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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  June 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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♪ fios. a network ahead. >> of tonight, nine and counting, new numbers out on just how many tornadoes tore through the state. and 11-year-old boy shot and killed by a member of his own family, the police say. of richard dawson was a fixture in living rooms across the country. tonight, we have learned that he has died. >> alive, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> new at 6:00, the national weather service confirmed that least nine tornadoes touched down in the number may still get
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higher. the main concern now is getting rid of the huge mess. good evening. reimold meltzer. clean-up efforts are under way -- i emblem ulcer. clean-up efforts are underway in preparing holmes and there are -- homes and scams taking advantage. >> unfortunately, a tree fell on the brink of this, and it collapsed this house. you can only imagine how bad it was under that carpet. the tree has been removed and the roof is being prepared. experts say to watch out for storm chasers, out of state and they go from door to door offering to repair your home. they may have the skill sets, but they are not licensed in the state of maryland putting you at risk. it also try to price gouge you
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and take advance payment. never give more than 25% up front to contractors. >> they will come in and make a request of a 75% of the prize. they will take your money and we will see those guys not finish the work or get the job done but they have now taken all your money. you really want to be cautious about how much you pay up front. >> if you are shopping around on a contractor and would like to do a background check, you can always go to the better bureau -- better business bureau website. >> this is another line of the gusting thunderstorms coming southbound pennsylvania. we have had a beautiful weekend so far but that is rapidly changing in the northern interior counties. the national weather service has
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issued thunderstorm warnings in adams and like chester county. wind could get up to the 55-60 miles per hour and more heavy downpours. it is beginning to cross the maryland line into hartford county. this low pressure in the great lakes is headed our way and it will trigger showers and storms for the early evening tonight. we will show you the seven-day forecasts in just a minute. >> new at 6:00, one man dead after a saturday night stabbing at 1218 east lafayette ave. he was stabbed multiple times in the back. madison was arguing with a woman who then got her brother involved. the brothers the one who stabbed to madison. he was rushed to the hospital where he died a short time later. the woman and her brother are both in custody tonight. the police are looking into a shooting overnight that left 68-
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year-old edward dabney debt. it happened on virginia avenue. one of the men pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. right now, no word on suspects. and 11-year-old boy is dead, allegedly shot by his younger brother. michael alexander and his brother were doing yard work for a neighbor saturday morning. they removed a gun from a secured area and they took it to a wooded area where police say the 8-year-old boy accidentally shot his brother. >> it was identified as the young man at the scene, he saw his brother fall. we used police, k9, and other support to see if anyone had been target practicing.
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>> after finding the handgun at nearby, they found out that he did accidently should his brother. now to florida where george zimmerman is back in jail. he is charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin. a judge revoked his bail after learning he and his wife had not been honest about their finances in the april bond hearing. he said he had ltd. bonds. they said he had at least $135,000 in an account set up for his defense. they plan to seeking a bond hearing. an attorney for the martin family said his credibility has been undermined. new jobs numbers show the country is not adding jobs as quickly as many had hoped. that means obama is in the hot seat defending his policies. that is as this year's race for the white house starts hitting -- heating up. >> this week brought discouraging job numbers in an
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election that will be all about the economy. romney's campaigns as the box stocked with president obama. -- the buck stops with obama. the white house is blaming congress. >> these are the architects and now they're complaining about the pace of the recovery. >> in his weekly address, the president said he has been sitting on his jobs ideas cents september. >> not want so many people are still working for work, so many people are still struggling to pay the bills. >> the white house wants to raise taxes on the rich and republicans in congress say no way. he is looking at $500 billion tax increase for everyone. >> some people are calling it taxmageddon. everyone will see their taxes go up absent action.
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the white house is focusing on 27 straight months of job creation and republicans are pointing back to the last month in the uptick in unemployment. brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a popular game show host has died in los angeles. you will remember richard dawson as the host of "family feud peak of he died after battling esophageal cancer. he was 79. he would kiss each female contestant, a total of about 20,000 during the nine-year run. he had played a prisoner of war in the tv show "hogan's heroes from 1965-1971 and i also liked him in "running man" as well. coming up, over 1000 vessels setting a sale today for the diamond jubilee.
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we take you to the historical celebration. if a jet crash in nigeria leaving 150 people dead. the latest details on the search for survivors coming up.
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>> queen elizabeth sailed down the river today leading 1000 vessels to marker diamond jubilee. hundred the thousand of well- wishers came out to the river banks and bridges to cheer on the 86-year-old monarch celebrating 60 years on the thrones. there were kayaks, gondolas, and a number of private boats that traveled to save the people
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during world war ii. those survivors after a passenger jet crashed in nigeria. 153 people were on board at the time the jet crashed in a neighborhood near the airport. several thousand people showed up as they try to put out fires and search for survivors. apparently it crashed through a furniture store and the nose ended up in an apartment building. they say people on the ground may have died as well. it looks like the crews are getting some help from mother nature as they battled the largest wild fires in new mexico's state history. this was sparked by lightning on may 26th and it has gone through nearly 400 square miles. high wind and rugged terrain have made it hard to fight the flames but milder weather this weekend is letting crews make some process. it may be burning four weeks still to come.
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still ahead, a parade of hot rods and harleys in baltimore today in all for a good cause. that story is next. tom? >> another line of showers and storms coming our way. insta-weather plus is straight ahead.
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>> least not by the parties and
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hot rods parade today, a fund- raiser for the ronald mcdonald house charities in baltimore. cyclists and classic cars were invited to be in today's parade. >> over the years, they have raised tens of thousands of dollars for us. for the families, it is great fun. >> for those who may not know, the ronald mcdonald house as a place families can stay where their children are being treated in nearby hospitals. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> storms and tornadoes across the area and we have been picture-perfect over the weekend, but things are changing north of baltimore. it looks like the last few hours of our weak and will turn stormy again. down toward the maryland line,
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storm showing up in northern baltimore and hartford county. expect some of these storms to make their way south and east of the baltimore already next hour or two and thunderstorm warnings have been issued. the wind could cost up to 225-60 miles per hour producing small hill. this is circulating to the north the bus which will impact our weather for a good part of the weekend. weekend weather for early june it is about normal. the normal is 79. no rain here just yet, but the showers on the radar are moving in this general direction. these are dropping temperatures into the 60's now. right now in ocean city, 75. the mountains are cool in the chilly air over the northeast
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and new england, working its way south, so expect showers in the first week of june. a little bit below normal, which is odd. it was the 16th in a row warmer than normal month. but we may have a cooler start now. this will be unsettled and cooler weather will be getting closer to selling over the mid atlantic for most of this upcoming week. that does not mean we will be washed out, but there's the potential for a shower to pop up every afternoon as this area of low pressure and moves in and settle in before high-pressure can reestablish itself later in the week. the insta-weather + futurecast, looking at the showers and storms at a pennsylvania crashing into the baltimore area. during the day tomorrow, a mix of clowns and son and a few more isolated showers or thunderstorms may bubble up during the afternoon especially
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down towards the coast including ocean city. again, not a washout, perhaps not even severe, but the risk of a shower or storm developing as the rain comes through tonight. temperatures will drop into the 50's. the sun will not set until 8:29, so we still have a few hours to enjoy the weather. the mix of clouds and son, a gusting north wind, an afternoon shower perhaps even an isolated storms. 20%-30% chance that you will get hit. for monday morning, son up at 5:41 a.m. it your extending your weekend at the beach, we do have that 30% chance of storms, but a moderate risk of occurrence and chili served temperatures. 80 is about normal for the first week of june, but we will not see that until later in the
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week. the chance of afternoon showers and storms with partly cloudy skies. by next weekend, back in the low 80's. >> pete gilbert joins us now with sports. a big soft ball tournament today. >> nice weather for the charity event. he can tackle. more on that event. that is coming in next in sportsne everyone's hair breaks. ♪ oh oh oh oh you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh ...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me so they dared me to try this pantene.
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>> from this as an bank sports center, this is 11 sports. -- from the susquehanna bank's board center. >> maddox of bring his best start of the season.
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today, the wheels fell off once more. weiders facing matt moore, 3 hits today including this titanic blast to left. o's up 1-0 but errors all over the place. they had 3. fly ball to center. jones catches it. run scored, throwing to third. air mail, indeed. 2-1 tampa. walked bases loaded then up to left. arietta has been a disaster in his last 6 starts, all o's losses. 3rd error of the day. o's fall, final 8-4. ever since webb landed with the ravens, is personality has
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infected the community. his charity endeavor is growing. they lined up for early this morning to get a great seat. a bunch of players with him to for the softball game. he looks like a star. joe flacco there as well. not exactly a home run. not much of a throw. whenever the crowd cheered, he would stop and wait. taking one for the team. re rice with all of his free time, picking this up on defense. nice tackle. lifespan for a very good event. winning the arnold palmer tourney. tiger roars again.
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spectacular afternoon. on teh 16, one shot back. ever seen."st he's ve oh. one for teh ages. -- one for the ages. full swing flop shot and tehe reaction is priceless. that puts him at 8 under par. for good measure? why not. 12 feet. closing it out, tying for second all time with mr. nicklaus. this could be a precursor to him getting back on track. the monster mile on sunday in dover, delaware. the concrete mile track built in
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1969 and always a candidate for a bad wreck. lap 9 -- tony stewart, chain reaction reaching 13 cars leaving nowhere to go. biggest wreck of the season. gordon passes johnson off the restart. 48 gets going again. he retakes the lead with 31 to go. not the best of the season, but he certainly loves overcome his seventh career victory. please stay with us. one more check of the forecast right after this.
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>> those storms out of pennsylvania will be moving south. after a storm like friday, you do not want to hear that thunder again, but some areas will get some starts tonight and possibly tomorrow afternoon. the low pressure in the great lakes will be kicking off these afternoon storms keeping this week below normal until we get back into the low 80's. in his june, so you almost expect the humidity already. >> i like it though. >> they say. >> that is at 311 news at 6:00.
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thanks for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is next. "nbc nightly news" is next. we will see you here at 11.
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