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tv   Today  NBC  May 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it's a lock. mitt romney secures the republican presidential nomination by winning the texas primary. but will his on going relationship with donald trump overshadow his big moment as trump plays the birther card once again. what's the holdup? deliberations entering the eighth day in the trial of john edwards. what is taking jurors so long to reach a verdict? is that a bad sign for edwards or the prosecution? we're live at the courthouse. and meet maxwell, the exclusive first photo of jessica simpson's baby girl on the cover of "people" magazine. what she's saying about her bundle of joy and the adjustment to motherhood today, wednesday, may 30th, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. mitt romney is honored and humbled to be the gop. an accomplishment in five years in the making. >> he has a right to celebrate. even as he basks in the glow of securing the nomination, donald trump who hosted a closed door fund-raiser for romney in las vegas last night managed to once again grab headlines by reigniting the debate over president obama's birthplace. should romney have been quicker to distance himself from trump? we'll be talking about that in a couple minutes. >> a story that will get your attention if you ever had trouble with a neighbor. one couple in minnesota says
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their problems go well beyond loud music and messy lawn. their neighbor paints nasty signs in her driveway, yelled at their children and followed them around town. they have taken out a restraining order. they say even that hasn't stopped this alleged torment. we'll hear from them this morning. also as facebook founder mark zuckerburg honeymoons in italy, his stock hit a new low on wall street. what is the bottom for this stock? what if anything will turn things around? we'll have more on that story coming up as well. we begin on a wednesday morning with presidential politics and mitt romney now with enough delegates to become the republican presidential nominee. peter alexander has the latest on this. good morning. >> good morning. with the republican nomination all sowed up, mitt romney heads into a crucial 90-day stretch ahead of the republican convention, neck and neck with the president. this week he launched a new series of attacks trying to court the much needed independent voters targeting president obama for waisting taxpayer money.
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but on the very day he clinched the nomination, that message was largely trumped. >> reporter: with the republican nomination secure, mitt romney is betting the road to the white house goes through the las vegas strip. >> it's entirely possible that late in the evening of november 6th, the nation is going to be wondering what's going to happen in nevada. >> you can do it! >> exactly. >> reporter: it's another gamble that is literally trumped his message, overshadowing the campaign. romney head lined a multimillion dollar private fund-raiser tuesday night alongside his outspoken advocate done trald ump. trump who famously shoots from the lip did it again tuesday in the wild west. >> i don't consider myself birther or not birther. but there are major questions here. >> reporter: single-handedly renewing questions about where the president is born, whether he's a u.s. citizen. a claim discredited more than a year ago when president obama released his hawaii birth
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certificate due in part to pressure from trump himself. trump tweeted barack obama is begging mitt romney to disavow the place of birth movement. he's afraid of it and for good reason. and later, sparred on cnn. >> there are many people that don't agree with that birth certificate. they don't think it's authentic. >> i don't know when you say many people who don't agree -- >> many people. >> give me a name of somebody. >> there are many people that -- >> give me a name. >> there are many people. i don't give names. >> reporter: the obama campaign lashed out with this video attacking romney to failing shoot down extreme voices in the party like john mccain did four years ago. >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. >> reporter: on a date romney campaign wanted to celebrate in las vegas, instead it was dealing with a trump side show, insisting in a statement governor romney said repeatedly that he believes president obama was born in the united states.
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late tuesday at the trump eveevent, even newt gingrich rallied around governor romney. >> governor romney is not distracted. we believe this is an american born job killing president. >> reporter: and the romney campaign also released mitt romney's birth certificate late tuesday after reporters request and, yes, it shows that he, too, was born in the united states. but ironically, at the end of the day the trump fueled birth certificate battle ended up as a reminder that romney's own father george romney born in mexico had his own birther controversy when he ran for president 44 years ago. matt? >> peter alexander, thank you very much. a lot of other important stories to get to this morning. natalie is on assignment. we have tamran hall at the news desk. the u.s. and eight other western countries expelled syrian diplomats in protest of
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last week's mass keer of civilians in hula. we have the latest from cairo. >> reporter: good morning. if anyone was hoping that the arrival of u.n. special envoy kofi annan would curb the violence, it hasn't. in the past 48 hours, activists say that death toll has climbed to above 70 in several protests all across the country. today the u.n. observer mission there said that 13 bodies were discovered in the eastern part of the country with their hands tied and shot in the back of their head. international outrage over the hula massacre on friday continues to show the impact in the international community. the french president said he would consider military intervention inside syria if it is approved by the united nations security council, however, on wednesday, russia and china dismissed the possibility that they would endorse any resolution that would authorize western powers intervene militarily inside syria. >> thank you. the former rutgers
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university student facing jail time for using a web cam to spy on his roommate kissing another man has apologized for the first time. he called his actions thoughtless and insensitive and childish. his roommate killed himself back in 2010 just days after the web cam incident. he starts a 30-day jail sentence on thursday. wikileaks founder is one step closer to extradition this morning. britain's high ert courest courd his appeal. effahe faces allegations of sex crimes in sweden. he has one option to appeal to european court of human rights. former liberian president charles taylor is sentenced to 50 years in prison. a court found the 64-year-old guilty on 11 charges of supporting rebels in sierra leone during the country's brutal civil war. and now to wall street, mandy jury is at the new york stock exchange. >> we have a nice bounce on the
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stock market yesterday. european debt issues and a nervous tone in the market today. else, where the fly that we've seen in facebook shares means that mark zuckerburg is being pushed off the top 40 of the world's richest people. and also as we head to the big jobs number this friday for the month of may, we're seeing that prime age workers between 25 and 54 are now seeing only about 75% of them have jobs. 80% normally. that is record unemployment for that bracket. back to you. >> all right, mandy, thank you. and grammy award winning folk musician doc watson died. he died tuesday in north carolina. watson received a national medal of the arts back in 1997 at a lifetime achievement award from the grammys in 2004. watson was 89 years old. and president bestowed the nation's highest civilian honor on a group of american icons including bob dylan, former
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secretary of state madeleine albright and author toni morrison were among the medal of freedom honorees at the white house on tuesday. it is now 7:08. back to matt and al. and the aviators sported by mr. dylan. >> they look very nice with that medal. it was a fashion statement. >> my heroes. also john glen, former astronaut. mr. roq mr. roker is here with a check of the weather. we're looking at severe weather and a front dipping down into all this warm, moist, unstable air. it's going to set off a lot of thunderstorms. we have a strong list of very large hail, dangerous lightning and tornadoes from wichita falls into oklahoma city and a slight risk of dallas all the way up to omaha. anywhere from two to four inches >> we have some light rain to
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deal with this morning. some scattered light rain showers around the area. give yourself a few extra minutes. the humidity will . and that's your latest weather. >> thanks. jurors at the criminal trial of john edwards are entering the eighth day of deliberations. there is growing speculation they could end up deadlocked. lisa myers is there once again this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. the first real glimpse into what may be going on in that jury room suggests that jurors are not close to a verdict and may be seriously divided. the judge is making them work a half hour longer today, hoping
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for progress. this will be the eighth day john edwards and his family come to the courthouse awaiting a decision on his fate. on tuesday, jurors signalled they may not even be close to a verdict informing the judge of their upcoming scheduling conflicts over the next two weeks. not this week but next week. what does that tell us? >> it is a little gamesmanship going on and this jury believes they're going to be there for a good long while. >> reporter: there are indication that's the jury may be split. on tuesday judge katherine eagles told them to refocus on the deliberations and not talk in small groups outside the jury room. warning small group discussions can be divisive and interfere with your ability to reach agreement together. >> i think there is sustained disagreement. i think there's a real possibility of a deadlock. >> reporter: the judge's admonition followed a closed deer hearing with prosecutors
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and edwards' lawyers on what is described only as a juror issue. some jurors have been seen at small groups outside the courthouse. but it's not known what they were discussing. >> i think the judge is sending a strong message that if there is a small group and having conversations outside that jury room, cut it out. >> reporter: almost a million dollars given by wealthy donors to hide edwards mistress hunter amounted to illegal campaign contributions. some legal experts argue the jury should have problems with this case. >> i'm a conservative. i'm not a fan of senator edwards. but i still believe as many fellow conservatives believe that this prosecution is wrong, improper, appalling. >> reporter: for all involved, the prolonged deliberations have been agonizing. the four alternate jurors not involved in dlctieliberations h come to court in the same color clothing. john edwards and his daughter
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escaped three times last week to a college baseball game near the courthouse. prosecutors hung out at the same ballpark one evening. a waiting game that could be headed for extra innings. now experts say that the jury deliberation that's drag on for weeks often end in deadlock. but that's not always the case. in another high profile case against former illinois governor rob blagojevich, jurors took ten days and found him guilty, ann. >> thank you for that last point. an nbc news analyst is joining us now. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> first to be fair, this juror h jury has to go through phone records and financial records and also financial campaign law that's are complicated even for the experts. could this jury be in over its head? >> absolutely. you know, the experts in the federal government, the federal election commission and the republican integrity division
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disagree about a fundamental aspect of this case, the money for a mistress with the campaign contributions. so when you have the experts in disagreement, it's not a surprise at all that 12 well-meaning people could be confused. you saw it as soon as they got the case. they realize the burden they've been handed. >> when you that i into consideration and evaluate the delay and struggling that we're now seeing, what is your gut telling you about the possibility that this jury could be heading towards being deadlocked? >> i don't think you know that a jury is going to be deadlocked until after they give the speech that every judge will give a jury that is struggling that, you know, they should do their very best to reach a conclusion because no other jury can do it better. we haven't seen that allen charge as it's called yet. if they're still unable to come up with a verdict a day or so after that, i do think there is a deadlock. and that's great for edwards.
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it's hard to imagine the federal government would bring this case if this case ends up in a mistrial. >> we're waiting for this verdict. if you're john edwards, what you are thinking? how concerned should you be? >> edwards has to be concerned because the real risk for him is that the jury compromises, they think, by sentencing -- finding him guilty of a felony count or two. the way federal sentencing works, there's a tremendous difference, obviously between acquittal and conviction. so that's his worry. they come back with any verdict of guilt, he's in a bad place. >> on the other hand, if the jury is deadlocked, how does this proceed? >> well, it would be up to the government. they would have the right to bring a trial again. but they got almost every major ruling in their favor from this judge. they got in a lot of evidence that put edwards in a negative light. so if they can't get a conviction from this jury, it's hard to imagine another one would lead them to a better
7:16 am
outcome. >> final question, hampton. we heard lisa myers talking about the jurors, the alternate jurors showing up in the same color. apparently they've done this more than once. at what point does this become more than just a distraction in this case? could it become a problem? >> well, if it's a serious problem, we have a serious judge here presiding. she'll dismiss a juror that's out of line in a heartbeat. it does show you the alternates that are in a very different place than the 12 who are deciding. they still have kind of a joy to them that you don't see on the jury that feels the real weight of this case. but if they get out of line, they'll be done. >> all right. hampton, thank you so much for your perspective as we await a verdict. thank you so much. it is now 7:16. once again, here's matt. >> thank you. the struggles on wall street got worse for facebook. the social network stock price dropped to a new low on tuesday. this as founder mark zuckerburg honeymoons with his new bride in
7:17 am
you italy. we have more on this. the mark zuckerberg the world has come to know as he turned facebook into a public company never would have gone the full luxury honeymoon route, no private islands and that's a good thing. some of the new investors who bought the hype and paid the initial stock price are already pretty mad at him. the famously casual mark zuckerberg and his bride have reportedly fueled their italian honeymoon with mcdonald's takeout and other modest meals in the $40 range with no comment from the 28-year-old multimillionaire as facebook stock hit a new low. financial reporters are using words like debacle, disaster, fiasco and flop in their facebook stories. >> facebook is officially the worst performing ipo of the decade. >> reporter: and the numbers so far bear out. since going public may 18th, facebook share price dropped from $38 to under $29 of the
7:18 am
close of business tuesday. the stock and the company's $100 billion value down nearly 25%. this marriage between wall street and the internet giant in trouble. >> it has to be a longer honeymoon. clearly, the honeymoon lasted a very short time if at all. and so he's got to move fast. >> reporter: but other analysts say facebook with the 900 billion users worldwide will become a revenue jugger not over time because zuckerberg has proven he can move fast. >> i think mark zuckerberg is, first of all, very clearly a bright guy if not among the brightest people on the planet. he has a vision. the word failure is not in his vocabulary. >> reporter: can he hold on to the big advertisers? gm already quit facebook. and can he stop losing key ground among game designers to the dominant smart phone brands? wall street's conscious is waffling. >> it looks like a falling knife. the stock keeps going down. if you try catch a falling
7:19 am
knife, you get cut. >> well, here's how wabbly the confidence is right now. one analyst said the real value of facebook is $7.50 a share and that is about one fifth the opening price. matt? >> all right. mike, thank you very much. just ahead, a woman accused of constant and cruel harassment of her neighbors got so bad she's now barred from her own home. we'll hear from both sides. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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just ahead, an 11-year-old girl hospitalizedal falling from the top of a rock climbing wall at a baseball game. her father capturing it all on tape. we'll hear from both of them coming up this morning. and how the royals are getting ready for this big diamond jubilee. we're live at buckingham palace and we'll wrap up our coverage of the big event friday morning on "today" when meredith viera
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will be live from london. we'll have reports throughout the weekend and on monday and then tuesday i'll join meredith in london for all the big festivities. that's "today" at the queen's diamond jubilee starting this coming friday. >> that's right. pinky out. we're back with much more including your local news and weather. sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering so, i'm walking down the street, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering just you know walking, sfx: sounds of marching band and crowd cheering and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually quite fitting because geico has been serving the military for over 75 years. aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning, everybody. here's a look at one of our top stories this morning. baltimore county police are trying to locate the suspect behind the drive-by shooting on memorial day. the suspecwas walking near an inn a car pulled up to and started firing shots at the window.
7:27 am
we have no word on the condition of the victim. let's check with sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> izzy out there in terms of problems. accident not far from the last one. two problems on pulaski highway. debris taking up the right lane on the east side of pulaski and joppa road. city southside, cherry hill road and hanover st., we have an accident coming in. looked atuick live traffic. we will update you on some of our delays starting to form. once you get on to the west side, heavy delays from 795 all the way down. you can see a back approaching harford towards dulaney valley. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> we have a little bit of light
7:28 am
rail in some neighborhoods to contend with this morning. a little bit of light rain for summer. 70 at the airport. 67 degrees in parkton. high temperatures between 80 and 85. looks like a nice day tomorrow. sunshine, a lot less humid. overnight lows in the 50's. overnight lows in the 50's.
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♪ >> you're looking at the first photo of jessica simpson showing off her new bundle of joy, maxwell drew on the cover of "people" magazine. we're going to find out how she is adjusting to motherhood and what she is saying about the weight she put on during her pregnancy. lovely photograph. 7:30. >> congratulations to her. nice. >> happy moment. 30th of may, 2012. i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer. we have a lot to get to this morning. a frightening accident. this 11-year-old girl fell from a rock climbing wall. she ended up in the hospital. we're going to hear from her dad coming bup what might have gone wrong. >> also you know with the summer
7:31 am
months we can't really enjoy the hot weather without drinking some of our favorite beverages. some of the beverages are smoothies or frozen cocktail that's can actually do a number on our waistline. so we're going to show you the biggest offenders. that's right, he's here again today. he'll tell us the less fattening alternatives. he always bursts our balloons a little bit. >> one of those milk shakes, your total alotment of calories in one drink. that is a budget buster for that. and we're also going to head to buckingham palace. >> check out the final prep preparations for the diamond jubilee. >> all right. we ghin half hour with a minnesota couple, they say they have endured harassment at the hands of their neighbor for years. and the alleged abuse didn't even stop when the woman was hit with a restraining order. nbc's craig melvin has this story. good morning to you, craig. >> reporter: good morning to you. this quiet looking tree lined
7:32 am
neighborhood just outside st. paul, it may look picture perfect, but according to the hoffman family behind me, the reality has been far from peaceful. the home videos tell the tale of what kim and greg hoffman say is the ultimate nightmare of a neighbor. >> she is definitely the neighbor from hell. >> reporter: they moved here 15 years ago, a perfect place to raise their family. they thought. but over the years, the hoffmans have become prisoners in their own backyard as they try to avoid their neighbor directly across the street from their front yard. >> started with the obscenities. just really went crazy and started calling me names, swearing at me, very loud. a lot of people in the neighborhood could hear it. >> many people say we have a neighbor just like that. i say no, you don't. this is different. >> reporter: this month prosecutors filed court documents listing more claims of
7:33 am
alleged harassment including verbal tirades aimed at the hoffman's children. >> she likes to intimidate them with different gestures or words. >> reporter: in 2011, prosecutors say christianson plead guilty and served more than a month in jail for felony violation over a restraining order obtained by the hoffmans. prosecutors say in 2010, she also plead guilty to two misdemeanors. much of the alleged harassment has been aimed at kim hoffman who is a recovering alcoholic. >> i've been sober for three years. it's kept me very sober and i think probably because it's bonded our family in a way. >> reporter: the hoffman videotape posted one sign posted on her garage door. it reads, i saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer. others say get a life and the guilty talk the loudest.
7:34 am
>> she followed me at different times in her vehicle. so i feel like i'm under constant surveillance. >> reporter: police say they received at least 60 calls complaining about christianson's behavior towards her neighbors, nearly all of them, police say, from the hoffmans. police confirm they have visited her home more than 40 times in the last two years. >> we almost had a life of its own and kept growing and growing and nobody really can put a finger on it. what was the initiator? >> reporter: christianson who is 49 works as an executive assistant. neither she nor her attorney would comment for our story though in february she had this to say to a local television station. >> i had a psychological evaluation. they said if i were to have been a man that this would not have been happening but because i'm a single female, i have a very good job, i have the biggest house in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the xas before the court and christianson is ordered to stay away from her
7:35 am
own house as well as the hoffman family. >> i would like to say to her, how dare you leave the scars that you left on my daughters? how dare you destroy an entire neighborhood? >> reporter: now prosecutors say that christianson will be in court again later this morning for a hearing about whether she violated her parole by allegedly once again disobeying a harassment restraining order. matt? >> all right. craig melvin on this for us. thank you very much. it's 7:35. here's ann. as we all know kids can adventurous and parents love to let them have fun. an incident at a rock climbing wall in miami got very serious when something went wrong and a father's camera was rolling. here is mark potter. >> reporter: with her family close by her side, 11-year-old emily davis is doing a lot better now than after her horrible fall over the memorial day weekend. her father feared she might have been killed. >> be alive.
7:36 am
be alive. be alive. anything else we can take care of from there. >> reporter: the accident occurred during a family trip during the miami marlins baseball park. at the end of the game, emily was the first to scale a rock climbing wall set up for kids. but as seen on the video shot by her dad when she got to the top of the wall, her safety harness failed and she fell about 18 feet hitting her head on the concrete below. >> i started coming down and the cables snapped and i fell on my back. >> reporter: what do you remember about that fall? >> all i remember is just seeing, like, everything kind of fall as i was and then i blacked out. >> reporter: her father rushed to her side feeling for a heartbeat or other signs of life which he finally heard. >> about that time, that's when she first started gurgling and moaning and making beautiful noises. >> reporter: at the children's
7:37 am
hospital in miami, emily was found to have a concussion and serious bruising but no broken bones or internal organ damage. for a while though, she had to wear a neck brace which she hated. >> it's kind of like a dog with the cones over their head. >> reporter: the miami marlins issued a statement saying they immediately closed the climbing wall after the accident which is under investigation. they also said the marlins will continue to prioritize safety for all activities taking place at marlins park. we wish her well in her continued recovery. the vendor the marlins said they hired to operate the rock climbing wall would not comment when contacted by nbc news. meanwhile, emily has some tongue and cheek advice about climbing walls. >> just make sure that several people have gone before you before all the sudden you go. >> and that report was from nbc's mark potter. em sli now walking slowly awaiting release from the hospital. her parents say they are considering legal action.
7:38 am
let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much. we saw all these students wearing shirts. i don't think it attributes to sidney poitier. what you are doing? >> we had our band director here. this is just our band. >> where are from you? >> illinois, near st. louis. >> you are the sir? >> i'm the sir. >> what's your name? >> keith mitchell. >> congratulations. are you playing at all? >> yep. >> very nice. all right. practice! let's show you what we got as far as today's weather is concerned. tropical depression beryl still hanging in there. it may become a tropical storm later this evening. 25 miles north-northeast of charleston, north carolina. bringing a lot of rain over the next 24 hours. some areas up to five inches along the outer banks. we can't rule out the possibility of a thunderstorm or two. and even some tornadoes. there you see the path of beryl
7:39 am
moving off shore by early tomorrow morning. and then out to sea. oiat's what's going on around >> good morning. some scattered light rain showers are possible, especially this morning. in may turned . >> don't forget, you can get that weather any time you need it go. to online. ann? >> thank you so much. one of the last photographers to work with marilyn monroe shares never before seen photos of the hollywood icon. and also coming up, summer drinks that can ruin your diet
7:40 am
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we are going to talk about the worst summer drinks. a smoothy or cocktail is great at the beach but it can add inches to your west waistline. people stop and they by this what they're eating in terms of food and the calories and fat. but a lot of times they don't pay attention to the drinks. >> no. that's why our caloric intake with sugary drinks doubled in the last few decades. now over 450 calories a day. >> you stop and you have one of these a day or two of these a day, god forbid, and it's going to add up. let's start with this one right here. this is baskin robins and it's their chocolate chip cookie dough shake. anybody who orders this thing thinking thinks good for their waistline hasn't been paying attention. >> no. maybe i shouldn't drink an entire quaurt of milk shake. this is basically, matt, four desserts, not one. that's what you're getting in the 32 ounces. >> 1600 calories.
7:44 am
>> and 181 grams of sugar. that is like 45 teaspoons of sugar that your adding to your milk shake and it has 40 ingredients. whatever happened to milk and ice cream. >> it's equivalent to eating this? >> 8 1/2 krispy kreme donuts. you wouldn't eat that so don't drink that. so when you're at baskin robins, go for the cappuccino blast. it's 400 calories. you're saving more than half a day's calories. >> all right. people order a smoothy and they think the word smoothy equals healthy. all right. this is ridiculous in the size of this. >> you're drinking a traffic cone. >> this is the peanut power plus grape smoothy. who makes this? smoothie king. what's in this? >> everything. everything is in it. 214 grams of sugar in that bad boy. it's got 42 grams of fat.
7:45 am
1500 calories. it's the equivalent of, yes, all of those chocolate chip cookies. >> but wait. if you want to go to smoothie king and size is of the essence, because this baby is big, too. >> it's four servings and 385 calories. that is the cherry high. >> okay. cool. let's move on to dunkin' donuts. >> this is the worst coffee drink. >> this is the frozen coffee drink with cream. >> yes. >> how many calories? this? >> 860 calories. the good news is it has coffee extract. it's not even going to give you your jolt of caffeine. it's going to give you a sugar coma because it has 91 grams of sugar. the quif leequivalent of 14 fud cicles. >> but if you want to still go to dunkin' dough nets get a
7:46 am
latte. >> yes. and you're saving yourself 600 calories. go to the energy drinks real quick. the original rock star, 280 calories. >> it's like fat elvis or meat loaf. >> same as this popcornment but can you get a rock star recovery -- >> which is much better. it's only 20 calories. you have to drink 14 of them to equal the original. okay, let's move on it ales and beers. >> this is over 200 calories. it's more like beyond the tale ale. >> 200 calories for one. >> the equivalent of these. >> what's 200 times ten? he's doing the math in his head right now. but there is a better alternative. and that is this? >> ultra. you're saving over 110 calories. >> and margaritas. >> with 83 grams of sugar and 600 calories, i can assure that
7:47 am
you nobody is wasting away in margaritaville. but if you want to save at least 500 calories, go with the sangria. it has anti-oxidants and nutrients from the fruit. >> david, as always, good information and entertaining as well. up next, how kate and her royal family are preparing for the queen's diamond jubilee now just days away. we're going to be live at bu buckingham palace. is gone. but what about your wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles in just one week. "why wait if you don't have to." rapid wrinkle repair. neutrogena®. recommended most by dermatologists.
7:48 am
constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... thanks. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
7:49 am
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7:50 am
we're just days away from the queen's diamond jubilee. the young royals are getting geared up, too. we're at buckle ham pingham pal more of this. >> reporter: people are celebrating ahead of the main events that start over the weekend. add this incredible weather and it's like england has this big smile. this is the queen's time, a newer member of the royal family grabs the headlines. britain busies itself making itself as british as it possibly can, decorating the streets and themselves. the queen has been enjoying the outdoors. it's the season for the garden party. a rare look at that other side of the palace where sometimes it looks like more hats than people. and there is katherine making her first appearance at a palace garden party, charming everyone.
7:51 am
her pretty pink dress, however, uncharacteristically pricey at $2,000, has been out and about before. to the amazement of many, just two weeks ago. at this lunch at windsor castle. >> i think it's a very clever message, actually, by one of the royals. what she's stating is that this dress costs a lot of money. in fact, you know, we the british people bought this dress. so why not wear it again? i'm giving you your money's worth? >> reporter: her sister recently emerged at a wedding wearing kate's engagement dress in a different color and smashing hat. she even posted advice for hosting the perfect british bash on her website, face painting for the kids, jubilee is for everyone. >> i connected that with roses and pearls and they represent royalty through the ages. >> reporter: this zoo named the baby camel elizabeth. the queen of lego land wears a
7:52 am
real tiara and a portrait of the queen complete with crowns suspended above. her eyes seem to follow you about the room. >> quite flattering in a way, i think, to have one watched so closely by her majesty. >> reporter: in a few days, the world's eyes will be on her magnificent reign and her country brimming over with pride. one thing you really do notice is how much fun the entire royal family seems to be having during these events. they have never seen the queen or prince philip smile so big, talk to people so animatedly. and just three years queen elizabeth will be britain's longest reigning monarch ever. ann? >> thank you so much. as we mentioned earlier, meredith is going to be live from london starting on friday. you're going to be there on tuesday. >> that's right. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> busy trying to wrap up this rush hour. new accidents to add to the list. harrisburg expressway, we have an accident there. padonia down to the beltway, expected to be delays. pulaski highway has been busy this morning calf. southbound 95 at white marsh, crashed out of the split.
7:57 am
west side, heavy delays at reisterstown road. two more accidents to get to. ritchie highway and he's not ready to on ramp to northbound route 3, here is a live view of traffic. here is what it looks like in the white marsh area. live view of the northwest corner of the bill white, and looks like we have delays in both directions and you're on the west side outer loop approaching reisterstown road down to edmondson. tony has a check of your forecast. >> a little bit of light rain had to contend with this morning. light showers popping up on the radar from baltimore on east. we will see a little bit of that in some neighborhoods to start the day. temperatures should sneak into the low 80s this afternoon. off and on white rainshowers this morning. high temperatures between 80 and 85.
7:58 am
humidity is going to go down. temperatures will drop 2 around 84 the high. into the 50s overnight. rain comes back by friday
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on this wednesday morning. you know, we've had some extreme heat over the last 24 hours. maybe breaking just a little bit. >> tomorrow, much nicer. >> much nicer tomorrow. it's 71 degrees. a nice crowd of people out on the plaza. it's a good time to wish our best to our friend who is normally standing behind us right here. she's going to be out for a couple of weeks. >> she is getting some surgery. he's going to be fine. not that big a deal. it will be the first time in how many years? >> a long time. >> we should have an honor airy
8:01 am
cardboard cutouts. >> if you're watching, we hope you feel better. we'll see you when you get back. >> all right. >> i love you! >> we love you, too! >> and coming up, we've got some first images of jessica simpson's new baby. >> that's right. the baby's name is maxwell drew. look at that precious bundle. she's on the front page already of "people" magazine. and we're going to be talking about what she's saying, what her mom is saying about life as a new mom and also her plans for the upcoming wedding she's been putting off until the baby comes. >> all right. >> also ahead, what it is like to work with marilyn monroe? we have a guy in our studio this morning, a legendary photographer himself. he took a lot of photos of marilyn in the last years of her life. he's going to share some incredible images and stories coming up as well. >> and a little later on, they are the boy band of the year. do they even like being called a boy band? well, jenna bush hager sits down
8:02 am
with one direction and the guys from one d will tell all. and jenna will share that with us a little bit later on. >> all right. >> one d? is that what they're referred to? >> right. >> people in the know. >> and there is another group called wd-40 but they're a little older. >> let's go inside. natalie is on assignment this morning. tamron hall is at the news desk. mitt romney clinched the presidential nomination with his victory in tuesday's texas primary. romney said the party has come together after a devisive race. he is honored and humbled to be the nominee. he appeared at a las vegas fund-raiser with donald trump but the campaign issued a statement distancing romney from trump's renewed questions about president obama's country of birth. just days after new york police arrested a suspect in her son's murder, the mother of etan patz showing restrain of recent develop ams told reporters i wish this could end and added this is taking my freedom away. police say suspect pedro hernandez confessed to
8:03 am
strangling the 6-year-old 33 years ago. iran says it defeated a new computer virus so powerful kit reportedly turn computers into listening devices and suck information from nearby cell phones. a senior israeli official added to speculation that israel was involved in unleashing the virus when he said that the use of cyber weapons to habl iran's nuclear plans would be reasonable. for the first time in nearly a quarter century, myanmar's opposition leader left her country with the u.s. still refers to as berma. ian williams reports on the nobel peace prize winner's trip to thailand. >> reporter: even when she wasn't in detention, she was always reluctant to leave myanmar fearing the ruling generals wouldn't let her back in again. even when her husband was dying in the uk. so her decision to travel is a vote of confidence in myanmar's reform process, arriving in bangkok late tuesday on her
8:04 am
first overseas trip for 24 years. the chaotic scene this morning when she traveled to meet migrants from myanmar who turned up in the thousands to greet the woman they call mother sue. there are more than two million former myanmar residents in thailand. they offered new hope by su chi. this woman said she'd been waiting since 5:00 this morning to see su chi. i was so excited, she said. su chi will be attending an economic forum in bangkok where she's expected to steal the show. much to the discomfort of myanmar's president. next month su chi will be heading to europe including norway for some unfinished business, picking up that nobel peace prize she won more than two decades ago. >> and now for a look at what's trending to day, our quick roundup of what has you talking online.
8:05 am
mitt romney's campaign is taking heat from tuesday's unveiling of a new iphone app. should the word america in one slogan was misspelled as amercia. oops. and david beckham is the first male cover mad will for "elle magazine" british edition. they show the shirtless soccer star emerging from a swimming pool for that shoot. wonder why it's trending. and tmz says clint eastwood's daughter is getting dubbed for destroying a pricey bag in the name of art. her boyfriend photographed her taking a chain saw to the red crocodile bag and setting it on fire. if you don't know, they sell for $100,000. up to that price. it is now 8:05. back to matt and ann. i saw that on the reality show. i couldn't believe it. i also can't believe people are that angry. >> come on.
8:06 am
come on? over that? come on. all right. that's my thought. >> i'm going to pass on that. >> you can't pass on that. >> let us get a check of the weather. mr. roker moved down the plaza a little bit. >> that's right. this is the size of 18,000 krispy kremes. we have the nice folks back here. where are from you? >> houston. >> houston. all right. hanging out? >> yes. leaving today. >> you had a good time? >> yes. >> there you go. that's all that counts. let's see what we got for you. pocatello, idaho, sunny. mild, perfect day. 71 degrees. and as we look at those temperatures, 90s to 100s in west texas. 9 o's in the gulf coast. 50s up to the northern plains into the great lakes. 60s in new england. we got some showers and wet weather all the way down into the mid-atlantic coast with we got tropical -- i should say tropical depression beryl.
8:07 am
storms in texas and oklahoma. >> we have some light rain to deal with this morning. some scattered light rain showers around the area. give yourself a few extra minutes. the humidity will and that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you very much. when we come back, maxwell's debut. we'll check out "people" magazine's exclusive photos of jessica simpson's new baby girl. but first these commercials. a party? [ music plays, record skips ] hi, i'm new ensure clear. clear, huh?
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"jim has to go to the city. it's 30 miles away. how much gas would he need to use --" zero. he has a fully charged chevrolet volt. doesn't need gas. bam. but i wasn't finished. both: no gas. no gas. no gas. mom! no gas. no gas. [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today. right now, very well qualified lessees can sign and drive a 2012 chevy volt for around $369 a month. fuel economy based on epa estimates. back now with our first look at jessica simpson's new baby. we scored an interview simpson and her fiancee. we have the details now. good morning. >> good morning, ann. the exclusive first photos of the baby were taken at jessica simpson's los angeles home last week. maxie as they call her was just 3 weeks old in the pictures but she's already a covergirl. it's a brand new side of jessica simpson, mother, exclusive photos in the new issue of
8:11 am
"people" magazine provide the world's first look at maxwell drew johnson. the baby girl almost 10 pounds at birth is shown sleeping in mom's arms as dad eric johnson looks on adoringly. >> jessica simpson achieved domestic list. its a list she sought for so many years. >> simpson first announced pregnancy on twitter last halloween. soon after, the excited mother to be beared all on the cover of elle magazine. though engaged to johnson, a yale grad and former nfl player since 2010, simpson marriage would come after the baby carriage. >> i want him to be my husband so bad. so i didn't -- i do still want to wear the pretty gown and everything. and i have to wait until after the baby. >> right. okay. all right. >> and now she'll just be in the wedding. >> simpson rose to fame first for her voice and later as a reality housewife to husband and former boy band member nick
8:12 am
lachey. >> i know it's tuna. but it's chicken by the sea. >> but the fairy tale soon ended after the couple split in 2006, simpson had a string of failed relationships, romance wasn't her only struggle. she also publicly battled her weight, slimming down to play daisy duke in "the dukes of hazard" and then gaining weight, rit kulg many for wearing unflattering mom jeans. but now the singer and actress is a fashion icon, a judge on nbc's "fashion star." >> i know how to style the every day woman. >> with clothing and accessories line worth an estimated billion dollars. >> jessica simpson's life has come full circle. this is a woman who started off as a pop star and then became a reality star and now a business mogul an she has a fiance and baby. the girl has it all. >> in the article, simpson confirms she'll be working with weight watchers to lose that
8:13 am
baby weight though simpson or weight watchers will say how much that deal is worth. she reportedly earned $800,000 for the photos. we reached out to simpson's representative for comment and have not heard back. "people" says they do not comment. ann? >> thank you. we have the assistant managing editor of "people" magazine. they're here with more on her interview with jessa simpson. first of all in your roarieport how is she doing? how is she handling motherhood? >> she's on cloud nine. she is really at piece. she is loving motherhood. there have been no major bumps in the road. this is everything she dreamed it would be. >> like a lot of mothers, she's not paying a lot of attention to how she looks. she is less concerned about how she look right now. >> she doesn't care what her hair looks like, her gut looks like, she is really content just to be with her little girl. >> you did ask her about losing weight, is that right? she said, as we heard in the report, she is talking to weight
8:14 am
watchers? >> yeah. she has a deal with weight watchers. it was interesting with working with them even before she got pregnant. this is a program she's excited about that she knows she'll be able to do once she's ready. she still has a few weeks to go before she is able to embark on anything like that. but she has every confidence in the world she'll get back to that when it's time. right now, that's not her focus. >> how much weight is she talking about losing? >> she didn't talk about that. it's funny. she's in such a blissful place right now. i'm sure that if the question was put to her exactly how many pounds you would have to lose, she would have no idea. she is too happy to think about a scale. >> and she's also, however, very savvy businesswoman. and while it might be expected that she would want to promote her now being a mother and being a baby, one might wonder whether there may be pushback she has to be concerned about trying to monday owe ties her motherhood. >> i think if you look at jennifer hudson who had up is success with weight watchers, people root for you to do well
8:15 am
in general. and i think that everyone knows that she is somebody who has a very real body image, somebody who has very real ups and downs with their weight. they'll be rooting for her to succe succeed. >> okay, the name maxwell -- >> that is her fiance's mother's maiden name. so it is rooted in family history. and they just loved it very early on. >> a lot of people wondering about the wedding that she's been waiting to have. original date was 11/11/11. >> that was originally linked to the couple. >> new date? >> because of that, now people are speculating, well, there is 12/12/12, that will be the last chance to repeat a number three times. so, you know, 12/12/12 is floated out there. she does tell us that she would like to get married before the end of the year. yet, she does want the fairytale wedding with the fairytale gown and the fairytale imagery. if she's not comfortable with the way she looks by 12/12/12,
8:16 am
it won't be by the end of the year. >> so she'll look spectacular. >> no matter what. >> and have this beautiful little girl and handsome husband. >> she'll have it all. >> great to you have here. thank you so much. and the issue of "people" hits stands on friday. coming up next, never before seen photographs of marilyn monroe. we're going to talk to the man who took them coming up right after this. shaving can irritate skin... causing dark marks to become visible. dove has the effective solution. new dove clear tone antiperspirant with calendula and sunflower seed extracts. it moisturizes to help accelerate natural skin renewal processes... helping skin to repair itself while still keeping you dry. the result? underarms with visibly reduced dark marks... and an even tone. new dove clear tone. ♪ think these disguises will...
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8:19 am
♪ crazy, crazy, sky so blue. ♪ ♪ hit the beat move my feet now. ♪ ♪ there's one thing that i want to feel, ♪ ♪ just liv'n' life'n' take the wheel. ♪ ♪ ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh. it's been nearly 50 years since her death but marilyn monroe captivates audienced. an author worked with a legend on her last couple of films. he writes about his experiences in the new memoir "marilyn & me." he also published a book of his photography featuring iconic images of the late actress as well as never before seen pictures. lawrence sh it's great to you have here this morning. >> thank you. >> 23 years old you were when you first met her. she was 33 working on a movie. she introduced herself. she was high on marilyn and you
8:20 am
said i'm the big bad wolf. why did you say that? >> i was scared. i photographed some celebrities. coming up against marilyn monroe 23, i was a photojournalist. i didn't know how good i was. and could i take a great picture? she's been photographed by all the greats. here i was. >> you said she knew what she was doing behind a still camera. she knew where best to stand, where the lighting is best and angles were. she was right. >> i was scared to go in the dressing room. she caught my eye in the mirror and said that's not going to be a good picture. go over there. and then she turned to the left, looked over other shoulder and i raised the camera, really a great image of her. >> for all her confidence behind a still camera, you never felt she was as confident behind a motion picture camera. >> no, i have a theory. because with a still camera, she didn't have to talk. in front of a motion picture camera, she had to walk and talk and she had to deliver lines. i think that's really scared her. >> a couple years after you met her, you shot her for
8:21 am
something's got to give, the movie she did with dean mart than was never completed because she died. what was the atmosphere like? >> there she was fighting demons. she was fighting for her life. she was always late on the set. she would come out of the mental hospital here in new york. she would have surgery. she tried to trim down which she did very, very well. the short and long of it, she was on the battlefield in all different directions. and she had few weapons left. and one of the weapons was her body. >> the movie studio was growing impatient with her. there was a scene in that movie that you found out about and you said immediately i want to shoot that. describe it. she was supposed to seduce dean martin. she was swimming in a pool and he was watching her from a balcony. >> that's right. and she's supposed to look like she has nothing on but she was going to wear a nude bathing suit. and in a meeting with her with her press agent, she said i'm really thinking of jumping in the swimming pool and coming out with nothing on. and then i joked, you're not really serious, are you?
8:22 am
she said i'm thinking about it. nobody knew whether she was going to do that. >> you said to her, if you do that, you come out of that pool naked and i take the pictures, i'll be famous. >> and she looked at me and said, don't be so cocky, larry. photographers like you can easily be replaced. >> and the eventual story is what happened? >> number one, she came out of the swimming pool without bathing suit. first the bra, then the panties, then the full length nude. and she approved more pictures than i ever thought she would. >> but she did have one thing she said. if you publish these photographs, they can't be anywhere near photographs of -- >> elizabeth taylor. >> why? >> marilyn was getting $100,000 for the picture from the studio. liz was getting a million and 10% of the gross. she wanted to prove to the studio that she had the same power and publicity to sell movies as liz did. of course, liz was having a love affair. >> there was a picture of her 36th birthday which she
8:23 am
celebrated on the set. give me the quick story. >> it was very, very sad. the only people that showed up for the birthday party were really those that were working that day. and she celebrated her 36th birthday party. it was the last day on the set. she would never return to make a motion picture. she went to a baseball game that night and two days later, three days later the studio fired her. >> you seemed to have a good relationship. you saw her a couple days before she died. >> right. >> when you saw her, what was her mental state like? >> number one, we were discussing her doing a cover for "playboy" magazine. she was resisting that. she didn't know whether she wanted to do it. look, she had no makeup on when i saw herment a very simple dress with the spaghetti straps. i'm not a psychiatrist. i don't know what her mental state was. she was a little bit disturbed. what about, i have no idea. the next day, i get a phone call, marilyn monroe has died. >> there is some amazing images in both of these books. lawrence schiller, always good to see you. >> thank you for having me back.
8:24 am
>> i appreciate it. thanks. 8:23. the book is called "marilyn & me." now to swing down to washington and say hello to mr. willard scott. >> how sweet it is. it's spring time to be a part of the smucker's family of good things. you have tried the new smucker's? they have the best new jam you will ever eat. here is john gaine, chicago, illinois. he is 106 years old today. he loves to watch the chicago bulls and we are expert at bulls ourselves on the "today" show. and doris smith, 104. enjoys relaxing on her patio with her cup of coffee. i bet that coffee is bold. anyway, john campanello of caldwell, new jersey. 100 years old today.
8:25 am
loves to travel and play poker. but not at the same time. lovely little annie spivey from gatesville, north carolina. she is 107 years old today. her longevity is due to lofving the lord. can't beat that combination. and isaiah southerland of brooklyn, knock, 100 years old. exercises every day and loves to cook. they tell me he is an unbelievable cook. maybe he'll invite us over. take a look at florrie lippman, very active and stylish at 100 years old and always wears a hat. makes her look sexy. that's it. now back to new york where they all look sexy. >> we wish, willard. thank you so much. coming up, jenna talks to one direction.
8:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. let's get a final check in the morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> good morning, everyone. still busy out there. this accident at northbound parkway. in the red leading up to that accident. we'll take a look at the problem spots. another one of harford road and cub hill road. crash clearing along pulaski highway. northeast, very heavy ride down to the split.
8:27 am
westbound 100 on ritchie highway, right lane closure with an accident. retreat, a crash. another one in the annapolis region. markdown 97, coming to and from 50, we are experiencing delays. 31st, normal delays, volume- related, towards the city. but don j.f.x. ports no., watch out for an accident. northwest corner, heavy on the outer loop approaching as westowne road to edmondson. over to you, tony. >> a little light rain, nothing of any consequence. scattered light rainshowers. in my get a little better this afternoon. 66 in westminster. off and on rainshowers to start the day. mostly cloudy in the afternoon.
8:28 am
nice day tomorrow. rain comes back friday afternoon. >> we will have another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on this wednesday morning, 30th day of may, 2012. we have a fantastic group of people kicking off their day with us here at rockefeller plaza. you can see them waving. we're going to have country music sensation. and that will be on friday.
8:31 am
>> they're good. i like the band perry. >> i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer, al roker. it's nice to you have here. speaking of country, it was quite a scene on the plaza when one direction performed live and in concert. this morning, we're going to talk to them. actually, jenna bush-hager is going to talk to them. >> the phenomenon has not died down at all. they're going to tell you everything -- actually more than your teenage daughter, everything they ever wanted to know about this band and from what i understand, the boys actually managed to make jenna blush. >> really? wow. >> yeah. >> and i think we're making her blush now. move on now. we'll hear from her coming up. >> that's right. >> and we have a very tasty way to stay cool in the heat this summer. we have some of the favorite frozen concoctions. she's going to share them with
8:32 am
us. >> oh, davey. >> there you go. >> lucky david. >> that's nice for david. all right. >> we're going to take a look at how the all important job interview, what you don't want to do when you're sitting behind the desk. we'll show you including asking the first question, how much money do you pay? things like that. that's no good. >> how much vacation does this job have? >> yeah. >> anyway, before we get to that -- >> we are looking at a risk of strong storms from texas on into oklahoma. a slight risk in a wider area. showers in the plains and pacific northwest. wet weather along the mid-atlantic states. tropical depression beryl is causing problems as well. sunny and hot in the southwest on into interior sections of california and nevada. plenty of sunshine along the plains. wet weather up into the upper ohio river
8:33 am
>> good morning. some scattered light rain showers are possible, especially this morning. in may turned don't forget, check your weather any time you need to on weather channel on at >> coming up, we have frozen summer treats. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
cooking is brought you to by target. delicious food is only available at target and
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>> and this morning on "cooking today with giada," staying cool with frozen treats. we have some of the favorite recipes. before we get to them, her little inspiration, giada took a trip to one of her favorite places to visit when the weather heats up. >> ice cream sodas, throw back candy and old fashioned carousel. nothing gets me in the mood for summer quite like a trip to one of my neighborhood treasures, soda jerk. the day i stopped by, they must have been short-handed. they suited me up and put me to work. >> how do you get the name soda jerk? >> it's literally from jerking the soda handle. when nobody was drinking any alcohol, they turned into the soda fountain as the place for nice sweet thing to get them through the day.
8:37 am
>> after that lesson, i learned to make the mint chip ice cream soda. >> i made a mess. >> cherry foster and a concoction called jungle shake made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts and banana. >> good? >> all this made me think about my own childhood and suddenly i thought of something i haven't done in decades. my mom would have a cow every time. >> wow. that was some little move there. anyway, now we're back with some your recipes and you're going to start with one that i love the sound of. this is raspberry ice cream soda. >> yeah. this is fun for the adults and kids. you can make it with your kids. what i like to do is make my own raspberry syrup. okay? corn starch and orange juice. >> that makes a simple syrup. >> right. >> frozen or fresh raspberries?
8:38 am
>> frozen. i like to use the frozen, especially, fresh raspberries don't have a lot of flavor when you cook them down. the texture of the frozen ones is better. then add raspberry jam. a nice amount of sugar. >> you're going to be in david's next segment. >> you know, this is simple ingredients. i'm making everything from scratch. to cook this down for five minutes. i put it through a sieve to get rid of all the seeds. that's what you get. so then this is what we do. here. why don't you scoop the sherbet since you already bit into it anyhow. and i will do the ice cream. >> right in there? >> yeah. >> so a scoop of raspberry sherbet and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. there you go. now want to do the honors? >> no, go ahead. >> you want to stand back? >> go ahead. don't even think about it. >> i was warned not to do it to
8:39 am
you. so then you put -- fit works. >> you have a dud there. >> i do have a dud. what's up? >> so it's supposed to look something like this when it's done. >> correct. then you add the raspberry syrup on top. and then you kind of break it up like that. next, moving on. >> all right. what are we making now? >> now we're going to make a raspberry pomegranate mint sherbet. i made a simple syrup, pomegranate juice, orange juice, mix it all together and then add it to your ice cream and let it go. ten minutes before it's done, add the mini chocote chips. >> how long does something like that take? >> it takes about an hour. this is a good one. you don't have to freeze the inside. a lot of times you have to freeze them ahead of time. then add the mini chocolate chips ten minutes before it's done. >> you like to serve this as soon as it comes out of the ice cream maker.
8:40 am
>> i do. sherbet is sugar and liquid. it melts easily. last but not least this is davidly on david's list. >> what is that log? >> it's a mocha dessert. it is whipped cream, espresso and a little wine with a cookie crust. >> this is something you have had? >> oh, yes. >> you have? >> of course. >> have you put this into your mouth? >> no. >> you? >> no, but can you go ahead if you want. >> nice! you missed my mouth. >> thank you very much. >> okay. your turn. >> appreciate that. >> okay.
8:41 am
>> tamron, i'm going to spare you. >> one more! >> when we come back, we'll visit with the guys from one direction. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:42 am
8:43 am
back now at 8:43 with a question that many young people are asking in this competitive job market, how do you ace an interview? to find out we recruited three volunteers from a prestigious program to participate in a mock job interview exercise with mark jeffries. take a look. >> okay, please come in. there are a lot of people after this job. what makes you right for this position? >> i'm favorite for this position because i believe can you drop me in anywhere, really. and i would be ready to go just a little bit of training. i'm a quick learner. i have a very sincere interest
8:44 am
in news production. >> what are your weaknesses? >> weaknesses? one thing i would say is that i'm not quick to close on my solution. i like to dot my is and cross my ts. >> very impressed. she is very cool. she had it altogether. she was ready to handle all of my questions. in fact, that probably will be the only criticism. she was almost too ready. if i was to fine-tune her performance, drop the repeating of the question. make her a bit more conversational. >> carter cox if, you're ready, come in. >> most recently you've been conducted studio talk around nbc. is that valuable, do you think, to your learning when it comes to what we do here in television? >> i think it's extremely valuable. really what i believe is the greatest benefit of those tours is developing a public speaking skills. >> you have to keep their attention. >> right. it's a show that you're putting on. i'm not any self when i give the tours. i'm put ogen a show. >> you are being yourself now or putting on a show? >> well, i'm putting on a bit of
8:45 am
a show but also being myself. i think that anyone that says they're not putting on a show during an interview is lying probably. >> be careful what you declare. because he said to me often he puts on an act. he is like he is someone else. i do want to employ someone that half the time is being someone that they are not? probably not. >> are you out there? >> okay. please have a seat. from your perspective, where do you see yourself in five years time? an ideal world? >> apart from being coo of nbc universal which, yes, which i'm, you know, i'm aiming for, i would hope to be a producer on the "today" show. >> she came across as very sincere. very honest and someone that you know can you probably trust. when you get asked the question where do you see yourself in five years time, which you will, a lot of people fall into the trap and they'll say something like, well, i see myself in your job. well there is no way you're going to get employed when you declare you're coming in to unseat that very person.
8:46 am
>> well, mark jeffries is now joining us. he is the author of "the art of business seduction." mark, good morning. >> good morning. >> interesting you use the word seduction. it's like trying to get someone to fall in love with you in a short amount of time. >> it really is. what are you doing when you go in for an interview? you're selling yourself. you're hoping that interviewer is going to buy you. you have to do something that really sets yourself apart. you have to prove that you are worth spending money on. >> and your strategy, you call l war, include listen, watch for what? >> you have to watch every body language coming off people. you have to watch how they're savvy. sit back during the interview, they lost interest. if they sit forward, they're more interested. keep watching everything that is streaming off them. listen to what they're saying. >> continuing on with that, anticipate. >> right. anticipate is everything. you have to anticipate their needs before you even go in
8:47 am
there. the greatest example, the biggest job interview going on right now in this country is the upcoming presidential election. both candidates are pitching themselves to us hoping we'll buy them or vote for them. now, of course, one is going for social issues, one is going for the economy. in effect, they're interviewing right now. >> and the last letter there for l war is react. >> yes. and react is refining it. listened, watched, anticipated the needs of this wonderful person and then you open your mouth. we react too quickly. we start speaking when she you be listening. in an interview, take the few seconds to truly understand what is coming at you. >> you say we can use body language. obviously, we think about what we're saying. you're talking about communicating on multiple levels. >> absolutely. let's just step back to the watch. when you're talking, you're explaining yourself to somebody, they should be displaying certain things to you. one of those things is nods per minute. in typical general conversation, people nod about six or seven times a minute.
8:48 am
it means keep going. now if the nodding stops and it's kind of replaced with a stair, something that has gone wrong. you want to change subject, move it on. >> what you would say to people who are when their asked that question where do you want to be five years from now? >> as was just mentioned in that video, the last thing you want to do is pose yourself as a threat. so never say i want to be in your job or worse, i want to be your boss. that is absolutely the wrong thing to say. instead, say something that sounds good. you might want to say, in five years i hope i've added to the success of this organization. i hope i've built myself and my career and i hope we're good friends. >> you say good friends. you really want to create a human relationship as well as job kind of relationship. >> absolutely right. >> in the interview? >> in the interview you with start that. i love my acronyms. i always translate them. a nonbusiness bond. what is the connection between two of you? if you can find that and keep growing it, you just become a friend, a business friend. and then, of course, you're much harder to fire if things get bad. >> all right, mark jeffries. many more questions.
8:49 am
thank you for answering the ones we've had time for. for those of who you are living on the east coast, mark is going to stick around for the next hour or so to answer more of your questions in a live web chat. so just head to coming up next, we're sitting down with the hottest boy band on the planet, one direction. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
about two months ago young girls packed the plaza to see one direction live in concert. and the band just gets hotter. today contributing correspondent jenna bush-hager is the envy of every tween out there. she got to sit down with the fab five. good morning. >> that's right, matt. i may be a little old for this assignment, i did get to meet the boys of one direction. it became clear why the band known to their fans as one d is heading only in one direction and that's up. ♪ i don't know what it is ♪ i need that one thing >> the screaming tweens and tweets. and all those swooning schoolgir schoolgirls. >> i love them so much. >> this is live for joen
8:52 am
overnight sensation boy band one direction. liam, louie, harry, nial and zayn. not to be confused with that other british invasion have americans fallen so hard so fast. of all the british bands, you're the only one to debut here number one in the u.s. is it just the smile? >> i think it's strange having that comparison when you think they didn't do that and they are such huge icons for us to do something that hasn't been done before is a massive achievement. it's amazing. >> and it is amazing. after each member tried out individually on england's x factor. it was suggested they form a group instead. and though they came in third on the show, their prize was worth the wait. ♪ you don't know you're
8:53 am
beautiful ♪ >> a debut album, "up all night" and a tour that sold out shows through 2013. and these fab five are more beatles than back street. are you comfortable with the term boy band? >> yes. >> yeah. >> you're cool with it? >> yeah. >> we are a boy band. but we don't necessarily follow the stereotype of the pop boy bands. >> no dancing. >> no dancing. >> can you dance when the cameras are off? >> no. >> sometimes. >> we can scuba dive. >> and the sprinkler. >> oh, yeah. >> dancing or not, the ladies love them. i drove up here and there was some very loud noises going on, screaming. >> that was louis. >> it sounded like a lot of 18-year-old girls. have you guys gotten used to that noise? will you ever get used to it?
8:54 am
>> i don't think you ever get used to it. when you're in your hotel room and it's so quiet. you get to the lobby, it's massive. >> and in this era of social media, fans reach out to their favorites directly. >> it's amazing. when i was a kid, i could never imagine talking to someone like will smith. can you imagine talk toggle smith. hey will? it's nice we can have contact. >> can you feel guarded? can you be yourselves? >> we are. people enjoy what we do because we don't, like, try to be anything else. >> so we asked what every 13-year-old girl wants to know. who is the biggest romantic? >> liam. >> i say louis. >> who is the shyest? >> zayn. >> you think it's zayn. >> you don't seem shy at all. you've been interacting from the beginning. >> interacting is a strong word.
8:55 am
>> okay. and who likes the attention the most? >> harry. >> yeah. >> who has girlfriends here? >> the two romantics. >> yep. >> and the two of that you don't, would you even have time to date? >> yeah, i think. you've had a tour. and an album and now this new book. >> the memoir. >> the story from each of us really, how we grew up and got together and stuff. >> and you're writing a new album. >> we just -- we recorded the first two chapters really. we want to make a more mour sound. >> you are writing songs about your ladies in this album? >> yes. one of the songs we really like actual sli -- yeah. >> it's about a lady. >> and speaking of ladies, by the end of the interview these boyish brits even got to me. >> she is flirting with you quite a lot.
8:56 am
>> i'm married. i'm married. y'all would call me a cougar. am i a cougar? now i'm blushing. i'm not a cougar. okay. i think we're good. >> i'm not a cougar. but as i mentioned, they are sold out shows even in 2013. in case you missed your chance to get a ticket, you can always pick up their dvd which i got matt for you! >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore city police have a father in custody charged with the death of his own baby girl. police say the 34-year-old shook his infant daughter so violently to stop requiring that she suffered fatal brain damage.
8:57 am
he faces attempted murder and
8:58 am
>> we still have a chance for a few rainshowers to start the day. it will last off and on through the middle of the afternoon. high temperatures between 80 and 85. thursday gets a lot better. >>
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