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tv   Today  NBC  June 2, 2012 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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good morning. wild weather. severe storms sweep across the mid-atlantic, bringing tornadoes, flooding, and a lot of damage as a huge wildfire rages in new mexico with no end in sight. chaos in the courtroom. fighting breaks out after egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak is sentenced to life in prison for his actions during last year's revolution. we're going to have a live report on that. >> and fit for a queen. celebrations are under way for queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee from grandpa gentry to thousands of street parties. we'll have a front row seat as they head off to the races. june 2nd, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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i like the sound of that. >> you do. >> i do. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm hoda kotb. hold on. not what i expected. you promised. in twitter you promised but i'll forgive you for this one. >> all right, all right, all right. >> residents from coast to coast are keeping a close eye on the rough well after a rough start to the weekend. >> in maryland, the storms uprooted trees, tore off roofs. in virginia a funnel was spotted as it created a water spout and the firefighters were battling the largest wildfire. we'll have a live report coming up. are we headed for another recession? the dow suffered the worst drop
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on friday. we're going to look what is dragging down the job market and where there actually ma be a few bright spots out there. also the man who shot and killed trayvon martin is heading back to jail. on friday the judge revoked his bond saying zimmerman mislead the court on how much he had. zimmerman calls it a misunderstanding. >> there's another uproar this time over photos showing two u.s. servicewomen nursing in uniform. why they may actually face disciplinary action. speaking of drinking, not in that context. you didn't think i'd welcome you in a fourth hour kind of way, would you? >> i was a little concerned. >> come on. of course, we did. wi wanted to make you feel at home. >> thank you, antoine. >> however, this is a saturday morning show and we have children watching so we have
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bubbly water. >> i didn't know there was a saturday morning show. >> don't start. wednesday may be winesday but saturday is not sousday. anyway it's great to have you. >> thank you. >> hours are early. >> but i'm glad to be with you y. let's talk about the storms. alex witt is here. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. a lot of people are picking up the pieces after an intense storm blue over trees, downed power lines, and ripped the roofs off of buildings. the storms rolled in swiftly, spurring tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings up and down the eastern seaboard. >> we're still getting pounded tonight with thunderstorms producing very, very heavy rain. in the nation's capital, the first wave of storms hit right at rush hour. flash flooding caught drivers by
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surprise. some were rescued by a boat. >> i made a right turn and the water rose to where the truck is, three feet to six feet in jeff like that. >> in maryland this dramatic video shows three teenagers being hoisted to safety after being trapped. >> three young lives could have been swept away at a moment. it's scary. fortunately for them this had a good outcome. >> elsewhere in the state the violent storms stripped roofs, knocked over signs and overturned vehicles. 's a piece of metal wrapped around a tree. this funnel briefly touchnd down at a hampton maria. luckily no one was injured. and here this dorm was torn off robert morris university. ten people were in the complex at the time and escaped without injury. and no serious injuries have
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been reported. nearly 30 homes in baltimore lost power, half have been restored. >> now to new mexico where 1,200 firefighters are battling the nation's largest wildfire. nbc's miguel alma gear is in reserve, new mexico. miguel, what's happening there? >> it's the largest wildfire to ever scorch new mexico. to give you some perspective. the burn zone is roughly the size of new york city. now, there is some good news and bad news. the good news is firefighters who have been working every day, all day, 24 hours a day for up to two weeks have this fire roughly 15% contained. they're hoping to get more containment later on this afternoon. the bad news is this fire is burning in the hilo national forest where there's rough terrain that the firefighters cannot get to. to be quite honest with you, the
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firefighters say the fire will burn for weeks if not months down the road. it's not threatening many homes. there's a subdivision about an hour from where we are having. fire crews are trying to protect those structures. that's one point of concern, but the good news is it's burning in an area that isn't threatening or susceptible to burning homes. >> good to put that out. a big sign about the economy. according to the labor department, only 69,000 jobbed were added. the dow jones industrial average fell 2%, erasing all its gains for the year. the drop-off in growth is dropping. >> reporter: hundreds of people lined up at a jobs fair in los angeles this week. >> i've been actively looking for employment for the last
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three years. >> you have to keep positive and know that something's out there. >> reporter: millions are still looking for work. 69,000 jobs added are less than half the 150,000 or so most fraf forecasters expected. a dramatic drop from just a few month ago when the economy added an average of more than 225,000 new jobs a month. some economists see may's sluggish performance as a kind of payback for that hiring surge. although there were some new jobs in may, the unemployment rate ticked up for the first time in 11 months. >> i think all of us expected to see more job creation and to see that onlies will than 70,000 jobs were created in the u.s. it's certainly signs that employers are still cautious about hiring. >> reporter: among the few
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bright spots employment increased in health care, transportation and manufacturing, including the auto industry. ford, chrysler, and gm all showed double-digit begans in may. still jobs fell last month and there were job losses in housing and construction. >> housing is one of the biggest concerns. it's not just impacting the builders building these houses. it's impacting all those who work on the house, plumbers, painters, concrete. it's the trade positions. >> reporter: but those who work in construction and are able to find jobs, they say the industry isn't what it used to be. >> we used to do seven to ten jobs per month. obviously it's half of that. if you don't have enough money coming in, you have to let people go. >> i'm still not believing this. this is water, by the way. >> and i'm still so very
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disappointed. >> we tweeted about this last night. people wanted me to bring in mimosas for you. >> and i was kind. i just wanted a bks ox of wine h a straw. >> alex witt has nothing to drink. hosni mubarak has just been sentenced to life in prison. ayman has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. as soon as the verdict was read, the crowd erupted. he'll be serving out the rest of his life in prison, but surprisingly he was convicted of allowing the protesters essentially to be killed. what essentially has angered the people in cairo is six of his aides, six of the top security officials in charge of the police and other security police during the protests have been acquitt
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acquitted. along with them his two sons have been charged on corruption. we understand the prts has been transferred to a prison in south cairo. at the same time, an appeals process is under way. >> thank you so much. syria is under pressure to end its violent crackdown on dissent. they voted overwhelmingly to condemn the regime of president bashar al assad over the murder of 100 civilians last week. speaking at an annual security forum today in singapore, he said the united states will move 60% of its warships to the paevg by 2020. he dismissed the notion that after more than a decade of afgh fighting in afghanistan.
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they have found a new class of chemotherapy drugs that target cancer cells without damaging the healthy ones. it will be more effective and less toxic than skpifgt treatments. a runaway car sent five people to the hospital. he lost control while trying to park. plowing through the entrance of a supermarket. the driver may have had a medical problem. and mets fans are celebrating today. the team finally has its first no-hitter. johan santana has the first. the san diego padres are now the only big league franchise without a no-hitter. look at that. especially after coming after a year off the team because of surgery. nice going johan santana. >> you don't hear the fans celebrating too much. >> that's cruel.
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a little salt in the wound. >> everyone in philadelphia is hach. >> tell us about the weather. >> good morning. we had those nasty storms. thankfully we're all over with that. we're waking up to a nasty morning. also in the pacific northwest, kind of cool and showery there. i tell you what. where nay need the great clean-up, they >> quieter weather after the outbreak. partly sunny skies today, temperatures in the mid 70's. a little breezy today. ocean city at 76 and the
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that's your saturday forecast. >> thank you, bill. the fatal shooting of an unarmed 17-year-old teenager named trayvon martin. now a judge has revoked the bomd of the accused murderer george zimmerman and he's ordered him to go back to jail. kerry sanders is in sanford, florida, with more on that. kerry, why the turnaround? >> reporter: because the judge says george zimmerman and his family mislead the court by saying they were broke. the only way they could meet the bond was to make second mortgages on his parents' and grarnd mother's home. 28-year-old george zimmerman released from jail six weeks ago is headed back behind bars.
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florida prosecutors argued that the accused murderer released on bail deceived the court. he had $100,000 he had set up in an ee bail account. at the bond hearing in april, zimmerman's wife shelly was allowed to testify by phone to avoid cameras in the courtroom. >> do you have any estimates how much money has been obtained? >> i do not. >> she has obtained unequivocally she does not know how much. >> reporter: they say he and his wife talked in code talk. george zimmerman, you're going to take out $10 and keep it with you in cash. less than ten. shelley, $9 george more like then ten.
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>> they were using code words like the police were stupid. >> reporter: zimmerman is accused of killing trayvon martin. martin family attorneys say if zimmerman lied about his paypal account, how can he be believed that he shot martin in self-defense. >> his credibility is the most important thing in this entire case. >> reporter: zimmerman's attorney says failing to reveal the paypal account was unintentional. >> why did he forward all the money that i asked him to forward it the day i asked him to forward it. >> reporter: prosecutors say that george zimmerman also had two passports but failed to turn both of them in to the court as required. the judge said that was not a critical vie lachlgts once he turns himself in it's expected
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that judge lester will have him and his wife shelly front and senner to answer some questions. >> thanks, kerry. once again, here's lester. >> on monday it will be two years since kyron horman headed off to school. now his mother is sued the woman she believes is responsible, the stepmother. >> every time i think of kyron, i think of his big smile. >> reporter: a mother's pain still wrought two years after her 7-year-old son kyron disappeared, but desiree young is now taking action, filing a civility lawsuit against kyron's step mom, terri horman, the last one to see the child. >> in this lawsuit i'm asking her to tell me where kyron is. >> reporter: in the past she told investigators she last saw the little boy walking toward
7:17 am
his class but his mother and kyron's father kane horman have long believed terri is responsible for the disappearance. kane horman is divorcing her and is acausing her of a murder for hire plot against him. she has never been charged of anything and while she has focused on it. she has never been named a suspect. >> on behalf of miss young,ly be a able to issue s&ps and send e-mails and documents. >> reporter: she's hoping to help others of missing children. >> it is your worst nightmare and no matter what you do, you can't. >> kyron, we will never stop. we will never give up. >> reporter: two parents desperate for any answers, two years after their little boy was
7:18 am
last seen. >> i promise. >> reporter: for today, kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >> and we're back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
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there has been a lot of talk lately about breast feeding. the latest, two military moms breast-feeding in uniform. a quick note. some of you may find these images a little too revealing. here's nbc's michelle franzen. >> reporter: the photography shows two moms breast-feeding their babies. it quickly went viral. >> when i'm at work i wouldn't do on my job that i would do in my personal life. i think it makes a little bit of a difference. >> i understand some people feel word but moms every day do that
7:21 am
so i don't think it should be an issue. >> they posed for the series of photographs later to be used in august for national breast-feeding awareness month. now the washington state servicewomen could face disciplinary action. a national guard spokesman said it's not about breast-feeding in uniform but instead a violation of military rules. >> the policy is that the military uniform can't be used to endorse a product or sell a product or further a cause or an ideology. in this case the uniform was used by an outside entity. >> that cause is a mom-to-mom cause. some posting positive comments and others saying the photos are a disgrace to the uniform. the group fired back saying the military photographs were never meant to exploit, promote, or to use the uniform to help our
7:22 am
group. the incident followed the recent controversy over a "time" magazine cover showing a mom nursing her 3-year-old it's a big commitment. it's not for everybody. think that's the big thing. you need to do what's best for your baby. >> one of the servicewomen said she didn't expect such a negative reaction but is still proud of the photos. for today, michelle franzen, nbc news. still ahead, the queen celebrates her diamond jubilee. we're going to take you there live, but first these messages. and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer. i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so he's a success story... [ laughs ] he's my success story. [ male announcer ] learn how to protect your heart
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(announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif. hershey's drops. a lot of hershey's happiness in little drops of milk chocolate. and cookies n creme. pure hershey's. >> good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. the time right now is 7:26 and they can begin the cleanup process today after an onslaught
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of severe weather swept through the state yesterday. the storms left a path of destruction through most of the viewing area and captain roy and sky team 11 above one of the hardest hit areas. how are things looking from your view? >> the good news we can say is route 1 is open. the bad news is we're going to show you some video here on whitaker road which is just off of bel air road. we have several homes here that have minor to severe damage from trees that have crashed into the home from the storm that we have up at this location. i mean, as you can see here, this one tree is literally laying on top of the back of this one home here. and we've counted at least five homes adjacent to this one that also have damage from trees crashing in on top of cars and on driveways. right now, bel air road open but old joppa road still closed. i'm captain roy taylor. >> thank you. what a mess for an awful lot of folks this morning. we'll get a check on the weekend
7:28 am
7:29 am
>> fortunately, the weather calming down after yesterday's outbreak. the cold front now off shore. that's what was responsible for that severe weather and now it's moving out to sea. in its place, high pressure for now and eventually as we head into the next couple of days, we'll have a couple of showers about the large area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere. for today, great weather for the cleanup efforts as it's mostly dry and a little on the breezy side. temperatures in the mid 70's around central maryland and low 70's in the mountains where they could have a couple of isolated sprinkles. better rain chances especially
7:30 am
material next week. >> thanks, ava. we're back in 25 minutes. see you then. jo you you're looking at a live picture from london. we're going head to that leave event in just a moment. but back here in this corner of the world and thanks to great group of folks who decided to come out even in a little bit of rain and spend saturday morning with us, inside studio 1a i'm hoda kotb alongside lester holt. look at us cruising through this show. coming up, we have real estate deal brakes. >> the things you should. do. missteps that could derail a sale. and then we're going to switch gears and look at justin
7:31 am
bieber's mistake and drew barrymore's wedding. we're talk about queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee commemorating her remarkable 60-year reign. today she's at one of her favorite places, the horse race. michelle kosinski is live all decked out. welcome in, michelle. >> reporter: here it's a derby, not a derby. she does not have one of her own horses racing, but this is her day to just enjoy it and shine. bring out your race finery, cardboard queen, summer dresses in 50-degree weather, and you know this is something special. the fanciest, most prestigious
7:32 am
darby of them all and the most prestigious weekend to goal out for the queen sthiet's been great for this weekend. >> reporter: queen elizabeth takes the racing very seriously, thole she also gets into the fashion. it's been run since 1870 and inspired the kentucky derby which queen elizabeth visiting in 1970, fulfilling a long tooimt dream of hers and thrilling the crown. britain's monarch has kept a number of her horses ready. it runs much deeper. she made official visits since 1970, knows 12 presidents. rode a horse with president ragern. >> does she like the united states? >> oh, she loves the united states. she loves the vigor of the
7:33 am
united states. >> and americans can't seem to get enough of british royalty. histo history, pageantry, and fairy tales. england is full of yankees right now contributing in their own way. barbara, a quilter, ended up buying union jack fabric i'll be putting a british quilt together. it's kind of fun. you get kind of pulled into it. it's not like this in the states. there's a lot of tradition. >>. >> reporter: three generations could not help themselves. what is this? >> it want to get one and take it back to dallas. >> somebody's been caught up in jubilee feesh, i see. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: the queen adores racing. ten times she has tried to win
7:34 am
this race with one of her horses. today she will present the prizes. prince william and katharine, by the way, will not attend. lester? >> okay. you loot great, thank you very much. >> did you see you eugenie and tris? >> yes. oh, no. when you look back that looks ridiculous. >> no, it looked ridiculous at the time. >> bill karins has the traffic. you're funny. >> i want node what the barack ground was. good morning, everyone. you escaped from husbands, iowa that is. >> husbands, iowa.
7:35 am
>> i like that look. let's talk about the forecast as we go throughout the weekend. heavy rain we talked about. yesterday in the mid-atlantic. it's moved northward. in the northwest we have showers to deal with. don't think we're going have too much severe weather or tornadoes or nasty weather like that around the country. maybe a few spots. by far, the worst weather of the weekend, >> quieter weather after the outbreak. partly sunny skies today, temperatures in the mid 70's. a little breezy today. ocean city at 76 and the mountains mostly clo
7:36 am
>> and that's your weekend forecast. lester? >> up next, real estate deal breaker. we'll look at the turn-offs that cause home buyers and searls to walk away from a deal. but first these messages. s hard" to "that didn't take long". let's break out behr ultra... ...the number one selling paint and primer in one, now with stain blocker. each coat works three times harder, priming, covering, and blocking stains. let's go where no paint has gone before, and end up some place beautiful. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr ultra. now with advanced stain blocking, only at the home depot, and only $31.98 a gallon. ♪ power surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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the mistakes are really high. one to three deals fall apart before someone signs on the line. today barbara corcoran is here with tips on closing the deep. let's talk about the problems that sellers often have. one of the things you say
7:40 am
sellers do is they price their house too high. that's a huge mistake. >> almost everybody does that coming out of the gate. what you should do is investigate what the five houses that are going to compete with you are going to price at and price yours 10 to 15%. >> bidding wars take care of it. >> bidding wars take care of everything on its own. your house is an extension of yourself and you feeling like it's a personal insult. most low bidders come up to a roonable price. get over yourself, count your bids. >> i was surprised about this. you say sometimes home sellers like to be inside the home f you say get out. >> get out for sure. these are people who never had company and they can't wait to see who's coming into their house. but what happens is psychologically, the buyers, the
7:41 am
shoppers can't picture themselves in the house. >> yeah, yeah, ya. so get out. >> yeah. >> sometimes you wait to do home repairs but you thing it's a good idea to get everything done? it's essential. it's hard to put money into the house when you want to get money out. but if you don't do those home repairs and the inspection brings it up, you'll pay 3 dollars for every dollar. they make you pay dearly. >> this sunds scored. the broker's commission, do not hager over it. >> of course, i'm going to say it. i'm a broker. the house that's always shown is the house with the high commission and the really savvy homeowner who wants to sell fast. they broker and say 1% if you sell within the first 15 day. what's 1%. wait for the action you get on your house. >> let's talk buyers.
7:42 am
first one is not doing a home inspection. >> they cost $300. what? you're not going to do it and it can set you bachlkt penny-wise and pound foolish. >> i guess a lot of buyers don't do their home work. what do you mean by that? >> what they fail to do is check out the neighborhood. the first thing do it is go back to the house on saturday night. the kids hanging out on the porch or bands. you'll see the dumps in people's backyard, the far baj from google minneapolis. you can go and scope out the house and see what you're buying into. >> here's the the final one. these are the things you should avoid. what are some of the mistakes you usually make.
7:43 am
>> you should never put in afternoon insults bichltd you put aed by in, a down tell bit and a threed by. you have only percent of making it happen. >> by the way, i've heard barbara corcoran speak. you knee go look at it. >> cob. ing just ka bee was's baby. we've got all your news covered. but first these messages. >> she was constantly climbing on something. there were times we took her on
7:44 am
the swing. shawn is shimmying up the slide. >> i would have my dad push me as high as i possibly could. as soon as i did, i would do a backflip off the swing. >> when you have a fearless kid, you have to embrace it. >> i would say she's a bring-it mom. ♪ [ female announcer ] real fruit... means real fruit smoothies from mccafé.
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new hershey's milk chocolate with almonds in pieces. your favorites, in pieces. it's time now for the weekend buzz from the first look at jessica simpson's baby plus madonna. >> plus the jersey shore is moving back to the shore.
7:47 am
to break it all doubt chuck nice and courtney. >> let's start with justin bieber. he made headlines for being accused of assaulting a fundraiser. fans went nuts in norway and he ran into a wall. >> i refuse to believe the rumors that justin bieber is secretly drinking. >> that's not the first time he's done it. he's responsible for concussing himself. >> concussing. >> it's a word. >> justin bieber is part bird. that's why he keeps flying into glass. >> let's move on to jessica simpson. i don't have my glasses.
7:48 am
can i see your glasses? this just happened. oh, yeah, much better. jessica simpson is now doing an ad for weight watchers and she's got to lose weight. that's obviously the beautiful baby maxwell. >> well, jessica simpson, she gained a ton of weight when she got pregnant and a lot of people before she had the baby said maybe there could be a weight watchers in the works. . oh, the cynics. they were right. she announced she's got a kwawet watcher's deal. she will earn $4 million. >> and courtney just had a baby. >> news on me. >> let's talk about madonna. 53 years old, start add new
7:49 am
concert tour in israel. by all accounts she's still got it. by the way, i'm 53, so that's not a huge surprise. are you surprised? >> what do you mean, i am shocked. 53 is not dead. okay, it's close to it though. okay. i'm joke. >> she was really kicking it in israel. >> she's got it. she always will. she can open a show at 63. >> i have never been a madonna fan until now. at 53 years old, she doesn't need to do it. she's doing it to show all these young ones to show exactly who started all this. she's like, lady gaga, i'm lady grandma, please. >> real quick about the jersey shore, we have a little change in plans there. snooki, because she's pregnant, is not going to be living with the rest of the gang.
7:50 am
>> is that a jersey shore that anybody wants to watch? i'm not sure. good job for snooki. she's not moving into the house. the situation who had to go to rehab recently, he e's just hanging out. >> look forward to it. the jersey bore, the jersey senator. this is going to suck. unless that baby is going to be in a hot tub with a bottle full of vodka and a nipple on it fist pumping they can't top it. >> courtney hayes, it's good to have you both here with us. first this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
hoda, it's been great having you today. it's different seeing you
7:53 am
without your partner in crime. she's on the phone. >> she is? >> good morning, sunshine. >> are you joking. >> hoda, did you think i was going to sleep in while you're two-timing me with lester. >> they did a new open. what was going on there? >> huge. >> i bet you were thrilled to wake up seeing it was drizzling. >> you know my hair is exploding as we speak cincinnati's growing. it's unbelievable to see. >> stop. by the way, no wine this morning. >> no, no, no, no. >> speak for yourself. >> no, we've got you hooked up here. >> i'll have to take a little sip. >> cheers, kath. thanks for calling. >> kathie lee, thanking for calling. >> thank you, lester, you look good. >> i giev tot do "nightly news" tonight. >> give him three. >> anyway, a pleasure having you. >> great being here.
7:54 am
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marcy isaac were let go last year and it took the hearing officer eight months to reach his decision. a standing room only crowd yesterday for the first meeting of the governor's commission on expanding gaming. over the next several weeks, the 11 member panel will look into the impact of a sixth casino may have on the other five locations, the gambling commission will meet two more times before making a recommendation to the governor. >> ti time right now is 7:58. our live team coverage as residents start to pick up the pieces from yesterday's storm. >> we are live here in towson and we are certainly assessing the damage. this is what we're dealing with here. a massive tree crashes through a house. we'll give you a closer look after the break. >> big news is that storm
7:59 am
system now off shore and quiet weather for the cleanup efforts. details coming up in thep


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