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tv   11 News Today  NBC  May 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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owners after a blanket indictment of their pets is reviewed. >> how long will be hot, sticky, a gimmick whether stick around? 11 news today continues right now. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news ". >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> i think the sticky stuff is gone. >> we have turned the corner. you'll notice the change in the humidity when you step out this morning. everybody will feel comfortable. 67 degrees at the airport with a northwest wind. it will be nice today, a little warm but the high temperature will make up to 83 under mostly sunny skies. we will take a look at the forecast into the weekend coming up. >> good morning, let's check
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your computer. main street is shut down in harford county due to an overnight accident. there are downed wires should take a castleton road. everything was cut 95 toward the fort mchenry tunnel and no problems on 895. everything looks good as far as drive times. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. here is a live look at traffic. this is on the harrisburg expressway with light volume from the maryland line to the beltway. enjoy it for now. i-70 at 29 is problem-free at the moment. >> our big story this morning
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-- a grison discovery in harford county. >> what we know so far about the victim? >> this is a bizarre case. according to the sheriff's office, it appears what was once a missing persons case has now turned into a full-fledged murder investigation. it is a disturbing one. the shirts office tells us that human remains were found inside a dumpster outside the trimble road sanctuary wednesday night. deputies found the rest of the body about 1 mile down the road. the dismembered corpse has been identified as kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie, a 37-year-old jogger who disappeared last friday. >> they said that he had left to go jogging without any of his personal affection they had not seen him and reported him missing later in the weekend. >> investigators have charged the victims were made, can wa
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>> baltimore county police discovered the body of a man in a burning pickup truck in essex. people are looking for linell ellis. darrell augustus, the victim, was accused of the visiting ellis' girlfriend. >> a deadly crash claimed the life of a motorcycle is pretty accident happen before 10:00 wednesday night. a 25-year-old was traveling on the westbound ramp from route 100 to northbound 29 when he slammed into the back of a toyota camry. that happened run 1:00 this morning. >> and another local marine loses his life fighting in afghanistan. the 22-year-old of edgewater was
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killed on memorial day while conducting combat operations in afghanistan. it was stationed in okinawa, japan and was in afghanistan for a second store. he received several service awards including the purple heart. >> a teenager faces nearly two dozen charges in connection with a bomb threat that shut down kent county schools. back on april 3, someone left a handwritten note that a bomb was located inside each of the county's six high schools for that forced a countywide evacuation. the name not be released and there is no word on what motivated him to that note that the howard county police are searching for a group of suspects responsible for a rash of burglaries. >> they hit nearly a dozen areas tuesday night. in most cases, a suspect broken through the front door, taking mostly cash, business owners say surveillance video is show the suspects wearing surgical gloves
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and hoodies. >> our side window was busted. apparently, some people can enter the bottom of the window, broke in, and broke into the register. the alarm did not trigger and there were able to get in and out quietly. >> it is upsetting that people would go for something so little. >> police are asking anybody who witnessed anything to give them a call. >> legislators are taking a closer look at the impact of a recent court ruling against spitballs. the maryland court of appeals last month said they are inherently dangerous breed. the maryland general assembly formed a task force to study the court's decision and make recommendations on possible legislation. lawmakers said the task force will meet as soon as the agenda for the first hearing can be arranged. >> some relief for homeowners
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facing foreclosure -- maryland is getting $60 million of the nearly $1 billion relief settlement. this is for homeowners facing foreclosure and the money will be used to wipe out vacant houses that are depressing home values. >> this does not make economic sense to put the amount of money into them in order to try to make those houses. the best thing we can do for those houses is to take those houses down and make that area safe and removed the dangers they can have. >> governor martin o'malley called the settlement part of this successful maryland ever to combat the foreclosure crisis in this state. >> baltimore county officials are getting the expertise of 16 prominent business leaders. the group will brainstorm the best way to generate job growth
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on the peninsula. that follows the announcement that rg steel mill will close. the u.s. is turning up the pressure on syria after mass killings that the state department calls the new level of heart. 13 bodies were found bound and dumped in eastern sri wednesday. the u.s. is reluctant to get our military and all but critics say the president is not doing enough. >> 13 bodies found and dumped in east syria about a -- as more than 100 dead. the united nations has given the syrian government 13 hours to comply. >> this government only knows to shoot. we understand that no kofi annan peace plan will work. >> the u.s. and nine other countries kicked out syrian diplomats and end users -- and the u.s. froze assets from other banks.
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mitt romney plans is not enough. >> the world looks to america to lead and we have been sitting on the back burner. >> francis ready to send in troops if the u.n. okays that. >> the best way to resolve this is not through intensifying the militarization and not by providing further arms and to what is already a hot conflict. >> kofi and not just let syria where he met with the country's president and the syrian government wants a cease-fire. >> we are at a tipping point. the syrian people do not want a future of bloodshed. >> united nations says 9000 have been killed there in the last 15 months. syria is getting money and weapons from russia. russia and china will reject any efforts to send in troops. >> the time is 6:00 a.m. and 57
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degrees. banks are making carter to say goodbye. >> also ahead, the person behind the wheel and a surveillance videotape people a surprise and will find out why when we come back. >> take a look at what happens here -- a driver barely -- details when a comeback. >> things are pretty quiet now but we have strong thunderstorms to talk about toward the end of the week and we will be back in a couple of minutes. >> we are tracking some closures in harford county. we'll check in the major roads when they come back. guys, i'm home!
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>> welcome back. there is a beautiful shot and it is 72 degrees at the maryland science center. we have a few high clouds this morning -- one of the mostly sunny skies this afternoon. left of theas tropical system to open the door for this system and to finally slide off the coast. behind it, there is a much less in humid air mass the areas of high pressure will take control briefly and we will have good conditions for the next 24
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hours. after that, things may change. the dew point has dropped from yesterday. we were in the upper 60's yesterday and now we are in the 50's. 67 degrees at the airport and we will be able to sneak into the low 80's this afternoon but without the humidity, it will feel fine. if you high clouds along the front we were talking about a mostly sunny skies expected. off to the west, there are big thunderstorms in the southern plains and they may visit us tomorrow afternoon. we could see some severe weather around baltimore in the afternoon on friday. the high-temperature will be 85-85.n 80 day 10-50 knots if you take your bow out agree the next high tide at fort mchenry is at 3:20 this afternoon.
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if you're going to the beach this weekend, scattered thunderstorms are likely in the afternoon tomorrow. there's a good chance for some rain early in the morning on saturday. it should clear up and be a pretty decent beach weekend. the high temperature will be in the 70's. scattered thunderstorms friday afternoon in baltimore and some could be strong or severe and may be summer and early in the morning on saturday but it should clear up after that and we will wind up with nice weather starting saturday afternoon into sunday and a high temperature will be in the mid- 70's. that will last into monday and tuesday. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning, everyone. a nice start on most of the major roadways. we have one problem in darlington-harford county. we have downed wires blogging main street from castles and road to route 1. 49 miles per hour and southbound
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95 toward fort mchenry, moving well at the harbor tunnel, and just find on the north side through the part of bill region. --parkville region. 295 southbound going away from us, 175 detrick 32 continues to move well but building in volume. -- 175 down through 30 to continue to move well the building in volume. >> thank you. the chaos and terror of a shooting spree in seattle comes to an end after the gunmen turned the gun on himself prevent violence began in a cafe with four people shot and killed and two others are wounded. the same gunman shot and killed a woman during a carjacking later. police tracked down the 40-year- old gunmen who shot himself and he died on the way to the hospital. a massachusetts grandmothers now facing charges after police say
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she letter 10-year-old granddaughter drive and a parking lot. the 10-year-old crashed into several cars while the grandmother sat in the passenger seat. a grandmother is claiming she was the one in the driver's seat and a granddaughter simply not the car out of gear. no one was injured. take a look at this video. you can see a truck slammed into the front wall of a minnesota bar injuring six people. police believed the driver had a medical condition and loss control and four people were penned inside the bar and a good samaritan used his bobcat to free them. the injuries were not life- threatening. >> it is the end of the line for one of chrysler's most well-line of minivans. chrysler will no longer make the chrysler town and country
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minivan. they are stopping production of the dodge caravan but fiat/ chrysler seo says it is the town and country. our friends that travel and leisure magazine have bought a new list that paints baltimore any less than flattering light. it ranks term city as the third worst dressed city and the entire nation. yeah, they point to the source of beehive hairdos. >> they have no idea what they are talking about. they need to look at all of us. >> at least you. >> you are sweet. the time is 6:17. reaching for the
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pepco gizmo. real fans are on board. we will have sports next and here's a look at last night's maryland lottery numbers.
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>> now traffic paul sullivan and instaweather plus together. >> here is a look at the morning commute. main street is shut down in darlington between castle 10 road and rte. one due to a leftover accident. the accident itself is clear but the downed wires are still in place. that is closing down that road way. take castleton road as your alternate. if you're going out this morning in annapolis, there's a crash to avoid at solomons island road and forced to drive. 95 looks good and no problems on route 50 across the bay bridge. here is a live view of traffic and an update on 295 shows we are building volume. southbound past 175 approaching 32 is getting volume. that is the latest on traffic pulls 11.
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>> morning, we're off to a light start on this thursday morning. the humidity is certainly lower, 67 at the airport. for today, mostly sunny skies and it will be warm but less humid with high temperatures between 80-85. let me get my top hat and cane. send it over to keith, >> now, the 11 sports -- >> can you pitch? can you hit? when you go bad, you go bad. jason hamill gave up three home runs in all four of his starts this year. for-one, the orioles lose to the blue jays.
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the team looks like a mash unit. lots of injuries. four home runs against the orioles this year and 17 on a year and tied the game. next inning, just like that, the blue jays have a 2-1 lead. the in the fourth inning, a home run. three-one, the same thing one inning later and a four-one is the final pretty orioles will spend their off day in st. petersburg. they are still tied with tampa for first american league east. you can only hope that the pitchers will get their hands x- rayed. a lot of no-shows' for the
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ravens. matt burke worked out this weekend young players are getting the attention from the coaching staff including #30, the third round draft pick. he is making the most of his chance. >> you can see why we drafted him. he can't wait till the pads come on. smart, andcal, he's he's fast and now needs to keep learning the system. in these to listen to the guys in the room. >> miami over boston in game 1 of the stanley cup finals. >> we are still in first place, the orioles. >> we just have to get through this accomplish and you have to get some guys back in the lineup. >> you cannot lose faith. the time is 6:24, 67
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degrees. still ahead, >> deputies in harford county debt -- investigated disturbing murder case -- >> it is one of the most talked- about books among women -- you won't find "50 shades of gray" at some of our area libraries. we will ask you if it should be in the library. >> a couple of accidents to avoid, one in annapolis and the other in dundalk. other in dundalk.
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>> live, local, late breaking -- this is wbal tv 11 news today. >> welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> i and jennifer franciotti. it looks like we have a nice morning and a nice day. >> overall, it will be a good one. the timidity has gone down. temperatures are in the low to mid 60's to start and we will make it to 83 which is above average but without the humidity, it will feel better than the last couple of days. thunderstorms are back in the forecast at the end of the week and we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> a crime and harford county is being described as one of the most gruesome in recent memory. >> this a dismembered remains of a man tossed in a dumpster were found outside a church. >> the roommate is the suspect. the way this is unfolding is
6:29 am
that the missing persons case has now turned into a pretty gruesome and graphic murder investigation. we're finding now now that it may stem from a disagreement between these two roommates. instead of a fresh start, this church seems to mark the gruesome conclusion to a missing persons case. wednesday night, investigators found human remains and this dumpster outside trimble rose sanctuary and 1 mile down the road, they found the rest of the body and detective suspected dismembered corpse belongs to kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie, a 37- year-old who disappeared last friday. >> they said he had left to go jogging without any of his personal effects and the advancing and reported him missing. >> he lived in this home in joppatown, where investigators found more remains. >> i am in a state of shock.
6:30 am
it is close to home. it is scary. >> melinda kraft said she had never seen her neighbor until his face appeared on a missing persons flyer. >> nobody in this neighborhood has seen him. it is kind of bizarre. i have seen everybody in this neighborhood but i have never seen him that share a step is have charged alexander kinyuaq. . >> i don't feel safe at all. >> investigators have charged the victims or a mate with murder but a motive remains unclear. sheriff's deputies continue their investigation this morning. >> thank you. more teachers are headed to the classroom this fall in anne arundel county teachers should
6:31 am
not expect a pay raise. county officials officially turned over $12 million to the school system with strings attached are the money is slated to pay for 28 positions but millions more will go to a school program while the rest will be spent on textbooks and transportation. the head of the county's teachers union says the school system has stopped short of keeping its promise to increase pay. >> they are failing to put through promises made to the people to teach our kids. they are failing to meet those promises when they can afford to meet some of them. it is no longer on affordable. >> the teachers union is expected to meet with the school system next week to discuss the issue. you can always receive alerts and messages on yourself and if there is a sex offender in your neighborhood. the system provides users with a map that accesses the state's entire sex offender data base and send alerts to members when
6:32 am
information changes. to sign up, you can find a link on our website -- click on "as seen on." >> chances are, you might be ill-defined a book on the bedside tables of women around the country but you will not find this book in the library. harford county public libraries have opted not to carry the book series calling a pornographic but the title is available in the enoch pratt system that we are not in the center should business. this is an opportunity for us to provide people what they want and have something that's falling off the shelves. >> harford county library officials say patrons can bar the book for the statewide intra library loan system but it is a long wait. do you think libraries should ban the book "50 shades of
6:33 am
gray" because of its sexual content? >> some big names and big surprises on the bill for the artscape festival. brian mcknight is the headliner. organizers will section of the 1/4 mile stretch of charles street that will be filled with live music. a 16-foot human face will be sean where people can -- will be shown so people can manipulate it. the baltimore mayor says she is expecting more than 300,000 people to attend the event this year. artscape is the largest free art festival in the nation. it is a three-day event and it is expected to have a $25 million economic impact on the city. >> now, traffic pulse 11 and
6:34 am
instaweather plus together. >> let's get you up-to-date on the major roads. we are tracking some problems out there in darlington. there was an overnight accident and the? it is clear but there are downed wires in place so castleton area is a much better way to go. in dundalk, there is a yellow on southbound 9 -- to 95. -- to 95. - 295. 29 is our alternate and solomons island road near forest drive come watch for another accident in annapolis. and white marsh, southbound truck is starting to get heavy from just south towards the 895 split. this is i live up of traffic in
6:35 am
the area of harford road. things start to back up around the west side at liberty road. >> good morning, everyone. it will be a nice day today. right now, 67 at the airport and the humidity is down from the last couple of days. the forecast for today is mostly sunny skies, warm but not as human and a high temperature will be 83. scattered thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon tomorrow and they could be strong or severe. on saturday morning, there could be a couple of shares left over and it will clear up the most of the weekend will be fine with high temperatures in the mid 70's and looks like that quiet weather will stick around monday and tuesday. it could get a little bumpy after a nice day today. >> the time is 6:35. still ahead, a houston waiter's hard work pays off in the form
6:36 am
of one staggering said. we'll tell you what he got and what it plans to do with it. >> the nation's capital has been invaded by bees, spelling bees. we'll take you inside the hive of activity. >> don't forget to send us your answers to the water cooler question of the day -- should libraries ban the book "50 shades of gray?"
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> missoula is a puma, born on april 11 and is the first woman to be born 22 years at the zoo. at 7-2 weeks old, she has grown to nearly 7 pounds. zoo officials have been and raising the cub and she is doing well, showing off her techniques particularly with mice. >> ever waited tables? a houston where's long devotion to his job has paid up big time in the form of a very generous tip. he has worked as a waiter in houston for 16 years.
6:40 am
in that time, he has gotten large tips but saturday, a pair of reckless given the biggest gift of all. after overhearing that he lost his car and i fire, apparently, patrons decided to give him a $5,000 tip. what percentage that is but the amount of money surprised his boss but she cannot imagine a more deserving person. >> the sad part is i can tell you what percentage that is because broadcasters notoriously are not great mathematicians. you should have seen us in the news from trying to figure this outwe googled it. >> 18,000%. still ahead, a look at today's
6:41 am
top stories. >> we will take a look at the area roads, we are tracking several accidents and a downed tree. we'll have details next. >> things are pretty quiet with the weather. it will be a nice day today and we will check the forecast and a few minutes and here is a peek outside. the temperature is right now or in the upper 60's and weather is next.
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>> welcome back at 6:44. baltimore county police are -- made a gruesome discovery, the body of a man in a burning pickup truck in essex. police are looking for linell ellis. they believe the victim visited a woman that ellis was involved with in the past. a deadly crash on harford county road climbs the life of a motorcyclist. police say the 25-year-old was traveling on the westbound ramp from route 100 to northbound 29 when he slammed into the back of
6:45 am
a toyota camry. another local marine loses his life while fighting in afghanistan. the pentagon is reporting that the 22-year-old sergeant of edgewater was killed on memorial day while conducting, operations in the helmund province. he was deployed to the afghanistan for the second tour back in november. >> nearly 300 students are in the nation's capital for their shot at winning the national spelling bee. the city is literally abuzz as the semifinalists start today. >> a great morning for the 50 kids or making it to the semifinals today. by tonight, we should know who the queen bee is for the king depending on the winner. >> you may approach the microphone. >> how are the spellers doing? >>?
6:46 am
>> a spelling bee freak from her head to her feet. >> it is great to meet with these people who are very nice. >> she may not feel intimidated by she can probably spell it. >> can i have the definition please? >>lori madison has been getting media buzz as the august speller. the crowd gasped after she missed her second board yesterday. >> that is incorrect. >> she proved age is just a number. matter about how old they are or how young they are. you just have to work hard to be perfect. >> spading a perfect -- >> can i please have the language origin? >> the only competitor made it through the semifinals spelled
6:47 am
every step word correctly. can you spell dna? >> you should be proud of yourself. >> the 11 million kids competed on some level or another. to moderate 78 made it to the big event in washington, d.c.. -- 278 million to the big event in washington, d.c. >> 1 marylander remains in the competition. >> traffic pulsse 11 and instaweather plus together -- >> we are tracking some problems including an accident on southbound i-95 at eastern ave. delays stretch back to white marsh. an accident is still being tracked in don dock and another problem in westminster.
6:48 am
watch for police activity. in columbia, we have traffic alternating did way down trade. -- due to a downed tree. there's an accident at sullivans island road in annapolis and the westbound span of the bay bridge has one lane closed. ministry remains closed in darlington -- main street remains closed in darlington. take castleton road is your alternate. 95 at the white marsh has a big delays. we have a southbound accident and 95. 895 looks good north and south. that is the latest. >> good morning, everyone. things are starting to settle down in the mid atlantic.
6:49 am
the tropical system is not a tropical system anymore but that is pulling away. behind that, we have an area of high pressure and that will bring in some quiet weather for the next 24 hours. it will be less humid. the dew point or in the upper 60's yesterday and we have dropped off into the 50's so everybody feels comfortable. 67 at the airport. there is the big storm pulling off the coast and along the front counter maryland, there are some high thin clouds, mostly sunny today and during the day to more, we will watch this system that is producing but thunderstorms in the southern plains. we could see severe weather around here on the afternoon -- in the afternoon on friday. in the short term, it will be very nice.
6:50 am
mostly sunny today, warm but less humid with high temperatures between 80-85. if you take a boat out today, northwest wind at 10-15 knots, and the next high tide at for mccann rate is at 20 minutes after 3:00 this afternoon. scattered thunderstorms are possible friday afternoon and maybe some rain in the morning on saturday but most of the weekend will be okay after that with high temperatures in the 70's. same thing around baltimore. early in the morning on saturday, there might be some left over rain but most of saturday will be dry and descending on sunday and cloud cover will hang around at high temperatures and expected in the mid 70's. >> time for a last look at our big story -- a gruesome discovery brings closer to the search for a missing harford county man. >> according to the harford
6:51 am
county sheriff's office, it appears what was once a missing persons case has now turned into a fall on murder investigation. the sheriff's office tells us that human remains were found inside a dumpster outside the trimble road sanctuary wednesday night. deputies also found the rest of the body about 1 mile down the road. the dismembered corpse has been identified as kujoe bonsafo 37-year-old a jogger disappeared last friday agreed investigators have charged the victims roommate, 21-year-old alexander kunyua. >> do we know what the motive is? >> the sheriff's office says the two share a town hall but it is not clear how long they live together or whether they were related. we also don't know the motive which is something they will look into later today. >> thank you so much.
6:52 am
the time is 6:51 and 72 degrees. >> we will take a nice look at traffic and weather together before you head out to start your day.
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6:54 am
>> we ask if you thought library should ban the book "50 shades of gray." >> these of the responses --
6:55 am
-- these are the responses. we will pose more of your answers on the front page of >> what do you think, ladies? >> my sister has a copy. >> my mom is reading it. >> when is the movie coming out? >> let's see what is happening on the rose parade is busy in terms of incidents. southbound 95 eastern ave has an accident backing up traffic back to the white marsh area and one had done doc. another problem in westminster -- another one at dundalk. a downed tree is backing up traffic so take 29. solomons island road has a crash. 95 just a mass approaching white march toward eastern. 895 may be a better bet but you
6:56 am
have to get through 95 traffic first. pulaski highway is another option. >> women like to read the book and a man like to see the movie. >> especially that movie. it sounds interesting. >> there would be a different rating on that th. >> 83 for the high temperatures today and less humid, scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon tomorrow and some could be strong and a slight chance for a tornado. we will see how it develops for friday afternoon and saturday morning early, a chance for rain and clearing up in the afternoon. most of sunday should be fine. high temperatures will be in the mid 70's. >> so for an outside graduation, it will be clear? >> yes, it should be fine on
6:57 am
sunday. look for more traffic and weather and you can join us on thanks for joining us this morning for a 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25.
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