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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  June 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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today? >> showers but late this afternoon we could see strong thunderstorms. right now not a whole lot happening. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you can see light rain coming up through virginia. the further we go into the drive time, the bet ter chance some of that rain will catch up to us. probably a break in the middle of the afternoon, but late in the day and in the middle of the evening, thunderstorms could develop. high around 81 degrees. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> and a check on your commute. >> a pretty smooth ride. speed sensors, 61 is your drive ing speed. we're at 66 miles per hour and 295 checking in at 69. a live look at traffic -- i-70,
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east and westbound traffic is problem-free. and sandy point to and from the bay bridge, looking good in terms of delays. problem-free into the toll plaza. >> now on to our big story this morning. new developments in a disturbing case out of harford county. >> police say the human remains found earlier might be the result of cannibalism. jennifer franciotti joins us live with new details. >> they say this is one of the more grizzly crime scenes they have been to. it looks like court records show he was arrested for assault in his morgan state dorm room. he left school and moved back in with his family and now accused of a gruesome crime. alexander kinyua was a third-year engineering student until that incident. when he moved back with his
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family, there was a border renting a room. 37-year-old kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie from ghana. he was reported missing then a few days later police got a call about a head and two hands in a tin and the suspect admitted to doing much more than just killing his victim. >> he admitted to killing our missing person, mr. kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie in cutting -- and cutting him up with a knife. he then admitted he consumed specifically his heart and portions of his brain. >> detectives say the suspect has expressed no reason or remorse for his behavior and is being held without bond on first-degree murder charges, however, he may not have acted alone, and we'll have more on police suspicions. >> baltimore county say they have arrested a man caught up in a love triangle and arrested
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him for murder. they believe ellis killed the new man in his ex-girlfriend's life. darryl augustus found last weekend in the back of a burning pick-up truck was found. agust's family and friends say augustus was a friend to everyone and ellis is now charged with first-degree murder. >> in the meantime, state police are looking to identify more victims in a case of a man accused of taking pictures of children inside a public bathroom. brian williams of canada is charged with taking pictures of children in rest stops along 295. a witness reported seeing williams taking a picture of a young boy using a yurenl. investigators seized two of williams' cell phones. >> further investigations revealed there were several
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videotapings recorded by williams of other young unidentified boys in rest rooms in these rest areas. >> police say they found videos of 11 victims and asking anyone who thinks they may have been victimized to come forward. police in anders behring breivik county are trying find a -- police in anne arundel county are trying to find a man who was driving a gray pick-up and a woman broke free and the attack then continued. >> this individual pulled over on the shoulder according to the victim. was assaulting her inside the vehicle then she fled into a wooded area where she reports she was again sexually assaulted. >> a caucasian man 6 feet tall with blond hair.
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anyone with information should contact police. >> the government releases its may jobs report later this morning. economists predict the unemployment rate is going to stay about the same with overall growth well below what we saw this winter. halle jackson is in the washington bureau with the economy report. >> this morning we expect to find out about 150,000 new jobs were added but it's somewhat of a stall reflecting uncertainty elsewhere in the economy. the closing bell made it official. the dow had its worst performance in may since this time two years ago. shoppers spent a little more money in may but analysts say that could have been rare considering consumer confidence is down. the unemployment rate can affect a lot including the housing market. >> a lot of these layoffs have
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come unannounced and surprised entries. >> but it's not all bad news. even though we found out from the national association of realtors that fewer people signed contracts to buy houses than last year in april, -- >> this house was on the market about three weeks. our days on market is coming down since last year. we had a lot of pent up buyer demand over the last four months. >> and with the economy driving wall street, main street, your street, it also steers what's happening on the campaign trail. >> if we see better than expected jobs numbers, that's something president obama and his campaign can look to, to say hey, what we're doing is working. >> the president is heading to minnesota to promote new laws that would help veterans find new jobs. mitt romney is out at a fundraiser. >> the time now 5:06.
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67 degrees on tv hill. after more than a week on deliberations, the jury comes back with a verdict in the john edwards trial. >> and a ban for drinks over a certain size. why the mayor wants to downsize super sizing. >> and here's a live look at traffic on route 50 at sandy point. it is early. a closer look at weather and traffic when we come back.
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>> and welcome back. the time is coming up on 10 minutes after 5:00. 71 degrees downtown. nothing happening downtown at the present type, but later we
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could see rain showers move in and later in the day maybe even some strong thunderstorms. rain off to our south. just south of d.c. this is moving to the northeast. so some of those light showers are moving toward baltimore in the next 1-1 1/2 hours. a chance for showers to start the day. then strong thunderstorms possible this evening, and some of those could be severe. a high temperature of 81. we'll check your complete forecast when we come back. >> covering the nation this morning, a jury finds john edwards not guilty on one count and the judge declares a mistrial on the remaining five counts. after nine days of deliberation, the jury delivered a not guilty verdict. they were deadlocked on the other five charges against
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edwards. former penn state athletic director tim curley and schultz. they were charged with perjury. on wednesday a judge denied a request from gerry sandusky's lawyer to delay his proceedings. proceedings are sthrite get under way on tuesday. >> you and i know some people need a caffeine pick me up but if a super-sized soda comes to mind, mayor bloomberg said he wants to ban sugar-sweetened drinks larger than 16 ounces. the ban would apply to non-diet soda servings at restaurants, fast food joints and even food carts. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, what do you think of the city's
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proposal to ban sugar-sweetened drinks over 16 ounces in an effort to curb obesity? you can send us an email to >> doesn't stop people from buying two smaller sizes. >> don't drink it. >> if you buy your direction at a fast food restaurant, chances are you hit the drive-thru. so how many people pulled around last year? >> you are probably going to see higher admission prices just to get to the concession stand. how to avoid paying so much. >> and we'll update you on any problem spots coming in on the major roadways straight ahead. [ female announcer ] for dry, itchy skin, get lasting relief with gold bond intensive healing cream. it targets the underlying causes of itch and irritation. gold bond. intensive healing for lasting relief.
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>> time now check your morning commute. right now the roads are faring very well. we're not tracking any incidents right now. speeds around 66 on southbound 83 making your way down from hunt valley. and if you want to head out on the north side, 59 from belair to towson. toward 95 and howard county at 64 miles per hour. 29 east and westbound traffic still rather light at this hour and we're looking at a smooth ride to and from the bay bridge from the eastern shore on this side no problems to report on
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area bridges. tunnel traffic moving without delay. we go to vonetta brooks of the m.t.a. >> thank you. the number one line continues to be diverted at fort and lawrence. and the 5 and 22 line at sinclair all for construction. light rail still operateing with shuttle buses in place. over on the pen lines one delay, train 401 taking a 0-minute delay. for the m.t.a. trance it team i'm vonetta brooks. now tony pann. >> right now it's fairly comfortable. the dew points are in the low 50's. 62 in randals town and 61 in jaredsville. it is dry in neighborhoods for the time being.
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a warm front cutting through virginia. all this warm and humid air is starting to slide through the east coast. it's going to cut up north of us by the time we get into the late morning and early afternoon hours getting us into a warm and sticky air mass. even though there's nothing happening around baltimore right now, we'll probably get a little bit of rain towards the tail end of the drive time. so keep that in mind. the amount of sunshine will depend on whether or not we get storms. if the sun comes out in the middle of the day, we'll cook up the atmosphere and cook up some big thunderstorms. late this afternoon and this evening we have the possibility for large hail and wind gusts over 60 miles per hour and even a chance for tornadoes. so we have to watch the situation closely as we head
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into the afternoon. the amount of sunshine will be the key to that weather forecast. thunderstorms late in the afternoon and evening. the high temperatures between 78-83. if you're going to take the boat out this afternoon, watch out for lightning. waves 1-2 feet. scattered thunderstorms possible at the beach as we head throughout the day today and then it should clear up with high temperatures in the 70's throughout the weekend. the rest of the weekend will be fine. maybe some clouds early saturday then clearing up. 75. mix of sun and clouds on sunday with a high temperature near 76. >> in this morning's "consumer alert," it seems the drive-thru is becoming more and more popular. research shows 12.4 billion trips were made through
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drive-thru windows. people visitburg joints more than half the time followed by mexican and chicken restaurant chains. >> just in time for summer, disney and other theme parks are raising admission prices. but it's suggested to buy tickets online. some parks offer specials on facebook and twitter. and as always, don't forget club association discounts like triple-a or aarp. there's an old adage, if you can't find an opportunity, make one. that's happening more and more by young graduates. many are starting their own business. >> this person at 27 is often on the go managing the 30-40 employees who work with her. her road to success started differently. she went to college at the
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university of texas in austin, graduated with great grades and a masters degree and couldn't get a job. >> it was very humbling. >> she found she had become a victim of an economy that had fewer jobs, lower pay and little opportunity. >> i had to move back home with my parents and figure out, what do i do now? >> after dozens of rejections she decided to take matters into her own hands specializing in corporate marketing and teaches companies thousand threverage internet to their advantage. she is in a blossoming group of young entrepreneurs. it shows 540,000 new businesses are being created each month by young people. >> you have to work extra hard. the assumption is i go to school, work hard and send out resumes. you have to decide who am i going after?
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and the average job you're competing for has probably the person looking at 200 resumes. >> her best advice for new grads, make your own path. >> well, ford is looking to boost revenue through sales of things other than cars with help from facebook. plus wall street turns its focus to the may jobs report. we turn to jane king with the bloomberg business report. tgif. >> happy friday to you, too, stan. normally on these days where we have big jobs reports, we have quiet trade. but we're down 100 points and in europe, having a lot of impact on that this morning. a few hours from now we will be getting that may jobs report from the labor department. economists think it will show a pick up -- a pick-up in jobs growth. it's a key issue in the
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upcoming election. unemployment stands at 6.9% down from 7.1%. and wal-mart at shareholders will face questions about its alleged bribing of mexican officials to speed up its expansion plans there. we'll hear what they have to say in terms of growth. and capping the biggest monthly decline since september, while the republican controlled house wants to boost health care spending for veterans, it provides more money to record numbers of vets and iraq and afghanistan claiming service-related disabilities as they return home and ford trending facebook in a big way. the automaker promotes licensed merchandise ranging from t sthoirts toy cars just in time for father's day. especially as general motors recently decided to pull its
5:23 am
ads from facebook. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> just what i want, a toy car for father's day, jane. >> you know you do. >> daily deal sites i understand can now get you discounts on concerts or sporting events? >> yes. groupon has teamed with concert promoter live nation and now living social is teaming up with age. they are the promoters for justin bieber and the black-eyed peas. >> the time is 5:23, 57 degrees on tv hill. >> i wish it was 6:23. >> how good are you at spelling? how are you, stan? pretty good? are you good enough to spell gwedipin? >> the newest champs spell out that word at the spelling bee. graduation, huh ?
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yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. >> g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s, guetapens. [applause]
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>> that's 14-year-old snigdha nandipati. the 2012 spelling bee champion. >> she pronounced it much better than i did. the san diego teen is the consecutive -- the winning word, what did she say? guetapens is a frenched-derived word that means entrapped or snared, right? >> i guess. the runner-up had to spell vetiver. i'm quite sure you know means excessive or unwholesome sentiment. >> and the final maryland went down with the word a-t-o-p-e-n. he had a good run. >> in my book, they are all winners. >> good for him. the sometime is 5:27.
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still ahead in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> harford county police want to know what prompted a murder suspect to eat parts of his victim. i'm jennifer franciotti. details are next. >> this time someone is asking something from the mayor. we'll explain when we come we'll explain when we come back.
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the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm sarah caldwell. happy friday and a perfect die start the morning. today is national doughnut day. >> whoo! >> it should be every day. >> to celebrate doughnut shops are hooking up with dunkin' donuts. they are giving you a free doughnut with a bench and
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krispy kreme is giving away a free doughnut to everyone, no questions asked. >> they are giving away doughnuts? >> dunkin' donuts. if you buy a drink. >> i think -- >> i think you should eat a powder one right before you do the weather. >> yeah. turbulent weather, hug? >> this evening we could get some turbulent weather. let's take a look at h.d. doppler. rain coming up out of virginia. those showers may visit us in an hour to an hour and a half. let's take a look at the forecast. thunderstorms could develop late this afternoon into the evening. they could turn severe with wind gusts at 60 miles per hour and there's a slight chance we
5:32 am
could even see tornadoes. the high of 81. any rain we get this morning will probably just be light rain. >> i had to drop the doughnut to get you your traffic report. it's not a good look. let's see what's going on on the roads. not bad on the harrisburg expressway. 63 miles an hour traveling down from hunt valley. no problems getting over toward the parkville region and harrisburg, presentationway. on the west side 58 traveling from 795 toward 95. then once you get toward 95, 66 on average. here's a live view on traffic. 95 at the fort mchenry. so far a nice ride there as you travel toward the hashor tunnel. at 695 approaching the key bridge, the east side of the beltaway is running without delay at this hour.
5:33 am
>> our big story this morning, new developments in a murder investigation in harford county. >> police stay man responsible for killing his roommate may also be a cannibal. 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti is live in the newsroom with the details. jen? >> it sounds unbelievable but harford county police say the suspect expressed no motive or remorse in eating parts of his victim. >> until weeks ago alexander kinyua was a third-year engineering and now is accused of cannibalism. >> he admitted to killing our missing person, mr. kodie and cutting him up with a knife and eating specifically his heart and portions of his brain. >> the suspect is alexander kinyua and kujoe bonsafo agyei-kodie rented a room in the house owned by the kinyua family.
5:34 am
the suspect moved back home after he was arrested following an assault inside his dorm room. the victim was reported missing last friday and a few days later police got a call from the suspect's family. >> a human head and two human hands in two tins. >> documents show the suspect admitted cutting the victim up and the psychiatrist says there's usually a long trail of abuse. >> killing somebody and cooking the body parts and seasoning it and eating it, the magnitude of the problem grows beyond the character logical defect. >> right now the suspect is being held without bond on
5:35 am
first-degree murder charges. police say the family's account of the family's missing person's report show others could have participated in the crime or helped cover it up. >> baltimore county police are trying to figure out what caused a man to stab a woman then cause a car accident. they found a female suffering from apparent stab wounds. another man was there and was injured and both victims were taken to shock trauma with possible life-threatening injuries. then the suspect drove down owings mills boulevard and caused a crash in which four people were hurt in an accident. police say the stabbing isn't also faced possible life-threatening injuries. no word yet on what charges he will face. >> and a security scare on campus.
5:36 am
according to officials a student said she saw an aquaintance showing off a gun and at some point the suspect a u.n.b.c. student ran off on foot leading to an extensive search on the campus and the police later found a weapon and then university officials say they are limited by the technology. >> one of the difficulties that we experience in all institutions experience with the text alert technology is that you're limited to 140 characterize, so it makes it hard for you to put out a lot of information at any one time. >> as of last night university police were questioning the suspect and tell us charges could be on the way. >> the verbal battle between a baltimore county del a bat and mayor continues. republican pat mcdonough is calling out mayor stephanie rawlings-blake again after an attack. the employee was punched and
5:37 am
kicked but nothing was stolen and wednesday morning a fight broke out on the sidewalk between two groups of kids. on thursday mcdonough accused the mayor of ignoring an escalating problem and challenged her in a debate. >> the rallingsrallings administration wants to play the race card. some people in the media, not tv, want to play the demonization card and i want to play the let's fix the problem card. >> the mayor responded by saying mcdonough ought to debate himself and his colleagues that supported cuts to the police department budget. >> today is national doughnut day. >> we're talking health. i'm picking health. >> good for you, stan. >> researchers say lowering the risk of health problems for
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patient with a certain disorder. more on that coming up in today's "medical alert." >> and an update on traffic pulse 11 coming up. lysol knows the soft places we love
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could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health.
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>> welcome back, the time is 40 minutes after 5:00. 47 degrees at the maryland science center. the weather is calm now, but that will change going into the late afternoon. late this afternoon and this evening we could wind up with some severe weather. let's take a look at h.d. doppler weather first. we could see rain showers moving northbound. so probably about an hour before they get up towards the
5:41 am
baltimore area. so just keep that in mind. the forecast today, probably get a break in the rain in the middle of the afternoon then thunderstorms will develop late in the day. some may be strong or severe. we'll take a look at your forecast going through the rest of the weekend coming up. >> in this morning's "medical alert" a popular diabetes drug called a pie get zone sold under the name acktose while it appears to significantly increase the risk for bladder cancer. >> a study showed those who took the drug had an 83% higher risk of bladder cancer. the risk increased the longer the patient took the drug or higher the dose. but the overall risk for the disease is still low. and as if anyone needed an excuse to eat more chocolate, there's more benefits to a dark treat. >> having a piece every day, an
5:42 am
australian study used a mathematical model to study the affects of dark chocolate with those at risk for heart disease. it could prevent 70 heart events for every 70 people -- 70,000 people treated. dark chocolate contains 1/2 i had no. >> do chocolate doughnuts count? >> i'll say, yes. >> coming up, shaping up to be a nice weekend, if you're looking for a break from the sun, though, could always head to the theater. >> a closer look at the darker version of snow white coming to screens today. >> and looks like we might see storms to finish off the week. tony pann will have his full tony pann will have his full forecast when we come back.
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>> let's take a look now at your morning commute. it's friday and we're all happy about that. and we're also looking far smooth ride. so that just ads to the good mood today. if you want to travel on the north side around 65, problem-free on the west side. no problems to report on i-70 or 795, and the harrisburg expressaway checking out fine that the hour. we'll update you on 95 at the
5:46 am
fort mchenry. from the toll plaza, no delays. harbor tunnel traffic equaly smooth. the key bridge as an alternate is ok, too. that's the latest on traffic pulse 11. now a check on the m.t.a. good morning. >> good morning. right now we have a delay on the camden line train 8417-10 minutes behind schedule. still showing a few diversions. one line and five and 22 line diverted. that's all for construction. for the m.t.a. transit team i'm vonetta brooks. back to tony pann. >> we'll probably get some light rain over the next few hours and then thunderstorms later in the afternoon. 61 in jarrettsville and the humidity is comfortable at the present time. that will change as we go into the afternoon. we have a warm front that will
5:47 am
get us back into the humid air mas later today. as it travels north through maryland, it will kick us into some showers and they been as the rest of the storm system comes through, we could have strong ore severe thunderstorms later in the afternoon. moving north into southern maryland, probably within the next hour or so we'll see showers, so if it's not raining at your house right now, it probably will be towards the end of the drive time. if we get sunshine to break through the cloud deck after the front passes, then we might see some trouble later this afternoon. that will cook up the air mazz and in that happens, the storm prediction center thinks we could see large hail and possibly some tornadoes depending on exactly where that front decides to stop.
5:48 am
we'll keep an eye on things going into the afternoon. just because you have the ingredients for severe weather doesn't always mean it's going to happen, but it's certainly something to watch. chance for showers this morning. scattered showers this afternoon and possible severe storms later today. if you're going to the ocean this weekend. chance for thunderstorms later today but then it should clear up the rest of the evening. light rain is possible saturday morning then a mix of sun and clouds on sunday. temperatures slightly below average in the mid 70's. >> tony, thank you. for the second time this year a live action snow white comes to the big screen. first you may recall julia rockets played the queen in mirror, mirror. >> this time charlize theron plays the sinster role.
5:49 am
>> mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? >> charlize theron gets bad news from a talking vanity mirror in "snow white and the huntsman," and she doesn't want to just give kristen stewart a poisonous apple, she wants to have her heart. so she sends a huntsman. and then andy garcia plays a retired general hired to lead a rebellion against the mexican government in the 1920's. even if it means executing priests. he takes a ragged band of militants to formidible freedom fighters in "for greater glory." >> a high school senior gets his first taste of freedom in
5:50 am
"high school." a class valedictorian decide experiment with illegal narcotics just once but the next day his sadistic principal announces mandatory testing beginning the next day. and a b movie gets -- david hasselhoff plays himself opening "apron other iii double d" hits theaters. >> oh, my goodness. >> david hasselhoff playing himself. >> i think anything with charlize theron will appeal to me. i really like her. she's great. >> the time now 5:50. 67 degrees on tv hill. a big blow for the orioles. pete gilbert will tell us how
5:51 am
bad it is for nick markakis. that's coming up in sports. >> and hear are last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck. the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate. >> now, 11 sports with pete
5:54 am
gilbert. >> buck showalter has well learned maybe the two most important skills in managing the orioles -- prepare for the worst and look at the bright side. they hit a five-game losing streak and now nick markakis heads to the disabled list. out 2-4 weeks with a broken wrist. he said he feared much worse, however, as they take a share of first place and face tampa with whom they share the spot at the top, their hopes get tougher. and while getting on to the track, the derby preakness winner nearly collided with another horse running at full gallup. hope the proves not to be a harbinger of bad things to come, meanwhile trainer doug o'neal has a lot to take in.
5:55 am
new rules for everyone but clearly targeted at him. new york racing officials will make all racers undergo drug dealing tests. he -- race officials say they will also randomly search hay and feed and equipment going in and out of the stakes barn where i'll have another will stay until the belmont stakes. >> miami leads the heat. but san antonio unbeaten into the playoffs heading into thursday but oklahoma city offers maybe the most hostile home game environment. kevin durant, goodness gracious, 22 points. worth another look as he rises high. m&a -- manu ginobili knocking down the three. however, it was the hit on the
5:56 am
night, from that point forward the thunder rolled. russell westbrook -- i guess it was like he drew it up. might have been a shot or pass. regardless, kendrick perkins throws it down. spurs lead the series 2-1 but san antonio had won 22 consecutive games going into that so oklahoma city saying yes, we're going to have a series. >> thank you. >> coming up, ford motor companies says its employees will have a shorter summer break and the company will ramp up production. how many cars the company wants to make this year. >> from cars to everything else, major retailers say may was busy month at the registers. one of the reasons for the big sales at 6:17, and this is something tony can get into. a six-figure hot dog. we'll take a closer look at the toings that make this dog worth so much. >> i had two of them last night. nothing.
5:57 am
it was an appetizer. severe weather possible later today. especially this evening. stay with us. >> and we're checking your morning commute as well as we ooh view a live picture. we'll update you on this and the rest of the major r
5:58 am
[ jared ] uh, michael? you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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>> more gruesome details continue to emerge in a harford county murder. i'm jennifer franciotti. details are next. >> help wanted. i'm halle jackson in -- with your job market report. >> the government looking out for your best interest or a nanny state running wild. our water cooler question of the day. >> and the answer to the all-important question, what's the weather going to be like this weekend? 11 news today continues right now. [captionma


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