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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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northwest wind at 5. mostly sunny skies. we'll make it up to 83 but without the humidity. first let's say good morning to sarah. >> we know you don't have those hair issues, tony. let's see what's going on out there in area roads. between castleton road and route 1. that closure in effect due an overnight accident. the accident itself is cleared, but downed wires remain at the scene. otherwise looking pretty good out there as we check our speed sensors. problem-free on the north side of the beltaways. no problem to report through the towson region. and to get you from the 895 split to the fort mchenry,
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moving. here's a quick, live look at traffic. it was busy yesterday afternoon into the evening with the terrible accident. 795 looking good at franklin boulevard and all of the rest of the major roadaways cooperating right now. that's the latest on your traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, harford county police find human remains near a church and already have a suspect in custody. >> lowell melser is live. what do we know about the suspect? >> it appears in this case what was once a missing person's case has now turned into a full on murder investigation, and a disturbing one at that. police tells 11 news that human remains were found outside a
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dumpster and they found the rest of the body about a mile down the road. a 37-year-old jogger who disappeared last friday. >> they said that he had left to go jogging without any of his personal effects, and they hadn't seen him and reported him missing later in the weekend. >> at this point they charged his roommate with murder. but a motive at this point is unclear and we're told remains were found in the home they shared in joppa town. live in the newsroom, i'm lowell melser. wbal-tv 11 news. >> now late-breaking news from last night. one man is dead after his motorcycle crashed into the back of a car. 25-year-old devon jones was exiting just before 10:00 p.m. last night when he hit a car
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that was slowing down for traffic. they say jones was wearing a helmet but did not slow down. baltimore county police are looking for a man this morning after another man's body is found. police say they believe he killed augustus who was found over the weekend in the back of a burning pick-up truck. there's still no word on what caused the fire. >> and 22-year-old sergeant julian chase of edgewater was killed on memorial day while conducting operations. sergeant chase was deplored in
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afghanistan on a second tour. >> well this morning the state department said 13 bodies were found bound and dumped. >> 13 bodies bound and dumped in east syria after a weekend massacre that left more than 100 dead. rebels have given syria's government 48 hours to comply with a peace plan. >> this regime knows only one word, which is shoot. we must understand no kofi annan plan or peace plan will work. >> wednesday the u.s. and nine other countries kicked out syrian diplomats and the u.s. froze assets from one of the country's banks. >> mitt romney claims it's not
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enough. >> the world looks to america to lead. >> john mccain wants to arm the rebels. the white house says, no. >> the best way to resolve this if at all possible is not by intensifying the middle tarization or providing arms into what is already a hot conflict. >> kofi annan just left syria where he met with syria's government. >> the syrian people do not want their future to be one of blood shed and division. >> the united nations says 9,000 have been killed there in the last 15 months. >> syria is getting money and weapons from russia. we're told russia and china will reject any efforts to send in troops. wbal-tv 11 news. >> in this morning's education alert, more teachers will be in
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the classroom this fall but they won't see pay raises. county officials recently turned over money but it's slated to pay for 128 positions including teachers and assistants and councilors. and the rest spent on textbook and transportations. >> failing to fulfill promises made to the people who teach our kids. and they are failing to meet those kids when they can afford to meet at least some of them. it's no longer unaffordable. >> the teacher's union is set to meet on the issue. >> causing controversy over its erotic nature, hartford libraries are not carrying the
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trilogy not because it's about banning the book but it's the policy not to buy pornography. >> do you think the library should ban the book "50 shades of gray" because of the content? send us your thoughts at already the largest -- >> a minnesota bar has a lot of cleaning up to do. and that's why. truck slamming right through it. what police think caused this scene when we cover the nation. >> and here's a live look at traffic on 75 and franklin boulevard. what about over here? sure. no problem.
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>> and welcome back. time is 10 minutes after 5:00. you will notice the change in humidity as you step out today. the humidity has gone down significantly. 62 in parkton and same thing in taneytown. the forecast for today, mostly sonny -- mostly sunny skies. the high temperature of 83. >> covering the nation this morning, a violent day in the northwest after police say a man shoots six people. the violence started in a cafe where five people were shot and three killed and late ear woman was shot and killed in a
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downtown parking lot, police believe by the same gunman. the man eventually shot himself and later died. five victims in all also were killed. two wildfires in new mexico have now merged into one big one. more than 170,000 acres have burned since may 9. the steep, rugged terrain are making it hard to battle i. so far no injuries reported as of now. >> definitely one of those you have to see it to believe it videos. a pick-up truck crashes through a bar in minnesota. everything looks normal until then. a few seconds after the truck came into the bar. four people were pinned inside the bar. all six were injured and the
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truck driver -- and the driver did have a medical emergency. >> i always sit to the outside. i never sit with my back facing the outside. >> that's probably a police instinct, too. >> and many people don't protect their computers while surfing the net. we'll look into that. >> and in darlington we're tracking closures left over from an overnight accident from an overnight accident coming up.
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>> good morning once again. sarah caldwell with a look at your thursday morning commute. not bad out there. the only exception is this accident along main street. shut down between castle on the road and route one. those detours in effect because of downed wires. 95 look good north and southbound. speeds at around 66 miles per hour. everything clear in the northbound drokse after that horrible tractor-trailer accident yesterday evening. so far, so good on the north side. j.f.x. in town not bad. and easy ride out of the owings mills area. 5 at the fort mchenry, problem-free at the moment. the beltaway, to and from the key bridge, problem-free. lighted volume at this early
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hour. that's the latest on your traffic pulse 11. now we go to von wafer of the m.t.a. >> we have a delay on the one train but cam done and brunswick trains are running problem-free. light rail continues to operate with shuttle buses in place as construction continues. i'm von netta brooks. now back to tony pann. >> good morning. things still a little muggy, but the dew points are going down. that's because we have a cold front. in 24 hours, it's only gone maybe 50 or 60 miles because barrels are still in the way
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offshore. as soon as the storm goes further they will go off the coast. and the less humid conditions will start to move in. this is -- when you see dew points in the 50's, that's when you know things are comfortable. 65 degrees in annapolis. the current temperatures upper 60's and lower 70's. we should be able to sneak into the low 80's this afternoon. even though we have a front coming through, there's very little weather associated with it. so mostly sunny, and if you do see any cloud cover, it will probably be earbley in the morning. we may see some severe weather hear at home and into the afternoon and tomorrow. but today mostly sunny, less humid. still a little bit warm. but the high temperatures between 80-85.
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if you can take the boat out today, wave heights, 1-2 feet. if you're headed to the ocean this weekend. here's your weekend forecast. scattered thunderstorms late at the beach and good chance for rain in the morning then clearing up sunday with a high of 79. forecast around baltimore, scattered thunderstorms, some could be strong tomorrow afternoon but then clearing up. the highs in the mid 70's and looks like the quiet weather will stay into early next week. >> in this morning's "consumer alert," there's a new plan to bring jobs to baltimore county. officials are pooling the expertis of 16 prominent business leaders led by the economic chief and look at the best ways to generate job growth on the peninsula
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especially on the news that the r.g. steel plant will close next month. and nearly one in five computers used in the u.s. are unprotected meaning about 19% of computers nicewide have no virus protection. finland was the most protected. speaking of computers. as the ability to access the internet grows, the ability to access information about yourself grows. >> whether it's to tap into your files and photos from anywhere or create a backup for that content or simply to free up space on your mobile device, cloud storage is growing. >> the nice thing about a lot of the cloud storage services, it's free. and they will give you five gigs or so of space, and for most people, that's enough. >> if it's not, you can pay for more storage, and those dollars
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are where the battle lies. some avoid the cost by simply opening several accounts. >> now there's apps that manage the multiple accounts. otixo is among those and can assist from moving files from one to another and the appetite for cloud storage will grow as people continue accessing the internet. >> that will be the tipping point that makes you go, i just want to store everything in a central location online so i can get to it whether i'm at home or at work or in the car. >> mark barger, wbal-tv 11 news. >> well, verizon is doubling the speed of its most expensive
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phi yose broadband service and homeowners are about to benefit from the massive home loan settlements. >> good morning. remember, that huge $26 billion nationwide mortgage settlement that happened in february, the maryland maryland attorney broke down how they plan to spend your state's piece of that pie. maryland is getting nearly $1 billion. $60 million will be used to go towards counseling and other housing programs. now the big monthly jobs report comes out but yesterday, another one of those down days. disappointing housing sales numbers and the lingering concern about europe,
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especially having to do with the health of the banks in spain. joseph a. banks after posting dismal fourth-quarter results. we'll see what they have to say on their conference call. t statement says they are looking for father's day which is the most important of the quarter for them. >> phi yose will start offering five speeds of service topping out at 300 mega bits per second up from 150 mega bits. as consumer needs grow because they use multiple the devices under the same roof. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> jane right now a lot of families booking hotels for the summer family vacations and hotels are getting more kid friendly. >> all right. i can relate to this one. more families looking for those extras or incentives when booking a room for a family
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vacation going beyond free breakfasts. i'll have more details on what some of the things are that they are offering. >> thank you. looking forward to that next hour. >> all right the time right now is 5:22. 67 degrees on tv hill. as we get closer to the official start of summer, prep is under way for the artscape festival. >> we'll take a look at the lineup when we come back. lysol knows the softq places we love
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>> well, this year's artscape festival is less than two months away, and we're finally getting an idea of some of the artists. >> brian mcknight. >> and new this year organizers will section off a quarter mile of charles street that will be filled with sculptture performances and a 16-foot human face will be on hand that people can manipulate and change the expressions. it runs june 20-june 22. >> and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake expects the largest crowd yet. it's the largest free arts festival and is expected to have a $25 million impact
5:27 am
object city of baltimore. time right now is 5:26. 6 degrees on tv hill. >> only coming up -- >> investigators in harford county make a gruesome discovery. the remains of one person in several different places. i'm lowell melser. we'll have the latest on this murder investigation coming up. >> the nation's capital has been invaded by bees. spelling bees. >> thunderstorms in the seven-day forecast. we'll show you that in a few minutes. >> we'll also take a look at your morning commute. we'll let you know if there are any delays or problem spots to
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall.
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>> and i'm jennifer franciotti. tony pann, looks like we might be in for a great day. >> still going to make it into the 80's, but it will feel a lot bet emplet you've probably noticed the winds have shifted to the northwest. that's what's going to get rid of the humidity. the dew points are dropping into the 50's. we'll make it up to about 83, but it will feel much nicer under mostly sunny skies. we'll talk about that when i come back. >> as far as your morning commute, one problem of note. in darlington, harford county. main street between castle on the road and route 1 due to an overnight accident. downed wires remain. 65 miles per hour on the southbound harrisburg expressway coming down from mount caramel.
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66 past i-70, and through the glen burnie area, and let's give you a live look at traffic. looking good even through the construction zone where they were doing some overnight repaving. a little un even pavement there to expect. so far, so good on the beltaway at green springs. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning. harford county police find human remains near a church in the suspected victims home. >> lowell melser, what do police think happened hear? >> it's a pretty interesting story right now. it would seem the way this unfolds is we have a missing persons report that turns into a murder that stems from a
5:32 am
disagreement between roommates. instead of a fresh start, this joppatowne church appears to market the gruesome conclusion to a missing person's case, according to the hartford county sheriff's office, police found remains outside this dumpster and about a mile down the road they found rest of the body. they expect it's the dismembered corpse of a 37-year-old kujoe kodie. >> it was reported he went jogging without his personal effects. >> he lived hear where investigators found even more of the remains. >> i'm just in a state of shock right now. it's just really close to home right now. >> lifelong joppatowne resident melinda craft tells us she had never even seen her neighbor
5:33 am
until his face appeared on a missing person's flier. >> i pretty much know -- i've seen everybody in this neighborhood. i've never seen him. >> sheriff's deputies have charged alexander kinyua who lived in the same home of the victim and kraft says she will remain on edge wondering what provoked such a twisted murder in her area. >> police have charged the victim's roommate alexander kinyua with the murder. but the motive is unclear. police say they will continue their investigation this morning. i'm lowell melser. wbal-tv 11 news. >> all right. lowell, thank you. you can now receive alerts or text messages if there's a sex offender that moves into or out of your neighborhood. they send alerts when
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information in each offender's file changes. you can find out thousand sign up at and click on "as seen on." >> and a ruling by the state's highest court that implies pit bulls are inherently dangerous. the ruling means a pit bull owner can be held liable for dog attacks even if it wasn't proven the dog was violent with a history prior. >> well, nearly 300 students are swarming the nation's capital for their shot at winning the scrips national spelling bee. >> the capital is abuzz. halle jackson is live in our washington bureau with the latest buzz. good morning. >> liking all those puns? this story really works for it,
5:35 am
i think. a good morning , too, for some 50 kids headed to the semifinals today, and tonight we find out who the queen bee or king is, depending on who wins. >> you may approach the microphone. >> day one, and how are the spellers doing? >> i feel pumped. >> so does madison if when tae. she is a spelling bee freak from her head to her feet. >> to come hear and meet with all these people, they are all very nice. >> she probably can spell intimidated. >> this 6th grader has been getting a lot of buzz as the youngest speller ever. the crowd gasped after she missed her second word yesterday. >> that is incorrect. >> but off by only a letter, she proved age is just a number, something this mom can definitely understand. >> it doesn't matter how old
5:36 am
they are or how young they are. you just have to work hard to be perfect. >> and speaking of perfect -- >> can i please have the language of origin? >> she is the only competitor who made it through to the semifinals spelling every word correctly. her sister, the spelling champ of 2009. can you spell, d.n.a.? >> she gives me the advice that you worked hard and you should be proud of yourself, because you made it hear. >> it really is amazing to see what a good attitude all of these kids have just about coming out and competing. about 11 million students participated in the bee but 278 made it to the big event hear in washington, including a pretty good showing from hear in baltimore. >> in my book they are all winners, but what does the one winner get? >> $30,000 in cash and a
5:37 am
scholarship of about $5,000 amongst other goodies. but i've got to think the big trophy they win in the end is really what they come hear, for. >> bragging rights, right? >> yes. >> halle reporting in washington. wow. those kids are stellar. >> the parents try spell back and forth but these kids know exactly what you're talking about. >> the time now 5:37. the c.d. says you don't have to worry about catching the flu anymore. >> but you do have to keep an eye on germs and bacteria. and who has the dirtier office, men or women? that's in today's medical alert. >> and we'll check on the area roads. volume building. ♪
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>> welcome back, time is 40 minutes after 5:00. a few clouds hanging around baltimore. all in all a pleasant start for us this thursday. the humidity has gone down. 64 degrees in westminster and 60 in york, pennsylvania. the forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. warm this afternoon and a lot less humid. high of 83. we'll talk about the possibility of big thunderstorms going into the weekend. >> in this morning's "medical alert," if you managed to avoid catching the flu this year, you just might be in the clear. >> the centers for disease says the flu season is over and 26
5:41 am
kids did die from the illness but it's the lowest number since the c.d.c. started tracking it. and you may have avoided the flu, but it doesn't mean the germs aren't still out there lurking. >> researchers collected samples from the typical office settings in three different cities and identified more than 500 types of bacteria. most of which came from human skin or the nasal, oral, and intestinal cavities. >> chairs and phones were more contaminated than -- and offices used by men had significantly more bacteria than those used by women. >> more women will walk around with the little clorox wipes than men. >> drives me nuts when i see
5:42 am
that. >> now you know why. we're cleaner. time is 5:41. 67 degrees on tv hill. one of the best parts of summer or summer like weather is the chance to hit the pools, especially with your kids. >> but it's also important to keep your kids safe. we'll have tips for safe summer fun. >> and it feels super nice out there this morning. not muggy at all. tony with the forecast and sarah with the latest traffic sarah with the latest traffic when we come back.
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>> good morning. once again, sarah caldwell with a look at your morning commute. and we're looking at a nice start on your area roads for the exception of main street in darlington. between castle to know road and route 1. other than that, out of harford county, it looks ok. as you pass from i-70 on into town. if you want to head out on 295, the b.w. parkway checks out. 64 miles per hour on average. here's a quick, live look at traffic. the harrisburg expressway, light volume from the maryland line to the beltaway. a live sue of i-70 at 29 east
5:46 am
and westbound traffic looking good. no problems to report all the way in toward the beltaway. that's latest on traffic pulse 11. von etta brooks now with the m.t.a. report. >> still showing a few bus diversions as the one line continues to be diverted. the 5 and 22 line diverted at sinclair, all for construction. cam done penn and brunswick lines are running problem-free. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. things are quiet for us this thursday morning. actually, we have the same front we talked about that the time yesterday. it was in western maryland. now it is going past baltimore. the reason it's going slowly is because of the tropical system pullling toward the coast.
5:47 am
at least briefly this high pressure will take control of the weather, and we'll wind up with decent conditions. the temperatures are still going to make it into the 80's, but it will feel more comfortable. that's already happening. 671 at the airport, but the dew point is down to 53 in hagerstown behind that front. general in the low to mid 60's right now. we're going to make it into the 80's this afternoon, but it will feel a lot better than it did yesterday. just a few high, thin clouds. we'll call it mostly sunny. a chance for some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. some of those could be strong. today, mostly sunny, less humid, with the highs between 80-85. sunset this evening at 8:26. wave heights are 1-2 feet today.
5:48 am
here's your o.c. insta-weather plus forecast. if you're going to the ocean this weekend, a good chance for rain in the morning and saturday and the rest of the weekend should be fine. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon in baltimore. some of those could be strong and then clearing up on saturday. sunday should be dry as well with temperatures in the mid 70's. and the quiet weather should last into monday and tuesday. >> now that summer is hear, unofficially, at least. the pool might be the main attraction for you and your kids. >> stephanie elam has tips on keeping your children safe during that fun. >> while playing in the water is fun, it can also be dangerous. drownings are the number one cause of accidents for children between 5-10. >> drowning never looks like what we think, the splashing
5:49 am
and violent fighting against the water. >> even if the child doesn't drown, these accidents often lead to brain damage, but drownings are avoidable if you follow the a.b.c.'s. >> adult supervision and barriers and c.p.r. classes. >> it takes 10 seconds and two inches of water for children to drown. >> this is especially important for toddlers. >> we're talking under the age of 5. children that are mobile but don't really have the mental capacity to understand that water is unsafe. children under 3 are usually the ones that experience the anatomy drownings where their heads are heavier. >> experts say stay away from floaties. >> so essentially the children's arms are above water
5:50 am
but their nices are below. >> and the convex drains are -- the convex drain covers are better for pools. >> and swim classes will have your children better off. >> so true. 5:50. 67 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, the royals lose their fifth straight game. take a look at what went wrong against toronto when keith mills joins us live for sports. >> and here's a look at last night's lottery numbers.
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>> good morning, everybody. the orioles losing streak is now at five. and despite losing to the jays, despite getting swept by the jays, the orioles are still tied for first place in the american league east. buck showalter with nick
5:54 am
markakis out with a sore left hand drives in the only orioles run right there. the burst from the early lead did not last long. number 17 for the season, and it's 1-1. in the third, are gentleman davis leads off. it's 2-1, toronto. there's a theme to all this. not good. brett laurie leads off the inning and another home run. 3-1 for the blue jays. jason hammel gave up three home runs in all of his starts and four in four innings last night. ras muscle was another. birds off today. play the rays tomorrow. jones and markakis will both have their hands x-rayed today and hopefully it will be ok. nba game two of the eastern conference in miami lebron
5:55 am
james comes up big again for miami. rajon rondo played that game of his life for boston. looked like larry bird but it wasn't enough. ray allen knocks down the three. he's done that many times. game tied at 99-99. time running out. lebron for the win? no. it goes to overtime. in overtime, rajon rondo was spectacular. had 44 points last night. larry birdesque and but it wasn't enough. the heat lead the series 2-0. game three is friday in boston. the ravens wrap up their three-day mini camp and a long list of no shows led by ray rice and ray lewis, but matt bird did take part in the workouts. the coaches are focusing on the young kids. number 30 is bernard pierce, third-round draft pick out of
5:56 am
temple. cam cameron says without ray rice around, he is making the most of his chances. >> can't wait until the pads come on. i think that's the true test for any young player. but he's physical, smart and fast. now he just needs to keep learning the system and listen to the guys in the room. >> game one of the stanley cup finals, l.a. over new jersey, 2-1. watched it last night hear on wbal-tv 11 news. >> coming up in the next hour of 11 news today, howard county police are looking for a group responsible for nearly a dozen robberies. how they say the burglars got by the alarms. that's at 6:05. >> and a top 10 list. but this one might not be as flattering as we would like. why charm city might not be so charming. >> and how much do you tip a waiter? 15%?
5:57 am
20%? what about a more than 18,000 percent tip. who left that monster tip and why at 6:40. >> things are quiet right now but there's a possibility of strong thunderstorms in the forecast. details in a few minutes. >> and we're keeping tabs on an overnight accident in harford county and we'll talk about delays. next. graduation, huh ?
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>> a shocking and disturbing murder in the harfoed counted. nasa >> killings and syria prom sanctions from the u.s.. is it enough? >> a sense of optimism for pit >> a sense of optimism for pit bull


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