >> they dated for years. they did have that split but
2:37 am
they got back together after a half a year. word is the wedding will happen some time this summer. there were some in-syncers there. old friends. >> can't wait to see what happens next week! >> me either. up next, cut that out! [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage.
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we're back with "tuesday's trend." this week it's all about what's not there. >> designers are cutting all shapes from the latest fashions. >> today's style editor and's bobbie thomas is here to tell us all about it. >> you're wearing it. >> a little peek-a-boo happening. >> that's a new deal they're doing? >> cut-outs are really everywhere. they started sort of last year, believe it or not in the fall.
2:42 am
spring and summer they're everywhere because it is practical. you'll see it in the fall again. it is kind of a trend you may want to buy because it will stick around. but celebrities, we have pictures of course of some gorgeous bodies rocking cutouts in every area. charlize theron, that dress when she turned around -- and halle berry, like no other, if i had a stomach like that -- >> you are, girl. >> i wish. my gold today was to show the real people of the world like us and how we can really do this. i really do love this cut-out trend. cassidy is such a bomb. she looks amazing in this dress. this is a monique see dress. it is a fun, bright color but the cutouts at the neckline are right there at the collarbone. that's such an understated, sexy, striking area for cutouts. you might see something on the rack like this -- just try it on because a lot of these dresses look funny on the hanger. i think she looks gorgeous.
2:43 am
keep the jewelry minimal because the statement is the cutout. >> thank you. you look terrific. next up, christina. she's got a dress with some cutouts on the side. >> yeah. now this is something that people may say at first, ooh, i'm not quite sure i'm going to try the midsection cut-out. if we can pull the camera back so we can all be her best friend, this dress you can rent from rent the runway for just $65. it is a high end bcbg dress off the runway. the secret is if you have a little bit of a fuller figure on bottom, if you have some hips, the higher the cut-out goes the more flattering on her frame. >> can you turn around, please? >> i think it is a great dress for summer, if you're petite on top. that's the area you should highlight. >> next up, mae with a little bit of a casual outfit happening. >> i love this look. it is such a simple piece. i thought kathie lee.
2:44 am
>> that would be me. >> this is from zara. trends really help different classics in our closet have an instant update. you can snip a white t-shirt off at the shoulder like we did maybe back in the '80s to maybe get this look? i love that mae is showing you at any age she is stunning. really fashion forward. >> i love zara. >> just simple, her shoes are a simple sandal. let the cut-out again be the statement. you don't need to do jewelry and heels. >> thank you. >> last, but not least, sue. >> sue's here. you said she wasn't going to come. there's sue. >> what i love about sue, this is a top you're going to see in a lot of stores. it is the cage cutout. very flattering for women who may not want to expose their arms. such a great idea. you look fantastic. you don't even need to be famous. but with a pair of shorts it gives you a nice easy breezy look for summer and you can get away with sleeves.
2:45 am
that's kind of something that i think a lot of women are going to be rejoicing about this trend. >> absolutely. >> good work, b.t.! >> thank you so much. up next, are you tired of drag through your day? we've got tips for instant energy. good morning. walking you through your forecast, which is going to be a busy one this week. the threat of severe weather continues today across the southern plains. we've had big hail reports around oklahoma city. chance of isolated tornadoes, up into kansas, as well. right here in tornado alley, further north mostly showers, scattered about with a few isolated thunderstorms. in the east, we continue with the rain, especially during the first half of the day and still tracking tropical depression beryl.
2:46 am
high surf, rip current risk and this will eventually head out to sea, but still lashing the outer banks of the carolinas. temperatures stay hot, going to go up actually this afternoon up to 92 in atlanta, where the cool air has come in. down to 65 in chicago after sunday in the upper 90s. so quite a change. going to feel like we're back in may when it felt like july for a minute. 77 in kansas city. 79 in denver. the rain will make its way to the east, from this system we're tracking in the plains by thursday. showers from the ohio valley down into the south. we should be almost done with beryl think this point as it moves off the atlantic coast. 81 in washington on thursday. the cooler air making its way in, 76 in new york city. on friday, the rain keeps its track off to the east there and we'll see more rain in the new
2:47 am
york city, d.c., baltimore area and temperatures falling into the 60s. 82 and rebounding in kansas city. try weather in the middle of the country by the time we get into sunday. get your forecast every morning at 6:00 a.m. with "wake up with al." another cup of coffee? how long is this one going to last? forty-five minutes? an hour? well... listen. 5-hour energy lasts a whole lot of hours. take one in the afternoon, and you'll feel alert and energized 'til the cows come home. it's packed with b-vitamins and nutrients to make it last. so what's it going to be, partner? 5-hour energy. wise choice. 5-hour energy. hours and hours of energy. with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪
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hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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has your get up and go got up and went? if you wake up tired and lose energy as the day goes on, it could be something you can fix. >> here with some fast fixes is "prevention" magazine's director robi caplow is here. >> breakfast is the most important meal. it is hard to know what to start with to get your engine running throughout the day. >> it is very important to start with bran. there was a terrific study that was done that found that people who had a nice morning bowl of
2:50 am
bran cereal full of fiber actually had a 10% reduction in fatigue and depression and were actually better thinkers. it's because the fiber slows down the absorption of food in the stomach. >> i feel good! >> it is tough to know how many cups of coffee to have. after a while -- >> wasn't there a new survey a couple weeks ago that said how it battles all kinds of diseases? >> yes. coffee is a great thing to drink but it all depends on how do you it. according to sleep researchers, the smartest way to drink coffee is to have miniservings, no more than eight ounces just like these. >> then everybody here is in trouble. >> it works better than that fat morning latte. >> spread it out throughout the course of the day. >> meals. they always say little meals are good. >> yes. forget the three square meals a day. really the smart thing to do is have smaller meals every three to four hours. just make sure you have the right ingredients. we are looking at here protein in the chicken, some
2:51 am
carbohydrates and of course greens and very important healthy mono unsaturated fats which would be a little olive oil on top. >> that doesn't look like it has any dressing at all. >> why do we have plants here? >> texas a&m researchers say if you're working at a desk and you have some beautiful greens or vibrant flowers at your desk you are going to generate more creative ideas. >> i believe that with all my heart. >> you can get azaleas, they really flourish well in small pots. >> i did a bouquet at our house just the other day. it brought me more joy. i want to walk into the room -- i'll take a picture and bring it tomorrow. >> you don't have to spend a wlolt lot of money, either. >> i went out in my yard and cut most of it. >> the woman who wrote the book "french women don't get fat" said you should start your day with one full glass of water and it will give you energy. i started doing that. you go from being in a coma to
2:52 am
feeling alive because your body's just thirsty. >> a lot of time peoples say i'm so tired, but they're not, they's dehydrated. you should have a good eight-ounce or ten-ounce glass of water everyone to two hours and it really keeps you focused throughout the day. >> i never do that. i should but i don't. >> tea is actually a terrific thing to drink. there was a study done at the university of college london, of course, where else are they going to do the study? >> they want to keep drinking their tea. they found women who were drinking four cups of tea a day actually had a higher incidence of well being, they felt more clear and confident. >> exercise is great. >> the american heart association recommends 70 minutes of brisk walking a week. that's only ten minutes a day. it really will make you feel better. >> even if you just walk around the block. >> if you're able to walk, you need to. >> remember the famous elvis
2:53 am
presley peanut butter banana? it is okay to do. that's because the bananas are packed with potassium which keeps your blood sugar levels healthy and the peanut butter is packed with magnesium. >> lastly, listen to music because it instantly changes your mood. >> for you two, we have programmed some special music. ♪ >> excellent. >> robi, thank you! up next, how to keep the fun going for your kids at the next block party and all summer long. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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if you were planning a block party or you just like organizing some fun activities for your kids and neighbors, you're in luck. we have something for you. >> we do. we have an expert. her name is christina. she's the deputy editor of parenting magazine here with some great ideas. >> well, hello! you're going to make summer more fun, huh. >> yes. we have 101 thrills for kids in "parenting" magazine. >> we can't take our eyes off jackson in his helmet. >> that is the rascal mohawk helmet. a lot of kids when they get bigger they don't want to wear helmets. but if you have a cool one, you
2:57 am
want to give it a go? >> imagine a child that obeys. you rarely see that. >> what do we have next? >> when kids go on vacation, they come back with all sorts of things. usually they end up in a shoe box. how better to make beautiful crafts with your kids that can be enjoyed in your home and act as a memento of your vacation. i know, hoda, you love the beach. get glass storage jars, sand or rocks, put it in. >> then what? then you pour sand on top of it? >> no. you arrange it. >> oh. i like arranging things. >> you take things out until you get it exactly right. however you like it. it is making really good use of all those little tchotchkes than your kids grab.
2:58 am
>> what's more fun than this, hoda woman? >> nothing! >> mine's just precious. >> see how fun that was? >> hoda throws it in. >> everybody has a block party in the summer. usually it is all about the kids, games for them, the parents sit there watching the kids. this time you get a laundry bag full of clothing. just grab all kinds of clothes from everyone's closet, bring it out -- adults i'm talking about. they grab a piece without looking, of course. put on whatever they pick out. at end of the round there is a prize for whoever wins the best sport. >> this is going to be where kids go crazy. >> summer themes. cupcakes. rainy day salvation or if you are going to a barbecue, birthday party, you want to bring something. fishies, rainbows, beads, frogs -- it is just box cake mix, icing, then you just add these grocery store candies and you can decorate it. looks like athena is working on a rainbow.
2:59 am
super easy, super quick. tons more on >> how does it work? >> woo! >> the latest in bubble technology. >> are you kidding me. >> crazy! >> are you joking? >> look at what's happening. right in the camera. >> what can be better? kids love bubbles. >> everybody loves bubbles. inexpensive entertainment all summer long. >> that was excellent. >> you guys, thanks for coming to help us out. we got some time on our hands, don't we? >> what? >> guess who's coming to see us tomorrow? >> martin short. >> he's going to take you out of your bad mood. >> you know what movie we're


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