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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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wall coverage, severe weather working its way through our viewing area and throughout much of the state. here's a live look been interrupted in current conditions and the latest on any damage reports. good evening, everyone. our big story tonight, and you know what it is -- damaging storms telling our state. they are. as to the closing in a couple of hours before lunchtime. right now, we go back to our chief meteorologist for the latest on the severe weather and the latest warnings. >> we have three areas where possible tornadoes are moving through right now you're one in frederick county to our west. and he appears to be the weaker of the three. very strong sell up in hartford county. folks should be taking shelter as we speak here right now, the source systems crossing 152 and heading up toward 23. the system is a dangerous storm system. just about everybody in hartford county should be taking shelter right now. the damaging winds right smack across the middle part of
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hartford county. south of baltimore into ann arundel into hertford county, and on up into our viewers in catonsville, this is a storm system the radar is taking as a strong of rotation to identify as a tornado. trekking through self was in baltimore county in the next few minutes. again, several severe thunderstorms in the region. three of them perhaps percent of votes or tornadoes. one southwest of the city coming up around ann arundel county. the one is a very strong sell as well. not as big and well organized as the ones we saw earlier in the afternoon when we could separate them nice and individually, but still very strong, and one in frederick county moving up with the western and northwestern part of carroll county. of toward a degree and also to the south, and our viewers, as
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the storm system approaches from the southwest. lots going on on the radar screen right now. kind of complicated when you see all that rain. these are the warning areas. that means when it. yellow means severe thunderstorm. you can see where they are. if there's one in your area, you should be taking shelter as we speak. if you do not that damaging winds, you will get flooding rains. do not try to drive across a flooded road way. >> thanks very much. >> thank you so much. keeping a close eye on carroll county this afternoon. they have had some damage this afternoon. nadia has been there, and she has not been able to get her live shot out because it is too dangerous, but as you can see, there has been some serious action. we do have her on the telephone. >> did you actually see the tree fall on to the house? >> no, this happened quite some time ago. again, let me tell you where we are -- we are on the 1900 block
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of swann way. this storm system has left a path of damage in its path, that is for sure. when we were coming to the area, we noticed a couple of down trees, and some residents in the community trying to clean up after some branches snapped off, but a number of them have pointed as to this home on the 1900 block here were about and 8490-foot tree slammed onto the roof of the home. fortunately, the husband and wife of live in his home for about 60 years -- they were on the other side where this all happen. this tree slam where he says is directly above their walk-in a closet, and as a rest of the tree slamming into the home, there is water coming through their ceiling and tripping through their family room as we speak. a construction crew is on their way with a crane to remove this tree, but in the meantime, a
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building inspector has ruled that the home is condemned, so they are actually in the middle of trying to find a place to stay in the meantime during the full cleanup effort. this has not been a pretty sight out here, due to the storm system, that is for sure. >> it is heartbreaking, like that when a tree comes into your house, and you can see it is just so damaged. >> did they ever get through the neighborhood? the pictures we are seeing now, we can see some trees have been snapped, which indicates high wind, possible tornado touched down. that will be determined by the experts, but what does the rest of the neighborhood look like? >> we were able to drive along a number of these roads here, so i'm not really sure exactly where these trees may have snapped and caused the road to close, but i can tell you, where we are, we did not have any problems coming here, but i'm sure, once we got back into our vehicle, which we plan to do after this call, we will go
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around the area and look at these roads, where there have been reports of trees snapping and blocking the road. right now, it has started to pick up again, the rain, and we hear some thunder, which is the reason why we could not do a live shot in the meantime. >> of course. >> just a very heartbreaking site here. it is just tough. >> i know it is. >> we can imagine. >> thank you so much for that coverage. our storm coverage continues with a view from high, high above. we are going right now to kate instead. what is going on with our social media feed? then it has picked up in the last couple of minutes. lots of people talking about the rain and flooding, which we know is something we will have to deal with throughout the evening. ricki wrote a couple of minutes ago, "it is pouring harder for
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the first time today, really dark clouds all over. trees are beginning to sway more. i'll -- kyle is in hampstead, and he says the woods behind his house are totally and completely flooded, and he said a really good picture of that. barbara said she got two inches of rain where she is today. she says the front yard is a river. then, of course, there is a little storm humor. "my dog thinks he is so tough, craming himself into a corner between the couch and the wall." another light-hearted comment, "he is still sitting outside in annapolis right now. happy hour is in full force here." this is the comment that i found most interesting in the last 10 minutes or so from jennifer jackson, who says it is good to
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know that wal-mart has a tornado plan. she says her husband and she were locked at the westminster walmart from 3:05 to 3:55 p.m. there were told to go to the back of the store and stay there until they gave word that it was safe to come out. >> there you go. back to you. >> really interesting. >> for everybody that is having a good time at happy hour, there are a lot of unhappy hours out there. if you are on the roads, if you are at home. >> or if there's a tree on your house. >> for trees down on power lines cutting power. we're going back to our chief meteorologist with an update on all the weather that is happening. >> three areas of concern. hartford county coming up of the southwest. the good news is that this morning -- still showing up on our map here, but it has expired -- that warning has come down. the storm tracking of now has
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been quite a bit, so that is the best news we can give you, although it is raining quite a bit in northwestern carroll county. strong storm still tracking right across central hartford county, from the weather service to issue a tornado warning, which was still showing some significant signs of rotation, moving northeast at 21 miles an hour, and each one it warning remains in effect until 6:30. the storm that you hear rumbling through bellaire right now is moving off to the north and east, and it may well produce a tornado, so you want to sheltered area right now in hartford county, and probably not too early to take shelter in cecil county, as the sole looks like it will track that way. weisel of baltimore city, the third area of concern. this one has been pounding away for a while now. it, too, shows signs of weakening, but it is likely to make its way up into the cabin,
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we will get up into the southern part of baltimore city with gusting winds from the damaging winds come a very heavy rain, hail, and dangerous lightning as well. this looks like it still dividing the i-95 quarter, so that is not good news on a friday, and i shall also and that he saw the eastern part of the beltway, it will be very slow going there. the warning for this is a tornado warning, and it goes until 6:30 -- actually, 6:00. it just passed us, but it looks like they might extend it, so we will keep a close eye on these three areas of severe weather. >> another few hours to go before we are really out of the woods. >> with us on the allied line, returning with us is the howard county executive. can you describe what is happening now where you are? >> sure, just left our emergency operations center. all hands are on deck.
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we are just advising people to please, please stay inside in a safe area if at all possible. these things are happening so fast, coming through so fast. we are watching storms coming out of virginia. just listening to your folks. it is just happening so fast, so please, people should not think we are out of the woods if you see a band go through. >> i know you are very close to your emergency center as well. what kind of calls have you been feeling? are you able to respond to them? >> we are. we are working hard. we have some wonderfully brave men and women out on our highways with chain saws cutting down trees. there have been down trees in the roadways. i was just listening on the radio. we have a lot of pressure on our cruise, but we are working really hard to free of trees, especially on the major roadways. we had one down on 175.
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also had a report of at least one tree that fell into a house in columbia. again, just for people to really be on guard. this thing is happening really quickly. >> so far, we have not heard a lot about power outages. have even devised by folks about them? where do you stand? >> we have about 2800 outages. mostly in the skaggs will, fulton, miquelon area. we are watching very carefully and in constant communication with the genie. >> we are watching very closely. we appreciate your schedule. thank you. >> thanks for covering it. >> you can see some of this traffic shots there, the traffic is still pretty heavy. >> traffic is heavy under normal circumstances on a friday up in, but you put heavy weather, it just bogs everything down. >> absolutely. we are going back to kate and stand in the 11 newsroom tracking our social media for
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us. >> first of all, you know me. this is the first time i have social mediaed. i do not facebook. i do not twitter. but this is pretty exciting. for example, sara says the lightning and thunder have started. it is getting bad at olin's mills. don't count, turnaround. direct message about people driving through pawns. >> do not drive through any standing water. >> she is right. it does seem like a direct enough message. on my twitter feet, we hear that the lightning just lit up someone's entire living room. and with the great -- that is a great quarter handle -- is in federal hill, and he says it is moderate rain right now. the winds are picking up, but he did say he saw rotation with the storm around 5:15 p.m.
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the door says they are presently in a lull. he says he is only a mile from wbal tv. we can see directly of the window right here, and it does look like it is not as windy as it was. >> it has calmed down definitely. >> perhaps we have had a little pause in the storm. let's send it back to tom. >> some of the latest information from our computer model data, and it does look like another line will come through and around the clock or 10:00 tonight. well we are in some areas seeing a bit of whether ease off a little tonight, they're still the second line we have even ion, and i have seen some nasty ones issue with this line as well. that is still a sign that the weather off to the west of us is still very active, and that secondary line of storms does not get here until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. in the meantime, we are dealing with the first batch of rain,
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still producing some very heavy rain, hail and damaging winds up in hartford county were warnings were issued earlier for possible tornadoes. they still have that went out there in hartford county until 6:30. it looks like it is perhaps try to pass north of bel-air and move northeast around 20 miles an hour, getting up towards arlington. that is one tornado warning. the awareness of the less. that warning goes until 6:30, so those are the two main tornado warning areas in the baltimore metro. off to the west was, you see that second line from being more red-shaded areas. those are tornado warnings. that is a wide view of the warnings in our area, and when you add the rain, things get a little more dicey to try to decipher reduce strongest cells are. one in hartford county right now looks to be the strongest.
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what we identified as a mezzostorm. that is some irritation, and it is moving rapidly. that appears to be the strongest one. folks up in hartford county should be very alert and taking shelter right now until the system passes. the one southwest of baltimore looks like it is weakening quite a bit. very good news there. not a strong irritation been indicated by it, and it appears to be falling apart a little bit as it crosses now open to parts of southwestern baltimore county and into the city's southwest side. still some storms to watch. another couple hours to get through with some rough weather headed our way. >> one quick question -- you talked about the storm breaking apart. what causes a storm to lose energy? the weather pattern itself? >> it is sort of the life cycle of a thunderstorm cell. they are built to build up, do their damage and then fall apart. it is rare to have one last for more than 45 minutes to an hour, so they almost made themselves out, the rain coming down from the highest levels of the storms
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is very cold, it comes down cool in the atmosphere come stabilizes things, and as the cell moves along, it counters another batch of warm air and the whole thing starts over again. that a touch of good trends for jays -- transportation news. i was reading on my and 20 feet -- twitter feed that the trains are running on time. that would be good news indeed. we are checking to find out what is going on. >> they also use a lot of real ones, associated with that threat from some of it that is a good sign for folks travelling back. right now we go to mark fisher with the howard county fire and rescue. are you there? >> i am. good evening. >> thank you for joining us. we're ok so far. we want to check what is happening your way with regard to emergencies and what kinds of calls you guys have been going on. >> i think we want to convey to
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the citizens of howard county and the surrounding area that we want to make sure people stay home and go out, and will want to make sure nobody is going to stand in water, and it looks like it is pretty safe, but it may be deeper than you expect. we have typically flooded areas that are flooding for the storm, so far, crews have been working hard to respond to the citizens to make sure that the faults of howard county get the service that they would get for the storm-related issues as well as the normal ems and fire calls the we have. >> thanks much. we will be doing a little bit traffic ground up. we talked about the trains a second ago. amtrak says service between bwi to adding delayed because of
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power system problems from here. >> that could be anything having problems because of the amount of rain or wind or combination hearing right now, looking at a picture of i-95. usher in this is north or south bound, but in any event, at this time of day, on a normal friday, it is crazy, but add on -- this is i-95 north. things are very slow go, and you can expect it will probably be this way for hours to come, but as the storm comes through in cells. it looks like on one hand, it is not too bad. on the other, you have traffic flowing fairly well, but you have to watch out on the roads for hydroplaning and, hopefully, drivers are monitoring their speeds and slowing down a little bit. when the brake lights go on, things happen very quickly.
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traffic flowing -- at least it is moving. i did not bode for the bumper. does look a little lighter there as well. the splash in the cars is not as much for us as it was a little earlier, but that could change with the amount of cells going through. it is almost like a nor'easter coming up because going from the south to a northeasterly direction. a lot of rain, high wind and self with. traffic was in our area, depending on where you are, either it is for the bumper-to- bumper or it is moving slower. >> you were saying trees may be down on the tracks. updates that additional trees are blocking tracks north of d.c. no estimate at this time for service. >> that will mean more delays. we will check back in with our chief meteorologist. tom, you talk about three major areas of concern, and it sort of spread out all over the state. >> yes, they are. there's a hint of good news -- the one approaching us from the
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southwest has weakened, said the tornado watch has been taken down, so that is excellent news. this one here still producing moderate to heavy rain just an hour southwest -- looks like we will get another batch of these of rain, but the threat of a tornado has diminished greatly. rain coming down quite a bit on the west side of baltimore, but again, toward it a threat to miss. not so much of in hartford county. there's still some dictation of rotation with the storm tracking through central hartford county. looks like the main threat is right along u.s. route 1 in hartford county here in north of bellaire is where the most dangerous part of the storm is, and it continues to push north, likely to quit the northwestern part of cecil county. rough weather in hartford and cecil counties continues for the next few hours, and it looks like the least until 7:15 or so, it is in cecil in chester county, and the warning in hartford county is still a tornado warning for the next 10 minutes until 6:30 or so. after all this slows down a little bit, we watch to the west. look all the red starting to
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show up to the west as fear those are fresh for the ones that have an issue out in the western part of the state. it looks like the potential is there for more tough whether to approach us in the next couple of hours, so warnings have been issued in the west virginia panhandle, possible tornadoes. nothing just yet, although it looks like perhaps allegheny county getting in on it. yes, allegheny county and a tornado warning until 6:45. that is the cold front that will get year later tonight and usher in a pretty nice start to begin once we get past that line of storms. storm southwest of baltimore weakened. hartford county, still ongoing. take shelter there. break in action from westminster to hagerstown. we will give you a round of here. go to our main computer and give you a round of the warnings and watches in effect. all the yellow is a tornado watch. he read our way possible tornadoes are. hartford county back into the west virginia panhandle and western virginia. as far as rainfall amoun go over the past 24 hours,
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especially in the past couple of hours, that strike of heavy rain, one or two inches of rain, a look at the bull's-eye, northern parts of baltimore city where two and a half inches of rain there could have come down in the last hour. green areas over flood warnings are in effect. that is all of carroll county. the pretty boy area of baltimore county. then, down toward the sea all of this developing as a cold front roles our way. look at the cloud front. ohio and out across southeastern michigan. 49 degrees in northern michigan. you collide those air masses together, and you get the violent weather. that is the way we think the radar will look roughly 9:00 tonight. another line of storms comes through and around the clock, progresses east of us, and by tomorrow morning, skies are clearing out nicely. it will be a nice northwesterly breeze.
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much more comfortable they during the day tomorrow. tonight, showers and storms until about 9:00 from 10:00, 11 of, of raleigh freddie, and more come high temperatures of 70 or 80 -- tomorrow, high temperatures of 70 or 80. most of the week and looks pretty nice before it turns a little bit unsettled again for monday, tuesday, wednesday with scattered showers and high temperatures in the 70's. we are coming up on 6:30 -- i would give it another three or four hours before we can give it all clear. >> thank you. we were talking about bwi flights. they say dozens of flights have been delayed or canceled because of the weather conditions. i noticed there was a lot of bad weather right around the airport right now. so if you have a flight that is leaving any time soon or for the next few hours, you should definitely check on your flight to make sure it will not be delayed or cancelled.
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>> we will have more comments from social media in a little bit, but we want to go with david williams with hartford county community management. thanks for being with us. what is happening in your area right now? >> good evening. this is david williams, public information officer with hartford county. about 6:00 p.m., for our dispatch center put out a national weather service generated tornado warning related to a storm with rotational characteristics that was in the area of route 152 in a pleasant hills area moving towards the northeast. shortly after that, the dispatch center began dispatching units. as units were responded to those calls, additional calls began coming in to the area of west grove avenue off of milton avenue just north of the intersection of bellaire road and falston road.
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first arriving units in the area reported numerous structures damaged. poles down, utilities disrupted, and multiple injuries. our units are on the scene now. they are having difficulty accessing the area with the serious damage is because of all of the utility systems and trees that are down. they are getting into the area now, beginning to assess the situation. we have not heard of any serious injuries yet. i have not heard of anybody yet been transported to the hospital. it is still in the early stages. biggest thing right now is i would like people to follow your weather report and other weather reports. follow the track of the storm. if it is coming in your direction, it is a dangerous storm. it has been in your area, please be careful if you go out due to the potential of downed electric lines. also, please avoid the area of
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u.s. rte. 1 in maryland 152 on that area of the commercial district and the maryland state district. it is very busy, very congested, and it is difficult to get in and out. if anyone is in the area and you need emergency help, call 911. if you have utilities. if you do not, there will be people going door-to-door to assess the needs of the injured. >> that sounds like a really good plan. it is great news to hear that no injuries so far at this point in the game here in the way this storm looks, it is coming in waves. if you get hit, but the glee with heavy wind and very hard rain and so forth, chances are it might happen again. right now, we are being hounded year with heavy, heavy rain. we heard some room look better, maybe 10 or 15 minutes ago, but we are experiencing the same thing that you folks are at home as this storm covers practically the entire state, moving in a northeasterly direction and
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affecting traffic, affecting the rails, and also affecting the airport. absolutely. right now, we take you back to our chief meteorologist for the latest on a new warning. >> storms in hartford county continue to be a problem, and it is moving farther north. hast bellaire now moving into the northern parts of the county, the storm still showing signs of rotation, so the weather service has the warning issued now until 7:00. it is moving northeast, 21 miles an hour, and it looks like it across the susquehanna in the extreme northern tip of cecil county as well. you have the strong indication of rotation and the potential of damaging toward added wind addedtorn -- tornadic wind. thankfully, we get quite a bit
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the one moving across as. still have some gusty wind and hail, and the very heavy rain we are hearing on a rooftop, but not a threat for a tornado. one is really a major threat is this one that shows up in northern hartford county. that was tracking northeast, and it looks like it is passing over 623 very quickly and will get up to 222. very heavy rain falling all across parts of hartford county. you kind of get the bull's-eye area for the very torrential rains and possible for that activity with the storm in northern hertford county about across northwestern cecil here to the west of us, we are looking at that last line of storms, and unfortunately, it still active. when it a warning in the west virginia panhandle. in southwestern in sylvania, a severe thunderstorm warnings until 6:45. the area of unsettled weather is tracking towards. it is more of a line of storms
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that will be the last to come through here, and computer models indicating it gets to baltimore around 9:00 and presses east of us by 11:00 and moves out friday morning. we get up to about 9:00, we have to watch and see how the second line develops as it moves in our direction because it may well hold together. the good news is it gets here after sunset, and it is the heat of the sunny afternoon that fuels the storms and gets them rolling. they tend to weaken, although these are associated with a strong cold front, it keeps that instability going, but at least we will not have the warmth of the afternoon to fuel and exacerbate the situation. i will just be the front itself living through later tonight. as the gap there that we see in the radar -- it might quiet down a little bit, but you certainly do not want to build into a false sense of security when we get into this gap that exists in the cutbacks, and the dry weather centered on hagerstown. it may take awhile for the last line to beat us


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